Interview with: Mohamed Eldib, Partner

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1) Main Points Differentiating Eldib & Co:

“Eldib & Co’s distinction lies in our rich heritage and pioneering presence in Egypt since 1875, making us one of the oldest, if not the oldest, law firms in the country. Our unparalleled experience in intellectual property, highlighted by registering Egypt’s very first trademark, sets a foundation of trust and expertise. With over a century of specialization in this field, along with our comprehensive North African regional coverage and branches in Turkey and China, we offer our clients unmatched legal insight and a global reach that few can match. This historical depth, combined with our commitment to innovation and excellence, truly differentiates us in the legal landscape.


2) Growing Practices in the Next 12 Months:

“We anticipate significant growth in our corporate and commercial law, and intellectual property practices over the next year. The drive behind this growth is the increasing importance of intellectual property rights and data protection in the digital age, coupled with the global expansion of businesses seeking robust legal frameworks to protect their assets. Our leadership in anti-counterfeiting initiatives and our expertise in navigating complex legal landscapes for multinational companies also contribute to our strategic growth areas.”


3) Main Change Benefiting Clients:

“A pivotal change we’ve implemented is the enhancement of our technology infrastructure, including a new database for firm files and optimization of our website for better accessibility and client engagement. This digital transformation facilitates more efficient case management, seamless communication, and provides our clients with an enhanced user experience, ensuring that we are more responsive and accessible than ever before.”


4) Technology’s Impact on Client Interaction:

“Yes, technology is revolutionizing the way we interact with our clients. From implementing a new database for enhanced file management to optimizing our website for better client engagement, we are leveraging technology to offer more efficient, effective, and tailored legal services. This includes providing digital consultations, utilizing legal tech tools for case management, and ensuring our clients have easy access to our services and their case information online.”


5) Practical Example of Adding Value to a Client’s Business:

” Over the last year, Eldib & Co has markedly enhanced the business value for our clients through strategic legal actions, including conducting over 50 counterfeit raids in Egypt. These operations have been instrumental in eliminating infringers and protecting our clients’ market share, ensuring that their intellectual property rights are vigorously defended. Additionally, we have provided pivotal support in restructuring companies, streamlining their operations for efficiency and compliance. Our work with major clients not only addresses immediate legal challenges but also positions their businesses for sustainable growth. Through these actions, we demonstrate our commitment to adding substantial value to our clients’ businesses, protecting their interests, and fostering an environment where their companies can thrive unencumbered by legal threats.


6) Clients Seeking Stability and Strategic Direction:

“Clients are indeed seeking stability and strategic direction from their law firms. Over the next three years, we see Eldib & Co continuing to expand our expertise in key areas such as corporate and commercial law, intellectual property law and litigation, while also enhancing our technological capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We aim to be at the forefront of legal innovation, providing strategic, proactive, and solution-oriented services that support our clients’ long-term success.”