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Netherlands > Industry focus: Media and entertainment Tier 2

bureau Brandeis continues to be a go-to firm for clients needing advice on digital copyrights, entertainment law and publishing, among other matters. The team is co-led by Hans Bousie, Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm and Machteld Robichon. Bousie is skilled at navigating cross-border litigation and frequently advises clients within the music industry. Alberdingk Thijm is recommended for high-profile defamation claims, while Robichon is an expert in broadcasting and gaming regulations. Sam van Velze is another noteworthy member of the team with a focus on copyright issues within the media and entertainment sector.

Practice head(s):

Hans Bousie; Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm; Machteld Robichon

Other key lawyers:

Sam van Velze; Anna Strater; Fransje Brouwer; Syb Terpstra


‘They have excellent expertise in the media space.’

‘Machteld Robichon and Anna Strater both provided excellent and timely service.’

‘The team possesses a deep understanding of the legal landscape. They offer tailored advice that takes the client’s long-term goals into account while considering the various interests of the diverse stakeholders involved.’

‘Machteld Robichon and Fransje Brouwer have a keen sense of how to navigate the legal landscape while striving to maximise the benefits for their clients. The entire team is highly approachable and pleasant to work with.’

‘Christiaan Albergdingk Thym is known as being very effective in defamation cases.’

‘Syb Terpstra is an expert for all IP/Media-related work.’

‘They are a very hands-on and knowledgeable team.’

‘Machteld Robichon has a vast amount of experience. He is extremely well organised and is always a pleasure to deal with.’

Key clients




Dutch Publishers Association

Talpa Radio

Hearst Magazines Netherlands B.V.


Public broadcasters AT5 and NH Nieuws

Music Creations Publishing B.V.

VBK Uitgeversgroep B.V.

Spinnin’ Records

Dutch Association for Educational Media


Yellow Claw & Barong Family





Dash Berlin








Work highlights

  • Represented Talpa Radio in various appeal procedures involving the award of FM and DAB+ frequency licenses.
  • Represented Spinnin’ Records in litigation before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court against DJ Martin Garrix.
  • Advised Netflix on matters relating to media, technology, privacy and copyright issues.

Netherlands > Intellectual property: trade marks, copyrights and design rights Tier 2

The ‘highly experienced and approachable team’ at bureau Brandeis specialises in disputes concerning digital copyrights, and frequently appears before Dutch and European courts on issues centred on infringements, questions of platform liability and contractual disagreements. Leadership of the practice is shared between Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm, a specialist in matters at the intersection of copyright and intermediary liability, and Hans Bousie, who handles both copyright and competition matters for media and entertainment clients. Syb Terpstra focuses on copyright and trade mark disputes tied to the music industry, while he and Sophie van Everdingen both handle matters of portrait and image rights. Caroline de Vries moved to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy in December 2022.

Practice head(s):

Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm; Hans Bousie

Other key lawyers:

Silvia van Schaik; Syb Terpstra; Sam van Velze


‘Highly experienced and approachable team.’

‘Syb Terpstra is a really smart lawyer. Very approachable and pragmatic. Very good at handling high profile, prestigious cases for clients, under massive time pressure.’

‘The practice is brimming with expertise and takes a very client-oriented, friendly approach.’

‘We work with Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm. There is no one better in the Netherlands in his field. In addition, he exudes professionalism, takes the stress out of pending and ensuing legal actions situations, and puts his clients at ease.’

‘Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm is a deservedly well-known, multitalented, very accessible, intelligent copyright and media right lawyer, and very successful in attracting interesting clients and cases. He is great to work with and always delivers.’

‘Syb Terpstr is the only expert we need for all IP/media-related work streams. Syb is a pragmatic professional who strikes the right balance between high-end output and down-to-earth risk assessments.’

‘bureau Brandeis is an outstanding firm when it comes to soft IP work. They are great IP litigators with specialist knowledge of copyright and trade marks. Much of their work is litigation on these topics, but they also provide sound advice in non-contentious matters.’

‘Syb Terpstra is a truly outstanding senior attorney at bureau Brandeis when it comes to IP and trade marks.’

Key clients

Dutch Publishers Association

Spinnin’ Records

PVH Europe

Dash Berlin




News Service Europe

Hearst Magazines/Quote




Yellow Claw & Barong Family

West Coast Supply Group and WCHS

Vlado (Marcel Kosic)




VKB Uitgeversgroep B.V. and VBK | Media B.V.


Beverly Hills Polo Club



Work highlights

  • Represented PVH in proceedings against Meta regarding infringing and unlawful advertisements on the platform.
  • Acted for News Service Europe before the Dutch Supreme Court in a case concerning the liability of a Usenet provider for copyright infringements committed by Usenet users.
  • Represented Spinnin’ Records in litigation before the Supreme Court against DJ Martin Garrix in a case concerning ownership of neighbouring rights.

Netherlands > Dispute resolution: class actions Tier 3

bureau Brandeis‘s class action practice specialises in representing plaintiffs and is active in the diesel scandal, privacy-related class actions, and truck cartel issues. It is also known for its expertise in climate change litigation. The practice is led by hedge fund activism specialist and plaintiff litigator Frank Peters, Louis Berger who has been key to ‘Dieselgate’ cases, and Hans Bousie who focuses on antitrust damages litigation.

Practice head(s):

Frank Peters; Louis Berger; Hans Bousie


‘bureau Brandeis is one of the few law firms which presents itself as a mostly claimant-oriented firm, not assisting banks and other financials. This in itself contributes to the firms’ credibility.’

‘Frank Peters has been at the forefront of shareholder activism and although his visibility as a shareholder representing litigator has become less, he has managed to put anti-greenwashing and other environment-related activist litigation on the radar. ’

‘The practice of bureau Brandeis specialises in class actions, which is a very important niche market that requires hard-core specialisation. The fact that they have chosen the claimants side despite it the lack of security with respect to success, profitability, reputation, turn-over and chances of winning by choosing this is of note. Bureau Brandeis is capable of pulling out the maximum of a class action case and – maybe even more importantly – show passion to win these hard cases. ’

‘Frank Peters is an absolute authority and front runner in class actions related to public interest. Apart from the fact that he is very skilled, he knows what it takes, has the capacity to innovate, is passionate, he challenges and at the same time he always is a gentleman.’

‘bureau Brandeis is incredibly thorough in their representation. They are knowledgeable about the legal matters they pursue and are responsive to client communications.’

‘Hans Bousie is great to work with, charming and very sharp. ’

‘Outstanding skills and experience regarding class actions in The Netherlands. Pro-active, result drive approach. Clear customer communication. ’

‘Louis Berger is very experienced lawyer with excellent experience and skills in (international) mass claim actions. Broad network. Very strong and pleasant communicator. ’

Key clients

Stichting Diesel Emissions Justice

Stichting Massaschade & Consument

Stichting Truck Cartel Recovery

unilegion Truck Claims Stichting

Stichting Equal Justice Equal Pay

Foundation The Privacy Collective

ClientEarth, Fossielvrij


Stichting Ukrainian Victims of War

Work highlights

  • Representing Stichting Diesel Emisions Justice in five ‘dieselgate’ cases.
  • Representing various claimants in truck cartel cases.
  • Representing claimants in several ESG class actions, relating to climate change (KLM) and equal pay.

Netherlands > Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Tier 3

The corporate litigation practice at bureau Brandeis is notable for its experience in climate change litigation and ESG-related cases, as well as acting for foundations in class actions and handling shareholder disputes. The team is accustomed to taking over cases at the appeal stage and acting as co-counsel. Frank Peters and Louis Berger jointly lead the practice; Peters is heavily involved in hedge fund activism and climate change litigation, and Berger is engaged by clients for his skills in collective redress procedures. Floor Eikelboom is the go-to for shareholder disputes, while Wesley Vader handles liability cases.

Practice head(s):

Frank Peters; Louis Berger

Other key lawyers:

Floor Eikelboom; Wesley Vader; Michelle Krekels; Stefan Campmans


‘The team are highly knowledgeable and work well together. They are particularly impressive in their knowledge of privacy law and regulations.’

‘Floor Eikelboom is an excellent and creative sparring partner in complex corporate litigation.’

‘Frank Peters is a first-rate lawyer. Besides his mastery of Dutch securities law, he’s a strong strategist. He’s well connected to the political and business community. In short, the full package.’

‘Michelle Krekels is a top-tier advocate and an especially strong legal drafter. Overall, first-rate counsel.’

‘The lawyers of bureau Brandeis can act in a variety of styles (ranging from subtle and friendly to forceful) depending on what the case needs. However, their approach is always inventive, knowledgeable and tailor-made for the case, never opting for the cookie-cutter approach.’

‘Louis Berger is a trusted advisor and strong litigator. He is able to help coordinate complex cases that require a delicate touch.’

‘Bureau Brandeis is the litigation boutique law firm in the Netherlands! Highly skilled lawyers who are down to earth, extremely knowledgeable and very much hands-on. Above all, great people to work with.’

‘Wesley Vader is an outstanding lawyer with an exceptional knowledge of Dutch civil procedural law. He is someone who immediately understands the needs of his clients.’

Key clients

Ralph Palm, Abdallah Andraous


Grant & Eisenhofer, KTMC

Parem & Monolith


Boudewijn Poelmann

West Coast Supply Group

Work highlights

  • Representing Diesel Emissions Justice Foundation in five diesel fraud cases against Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Porsche, amongst others.
  • Representing Fossiel Vrij Nederland and ClientEarth in a collective action against KLM for ‘greenwashing’ in its advertising.
  • Representing a founder in a governance dispute relating to the holding owning the Postcode Lottery franchise.

Netherlands > EU and competition Tier 3

bureau Brandeis houses a ‘fantastic’ EU and competition practice which is noted for its ‘diverse set of skills and talent’. Its clients span a range of industry sectors and its workload involves advising on the broad-range of related work. A key example of the calibre of work the team works on is its defending Pro Agent and the EFAA in their legal battle against FIFA’s new regulations. Bas Braeken is ‘able to give clear advice on complex matters’ and heads up the offering. Hans Bousie and associate Jade Versteeg are key names to note in the team.

Practice head(s):

Bas Braeken

Other key lawyers:


‘A fantastic team with a diverse set of skills and talent across the team, who are always a pleasure to work with!’

‘Great thinkers and strategists.’

‘A small team that is very hands-on and responsive.’

‘Bas Braeken is able to give clear advice on complex matters, if needs be, under time pressure.’

Key clients

Walt Disney




Bastion Hotels

Cleary Gottlieb/Philip Morris




Centraal Boekhuis

European Elite Athletes Association

Multi Tank Card

Bosch Siemens Household Appliances


Dutch Travel Alliance

Netherlands Online Gambling Association







IDH (the sustainable Trade Initiative)

Noordhoff Publishers

Koninklijke Boom Publishers



CAI Harderwijk


Pro Agent

Work highlights

  • Assisting third parties in the appeal lodged by the International Skating Union (ISU) with the General Court in Luxembourg against the Commission’s decision prohibiting the ISU’s eligibility rules.
  • Assisting online travel agent Tix.nl in various competition and consumer law matters.
  • Representing a foundation, Stichting FX Claims, that acts on behalf of a number of claimants who suffered damages from antitrust infringements by several of the world’s largest banks in the foreign exchange (or FX) market.

Netherlands > Industry focus: telecoms Tier 3

bureau Brandeis is well-versed in telecoms, media, competition, and administrative law, with a strong track record in litigating regulatory matters in the telecoms sector. Machteld Robichon is a seasoned litigator in regulatory enforcement proceedings involving Dutch authorities, especially in high-profile cases related to telecom and media regulation. Robichon co-leads the practice with Bas Braeken, an expert in EU competition law and regulated markets, who advocates for fixed line and mobile operators in cases involving market analysis decisions, abuse of dominance, and related matters.

Practice head(s):

Machteld Robichon; Bas Braeken


‘Brandeis lawyers are pleasant to work with because they look for solutions within our daily practice and the legal issues that arise.’

‘The lawyers are involved, personal, fast, approachable and have extensive knowledge of media law.’

‘bureau Brandeis is small, smart and reputable enough to compete stand out versus the big firms on performance and arguments, and in this case, excellently positioned to be successful in uncharted territory.’

‘Bas Braeken boasts a solid background in telecoms with a solid track record supporting both incumbents and challengers, finding creative solutions based on a thorough expertise of how the business works. Exceptional dedication, resourcefulness, helicopter view and persistence.’

Key clients

Talpa Radio


Disney/Eredivisie Media & Marketing





CAI Harderwijk

Work highlights

  • Represented Talpa Radio in various appeal procedures involving the award of FM and DAB+ frequency licences.

Netherlands > Banking and finance: Financial services regulatory Tier 4

bureau Brandeis has experience acting for banks, fintech companies, investment companies, and other financial institutions. The team of ‘very capable lawyers’ is especially skilled at handling civil litigation arising out of financial regulatory matters such as duty of care, risk management, and compliance with anti-money laundering and international sanctions. Simone Peek leads the team and frequently advises on the investigations and enforcement procedures of the regulatory authorities. Other notable members of the team include Casper Rooijakkers for his experience in financial services litigation and Joris Viellevoije, who is recommended for matters relating to crypto assets.

Practice head(s):

Simone Peek


‘The team has very capable lawyers. They have deep-seated knowledge and a lot of relevant experience.’

Netherlands > Data privacy and data protection Tier 4

Specialist dispute resolution and prevention firm bureau Brandeis handles a mix of contentious and non-contentious data protection mandates. Collective actions and other litigation issues are also a focus for the practice, which has a track record of work in areas such as telecoms. Vita Zwaan and Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm jointly lead the team.

Practice head(s):

Vita Zwaan; Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm

Other key lawyers:

Jacob van de Velde; Sarah Stapel; Silvia van Schaik; Minke Gommer


‘We mostly work with Vita Zwaan. We very much value Vita for — even in the most complex matters — being able to provide us with very pragmatic and accurate advice of the highest quality. Vita is very knowledgeable, which makes it very pleasant to work with her and easy to just quickly call her whenever we do not have a lot of time but still want to run things by her. Vita is also reliable and remains at our disposal 24/7 — even outside of business hours we can always count on her support if we need it. ’

‘Vita Zwaan is very knowledgeable, always available on short notice, and able to translate complex/abstract legal matters to others without legal background. Vita always looks for ways to enable our business needs and has guided (and regularly guides) us through setting up our customer loyalty programs and e-commerce ventures. ’

‘Bureau Brandeis has exhibited exceptional patience and a high level of expertise in GDPR matters. I’d like to highlight is their invaluable assistance in guiding us towards an inclusive approach to our privacy policies and protocols. Additionally, they have been instrumental in helping us navigate the complexities of GDPR within municipal and other governmental systems.’

‘Hands-on, practical mindset, yet very good knowledge of applicable laws and regulations. Strong feeling for (international) business relations.’

‘Vita Zwaan is very nice to work with. She is very approachable, understands the clients needs quickly and is able to translate them to very usable advices and working documents such as agreements ’

‘Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm is a well respected lawyer in this field, boasting a high reputation and is very well known in media. Academic connection as well.’

‘Christiaan Alberdingk Thym has a unique multidisciplinary approach, as he is also a copyright and media expert, which is often very useful in the field of data protection and data privacy. Vita Zwaan is the other partner with whom I love to work.’

Key clients



Dutch Digital Agencies

Fieldlab Evenementen


The Privacy Collective

Stichting Massaschade & Consument

Civinc B.V. and Stichting Civinc




deBreij B.V.




Maxeda DIY Group

Work highlights

  • Represented Stichting Massachade & Consument in a case against TikTok before the District Court of Amsterdam in one of the collective damages actions based on the GDPR and the new Dutch collective claim regime.
  • Assisted Pathé with updating its internal and external privacy policies, taking into consideration its new business ventures, partnerships and corresponding processing activities, including a review of its privacy statements, data processing agreements and the register of processing activities.
  • Advised Studocu on the possibilities for commercial communication and advertising, taking into consideration recent decisions and case law regarding (behavioural) targeting and analytics.

bureau Brandeis is an independent boutique law firm specialising in complex litigation and regulatory enforcement. bureau Brandeis is based in Amsterdam and Paris .

Founded in 2013, the firm has grown rapidly and has seen its client base increase. The firm’s clients are national and international companies, listed entities, startups, as well as interest groups.

The firm:

  • handles high-profile cases, including landmark cases before the Dutch Supreme Court and the ECJ and (international) cartel damages cases
  • focuses on litigation and other forms of dispute resolution, and chooses not to represent Dutch government bodies, big banks and accountancy firms
  • works in close contact with many foreign law firms in cross border disputes and investigations
  • represents clients in all stages of proceedings, before courts and tribunals;
  • prevents disputes with its diligent compliance work
  • assists undertakings in investigations by and litigation against regulatory bodies like the Authority Consumers & Markets, the Netherlands Gaming Authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority, the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets, French Competition Authority etc
  • is outspoken about matters of public interest and has a preference for the challenger

This gives bureau Brandeis a unique position in the Dutch market.

Main areas of practice
Class actions: The firm has unique expertise and experience in this field. bureau Brandeis has a long track record as counsel to claim vehicles and assisting funders in class actions. More than any other firm, bureau Brandeis is involved as counsel to plaintiffs in proceedings under the WAMCA, the new Dutch regime for collective redress introduced in 2020.

Currently, the firm is involved in several class actions, including in relation to the Diesel Fraud, the Truck Cartel and privacy violations.
Key clients: Truck Cartel Recovery Foundation, Diesel Emissions Justice Foundation, The Privacy Collective
Partners: Louis Berger, Frank Peters

Corporate and commercial litigation: bureau Brandeis handles corporate and insolvency law, board members’ liability, hedge funds and shareholders’ activism, commercial litigation, takeover disputes, internal business conflicts and compliance (i.a. corporate governance, commercial contracts).
Key clients: Chevron Corporation, Bastion Hotels, Eminence Capital, Jana Partners De Wolff Vereenigde Bedrijven, the bankruptcy trustees of Weyl Beef
Partners: Frank Peters, Louis Berger

Corporate governance: We mostly assist directors, supervisory directors and shareholders of both listed and non-listed companies in disputes concerning corporate governance.
Partners: Louis Berger, Frank Peters

(European) competition law: bureau Brandeis advises on all aspects of competition law. It also represents multinationals, SMEs and start-ups harmed by or suspected from antitrust infringements to exercise their rights before both the Dutch, French and the EU competition authorities and national and EU courts. bureau Brandeis also assists parties harmed by competition infringements in obtaining damages. bureau Brandeis is widely recognised for its expertise and track record in the field of regulatory and antitrust litigation.
Key clients: Disney, Pathé, Prijsvrij, DB Barnsdale, Dutch Travel Retail United, Fapricela, EU Athletes, Bastion Hotels, Tix, AGU, Centraal Boekhuis, Dromenjager, Innsworth, Stichting Truck Cartel Recovery.
Partners: Bas Braeken, Hans Bousie, Marc Barennes, Sarah Subrémon

Data protection and telecoms: The specialists at bureau Brandeis have many years of experience in complex compliance matters in the field of data protection and telecommunications, and as many in litigating in these areas.
Key clients: Netflix, AMS-IX, KPN/XS4ALL, NUV, eBay, Sanoma, Pearson, Lottovate, 538/Talpa Radio, AT5/RTV NH
Partners: Vita Zwaan, Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm, Machteld Robichon.

Financial services litigation: bureau Brandeis handles complex financial services litigation and other contentious regulatory matters. The team represents financial services companies and individual directors in investigations and enforcement measures of regulators such as DNB and AFM, and also provides risk management and compliance advice.
Partner: Simone Peek

Intellectual property law: Known for developing landmark case law and handling most landmark cases in the Netherlands in the field of digital copyright/IP litigation before the ECJ. The firm also has experience in reputation management, advertising law and trade name law.
Key clients: Netflix, Springer, KPN, NUV, eBay, Sanoma, Unga, Pathé, Red Bull, Marqt
Partners: Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm, Hans Bousie

Internet and technology law (intermediary and platform law): The firm has been at the root of developments in Dutch legislation in this area of expertise. The firm was involved in the foundation of Skype, has been eBay’s regular Dutch attorney for years and assisted Netflix in the establishment of its European headquarters in Amsterdam.
Partner: Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm

Gaming and gambling law: Proceedings before the Netherlands Gaming Authority and licence applications. Representation in enforcement procedures by the Dutch Gaming Authority, including the recent ruling of the Council of State that the prohibition to promote games of chance does not apply to payment services.
Key clients: EGBA, Lottovate
Partner: Machteld Robichon

Media and entertainment: bureau Brandeis supports producers and distributors of film, radio, television, music and books who are active in this dynamic market. Companies who are just entering the market can also count on bureau Brandeis’ pragmatic assistance. We also represent major e-commerce retailers and advise online game suppliers.
Key clients: 538/Talpa Radio, public broadcasters, Pearson, Unga, Sony Music, Spinnin Records, VBK Publishers, Pathé, Dutch Film Works
Partners: Hans Bousie, Machteld Robichon

Shareholders’ activism: We assist hedge funds and other minority shareholders in creating higher shareholder value in Dutch listed companies: in close consultation with our client, by demanding attention and creating support for relevant subjects in the media and if necessary by litigating before the Enterprise Division.
Partner: Frank Peters

Department Name Email Telephone
Commercial litigation Louis Berger louis.berger@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Commercial litigation Frank Peters frank.peters@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Commercial litigation Hans Bousie hans.bousie@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Corporate litigation Louis Berger louis.berger@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Corporate litigation Frank Peters frank.peters@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Privacy/telecoms Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm christiaan.alberdingkthijm@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)6 25017 235
Privacy/telecoms Vita Zwaan vita.zwaan@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Privacy/telecoms Machteld Robichon machteld.robichon@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Administrative Machteld Robichon machteld.robichon@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
European and antitrust Hans Bousie hans.bousie@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
European and antitrust Louis Berger louis.berger@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Intellectual property Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm christiaan.alberdingkthijm@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)6 25017 235
Intellectual property Hans Bousie hans.bousie@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Regulated markets, gaming Machteld Robichon machteld.robichon@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Media and entertainment Hans Bousie hans.bousie@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Media and entertainment Machteld Robichon machteld@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Companies Louis Berger louis.berger@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Companies Frank Peters frank.peters@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Shareholders activism Frank Peters frank.peters@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Internet and technology Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm christiaan.alberdingkthijm@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)6 25017 235
Insolvency law Louis Berger louis.berger@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Class actions Frank Peters frank.peters@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
International arbitration Louis Berger louis.berger@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Compliance Machteld Robichon machteld.robichon@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Compliance Vita Zwaan vita.zwaan@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Compliance Hans Bousie hans.bousie@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Compliance Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm christiaan.alberdingkthijm@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)6 25017 235
Public affairs Machteld Robichon machteld.robichon@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Corporate governance Louis Berger louis.berger@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
Corporate governance Frank Peters frank.peters@bureaubrandeis.com +31 (0)20 7606 505
(European) Competition Law Bas Braeken bas.braeken@bureaubrandeis.com + 31 (0) 611592679
(European) Competition Law Sarah Subremon sarah.subremon@bureaubrandeis.fr +33(0)1 89 16 06 92
(European) Competition Law Marc Bareness marc.barennes@bureaubrandeis.fr +33(0)1 89 16 06 91
Telecom Bas Braeken bas.braeken@bureaubrandeis.com + 31 (0) 611592679
Bas Braeken bas.braeken@bureaubrandeis.com + 31 (0) 611592679
Number of lawyers : 43