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Japan > Risk management and investigations: Independent local firms Tier 2

The team at Miura & Partners has extensive experience in conducting internal investigations, both within domestic boundaries and across various jurisdictions, encompassing the US, China, and numerous Southeast Asian nations. Practice head Masayuki Atsumi has valuable experience in a range of investigations related to antitrust law, anti-bribery matters, and other white-collar crimes; he shares the helm with Ryoko Yamaguchi, who is a specialist in investigations concerning financial instruments and exchange law. The department’s other co-heads include Takashi Kiuchi, who focuses on accounting fraud and financial regulation work; and Yuhei Sakao, who has expertise in global investigations related to the FCPA, whistleblowing issues and corporate malfeasance matters.

Practice head(s):

Ryoko Yamaguchi; Takashi Kiuchi; Masayuki Atsumi; Yuhei Sakao

Key clients

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Japan > Antitrust and competition: Independent local firms Tier 3

The group at Miura & Partners has expansive experience in an array of competition matters, including merger control filings, investigations by the Japan Fair Trade Commission, and global competition law compliance. Practice head Masayuki Atsumi is particularly well-versed in cross-border mandates involving the US Federal Trade Commission. Associate Haruka Otaki is a key contact for antitrust cases involving Chinese law.

Practice head(s):

Masayuki Atsumi

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Recruit Holdings

Toyota Motor Corporation

Work highlights

  • Advised Recruit Holdings, a domestic digital platform in Japan, on antitrust compliance issues.
  • Advised Toyota on antitrust compliance issues relating to a joint venture called CJPT, for the joint development of CASE technology.

Japan > Corporate and M&A: Independent local firms Tier 3

Clients appreciate Miura & Partners‘s ability to offer advice ‘not only from a legal perspective, but also from tax, finance and business perspectives‘. Co-head of the practice Hisashi Shibata is the name to note for tender offer bids and services for non-public companies, while fellow co-head Haruka Murata, who is especially experienced in cross-border deals, is commended by clients for her ‘value-adding advice‘. Other names to note within the team include the ‘very dependableRyoichi Inoue, who regularly works with clients across Japan and Indonesia.

Practice head(s):

Hisashi Shibata; Haruka Murata

Other key lawyers:

Ryoichi Inoue; Kentaro Minegishi


‘We received valuable advice not only from a legal perspective, but also from tax, finance and business perspectives from them.’

‘Ryoichi Inoue is a logical thinker and reads local laws and regulations on his own, which makes him very dependable in pointing out errors by local experts.’

‘Fast and appropriate advice based on a deep understanding of our business and strategy.’

‘This firm is a one-stop solution having the combination of expertise in various segment fields, as well as geographical coverage with its partners worldwide.’

‘Haruka Murata is extraordinarily supporting us in guiding us into realistic and beneficial consequences in the limited time frame, with her value-adding advice.’

‘The firm provides a range of legal services with professional quality.’

‘Kentaro Minegishi, who is one of the top lawyers in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act related area, provides his services from the perspective of the client.’

Key clients

SBI Holdings

Oisix ra daichi

Koshidaka Holdings

Work highlights

  • Advised SBI Holdings on capital and business alliances with Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group.
  • Advised Oisix ra daichi on the partial acquisition of SHiDAX CORPORATION.
  • Advised Koshidaka Holdings on issuance of the Moving Strike Warrant and Moving Strike Convertible Bond to Advantage Advisors.

Japan > Dispute resolution: Independent local firms Tier 3

The dispute resolution department at Miura & Partners is proficient in cross-border litigation, as well as international arbitration. The team is singled for its ‘wide range of talent‘, and is jointly led by Tokyo-based Ryota Miura, Satoshi Ikemura, Ryoichi Kagizaki, Norika Yuasa, Tsuyoshi Omura, Tomotake Matsuda, Yoshie Midorikawa, Masayuki Atsumi, Seiji Matsuda, Jun Imamura, and Yasuaki Taguchi who is based in Hiroshima.

Practice head(s):

Ryota Miura; Satoshi Ikemura; Ryoichi Kagizaki; Norika Yuasa; Tsuyoshi Omura; Tomotake Matsuda; Yoshie Midorikawa; Masayuki Atsumi; Yasuaki Taguchi; Seiji Matsuda; Jun Imamura


‘M&P have a wide range of talent and their expertise are highly appreciated by us.’

‘Their productivity is very high.’

‘They will team us up with other attorneys in a timely manner on areas that need specialisation.’

‘They quickly and accurately build up their staffing structure according to the case and give us appropriate advice – especially Yoshie Midorikawa.’

Key clients

Sumitomo Forestry Co.

Vina Eco Board Company Limited

Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp.

Work highlights

  • Advised Vina Eco Board Company Limited, a foreign subsidiary of Sumitomo Forestry Co., in a tax related dispute before a Chinese court.
  • Represented Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. in a case where the the defendant refused to pay, following a sales agreement.
  • Represented a Japanese private manufacturing company in a case in which a minority shareholder who objected the shareholders’ resolution brought a case for an appraisal remedy.

Japan > Labour and employment: Independent local firms Tier 3

The full-service team at Miura & Partners utilises the varied experience of its team members to handle a broad spectrum of employment issues including advising on internal policies, employment litigation and labour regulations. Tsuyoshi Omura leads the practice, with recent work including assisting with daily operation issues, internal codes and collective bargaining matters; and Hiroto Sugahara primarily focuses on employment litigation.

Practice head(s):

Tsuyoshi Omura

Other key lawyers:


‘Hiroto Sugahara has demonstrated outstanding skills to lead our litigation case. He is good at logical and persuasive documentation and has creative ways of thinking to explore various perspectives to make our argument solid and strong.’

‘Tsuyoshi Omura’s advice is very accurate.’

‘They have talented professionals who can work with excellent collaboration which generates time effective and high quality services.’

Key clients

Japan Business Systems, Inc.


ABI Inc.

Develop Japan Group.

Japan Business Assurance Co., Ltd.


Work highlights

  • Acted as outside counsel to Japan Business Systems, Inc. in labour and employment matters, handling the investigation and response to a disguised dispatch (violation of the Worker Dispatching Act).
  • Acted as outside counsel to KADOKAWA CORPORATION in labour and employment matters and advised on the maintenance of rules and regulations.
  • Acted as outside counsel to ABI Inc. in the area of labour and employment matters, handling problematic employees, employees on leave, and other labour law consultations.

Miura & Partners was founded in January 2019 by Mr Ryota Miura, together with a team of experienced lawyers, with the goal of establishing a professional law firm where client satisfaction is the starting point. M&P’s lawyers believe that the role of legal professionals is not just to advise on specific legal provisions, but to provide comprehensive legal advice and support to assist clients in achieving their business goals.

M&P covers virtually all legal issues for corporate clients, including M&A, joint venture, finance, corporate and financial regulation, competition law, intellectual property law, litigation, general corporate legal matters, international trade, and domestic and cross-border disputes. M&P’s geographical coverage is expansive, assisting clients in their ventures across the globe. M&P’s lawyers also have in-depth knowledge of new technologies and legal practices in evolving fields such as blockchain, start-ups, fintech, big data, and medical and healthcare.

Collectively, the firm offers a one-stop legal solution to its clients.

Department Name Email Telephone
Partner Ryota Miura
Partner Hisashi Shibata
Partner Haruka Murata
Partner Masayuki Atsumi
Partners : 55
Lawyers : 100
Chinese (Mandarin)

  • Diversity & Inclusion

We strongly believe that diversity & inclusion allow us to be more flexible in finding solutions and are essential in order to offer our clients top quality of service.

We have around 20 female lawyers which accounts for one third of the total, which is an exceptionally high ratio among business law firms in Japan.
We also have professionals from China and India who have been with us from day 1 of our operation. Working in a team composed of lawyers qualified in different jurisdictions, we benefit from diverse perspectives and are better able to cultivate respect and understanding of different cultures.

  • Various Backgrounds

The regulatory landscape in Japan is quickly changing, and regulations have become more complex over the years. We have many lawyers who have worked as public servants at government agencies. These professionals have first-hand knowledge of the organizational culture and standard operating procedures of government bureaucracy.

At the same time, we value long term relationships with our clients so that we can provide legal services in the most efficient and practical way, with a deep understanding of the clients’ business, corporate culture, and strategies. Having lawyers with experience serving as in-house counsel and with deep knowledge in business practice deepens our entire team’s understanding of corporate management.

In June 2021, our firm received the Daini Tokyo Bar Association Family Friendly Award 2021. In addition to the support system for attorneys who have taken maternity leave or parental leave, our firm was evaluated positively for its deep awareness within the firm of, and respect for, one’s work-life balance. In February 2022, our firm was selected as one of the ten outstanding law firms for D&I in Japan in “ALB Japan D&I List 2022”, according to the February 2022 issue of Asian Legal Business Japan, published by Thomson Reuters. In October 2022, the Innovation Platform for Business Legal published its 2022 ranking of law firms in terms of the percentage of women they had practicing, and our firm ranked seventh (excluding foreign law firms, we were ranked fourth).

Corporate and M&A

  • Advised Toyota Motor Corporation on formation of Joint Venture with Isuzu and Hino to promote CASE technology in Japan.
  • Advised SNK Corporation on acquisition by Electronic Gaming Development Company through tender offers and a squeeze-out.
  • Advised Benefit One Inc. on acquisition of JTB Benefit Corporation and business alliance agreement with JTB Corporation.

Antitrust and competition

  • Continuous antitrust advice to Recruit Co., Ltd.
  • Advised Benefit One Corporation on Acquisition of JTB Benefit Corporation
  • Advised NOBORI corporation on acquisition of PSP

Dispute resolution

  • Represented Lion Partners GK (LPGK) and advised on hostile takeover and action for revocation of a resolution of an unitholders’ meeting
  • Represented CENOTE CAPITAL Co.,LTD and Orion No.1 Investment Limited Partnership on a case in which a shareholder obtained a court order to call a shareholders’ meeting in a dispute with company management
  • Represented one of the biggest Japanese entertainment business operators which had been suffering from a severe decline in sales for their business in rent disputes in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus

Labour and employment

  • Advised KADOKAWA CORPORATION on handling of labor-related litigation, labor unions, and other human resources matters.
  • Advised General Incorporated foundation Aiseikai on the handling of employees and a labor union in connection with the closure of a business location (labor relations commission, provisional disposition, collective bargaining, litigation, etc.)
  • Advised WARABEYA NICHIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. on transferring staff in connection with corporate reorganization (business transfer, corporate split, etc.), that included creating the scheme, explanations to staff and preparation of materials for that purpose, and preparing agreements.

Intellectual property

  • Advised Pasona Knowledge Partner Inc. regarding the Patent Act, the Patent Attorney Act, the Trust Business Act, and other relevant laws and ordinances for the registration and establishment of Japan’s first trust company specializing in patents and other industrial IP.
  • Advised Tokyo Electron Ltd., a global semiconductor production equipment manufacturer, for the negotiation of patent licensing agreements with respect to semiconductor production equipment.
  • Represented as one of the co-counsels to the respondent, Nippon Aqua Co., Ltd., in a patent infringement suit filed by one of Japan’s largest manufacturers, with respect to a patented insulation material used in residential construction.

Crisis management

  • Represented a member of the Governance Review Committee for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Ryota Miura, Partner

Ryota Miura explains how the firm is adapting to clients’ changing needs

It has been three years since Miura & Partners was established. What have been accomplished over the past three years?

The number of attorneys has increased from 30 at the time of establishment to 74 at present, and we are confident that we now have the professionals necessary to achieve our founding goal of becoming a viable new option in Japan for our corporate clients. We are not adding lawyers at random. We have members who have experience serving as in-house counsel and as public servants at government agencies, who are qualified both in common law and civil law jurisdictions, as well as foreign lawyers, all of whom are highly diverse in their experience in all areas of practice. This allows us to provide our clients with the best legal services to appropriately reflect the trends of the authorities both domestic and overseas, and also allows us to reflect diverse opinions in the management of the firm, which we feel makes us a stronger organization. In addition, we have realized our core value of Full Coverage and Top Quality, and will continue to do so to assist our clients in the recent complex legal society. This is illustrated by many evaluations from our clients such as “Miura & Partners was able to promptly assign attorneys with appropriate knowledge and experience depending on the nature of the case and respond to the client’s needs”.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate M&P from your competitors?

Our lawyers are top professionals in their respective practice areas with expertise acquired through a broad range of experiences. Many of our members have dealt with high profile matters at top Japanese or international law firms. Our priority is to provide our clients with top quality legal advice. Not only do we offer one-stop legal solutions, we also cover all stages from startups to listed companies.

Our team has extensive experience working in international business environments. Many of our partners are qualified both in common law and civil law jurisdictions. We have professionals working in foreign countries including China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Some of our partners also have experience as legal counsel at international companies and as such, our team has a deep understanding of the political, economic, and cultural environments of different jurisdictions. Our close relationships with renowned law firms around the world allow us to operate smoothly on multi-jurisdictional matters.

You have stated “Diversity & Inclusion” as one of your core values. What kind of initiatives are you implementing?

If only people with the same ideas and experiences gather together, the output will be homogenized, and growth as an organization cannot be expected. We believe that by acknowledging differences in ideas and positions (Diversity) and embracing those differences (Inclusion), we can create a chemical reaction that will ultimately improve the quality of our output for our clients.

The backgrounds of the attorneys at Miura & Partners are very diverse, including experience at major top four law firms in Japan, foreign law firms, medium-sized law firms, government agencies and companies, and overseas studies and secondments. In terms of work experience alone, our attorneys have worked for more than 31 different government agencies, as well as corporations ranging from trading companies to start-up companies.

In terms of gender, the firm also values diversity. 27% of our attorneys are women, and 33% of our partners are women. This is a high percentage compared to other major top five corporate law firms in Japan and is highly regarded by international corporations and foreign law firms that value diversity. We believe that the presence of role models at the partner level is important for raising the next generation of female leaders.

We also value diversity in terms of work styles, and many of our lawyers, regardless of gender or office location, are able to balance their legal careers with raising children. Unlike other Japanese law firms we encourage our lawyers to take parental leave, and the first attorney at our firm to do so was a male associate in his fifth year at the firm.

We believe that our diverse workforce will enable us to become a professional firm for the new era, free from existing boundaries.

What are the characteristics of the offices that Miura & Partners currently has?

Miura & Partners currently has five offices in Japan (Otemachi, Shibuya, Kanda, Nagoya, and Hiroshima). Each office is unique in that it is staffed by attorneys who are rooted in the respective region. For example, the Nagoya office is staffed by attorneys who have long practiced locally, have experience working for the Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau, and have a deep understanding of companies located in Aichi Prefecture, the third largest economic zone after Tokyo and Osaka. The firm also works closely with the Otemachi office, which has the largest number of attorneys on staff, allowing for a coordinated response when necessary for highly specialized or large-scale matters.

We also have great strength in cross-border matters. Not only do we have foreign attorneys among our members, but we also have a large number of lawyers qualified in foreign jurisdictions, despite being a medium-sized firm. In addition, last October, we co-founded a general consulting firm, M&P Asia Corporation, with three founders led by attorney Ryoichi Inoue, who is also the head partner of our Southeast Asia and South Asia Practice. This consulting firm was created in response to the desire of clients expanding into Asia to have a one-stop advisor who can provide not only legal services, but also tax and financial support.

The main feature of the firm is that it aims to provide Full Coverage and Top Quality services to cover a wide range of client requests, both in Japan and overseas.

What are the growth engines for Miura & Partners?

Since the firm’s establishment, Miura & Partners has been committed to “Full Coverage and Top Quality” with the goal of becoming a new option alongside the major law firms in Japan. In order to achieve this, we believe that the growth engine of the firm will be to enhance our practice groups and develop new practice areas in accordance with the latest trends in each industry and the diversification of our clients’ needs.

In addition, we encourage not only a small number of partners, but also associates and staff to participate proactively in the development of the firm. We hold regular firm meetings, where any member of the firm can raise issues and participate in discussions. Based on the “Practice of Diversity & Inclusion” mentioned above, each and every one of us contributes to the growth of our firm by operating in a way that recognizes and accepts a variety of opinions.

What are the future goals of Miura & Partners, which will celebrate its 5th anniversary next year?

The core values we set forth at the time of our founding were “Realization of Full Coverage & Top Quality” and “Practice of Diversity & Inclusion”. I believe that these two values should continue to be our goal no matter how many years have passed since the firm was established. This is because we believe that as times change, the scope of corporate legal services will change, and the legal services required by clients will also change. In our fifth year of operation and beyond, we will continue to expand our members to meet the needs of our clients in a timely manner and implement measures to enhance our international presence.