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London Bar > Employment Tier 1

A ‘strong set for employment work with high profile counsel‘, Old Square Chambers‘ members routinely handle significant employment cases, including appearing in the Court of Appeal. In a prominent case highlight, Michael Ford KC successfully represented UNISON as intervenor in the Supreme Court in Harpur Trust v Brazel, a high-profile case concerning if part-year workers (in this context, a term-time only music teacher at a school) accrue their holiday entitlement pro rata throughout the year, or during the parts of the year the employee is working. In a separate matter, Ben Cooper KC is acting for ASDA in ongoing, large-scale litigation concerning multiple equal pay claims. At the junior end of chambers, whistleblowing and equal pay claims have been prominent in Melanie Tether‘s recent workload, and Robert Moretto successfully acted for the Department of Work and Pensions in Mackereth v DWP, a belief discrimination claim brought by a Christian doctor who refused to address transgender patients by their preferred pronouns. In March 2023, the senior end of the team was bolstered by the elevation of Eleena Misra KC and Nadia Motraghi KC to silk.

Rising stars

Rachel Owusu-Agyei - Old Square Chambers 'Rachel is an impressive and eloquent advocate.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Alex Shellum – Old Square Chambers 'A junior with the ability to persuade a judge and cross examine witnesses in a way which gets a case across without being at all aggressive in his approach.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Conor Kennedy – Old Square Chambers 'He is professional yet empathetic, and communicates very well with challenging clients or those with complex needs. He can distill complex legal issues into comprehensible language.'
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Lord Hendy KCOld Square Chambers 'A giant in the field of industrial relations law.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Michael Ford KC – Old Square ChambersMichael is razor-sharp, fantastic on his feet, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of industrial relations and employment law. His advice is clear and practical and he is excellent with clients. You want him on your side.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Oliver Segal KC – Old Square Chambers 'A leading name, with insightful legal knowledge.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersA silk who is very good at putting the client at ease with his calm demeanour.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Ben Cooper KC  – Old Square Chambers 'Ben is an exceptional advocate. He is a super bright technical lawyer.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Mark Sutton KC – Old Square Chambers 'A silk with great depth of knowledge.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Katharine Newton KCOld Square ChambersAn incisive and formidable advocate, who is razor-sharp on her feet and in her legal analysis. Katharine is an excellent strategist.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Simon Cheetham KC  – Old Square Chambers 'Simon has a good, relaxed style which goes down very well with clients and instructing solicitors alike. He never panics and always instils confidence in the way that he deals with the twists and turns of tribunal litigation. His advocacy is assured - you always want him on your side.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Ijeoma Omambala KC  – Old Square Chambers 'Ijeoma is a great tactician.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Deshpal Panesar KC  – Old Square Chambers 'A very skilled, responsive and effective advocate.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Rebecca Tuck KC – Old Square Chambers 'A formidable advocate who makes lay clients feel supported.'
Ranked: Tier 4

2022 Silks

Betsan Criddle KC  – Old Square Chambers 'Betsan is a brilliant technical lawyer. She can turn her to mind to a case and piece of work very quickly, and gives clear advice on merits and strategy. She is very quick-witted, authoritative and knowledgeable.'

2023 Silks

Nadia Motraghi KCOld Square Chambers 'An indefatigable silk who gets on exceptionally well with professional and lay clients.'
Eleena Misra KC – Old Square Chambers 'Eleena is an exemplary advocate - her cross-examination skills are fantastic, robust when necessary and empathetic. She is analytical and detail orientated, and a great problem solver. A powerhouse.'

Leading Juniors

Stuart Brittenden  – Old Square Chambers 'Stuart is an incredibly hard-working junior with an attractive advocacy style.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Melanie Tether – Old Square Chambers 'Melanie is silk quality in the guise of a junior.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Jack MitchellOld Square Chambers 'Jack has real gravitas in the tribunal. He has a considered, measured, and compelling approach to answering judges' questions. He is particularly knowledgeable in whistleblowing law. An excellent barrister.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Louise Chudleigh  – Old Square Chambers 'A junior who demonstrates the ability to get to grips with complex cases quickly.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Tom Kirk  – Old Square Chambers 'Tom is detailed and forensic. He has an excellent eye for detail and will fight to the last moment for his client.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Robert Moretto  – Old Square Chambers 'Robert is a methodical and diligent advocate.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Nicola NewbeginOld Square Chambers 'Nicola is extremely knowledgeable and insightful, and provides astute advice on the technical elements of complex cases. Her advocacy is always precise and persuasive.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Spencer KeenOld Square Chambers 'A very methodical and responsive advocate, who is very good at putting clients at ease.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Robin White – Old Square Chambers 'A formidable advocate who provides laser-precise advice. She is a client friendly barrister.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Darshan Patel - Old Square Chambers 'Darshan's advocacy is exemplary. He is an astute, formidable yet charming barrister who has the confidence of the tribunal.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Sarah Keogh  – Old Square Chambers 'An approachable and realistic junior.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Laith Dilaimi  – Old Square Chambers 'Laith has persuasive and respectful approach to advocacy, and his advice is always valuable and sensible.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Lance Harris  – Old Square Chambers 'A serene and understated barrister.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Rosalie Snocken  – Old Square Chambers 'She is a highly intelligent barrister with excellent analytical skills.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Madeline Stanley – Old Square Chambers 'An extremely bright junior, and an authority on worker status cases.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Adam Ross – Old Square Chambers 'His technical knowledge is extremely good, and he has very clear analytical skills.'
Ranked: Tier 5
Ranked: Tier 5
Benjamin Jones  – Old Square Chambers ‘Ben is an exceptional advocate. He always remains calm, even in the most testing of cases, and has an excellent ability to make lay clients feel at ease and involved in proceedings.’
Ranked: Tier 5


‘Paul Adams is very responsible and always helpful.’

Very good set of chambers, full of able practitioners – strength in depth.’

Great set.’

Old Square Chambers has very able and collegiate barristers.’

The clerks are keen to help and quick at responding to requests.’

Old Square’s clerks have super employment law knowledge, and are responsive, practical and incredibly accommodating.’

Superb service from clerks’ room.’

Western Circuit > Clinical negligence Tier 2

Old Square Chambers is a ‘first port of call’ for clinical negligence work on the Western Circuit. Sophie Beesley focuses on claimant-side matters, often for highly vulnerable clients. She has considerable experience acting in cases involving bowel and gynaecological injuries as well as the death of children at or shortly after birth. Kara Loraine possesses broad expertise, including in claims relating to obstetric care and delivery, failure of and delay in diagnosis, negligent surgical procedures, suicide, and mismanagement of chronic disease.


‘Paul Adams and Olivia Moliterno are brilliant clerks – nothing is too much trouble for them.’

‘Old Square goes out of its way to help with any situation and has excellent clerks. This chambers is always my first port of call.’

‘The clerks are responsive and ever so helpful.’

Western Circuit > Employment Tier 2

Old Square Chambers is one of the leading sets on the Western Circuit for employment law work, with several standout practitioners regularly involved in significant cases. Michael Ford KC is a ‘tour de force’ who recently acted for intervenor UNISON in the Supreme Court case Harpur Trust v Brazel, which considered whether a worker’s right to paid annual leave is accumulated according to the working pattern of the worker, or is pro-rated - the matter affects a large number of seasonal workers. Spencer Keen has recently represented the claimant in Plymouth City Council v ABC, a High Court case concerning the alleged theft of confidential information, evaluating the extent of an employee’s duty of confidentiality and the remedy for breach.


‘A strong set for employment work with high profile counsel.’

‘The clerks at Old Square Chambers are keen to help and quick at responding to requests.’

Work highlights

Western Circuit > Personal injury Tier 2

Old Square Chambers is known as ‘one of the best personal injury sets at the Bar’. Charles Woodhouse KC has particular experience acting in defendant claims involving chronic pain, functional illness, and mild traumatic brain injury as well as for members of the armed services. Kara Loraine was recently instructed by the claimant in the widely publicised High Court case of Mathieu v Aviva, in which a successful artist suffering from a brain injury following a collision with a moped claimed for significant compensation for loss of past and future earnings - the case considered whether provisional damages can and should be awarded for the risk of developing dementia due to severe traumatic brain injury.


‘Will Meade and Oliver Moliterno are excellent.’

‘Charlie Sparling, David Cunnington and Bruno Gill are all excellent.’

‘Old Square is one of the best personal injury sets at the bar.’

London Bar > Clinical negligence Tier 3

Old Square Chambers‘ clinical negligence team of ‘excellent barristers‘ work with both claimants and defendants in claims across a range of healthcare issues. Ben Collins KC has notable experience in dental negligence litigation, and international law issues: recently acting in a multi-defendant claim arising out of negligent weight loss surgery performed in Italy after consultation in England. Junior Bella Webb  has extensive experience in complex delay in cancer diagnosis cases, Sophie Beesley  has ‘developed an outstanding practice in claimant clinical negligence work’.

Leading Silks

Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersBen is calm under pressure, thorough, thoughtful and puts claimants and their families at ease. His advocacy is again calm, measured and highly effective.’   
Ranked: Tier 1

2022 Silks

Leading Juniors

Bruno Gil – Old Square Chambers ‘Good at picking up on the small but vital points to help bring home a claim. Capable of working well with KCs from other sets and gives unbiased opinions and perspectives on the reality of case merits.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Sophie BeesleyOld Square Chambers ‘Sophie is simply one of the most impressive clinical negligence juniors. She is meticulously prepared, a clear thinker and a persuasive advocate. She has developed an outstanding practice in claimant clinical negligence work.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Naomi Rees – Old Square Chambers ‘An impressive advocate. Her skill has resulted in eliciting key information from witnesses and key outcomes have been established through Naomi’s thorough and tenacious yet sensitive approach.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Bella WebbOld Square Chambers ‘Bella is extremely thorough. Her attention to detail is exceptional which makes her a reliable and highly trustworthy barrister - she leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the claim is watertight.'
Ranked: Tier 4


‘The clerks Will Meade and Joe Kallas are both top level clerks. Their client care is excellent and they are a pleasure to work with.’

‘Old Square Chambers would always be my first choice of chambers. Their service is excellent and nothing is too much trouble.’

‘They are a first rate set with a number of excellent barristers and most importantly have an excellent clerking team.’

‘The Chambers have always been very helpful and accommodating.’

‘The clerks are brilliant. They are always friendly and ready to help with any problem. They respond quickly to queries and make sure that deadlines are met.’

Work highlights

London Bar > Personal injury, industrial disease and insurance fraud Tier 3

Old Square Chambers‘ personal injury counsel are ‘second-to-none‘, with ‘a breadth of experience‘ acting for both claimants and defendants on issues from catastrophic injury to industrial disease. Ben Collins KC is acting for the claimant in Suresh v GMC, a case brought by the widow of a doctor who took his own life after being the subject of unfounded allegations, this claim considers the liability of GMC to its doctors. Charles Woodhouse KC has notable experience in claims regarding spinal cord injuries; Katherine Howells has standout expertise in international claims, and those involving serious brain injuries. The set is known for, but by no stretch of the imagination defined by, its historical connections to trade unions and the Western circuit; Daniel Neill joined the set in 2022 from Guildhall Chambers.

Leading Silks

Paul Rose KCOld Square Chambers ‘Paul is a superb tactician and his attention to detail is second-to-none.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersBen is extremely thorough and does not overlook a single detail, just what you need in highly complex multi-defendant extremely high-value personal injury cases.’
Ranked: Tier 3

2022 Silks

Charles Woodhouse KCOld Square ChambersHe has the command of the court room and his advocacy is a joy to observe.

Personal injury - Leading Juniors

Katherine HowellsOld Square Chambers ‘Katherine is a brilliant barrister who fights for the clients she represents. She is very detailed in her approach and leaves no stone unturned.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Adam Samuel – Old Square Chambers ‘Adam is very impressive on his feet. He can find weaknesses and gaps in evidence which elude others and cross examination is subtle but effective.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Charlie Sparling – Old Square Chambers ‘Charlie is commercially astute, alive to his client’s needs and a formidable advocate, whether in a settlement meeting or in court.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Christopher EdwardsOld Square Chambers ‘Chris has a clear understanding of personal injury litigation and is able to explain complex issues to clients.'
Ranked: Tier 4
David RiversOld Square ChambersDavid is very bright with great attention to detail.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Bruno Gil – Old Square Chambers ‘Bruno is meticulous in his preparation, confident in his advice and a compelling advocate in court with an excellent success rate.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Kara LoraineOld Square Chambers ‘Kara is very thorough and approachable. She has great empathy and explains everything in a no-jargon way to ensure clients have a fully understanding of the issues and of the next steps.' 
Ranked: Tier 5
Brian Cummins – Old Square Chambers ‘Brian is detail-driven and always the most prepared person in the room.’
Ranked: Tier 5
Ranked: Tier 5
Ranked: Tier 5
Sophie Beesley - Old Square Chambers 'Sophie gives detailed and practical advice. She is approachable and very responsive. She has impressive attention to detail and fantastic quantum skills.'
Ranked: Tier 5
Ranked: Tier 5


‘Fantastic levels of service at all times with particular mention for both Olivia Moliterno and Will Meade whom go above and beyond to provide the very best support throughout.’

‘Senior clerk Will Meade is hardworking and leads by example. His clerks are, without exception, excellent.’

‘William Meade is in a league of his own. He understands client service and builds strong relationships with lawyers.’

‘Olivia Moliterno is a gem. Great sense and professionalism. Helps solve problems.’

‘Old Square Chambers are second-to-none in relation to personal injury Counsel. Their Counsel are approachable, knowledgeable and go the extra mile for their instructing solicitors’

‘Old Square are renowned for their Claimant PI work with a breadth of experience.’

‘The clerks are brilliant.’

‘Old Square have consistently punched above their weight in the personal injury field.’

Work highlights

London Bar > Professional disciplinary and regulatory law Tier 3

The ‘brilliant setOld Square Chambers is very well known for its strength in handling instructions focusing on the healthcare sector, however members are equally adept at assisting professionals from the financial, education and legal sectors. Ben Collins KC is acting in Suresh v GMC, an ongoing case concerning a claim brought by the widow of a doctor who had taken his own life while under a GMC investigation. Nicola Newbegin is ‘a fluent advocate‘ with expertise in handling regulatory proceedings for healthcare professionals and solicitors. In March 2023 the senior end of the team was bolstered by the elevation of Eleena Misra KC and Nadia Motraghi KC to silk.

Leading Silks

Ranked: Tier 2
Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersA silk with a very strategic mind.’
Ranked: Tier 3

2022 Silks

2023 Silks

Nadia Motraghi KCOld Square ChambersNadia is excellent. She provides direct and frank advice, and clients respect her no-nonsense approach.'
Eleena Misra KCOld Square Chambers ‘Eleena is a confident and inspiring advocate, with a meticulous eye for detail and very good client care skills.'

Leading Juniors

Nicola NewbeginOld Square ChambersAn excellent advocate, who delivers her points with accuracy and clarity. She really fights for her client.
Ranked: Tier 1


A great set – always responsive.

Knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile, experienced, and user friendly.

Very professional set, and a good range of skills and experience.

Reliable and friendly chambers, and very professional.

Great strength in depth.

The clerks are very helpful and flexible.

Excellent clerks who are responsive, practical and helpful.

London Bar > Court of Protection and community care

Rising stars

Turan Hursit – Old Square Chambers ‘Turan is extremely reasonable in negotiations and then firm in court. Her strength is her unassuming demeanour which puts opponents off-guard.’
Ranked: Tier 1

London Bar > Group litigation

Rising stars

Anna DannreutherOld Square Chambers ‘Anna is a skilled technical lawyer blessed with great judgement and an appetite for hard work.’
Ranked: Tier 1

London Bar > Administrative law and human rights

Leading Silks

Ben Collins KCOld Square ChambersBen is an experienced silk, with good technical knowledge and an engaging style of advocacy. He has the confidence of the court.’
Ranked: Tier 3

Western Circuit > Administrative and public law (including civil liberties and human rights)

South Eastern Circuit > Employment

London Bar > Aviation

Leading Juniors

Katherine Howells – Old Square Chambers ‘Katherine is an excellent advocate and has very good all-round client skills. She is determined in court, prepares well and is concise in her submissions and arguments. She is also responsive to queries and is generally available when we need her.’
Ranked: Tier 2

London Bar > Education

Leading Juniors

Laith DilaimiOld Square ChambersLaith is an excellent speaker, his written work is fantastic, he is approachable and great to work with, and he is exceptional at understanding the key issues quickly.
Ranked: Tier 2

London Bar > Environment

Leading Juniors

John BatesOld Square Chambers ‘John is excellent in his field and always gives prompt written advice.’   
Ranked: Tier 4

Old Square Chambers (www.oldsquare.co.uk) is widely respected as one of the leading sets for employment and personal injury law, both in London and Bristol. Further specialisms include professional discipline, clinical negligence, environment, health and safety, product liability, motor defence, public inquiries, and mediation/ADR.

The set: Old Square Chambers has over 79 members including 14 silks. It is known for being unstuffy, responsive in understanding client needs and pro-active in meeting them. It adopts the highest standards of advocacy, drafting, advice and client service and is well known for having an excellent clerking team.

Types of work undertaken
Employment: Old Square is a leading set in employment law with a strong respondent/defendant practice as well as maintaining its longstanding claimant/union practice. It is instructed increasingly in High Court matters and injunctions while developing its well established reputation for expertise in discrimination, equal pay and industrial relations. It has been instrumental in establishing recent legal precedents on fees, holiday pay and discrimination.

Personal injury: Old Square members are regularly instructed in cases concerning high-value head, brain and spinal injury. It has particular expertise in disaster litigation, industrial disease, complex multi-party actions and injuries suffered abroad (including those involving package holiday regulations and the Ministry of Defence).

Clinical negligence: Old Square members have extensive experience in claims relating to cerebral palsy, brain damage and catastrophic injuries. These regularly involve high-value awards of several million pounds. Members have acknowledged expertise in periodic payments and indexation.

Professional discipline: Old Square is at the forefront within a variety of sectors, including healthcare, legal services, education, financial services, police and sport. Members frequently appear before, chair and sit as legal assessors on disciplinary tribunals at all stages of the process, including safeguarding rights by recourse to the High Court and the Privy Council. Several of our silks and juniors regularly appear in cases in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court.

Environment: Old Square’s expertise includes prosecution and defence in the criminal courts, statutory appeals, scientifically complex nuisance and personal injury claims, major group litigation and judicial review. Areas of particular specialism include water law, contaminated land, statutory nuisance, waste management and the application of European law.

Health and safety: Old Square members are frequently involved in health and safety litigation. This can range from client defence in regulatory prosecutions to representing injured, bereaved and dependent clients in public inquiries. Cases are often high-profile, involving serious injury, fatality, and corporate manslaughter. Operating throughout the UK, Old Square has extensive experience in diverse sectors including construction, transport, farming, quarrying, leisure and healthcare.

Product liability: Old Square members are highly experienced in multi-claimant litigation and in individual cases relating to medical appliances, motor vehicles, cosmetics, toys and other consumer goods. Members also undertake Consumer Protection Act and related prosecutions and product recall.

Public inquiries: Old Square members have been instructed in most of the significant inquires of recent years, drawing on their expertise in health and safety and industrial relations law in public inquires concerned with major accidents or disasters. These include: Leveson, Potters Bar, Ufton Nevert Train Crash, Mubarek, Shipman, Climbie, Ladbroke Grove, Marchioness, Southall Train Crash, North Wales Child Abuse and Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Mediation: as accredited CEDR mediators, Old Square members regularly act as neutral evaluators in a wide range of disputes, particularly employment law, discrimination, personal injury and clinical negligence.

Pupillage: Old Square offers outstanding training to outstanding candidates in both London and Bristol. Reflecting their interests and supportive in approach, this training carries an excellent chance of tenancy and we have an outstanding retention record of keeping pupils.

Department Name Email Telephone
Senior clerk William Meade
Deputy Senior Clerk Samantha Jones
Chambers Director Sarah Earl
Marketing Manager Phil Desmondez
Photo Name Position Profile
John Bates photo Mr John Bates Practice Areas: Over the last 20 years John has acquired considerable experience…
Sophie Beesley photo Sophie Beesley Sophie practises exclusively in clinical negligence, personal injury and coronial law. Her…
Stuart Brittenden photo Stuart Brittenden Stuart is an employment law specialist with experience in the full spectrum…
Simon Cheetham photo Simon Cheetham Simon is an employment and discrimination law specialist, with a wide-ranging practice…
James Chegwidden photo James Chegwidden James’s practice encompasses civil and commercial work, employment law, and regulatory and…
Louise Chudleigh photo Louise Chudleigh Louise is an experienced senior junior whose practice encompasses all aspects of…
Ben Collins photo Mr Ben Collins High-profile practice in an unusually wide range of fields: major cases in…
Ben Cooper photo Mr Ben Cooper Employment and discrimination, labour law and professional discipline, in particular disciplinary and…
Betsan Criddle KC photo Betsan Criddle KC All areas of employment and discrimination law and professional discipline, including High…
Brian Cummins photo Brian Cummins Brian is a Personal Injury barrister, who also specialises in inquest work.…
David Cunnington photo David Cunnington David has a wide experience in employment disputes, personal injury claims; environmental…
Anna Dannreuther photo Anna Dannreuther Anna Dannreuther has a cross-disciplinary practice in employment and equality, commercial and…
Laith Dilaimi photo Mr Laith Dilaimi Laith Dilaimi was called to the Bar in 2011. In his employment…
Christopher Edwards photo Christopher Edwards Christopher’s main areas of practice are employment, personal injury (including travel law…
Corinna Ferguson photo Corinna Ferguson Barrister specialising in employment, discrimination, human rights and public law. Regularly appears…
Sandra Fredman photo Professor Sandra Fredman
Hannah Freeman photo Hannah Freeman Hannah specialises in employment and discrimination law and in professional discipline. She…
Katherine Fudakowski photo Katherine Fudakowski Katherine specialises in the areas of employment and discrimination, personal and criminal…
Stephen Garner photo Stephen Garner Barrister
Tom Gent photo Mr Tom Gent Tom is a leading junior in regulatory and motor defence law. He…
Bruno Gil photo Bruno Gil Bruno specialises in personal injury, clinical negligence and costs. Within personal injury,…
Simon Gorton photo Simon Gorton Simon Gorton QC is a barrister specialising in all aspects of employment…
Stephen Grime photo Stephen Grime Stephen Grime has vast experience of complex litigation particularly in personal injury…
Lance Harris photo Lance Harris Lance practices across the full range of Chambers’ work including employment, discrimination…
John Hendy photo Lord John Hendy Predominantly in the field of industrial relations and trade union law in…
Katherine Howells photo Ms Katherine Howells Katherine Howells specialises in personal injury, clinical negligence, travel, aviation and associated…
Turan Hursit photo Miss Turan Hursit Barrister specialising in Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury, Court of Protection, Inquests and…
Oliver Isaacs photo Oliver Isaacs
Benjamin Jones photo Benjamin Jones Ben Jones is an employment specialist who is regularly instructed in complex…
Spencer Keen photo Spencer Keen Spencer specialises in employment, human rights, EU and commercial law.  He has…
Conor  Kennedy photo Conor Kennedy
Sarah Keogh photo Sarah Keogh Sarah has an extensive employment law practice and appears regularly in employment…
Tom  Kirk photo Tom Kirk Tom is an employment and discrimination specialist with particular expertise in disability…
Elizabeth Melville photo Elizabeth Melville All areas of employment law, predominantly within the healthcare, education (particularly universities)…
Eleena Misra KC photo Ms Eleena Misra KC While equally experienced adept in all areas of Employment and Equalities law,…
Jack Mitchell photo Mr Jack Mitchell Jack undertakes all employment/discrimination cases including injunctive relief, sport including internal investigations.…
Robert Moretto photo Robert Moretto Robert has a thriving employment, public law and human rights appellate practice,…
Nadia Motraghi KC photo Ms Nadia Motraghi KC Nadia specialises in employment law, professional regulation and public law including public…
Daniel Neill photo Daniel Neill Daniel Neill specialises in personal injury, clinical negligence and regulatory work (healthcare).…
Nicola Newbegin photo Ms Nicola Newbegin Nicola specialises in employment, discrimination, industrial relations and professional discipline, as well…
Katharine Newton photo Ms Katharine Newton Katharine practices almost exclusively in the field of employment law, and appears…
Michael Nicholson photo Michael Nicholson Michael specialises in personal injury cases, acts for both claimants and defendants,…
Tara O'Halloran photo Tara O'Halloran
Ijeoma Omambala photo Ms Ijeoma Omambala Ijeoma provides strategic advice in connection with all aspects of the management,…
Rachel Owusu-Agyei photo Rachel Owusu-Agyei
Anya Palmer photo Anya Palmer Anya acts for both claimants and respondents, but recently she has developed…
Deshpal Panesar photo Deshpal Panesar Deshpal is a specialist in Employment law.. Described as “the barrister of…
Darshan Patel photo Darshan Patel Darshan is regularly instructed in all areas of employment and discrimination law,…
Giles Powell photo Giles Powell Giles practices in Administrative and Public Law, Employment, Partnership, Professional Discipline and…
Naomi Rees photo Naomi Rees
Frederic Reynold photo Frederic Reynold Barrister specialising in employment, trade union law, public law and commercial litigation.…
David Rivers photo David Rivers Specialises in high value liability and quantum claims with recent trial successes…
Paul Rose photo Mr Paul Rose Personal injury and employment law. In employment law has acted in leading…
Adam Samuel photo Adam Samuel Adam has a common law and civil practice, with a particular emphasis…
Ian Scott photo Ian Scott Specialist in complex high value discrimination claims involving multiple causes of action…
Oliver Segal photo Oliver Segal Oliver is regarded as a leading Silk in employment law and acts…
Alex  Shellum photo Alex Shellum Alex is a specialist in all areas of statutory and contractual employment…
Rosalie Snocken photo Ms Rosalie Snocken Roz’s practice is comprised of all of Old Square Chambers’ core areas,…
Charlie Sparling photo Charlie Sparling Charlie has practised at Old Square since 2006, focusing on personal injury,…
Madeline Stanley photo Madeline Stanley Madeline advises and represents employees, trade unions and public and private sector…
Mark Sutton photo Mr Mark Sutton Mark Sutton QC’s practice spans employment disputes, professional regulatory cases and hearings…
Melanie Tether photo Mrs Melanie Tether All aspects of employment law, both individual and collective. Melanie is a…
Ian Truscott photo Ian Truscott Barrister specialising in employment law; has appeared in the European Court of…
Rebecca Tuck photo Rebecca Tuck Rebecca practices all areas of employment law, including unfair dismissal, discrimination, equal…
Victoria Webb photo Victoria Webb Victoria specialises in employment, discrimination and personal injury, with an additional interest…
Bella Webb photo Bella Webb Bella specialises in all aspects of clinical negligence and personal injury law. She…
Robin White photo Robin White Barrister specialising in employment and discrimination law (all aspects). Acts for employers…
Charles Woodhouse KC photo Mr Charles Woodhouse KC Charlie specialises in Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Inquests. He has enormous…