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Administrative and public law Tier 1

Leigh Day is frequently engaged by non-commercial public law claimants in cutting-edge judicial review challenges against government bodies. Prison law team head Benjamin Burrows is heavily invested in representing the rights of transgender prisoners, while Stephanie Hill and Waleed Sheikh handle challenges concerning immigration detention. Practice head Jamie Beagent has a notable practice in planning and environmental law; Tessa Gregory has brought numerous challenges to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions’ implementation of universal credit; Rosa Curling has a diverse practice ranging from arms trade challenges to protestors’ rights; and Sean Humber gained a successful ruling regarding voting arrangements for blind and partially sighted people. Public inquiry and inquest work is handled by Emma Jones and Yvonne Kestler.

Practice head(s):


Leigh Day have the stand-out public law team of any claimant firm in the country. The firm’s commitment to this area of work means they can act for clients and take on issues where others would not be able to do so, and get great wins for them. They never cease to impress!

Leading lights in the public law world, particularly good at the crossover with human rights.

A responsive team with excellent experience in public law and human rights issues.

Very tenacious, enthusiastic and bright team of public lawyers. They act mainly for claimants and have a fantastic track record in holding public authorities to account.

Rosa Curling is the best of her generation without a doubt. One of the cleverest and most thoughtful lawyers I have met.

Rowan Smith is absolutely a future star- perfect temperament, conscientious and also excellent with the law. He’ll go far. Merry Varney is also excellent and Kate Egerton and Anna Moore are good solid performers.

Waleed Sheikh for his broad experience and knowledge of public law issues; Stephanie Hill for her responsiveness, commitment and knowledge of human rights issues; Tessa Gregory is a brilliant and bright public lawyer and a great team player.

Rowan Smith is excellent and very experienced in judicial review.

Key clients


Privacy International

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Help Refugees


Prison Reform Trust

Amnesty International

Campaign Against the Arms Trade



Civil liberties and human rights Tier 1

Described as 'synonymous with human rights', the practice at Leigh Day stands at the forefront of civil liberties and acts in landmark cases pertaining to international human rights, sexual violence issues, actions against the state, and immigration mandates. Jamie Beagent oversees the group, which is skilled in undertaking a range of domestic human rights work and representing NGO's. Core members of the group include Daniel Leader. who is experienced in complex multi-party actions; privacy law expert Sean Humber, and Rosa Curling. On the international side, co-head Richard Meeran and Sapna Malik are the key contacts for cross-border human rights matters; the team has a specialism in acting in international abuse cases that cut across the fields of personal injury and human rights issues. Founder and senior partner Martyn Day is also a recommended contact.

Clinical negligence: claimant Tier 1

The 'premier team of clinical negligence lawyers' at Leigh Day bring their 'unrivalled breadth and depth of experience' to an 'exceptional caseload', which spans birth, brain and spinal injuries, as well as fatal claims. In recent highlights, the firm was successful in obtaining the largest known settlement for a child suffering from cerebral palsy. Suzanne White is the 'brilliant ' head of the practice, and is also the firm’s inquest partner, and has extensive experience representing families at inquests. Olive Lewin's dual qualification sees her taking on the most complex medical cases, including cardiac surgery cases where patients have become brain damaged. Also notable is 'excellent tactical thinker' Sanja Strkljevic, whose work covers obstetric and surgical care, as well as delayed diagnoses and amputations.

Practice head(s):


The firm deserves its leading position in London. It has an exceptional caseload, has leading practitioners in the field, together with a large and very strong team.

Suzanne White is a brilliant head of the clinical negligence team.

Probably unrivalled breadth and depth of experience and expertise in the sector.

Sanja Strkljevic is a standout partner at the firm – she is exceptionally bright and an excellent tactical thinker.

They have experts at every level, from juniors to partners, and in-depth knowledge of the nuances of each practice area.

Leigh Day is the premier team of clinical negligence lawyers in the UK with unparalleled expertise in the field.

Sally-Jean Nicholes is dogged in pursuit of justice for her clients.

Employees/unions Tier 1

The employee and trade union team at Leigh Day is headed by Chris Benson , who is hailed as a 'truly inspirational leader'. The team only acts for claimants, and regularly takes on cases turned down by other firms, working with unions and supporting regional and national officers. The team also acts for union members on individual claims and complex group actions, frequently representing thousands of claimants. Particular areas of expertise are equal pay cases, as well as cases concerning the gig economy, representing drivers and couriers challenging their exploitation by large tech companies. The team has been very successful in pension discrimination claims, paving the way for other public sector employees to challenge discriminatory changes to their pensions. Kiran Daurka chairs Leigh Day’s BAME Network and has contributed to a number of government consultations including race pay reporting. Nigel Mackay and Annie Powell are also recommended.

Practice head(s):


‘Leigh Day are without doubt the most important employee firm. The impact the team has had upon modern employment litigation is unrivalled. They have driven the most important test cases in the UK for the last few years and that pattern will continue.’

‘Chris Benson is at the heart of this term. His impact on UK employment law cannot be overstated. A truly inspirational leader with an eye for the big point.’

‘The team I deal with are very approachable and friendly as well as being invaluable knowledgeable. They always inform with detail and if they need any information from myself are excellent in expressing what they need and any timeframes.’

‘Kiran Daurka is exceptional.’

‘They are extremely dedicated and passionate in their work and very professional.’

Of all the firms I work with, they have the most striking team ethic, are very relaxed and friendly and have a real passion for the cases they pursue, particularly the equal pay work.

‘Chris Benson is laid back but wholly in control. Kiran Daurka is also very involved in her cases and is a pleasure to work with.’

‘The team is excellent, engaging and brave – they take stuff on that would make lesser firms flinch.’

‘Elizabeth George has a strong professional and empathetic approach that is very reassuring.’

‘Elizabeth George is clearly incredibly experienced and competent. Able to interpret complex legislation for non-lawyers. Very patient despite us asking the same question several times to ensure we understood what we were signing up to! Very personable and approachable. Empathetic – able to step into our shoes to understand how we might be impacted personally by various restrictions.’

Key clients

Uber Drivers

Bob Matheson (Protect – Gilham)

Asda Equal Pay – over 40,000 shop workers

Over 14,000 police officers in the largest discrimination claim against the Government and the Police Commissioners

Over 200 teachers

McCloud & 250 others v Ministry of Justice

Multiple employees of Tesco

Multiple employees of Morrisons

Multiple doctors

Environment Tier 1

Focusing exclusively on representing claimants, Leigh Day has 'unparalleled expertise in pursuing large group claims concerning mass pollution events such as oil spills and leaks of toxic chemicals from industrial facilities in developing countries'. The team specialises in class action lawsuits against oil and gas companies, as well as other international multi-party actions arising from environmental damage and domestic applications opposing planning decisions. Clients include local farming, fishing and indigenous communities living in proximity to mines, oil fields and toxic water supplies. A key name in the department is the experienced Martyn Day, who was instructed by over 1800 individuals in Zambia who allege that their lands and waterways have been seriously polluted by a copper mine owned by Vedanta PLC. Richard Meeran and Jamie Beagent jointly lead the practice.

Practice head(s):


‘The outstanding Claimant team for environmental claims. Unrivalled expertise and experience.’

‘At partner level, in addition to Martyn Day (the doyen of this area), Dan Leader is an outstanding player: he is a highly intelligent lawyer who combines a detailed appreciation of the intricacies of the legal issues as well as the complex factual parameters in which they often arise in this field. Oliver Holland’s recent promotion to partner is thoroughly deserved and appropriate: he is a shrewd lawyer who is brilliant with clients. At the associate level Matt Renshaw is excellent. The whole team is inspiring and a real delight to work with.’

‘They are the best legal team in this area in the UK and probably worldwide. They are knowledgeable on the law, innovative in legal thought, brilliant in their dealings with clients and very firm in their legal procedures and tactics. They are definitely the legal firm to use as a claimant.’

‘Richard Meeran, Dan Leader and Martyn Day are superb. Clever, skilled and knowledgeable, as well as engaging and open to new ideas. They form a formidable leadership of an excellent team.’

‘They are 100% committed to every case they work on and leave no stone unturned in seeking the best outcome for their clients. They also work dynamically as a team, offering a seamless service to clients, as well as the counsel who work with them.’

‘Carol Day – her knowledge of environmental law is unrivalled; “Ms Biodiversity” in terms of her passion for, and understanding of, the Habitats Directive and the legal framework protecting the natural environment. She always gives 100% to clients on all issues – ranging from costs protection to complex legal argument.’

‘Dan Leader has a rare and powerful combination of first rate black letter legal skills and a mastery of legal strategy and tactics.’

Key clients

The Ogale and Bille Communities, Nigeria

Kabwe Lead Poisoning Class Action

The Bodo Community, Nigeria

Cerrejon coal mine victims group, Colombia

Wild Justice

Client Earth

Marine Conservation Society

CHEM Trust

Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust

Personal injury: claimant Tier 1

Leigh Day fields a 'very committed team who take on difficult and unusual cases with great courage and success' and whose 'strength in depth is extraordinary'. Highly specialised departments complement the firm's work on amputations, brain injuries and fatal accidents. Richard Meeran leads on international work, including ground-breaking cases against UK-domiciled multinationals, and abuse claims brought in foreign jurisdictions. Martyn Day is also a key name to note for this type of work. Daniel Easton and Harminder Bains jointly head up an industrial disease team which has assembled 'the most experienced team of asbestos lawyers anywhere in the UK', and takes cases up to the Supreme Court. Grant Incles is at the helm of the specialist cycling and sports injuries department, and Sally Moore receives frequent instruction from the British Cycling Federation.


Leigh Day have assembled what is probably the most experienced team of asbestos lawyers anywhere in the UK.

A very committed team who take on difficult and unusual cases with great courage and success.

Sally Moore is one of the best PI lawyers in the country.

Leigh Day is the market leader that all the other personal injury firms specialising in industrial disease look at with envy.

There truly is no other lawyer like Martyn Day.

Leigh Day is peerless in dealing with complex multi-party litigation against government departments and multi-national corporations.

Their strength in depth is extraordinary.

Product liability: claimant Tier 1

Leigh Day is one of the leading claimant practices in the market with a strong reputation in cases relating to medical devices and pharmaceuticals products. The team has also seen increasing activity in the consumer goods and food and drinks space, across civil and group litigation. Bozena Michalowska-Howells heads up the practice; she has more than 20 years of experience spanning a variety of disputes. Jill Paterson is well versed in consumer rights issues, while Gene Matthews is a key name for clinical trials and product safety matters. Other prominent practitioners are Michelle Victor, recently promoted partner Thomas Jervis and associates Sarah Moore and Tina Patel.

Practice head(s):


‘Leigh Day’s product liability team are involved in all major medical and pharmaceutical product liability cases, usually with multiple claimants. Their experience is without equal. They have a good team of partners with real ability to take a realistic view of cases and to exercise shrewd tactics.’

‘Bozena Michalowska-Howells. Partner. She was consistently impressive and advanced her clients’ interests doggedly.’

‘Sarah Moore is incredibly analytical and clear in her approaches to issues. Claimant are lucky to have her in support.’

‘Thomas Jervis fights tirelessly for his clients but combines that with an invaluable realism which means that he can provide the best solution for the client.’

‘The firm is the undoubted market leader in this field. It has vast experience of group litigation in product liability cases, and huge resources to enable these large scale group actions to be fought. The firm is resolutely committed to representing the Davids in David v Goliath litigation, with a hugely impressive work ethic and commitment to its core values.’

‘Bozena Michalowska-Howells has bags of enthusiasm for her cases. A real drive to press them through to the end, with a pragmatic approach to problem-solving and an absolute pleasure to work with. Sarah Moore is also very talented with an impressive work ethic and a determination to get the best results for her clients.’

‘Jill Paterson is highly accomplished and highly experienced partner. She has led some of the most complex and challenging product liability litigation in recent times-including claims against the manufacturers of metal-on-metal implants. She couples a high degree of skill with great emotional intelligence, and is rightly trusted by her clients. She has a steely resolve and is a formidable opponent. And she fights very hard to secure compensation for her clients.’

‘The individuals I have worked most closely with are Michelle Victor, Jill Paterson and Tom Jervis. Those three are all highly experienced in product safety/liability claims and they lead a very well run team of solicitors. Michelle works harder and longer hours than anyone I know and she fights extremely hard to get the best results for her client and is not put off by intransigent defendants. Jill is also a fighter and has a very good with clients. She has an excellent reputation particularly in domestic product safety.’

Court of protection Tier 2

The human rights department at Leigh Day includes a specialist Court of Protection team with an established practice in 'best interests' cases. The team receives regular referrals from the Official Solicitor in matters relating to deprivation of liberty, contact, residence and sexual relations. Jamie Beagent leads the practice. Another key contact is associate Anna Moore, who acts in a variety of health and welfare cases before the Court of Protection and is instructed both by family members and by the Official Solicitor on behalf of protected parties. In addition, she is an accredited legal representative under the Law Society’s mental capacity accreditation scheme. Frances Swaine is another recognised practitioner in this area.

Practice head(s):


‘The lawyers are real fighters but excellent lawyers at the same time. Their case preparation is very good and they show real commitment to clients, whom they treat as individuals’

I am highly impressed with the firm as it is a true representation of its ethos – to get justice for those who would otherwise not have a voice

Anna Moore is simply excellent. Her case preparation is exceptionally thorough and she is one of the most committed solicitors around, yet she manages to retain sufficient detachment to have good judgement. Her legal analysis and clarity of expression also make her stand out

‘In the area of Court of Protection health and welfare, Anna Moore is a highly competent and experienced solicitor. She brings to her work thoughtfulness and an ability to understand the detail and nuance of the case which makes her an effective litigator in this area. She is an excellent communicator with clients and families, other parties and other professionals involved in the case alike’

Merry Varney is an excellent and supportive lawyer. The firm is well resourced with many departments that complement each other

Anna Moore is excellent – very thoughtful, intelligent and with good judgement. She has a nose for a good case

Anna Moore is a pleasure to work with, being both friendly and a true professional. She is evidently very experienced and has a wealth of knowledge given how thorough she is in her work

The team was very thorough, explained everything to me and set out what was required very clearly

Key clients

JDO – Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts

HB – Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts

CF – Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts


AM – Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts

JLC – Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts

RW – Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts

PH – Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts

AM – Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts

MA – Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts

Senior executives Tier 3

Specialist claimant firm Leigh Day undertakes a wide range of work for senior executives, including complex injunction proceedings and high-value discrimination cases. Recent work has included an increasing number of sexual harassment and equal pay cases. Team head Chris Benson has a specialism in cases involving breaches of performance targets and professional standards. Nigel Mackay and Emma Satyamurti are other notable names in the team.

Practice head(s):


‘In my experience, Leigh Day’s employment team demonstrate a combination of integrity, tenacity and fastidiousness.’

‘Formidable team, formidable fight, formidable talent.’

‘Kiran Daurka and Nigel Mackay are standout partners, an absolute delight to work with; ultra dedicated, with great team spirit – they are brilliant and creative lawyers, and they fight hard for their clients. Fantastic to work with both of them. Kiran is also one of the most creative and intuitive discrimination lawyers I have every worked with. Nigel has a strong grasp of detail and a commitment to his client that is unmatched.’

‘A team of dedicated, committed and creative lawyers who genuinely care for their clients and have a great track record of acting for individuals. Undoubtedly the leading specialist claimant firm in the field.’

‘Paula Lee is a really passionate and committed solicitor with excellent client care skills and a thoughtful and wise approach to her work. She has a particular expertise in claims in international arbitral tribunals.’

‘Leigh Day is rightly regarded as one of the go-to firms for senior executives looking to bring claims. They are particularly good in relation to discrimination law issues, and are utterly fearless even in challenging cases.’

‘Annie Powell handled my case and was outstanding. I believe she went above and beyond in terms of honesty, transparency and kindness. Annie always managed my expectations and made me consider worst case scenarios. She empowered me to make decisions on what action I would take by walking me through all possible scenarios. I had complete confidence in Annie and always new I was being advised in a completely ethical way. I never felt pressured into taking action I didn’t want to take.’

‘Paula Lee is an exceptionally talented lawyer. Supremely knowledgeable in the areas in which she was acting for me – equal pay and sex discrimination. At the same time she has a lovely, approachable and down to earth personality. I particularly appreciated her patience and honesty throughout my time of dealing with her.’

‘Annie Powell is fantastic. Has ability way beyond her years. Totally on top of her game and would recommend her to everyone.’


Headed up by 'very experienced' cross-border personal injury lawyer Clare Campbell, the 'tenacious and creative' Manchester-based team at Leigh Day acts exclusively for claimants, handling a range of international injury claims. Fielding specialists in the field of cycle accidents, the team’s workload also comprises claims involving road traffic accidents abroad with complex jurisdiction and applicable law issues, claims under the Package Travel Regulations, workplace accidents abroad, and maritime and aviation accidents. Associate solicitor Joseph Dawson, who clients claim 'lives and breathes international travel law', is a key name to note.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:


‘Leigh Day justly has a really good reputation as a tenacious and creative firm which puts its clients front and centre. It is strong on creative use of the law in the interests of its clients.’

‘Clare Campbell is a very experienced operator and an empathetic team player. Her team is very good and supports her very well.’

‘Clare Campbell and Joe Dawson in the Manchester office are very capable in dealing with the regular diet of foreign accident claims. Leigh Day (Manchester) are in my view on a par with the more regular foreign accident players in the field despite being a relatively small operation.’

‘Leigh Day has an international reputation for tackling challenging transnational cases that places it in the forefront of the practice.’

‘Clare Campbell treated us with absolute professionalism and compassion throughout our case. We trusted her implicitly and she was always readily available to discuss our concerns and questions which she dealt with sensitively, patiently and thoroughly. The support from her and her team was invaluable, we really can’t fault them on any level, they were all superb and I highly recommend them.’

‘Joseph Dawson lives and breathes international travel law. A first rate practitioner: charming, extremely hard working, excellent judgment, huge knowledge, great with clients. One to watch!’

Key clients

British Cycling

British Triathlon

National Accident Helpline

Employment: employee/union firms Tier 1

Headed by Chris Benson, the employment team at Leigh Day has considerable expertise in advising union members in claims for equal pay against both public and private sector employers, occasionally supporting union causes in high-stakes litigation. The team also acts for non-union clients, including senior executives and high-level employees, who approach the firm on an individual basis. The 'formidable' pairing of Lauren Lougheed and Linda Wong, who have been spearheading the team’s high-profile equal pay claims against Asda and Sainsbury’s, were both promoted to partner in April 2020. Associate solicitors Mike Cain and Ryan Bradshaw are also highly regarded.

Practice head(s):


‘The employment team is groundbreaking in its pursuit of gig worker claims and also in respect of holiday pay claims. It acts for groups of claimants and for trade unions pushing the scope of the law.’ 

‘Ryan Bradshaw who shows fantastic judgement, a commercial approach and marshalls large cases with devastating attention to detail.’ 

‘The northern office is the powerhouse behind the supermarket litigation. It combines an excellent knowledge of the key legal issues with an unrivalled ability to manage the logistics of huge pieces of litigation. They are far and away the standout claimant firm in the country.’ 

‘Lauren Lougheed is a terrific and dedicated lawyer who is able to drive a team forward whilst juggling a vast number of competing requirements. Linda Wong is a marvellous and committed lawyer who is absolutely unrelenting on behalf of her clients. As a pair, they are formidable.’ 

‘Leigh Day are incredibly knowledgeable in this area of law having conducted some notable cases which focus on equal pay and police pensions, to name a couple. Their thirst for justice is what makes Leigh Day stand out.’ 

‘Mike Cain is incredibly knowledgeable and has a passion for employment law that is very refreshing and reassuring to see. This is what, to us, makes Leigh Day stand out from other firms. Their passion means that cases are dealt with promptly and with precision.’ 

‘The team have a very good knowledge of my issues and keep me informed of any progress in my case. They treat me like an individual and not just another case to work on. With other companies we have had dealings with, we felt that once the phone had gone down, they forgot about us.’ 

‘Ryan Bradshaw is by far the best solicitor we have had. He will even phone me on his days off just to keep me in the loop.’ 

‘I have found their dedication to clients outstanding. First-class technical expertise coupled with always being willing to go the extra mile made me glad to have chosen them.’ 

Key clients

Asda Equal Group Pay Claim

Sainsbury’s Group Equal Pay Claim

Insurer: Group Holiday Pay Claims

GMB: Group Holiday Pay Claims

Kwasi Afrifa

GMB: Union recognition

National Aids Trust

Personal injury and clinical negligence: claimant

The team at Leigh Day is well-known for handling serious injury and maximum injury cases. The team has significant experience in serious matters including acting for children with cerebral palsy who were injured at birth; spinal claims; neonatal death; acquired brain injury; and amputation claims. 'Tactically astute' Stephen Jones heads the team. Andrew Bradley handles cycling and sports personal injury claims; Clare Campbell heads the travel team and acts for claimants injured abroad. Helen Ashton is recommended for claims related to mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses.

Practice head(s):


‘Stephen Jones has a brilliant mind, is tactically astute, and explains things clearly in a way that clients understand. It is clear he cares passionately about his clients.’

‘I can’t praise Brendan Hope highly enough. I have found him to be very professional, warm and friendly and very very supportive. He give the impression of having unlimited time to steer me through my case. He takes pains to explain things very clearly at every stage of the proceedings.’

‘Stephen Jones and his team are thorough and knowledgeable. They kept me informed and ensured that I was able to make informed decisions by explaining the risks and benefits of future action in a clear manner, without ever being patronising when it came to points of the legal system. I always felt able to trust them and take their advice. As a result of this trust and guidance I was able to achieve a very satisfactory resolution to my case.’

‘There is one thing that makes Leigh Day in Manchester unique and it can be summed up in two words: Steve Jones. He is at the heart of the department and is such an outstanding individual that is reflected in the rest of his team.’

‘Knowledgeable, professional, competent, personable and trustworthy. Very good communication and always punctual.’

‘The team at Leigh Day are the most impressive I’ve worked with. Their lawyers are very bright and technically exceptional, and yet they communicate in a down to earth way. As a team they are very knowledgeable and great communicators.’

Leigh Day is a leading human rights and personal injury claimant firm based in London.

The firm: Leigh Day specialises in many aspects of national and international personal injury and accident work, human rights, clinical negligence, and multi-party actions. Lawyers at Leigh Day are committed to offering an exceptionally high-quality service to all clients. The firm was set up by Sarah Leigh OBE and Martyn Day in June 1987 to represent individual claimants and their families. This remains the firm’s core value as it continues to grow across all departments.

Types of work undertaken
Personal injury: The team acts for clients who have suffered severe and often life changing injuries. This includes cases of severe orthopaedic fractures, life changing injuries such as limb loss and brain and spinal injuries and representing a very large number of bereaved families. The cycling team handles hundreds of claims every year and is the exclusive provider of legal support to British Cycling and British Triathlon members.

Industrial disease: The industrial disease team at Leigh Day not only represent clients who have developed an illness, usually from negligent exposure to asbestos in the workplace, but they also have shaped the law through landmark rulings, including from the Supreme Court, which improve the rights of all negligence victims.

Administrative and public law: The firm undertakes a large number of high-profile judicial reviews. The team has successfully challenged the Government over the implementation of Universal Credit and it represented The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) in its successful challenge against the UK Government for granting licences for arms to Saudi Arabia.

Clinical negligence: The firm has 30 lawyers representing clients who have been injured, or the families of the deceased, through negligence in a healthcare setting. New head of department Suzanne White is a trustee of the Patients Association and the team works with many other organisations campaigning for patient safety across the NHS and in private practice.

Employment: The employment team at Leigh Day is currently acting for over 40,000 supermarket workers in one of the largest equal pay group claims in history, against the big four supermarkets. The team has also pioneered legal challenges to discriminatory pension schemes in the public sector and is acting for thousands of police officers and hundreds of judges. The team is also involved in claims against Uber and most of the other gig economy employers.

Environment: The firm specialises in claims as a result of exposure to pollution, including radiation, chemicals, pesticides and sewage in the sea. On behalf of Wild Justice, a group led by the naturalist and broadcaster, Chris Packham, the team brought a successful challenge against Natural England over general licences allowing for the mass killing of several species of birds.
The team is at the forefront of the legal fight against climate change on behalf of its clients. It is currently instructed in a challenge to Heathrow’s third runway on grounds that the government failed to consider the Paris Agreement, as well as in a direct action against the Council for the European Union in respect of the damaging CO2 impact of the burning of forests as biomass. They continue to bring judicial reviews of grants of planning permission on air pollution grounds, and we are at the cutting edge of scrutinising the lawfulness of the UK government’s subsidies for fossil fuel projects abroad.

Human rights: The human rights department offers expertise in special needs education, child abuse, confidentiality and planning. The firm represents the family of Molly Russell, a 14-year-old girl who took her own life in 2017 and the human rights team has been representing Molly’s father in his battle against the social media networks for more disclosure following Molly’s death. The team has an outstanding reputation for its work on medical ethical issues and ‘best interests’ cases. The firm has been ground-breaking in its consideration of the impact of human rights on health and social care law.

International: The firm has pioneered legal developments in multi-party cases on behalf of claimants in the UK and overseas, ensuring that large corporations based in the UK face justice in the UK over the actions of their subsidiaries in developing countries. The firm has also been at the forefront of litigation against the UK Government for alleged human rights breaches arising from the UK’s involvement in overseas military operations and the global ‘war on terror’. In addition, the firm has been at the vanguard of modern slavery litigation. The department’s cases emanate from across globe, in particular Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, with the team providing access to justice to thousands of people who would otherwise go without redress.

The work of the international team has established numerous legal precedents, including Supreme Court authority, on issues as diverse as parent company liability and jurisdiction, the remit of English courts to adjudicate on the UK’s actions overseas, the interplay of UN Security Council Resolutions and the UK’s obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights and the duty of care owed to those serving in the British military abroad. The team’s successes go beyond securing compensation, such as in 2018, obtaining an unprecedented public apology from the UK Government for its role in the ‘detention, rendition and suffering’ of its clients Abdul Hakim Belhaj and Fatima Boudchar.

Product liability: The department has been involved in some of the most important product liability cases of the last 25 years. Claims include those against manufacturers of home appliances, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products. They have also acted on behalf of claimants injured in clinical trials. They acted for the family of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who died following an allergic reaction. The high-profile case led to a change in the law on ingredient labelling which is now known as “Natasha’s Law”. The team are currently acting as the joint-lead lawyers, in the emissions defeat device group litigation against Volkswagen in the UK believed to be the largest group action in the UK.

Department Name Email Telephone
Senior Partner Martyn Day
Managing Partner Frances Swaine
Administrative and Public Law Jamie Beagent
Personal Injury: claimant Sally Moore
Clinical Negligence Suzanne White
Employment Chris Benson
Civil Liberties and Human Rights Jamie Beagent
International Group Claims Richard Meeran
Product Liability Boz Michalowska Howells
Environment Carol Day
Travel Clare Campbell
Court of Protection Sean Humber
Photo Name Position Profile
 Harminder Bains  photo Harminder Bains Partner specialising in personal injury, mesothelioma/asbestos, work accidents and road traffic accidents.…
 Jamie Beagent  photo Jamie Beagent Jamie specialises in judicial review and public law. Jamie works for a…
 Chris Benson  photo Chris Benson Although a specialist in all areas of discrimination, Chris has particular expertise…
 Emmalene Bushnell  photo Emmalene Bushnell Emmalene has been a Partner in the Clinical Negligence team since April…
 Sarah Campbell  photo Sarah Campbell Sarah practises exclusively in the area of claimant clinical negligence work. Her…
Mr Martyn Day photo Mr Martyn Day Martyn Day is the senior partner at Leigh Day. He has a…
 Daniel Easton  photo Daniel Easton Daniel is a partner in the personal injury team at Leigh Day…
 Claire Fazan  photo Claire Fazan Claire has been regularly ranked over the years as one of the…
 Vijay Ganapathy  photo Vijay Ganapathy Vijay is a partner specialising in industrial disease (particularly mesothelioma and other…
 Sean Humber  photo Sean Humber Sean is a partner in the human rights department at Leigh Day. …
 Sally Jean-Nicholes  photo Sally Jean-Nicholes Sally-Jean is a partner in Leigh Day’s clinical negligence department. She has…
 Daniel Leader  photo Daniel Leader Dan Leader is a barrister and partner at Leigh Day with 20…
 Olive Lewin  photo Olive Lewin Olive has been considered one of the leading lawyers in the field…
 Sapna Malik  photo Sapna Malik Sapna has over 15 years’ experience, specialising in bringing international claims with…
 Nichola Marshall  photo Nichola Marshall Partner in the international and group claims department. Specialist area of practice:…
 Gene Matthews  photo Gene Matthews Gene has over a decade of experience specialising in international tort, human…
 Richard Meeran  photo Richard Meeran Specialises in international claims, group actions and product liability. Pioneered the firm’s…
 Bozena Michalowska-Howells  photo Bozena Michalowska-Howells Bozena specialises in product liability and consumer group actions. She initially worked…
 Alison Millar  photo Alison Millar Alison Millar works in the human rights department at Leigh Day, where…
 Sally Moore  photo Sally Moore Described in legal directories as an outstanding and impeccable lawyer, Sally is…
 Maria Panteli  photo Maria Panteli Maria has extensive clinical negligence experience and manages a wide range of…
 Jill Paterson  photo Jill Paterson Jill specialises in product liability cases, international claims and multi-party actions. Jill…
 Emma Satyamurti  photo Emma Satyamurti Emma has over 18 years’ experience advising and representing clients on the…
 Shubhaa Srinivansan  photo Shubhaa Srinivansan Partner in the international and group claims department. Specialist area of practice:…
 Frances Swaine  photo Frances Swaine Frances Swaine is Leigh Day’s managing partner and a partner in the…
 Michelle Victor  photo Michelle Victor Michelle Victor, partner: co-ordinator of APIL’s product liability special interest group. Michelle…
 Suzanne White  photo Suzanne White Suzanne White is an experienced clinical negligence solicitor who has specialised in…
Number of UK partners : 44
Qualified Lawyers (including partners and legal execs) : 168
Fee-earners (including paralegals and qualified fee earners) : 297

CLIENT: with Personal Injury department (Industrial Disease)
TESTIMONIAL: My husband was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in February 2019. We live in Australia and after being referred to a company that helps people to deal with the legalities of associated asbestos diseases we were eventually forwarded to Leigh Day for the purpose of making a claim. Most of our dealings were with one lady employed by them. She could not have been more helpful to us throughout the lengthy process which involved my sons as well when my husband died in January 2020. There was so much empathy shown to us all, many phone calls, all done with such care. I am so grateful for that. The claim is now resolved. So yes, I would recommend Leigh Day very highly.

CLIENT: with Personal Injury department (Industrial Disease)
TESTIMONIAL: I worked with Leigh Day Solicitors and Kevin Johnson in particular for a period of 9 months due to my fathers Mesothelioma and I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending them whole heartedly. They were considerate and completely professional in everything they did and their communication was excellent even through the COVID pandemic. At no time did I, my father or mother feel pressured and I was always totally at ease with their assistance and guidance they were truly a godsend at a very difficult time….Thank you Kevin and all at Leigh Day

CLIENT: with Personal Injury department (Cycling)
TESTIMONIAL: Clear, well explained legal advice and an attention to detail on the physical, neurological and psychiatric medical side that vastly exceeded my initial conception of my claim. Leigh Day’s expertise on cycling accidents is second to none. I hope I will never again be in the position where I have been involved in a cycling accident and need to make a legal claim, but, if the situation arises, I will know who I would be asking to represent me.

CLIENT: with Personal Injury department (Cycling)
TESTIMONIAL: After a cycle accident which wasn’t my fault, in which I sustained injuries that required hospital, Leigh Day acted for me to pursue damages against the person who hit me. They were professional throughout and achieved a settlement that I was very happy with.

CLIENT: with Personal Injury department (Travel)
TESTIMONIAL: We had a difficult situation, seeking compensation for a very bad service from a holiday company that had not only ruined our family holiday but also jeopardised our health. Our solicitor from Leigh Day, through her diligence and skilled enquiry, discovered our experience was part of a much wider problem, affecting other people. She negotiated over a long period with the relevant parties who were reluctant to conclude the matter. Professionally persistent, she kept us fully informed and secured for us in the end an offer we were happy to accept. We are very grateful to her, found her very positive to work with and have no hesitation in recommending the company.

CLIENT: with Personal Injury department (Travel)
TESTIMONIAL: We picked Leigh Day at random believing they were a local firm. However, their representative travelled from London to visit us to explain the procedure, take instruction, advise us and to meet us so in the months that followed we had a ‘face’ we were actually communicating with and were soon conversing on first name terms. We had never had any legal representation before and the whole idea was quite daunting but as weeks progressed and all the maze was sorted through for us we came to rely on him and his firm totally. Any query, no matter how small or stupid it might sound we received a reply immediately either by email or telephone if it was more complicated. He had endless patience with us and our Coroner commended him and his firm for stepping in and averting a situation that could have had serious implications when it had been overlooked by everyone else. We have no hesitation in recommending this firm, I don’t know how we would have fared without them.

CLIENT: with Employment department
TESTIMONIAL: I was told just before Christmas that I was being made redundant. It came as a shock and I didn’t quite know where to turn as I had never been through a consultation process before. A friend had recommended Leigh Day and put me in touch with a lovely solicitor by the name of Charlotte Pettman, who handled the situation with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Being told you’re no longer wanted is quite a hard pill to swallow, but thankfully Charlotte had my back every step of the way. She went through everything with a fine tooth comb, pushed back on clauses she felt were unnecessary and confirmed I understood what was happening every step of the way. I really felt she was in my corner. I was super proud of the representation she gave me and I left the organisation with my head held high.

CLIENT: with Employment department
TESTIMONIAL: I am very satisfied regarding the assistance I received from Leigh Day when dealing with my legal matter. Their professionalism has been fantastic and have not enough words to express my gratitude during that experience.

CLIENT: with Clinical Negligence department
TESTIMONIAL: Medical negligence cases are very sensitive and stressful, Leigh day’s partner Suzanne White allayed the stress and gave constant reassurance over the duration. Updating me all the way through, via phone calls and meetings. With confidence she led the case, advised and was honest about all the possible scenarios. Suzanne walked with me every step of the way, and she had an amazing team, all of whom were honest about the realities of going through a case and the emotional strain. Suzanne and her team won and that has changed my life for the better. The win has given me the opportunity to gain control over my life and choices again. A new beginning and for that I am grateful beyond explanation.

CLIENT: with Clinical Negligence department
TESTIMONIAL: Understanding, efficient team run by professionals always willing to be helpful every step of the way. To begin a claim is daunting and they showed empathy and compassion. This helped me decide that this was the team I wanted for my claim.

CLIENT: with Human Rights department
TESTIMONIAL: This is the second time that I have used Leigh Day solicitors, and I have been left very impressed with the service they provide. They are professional, supportive and will always provide the best advice. We needed support with a Court of Protection matter and our solicitor – Ms Anna Moore – was very knowledgeable and experienced in this field, as well as being a kind and understanding individual. If you need support in this field, I would highly Anna Moore and, of course, Leigh Day in general.

CLIENT: with Human Rights department
TESTIMONIAL: We appointed Leigh Day to represent me and my family regarding a very sensitive matter following the death of my daughter. This was so important to have the right representation and I can now tell you, now the case is finalised, that Leigh Day was the right choice. Our solicitor who was not only calming but highly professional, a great communicator with unsurpassable advice and preparation. IF you are having making the choice we had to make, I can’t recommend Leigh Day more highly.

CLIENT: with Product Safety department
TESTIMONIAL: After suffering with food poisoning which was caused by a wedding meal. The whole process from start to finish with leigh day was handled well with good communication and customer service.

CLIENT: with Product Safety department
TESTIMONIAL: I cannot thank Tom Jervis and his team enough for the work they have done in my case. It has taken a number of years to reach a conclusion but they got there in the end with a successful outcome. I found Tom to be professional and approachable. He made the whole process as easy as it could be for me. He always used ‘plain English’ and didn’t try to blind me by legal jargon. Always there at the end of the phone if I needed to talk things over. Thank you Tom.

Leigh Day is committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. We value the diversity of our colleagues, our clients and the third parties with whom we work. We seek to create an environment where everyone feels included and valued for their unique characteristics, skills and abilities and supported in their needs and responsibilities.

Leigh Day does not discriminate on grounds of sex, age, race, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, gender reassignment, sex characteristics, religion or belief.

We have policies in place to support our commitment to equality and diversity and ensure that it is acted upon on a day to day basis. We also monitor the way that we employ and manage our staff and the way that we interact with clients, third parties and suppliers to ensure that our dealings are consistent with our principles.

Some examples of initiatives and achievements include:

  • Thriving and active BAME/ LGBT+/ Women’s/ Disability & Allies Committees/Networks
  • Solicitor Apprenticeship schemes for individuals from under-represented backgrounds
  • Top 100 ranked Stonewall Diversity Champion as part of the Workplace Equality Index
  • Active Bystander training for all staff
  • Unconscious Bias training for senior staff
  • Diversity & Inclusion training for new staff


The LGBT+ & Allies network aims to promote a safe, inclusive and diverse working environment that encourages respect and equality for LGBT+ staff members. The activities of the network include:

  • seminars and events of LGBT+ interest
  • working with external charities and grass roots organisations
  • social events for LGBT+ staff and allies
  • running an LGBT+ book club
  • ensuring the firm’s policies and practices support LGBT+ staff
  • attending National Pride events
  • providing a peer support network for LGBT+ staff


Leigh Day’s BAME Network was created to promote racial diversity in all its forms. It has the following primary aims:

  • Improve the recruitment and progression of all BAME staff within the firm.
  • Actively encourage diversity amongst our suppliers and networks
  • Education and reflection around the wider race debate including providing a programme of events with guest speakers.
  • Increase accessibility to the legal profession through connections to schools and higher education providers.


This committee’s motto is “An equal world is an enabled world”. Its principal objectives are to:

  • Work towards and support the firm in becoming a signatory to the Law Society Women in Law Pledge.
  • Raise awareness and educate everyone on issues facing women in the workplace and work together towards overcoming them.
  • Empower and support women and girls to achieve their full potential.
  • Actively encourage diversity amongst our suppliers and networks.


This network’s definition of disability is broad and non-legalistic, encompassing any mental, physical or neuro-diverse health condition that has a significant ongoing impact on a person’s life.

The aims of the network are to:

  • encourage an open, inclusive, accepting, supportive and accessible working environment where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves;
  • raise awareness amongst managers about how to support staff with health conditions effectively;
  • tackle stigma;
  • celebrate human diversity.

The Lex 100 Verdict

‘Making a positive impact’; ‘truly committed to justice and bringing about positive changes in the law’; ‘ethos and values’  - these are just some of the ways trainees describe Leigh Day. Known for its public law and legal aid work, Leigh Day is well regarded for ‘ground-breaking legal work and commitment to helping individual claimants achieve justice against large organisations’. As one trainee puts it, ‘a lot of the firm's work is at the cutting edge and so when I talk to peers at other firms I am proud to speak about our cases and the impact our work is having’. A Lex 100 Winner in three categories – job satisfaction, inclusiveness and social life, Leigh Day takes training and care of its trainees very seriously. Trainees describe a programme with ‘longer seats than many firms, so there is perhaps less variety in a training contract. On the other hand, there is a much greater opportunity to dig into the cases and get an in-depth learning experience in our two one-year seats’. A negative mentioned is the pay but, as a trainee comments, ‘my salary is lower than peers elsewhere, but the trainees go into the role knowing this and accepting that the balance between salary and the work we do is worth it’. If you have an eye on high-profile social justice experience, Leigh Day would be an inspiring place to work.