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Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co (CDS-LUTHI Group)
Ziv Towers, Tower D
24 Raoul Wallenberg St.
Tel Aviv 6971924
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Internal Auditor

Advocate, CPA ISR


Iris has nearly twenty years of experience in a variety of senior positions in financial supervision and internal auditing. She has worked in private and public enterprises, uncluding the Israeli Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Israel, high-tech companies, financial institutions, health institutions, and international companies. Iris was a senior consultant in one of the largest accounting firms in the country with a specialization in risk management and internal audit. In her previous position Iris served for 15 years as the Chief Internal Auditor at one of the leading intellectual property firms in the country.


Israel Bar Association


LL.M in Commercial Law, 2008, Tel Aviv University (In collaboration with U.C. Berkeley)
CPA ISR., 1996, Accountants Council, Israel Ministry of Justice
B.A. Economics and Accounting, 1993, Tel Aviv University