Promotion of Explosives And Firearms Online Can Result in Imprisonment and Fines

Misuse of the internet is severely punished, with crimes such as hacking, breaching private or government data, spreading rumors or fake news, tampering with data of certain authorities, defaming individuals or religious beliefs being heavily penalized.

Learn more about Fake Job Posting for Emiratisation in the UAE and its Sanctions

As part of a new Ministerial Resolution, No. 663 of 2022, the UAE government has issued certain rules to regulate job postings in the country. The Resolution strictly warns those who post job offers which are misleading or which do not exist at all. Following Article 2 of the Resolution, establishments are prohibited from the …

What are the Fines and Penalties for the Hit and Run Cases in the UAE?

“Hit-and-run”, as the name suggests, is used to refer to those cases of motor vehicle accidents where, after causing the accident, the offender abandons the scene without informing the relevant authorities or taking the appropriate measures. A hit-and-run accident is considered to be much graver because generally the person causing the accident is required to …

Dubai: Woman accused of recruiting domestic workers without license; acquitted

A recruitment agency owner who was accused of recruiting domestic workers without a licence, was acquitted by a Dubai court based on discrepancies in charges.

Dubai Courts Dismiss Case of Widow Claiming Late Husband’s Inheritance

The husband had left behind more than 29 apartments, villas, land plots and luxury cars.

Prosecution witness, whose account played a part in his conviction, changed his statement in the appeal

A drama teacher who was convicted of sexually assaulting a child in Dubai has been acquitted after a prosecution witness retracted his testimony.

Dubai Court Acquits Woman of Drug Charges

Lawyer argues that eased penalties under the country’s new drug law should apply since the woman is a first-time offender.

Dubai Resident Cleared of Drug Possession And Use

A Dubai resident who was caught with cannabis-infused chocolate has been acquitted of drug possession charges based on the latest legal changes in the UAE.

Grotesque betrayal and murder leads to Dh1.2 million in compensation

The victim’s business partner planned the crime: A businessman’s family will be compensated with Dh1.2 million. The man was kidnapped and murdered in Dubai five years ago.

Judgements of British Courts Enforceable in UAE Now: The UAE Government asks its courts to uphold the Principle of Reciprocity with UK.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The United Arab Emirates has called on its courts to begin enforcing the judgements of British courts, in a move that could affect the city of Dubai’s status as a haven for the world’s wealthy.