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Chambers of Brian Altman KC & Jim Sturman KC
2 Bedford Row

London Bar > Crime Tier 1

2 Bedford Row remains a ‘premier’ set for high-profile defence and prosecution work.  Jim Sturman KC  represented former police officer Wayne Couzens, who entered a guilty plea to the rape and murder of Sarah Everard, in his appeal against sentence, which involved issues as to if an individual who pleaded guilty could receive a whole-life tariff, among other questions about the most serious murder tariffs. Stan Reiz KC recently acted for a Liverpool man charged with the attempted murder of a man (his original target) and a schoolgirl in a cycle-by shooting – the defendant was convicted of attempted murder of the man, but acquitted of attempted murder of the girl on the basis that the doctrine of transferred malice does not apply to attempted murder. Turning to prosecution work, Jacqueline Carey KC successfully prosecuted former reality television personality Stephen Bear, who received a 21-month prison sentence for sexual offences including selling secretly filmed footage of him having sex with his ex-partner, a former Love Island contestant, on OnlyFans. Mark Milliken-Smith KC, as was, was appointed as a Circuit Judge in December 2023.

Leading Silks

Brian Altman KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Brian is a colossus of the Bar who deservedly commands the respect of the judiciary, opponents, clients and all of his team. His advocacy is pitched perfectly, and he combines gravitas and legal mastery with a common touch. He is a brilliant tactician and clients, lay and professional, love him. Simply one of the best.’ 
Ranked: Tier 1
Jim Sturman KC  – 2 Bedford RowJim has an ability to take on a massive amount of detail and sift through it ensuring he has total command of his brief. His advocacy style is such that he also has total command of the tribunals he appears in front of - assisting them as to the law as well as to the representation of his clients' cases. He is an absolute doyen of advocacy.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Kieran Vaughan KC – 2 Bedford Row 'Kieran is possibly the best KC of our generation. He is an amazing lawyer with tactical nous and a wonderful court manner. His cross-examination is skillful and incisive, his legal arguments are well prepared and persuasive, and he is committed to the clients he represents. A brilliant all rounder - not a hint of any weakness.' 
Ranked: Tier 2
Tracy Ayling KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Tracy is always very well prepared and grasps points very quickly. Her advocacy is clearly structured and she is engaging with juries and persuasive with judges.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Stan Reiz KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Stan's analytical brain allows him to dissect evidence and turn a prosecution's case on its head. He is then able to break this down in front of a jury so that they are persuaded that his way is the right way. This together with his superb advocacy ensures a defendant's best chance of success each time.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Dean George KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Dean is an exceptional advocate. He considers case papers with a fine tooth comb and doesn’t miss a trick so he is always three steps ahead of the prosecution. In court he is slick and fearless and he goes above and beyond for his lay clients. His tenacity means he is nothing short of brilliant.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Christine Agnew KC – 2 Bedford Row 'Christine is highly respected by all. She is diligent and empathetic in her approach and is an exceptional advocate.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Louise Sweet KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Louise is a very astute, tenacious and highly-skilled advocate. She is thoroughly professional and great with clients.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Samuel Magee KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Sam is very determined and focuses on the ultimate goal in each case. He is meticulous when drafting and his advocacy is second-to-none.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Anand Beharrylal KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Anand is affable, approachable and is meticulous in his advocacy.' 
Ranked: Tier 4

2022 Silks

Jacqueline Carey KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Jac has outstanding judgment. She cuts through the most complex legal and factual problems to get to the essential points and then identifies exactly how to deal with them. Her written and oral advocacy is excellent and highly effective. Clients love her straightforward style.'

Leading Juniors

Christopher Martin – 2 Bedford Row ‘Chris is an excellent advocate who delivers clear, concise and forceful arguments and submissions. He is also thoughtful, detailed and, when the situation requires, robust in cross-examination.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 2
Craig Rush – 2 Bedford Row 'Craig is a silk in all but title. He has a fluid, charming and, when necessary, ferocious, advocacy style and is also a devastating cross-examiner.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Nick Barraclough – 2 Bedford Row 'Nick is exceptionally intelligent and a brilliant advocate who eloquently articulates his submissions in court and robustly defends his clients. Clients always like Nick because he he is meticulously prepared, gives clear advice, and he makes them feel at ease.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
Sean Hammond – 2 Bedford Row ‘Sean brings a calm professional approach to every case with an analytical mind which misses nothing and an easy manner with clients which puts them at ease. He is reliable and a joy to work with.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Ashraf Khan – 2 Bedford Row ‘Ashraf is a senior junior who in reality has a silk's practice already. He has the ability to cut through the complexity of a heavy case and focus on the real issues for the jury. He has a highly defined level of attention in complex work and always on top of his brief.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
Charles Langley – 2 Bedford Row ‘Charlie is a vastly experienced leading junior who is a silk but in name. He possesses an extremely persuasive and effective style which juries find difficult to resist. One of the stars at the junior Bar who should progress to the front row.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
Ashley Hendron – 2 Bedford Row ‘Ashley is methodical and extremely efficient and analytical in his approach to case preparation. He has an effective and commanding advocacy style.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4


‘The clerking team provides an impeccable service.  John Grimmer is a legend of the clerks’ room and has excellent support from Paul Rodgers and Lee Bartlett in particular.’

‘Paul Rodgers is very approachable and very keen to build relationships.’

‘Lee Bartlett is a go-to clerk.   He goes out of his way to accommodate requests, even at the last minute.’

‘Chambers is one of the leading criminal sets in London/UK with a good selections of senior and junior barristers.’

‘2 Bedford Row’s reputation is among the highest at the Bar. A top quality set.’

‘2 Bedford Row is a premier set of chambers with a stellar list of KCs. They have strength in depth and a fantastic reputation.’

‘2 Bedford Row are a tenacious chambers with a range of barristers who are experienced, versatile and forward thinking.’

Work highlights

London Bar > Fraud: crime Tier 1

2 Bedford Row is ‘an outstanding set’ with a broad range of counsel prosecuting and defending for clients in high-level criminal fraud matters. Simon Baker KC represented the alleged  primary administrator of caller ID spoofing website iSpoof.cc, which reportedly was used to facilitate over £43m of fraud against British victims carried by impersonating banks and public bodies. Numerous members, including Baker KC and Kevin Toomey, among others, represented various defendants in a case stemming from “Operation Ark”, an eight-year prosecution for allegedly mis-sold heating systems – all defendants were acquitted after the prosecution submitted no evidence after disclosure failings were identified. Mark Milliken-Smith KC, as was, was appointed as a Circuit Judge in December 2023.

Leading Silks

Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 2
Stan Reiz KC – 2 Bedford Row 'Stan is one of the best junior silks around. His strategic thinking is second to very few, and he continuously gets amazing results. He is a calm, methodical advocate, and every word lands with a punch.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
Simon Baker KC – 2 Bedford Row ‘Simon is a brilliant lawyer who produces incredibly high-quality and practical advice at phenomenal speed. His written and oral advocacy is excellent – always clear, concise and effective.  He is a superstar and a real team player.’ 
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 2
Sean Hammond – 2 Bedford RowSean’s attention to detail and ability to play the long game are impressive. His charming and relaxed manner belies a razor-sharp mind. He has very sound judgement, shrewd tactical sense, relates very well with clients, and is a confident and persuasive advocate.
Ranked: Tier 3
Thomas Daniel – 2 Bedford Row ‘Tom is an extremely attentive barrister both in court and out. His eye for detail is second-to-none and his ability to grasp the facts and evidence of each matter is unparalleled. Tom is an outstanding advocate and his ability to think on his feet sets him apart. He is able to convey points in a clear and concise manner without losing the core point of the submission.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Ashraf Khan – 2 Bedford Row 'Ashraf has a great eye for detail as well as a tireless work ethic, a combination which makes him ideal for serious fraud work. He has excellent judgement and takes good points with ease whilst setting aside weak points that dilute the presentation of a defence case.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
Kevin Toomey – 2 Bedford Row 'Kevin has exceptional technical experience and knowledge of the workings of the financial markets. He has a very good manner with clients and is able to distil key issues in complex matters so as to focus clients' attentions upon the salient points in a case. His insight and clarity is highly useful.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
Nicholas James – 2 Bedford Row ‘Nick is an engaging advocate who retains a personal and affable manner even when forcefully making points to a judge or jury. He has a wonderfully light touch. He is thorough and hardworking and will not miss points, but makes sure that he is always focused on the ultimate issues.' 
Ranked: Tier 4


‘John Grimmer is a top clerk and runs a very effective and efficient clerks’ room. Paul Rodgers and Tom Powell are always on hand to assist and accommodate instructing solicitors.’

‘John Grimmer and Paul Rodgers are well liked by solicitors and continue to be viewed as two of the best, but all the way down to the most junior the clerks pull out all the stops to provide the service solicitors deserve.’

‘Joe Martin is a good clerk and is always friendly and efficient.  He will do what he can to assist.’

‘A strong set of chambers from top down to junior juniors.’

‘2 Bedford Row is in every multi-handed fraud case and retains its market share. The strength in depth in terms of silks is obvious, and there is a large core of up and coming juniors too.’

‘2 Bedford Row is an outstanding set and far above the rest in terms of professionalism and the care they pay towards instructing solicitors. They do not have a bad barrister in the whole set.’

Work highlights

London Bar > Business and regulatory crime (including global investigations) Tier 2

2 Bedford Row is an ‘outstanding set‘ for white collar and business crime, whose members represent both corporate and individual clients, as well as both private and public prosecutors, in criminal and regulatory investigations. Brian Altman KC was appointed by the Attorney General and the Serious Fraud Office to lead a high-profile investigation into the collapse of the Serious Fraud Office’s SERCO trial in April 2021 – in addition, he and Simon Baker KC continue to represent the Post Office in criminal appeals in the wake of the Horizon scandal. Thomas Daniel prosecuted a Gambian diplomat for withholding information from The Pensions Regulator, the defendant in this case having raised diplomatic immunity arguments and sought to justify his absence from the trial by claiming he was persona non grata in the United Kingdom. Mark Milliken-Smith KC, as was, was appointed as a Circuit Judge in December 2023.

Leading Silks

Jim Sturman KC2 Bedford Row ‘Impeccable judgment and commands absolute confidence from the client, the judge and the jury.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Brian Altman KC2 Bedford RowBrian is a colossus of the Bar. One of the best of his generation. His advocacy is pitched perfectly, and he combines gravitas and legal mastery with the common touch. There are few that equal his ability and skill.
Ranked: Tier 2
Simon Baker KC  – 2 Bedford Row 'He is very good with clients and has a photographic memory.'
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Thomas Daniel2 Bedford Row ‘His eye for attention to detail is second to none and his ability to grasp the facts and evidence of each matter is unparalleled. Tom is an outstanding advocate, and his ability to think on his feet is what sets him apart in court.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Timothy Kendal2 Bedford Row 'Extremely bright; he’s as good as most silks, if not better.'
Ranked: Tier 3


‘Paul Rodgers is a superb clerk who regularly checks in (regardless of whether there is a need to or not) to ensure that we are happy with the service being provided and to see if he is able to help smooth any bumps.’

‘John Grimmer has been described as “a legend even amongst those still at Bar School”, and Paul Rodgers and Joe Martin are famed for going the extra mile.’

‘The whole clerks room really look after the instructing solicitors.’

‘The clerks are extremely attentive and are able to assist us with any enquiry on a moment’s notice.’

‘2 Bedford Row are an outstanding set and far above the rest in terms of their professionalism and the care they pay towards instructing solicitors. They do not have a bad barrister in the whole set, and I would recommend them on a number of matters without thinking.’

‘2 Bedford Row is deservedly top-ranked and was awarded the ‘crime set of the year’ award in 2022; and it deserved that accolade, as well as the other nominations received.’


Work highlights

London Bar > Health and safety Tier 2

With a particular strong corporate manslaughter and individual gross negligence practice, 2 Bedford Row stays highly active across numerous industries, including leisure, retail, construction and health care, and is also experienced in advising fire and rescue authorities on prosecutions for fire safety breaches. Jim Sturman KC represented Costain and Galliford Try in a prosecution following the death of a construction worker working on the construction of the M1 “smart motorway”. Christine Agnew KC was instructed in the prosecution of two men charged with gross negligence manslaughter after a collision in Southampton water that caused the death of a 15-year-old girl. Alex Stein is prosecuting Amberley Homes Limited following a fall from height fatality at a construction site.

Leading Juniors

Andrew McGee2 Bedford Row ‘Hard working, great with clients and a fierce advocate - he operates at a level commensurate with King's Counsel.‘
Ranked: Tier 2
Alex Stein2 Bedford RowAlex is excellent, providing thorough and extremely helpful advice not only in a calm and measured way but also in terms readily understandable by the client.
Ranked: Tier 2
Austin Stoton2 Bedford Row 'He is incredibly bright and has the ability to get to the crux of a case with ease.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4


‘The clerks are always proactive and helpful. Paul Rodgers is very good.’

‘Paul Rodgers is excellent. Hardworking, responsive and always going the extra mile in terms of the provision of training etc.’

‘Certainly a strong criminal set and with a number of silks and senior juniors experienced and trustworthy in the health and safety and related “corporate crime” fields.’

‘Fantastic criminal set.’

‘2BR are a good set. Lots of strength in this field.

Work highlights

London Bar > Professional disciplinary and regulatory law Tier 3

With a range of practitioners, 2 Bedford Row features barristers who are highly regarded for expertise in a range of areas. Among the junior end of chambers, Andrew McGee has a solid track record in handling prosecution and defence work before a range of regulatory fora, and Sam Thomas is a key name for healthcare sector regulatory issues. Natalie Bird represented the GDC in a complex hearing involving 80 sub-allegations relating to an illegal tooth-whitening practice that was conducted by a registrant dental nurse. The nurse’s name was subsequently erased from the register after 75 of the sub-allegations, including dishonesty, were found proven. Ian Stern KC retired from full practice in mid-2022. Mark Milliken-Smith KC, as was, was appointed as a Circuit Judge in December 2023.

Leading Juniors

Ranked: Tier 2
Sam Thomas2 Bedford RowSam takes a robust and pragmatic approach to cases. He is responsive, confident and reassuringly calm throughout the course of a hearing.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Natalie Bird2 Bedford RowNatalie's analytical skills are outstanding, and her advocacy skills are immaculate.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
Christopher Saad2 Bedford Row 'A fine cross-examiner who is always across the detail of his cases.'
Ranked: Tier 4


Paul Rodgers is a credit to the set.

The clerks are very responsive and friendly.

A number of excellent advocates who specialise in healthcare cases.

An extremely good set with strength in depth.

The clerks are very agile and promptly respond to queries.’

The clerks are very good and very responsive.’

‘The clerks action requests with a quick turnaround and offer appropriate counsel when requested counsel is unavailable.’

London Bar > Inquests and inquiries

Leading Silks

Brian Altman KC2 Bedford Row ‘Brian is the heavyweight champion of the inquiry world. A brilliant operator.’ 
Ranked: Tier 1

London Bar > Sport

Leading Silks

Jim Sturman KC2 Bedford Row ‘Jim is incredibly grounded and a true football man, who gets the nuances of the clients and the industry.’
Ranked: Tier 2

London Bar > Environment

Leading Juniors

Andrew McGee – 2 Bedford Row 'A first port-of-call for all environmental defence matters.'
Ranked: Tier 4

Clients benefit from the knowledge, expertise and support of one of the country’s leading criminal and regulatory sets.  Committed to all aspects of criminal and regulatory law, Chambers advises and represents clients in a wide variety of proceedings and investigations, from high profile fraud and murder cases to health and safety and professional disciplinary proceedings. Members have appeared in International Criminal Courts in The Hague, the ECHR, Privy Council, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Administrative Court and all courts and tribunals of first instance, as well as public inquiries and inquests.  Chambers has a high volume of international work and members attend hearings around the globe.  Chambers serves a variety of clients, spanning national governments, international companies, local authorities and other public bodies, regulators, trade unions, corporations and directors and professional and sporting authorities, as well as individuals.

The set: 2 Bedford Row calls upon the combined expertise of 17 KCs and 61 juniors, including former First Senior Treasury Counsel, standing counsel to the Health and Safety Executive, and a number of Recorders. Chambers has provided two Chairs of the Bar Council and two Chairs of the CBA. Supporting them is a clerking team recognised as one of the best in the country.

Types of work undertaken:

Crime: As one of the acknowledged ‘magic circle’ criminal sets, Chambers has an outstanding track record in high profile trials, including corporate crime, terrorism and war crimes. Examples of high profile cases, in which our members prosecuted or defended, include Wayne Couzens (murder of Sarah Everard), the News International Phone Hacking trial, the MPs expenses prosecutions, Bowes and others (killing of PC Andrew Harper), Michael Stone, Colin Stagg, Levi Bellfield (murders of Milly Dowler and two other women), the Stephen Lawrence murder, Kenneth Noye (M25 murder), Russell Bishop (the ‘Babes in the Wood’ murders), Barry George, Vincent Tabak, Sgt Danny Nightingale, Rolf Harris, Kevin Spacey, Ched Evans, and Corporal Lee Clegg.

Fraud:  With an exceptional record for fraud and financial crime (including bribery and corruption), representing both corporate clients and individuals, members of Chambers have advised on or appeared in many of the highest profile cases, such as the Post Office ‘Horizon’ cases, HBOS, Libor, Euribor, Rolls Royce, Barclay’s Bank, BAE, Innospec, iSpoof, Imperial Consolidated, Pharmaceuticals, JJB Sports, Op. Condor, the Jubilee line fraud, Asil Nadir, Torex, Brent Walker, Butte Mining, WSTC, Cheney Pensions, Izodia pic,  iSoft, Robinsons, Glaxo, and Unaoil.  Members advise on investigations globally and have vast experience in multi-jurisdictional investigations. Members have advised all over the world on sanctions issues and have experience of all current and historic sanctions regimes.

Health and safety: Members of this team offer an unparalleled combination of experience in the field of Health & Safety law and practice together with a formidable reputation for first-class criminal advocacy. Chambers’ health and safety team offers expertise across an ever-expanding range of sectors including the leisure, residential, retail, construction, manufacturing, agricultural, real estate, hospitality, healthcare, aviation, transport, recycling, entertainment, tech, oil and gas and nuclear industries.  The team has been involved in all the UK’s major health and safety cases of the past few years, acting for both the defence and prosecution, and for interested parties in inquests, and inquiries.  Recent cases in which members have appeared include the Hillsborough Football Stadium disaster, the Hatfield and Potters Bar rail disasters, Buncefield, and Grenfell.

Our specialist barristers advise employers, companies, company directors, individuals and public bodies including Local Authorities on all aspects of health and safety enforcement, and at every stage of proceedings.

Professional and disciplinary tribunals:  Over the years members have developed an intuitive understanding of how professional bodies think, which allows them to tailor their advocacy for the greatest effect. 2 Bedford Row represents professionals before the GMC, GDC, GOC, NMC and SDT among others, as well as acting for professional bodies themselves.

Financial services regulation: The team has considerable experience in SFO, FCA, and Revenue & Customs investigations, VAT Tribunals, prosecutions and appeals.

Inquests and public inquiries:  The regulatory group assists clients (corporates and individuals) before coroners’ inquests and in public inquiries, providing high quality advice and representation. Examples of public inquiries include:  Grenfell Tower; the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA); Mark Duggan; The Turks and Caicos Corruption Inquiry; De Menezes; Lakanal fire; Shipman; Post Office Horizon IT; Climbié; Lawrence; Ashwood Hospital; Brook House and the Covid Inquiry. Members are also involved in non-statutory reviews.

Sports law:  Members also frequently appear before professional sporting tribunals including The Court of Arbitration for Sport, they appear in all sports in the full range of disciplinary matters including doping, but particularly in football, rugby and cricket, and represent many Premiership clubs, Regulators and individual players both in the UK and abroad.

International work:  Members have undertaken work in the US, West Indies, Middle East, Russia, Africa, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Turks and Caicos and most of mainland Europe. Members can work in Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Krio (Sierra Leone), Russian and Serbo-Croat.

For more details, please see the website.



Department Name Email Telephone
Senior Clerk John Grimmer
Deputy Senior Clerk Paul Rodgers
Member of Chambers ALTMAN KC, Brian (1981/2008))
Member of Chambers STURMAN KC, Jim (1982/2002)
Member of Chambers GODFREY KC, Howard (1970/1991)
Member of Chambers AYLING KC, Tracy (1983/2006)
Member of Chambers MILLIKEN-SMITH KC, Mark (1986/2006)
Member of Chambers VAUGHAN KC, Kieran (1993/2012)
Member of Chambers AGNEW KC, Christine (1992/2015)
Member of Chambers GREEN KC, Sam (1998/2015)
Member of Chambers SWEET KC, Louise (1994/2016)
Member of Chambers BEHARRYLAL KC, Anand (19972018)
Member of Chambers GEORGE KC, Dean (2002/2019)
Member of Chambers MAGEE KC, Samuel (2003/2020)
Member of Chambers COMPTON KC, Allan (1994/2021)
Member of Chambers BAKER KC, Simon (1998/2021))
Member of Chambers CAREY KC, Jacquelline (1999 / 2022)
Member of Chambers CONWAY, Charles (1969)
Member of Chambers HALSEY, Mark (1972)
Member of Chambers CAUDLE, John (1976)
Member of Chambers GILBERT, Barry (1978)
Member of Chambers HAYNES, Michael (1979)
Member of Chambers LEVY, Michael (1979)
Member of Chambers LIVINGSTON, John (1980)
Member of Chambers DONNELLY, John (1983)
Member of Chambers KENDAL, Timothy (1985)
Member of Chambers RUSH, Craig (1989)
Member of Chambers BARRACLOUGH, Nick (1990)
Member of Chambers HAMMOND, Sean (1991)
Member of Chambers FERGUSON, Stephen (1991)
Member of Chambers BUDWORTH, Adam (1992)
Member of Chambers HURLOCK, John (1993)
Member of Chambers STEIN, Alex (1998)
Member of Chambers LODGE, Hugo (1998)
Member of Chambers KHAN, Ashraf (1999)
Member of Chambers McGEE, Andrew (1999)
Member of Chambers LANGLEY, Charles (1999)
Member of Chambers KING, Emma (1999)
Member of Chambers HUNT, Quentin (2000)
Member of Chambers RITCHIE, Shauna (2000)
Member of Chambers LLEWELLYN-WATERS, Hanna (2000)
Member of Chambers JAMES, Nick (2001)
Member of Chambers SMITH, Alistair
Members of Chambers POWER, Archangelo (2001)
Member of Chambers SHEPHERD. James (2002)
Members of Chambers TOOMEY, Kevin (2004)
Member of Chambers HENDRON, Ashley (2008)
Member of Chambers BONEHILL, Nick (2006)
Member of Chambers STOTON, Austin (2007)
Member of Chambers MARTIN, Christopher (2008)
Member of Chambers MILNER, Jonas (2008)
Member of Chambers DANIEL, Thomas (2009)
Member of Chambers PATIENCE, David (2009)
Member of Chambers SAAD, Christopher (2009)
Member of Chambers McGARVEY, Tomas (2010)
Member of Chambers THOMAS, Sam (2011)
Member of Chambers BREWER, Charlotte (2012)
Member of Chambers WARD, Jessica (2012)
Member of Chambers MAWER, Claire (2014)
Member of Chambers SWEETLAND, Lucy (2014)
Member of Chambers SHEHADEH, Victoria (2015)
Member of Chambers SUTCLIFFE, Cathryn (2015)
Member of Chambers BIRD, Natalie (2015)
Member of Chambers ROSSER, Rhys (2015)
Member of Chambers BAILIE, Conall (2016)
Member of Chambers KUTNER, Emma (2017)
Member of Chambers MUNDAY, Callum (2017)
Member of Chambers LAIDLAW, Harry (2018)
Member of Chambers LUCAS, Eleanor (2018)
Member of Chambers DEASY, Madeleine (2018)
Member of Chambers DYAS, Molly (2018)
Member of Chambers BATSTONE, Fred (2019)
Member of Chambers HIGGS, Katherine (2019)
Member of Chambers WALLIS, Simeon (2019)
Member of Chambers DAVIDSON, Alex (2020)
Member of Chambers COYNE, Jack (2021)
Member of Chambers MUSA, Huda (2021)
Member of Chambers SABBAGH, Omar (2021)
Associate Tenant CLEGG KC, William (1972 /1991)(
Associate Tenant STERN KC, Ian
Associate Tenant MATTHEWS KC, Richard (1989/2010)
Associate Tenant KING, Gelaga (1985)
Associate Tenant McMEEKIN, Ian (1987)
Associate Tenant WILLIAMS, Michael (2008)
Associate Tenant BRICOGNE, Alice (2011)
Photo Name Position Profile
Anthony Abell photo Anthony Abell Barrister specialising in crime; undertakes prosecutions and defences; frequently instructed to lead…
Christine Agnew photo Christine Agnew Christine prosecutes and defends  the most serious and complex criminal cases. Her…
Brian Altman photo Brian Altman Brian advises prominent national and multinational corporations at board level in such fields…
Tracy Ayling photo Tracy Ayling Specialist Criminal Practitioner – Defence and Prosecution. Defends in serious sex cases,…
Simon Baker photo Mr Simon Baker Queen’s Counsel specialising in business and regulatory fraud, market abuse, money laundering…
Nick Barraclough photo Nick Barraclough Nick Barraclough is known as criminal defence advocate who has a knack…
Anand Beharrylal photo Mr Anand Beharrylal Queen’s Counsel, Barrister (England and Wales) and Attorney at Law (Trinidad and…
Charlotte Brewer photo Charlotte Brewer Barrister, specialising in criminal law. Frequently instructed to defend and prosecute in…
Adam Budworth photo Adam Budworth Criminal barrister. Specialises in all areas of criminal law but particularly consumer…
Jacqueline Carey KC photo Jacqueline Carey KC Barrister; prosecutes and defends in London and the South East and has…
John A Caudle photo John A Caudle Barrister specialising in both prosecution and defence of serious crime; for further…
William Clegg photo William Clegg Barrister specialising in white-collar fraud, corporate manslaughter/gross negligence manslaughter, health and safety,…
Allan Compton photo Allan Compton Regularly leads in serious crime, particularly violence and drugs. Also undertakes police…
Charles Conway photo Charles Conway Barrister specialising in serious crime, fraud, money laundering, heavy drugs cases and…
Thomas Daniel photo Thomas Daniel Barrister specialising in criminal law, particularly financial crime and the proceeds of…
John Donnelly photo John Donnelly Barrister specialising in crime. Grade four prosecutor. Specialist fraud panel level four.…
Stephen Michael Ferguson photo Stephen Michael Ferguson Target criminals, murder, money laundering offences, large scale drug importations, asset forfeiture…
Dean Robert George photo Dean Robert George Crime; human rights (in the context of criminal cases); courts martial; quasi-criminal…
Barry Gilbert photo Barry Gilbert Barrister specialising in crime, including firearms, fraud, drug trafficking and confiscation; extensive…
Howard Godfrey photo Howard Godfrey Specialises in fraud and financial services, including tax, VAT, insolvency, asset recovery…
Peter Griffiths photo Peter Griffiths Fraud: Peter is a corporate fraud specialist and is regularly instructed to…
Mark Halsey photo Mark Halsey Barrister specialising in crime. Grade four prosecutor. Specialist fraud panel level four.…
Sean Hammond photo Sean Hammond Experienced leading Junior specialising in fraud and serious organised crime. He also…
Michael Haynes photo Michael Haynes Barrister specialising in crime; for more information visit www.2bedfordrow.co.uk.
Ashley Hendron photo Mr Ashley Hendron
Quentin Hunt photo Quentin Hunt Quentin Hunt has a wealth of experience in defending and prosecuting in…
John Hurlock photo John Hurlock Barrister specialising in fraud, drugs, money laundering, confiscation, health and safety, financial…
Nicholas James photo Nicholas James
Timothy Kendal photo Timothy Kendal Senior barrister specialising in fraud , market abuse, regulatory/disciplinary tribunals and asset…
Ashraf Khan photo Ashraf Khan A specialist in serious crime, complex fraud, professional discipline, compliance, civil recovery…
Gelaga King photo Gelaga King Leading junior specialising in serious crime and regulatory law. Regularly instructed as…
Emma King photo Emma King Specialises in asset forfeiture, fraud and financial regulatory work and is currently…
Charles Langley photo Charles Langley Instructed in all types of serious criminal cases, including murder, sexual offences,…
Michael Levy photo Michael Levy Senior barrister specialising in serious crime and complex fraud. Michael has an…
John Livingston photo John Livingston Barrister specialising in prosecution and defence of all forms of crime, including…
Hanna Llewellyn-Waters photo Hanna Llewellyn-Waters Hanna Llewellyn-Waters prosecutes and defends allegation of serious crime. She is regularly…
Samuel Magee photo Samuel Magee Sam is a specialist criminal regulatory and sports disciplinary counsel. Practicing in…
Christopher Martin photo Christopher Martin Christopher has a very busy private and legal aid Crown Court practice…
Richard Matthews photo Richard Matthews Barrister specialising in crime, health and safety enforcement, environmental (crime), copyright (crime),…
Andrew McGee photo Andrew McGee Barrister specialising in crime (including Regulatory and HSE); for more information visit…
Mark Milliken-Smith photo Mark Milliken-Smith Recognised by Chambers UK and The Legal 500 as a leading silk…
Jonas Milner photo Jonas Milner Jonas joined Chambers as a tenant in 2010 following the successful completion…
David Patience photo David Patience Barrister specialising in serious crime, fraud, professional discipline, inquests and judicial review.…
Archangelo Power photo Archangelo Power Archangelo’s practice encompasses all areas of serious criminal law. The spectrum ranges…
Stan Reiz photo Stan Reiz Stan Reiz KC specialises in defending cases of substantial fraud, international money…
Craig Rush photo Craig Rush Barrister specialising in criminal regulatory work, firearms and general crime; cases of…
Christopher Saad photo Christopher Saad Ranked in the Legal 500 as a Leading Individual for Fraud. “Very bright…
Alastair Smith photo Alastair Smith
Alex Stein photo Alex Stein Health and Safety and Regulatory Law
Ian Stern photo Ian Stern Barrister; specialises in professional discipline and regulation, inquests, fraud. For further information…
Austin Stoton photo Dr Austin Stoton Barrister specialising in health and safety enforcement and business and financial crime.…
Jim Sturman photo Jim Sturman Barrister specialising in: fraud, international crime, criminal, health and safety, and sports…
Louise Sweet photo Ms Louise Sweet Fields: Crime and Regulatory. Louise is trusted in complex, emotive and high…
Kevin Toomey photo Kevin Toomey Specialist in all areas of crime. For further information visit www.2bedfordrow.co.uk.
Kieran Vaughan photo Kieran Vaughan

2 Bedford Row is committed to providing equal opportunities and promoting diversity. This is evidenced by the diverse ethnic and social backgrounds of members, staff and clients (lay and professional). All job applicants, employees, members, other barristers and clients (lay and professional) receive equal treatment regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origins, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age.