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Environment and planning Tier 2

After helping to found the firm in late 2019, Anne-Marie Klijn continues to take the practice at NewGround Law B.V. from strength to strength. Klijn is noted as a leading public law expert and also handles administrative, spatial planning, environmental and government liability matters. Andre Gaastra recently joined with his team from Gaastra advocaten. Gaastra focuses on the real estate sector and is experienced in environmental and permitting matters.

Practice head(s):

Anne-Marie Klijn; Andre Gaastra

Other key lawyers:

Pieter van der Woerd


‘Their specific knowledge and personal attention makes them unique’.

‘Anne-Marie Klijn is a fantastic lawyer, specifically in the field of spatial planning’.

‘The team is very well known for it’s excellent knowledge combined with a experience of politically sensitive matters’.

‘Anne-Marie Klijn is superb, her way of expression is clear and to the point’.

‘Their boutique style really shows in their personal and dedicated approach’.

‘They have a human-centric approach and still deliver all the products our company needs’.

‘They have created a team of the very best in the business’.

Key clients


Boelens De Gruyter

BPD (Bouwfonds property development)

Breevast B.V.

Center Parcs Europe N.V.

Flow Real Estate B.V. (Blackstone)

G&S Vastgoed B.V.


Janssen de Jong Projectontwikkeling B.V.

Lingotto Utrecht B.V.

OVG Real Estate / Edge Technologies

Pelt & Hooykaas B.V.


Real estate Tier 5

NewGround Law B.V. is focused on real estate and environmental matters. Its broad expertise includes corporate and commercial transactions, disputes, contracts, notarial matters, construction, tenancy issues, planning and nature conservation law. André Gaastra joined as partner from Gaastra advocaten and now heads the team alongside Cynthia de Witt Wijnen, Charles van Rijckevorsel and Anne-Marie Klijn.

Practice head(s):

André Gaastra; Cynthia de Witt Wijnen; Charles van Rijckevorsel; Anne-Marie Klijn


‘André Gaastra brings deep practical knowledge of the chemical industry, which makes getting to the bottom and communicating with internal stakeholders easy’.

‘Up until now, every issue that the firm has addressed for me has been solved to my complete satisfaction’.

‘Transactions work very smoothly with Cynthia de Witt Wijnen as lead and at the same time she can make use of the expertise of the other partners’.

‘The direct communication with NewGround Law and the specialised, dedicated people make working with them smoother than with other firms’.

‘Good, cooperative, reliable, and trustworthy’.

‘Cynthia de Witt Wijnen is very experienced and fights to achieve the best result for the client without ruining the deal’

‘Very professional and service-oriented’.

‘Gives the client a feeling that every matter is important and finds a solution’.

Key clients

Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH

Corpus Sireo / Swisslife

BNP Paribas Real Estate Investments

WestInvest Gesellschaft für Investmentfonds mbH


Warburg-HIH Invest Real Estate GmbH

Centacon B.V.

Knotel, Inc.

LRC Group

Aroundtown SA

Breevast B.V.

OVG Real Estate

Abbott Healthcare Products B.V.

British School

Garbe Industrial Real Estate GmbH

AutoBinck Vastgoed Nederland B.V.

Baker & McKenzie


Avebe U.A.

Center Parcs

Hexion B.V.

NewGround is a new formula designed to break with market conventions. Created by the Netherlands’ leading real estate legal professionals. Together they are bringing more than one hundred years’ experience in representing a wide range of clients.

Their purpose is clear: they focus on what really matters. And if necessary, they simply take an entirely different approach. With focus and incisiveness. And with a priority on the human dimension. Just as today’s world demands. That means a different DNA. Because they firmly believe that their clients’ interests are best served by adopting a deeply rooted ‘human-centric’ approach. A philosophy that may not necessarily be supported by everyone. But one they believe will attract the right people. People who want to be associated with the New world: new clients as well as future colleagues.

NewGround is specialized in providing legal services in the real estate sector and the spatial environment in the broadest sense, including environmental and energy law and sanctions.

They focus on corporate and other large commercial transactions, disputes and legal consultancy. They are specialized in contract law, notarial law, construction law, tenancy law, planning law, nature conservation law and (sustainable) energy and environmental law including sanctions as well as criminal enforcement. In addition, they keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in topical issues, such as sustainable construction and Clean Tech, the energy transition and smart cities.

Main areas of practice
Administrative and sanction law: Administrative law governs the relationship between people and government. It regulates the actions of government agencies when making administrative decisions. As each situation is different, the applicable legislation and regulations are often layered and diffuse.

Construction law and contracting: Principals and contractors are advised on their rights and obligations under construction law. They also have substantial experience in drawing up building contracts for commercial property and housing complexes. In addition, disputes are handled and litigated at the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry.

Contract and notarial law: Real estate law is inextricably linked to contract law. NewGround assists in laying down in writing arrangements in a lease or sale and purchase agreement or a contract for professional services. In addition a multi-disciplinary team consisting of attorneys and (candidate) civil-law notaries handle large and complex real estate transactions regarding the sale and acquisition of immovable properties and real estate portfolios in various sectors, starting out at the early stage of (commercial) negotiations with advice on the letter of intent. They carry out due diligence to identify potential risks for the client, accompanied by proposals for mitigating them. The notarial experts also take care of the legal transfer of the real estate.

Property law: NewGround advises on (the creation of) the various rights, such as the right of ownership, leasehold, right of superficies, easements, common ownership and apartment rights. Property law demands clarity in the rights and obligations of the various parties involved, including leaseholders, landowners, neighbors, owners of apartment rights and Owners’ Associations. For leaseholds specifically they advise and litigate on matters related to risk, centering on leasehold conditions, ground rent increase and valuation.

Tenancy law: Issues related to letting and leasing are often complex. They advise clients on office and commercial premises, the conclusion of leases and regarding lease terminations as well as complex issues in current contracts, sometimes resulting in litigation when the need arises.

Environmental law: Environmental law consists of a large number of laws and decisions that are all important for ensuring a healthy environment. The Environmental Management Act is central to environmental law. It serves as a framework act for permit applications in case of (industrial) activities that might result in environmental impacts.

(Sustainable) energy and regulatory law: Realizing the energy transition requires an interdisciplinary approach to law. In the coming decades, the Netherlands awaits a complete change in the field of generation, transport, storage and saving of energy. NewGround helps its clients in this highly regulated market.

Planning law: The Netherlands is a densely populated country. That places considerable pressure on the use of physical space. NewGround advises you on all aspects of environmental and planning law, including spatial planning, area development and environmental and nature conservancy legislation. Matters that need to be understood before you embark on the development of new real estate projects, such as transformation of existing buildings, development of sustainable energy and land, including municipal cost recovery.

Department Name Email Telephone
Public Law, Environment and Planning Law including Commercial Litigation Anne-Marie Klijn +31 6 50213954
Property, Tenancy, Construction and Contract Law including Commercial Litigation Charles van Rijckevorsel +31 6 55716595
Investment Transactions and Notarial Practice Cynthia de Witt Wijnen +31 6 15349027
Public Law, Environment and Planning Law including Commercial Litigation, Energy Andre Gaastra +31 6 29313120
Environmental law, planning and zoning law, climate change and energy, subsidies Erwin Noordover +31 6 50246991
Photo Name Position Profile
Mrs Joanna Bebenek  photo Mrs Joanna Bebenek Associate partner, candidate civil-law notary
Mrs Janneke Berendsen  photo Mrs Janneke Berendsen Attorney-at-law
Mr Ron Bisschop  photo Mr Ron Bisschop Attorney-at-law
Mrs Renée Fennis  photo Mrs Renée Fennis Attorney-at-law
Mrs Marie-Claire Gaastra  photo Mrs Marie-Claire Gaastra Attorney-at-law
 André Gaastra  photo André Gaastra Partner, attorney-at-law
Mrs Birgitte Gerrissen-Prins  photo Mrs Birgitte Gerrissen-Prins Candidate civil-law-notary
Mrs Anne-Marie Klijn  photo Mrs Anne-Marie Klijn Founding partner, attorney-at-law
Mrs Tine Leemans-van Koten  photo Mrs Tine Leemans-van Koten Senior attorney-at-law
Mr Erwin Noordover  photo Mr Erwin Noordover Partner, attorney-at-law
Mr Jos Webbink  photo Mr Jos Webbink Senior attorney-at-law
Mrs Cynthia de Witt Wijnen-Guman  photo Mrs Cynthia de Witt Wijnen-Guman Founding partner, civil-law notary
Mr Charles van Rijckevorsel  photo Mr Charles van Rijckevorsel Founding partner / attorney-at-law
Mr Pieter van der Woerd  photo Mr Pieter van der Woerd Attorney-at-law
Number of partners : 5 (3 women, 2 man)
Number of lawyers and civil law notaries : 22
English (fluent)