Firms To Watch: EU and competition

360Competition is a new boutique launched by the 'very knowledgeable, perceptive and open minded' managing partner Adrian Ster  formerly the practice head at D&B David si Baias SCA with a strong track record for competition and antitrust matters.

EU and competition in Romania

D&B David si Baias SCA

D&B David si Baias SCA has a ‘highly qualified and experienced‘ team for EU and competition matters. The firm saw some departures lately, most recently with Adrian Șter leaving to establish his own boutique, 360Competition. Nevertheless, managing partner Sorin David  is ‘one of the most outstanding competition law lawyers in Romania, whose ongoing presence remains a key selling point. The team also fields a selection of up-and-coming lawyers, including managing associate Lucian Bozian , who is ‘valuable support with his in-depth expertise, experience and guidance in competition law matters‘. The firm has strong expertise on high level EU issues, and regularly handles investigations by the authorities. The lawyers also have good experience of merger clearance issues.

Practice head(s):

Sorin David

Other key lawyers:

Lucian Bozian


‘They are undeniably the market leader – accurate, with an excellent understanding of both business and legal perspective.’

‘Sorin David – in-depth knowledge of the law, offers legal solutions even for the most complicated business ideas. Lucian Bozian – efficient, pragmatic and customer oriented’

‘The practice has a strong knowledge of the current market developments, it is connected to the realities of industry and its main challenges (Pharma in our case), therefore can provide business oriented solutions to help move things along, and support the needs and objectives of the business.’

‘Lucian Bozian is the day to day counterpart. He makes himself available on a very short notice, always connects quickly to the essence of the matter, follows up and delivers solutions which are business oriented and supportive.’

‘The competencies in the competition practices are indisputable, the response time is immediate, the activity of following the file / files in question is extremely efficient, the risk of missing a term is practically non-existent. The invoicing system is transparent and automatic, the developer is always checked with the customer before issuing the invoice, avoiding further misunderstandings related to costs. Last but not least, D&B team listens to the client carefully and offers possible approaches explaining the risks and benefits of each option.’

‘Sorin David, with his determined nature and excellent communication skills, is undoubtedly an expert in the field. He approaches all aspects in a calm and professional way and correctly manages all information. Andreea Toncu, is a valuable associate. She is well organized and always available to provide assistance. She is analytical with great attention to details. I appreciate our collaboration.’

With the law firm there are professional lawyers with high moral and professional attire that make them worthy of the profession they have chosen. They are very punctual in terms of correspondence and answers formulated in the relationship with third parties, fulfilling their mandate successfully.’

‘Highly qualified and experienced team, understanding the client’s objectives; hands-on support; straightforward, prompt and effective communication;’

‘Lucian Bozian – highly competent and extremely professional; effective in handling complex issues; naturally leading; very constructive; precise, yet quick to respond;’

‘Highly professional and result oriented team, good in understanding client’s needs’

‘Lucian Bozian has been valuable support with his in-depth expertise, experience and guidance in competition law matters’

‘A team of professionals, dedicated to the clients’ needs. They delivered exceptional work in good time.’

‘We have been in contact with one of the partners, one senior associate and one expert. All of them took enough time to better understand our organization and the specific issues we face. After delivering the work, they follow-up process was more than consistent. We recommend them as being one of our most trusted partners.’

‘Long and proven experience in working on specific competition matters. The team is open and proactively searching for best approach proposals. We would highly recommend them.’

‘They are acting like real partners and not contractors, being available for analyzing a specific topic, looking for potential outcomes and helping on ensuring the proper decision for moving forward is taken.’

‘Seasoned teams, with good understanding of the practice’

‘Sorin David is one of the most outstanding competition law lawyers in Romania.’

‘Lucian Bozian, Oana Dracea – both of them very good professionals, with exceptional knowledge’

Key clients

Kronospan Group

Oil & Gas Employers’ Federation

Orange Romania


Altex Group

Toneli Holding

OMV Petrom

Volvo Financial Services

HeidelbergCement Romania


Lukoil Romania

Vista Bank

Uniqa Asigurari

Teraplast Romania

J. Christoph Group

Bonatti Group

Dietsmann Group

Tchibo Coffee Service

Work highlights

  • Representing Tarom, the Romanian national air carrier, on its submission to the European Commission of a comprehensive restructuring plan in order to restore the company’s long term viability.
  • Provided SNN, the Romanian Government Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business with technical support for the design of the new electricity market in Romania through a Contract for Difference mechanism (CfD state aid scheme).
  • Successfully assisted Volvo Financial Services in connection to the antitrust investigation carried out by the national competition authority into alleged  infringements in the financial leasing and consumer credit markets.

Filip & Company

Filip & Company is commended for its deep bench of EU and competition lawyers, which is ‘a good advantage during investigations or big projects‘. The practice covers all areas. On the non-contentious side the firm regularly assists with merger clearance procedures and day-to-day compliance issues. The team also has an extremely good track record assisting with dawn raids, investigations and fighting adverse council rulings before the courts. Practice head Cătălin Suliman is ‘a top lawyer‘ with a ‘very good understanding of the business‘. Counsel Georgeta Gavriloiu is ‘very experienced and she has an extremely practical and proactive approach‘. Senior associate Silviu Vasile brings ‘excellent analytical skills‘.

Practice head(s):

Catalin Suliman

Other key lawyers:

Georgeta Gavriloiu; Silviu Vasile; Dragos Iordache


‘Great communication, fast turnaround.’

‘Georgeta Gavriloiu is very experienced and she has an extremely practical and proactive approach.’

‘Great capacity of understanding each client’s business, in order to be able to give practical advice, easily understood and applied by the clients. Lengthy and theoretical advice has been successfully replaced with this new business oriented approach.’

‘Catalin Suliman and Silviu Vasile – highly trained, passionate and experienced professionals; put a lot of effort and energy into becoming more like business partners of the clients. They are always rendering tailor-made advice, after an in-depth understanding of the clients’ business and needs. Great availability and focus on putting the client first.’

‘Collaboration, continuous support, trainings and open minded lawyers with flexibility and proactivity.’

‘The team has great Business understanding, and the advice is always targeted on the needs of the business – Catalin Suliman, Silviu Vasile’

‘Filip & Company is an exceptionally good practice, that has not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Their strong ability to draw reasonable and logical assumptions from limited information, to manage time and resources in a manner that makes every client feel like a priority, together with their outstanding work ethics and knowledgeable partners and associates makes them stand out as a law firm.’

‘During our collaboration with Filip & Company, we had the pleasure of working with partners and associates alike. The one that stood out the most was Silviu Vasile, who is also the designated lawyer for our company. Throughout our collaboration, Silviu has showed superior research skills which have benefited our firm immensely as well as excellent analytical skills. He is able to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate effective strategies. Silviu also has exceptional writing skills and has produced many well-researched documents. Additionally, Silviu is a gifted public speaker. Moreover, we highly appreciate his effectiveness in task management, his persuasive and and communication skills, as well as his constant strive to further educate and improve himself.’

‘The team is big and this is a good advantage during investigations or big projects. The billing is fair and they are flexible on this, even we speak about top lawyers. Also, they are available any time.’

‘Catalin Suliman is a top lawyer. What makes him special is the ability to switch from an industry to another and to have a very good knowledge of business. In addition, Catalin Suliman will always come with suggestions both on legal and business matters. Silviu Vasile is a rising star and is already one of the best.’

‘Their uniqueness relies on the very prompt responses and business oriented approach. They are focusing more on the pragmatic feedback that the client needs rather than putting a lot of disclaimers when they are consulted. This shows the high level knowledge and expertise and also that they are acting as true partners and not only as consultants.’

‘Both Catalin Suliman and Silviu Vasile are highly skilled not only in competition law but also in knowing how to easily communicate with the client and understand the needs.’

‘Filip & Company has one of the largest competition teams in Romania, with extensive expertise covering all areas of competition law. What sets them apart from other law firms is their proactive and business-oriented approach while maintaining the highest level of technical expertise. We appreciate that they could deliver swift support in complex matters and have significant expertise of the industry in which we operate. Another key point of their team is their flexibility and adaptability in crisis – they have managed to keep their level of services during the pandemic and managed the relationship with the Competition Authority without flaws also when the Covid-19 restrictions were in place. We feel that our relationship is like a partnership and not a mere service provision. One key point to this relationship is the human aspects, we highly appreciate their involvement in our cases and their dedication to finding solutions.’

‘We are working with Catalin Suliman and Silviu Vasile and other members of their team depending on the complexity of the aspects. The core person for us is Catalin Suliman, who also leads the practice. While Catalin is respected for his expertise, we appreciate his pragmatic approach and timely response. Also, he is very balanced in his approach and has a diplomatic way of dealing with the other party or the Competition Authority. One element that strikes out is his human approach to business matters which differentiates him from other competition experts. His can-do-attitude combined with extensive expertise and skill provide comfort to our team. Also, his team is very experienced and works flawlessly. One associate to watch is Silviu Vasile who will be one of the next partners in the following years.’

‘Very good, professional, deep understanding of client’s business.’

‘Filip & Company is truly focused to help their clients. The firm is connecting to its clients to better understand their needs and so, to give the best support.’

‘It is a pleasure to work with the people from Filip & Company. They are gifted, have great expertise and are focused to help their clients.’

‘The firm provides really professional, tailored advice. They are always easily available.’

‘Catalin Suliman is an exceptionally business oriented lawyer, with real business acumen. Where there is a solution, he will find it.’

‘This practice is unique in consideration of the fact that the members of the Filip & Co EU and competition team are interested in knowing the full picture of the business of the client which makes their feedback valuable and trustworthy.’

‘The individuals from this team within Filip & Co are very reliable, always finding time to answer our questions, giving solutions that consider the specific and business strategy of the client.’


Key clients

Banca Comercială Română

BT Leasing

VIG Group



Autonom Services SA (formerly BT Operational Leasing SA)

Zentiva (part of Sanofi Aventis Group)


Tiriac Leasing

Kingfisher plc (Bricostore)

Work highlights

  • Advised Banca Comercială Română (BCR) in the three-party transaction by BCR, BRD Groupe Société Générale and Raiffeisen Bank Română to hold an equal 33.3% share in CIT One, one of Romania’s leading companies in the cash services market.
  • Assisted BT Leasing with respect to the Romanian Competition Council’s investigation on the financial leasing market.
  • Assisting insurance companies within the VIG Group on investigations by the Romanian Competition Council, starting with dawn raids and ending with challenges before the courts

GNP Guia Naghi & Partners

GNP Guia Naghi & Partners is a first rate competition law boutique that ‘provides excellent legal advice in a time efficient manner‘. The firm covers the full spectrum of transactional, regulatory and contentious competition and antitrust matters, and has developed a strong reputation for successfully guiding clients through Competition Council investigations. Managing partner Manuela Guia  is ‘an amazing lawyer, very resourceful, enthusiastic and above all, client oriented‘ and trusted by clients on domestic and international competition issues. Other key partners include Bianca Naghi  , noted for her ‘dedication, seriousness,’ and ‘professionalism‘. Otilia Vilcu   is also a ‘very pragmatic and brilliant team leader during complicated projects’.

Practice head(s):

Manuela Guia; Bianca Naghi

Other key lawyers:

Otilia Vîlcu; Tudor Nacev


‘The team is very efficient and punctual offering high level legal assistance’

‘Our experience is mainly with Otilia Vilcu who speaks perfect English, is very effective during meetings and correspondence. She is very competent in antitrust matters.’

‘It is about people – their greatest innovations are the ideas and concepts proposed each time in connection to our projects. GNP is very organized and up to date to any practices in the legal environment, such that their solutions are unique and out of the box, suited on the business perspectives. Their legal advice and proposed strategies were performed with high level of expertise so that I’ve felt comfortable in reaching the best results.’

‘Manuela Guia, Bianca Naghi, Patricia Avramescu and Otilia Vilcu proved, by far, to be professionals that can be described as outstanding. They are client-oriented lawyers, having high experience and leading a hard-working team. Their particular focus on details combined with their dedication to find the best solution supported by great communication skills have proven to be the success combination for our great results. They have fully met our needs.’

‘GNP Guia Naghi & Partners SCA is one of the most appreciated law firms dealing with competition matters in Bucharest. I know the partners for more than 10 years and during all this period I have been fully satisfied with the level of expertise, business orientation and promptness off the team. Unlike some other law firms they give their customers the trust that their legal matters are timely solved, no matters their workload or short deadlines.’

‘I appreciate al lawyers in GNP, but especially Manuela Guia and Bianca Naghi, for their dedication, seriousness, professionalism. I like the fact that they are curious about the business and they manage to accommodate legal approach with business priorities.’

‘The GNP team is result oriented and provides excellent legal advice in a time efficient manner. Also, I have to mention the excellent communication skills.’

‘I work closely with  Manuela Guia on both internal and international competition-related matters. I would rank the experience as exceptional and I would describe Manuela as an amazing lawyer, very resourceful, enthusiastic and above all, client oriented.’

‘Exceptional service and collaboration, always on call for the client.’

‘Extremely skilled team.’

‘GNP Team pays particular attention to details, having a business-oriented approach and being proactive in finding solutions for our matters. GNP is a unique combination of brilliant legal technicians and very experienced lawyers that have a firm grasp on what the competition authority thinks, targets and implements. They give to the point advice, think strategically, out of the box and never limit their assistance and give us the confidence that our matters are most important. GNP gives tailored legal advice and considers our requirements and needs as a company. Apart from the easy and on point communication and the proactivity of the team, the lawyers are taking the time to learn what we value most and where we can improve, thus investing in our relationship. GNP provides us with innovative legal solutions always suited to our business concept, being very transparent in terms of case findings. We trust them to lead us to best result possible under the given circumstances and to help us weigh in all relevant aspects related to a specific strategy (not only legal but also financial, reputational, and business wise etc).’

‘Manuela Guia is well established in the competition field in Romania, highly regarded by the industry. She is always very committed to our project outcomes, this being strengthened by her ability to quickly find the best strategies by blending legal points with business perspectives. Otilia Vilcu has excellent understanding skills regarding client business perspectives, being very quick and efficient in providing suitable legal advice. She has very good interactions with Competition Council teams, is very pragmatic and brilliant team leader during complicated projects, very professional and dedicated to our projects.’

‘Great knowledge, very smart and eloquent managing partner. Good team with complimentary knowledge.’

‘Manuela Guia is a superstar.’

‘Manuela Guia, the managing partner of GNP Guia Naghi & Partners SCA, was always available for our needs and we received valuable help and advice every time it was necessary. Also, Bianca Naghi and Otilia Vilcu are strong members of the team in charge of our projects and very committed lawyers, always providing us valuable advice and representing our interest in investigations in the most effective way.’

‘Our first choice for competition law issues, we would always choose Manuela’s team. Their commitment and great legal knowledge on complex matters were always treasured by us and we appreciate the great results we had thanks to the GNP Guia Naghi & Partners team.’


Key clients

Mega Image

Euroins Romania Asigurare Reasigurare

Super Eggs

Agricola International



HS Timber (former Holzindustrie Schweighfofer S.R.L.)

Dante International

Idea Leasing IFN

Raiffeisen Leasing IFN

Clever Tech (currently Free Now)


Servier Pharma



Roche Romania (including Diagnostics)

Maschio Gazpardo


Neobility (Urban Air)

Food & Beverages Management

Work highlights

  • Advising the retailer Mega Image with day-to-day activities, including contract and policy reviews and training sessions, as well as representing the company in a sector investigation launched by the Romanian Competition Council into retail and FMCG pricing policies.
  • Advising Super Eggs, part of EUROVO Group, in relation to a Competition Council investigation into the production and marketing of eggs for consumption.
  • Advising the insurer Euroins Romania Asigurare – Reasigurare, part of Eurohold Group, with day-to-day legal advice on competition matters, as well as a long-running investigation by the Romanian Competition Council into the country’s car insurance market.

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen has a market leading and ‘solutions oriented‘ EU and competition practice that is praised for its ‘very good communication skills’. The team provides a comprehensive service to clients across a wide range of sectors. In addition to day-to-day compliance matters, on the non-contentious side it has developed an extremely good track record for merger clearances, typically with a cross-border element. The team also works closely with the firm’s litigators when defending clients against interventions by the authorities. Practice head Georgeta Dinu  and senior associate Anca Diaconu are ‘extremely valuable‘ before ‘the competition authorities at the local and European level‘.

Practice head(s):

Georgeta Dinu

Other key lawyers:

Anca Diaconu


‘NNDKP is one of the relevant pillars of local legal market where each client may get the appropriate advice on issues related to EU and competition, based on extensive knowledge and large number of areas of expertise covered.’

‘Both Georgeta Dinu (partner) and Anca Diaconu (Senior Associate) proved extremely valuable in our effort to finalize our transactions in front of the antitrust authorities at the local and European level.’

‘They are a very knowledgeable, very business oriented while maintaining the legal restrictions very strictly. They are a team that is solutions oriented and with very good communication skills.’

‘A complex team, with experts in all fields of legal practice, thus able to provide assistance in complex and large-scale projects.’

‘We have worked with Georgeta Dinu and Anca Diaconu – competition practice. In addition to a thorough knowledge of the applicable regulations, both were always available for an in-depth knowledge of the client’s business, so as to be able to provide personalized legal assistance adapted to the client’s needs. Always proactive and business-oriented, but within the limits of legal certainty.’

‘Professionalism. Availability. Client orientation.’


Key clients

DKV Mobility Group



Proplast Group

Quva Sarl

Egger Romania

Roche Romania


Rompetrol (KazMunayGas Group)


Raiffeisen Bank


Work highlights

  • Representing Roche Romania with a court challenge against €13 million in fines over abuse of dominance claims in the biosimilar medicines field.
  • Representing Egger Romania, the Romanian subsidiary of a global timber company, in its successful bid to reduce fines following a major competition authority investigation into Romania’s wood market.
  • Representing DKV Mobility, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of car fleets, with the merger clearance for its acquisition of the Smart Diesel Group.

RTPR | Radu Taracila Padurari Retevoescu SCA

RTPR | Radu Taracila Padurari Retevoescu SCA comes highly recommended for merger clearance, antitrust investigations, litigations and day-to-day advice. The firm is especially strong on the contentious side where highly experienced litigator Valentin Berea is ‘one of a kind, as he meets both in-depth advisory competition expertise and exceptional dispute resolution knowledge in competition cases‘. He is backed by the equally well-regarded and versatile counsel Roxana Ionescu , ‘an experienced and reliable competition lawyer,‘ who is ‘always promptly responding to our requests‘. Clients operate across a broad range of sectors and jurisdictions, including film, retail, telecoms, energy, insurance and banking.

Practice head(s):

Valentin Berea

Other key lawyers:

Roxana Ionescu


‘We had competition law training from RTPR. First, they prepared a comprehensive presentation and fulfilled all our revision requests in time. Afterwards, Roxana Ionescu delivered the training that we had a very positive feedback from our employees.’

‘Both Valentin Berea and Roxana Ionescu are remarkable lawyers who are always available and give outstanding services.’

‘I can confirm that we work with RTPR on several competition law matters, including antitrust investigations, litigation and day to day advice. I can confirm their competition team is top-notch, knowledgeable, punchy in their court submissions, responsive and always willing to go the extra mile to help us. I also appreciate that they specialize in competition litigation – their competition litigation team, led by Valentin Berea, has excellent substantial law knowledge and is involved from the beginning of the case, assisting us from the start of the administrative investigation to the final court phases.’

‘My professional cooperation with Valentin is based on reciprocal trust, which is an essential condition for the client-lawyer relationship. When necessary, we communicate swiftly, including via WhatsApp, regardless whether within usual working hours, or not. I also want to comment on other members of their competition team – Roxana Ionescu, an experienced and reliable competition lawyer, always promptly responding to our requests. Also, very talented associate Andrada Rusan always made a very good impression. They form a great team and complement each other very well. To conclude, I would highly recommend RTPR’s competition team.’

‘Business oriented advice, easy to understand, with practical solutions and ideas.’

‘Valentin Berea is a very enthusiastic lawyer, always learning and developing, putting then the accumulated information and experience towards the client’s benefit. He is taking the time to in  understand the business he is advising on, so the resulted opinion is practical and tailored.’

‘The RTPR team was flexible and adjusted to our needs – with competence in different legal fields. The team was also extended for specific events / expert opinions.’

‘We had a very good communication with all the team members. They were very involved and accurate in their advice.’

‘Well organized, split roles and responsibilities throughout the defense preparations, smooth cooperation with us, attention on details to make the difference between non-relevant and relevant.’

‘Experienced members of the team, deep understanding of the matter we were represented in, passion in work, modest, easy to talk to, good listeners and good thinkers, articulated speeches on hearings.’

‘We have been in contact with RTPR in connection with two competition investigations. Throughout the two investigations (affecting 2 important markets), RTPR proved to be one of the strongest competition law firms in Romania, being contracted by several investigated parties. Their dispute resolution practice in competition cases is quite unique, RTPR being lucky to have on board a resource (Valentin Berea) combining expertise and understanding of competition from advisory perspective and from dispute resolution perspective.’

‘Valentin Berea is one of a kind, as he meets both in depth advisory competition expertise and exceptional dispute resolution knowledge in competition cases. He is well known in the legal services market for his excellent legal capabilities and he has been successful in negotiating with the Competition Council (even during the last couple of years) the closing of certain competition investigation without fines, obtaining mitigating circumstances from the competition council for his clients (thus obtaining important relief in term of payment duty for his clients).’

Key clients

Groupama Asigurari


Zenith Media

Ursus Breweries

Regina Maria

Maspex Romania

Scania Credit

Asirom Vienna Insurance Group

Henkel Romania

British American Tobacco

Work highlights

  • Representing Groupama Asigurari in contesting the Competition Authority’s decision on a complex antitrust investigation concerning the alleged exchange of commercially sensitive information between insurance companies in Romania.
  • Representing Electrica in court proceedings in the EU’s first “facilitator-victim” case, in which the client was fined €2.3 million for allegedly facilitating a cartel between its meter suppliers.
  • Representing Zenith Media in litigation proceedings against a Competition Council decision in which Zenith, along with other media agencies, has been sanctioned for allegedly agreeing to exclude a competitor from the market.

Tuca Zbârcea & Asociatii

Tuca Zbârcea & Asociatii has a top-notch team that covers the full gamut of EU and competition issues. The ‘well-structured and organized‘ practice provides a ‘brilliant, interactive and supportive‘ service that is ‘ knowledgeable in all competition matters from antitrust, merger control, state aid, as well as on consumer protection matters‘. The firm’s market-leading corporate practice ensures a regular flow of transactional and merger clearance work. This is combined with day-to-day compliance and risk management, as well as advice on investigations and dawn raids. Clients are quick to praise practice head Raluca Vasilache  and managing associate Andreea Oprisan, both ‘technically excellent, innovative and solution-driven competition lawyers.

Practice head(s):

Raluca Vasilache

Other key lawyers:

Andreea Oprisan


‘The team is well-structured and organized. This firm’s range of services as regards competition and antitrust and team’s relevant expertise in these areas are unique in the market. Also, a real strength is the mix of legal, business and tax advice given by the firm.’

‘Raluca Vasilache and Andreea Oprisan are technically excellent, innovative and solution-driven competition lawyers. Andreea is hardworking, dedicated to her clients and overall very down to earth and friendly. Both of them are also technically very good and possess an excellent understanding of our industry.’

‘The competition law team of Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii is truly trustful. They are knowledgeable in all competition matters from antitrust, merger control, state aid, as well as on consumer protection matters, prompt, systematic and a very pleasant team. In short, they are there for us and we feel very comfortable having them as our legal advisors on competition matters.’

‘The competition team is coordinated by partner Raluca Vasilache. Raluca is highly senior on competition topics and showing a pragmatic approach on things, very well reputed professional on the market. We work closely with Andreea Oprisan, managing associate. We have only worlds of praise for Andreea. She is a true professional in competition law, always up-to-date, having a 360 degrees view on complex matters and capable of providing us with the clear and business-oriented assessments we need.’

‘Andreea Oprisan, an exceptional professional.’

‘They are brilliant, interactive and supportive.’

‘The competition team of Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii is highly experienced, the team being managed by lawyers with 15 years of experience in the field, Raluca Vasilache (partner) and Andreea Oprisan (Managing Associate). Apart from the extensive experience and knowledge in competition law giving us the comfort that we are on very good hands by explaining each conclusion, comment or opinion based on prior EU and/or local case-law, the team impresses though a pragmatic, client-oriented approach, crisp messages and promptness. Nonetheless, we appreciate that their invoices reflect direct work on the project, work being structured efficiently. The entire team is thoughtful and make you feel at ease even when discussing very serious topics.’

‘In our activity, we usually work with Andreea Oprisan, managing or day-to-day need for competition law advice and that also assisted us in an antitrust investigation closed without sanctions for some market players, including our company. Andreea stands out for her very solid competition law knowledge, applied systematically and clearly. Once discussing with her a topic, it is clear what are the does and don’ts and the message is that allows one to apply the principle in other projects and create awareness or the reflex of understanding that competition law advice is necessary on a certain topic. Andreea has a very pleasant personality and it is a joy to meet her on new projects. The team is headed by Raluca Vasilache, partner that should be praised for in-depth knowledge and pragmatic advice. They are always promptly available for us when needed and we highly appreciate their availability.’

‘Diversity, collaboration and flexibility.’

‘Special mention for Dominic Morega and Andreea Oprisan: very knowledgeable, prompt, creative and supportive.’

‘On EU and competition, in the recent year, I worked with Andreea Oprisan, Managing Associate in the competition department of Tuca Zbarcea & Asociatii. Andreea joined in on some highly complex and confidential projects entailing an in-depth knowledge of competition law. The entire multidisciplinary team of the law firm impresses with their in-depth legal know-how, pragmatic approach, proactively identifying constructive solutions and putting potential fires to end before they start. They work very good together, showing a mature and well-established team. This leads not only to very good quality legal services, but also to cost efficiencies as the invoice is not overloaded. Last, but not least, on top of the service quality, the team includes very pleasant personality individuals that, behind the lawyer serious image have the ability to make meetings enjoyable, being a true pleasure to meet them on projects.’

‘As mentioned, on EU and Competition we collaborated with Andreea Oprisan, Managing Associate from Tuca Zbarcea & Acociatii. Andreea impresses with very good knowledge of competition law, clearly educated in many years of experience, very well structured written documents and replies to questions and constructive solutions. In projects that include multiple parties, Andreea has a very well balanced approach protecting the interests of her client and, at the same time, communicating efficiently with the other party as to avoid misunderstandings or unwanted conflicts on tense subjects. Andreea is prompt in providing advice and very well structured either when providing individual competition law advice, as well as when working in a multidisciplinary team. In Andreea’s case, a very friendly personality completes the image of a trustworthy lawyer, being a joy to discuss with.’


Key clients

Vodafone Romania SA

Carrefour Romania/ Carrefour Group

Coca-Cola HBC Romania

AmerisourceBergen Corporation

Generali Romania



Girod Semnalizare Rutiera


Clever Media Group

BRD Sogelease IFN SA

RD Leasing IFN SA (former IKB Leasing Finance IFN SA)

Eco Anvelope

Work highlights

  • Legal assistance to AMAZONEN-WERKE H. DREYER SE & Co on an investigation by the Romanian Competition Council and a subsequent court case aiming to annul the council’s decision.
  • Legal assistance to Generali Romania in connection with an ongoing investigation, as well as a court challenge against a sanctioning decision issued by the Romanian Competition Council.
  • Legal assistance to Carrefour Romania on day-to-day competition matters, covering internal compliance audits; implementation of compliance procedures; and the review and negotiation of contracts.

Biris Goran SPARL

Biris Goran SPARL is popular with clients who commend its ‘swiftness combined with unquestionable professionalism'. The firm’s experience of competition and antitrust matters covers high level contentious and non-contentious mandates. The practice has a good track record on high profile cartel cases and investigations, and has achieved some notable successes on behalf of international clients such as Viessmann. This is coupled with a solid understanding of heavily regulated sectors such as financial services and life sciences. The ‘very helpful‘  founding partner Gelu Goran  is praised for his ‘good and timely advice’. Senior associate Răzvan Bardicea  is also singled out for praise.

Practice head(s):

Gelu Goran


‘Very proactive and knowledgeable.’

‘One of the most appealing aspects of the firm is its swiftness throughout the whole procedure of fulfilling a mandate, from the first contact until the mandate is completely performed. This swiftness combined with the highest level of professionalism on a wide range of legal fields resulted in that all of our co-operations were highly fruitful. Our main field of co-operation was competition law, specifically a Romanian merger clearance procedure, which is widely known for its strict deadlines and the requirement of precision and a deep understanding of different legal and business areas, and this firm was more than capable to correspond with these requirements.’

‘We have worked especially with Goran Gelu and Teodora Motatu. Both lawyers represented a distinguished level of understanding on their fields, competition law and M&A (another prominently complex field) respectively. Again, we must mention that their strongest aspect was their swiftness combined with unquestionable professionalism.’

‘Gelu Goran is very helpful and provides good and timely advice.’

‘Provide deep legal analysis, dedicated, focus on obtaining good results, good understanding of the business impact of the matters analyzed and appropriate adaptation of the legal opinion to respond to business needs and minimize any negative impact.’

‘Deep analysis combined with clear practical guidance, reliable, prompt’

‘Promptness, pragmatic/commercial approach, flexibility and, in general, ‘value for money’ and “out of the box” approach.’

‘Gelu Goran and Razvan Badircea – Their experience in the specific area of competition matters provided a strong legal know-how and practical basis for dealing with any aspects/hurdles that could come in the course of the projects, both legally correct but also pragmatically and in a flexible manner. They were definitely efficient, responsive and very proactive, with a significant experience with the Romanian legislative initiatives environment and the Romanian authorities’


Key clients

Aon UK Limited


UniCredit Leasing Fleet Management

UniCredit Leasing Corporation



Procter & Gamble

General Leasing



Work highlights

  • Ongoing assistance to Aon UK and its Romanian insurance brokerage affiliate, Aon Romania, in a Competition Council investigation into the aviation insurance market for alleged bid-rigging and price fixing.
  • Advising Viessmann, a manufacturer of heating and refrigeration systems, in a vertical price fixing investigation.
  • Advising UniCredit Leasing Fleet Management in an industry-wide information exchange investigation.

DLA Piper Dinu SCA

DLA Piper Dinu SCA has a top-notch reputation for advising clients in the pharmaceuticals industry, including major international blue-chip companies and trade associations. On the life sciences side, partner Alina Lacatus  is ‘a truly knowledgeable and dedicated person, highly approachable and knowledgeable of what moves in the market‘. The firm represents clients from across other heavily-regulated industries, including automobiles, chemicals, energy and financial services. Practice head Livia Zamfiropol is also praised for her ‘her in-depth competition expertise and the practical involvement in every topic‘. Clients also consider senior associate Razvan Pelea safe pair of hands‘.

Practice head(s):

Livia Zamfiropol

Other key lawyers:

Alina Lăcătuș; Alexandra Rădulescu; Razvan Pele


‘The DLA team stands out for being business-oriented and well connected to market’s reality. Also for tailoring the necessary legal advice so that it responds to business expectations.’

‘Alina Lacatus provides sound, clear, and practical legal advice. She is straightforward and always oriented to customers’ need. She is also very agile and responsive, which is highly appreciated by the business.’

‘An unparalleled knowledge of the pharma market with an extraordinary strong team delivering year after year. In between the life science and competition law team, there is deep knowledge of the pharma market, issues of the industry and practice of authorities.’

‘Alina Lacatus, Partner, is a truly knowledgeable and dedicated person, highly approachable and knowledgeable of what moves in the market. Business orientated, she has a keen understanding of the business needs and deliver practical great advice each and every time. Vadim Barbu, Irina Macovei and Bianca Pop are very strong Associates with wide knowledge and skills who can promptly support in complex legal matters.’

‘DLA Piper Romania has one of the best competition law practices in Romania with a special focus on pharmaceutical law. They are very knowledgeable of pharmaceutical industry specifics and they are highly regarded by pharma companies and professional associations.’

‘There are few professionals on the local market in pharmaceutical market, but DLA Piper team definitely stands out. Alina Lacatus is doing a stellar job on this front.’

‘EU and competition practice is a very sensitive and important area, that’s why it is extremely important to have reliable advisors next to you. The DLA Piper Competition team has assisted us in several important and sensitive projects, providing always swift responses and being a reliable advisor. I appreciate their pragmatic and documented advice in an area of law where there is a lot of uncertainty.’

‘I have worked on several projects with Alina Lacatus. She is an amazing lawyer. Very confident, responsive, well prepared and always on the spot. As in house lawyer I am handling lot of urgent requests, thus I need from to time to have urgent input from external lawyers. Alina is always there at a phone call distance and she is providing valuable input even ad hoc. The discussions that I am having with Alina on various matters are like a big breathe of oxygen for me, as after that I have the confidence that the projects will be properly implemented or at least the risks mitigated. I have also worked with Irina Macovei who is also a brilliant responsive lawyer.’

‘The DLA Piper Romania team of Competition practice is a very experienced and very well prepared from the level of the EU and local competition domain perspective. The team offers innovative solutions for preparing the compliance competition programs within the organizations but also for building the defense in front of the competition authorities investigations.’

‘Livia Zamfiropol (née Constantinescu) as Partner and Head of Competition within DLA Piper is a reputed specialist in the EU & Competition practice. She has practical skills in analyzing and offering tailor made solutions for the company-clients advised by her. The most important qualities of Livia consist in her in-depth EU Competition expertise and the practical involvement in every topic in order to find the best solution for the client.’

‘The DLA Piper team is very proactive and has excellent background and experience in antitrust procedures. They helped us in a complex investigation of Competition Council.’

‘Very engaged, prompt and proactive.’

‘The EU and competition practice at DLA Piper in Bucharest is unique through the combination of expertise, skills and exposure to investigations and dawn raids. This is a team with high endurance and on which you can rely for the long haul.’

‘The EU and competition practice at DLA Piper in Bucharest has some of the finest lawyers at all levels. What distinguishes it from other practices is that you get not only a creative and very experienced partner but also the other team members are rather outstanding in terms of breadth and depth of expertise. Livia Zamfiropol leads the practice with consummate skill and Razvan Pele offers a safe pair of hands which reassure you that all that is needed to be done has been done.’

‘Professional team, very well prepared with relevant experience and expertise in Pharma field’

‘Reliable and Trustful advisors. Always have overview of the topics discussed Good understanding of the legislation and practices on the market Good communicators Able to build long-term relationships’

Key clients



Work highlights

  • Advising Ropeco on the competition aspects of the acquisition of its cash processing and ancillary security services by Oresa Ventures, one of the largest venture capital funds active in Romania.
  • Advising the Romanian Association of the Self-Care Industry (RASCI) on the full array of antitrust matters, including potential competition-related risks concerning interactions between competitors, and assisting with the drafting of clear internal policies regulating the activities of the association.

Schoenherr si Asociatii SCA

Schoenherr si Asociatii SCA can be relied upon to provide a ‘business-oriented approach and pragmatic solutions for any antitrust matter. The firm’s strong corporate practice inevitably leads to a large flow of merger clearance mandates, while its international network ensures a seamless service on cross border matters. The specialist team is also highly active on the investigations side, regularly assisting clients before the authorities and providing support on dawn raids and related contentious issues. The ‘outstanding‘ practice head Georgiana Bădescumakes great strides to understand the clients’ business and to deliver the exact legal solution they need‘. She is backed by a team of highly specialised lawyers include Mona Banu and Cristiana Manea.

Practice head(s):

Georgiana Bădescu


‘Very good know-how, good access to decision makers, responsive.’

‘With a business-oriented approach and pragmatic solutions for any antitrust matter, Schoenherr’s competition practice is unmatched in the Romanian market. The firm’s competition team is knowledgeable, prompt and delivers excellent advice. Schoenherr uses international-level legal tech tools, including a dedicated dawn raid app which is very useful in competition enforcement.’

‘My collaboration with Georgiana Badescu goes way back. Georgiana is extraordinary in every way: strong theoretical background, practical experience, skillful communication, business-orientation. She makes great strides to understand the clients’ business and to deliver the exact legal solution they need.’

‘Schoenherr Romania are a highly professional, well-organized and extremely knowledgeable team of individuals who are able to meet a client’s needs in virtually all aspects of EU and competition law, most notably also in the area of competition damages cases. On the Romanian market its overall competence and know-how are unparalleled, but as part of a big international law firm the team is able to deal with matters extending over the whole CEE region.’

‘Georgiana Badescu has been our main contact in the Bucharest office. She is an outstanding legal professional who will never betray your trust: erudite, experienced, organized and hard-working. She is unable to compromise on quality and will surpass your expectations of what is actually possible. Last but not least, her English is impeccable which makes things a lot easier in Romania. Carmen Stirbu is a well-proven regulatory expert able to advise on various aspects of the EU law. She is able to identify and grasp core aspects of a problem fast and is endowed with exclusive analytical and drafting skills. Her fees are fully vindicated by the work products she delivers.’

‘Schoenherr’s is the premier competition practice in Romania. Straight forward advice, very highly recommended for any type of competition law issues in Romania. International level investments are visible in people, tech, client focus.’

‘Georgiana Badescu is the competition team head at Schoenherr. Georgiana is thoughtful, professional, on time. Outstanding, very warmly recommended.’

Key clients

Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari

Auto Italia


Knauf Gips

OMV Petrom Marketing



Work highlights

  • Successfully assisted the dairy producer Covalact in litigation for the annulment of a competition fine.
  • Advised Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari on obtaining merger clearance from the Romanian Competition Council regarding the acquisition of Gothaer Asigurari Reasigurari.
  • Assisting various clients in large-scale investigations conducted by the Romanian competition authority on markets such as leasing, insurance, auto car paint, car repair services, and labour protection equipment.

Wolf Theiss

Wolf Theiss is establishing a strong foothold in the market for contentious and non-contentious EU and competition advice. Key to the firm’s recent success has been highly-rated practice head Anca Jurcovan   who is ‘a leader in the industry, with an open-minded approach and ability to always look at the big picture‘. She is commended for building a strong team of young lawyers with a broad mix of related procurement, regulatory, litigation and corporate finance expertise. The team has good relationships with major clients across several heavily regulated industries, including telecoms, waste management, pharmaceuticals and financial services. The firm’s regional network is also of benefit to clients on cross-border matters.

Practice head(s):

Anca Jurcovan

Other key lawyers:

Claudia Chiper


‘Anca Jurcovan has an expertise unparalleled in her field of law and offers flexible and impeccable support in all matters.’

‘Wolf Theiss has assisted us with respect to various complex competition compliance matters. Our long-lasting collaboration with Anca Jurcovan, the head of the competition law department, has been excellent given her insightful knowledge of our business, experience and commitment. Anca is a leader in the industry, with an open-minded approach and ability to always look at the big picture on the business strategy, while carefully handling details of legal work. She has raised her team after she joined Wolf Theiss with talented young lawyers. For specific specific cross – jurisdictional matters Wolf Theiss team is able to mobilize great regional resources for providing the requested advice.’


Key clients

FCC Environment


Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association Europe

Revetas Capital Advisors

UNSICAR, the National Union of Insurance Brokers

Vodafone Romania

Total Produce Holdings B.V.

VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe

Barentz International B.V.


Work highlights

  • Assisting the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association Europe in the Romanian Competition Council investigation into the market for human immunoglobulins.
  • Assisting FCC Environment Romania SRL in the Romanian Competition Council investigation into an alleged abuse of dominance on the market for industrial waste landfill in the western and southwestern part of Romania.
  • Assisting GlovoApp23 on the merger control clearance for its takeover of indirect control of Delivery Hero’s food delivery business  in several jurisdictions, including Romania.

Bondoc si Asociatii SCA

Bondoc si Asociatii SCA has a versatile EU and competition practice that can handle the full array of contentious and non-contentious issues. Merger clearance filings have featured prominently on the agenda in the past year, and the firm has an impressive track record for advising on local issues linked to high-value cross-border acquisitions. This is matched by the firm’s strong contentious credentials, both in Romania and when challenging decisions at an EU level, as demonstrated by its defence of Oltchim on a state aid related claim. Managing partner Lucian Bondoc and partner Raluca Voinescu  are the two main contacts.

Practice head(s):

Lucian Bondoc; Raluca Voinescu

Key clients


Clubul Fermierilor Romani (Romanian Farmers’ association)

Dante International SA (eMag)

Distrigaz Retele Sud (part of Engie group)

Engie Romania SA

Fresenius Medical Care Romania

Merck, Sharp & Dohme


Sanofi SA


Tecar Family

Work highlights

  • Advising A&M Capital Advisors Europe on the antitrust issues linked to its acquisition of Pet Network International’s Romanian subsidiaries.
  • Assisting Adler Pelzer as local counsel on the successful merger filing with the Romanian Competition Council for the client’s acquisition of Faurecia’s acoustics and soft trims division in Europe.
  • Assisting Oltchim, together with White & Case LLP, in challenging the EU Commission’s ruling that Oltchim has benefited in the past from over €330 million in illegal state aid.

bpv Grigorescu Stefanica

bpv Grigorescu Stefanica represents clients from a number of heavily regulated industries, including the technology sector. The global nature of several of its clients, Google being an obvious example, means that it has good experience of handling both domestic and EU-related regulatory issues, including competition and antitrust. This includes support on the development and roll-out of compliance and training programs, merger clearance matters, and also handling inquiries and investigations by the competition authorities. Experienced managing partner Catalin Grigorescu  leads the practice in which ‘each team member has a great knowledge of Romanian and EU law regulations and is ready to provide support even under pressure of tight deadlines‘.

Practice head(s):

Catalin Grigorescu


‘The team at bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA continually provides us with expert, tailor-made legal advice. We especially value the high level of professionalism and engagement they show in their work, irregardless of the complexity of the task. They work efficiently as a team and make use of their exceptional local law expertise to support us in a wide variety of legal issues. Over the past 6 years of working with the law firm, we’ve never received anything less than outstanding. ’

‘All members of the bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA team are highly skilled, legal professionals, who are able to work both independently and as part of a team. Each team member has a great knowledge of Romanian and EU law regulations and is ready to provide support even under pressure of tight deadlines.’

Key clients








Fitbit Inc.



Work highlights

  • Advising Beiersdorf on multiple commercial agreements concluded with clients, suppliers and other partners, as well as in relation to new products introduced to the Romanian market and advertising campaigns and competition matters.
  • Advised Fitbit regarding the mandatory registration and notification requirements for medical device manufacturers in Romania, considering both the national and EU legal framework.
  • Preferred legal adviser to Google in Romania on all matters relating to EU & Competition compliance and regulatory advice.


CMS has a ‘very skilled, hands-on team with an in-depth knowledge of Romanian and EU Competition law‘. The practice is especially active on the merger clearance side. The Bucharest team forms a core part of the wider regional offering and is noted for its involvement in several high profile cross-border acquisitions and joint venture agreements. Practice head Horea Popescu also regularly assists clients with regulatory compliance, and  contentious issues such as dawn raids and investigations. Disputes partner Horia Draghici and senior associate Laura Capata also have ‘an impressive knowledge of both EU and Romanian competition law’.

Practice head(s):

Horea Popescu

Other key lawyers:

Cristina Popescu


‘Very skilled, hands-on team with an in-depth knowledge of Romanian and EU Competition law. Delivers in time and with high quality.’

‘Horia Draghici (Partner) and Laura Capata (Associate) are both very capable lawyers who are able to provide accurate assessments even in very short timeframes. They have an impressive knowledge of both EU and Romanian competition law.’


Key clients

OCP Group



Work highlights

  • Assisting OCP on a merger filing linked to its 50-50 joint-venture with the Al Dahra Group in the Romanian market. This included assisting OCP and Al Dahra with a multi-jurisdictional merger control assessment and processes in other jurisdictions including Ukraine, Poland, and Morocco.
  • Advising Hidroelectrica on various competition law issues, including merger clearance and exchange of information.
  • Representing PPF on competition issues linked to its joint acquisition, with Sabanci, of Temsa.


Dentons has a focused competition and antitrust practice which is popular with clients for advisory and contentious issues. Practice head Raul Mihu  is making a strong impression on the market, praised for being ‘not only extremely knowledgeable, but also directly and personally involved and he’s always available‘. Compliance is a core part of the offering and the team has a good track record in assisting with dawn raids, investigations and fighting adverse rulings from the Competition Council. The firm also handles a significant amount of merger clearance work, and its international network makes it a strong choice for cross-border matters.

Practice head(s):

Raul Mihu


‘Dentons seems to have just the right mix of people – from highly qualified and dedicate partners to knowledgeable associates. We had high expectations of Dentons as regards the use of technology, but the ease with which they have adjusted to the new challenges posed by the pandemic truly impressed us. At the same time, they do not shy away from in person meetings when that personal touch is indeed a must.’

‘We’ve been working with Raul for more than 10 years – both in his previous law firm, and now in Dentons. Raul truly stands out among other partners on the market – he’s not only extremely knowledgeable, but also directly and personally involved and he’s always available. We have been raided by the Competition Council in the very midst of the pandemic – and Raul was at our premises within 30 minutes, ready to assist. He has a very hands-on and outstanding business-oriented approach. He’s there for the most complex investigations and the most sensitive advice, but also for trainings that he truly enjoys delivering personally. His contribution has been essential for our company to get cleared from an investigation that could have resulted in serious damage to our business and reputation.’

‘Dentons has an unmatched ability to identify and analyze a given situation, devise the most appropriate strategy and prioritize resources in order to address the likely outcome. They employ a holistic approach to legal challenges by leveraging new technologies and engaging with non-legal experts in order to produce the best results for us, while at the same time putting themselves in the shoes of the counterparty in order to identify and mitigate soft spots in our legal position. Ultimately, it is Dentons’ business acumen and the intimate understanding of our industry sector, the way they engage with management and staff alike and the innovative solution they propose that we truly appreciate as a client.’

‘We truly appreciate Raul’s commitment, involvement and availability at all times, as well as his expertise. He knows when to be assertive and when a more flexible approach is needed. Raul works seamlessly with financial, economic and technical consultants and does not shy away from asking (and answering) the tougher questions, all with the ultimate goal of advancing our position as client. He remains fully engaged from start to finish and he is not satisfied until all corners are addressed. Raul leads by example and his team truly reflect his qualities and his commitment in full.’

Key clients


Bittnet Systems SA


Dual Man



Work highlights

  • Successfully represented Auchan in obtaining the annulment by the court of first instance of a €5 million fine imposed by the Romanian Competition Council on Real Hypermarkets, a company formerly owned by Metro Group, which merged with Auchan following its acquisition from Metro.
  • Advised KPS on the acquisition of Lufkin rod lift solutions business from Baker Hughes
  • Assisted ALB in connection with the investigations initiated by the Romanian Competition Council on the leasing and consumer credit services markets in Romania.


Kinstellar is developing an increasingly prominent and ‘extremely well managed‘ competition practice with strong credentials for contentious and non-contentious matters. Practice head Iustinian Captariu  and managing associate Cătălin Graure are ‘very professional with excellent knowledge and expertise on the subject of local Competition rules and practices‘. The firm has recently achieved positive outcomes for clients in cartel investigations, and also provides good support on merger clearances and general day-to-day matters. The team works well with colleagues in the regional network on cross-border issues.

Practice head(s):

Iustinian Captariu

Other key lawyers:

Cătălin Graure


‘The law firm Kinstellar have represented our company for the past few years. It was a very long and complex process but extremely well managed by Kinstellar and at very high level.’

‘Both of the team members, Iustinian Captariu (Partner) and Catalin Graure (Senior Associate) have been outstanding since the beginning of this investigation. Very professional with excellent knowledge and expertise on the subject of local Competition rules and practices. No real weaknesses to declare and throughout the entire investigation they have been on point with all deadlines, follow ups and very precise with any responses to the Competition Council, providing a high level and expert representation.’

Key clients

BRD – Groupe Société Générale


MET Group

Perrigo Romania

ALD Automotive

Agroind & Promat


Work highlights

  • Advised ALD Automotive, one of the largest operational leasing companies in Romania and part of the Société Générale Group, on a high-profile cartel investigation on the operational leasing market carried out by the Romanian Competition Council.
  • Providing day-to-day competition advice to the pharmaceutical company, Perrigo Romania, including support on information requests from the Romanian Competition Council, with respect to the authority’s sector inquiry into the OTC medicines and food supplements market
  • Advising Mastercard on a day-to-day basis, including on horizontal and abuse of dominance issues, as well as potential antitrust matters raised by  collaborations with the public authorities.

Musat & Asociatii

Musat & Asociatii handles a broad range of competition and antitrust matters on behalf of clients. The firm is especially active on the contentious side, regularly representing clients before the courts and the Romanian Competition Authority, including support on abuse of dominance and cartel investigations. The team has good experience of merger control and state aid matters, and also offers risk management advice and training.  The practice is headed by the versatile litigator Paul George Buta , who is also active on the intellectual property side. Other key lawyers include Dan Minoiu and managing associate Manuela Lupeanu.

Practice head(s):

Paul Buta

Other key lawyers:

Dan Minoiu; Manuela Lupeanu


‘Paul Buta is very meticulous and strategic in his analysis, always available and on-top of all facets of the matter. He knows both the law and the facts inside-out and is always evaluating improving our position. Manuela Lupeanu is very knowledgeable of all matters competition law, both in EU and Romania and taps into the latest developments to provide innovative advice.

‘The competition team involved in our project (complex litigation file) proved a high level of competence and a great ability to present the arguments in a very well structured, clear and logic manner, without compromising on the quality of arguments, which is very difficult to achieve (especially in competition law related litigations) but very important in order to ensure that the arguments are easily followed and properly understood.’


Key clients

Damen Shipyards Group

Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport


Eli Lilly

Friesland Campina


Sig Sauer






Work highlights

  • Lead legal counsel for the weapons manufacturer Sig Sauer GMBH & Co. KG, in an antitrust investigation and court proceedings regarding alleged bid rigging in certain tender procedures organised by the Ministry of National Defence.
  • Advising Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport, concerning an investigation for abuse of dominance in the ground handling market at airports.
  • Assisting Electrolux with assessments regarding its distribution framework and relations with downstream service and products suppliers and clients, as well as advertising and marketing initiatives in Romania.


Noerr has solid experience on the full range of competition issues. The team regularly advises clients from across several key industries including retail, manufacturing, financial services and life sciences. The team provides good support on the roll-out of internal compliance programs and audits, and also  represents clients before the Romanian Competition Council. This includes advice on merger clearance measures, as well as antitrust investigations. Experienced corporate head Rusandra Sandu   leads the antitrust and competition team, while the state aid side of the practice is managed by Iulian Sorescu.

Practice head(s):

Rusandra Sandu; Iulian Sorescu

Other key lawyers:

Luiza Bedros

Key clients

Wirecard (insolvency administrator Dr. Michael Jaffé)

Artesana International

Vrancart Recycling

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

Stada Group

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Samsung Electronics


Universal Alloy Corporation Europe (UAC Europe)


Work highlights

  • Advised the insolvency administrator Dr. Michael Jaffé on competition issues linked to the sale of Wirecard Sales International Holding’s Romanian subsidiaries to the European payment services provider, SIBS.
  • Advised Stada Group on a wide range of competition issues in Romania, including drafting distribution contracts and providing competition compliance training for the management.
  • Advice to Bristol-Myers Squibb on all Romanian competition issues, including antitrust compliance and dawn raid training for the local team.

Popovici Nitu Stoica & Asociatii

Popovici Nitu Stoica & Asociatii is noted for its collaborative and ‘very successful‘ approach to antitrust and competition matters. The firm’s active transactional ensures a ready flow of merger clearance mandates. This is coupled with strong support on contentious proceedings, including major cartel investigations and abuse of dominance claims. Clients come from a broad range of industries, including retail, IT, life sciences, manufacturing and financial services. Mihaela Ion  leads the well-regarded team, which also provides regular advice on internal compliance programs, particularly in relation to supplier and distributor agreements.

Practice head(s):

Mihaela Ion


‘They are close to the people/clients, trying to understand the real needs of their clients and to provide them the best advice and recommendations money can buy- Mihaela Ion, Laura Ambrozie Vanessa Nistor’

‘Very good collaboration and successful approach.’

‘Special mention for the good collaboration with Mihaela Ion.’


Key clients


Hewlett Packard




Akzo Nobel




New Kopel


Deutsche Leasing

Work highlights

  • Assisted the technology company Hewlett Packard in connection with a Competition Council investigation into alleged abuse of dominance.
  • Assisted Simavi, an IT company in the SIVECO group, in connection with a complaint submitted with the Competition Council regarding potentially anti-competitive behaviour by a contracting authority.
  • Assisted BRD regarding the acquisition of joint control over CIT One, a Romanian supplier of integrated cash services.

Reff & Associates SCA

Reff & Associates SCA has a good reputation for representing clients in heavily regulated industries such as life sciences and financial services. The firm, praised for its ‘highly professional attitude‘,  has achieved some notable successes in the past year for clients such as the Bank of Cyprus following lengthy cartel investigations. The team also provides strong support on strategic measures, including merger clearance procedures for corporate transactions, or advising on internal compliance and distribution agreements. Practice head Florentina Munteanu has almost 20 years’ experience in competition, antitrust and state aid matters.

Practice head(s):

Florentina Munteanu

Other key lawyers:

Andrea Grigoras


‘Highly professional attitude and great collaboration skills.’

Key clients


Bank of Cyprus

Fildas Trading & Catena

UP Romania

NEPI Rockastle

ELKOTech Romania


Banca Transilvania Group

International Alexander Group

Work highlights

  • Advising Proinvest throughout a a three-year Competition Council investigation into a cartel allegation.
  • Successfully assisted the Bank of Cyprus group in closing a three-year investigation by the Competition Council into an alleged cartel on the exchange of information that resulted in no fine for the client.
  • Assisted Fildas Trading, a major Romanian pharmaceuticals distributor, on the full range of antitrust matters, including negotiating distribution agreements.

Zamfirescu Racoti Vasile & Partners

Zamfirescu Racoti Vasile & Partners brings a considerable amount of EU and competition expertise to the table. The firm’s strong standing on litigation matters is a major asset for challenging adverse rulings by the Competition Council. Equally the team has good expertise of guiding clients through investigations and dawn raids. The practice also has a sound track record for merger clearance, and day-to-day compliance support, where clients rate the team for creating ‘a culture of increased awareness of competition rules’. Practice head Elena Iacob and partner Ioana Racotiare dedicated and very competent on state aid and antitrust matters‘.

Practice head(s):

Elena Iacob

Other key lawyers:

Ioana Racoti


‘ZRVP assists us on all major competition law matter.  Excellent team, strong understanding of our business and needs, specialized knowledge and good cooperation within international attorneys and consultants. They have a hands-on approach and present difficult legal issues in terms accessible to the business people. They are our trusted advisor of choice.’

‘Ioana Racoti and Elena Iacob are the partners we cooperate with more often. They are dedicated and very competent on state aid and antitrust matters. In addition to their responsiveness and personal attention we appreciate their pragmatic approach and the fact they keep up to date with all new state aid and regulatory developments. It is a pleasure working with them.’

‘ZRVP is one of the largest and most applauded law firms in Romania. They have an outstanding track record of success stories assisting their clients and this is also confirmed in our case. ZRVP lawyers are excellent in legal knowledge, versed in procedural tactics and no-nonsense in their legal advice. We were glad to conclude the investigation opened by a very drastic authority – the Competition Council – with the support of the consultancy lawyers from the competition practice, thus avoiding to further spend resources in a litigation.’

‘The competition practice is managed by Elena Iacob, a very experienced lawyer with a specialized and still hands-on approach in all cases. She helped us navigate through the procedural phases of the investigation, acted as trusted advisor on the defence strategy and timely and adequately managed written requests of information, submissions and comments to the report of the investigation team. We would recommend her for the out-of-the-box thinking and the mature and well-informed advice. Other lawyers involved in the project are Mihai Baicoianu and Laura Burtan, which provided good technical support while being at the beginning of their career.’

‘ZRVP team, very good lawyers , super knowledge, quick in reaction and problem solvers.’

‘The team advises my company on the matters related to compliance with the competition rules and provides my company with guidance on the subject. The firm was part of the team that implemented our guide for compliance with competition rules and  providing training for our personnel. The collaboration with the firm created a culture of increased awareness of competition rules within our company. I do think the firm is a very good law firm, as it does meet the main criteria of assessment: reputation, capabilities, adaptability to changing circumstances, quality of staff and management. I think “business savvy” is a great word to describe this team.’

‘Stan Tîrnoveanu, Senior Partner and Elena Iacob, Partner, as experts in the domain, highly intelligent and with strong analytical skills. I do particularly admire Tîrnoveanu’s passion when communicating about a legal issue, which make him a successful and effective networker and very good in inspiring others. Elena Iacob has extensive experience in banking, financing projects and financial services regulations, as well as in public procurement, in the field of company law and competition.’

‘A team of professionals, with experience, prepared on each subject, aiming to achieve high level of professionalism. They gained my confidence in their ability to execute and deliver the results and in their teamwork skills to solve the required task in the most effective way.’

‘Elena Iacob, Partner is a great specialist, focused on delivering outstanding service and helping clients achieve their goals. Authentic and enthusiastic, she promptly responds to our needs.’


Key clients







Work highlights

  • Advised Kronospan Group in an investigation opened by the Competition Council on a possible breach of the national and EU competition law in the wood processing market.
  • Advised Immobiliare Italo Romena in an investigation opened by the Competition Council on a possible breach of the national and EU competition laws for the financial leasing services market and the consumer credit market.
  • Advised the Romanian Association of Banks on the revision of its competition compliance programme, designed for members and employees, following publication by the Competition Council of a guideline on competition compliance programs for trade associations.