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PwC Greece | Vizas - Katrinakis and Associates Law Firm

Greece > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Covering a wide spectrum of disciplines, including M&A, corporate and commercial law, alongside real estate and energy, the PwC Greece | Vizas - Katrinakis and Associates Law Firm team has in-depth expertise in handling corporate transformations and complex share purchase agreements. The team displays broad experience in dealing with all financial, tax, and legal due diligence aspects of transactions, with Vassilios Vizas frequently acting on behalf of banks, private equity funds, and active investors. Elias Siskos focuses on privatisations, investments, and divestments, whilst Spyros Valvis is an expert in corporate and commercial affairs.

Practice head(s):

Vassilios Vizas; Elias Siskos; Spyros Valvis


‘Excellent cooperation and efficient communication. Ability to work with foreign investors to protect their interests.’

‘Always available to discuss and explain complicated legal issues. The individuals’ professionalism and knowledge of Greek corporate and tax law helps clients to properly evaluate the risks and take commercial decisions as necessary.’

‘A flexible and easygoing team, which goes the extra mile to meet tough project requirements. They pay attention to detail. Custom-made and transparent billing policy, with no surprises beyond the agreement. An inclusive team with great management.’

‘Our key contact person was Vassilios Vizas. He is very responsive, and easy and fun to work with. Great team management and always on duty.’

‘The team is strong, solid, capable and very easy to work with.’

‘They are very competent technically and our relationship with them is unbeatable.’

‘What stands out is the team’s high level of expertise, valuable input and commitment to meeting their clients’ requirements in the best way.’

‘A very well-structured and organised team with members who respect each other and cooperate in an excellent way to support the client’s business.’

Key clients

Alpha Bank S.A

Olympia Group Ltd

Pancreta Bank S.A

Molgas Energia S.A.U


Athenian Brewery S.A

Augmenta Holding SAS


Dimosia Epicheirisi Aeriou Anonymi Etaireia (DEPA S.A)

Smeremediumcap Limited

Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A

Work highlights

  • Advised Alpha Bank on the spin-off of its merchant acquiring business unit to a newly established payment institution and its joint venture with Nexi.
  • Advised Smeremediumcap Ltd on the acquisition of a controlling stake in ESA Security Solutions S.A. through its facility management subsidiary Cordia S.A.
  • Advised Augmenta Holding SAS and its founders in the context of the transfer of approximately 90% of its share capital to the company under the trade name CNH Industrial N.V, including through the exercise of employees’ share options.

Greece > TMT Tier 4

Covering a wide spectrum of services relating to digital law and privacy, as well as showing a growing presence in the AI sphere, PwC Greece | Vizas - Katrinakis and Associates Law Firm acts on behalf of energy corporations and technology entities. Based out of Athens, Kalliopi Vlachopoulou heads the group and is an expert in emerging technologies and privacy issues.

Practice head(s):

Kalliopi Vlachopoulou

Key clients

Helleniq Energy Holdings S.A.

Public Power Corporation

Refundit Ltd

Signal Ocean Ltd

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) HellasAEBE

Franco Compania Naviera

NTT Data (subcontracted)

Work highlights

  • Advising Helleniq Energy Holdings on an ongoing basis with respect to overall data governance and privacy matters.
  • Advised Signal Ocean on developing the terms and conditions, privacy notices and policy for the Signal Ocean Platform and API, a platform powered by artificial intelligence and patented data fusion and forecasting models.
  • Advised the Public Power Corporation on the technology-driven acquisition of a prominent start-up which has developed an e-mobility application.

Greece > Banking, finance and capital markets

PwC Greece | Vizas - Katrinakis and Associates Law Firm frequently advises Greek systemic banks on issues including structured finance, NPL and other distressed portfolio sales, and financial restructurings.

Greece > Employment

PwC Tax & Legal Services. affiliate firm PwC Greece | Vizas - Katrinakis and Associates Law Firm advises on a range of labour, social security and immigration law issues, including the cross-border transfer of employees.

Vizas – Katrinakis and Associates Law Firm is a licensed Greek law firm established in 2009 and is part of the PwC Global Legal Network.

We cover a wide spectrum of law disciplines including corporate and M&A, banking and finance, real estate, insolvency, labour and employment and regulatory compliance.  We act for corporates, private equity sponsors, lending institutions (including banks, funds and other financial institutions), investment firms, family businesses and other market players, handling domestic and cross border mandates of different scale and complexity in an array of industries.

With more than 30 lawyers and an impressive growth rate over the last few years, the firm has built a solid track record on both transactional and legal advisory work, being increasingly involved in high-profile, large scale transactions, such as several sell and buy side mandates on corporate M&A transactions in an array of industries, the corporate transformations of Greek systemic banks, and robust work in the secondary non-performing loan portfolio market. The team is concurrently focusing on the more innovative and forward-looking areas of law, leveraging upon the technology and inherently innovative way of thinking of an organization as global and as multifaceted as PwC; we have created within the auspices of the law firm bespoke hubs on fintech, digital law and AI as well as a multidisciplinary platform for transformative ESG work.

We put forward a distinctive offering for our clients, underpinned by the exceptional track record, technical skill and positive mindset of our law practitioners coupled with their ability to draw upon the broader community of PwC’s solvers, comprised of industry experts and strategic thinkers around the world.  Placed within this equation, we are inherently versatile, extrovert and solution-oriented, and we are firmly committed in providing end-to-end legal support of the highest quality.

Department Name Email Telephone
M&A Deals & Corporate Finance Vassilis Vizas 00302106874400
M&A Deals & Corporate Finance Ilias Siskos 00302106874400
Banking & Finance Transactions Kely Pesketzi 00302106874400
Corporate & Commercial Spyros Valvis 00302106874400
Digital Law, Technology and GDPR | FS/CM Regulatory & Fintech Kalliopi Vlachopoulou 00302106874400
Insolvency & Business Recovery Maria Bozinaki 00302106874400
Labour and Global Mobility Solutions Artemis Karathanassi 00302106874400
Private Clients Costas Kallideris 00302106874400
Tax litigation George Katrinakis 00302106874400
Photo Name Position Profile
Maria Bozinaki photo Mrs Maria Bozinaki Manager, Legal, PwC Greece
Costas Kallideris  photo Mr Costas Kallideris Director, Head of Private Clients, PwC Greece
Artemis Karathanassi photo Mrs Artemis Karathanassi Director, Legal, PwC Greece
George Katrinakis photo Mr George Katrinakis Director, Legal, Tax Litigation Leader, PwC Greece
Kely Pesketzi photo Mrs Kely Pesketzi Director, Legal, PwC Greece
Elias Siskos photo Mr Elias Siskos Director, Legal , PwC Greece
Spyros Valvis photo Mr Spyros Valvis Senior Manager, Legal, PwC Greece
Vassilis Vizas photo Mr Vassilis Vizas Managing Partner Legal, PwC Greece
Kalliopi Vlachopoulou photo Mrs Kalliopi Vlachopoulou Senior Manager, Head of Regulatory, Digital Law & Innovation, PwC Greece

Vassilios Vizas, Partner, Leader of Tax & Legal Services

1) What do you see as the main points that differentiate PwC Legal from your competitors?

As a Big 4 legal arm we are by definition not a traditional law firm. Hence, a key differentiator is the blending of legal expertise with other capabilities of the PwC network provided as one seamless service to address the increasingly complex challenges of our clients. However, this is not all; our continuing ambition is to combine this aspect with the traditional value of excellence in transactional experience, such that the market will see us both as a standalone law firm with its own excellent credentials but also as part of the PwC network. To achieve this we have grown our team also through experienced hires of the highest caliber from some of the top traditional Greek law firms.


2) Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

The main practices that we see growing in the next 12 months are the following:

  1. Banking & Finance: whilst this market has been dominated in the last few years by large transaction of NPE disposals by banks, we expect that transactions (even if on a secondary market basis) will continue to develop in the near future, but also the stabilization of the Greek banking system and the materialization of significant investments (taking also advantage from the momentum of the EU Next Gen stimulus package) will also increase work in more traditional areas of banking that were less active in the last few years, e.g. project finance etc. At the same time the new market segment of NPE services will continue to evolve its business model thus in constant need of novel legal support both to address regulatory requirements but also assist in developing new types of cooperations and products (latter also applying to the traditional banking sector).
  2. Public procurement: the deployment of the EU Next Gen funds and the continued aim for transformation of the Greek public sector do create the need for large scale support for a sector that has been stagnant for many years during the Greek financial crisis
  3. Real estate: real estate work will follow the recent boom in the market for Greece, both regarding more traditional commercial properties but also the secondary home sector.
  4. Regulatory & governance: the increased level of regulatory requirements in a wide array of sectors, combined with the increased activity in Greek capital markets and the creation of larger economic units does give rise to increasing needs for support in navigating the regulatory landscape and creating compliant but also efficient policies and procedures to ensure compliance whilst addressing bureaucracy.
  5. Labour law & immigration: Although in theory a mature subject, this is an area where we see potential for growth underpinned both by the overall growth and job creation in the Greek economy, but also the new challenges and complexities that arise in light of the ever involving employment landscape.


3) What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

As part of a global arrangement, PwC Legal has an exclusive cooperation arrangement with Harvey, a legal game-changing generative AI platform built on OpenAI’s GPT-4, especially for lawyers. It uses natural language processing, machine learning and data analytics to automate and enhance various aspects of legal work. PwC is the only one of the Big 4 licensed to use Harvey, a tool that is aimed to revolutionize the way that legal services are provided in the age of AI. At PwC Greece Legal we are at this stage in testing mode and soon expect to be deploying solutions to our clients faster and at scale, beyond human capabilities.


4) Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Technology is a huge opportunity but also disruption risk for legal services. Today we as a legal sector are still at a phase where we evaluate the huge potential, but have not yet really unlocked this potential and really transformed our business. Hence and while we may be using some tools internally to achieve efficiency, there is still a lot to be done in changing our interaction with clients in a way that will be really impactful.


5) Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

Adding value to our clients is an ambition underpinning any project or initiative we take, and it is difficult to single out one example without being “unfair” to other cases. But we can mention here as example our assistance to a major corporate client in a process that involved the entering into energy virtual PPAs with producers, following a tendering process, where our work extended from drafting the initial template Heads of Terms to facilitate the tendering process to signing and closing full blown PPA agreements with producers. Given that virtual energy PPA are still a nascent practice in Greece our value added to the client included not only the assistance in preparing HoT and Agreements from scratch, but standing side by side their commercial team and discussing all aspects of risks, challenges and strategies that would need to be taken into account, including negotiation with their counterparty, in order to come to the conclusion of final binding contracts.


6) Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

As mentioned above we expect to see significant transformation in the way that law firms provide their services and add value to their clients. Whilst traditional values such as thought leadership and the provision of solid advice that is tailored to the clients’ specific challenges will persist, law firms will need to develop technology-backed solutions that increase internally efficiency of the legal departments of their clients whilst also advising and supporting on transformation that will elevate further the value that such legal departments provide to their own organization and its own transformation. In this respect we expect that in 3 years’ time lawyers will be working hand in hand with technology experts; in parallel, we may be taking up more work currently handled internally by clients in solutions that will increasingly combine legal with other skills. Finally, as we have witnessed this year through two interactive full day workshops we organized for our clients (“SPA under the Microscope” and “Unravelling Labor and GPDR”, the above will not change the need for combining the importance of thought leadership with close personal relationships.