Leading Silks

Aidan O’Neill QC - Ampersand Advocates 'His forte is in debating the court - he is never satisfied with the final version of an argument and is always looking to improve it.'

Leading Juniors

Graham Dunlop - Terra Firma Chambers
Peter Grant-Hutchison - Terra Firma Chambers 'Peter is very well connected in the Scottish Employment Tribunals and has a thorough knowledge of the whole Scottish system. He is incredibly thorough, well prepared and picks up on the detail of a claim.'
Alasdair Hardman - Themis Advocates 'His key strength is his ability, and confidence, to strip a case back to its core elements and ignore all the superfluous noise that often unnecessarily preoccupies so much of the Employment Tribunal’s time.'
Maurice O’Carroll - Terra Firma Chambers 'Very engaging and a proper team player.'

Employment in Scottish Bar

Terra Firma Chambers

Terra Firma Chambers includes a number of juniors active in employment cases for both employers and employees. Maurice O’Carroll, who has a strong trade union following, represented the claimant in an employment tribunal case, in which it was at issue if absence due to pregnancy-related conditions outside the protected period constitute sex discrimination.



‘The stable has a good range of counsel in terms of skill and experience. Terra Firma can cater for most litigation needs and offers a good range of training and networking events.’


‘The stable administration is first class – always responsive and helpful.’

‘The clerks are second to none. They are friendly and approachable without fail. They are always willing to try and accommodate requests and make suitable recommendations. They are frank without being awkward.’

‘The clerks have a good appreciation of their counsel’s specialisms or areas of practice.  I tend to refer to Emma Caskie-Potter in the first instance but regularly deal with Andrew Veitch, Catriona Downie and Tracy Whitelaw, all of whom provide a great level of service.

Themis Advocates

Themis Advocates includes Brian Napier QC - for many the go-to employment Silk in Scotland - and Alasdair Hardman, an in-demand junior active in cases in both the public and private sectors.



The stable is excellent. Very much my go to stable when sourcing an advocate. It is very organised and approachable, with an excellent range of counsel covering all the areas where we have required assistance.


‘The service is excellent. Kiera Johnston has been a great addition to the stable. Nothing is too much trouble for them if you are looking for assistance.’