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Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co (CDS-LUTHI Group)
Ziv Towers, Tower D
24 Raoul Wallenberg St.
Tel Aviv 6971924

Intellectual property > Intellectual property: filing/prosecution Tier 1

Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co (CDS-LUTHI Group) maintains a strong position in the Israeli IP market, where it advises a diverse range of clients, including private investors, start-ups and technology-based companies, on the prosecution and filing of patents and trademarks. The team includes IP expert Ilan Cohn, portfolio management and strategic counselling expert Svetlana Stadler, and David De Vries, noted for his expertise in the prosecution of patent and design applications both in Israel and abroad. Highly praised by clients, Lior Cohn is also noted for his experience in patent prosecution procedures.

Practice head(s):

Ilan Cohn; David de Vries; Svetlana Stadler

Other key lawyers:

Myriam Schnur; Edith Sokol; Inna Novikova; Zvi Jacobson; Sa’ar Alon; Mirit Lotan; Lior Cohn; Erin Sherf


‘Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co has the ideal team to support all your company’s IPR needs. They are accustomed to working efficiently with their clients from the early stages of product development and commercialisation in order to secure your rights.’

‘Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co has a large team of highly academically trained experts and well-known professionals in the fields of life sciences, medicine, electronics, chemistry and mechanical engineering. These skills and experiences are able to contribute to the development process from an early stage and protect your intellectual property interests during the entire life of a product.’

‘The best intellectual property firm we have encountered! Wonderful people, top 1 in Israel.’

‘Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co. is a leading medical device patenting firm. What sets them apart is their interdisciplinary team of legal, engineering and medical experts, offering clients a holistic approach to patenting. They excel at embracing innovation.’

‘Compared to other firms, Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co leads the way with forward-looking strategies, making them a preferred choice for safeguarding and enhancing medical device innovations. Clients looking for a partner at the forefront of the industry will find their expertise and innovative solutions unrivalled.’

‘Ilan Cohn is not only an IP expert, but a visionary of true business strategy. His approach to IP matters does not stop at the patent or trademark office, he digs deep into our business model, understanding our business objectives, our competitive landscape and our growth aspirations.’

‘Lior Cohn, the embodiment of passion and precision, brings a fresh perspective while maintaining the group’s legacy of excellence.  What differentiates Lior from his colleagues is his meticulous approach, combined with an innate ability to grasp the nuances of clients’ needs, as well as his blend of traditional legal rigour and innovative thinking.’

‘Risk assessment at CDS-LUTHI is top-notch. The team possesses deep expertise in IP law, with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds that allow them to provide comprehensive solutions to our legal needs. They have consistently demonstrated a strong ability to understand our new, specific industry and tailor their services accordingly.’

Work highlights

The firm: Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co (CDS)  is a modern and dynamic firm that was recently established by eight former leading partners from a leading Israeli IP services firm , including such with international renown and ranking in the most highly regarded professional directories – among them Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500, IAM 1000, IAM 300 Strategy, IAM 300 Global Leaders and Who’s Who Legal. These partners, together with the other attorneys who joined them in forming the firm, bring together, under one roof, many decades of professional experience in providing high-quality IP services, in a state-of-the-art set-up.

The professional team includes twelve patent attorneys, three attorneys at law and a large additional professional staff.

In October 2022, CDS formed CDS-LUTHI – a multifaceted intellectual property group – together with Israel’s leading IP law firm Luthi & Co.

CDS is the Group’s IP procurement arm, while Luthi & Co. is its legal arm.

Expertise: The firm’s professional IP expertise, technical knowledge and business vision spans a wide range of IP disciplines, markets, industries and technologies. The professionals include patent attorneys with a broad range of technological backgrounds, attorneys at law and others. The technology backgrounds of the patent attorneys include physics, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, computer sciences and others. In addition to patents, the firm’s professional team has proven expertise in other IP disciplines, including designs and trademarks.

The firm serves clients from a range of industries, including agritech, foodtech, life sciences, digital health, medical devices and equipment, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, cleantech, consumer products, manufacturing processes, water technologies, renewable energy, military technologies, mechanical engineering, automotive, aviation, space, construction and engineering, manufacturing technologies, packaging, electronic devices, semiconductors, optics, electro-optics, laser systems, imaging, digital printing, communications, computer science, electronics, telecommunications, information storage, information security, artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, material sciences, electrical and electronic engineering, MEMS, and more.
The firm also assists clients in monetizing their IP assets in licensing, selling and/or enforcing their IP rights.

Holistic approach: With such expertise, CDS is well positioned to provide its clients with a holistic approach to IP services that is tailored to meet the needs of the clients’ business and business development strategy, taking into consideration the competitive landscape, state of technological development, business model and other factors to maximize value.

CDS is a one-stop professional service provider to knowledge and IP-based enterprises for building and growing value and revenue-generating IP assets. The firm combines many decades of expertise of leading IP professionals from a very wide range of IP disciplines to offer a full gamut of IP services, from in-depth analysis of a patent landscape, expert advice on how to better protect knowledge and ideas through, to the build-up of high-tier value-generating portfolios of patents and other IP assets.

The firm strives to foster a true partnership with its clients and, through its flexible and creative approach to intellectual property, enable them to achieve their goals, expand their business, and protect and profit from their IP assets.

Services: The firm offers a wide range of services that includes IP strategy consulting, IP due diligence, patentability studies, freedom-to-operate studies, invention mining, M&A consulting, commercialization and IP licensing.
These professional services are on top of servicing clients in drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications worldwide, filing and prosecuting design and trademark applications, as well as maintenance of IP rights. The firm’s staff is highly experienced in assisting clients in procuring and maintaining IP rights throughout the world and in representing foreign clients before the Israeli Patent Office.

Clients: Since its inception, CDS has provided intellectual property services to hundreds of loyal clients who chose to follow the founding partners to the new firm and engage the firm to handle all their IP matters. These loyal clients were joined by several tens of new clients that engaged the firm for handling their IP matters.

The firm’s clients include emerging, technology-based start-ups, mature companies, technology incubators, institutional and angel investors, multinational corporations and academic institutes.

Department Name Email Telephone
Patents Dr. Ilan Cohn +972 – (0)73-3989000
Patents David de Vries +972 – (0)73-3989000
Patents Svetlana Stadler +972 – (0)73-3989000
Patents Edith Sokol +972 – (0)73-3989000
Patents Inna Novikova +972 – (0)73-3989000
Patents Zvi Jacobson +972 – (0)73-3989000
Designs, Trademarks Sa’ar Alon +972 – (0)73-3989000
Patents Dr. Mirit Lotan +972 – (0)73-3989000
Designs, Trademarks Erin Sherf +972 – (0)73-3989000
Patents Lior Cohn +972 – (0)73-3989000
Patents Igor Lajanski +972 – (0)73-3989000
Patents Alon Gan +972 – (0)73-3989000
Internal Auditor Iris Monis +972 – (0)73-3989000
Patents Gershon Sheffield +972 – (0)73-3989000
Photo Name Position Profile
Sa Sa"ar Alon Founding Partner, Advocate. Professional Expertise IP Strategic Counseling, Product and Brand Protection,…
Lior Cohn photo Lior Cohn Founding Partner, COO, Patent Attorney. Professional Expertise Patent Portfolio Management, IP Strategic…
Ilan Cohn photo Dr Ilan Cohn Founding Partner, Patent Attorney. Professional Expertise IP Strategic Counseling, IP Transactions &…
David De Vries photo David De Vries Founding Partner, Patent Attorney. Professional Expertise Patents, Designs, IP Due Diligence, IP…
Alon Gan photo Alon Gan Patent Attorney, Associate
Zvi Jacobson photo Zvi Jacobson Founding Partner, Patent Attorney. Technologies Electrical Engineering, Medical Devices, Electronic Devices, Renewable…
Igor Lajanski photo Igor Lajanski Patent Attorney Professional Expertise Patents (drafting and prosecution world-wide), Patentability Studies, Freedom…
Mirit Lotan photo Dr Mirit Lotan Founding Partner, Patent Attorney. Professional Expertise Patents, IP Strategic Counseling, IP Due…
Iris Monis photo Iris Monis Internal Auditor Advocate, CPA ISR
Inna Novikova photo Inna Novikova Of counsel, Patent Attorney. Professional Expertise IP Strategic Counseling, IP Audit, IP…
Gershon  Sheffield photo Gershon Sheffield Patent Attorney, Associate
Erin Sherf photo Erin Sherf Advocate Professional Expertise Designs, Trademarks Technologies Consumer Products, Packaging (PackTech), Automotive, Aviation,…
Edith Sokol photo Edith Sokol Founding Partner, Patent Attorney. Professional Expertise IP Strategic Counseling, Patents, IP Portfolio…
Svetlana Stadler photo Svetlana Stadler Founding Partnerת Patent Attorney. Professional Expertise IP Strategic Counseling, IP Due Diligence,…

Dr. Ilan Cohn, Partner, Patent Attorney

Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co., a member of the CDS-LUTHI Intellectual Property Group, is entering its fourth year and has already secured its place as a leading firm in Israel. As noted by Dr. Ilan Cohn, Senior and Founding Partner, the firm, which is the IP procurement arm of the Group, assists clients throughout the entire technology life cycle by devising and implementing value-generating IP strategies that are tailored to a venture’s development stage, the market in which it operates, business development goals and growth projections, and budget.


1) What do you see as the main points that differentiates Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co. from your competitors?

There are a few differentiating factors. To begin with, the Firm’s partners are all leading individuals in the country, and many have also an international renown that is second to none. The firm has been built with the declared mission to assist clients throughout all stages of innovations, from early conception stages through the establishment of significant market presence to the utilization of seemingly obsolete IP assets for revenues and non-dilutive capital. Given the span of activity, the Firm’s partners are not mere providers of professional IP services but rather serve as trusted advisors for many of the Firm’s clients being deeply involved in guiding clients and assisting in the clients’ decision making in a wide range of topics on a routine level.

The partnership with Luthi & Co. and the formation of the CDS-LUTHI Intellectual Property Group, and the very close collaboration between patent attorneys and IP litigators that ensued, dramatically broadened the scope of service available to our clients and gave a new dimension to our wholistic approach to IP services.


2) Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

There are several areas in which the Firm expects to grow over the next 12 months, including:

  • IP strategy advice, including devising and implementing value-generating IP strategies
  • Portfolio management
  • IP due diligence
  • IP audit
  • Transaction-related professional IP services
  • Patent monetization

The main driver is the growing demand for high-quality, trusted, and ethical professional services, coupled with a critical understanding of the necessity for such services to build and maintain value in innovations. This growth is further complemented by a dramatic increase in our brand recognition.


3) What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Some changes that we have implemented, include:

  • Streamlining of our internal work processes.
  • Implementing concise and clear communications with our clients that permit even lay individuals to understand the status and the required decisions relating to their IP portfolio.
  • Improvements in our file-management software that among others permits clients to view their portfolio online.
  • Full transparency in our billing practice.


4) Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Yes, is does. Here are some examples:

  • Complete paperless work environment
  • Sophisticated document management and retrieval system
  • Clients’ ability to online access all information relating to their technology


5) Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

While I cannot divulge the clients’ identity, I am pleased to provide concrete practical examples, two companies I will not identify by name but will refer to them as “CoX” and “CoY”.

CoX is a company with highly sophisticated technology in the medical device space. Company X conceived a technology that is outside its line of development that could greatly benefit a multinational corporation Z (“CorpZ”). CoX did not consider patenting an option, since CoX’s development team, who conceived the idea, thought that this technology is trivial and not patent worthy. In an innovation mining endeavor with CoX we have identified this solution as a patent-worthy innovation, namely that it is novel, inventive and that the patent would be enforceable. We have accordingly, with CoX’s approval, began a patenting campaign and the result is that CoX is now in discussion with CorpZ, for a multi-million $ deal.

CoY made a decision to abandon a patent relating to a technology that was not being used anymore in CoY. We have identified the patent as a monetizable asset and jointly with CoY entered a patent monetization campaign that may generate a multi-million $ income.


6) Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Clients indeed look for stability and if a firm performs and cater to their needs, they will not seek alternative professional services. In three years I expect the firm to be more heavily focused on clients with large portfolios that understand the value of high quality professional service providers. This will lead to an increase in the type of activities noted in Section 2.