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Dispute resolution Tier 4

Arbitration boutique B. Cremades & Asociados focuses on international, commercial and investment arbitration. Founding partner and practice head Bernardo M. Cremades specialises in cross-border arbitration. Key clients include Ibercaja Banco, the Court of Arbitration for Sport and Lima Chamber of Commerce. The firm is also representing the Comunidad Judía de Madrid and Federación de Comunidades Judías de España in the high-profile case related to the ownership of the painting Rue Saint-Honoré, Après-midi, Effet de Pluie by Camille Pissarro, which Lilly Cassirer Neubauer was forced to sell to the Nazis in 1939.


The firm

B. Cremades & Asociados was founded in 1969 by Professor Bernardo M Cremades. Since then, it has consolidated its reputation as a leading firm in international law and, in particular, international commercial and investment arbitration. It has a team of approximately 20 lawyers with a high degree of specialisation in the firm’s strategic areas. All its lawyers enjoy international profiles, allowing the firm to provide advice on both common law and civil law matters. Several of its attorneys are members of the Bar in jurisdictions other than Spain, including New York, California, France and Peru.

B. Cremades & Asociados is the pioneer of arbitration in Spain (both commercial and investment protection arbitration). Bernardo M. Cremades, the managing partner of the firm, has participated as counsel or arbitrator in more than 370 arbitration proceedings. He is one of the most experienced arbitration practitioners in the world and the undisputed leader in the Spanish-speaking market. Bernardo M. Cremades has been responsible for some of the most significant doctrinal developments in the history of arbitration, including the recognition of the lex mercatoria, the formation of the arbitration agreement under investment protection treaties, and the definition of the term ‘investment’ in international law.

Areas of practice

B. Cremades & Asociados’ principal practice areas are national and international dispute resolution. It also advises on corporate, financial, administrative and tax law.

With regards to the firm’s arbitration practice, its attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the most commonly used arbitration rules. The firm’s lawyers have participated in many significant investor-state arbitrations as counsel, party-appointed arbitrators or presiding arbitrators. No other office in Spain approaches the firm’s level of expertise in this field. The firm also has strong expertise in commercial arbitration relating to various sectors, including energy, oil, gas, natural resources, construction, engineering, pharmaceuticals, transportation, telecommunications, intellectual property, national and international procurement, corporate arbitrations, joint ventures, international sale of goods and distribution contracts.

The firm’s litigation practice, led by Angel M. Tejada, also enjoys a world-class reputation. Its clients are both individuals and companies, whether national or foreign, who come to the firm because of its extensive experience in complex litigation. In this regard, the firm handles all types of civil, commercial, tax and contentious-administrative disputes.

The experience of B. Cremades & Asociados in corporate and tax law gives it a unique position in the Spanish market, which is reflected in the firm’s reputation nationally and internationally. Both departments are managed by Javier Rodríguez Santos, who worked as an auditor and inspector of the Spanish Tax Authority for over ten years. The firm’s experience acquired in investment protection arbitrations allows it to design and implement corporate structures which, on one hand, maximise tax efficiency and, on the other, minimise political risk.


Department Name Email Telephone
Investor-state and international commercial arbitration Bernardo M Cremades +34 914237200
Domestic arbitration and ADR Angel M Tejada +34 914237200
Corporate finance Javier Rodríguez Santos +34 914237200
Corporate finance Belén Nadal +34 914237200
Investor-state and international commercial arbitration Bernardo M Cremades Jr. +34 914237200
Domestic arbitration and ADR Javier Juliani +34 914237200
Investor-state and international commercial arbitration José M López Useros +34 914237200
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Bernardo Cremades  photo Mr Bernardo Cremades
Mr Bernardo M. Cremades Jr.  photo Mr Bernardo M. Cremades Jr.
Mr Javier Juliani  photo Mr Javier Juliani
Mr José M. López Useros  photo Mr José M. López Useros
Ms Belén Nadal Jiménez  photo Ms Belén Nadal Jiménez
Mr Francisco Javier Rodríguez Santos  photo Mr Francisco Javier Rodríguez Santos
Mr Ángel M Tejada  photo Mr Ángel M Tejada
Number of lawyers : 20


Since its establishment in 1969, B. Cremades & Asociados has been committed to maintaining a high level of diversity among its workforce. It is through B. Cremades & Asociados diversity of culture and backgrounds that it is able to offer its clients a highly specialized and developed practice in areas of international law. The firm is comprised of a large mix of nationalities and languages with legal training from a multitude of both common law and civil law jurisdictions. The maintaining of B. Cremades & Asociados strong commitment to cultural diversity allows the firm’s teams to work together in a highly creative, collaborative, and innovative environment, where diversity of opinion is encouraged rather than repressed. The firm’s differences in background, language, perspectives and training fortifies the firm’s strong values and ensures the provision of a tailored service to meet and exceed clients’ needs. B. Cremades & Asociados is focused on ensuring the continuity of its diversity and making it a larger part of our future growth.

Pro Bono / Community

B. Cremades & Asociados maintains a strong record of working in and seeking to serve the needs of the community at large. The firm has taken on a number of pro bono cases including, more recently, advocating for the return to its rightful owner of artwork stolen by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The firm’s commitment to exercising a social conscience is evidenced by the numerous cases in which the firm has been involved in over the course of its long and rich history.

The firm is further devoted to ensuring the passing on of its knowledge and expertise to the next generation of lawyers. A number of the firm’s partners are regularly engaged and volunteer with universities and law student groups in discussing the development of exciting and pressing legal issues. The firm expends its time and resources both at home and abroad in furthering the development of the law and ensuring that these conversations take place in an open and inclusive environment.