Labour and employment in Mexico

Baker McKenzie Abogados, S.C.

The ‘team is extraordinary’, note clients of the labour practice at international full-service firm Baker McKenzie Abogados, S.C., adding that it is ‘fully specialised and always at the forefront’. Combining transactional and regulatory experience the group advises clients on the full spectrum of labour law issues, including collective bargaining, litigation, corporate restructuring, social security, day-to-day advisory, and compliance with the labour outsourcing reform. The practice is led by Ricardo Castro-Garza, who focuses on strategic labour planning and both individual and collective employment-related litigation. Additional figures of note in the 20-strong team include: Salvador Pasquel-Villegas, whose experienced is centred on collective bargaining, strike call procedures and collective labour litigation, along with the harmonization of employment benefits, compliance and risk management; and Manuel Calderon-Niño who is praised for his ‘excellent service, excellent attention, the best disposition and an almost immediate response’ ; he too has extensive experience in complex individual and collective litigation. A second line of capable younger partners comprises Carlos Martín del Campo (head of the employment and compensation practice for Tijuana and Guadalajara), Liliana Hernández-Salgado (strategic labour, employment and compensation consultancy), and Gabriel Ortiz-Aguilar (general labour advisory and litigation). Senior associate Humberto Ruiz heads-up the social security sub-practice from the Monterrey office.

Practice head(s):

Ricardo Castro


‘Fully specialised and always at the forefront.

‘Ricardo Castro and Alfonso Cortez stand out for their great quality as lawyers and client treatment.

‘Baker’s team is extraordinary to us. They get deeply involved to know our needs. Unlike other lawyers, they seek to listen to all areas of the company and seek the best solution of all legally possible.

‘The whole team is extraordinary but, particularly, Manuel Calderón has given us an excellent service, excellent attention, the best disposition and an almost immediate response.

‘They are kept up to date and willing to take interpretation positions, commenting on them with authorities on the matter.

‘Ricardo Castro is very analytical and has good criteria for interpreting legislative changes.

Key clients



Work highlights

  • Advise Toyota on the analysis of its compliance with labour obligations derived from the USMCA in two manufacturing plants; advised and initiated the legitimisation process of its two collective bargaining agreements, and conducted training sessions with suppliers for adoption of necessary actions to comply with the new labour obligations as well as representing the client in complex litigations.
  • Advised a multinational toy manufacturing company with the winding-down and closing of its manufacturing operations at its plant operated in Tijuana, which included the sale of its industrial facility.
  • Advised Dyson regarding the implications of the subcontracting regime for its operations in Mexico, from a labour and tax perspective.

Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C.

At Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C. the ‘quality of the services provided by the members of the labour area is magnificent with impeccable client treatment‘. The firm fields a strong team of over 30 lawyers with experience in both in collective and individual labour law for high profile clients, and which advises on matters such as corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, collective bargaining agreements, employment terminations, immigration, outsourcing reform and litigation. The team is jointly lead by senior partner Jorge De Presno, a standout figure whose expertise reaches across the labour, employment, social security and immigration segments; David Puente-Tostado (a May 2021 arrival from Sánchez Devanny) who has extensive experience in collective bargaining; and Alvaro Gonzalez, who focuses on planning, consulting and labour strategies. Tax practitioners Gil Zenteno and Gerardo Nieto are also integral participants in the practice, handling the social security and pensions aspects of labour mandates. The practice also evidences good strength at associate level with seniors Luis Álvarez (a litigation specialist who is particularly active in terminations), Alejandro Hernández (head of the labour and employment litigation area within the practice group), and Santiago Villanueva (a social security specialist), along with associate Jorge Luis Durán, all increasingly prominent.

Practice head(s):

Jorge De Presno; David Puente Tostado; Alvaro Gonzalez


‘It is a large team with experience in assisting companies in labour issues.

‘Good service and experience in managing employers defence.

‘With Basham, Ringe y Correa, we always experience great attention and interest in the matter at hand as well as the client in general. The firm’s advice is always straight to the point and shows an understanding of the client’s needs. As our joint clients are usually located in Denmark, Basham, Ringe y Correa understands the importance of explaining the legal context and framework in an easily accessible manner.

‘I have worked with Luis Antonio Alvarez Cervantes and Jorge De Presno for many years. They are both excellent  lawyers, and I have great confidence in their capabilities and legal judgement. Also, they always deliver within the deadline, and their friendly approach and mindset towards clients is a pleasure to experience.

‘For many years, Basham has collaborated with us advising Spanish clients with a presence in Mexico on relevant labor matters. The quality of the service provided by the members of the labour area is magnificent and also  its human quality and impeccable client treatment. Jorge de Presno and Luis Álvarez stand out. An excellent firm, an excellent labour department.

‘They are an office that adapts to the needs of the client, and as Cisco is a high-tech company, they use the same technology to be productive and efficient.

‘All, absolutely all the lawyers with whom I work on a regular basis, have great knowledge of Mexico’s regulations, and not only their knowledge, but also the attitude of providing the best service and results for Cisco and the availability of time they have.

Key clients

Barclays Bank

Nacional Financiera

AMPCO Pittsburgh

British Petroleum

UBS Bank

TI Automotive

Becton Dickinson

Arizona Beverages

Omnicom Media Group




Work highlights

  • Advised Barclays Bank on litigation brought by former Lehman Brothers employees in Mexico claiming a surrogate employment relationship with Barclays deriving from the purchase of the assets of Lehman by Barclays after Lehman filed for bankruptcy.
  • Advised TI Automotive on the the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement at the client’s very large manufacturing facility in the State of San Luis Potosi which resulted in the most important long-term deal with the union.
  • Advised global healthcare solutions company O&M Halyard Mexico, on the the implementation of the recently enacted outsourcing reform.

Marván, González Graf y González Larrazolo, S.C. (MGGL)

Market leviathan Marván, González Graf y González Larrazolo, S.C. (MGGL) houses a deeply impressive team of over 80 labour law experts, who are praised by clients for their ‘solid knowledge of labour and trade union matters; practical advice – and that in turn mitigates risks, always available and with excellent attitude’. This specialised labour law boutique routinely handles complex, sensitive and strategic matters, ranging from high-profile disputes and collective bargaining, to the labour aspects of high-end M&A and corporate restructurings, advice on new labour reform and outsourcing regulations. Moreover, it is consistently sought out by a stellar roster of clients for its expertise in labour litigation, handling great volumes of disputes before all levels of the Mexican courts, including the highest tribunals. The firm is co-led by senior partner Hector Gonzalez Graf, who focuses on advising multinational clients on the labour aspects of high-end M&A deals and corporate restructurings; Santiago Marván Urquiza, who covers a wide range of areas, including transactional work, labour consulting and dispute resolution; and Nelson Guerrero Robles, who undertakes labour consulting, collective bargaining and complex dispute resolution (with a special focus on the implementation of strategies in union conflicts and regulation of outsourcing). A strong line of talented younger partners includes Emilio Israel Garzón (labour law and complex litigation), Cristian Jesús Lamas (labour consulting and strategic litigation), and the recently -January 2022- promoted José Genaro Pérez (labour conflicts) who heads up the Guadalajara office. Associates Oscar Alberto Bojorge (labour litigation and counselling; implementation of labour relations management strategies) and Paulina Mendietta (labour consultancy, day-to-day advisory and the employment aspects of corporate and commercial transactions), are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Héctor González Graf; Santiago Marván Urquiza; Nelson Guerrero Robles


‘A very prepared and up-to-date team on new topics. It seems to me that they are people who, in addition to the technical knowledge of the subject, have other skills that make them competent in the market.

‘Definitely the technical expertise and the updating and level of studies of each one of them, in addition to the closeness and attention.

‘I think that in cost-benefit they are quite competitive. We have been working with them for several years, they have a good technical and service level.

‘Proximity, availability and technical level.

‘Excellent specialised and customised service.’

‘We have worked with MGGL since we began operations in Mexico, initially because they were part of the MMDM/Renault/Nissan alliance, but later because their service, quality and warmth of attention earned them a special place with us. We work very closely in everything that has to do with the labour issues and we have not been disappointed at any time or circumstance. I believe that one of its main values is honesty and transparency.

‘Cristian Lamas has always been the owner of our account, he is an honest, transparent person with a spectacular sense of service. He is always available and has trained an equally professional team. Also, his recommendations and guidance have helped us in many circumstances.

‘Solid knowledge of labour and trade union matters; practical advice – and that in turn mitigates risks, always available and with an excellent attitude. Stand out from the team: Nelson Guerero, Paulina Mendietta and Luis Becerra.

Key clients

Avon Mexicana




Mead Johnson

Nissan Mexicana



Royal & Sun Alliance/Sura


Santamarina y Steta

Santamarina y Steta remains a leading force in labour matters in Mexico, highly regarded by clients as a ‘point of reference or “benchmark” in labour law‘, and whose lawyers ‘give us solid legal advice, with excellent responsiveness and understanding of our business objectives and zeal to defend them’.  The practice is particularly sought out by clients for complex collective bargaining issues and the design of union negotiation strategies, unfair dismissal litigation and high-level terminations, and more recently for corporate reorganisations due to the recent labour subcontracting reform. The team is jointly led by Juan Carlos de la Vega, who is is widely recognised for his expertise in the resolution of union disputes in the mining and automotive industries in Mexico; Francisco Udave, who ‘has the ability to have a very complete vision of the issues – in addition to technical solidity, he perfectly understands the business aspects’; he specialises in employment litigation, representing management in high-profile cases filed by top executives, as well as representing clients in employer/union conflicts; and Andrés Rodríguez, who advises clients on individual and collective litigation, and legal audits focused on labour-obligations compliance. The partners can call on a sizeable and experienced second line comprising: counsel Álvaro Álvarez (contractual labour relations; labour conflicts); Raquel Ortiz (labour disputes representation; personnel transfers and employment relations); Ernesto De La Puente and Djuro Fernández (labour litigation); Victor Coria (mining sector labour and employment matters); and Jaime Vázquez G, who was raised to counsel in January 2022.

Practice head(s):

Juan Carlos De La Vega; Andrés Rodríguez R; Francisco Udave


‘The SyS team led by Francisco Udave understands our operation very well and knows how to make the right recommendations at the right time. We have not worked with other lawyers in this area who understand our activities as well as Francisco and his team.

‘Franciso Udave really understands the business and is always ready to offer his suggestions in record time.

‘Andrés Rodríguez and his team are our point of reference or “benchmark” in Labor Law, they give us solid legal advice, with excellent responsiveness and understanding of our business objectives and zeal to defend them. They also tell us what we need to hear (although sometimes it’s not good news). In recent years they have provided us with excellent advice and representation on strategic labor issues, a collective conflict, compliance with regulations related to the pandemic, reorganizations and adaptations to comply with the subcontracting reform and complex social security issues. When we have required it, they have shown flexibility in their fees.

‘High legal knowledge, aimed at achieving the business objectives of the company, reconciling them with integrity. Excellent response times, and flexible and reasonable fees. In addition, they are very friendly people who are a pleasure to work with.

‘The Santamarina work team is our main provider of legal services, their comments and specific solutions have greatly supported the adversities we have encountered due to the particularity of our business. They have extensive knowledge and contacts that have been of great help now with the issue of labor reform and REPSE. They adapt to work in different schemes.

‘They have the availability at all times to continue and finish the cases, no matter how difficult they may be, and close them in the best way. Francisco Udave, Ernesto de la Puente, Axel Gomez and Victor Coria stand out in the team.

‘Exceptional team in labour matters, integrated with capable and reliable lawyers. Very good availability in the use of new communication tools. Great price/quality ratio. Firm committed to diversity.

‘Francisco Udave has the ability to have a very complete vision of the issues. In addition to technical solidity, he perfectly understands business aspects. Alejandara Arizpe, excellent lawyer, very reliable and with a high quality in the deliverables.

Key clients

General Motors de México

Teksid Hierro de Mexico

PKC Group



Grupo Mexico

Endeavour Silver



Home Depot Mexico



Morgan Stanley

Universal Music Group Mexico

Work highlights

  • Advised General Motors Mexico on the rapid response mechanism initiated under the USMCA derived from alleged violations to the principles of freedom of association and collective bargaining occurring at one of its sites as a consequence of a wrongfully handled legitimation process of a collective bargaining agreement by the union; the USTR ruled that the company was in full compliance of such principles and released it from any penalty.
  • Advising Teksid Hierro de México on a claim in which the National Mining Union, is demanding to be recognised as the representative of the majority of employees and party to the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Advising Absormex on a claim in which the National Petrochemical Union is demanding recognition as representative of the majority of employees and a party to the collective bargaining agreement of the company.

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez, S.C.

Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez, S.C. has impressive expertise in labour and employment matters both in terms of transactional matters, such as due diligence, and on the regulatory front; it also has considerable experience advising on union negotiations, corporate reorganisations, employee transfers, layoffs, labour audits, wrongful dismissals and advice on the recent labour outsourcing reform. Additionally, the firm has significantly grown labour group in its Monterrey office. The overall team is led from Mexico City by Francisco Peniche, an experienced 20-year plus veteran in the sector who undertakes the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements; the development and implementation of effective hiring structures; personnel training workshops, health and safety regulations and manuals, anti-discrimination protocols; consulting on the implications of labour law compliance in commercial transactions; the hiring and termination of personnel; and high-level litigation before local and federal authorities. With the January 2022 promotion of Julio Alvarez to the partnership, the practice now has additional senior-level capability; Alvarez focuses on individual, collective, and social security matters – particularly the labour aspects of M&A operations, reorganisations, and employee and executive compensation. Moreover, with the September 2021 recruitment of Rodrigo Espíritu Santo (a veteran practitioner with extensive in-house labour experience) from Scotiabank, the practice retains a strong second tier; he joins María Fernanda Parientes (conflict prevention and ADR; labour investigations) at senior associate level.

Practice head(s):

Francisco Peniche


‘For me it is essential that, in addition to being specialists in labour law, they have a commercial and practical approach, in order to help the client to achieve its goals.’ 

Key clients


Impulsora del Desarrollo y el Empleo en América Latina

Colgate Palmolive


Mexican Association of Real Estate Fibras (REITS)

Warner Media


Mondelēz International

Apollo Global Management

Macquarie Group



ACCO Brands

Willis Towers Watson

Steel Dynamics


Work highlights

  • Advised Apollo Global Management on the financing of Aeroméxico (with a loan of $1bn divided in several tranches; the employment analysis of the restructuring plans was essential for the approval of the loan granted to Aeroméxico, as it implied securing the labour savings required to achieve long-term, sustainable economic results for the company.
  • Advised Colgate-Palmolive on the successful design and implementation of  labour reorganisation necessary for the company to be in full compliance with the new reform relating to subcontracting of personnel, with respect to its operations in Mexico and the services it receives from third parties nation-wide.
  • Francisco Peniche was summoned by the Mexican Association of Real Estate Fibras (REITS), to appear as an independent expert to clarify the impact of the recently enacted reform to labour, social security and tax legislation regarding subcontracting of personnel, with respect to real estate investment trusts in Mexico.

De la Vega & Martínez Rojas, S.C.

‘A dynamic new firm led by prominent labour attorney Oscar de la Vega with strength in both the collective labour and individual employment law spheres‘, specialist labour and employment law boutique De la Vega & Martínez Rojas, S.C. has been warmly received by clients who additionally note that the practice is ‘globally sophisticated and current in its approach‘ and has been ‘heavily engaged in advising global clients concerning the 2019 Mexico labour law reform and the 2021 outsourcing reform’. The sizeable team, some 80 lawyers strong, has expertise on the full range of relevant matters: collective bargaining agreements and complex negotiations with labour unions; litigation strategy and labour lawsuits; negotiations at the moment of terminating labour relationship; and company restructurings as a consequence of the reform of labour outsourcing regulations. The team is co-led by Oscar De la Vega Gómez, a titan of the Mexican labour market, whose practice is centred on labour litigation and counselling; and Ricardo Martínez Rojas who handles matters, including contracts, collective conflicts, employment litigation and employee compensation and benefits. Other key figures include Edgar Mayorga, who has over 30 years’ experience and heads the immigration and non-litigious administrative law department of the firm; Enrique García Conde, who also has 30 years’ experience, in his case in labour litigation and advisory; and Luis Rolando Santos, a 40 year labour litigation veteran.

Practice head(s):

Oscar De la Vega Gomez; Ricardo Martinez Rojas


‘It is an office that gives feedback to the client on practices that must be corrected within the company, and not just any office does that.

‘This is a dynamic new firm led by prominent labor attorney Oscar de la Vega with strength in both the collective labor and individual employment law spheres. They are globally sophisticated and current in their approach, heavily engaged in advising global clients concerning the 2019 Mexico labour law reform and the 2021 outsourcing reform.

‘Oscar de la Vega–well-connected locally and has vast experience advising global clients Jimena Sanchez–leads the advice and counsel practice in employment law matters Eduardo Arrocha–a senior advisor for major client matters.

Key clients


Volkswagen Mexico

Nissan Mexico


Continental Tire

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico

Levi Strauss & Co

Grupo Gondi



Work highlights

  • Advised Aeromexico on complex union negotiations in connection with an international financing program from Apolo Global, under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Law; the agreement was reached allowing Aeromexico to obtain the second part of the financing.  
  • Advised Volkswagen de Mexico on the successful 1) negotiation of the payment of additional employees’ profit sharing, due to the fact that, the Union challenged the Company’s income tax return for the fiscal year 2015;  2)a salary review of the collective contract of the Silao Plant; and 3) the company was advised regarding a strike for the 2021 salary review of the collective contract (Puebla Plant).
  • Advised Nissan Mexico in litigation derived from 18 claims of ownership against the client’s three plants in Aguascalientes, Mexico; the plaintiff union was not able to present the minimum elements to demonstrate representativity within the workers and the Labour Board denied the request for the recount.

Hogan Lovells

Highly regarded full-service firm Hogan Lovells stands out for having ‘a solid, well-integrated team that covers all the specialties, and that can manage a simple contract with the same efficiency as a collective bargaining’ as well as having ‘total client availability – there is always someone who can take a call or visit the offices’. The practice is experienced in a broad range of labour matters including transactional labour mandates, day-to-day advice and litigation, and regularly advises clients on matters such as negotiating collective bargaining agreements, the transfer of employees, mass terminations, employment and sanitary protocols, pension and retirement plans, compliance projects and companies’ restructurings.  The practice is co-led by Luis Ricardo Ruiz Gutiérrez and Hugo Hernández-Ojeda Alvírez, both of whom focus on union negotiations, social security, labour and employment restructurings, and litigation; and Mary Carmen Fuertes whose experience encompasses corporate deals, transactional matters, investigations, compliance, transfer of employees, lay-offs and labour restructures. They trio is supported by counsel Luis Adrian Rosas, who has a strong reputation for labour litigation – especially high-risk cases; and associates Oswaldo Chávez U and María Regina Torrero, who undertake labour litigation and labour consultancy, respectively.

Practice head(s):

Luis Ruiz Gutiérrez; Hugo Hernández-Ojeda; Mary Carmen Fuertes


‘Total involvement and availability.

‘Total client availability, there is always someone who can take a call or visit the offices.

‘Availability and accessibility of the corresponding professionals. Quick response and command of the subject.

‘Hugo López (partner) and Mary Carmen Fuertes (partner) provide comprehensive, proactive solutions and resolve root conflicts.

‘Labor practice is a very specific practice in Mexico and therefore, many large firms have decided not to include it within the services they provide. What makes Hogan Lovells unique is that it is a comprehensive firm, with work practice perfectly well integrated and coordinated within the firm’s services. This was fundamental last year to deal with the reform of the LFT in terms of subcontracting, since all fronts were taken care of as there were several experts involved.

‘Partners and associates who provide services are available no matter the hour. They deal with emergencies and deliver extraordinary results. Customer service and attention is definitely one of its strengths in these areas, especially Mary Carmen Fuertes.

‘A solid, well-integrated team that covers all the specialties, and that can manage a simple contract with the same efficiency as a collective bargaining. In recent times it has been very easy to access the new tools with virtual meetings, participation in web forums. Regarding collaboration, there is a good network with partners with whom they work outside the country, with whom we also have contact. This helps when the queries are multi-country.

‘They are agile professionals, with excellent training. Thei speed of response and its completeness is highly valued. Our main contact is with Hugo Hernandez-Ojeda. We have also worked with Luis Ruiz, Luis Rosas, and Martha Molina. All of them excellent professionals.

Key clients

Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España

Ford Motor Company

Bacardi & Co

Coca Cola FEMSA

3M Group

Patron Spirits Mexico


Mercado Libre

Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec (CDPQ Mexico)

Solunion Group

Alstom Group

Grupo Calidra


Genomma Lab Internacional

Work highlights

  • Advised and represent Iberia during the annual revision of its collective bargaining agreement, avoiding a strike process that could affect four daily flight frequencies; representation of the company in the negotiation, preparation and implementation of the Furlough Protocols related to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Advised Ford Motor Company on the restructure of its internal labour and employment procedures for its Mexican operations; representation of the company in the analysis related to its specialised service providers and services as a result of the Labor Reform
  • Advised Tenneco-Driv Group on the analysis of its labour and employment compliance related to its labour obligations under local labour law and the USMCA.

Pizá Abogados

Boutique firm Pizá Abogados houses a 34-strong practice group with a proven track record across the full spectrum of labour and employment service; it has particular experience in collective negotiations, compliance, outsourcing reform, employee terminations, litigation and labour inspections, as well as on transactional matters and general day-to-day advice. The team is co-led by Gabriel Pizá Avilés, who specializes in high-risk individual and collective litigations; Alejandro Díaz Fernández who is responsible for the area of individual and collective litigation; and Susana Flores Verlón and Enrique Gustavo Ballesteros (who heads up the labour consultancy practice) , who undertake general labour advisory, including on profit-sharing payments, the hiring of expatriates, employee transfers, stock options, labour audits and outsourcing strategies, among other matters.

Practice head(s):

Gabriel Pizá Avilés; Enrique Gustavo Ballesteros; Alejandro Díaz Fernández; Susana Flores


‘We have worked with Piza for a number of years and have found them to provide reliable and practical advice regarding employment law updates as well as representation on labour and employment cases.

‘Enrique Ballesteros is very responsive and provides sound guidance, and is particularly adept at understanding the challenges multinational companies face in navigating employment and labour laws in Mexico.

‘Good service with specialised knowledge in labour and employment. They are available to answer specific questions with up-to-date information.

‘They have a good number of team members to meet the requirements that can be many to be managed at once, and they are led by the partner who has the experience to carry out the issues.

‘Their attorneys have great knowledge and expertise and are very responsive. They share valuable proposals and alternatives to solve problems with their clients. They have evolved technologically to allow them to assist in a remote environment.

‘Gabriel Pizá Enrique Ballesteros Alejandro Díaz Fernando López All of them are very diligent and responsive.

Key clients

The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Mexico

Boehringer Ingelheim Mexico

Willis Towers Watson

Microsoft Mexico

Puma México Sport

AES Mexico

American Express Mexico

Geodis Wilson México

BASF Mexicana

Johnson Controls

Navistar International

Energold de México

Daimler Financial Services México

Fuller Cosmetics



Cardinal Health

Komatsu México

Niagara Bottling

Atlas Copco

Tupperware México

STICHD Global License Stichd Group Mexico

Grupo WPP

Coca-Cola FEMSA

Ogilvy & Mather

Mindshare de México

Air France

IGT Lottery México

Sandvik de México

Lectra Systémes

Coats Mexico

Allergan Mexico

Grey México

AMECO México


Zoppas Industries

Acciona Mexico

Perrigo Group



Work highlights

  • Advised Johnson Controls on a legal strategy designed to avoid a lawsuit for entitlement to a Collective Bargaining Agreement, thereby maintaining a union leader on the sidelines, who therefore finally accepted the employees’ will to integrate an internal or company union.
  • Advised PriceWaterhouseCoopers on the design of the strategy and development of internal policies for inclusion and vaccination registration, in order to be able to enter the workplace legally, even when vaccination against Covid-19 is not mandatory in Mexico.
  • Advised BASF Mexicana on a legal strategy designed to combat the fines imposed by the Labour Ministry, on the grounds of alleged violations against labour legislation, before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice.

Sánchez Devanny

‘Innovative and with very high-quality services’, Sánchez Devanny has a solid background advising clients on compliance with labour and social security laws, the design and implementation of labour structures, immigration, employment agreements, terminations, and employment litigation. The team is led by the ‘excellentAlfredo Kupfer-Dominguez who advises clients on matters including union negotiations, efficient labour structures, executive transfers and terminations, and social security. Following the departure of David Puente-Tostado to Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C. in May 2021, key support is provided by senior associates Fermin Lecumberri-Cano (Mexico City), who is particularly experienced in union negotiation and the litigation of collective labour matters, as well as labour matters related to M&A transactions; Francisco Garcia-Lerma (in the Monterrey office), who is experienced in social security matters and also handles complex advisory and collective labour litigation; and Sebastian Rosales-Ortega (in Querétaro), who provides complex advice to international clients, undertakes strategic labour litigation ands particularly experienced in union negotiation and M&A transaction-related labour matters .

Practice head(s):

Alfredo Kupfer Dominguez


‘Timely response, flexibility, availability and resources to support at national level.

‘Alfredo Kupfer Dominguez stands out for his skills, recognition, links with associations and access to public and private institutions.

‘Innovative and with very high-quality services.

‘Alfredo Kupfer – excellent customer service and experience in collective matters.

Key clients






Constellation Brands

Kia Motors

American Tower


Thyssenkrupp System Engineering

Work highlights

  • Advised Engie on the restructuring of its business group (with over 40 legal entities engaged in different energy projects throughout the country), as a consequence of new outsourcing regulations.
  • Advised Nissan on an inter-union conflict, where a union (CATEM) is challenging the current union (CTM) that holds the collective bargaining agreement with the client at its manufacturing plants in Aguascalientes, regarding the representation of 12,000 workers.
  • Advised Bayer on the restructuring of its business group, as a consequence of new outsourcing regulations.

Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa

Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa‘s labour and employment practice is hailed for having a team that is ‘always willing to participate and get involved with the business needs and understand the brand to be able to think of solutions outside the box and run the extra mile with their client’. The team has expertise in a wide range of employment, benefits law and social security matters, including corporate restructuring, employment terminations, collective bargaining agreements, litigation, PTU, and companies’ soft landings, as well as providing day-to-day advice to leading industry players at a local and international level. The practice is led by Rafael Vallejo who has considerable experience of labour restructuring processes, the employment termination of high-level officers, individual and collective labour negotiations, and labour and employment due diligence procedures; he has also supported clients with the employment and social security component of cross-border M&A transactions. Fellow partner Mayeli Cabral is an expert in labour risk management, and handles consulting, preventative work and litigation; while senior associate Miguel Ángel Cantú undertakes consultancy on both individual and collective labour matters. Since research concluded, however, Vallejo has left the practice – effective as of August 2022.


‘I think it’s a super diverse team always willing to participate and get involved with the business needs and understand the brand to be able to think of solutions outside the box and run the extra mile with their client. Their way of invoicing is super clear and transparent.

‘Their attitude, their permanent disposition, they feel like part of the company and they don’t treat you like just another client, offer solutions out of the box disposition and good attitude, the way to land complex issues to an international group in a simple way. After working with several renowned firms, I believe that this is the firm that is facilitating the entry of a large multinational into the country at such a controversial time of great change.

‘They have a robust team at the national level that allows complex issues to be resolved in a very practical way through excellent coordination.

‘The practice stands out in technical knowledge, support and immediate attention and the synergy that exists between the labor and tax areas, which results in robust and very practical opinions. Juan Soto stands out for his disposition and technical knowledge, who also has the best attitude to quickly resolve the issues that arise.

‘It is a strong team with good experience in labor matters. Rafael Vallejo is a lawyer with a lot of knowledge and presence in the market. They relate professionally with other firms. Being on a well-known platform in tax matters, they are in contact with clients and important issues.

‘Rafael Vallejo is the differentiator, not only because of his experience and knowledge, but also because he is very active in the market. Rafael has managed a good team in the offices of Mexico City, Querétaro and Monterrey.

‘It is a totally expert team in its field. Extremely reliable and with professionals who know how to provide personalized service.

‘They are expert lawyers who know how to communicate complex issues at all levels of the company. They are professionals who transmit reliability and know-how to support their clients. They handle sophisticated issues without complication.

Key clients











Work highlights

  • Advised on Etsy’s soft landing in Mexico, including the elaboration of internal policies, stock-related benefits, the profit sharing strategy, and advice on hiring strategy, among other labour compliance matters.
  • Advised on IKEA’s soft landing involving the review and elaboration of new policies that comply with the Mexican legislation, in accordance with IKEAS’s values and brand, along with the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement applicable to the company.
  • Advised Siemens on the elaboration and implementation of a restructuring strategy in order to comply with the new outsourcing regulations and prohibitions in Mexico, as well as on the registration of certain entities as specialised service providers and analysis of the potential merger of certain entities.

EC Rubio

Advising clients in the automotive, manufacturing, mining and maquila industry sectors in particular, EC Rubio is a well known presence in the labour sector and clients highlight that ‘the advice provided by the office is on-point for the needs of the business, comprehensively covering several aspects to consider’. The team has vast expertise in collective bargaining agreements for local and international clients but has been particularly active of late handling corporate restructurings (in order to comply with new Mexican labour regulations regarding outsourcing reform), as well as in litigation related to high-level employment terminations. The team is co-led by Javier Canseco, who is based in the Queretaro office and advises on an array of issues, including litigation, executive compensation, employee benefits, M&A-related labour due diligence, and union relations; Mexico City practice head Perla Arreola, who specialises in employers counselling, particularly regarding the prevention of labour conflicts and litigation; and Isaac Corral-Manjarrez in Ciudad Juarez, who frequently undertakes labour litigation before the Local Board of Conciliation and Arbitration, as well as manging amparo proceedings before the Federal Courts.

Practice head(s):

Javier Canseco; Perla Arreola; Isaac Corral


‘Super professionals the advice provided by the office are on-point for the needs of the business, and comprehensive covering several aspects to consider.

‘The firm’s team is constantly informed and updated on the matter, the advice it provides is good, concise and of excellent quality. Specifically, Lic. Perla Arreola and Lic. Juan Carlos Partida, took the time to get to know us as a client to provide tailored advice. Always available for any query.

‘Their knowledge of various topics is very broad and they always offer solutions with ethics and professionalism.

‘Standout for their ethics, professionalism and timely responses.

‘Javier Canseco was extremely helpful in a difficult leadership termination, personally handled the termination, and provided additional areas to consider and investigate. He was responsive, available to various levels of our management, and effective in resolving the problem. Javier is a gentleman and wonderful to work with!

Ferran Martinez Abogados

Despite being a young boutique firm, Ferran Martinez Abogados has quickly earned a relevant position in the market, acclaimed by clients as ‘without a doubt, the best labour and employment firm in Mexico - they are very hands on with the matters, an absolute jewel in terms of communication and they always go way beyond our expectations’. Known for its technologically-assisted approach to client service, as well as its business-oriented vision, the team has expertise in individual and collective litigation; day-to-day labour, social security and human resources consultation; compliance (including ESG elements), and the  opening and restructuring of operations. It is co-led by Carlos Ferrán Martínez whose ‘capacity to understand business and provide advice in such regard is superb; his legal criteria, people skills, fantastic leadership and personality to handle the most complex employment and labour matters, gives us the chance to say that he is, at this very moment, the best employment attorney in the country’; he focuses on counselling multinational companies as it relates to consultancy, labour restructuring, compliance, and social security matters. Fellow practice co-head Alix Trimmer, who joined as a partner from Von Wobeser in January 2022, has bolstered the practice group's offering with her arrival bringing additional expertise in consulting and litigation; her expertise extends to the analysis of labour and employment affairs from a corporate perspective, the elaboration of employee hiring strategies, the implementation and modification of compensation programs and general policies for environmental, social and corporate governance.

Practice head(s):

Carlos Ferran Martínez Carrillo; Alix Airam Trimmer Espinosa


‘This is, without a doubt, the best labour and employment firm in Mexico. They are very hands on with the matters, an absolute jewel in terms of communication and they always go way beyond our expectations, they are very solid in both contentious and non-contentious matters, fantastic consultants and also very technological when it comes to reporting high-risk matters. This is the next big law firm in Mexico. We also love the fact that this is a diverse firm, with true gender equality and no glass ceilings.

‘Ferran Martínez is the new great labor firm. This is a team that is revolutionizing the way labor legal services are provided. From my point of view they are the next leaders of the industry. They are the best in customer service and totally empathetic and flexible in our needs. An extremely technical, diverse team with a great business mindset, agile with technology, available 24/7 and a fantastic work ethic. I have no doubt that it is the firm with which any company would like to work. They always have a solution and that is appreciated as a customer.

‘They are a fresh and modern team of highly qualified lawyers. The firm is very well coordinated, they work fast and efficient and provide interesting technological tools. Carlos Ferran is a great leader and he is constantly providing updates and useful opinions on any labor-related news. The firm is on the right track to become one of the leading labor firms of the market.

‘As for the strengths and skills of Ferran Martínez Abogados, their ability to respond, analyze and provide comprehensive solutions and alternatives. Regarding the comparison with other teams, I consider that in the labor field there are few firms that have an integrated team, rather the majority that I know are independent lawyers.

‘Carlos Ferran is a lawyer who always has the precise comment or response to what is consulted. José Alberto Sánchez is a lawyer who knows perfectly the labor practice as well as the diverse regulations on the matter and has the ability to negotiate and reach agreements with various participants in the sector.

‘It is an office of young people with a lot of experience which makes the perfect formula; on one hand, they have the energy and on the other they have the knowledge that supports years of study and professional practice. It is easy to have contact with the partners, which is not common in other offices.

‘Without a doubt the service, the attention is very specialized and very close to the client. Carlos Ferran is always on the lookout for matters, which gives a lot of security, he is a great lawyer.

‘Partner Carlos Ferran Martínez is definitely the golden boy of labour and employment matters in Mexico. His capacity to understand business and provide advice in such regard is superb, his legal criteria, people skills, fantastic leadership and personality to handle the most complex employment and labour matters, gives the chance to say that he is, at this very moment, the best employment attorney in the country. He really takes care of his clients and always provides us with great confidence. We know that having him as an attorney, is a guarantee that things will go great. Carlos is an eminent lawyer that teaches in every hearing and client meeting. One of a kind.

‘Carlos Ferran is an amazing talent, his work ethics and professionalism are outstanding. His analytical skills and creativity stand out above the rest of the leading labor lawyers.

‘The added value that FMA grants to its clients is the young professionalism with which it provides its services. Carlos Ferrán always has a fresh vision of labor law, which helps ensure that the cases that are presented to him are resolved quickly and favorably for all those involved.

‘Carlos Ferrán is a student of labor law who not only helps his clients with the legal problem for which he is hired, but also helps the company’s labor strategy so that it is always in compliance with the law.

‘What distinguishes the firm Ferran Martínez Abogados is the personalized attention and its commitment to delivering work on time and with very good quality.

‘This firm represents a millennial revolution. They are telling the market that millennials are here to rule and enter the big law world. These attorneys are fantastic, disruptive, not afraid of using social media and communicate in fantastic and different ways. They are true legal influencers and are key players of Mexican labour policies and the employment agenda. This firm is at this point representing a new way of communicating, representing clients and showing the world that the country, the world and the market has changed and that they are ready to rule and make a diverse market and take the lead.

‘Carlos Ferran Martínez is a genius in employment matters. One of the most important leaders in the market at this point. He is both a legal genius, while a solid individual in keeping clients’ confidence and good public relations. He is also a fantastic speaker and the best negotiator we see at this point in the market.

‘Ferran Martínez is the new great labor firm. This is a team that is revolutionizing the way labor legal services are provided. From my point of view they are the next leaders of the industry. They are the best in customer service and totally empathetic and flexible in our needs. An extremely technical, diverse team with a great business mindset, agile with technology, available 24/7 and a fantastic work ethic. I have no doubt that it is the firm with which any company would like to work. They always have a solution and that is appreciated as a customer.

‘Carlos Ferran Martínez is a rockstar of labor issues in Mexico. A legal superstar and a leader in every sense of the word. Carlos is a born negotiator, an accomplished conciliator, a lawyer of the highest technical level, a top speaker, a businessman who understands the needs of his clients from a business perspective, and an industry leader. It seems to me that in these times, we are talking about the best labor lawyer and the best negotiator in the market.

‘The FMA firm is a work team that is always at the forefront of the best practices in labor matters. Committed to understanding the current regulations, product or service offered by the client, social framework and current legal practice, this results in providing an excellent solution and / or requested advice. The professionalism of all the members is impeccable, and always with the full context of the matter to be dealt with.

‘The members of the firm are constantly updated and trained. Communication always flows correctly and clearly vertically and horizontally, maintaining clarity and uniformity in the criteria issued; which is not always possible with other offices.

‘Good team between lawyers both internally and with the client. Open to dialogue at all times.

‘Their good customer service and issue tracking is clear and concise. Carlos Ferrán and José Sánchez have taken my case by the hand in a very professional manner.

‘The team has extraordinary customer service. A very important collaborative approach as they proactively offer solutions. They also always seek to generate synergy and empathy in the teams and, of course, share the most up-to-date information through the best experts within the team.

‘Carlos Ferrán has provided extraordinary support to the company, proposing efficient solutions that generate positive results and meet the objectives. In addition to his extensive knowledge on the subject, Carlos has as a strength his ability to transmit and communicate to the team, which makes a very solid profile for clients like us, because he has the knowledge and additionally knows how to share it efficiently and proactively, achieving the understanding of the topic .

‘Ferran Martínez Lawyers are always looking for the best solution to our problems, they act as consultants, always alerted about the new reforms in advance so that we prepare ourselves and be able to comply with everything that the government authorities demand.

‘Always Carlos Ferran and José Alberto come to talk about the solutions, always providing the service regardless of the time and date, which makes us feel that we really have an ally.

‘They always have excellent availability and great knowledge about the topics we consult This team is outstanding due to their knowledge but above all for their great treatment and ability to solve problems.

‘His knowledge and customer service. The treatment of the lawyers to the clients and that they are always available to assist, attitude and kindness Carlos Ferran.

‘The great performance and trust that has been developed with the Ferran firm has been very good and favorable for both to achieve a better performance within the company.

‘They are always very punctual in the delivery of information, they also support me in resolving doubts that have arisen.

‘This group of lawyers are excellent, always willing to help, clarify doubts and support us in labor management, as well as super technological from billing.

‘Quality of service, knowledge and disposition of all the members from Carlos Feram, Jose Alberto as well as all the lawyers (Lucero, Sebastian, Ana) are a wonderful team

‘What makes the practice of the Ferrán Martínez Abogados office unique is the closeness and disposition that the lawyers show towards our organization as a pro bono client. The team of this office shows flexibility to keep in touch remotely through digital means, as well as to ensure clear and efficient solutions to unforeseen events.

‘The disposition, clarity and closeness that they handle with their clients. In this case, the above applies to the lawyers: Carlos Ferran Martínez Carrillo José Alberto Sánchez Medina Zaret Valencia Martínez.

‘What makes this firm unique is its leaders. They compliment each other in a way that makes every decision the best one for their clients. Their innovative views on labor law make this firm one of a kind. They started small, but they are not there anymore. They are able to focus on key inputs and information in order to deliver high-quality results in a timely manner. Despite any possible setbacks, they always rise to the occasion and never settle.

‘I believe we can expect great things from them.

‘Carlos knows how to approach each case. He is a highly-skilled attorney who knows and understands that each situation must be handled in accordance with the specifics of each case. He has deep knowledge and is highly skilled. He is a leader that cares about his clients and works vigorously to earn and keep his clients’ trust.

‘He has a strong judgement and good instincts. Consequently, he raises the bar with every hire and every promotion.

Key clients

Grupo México

Dow Chemical Company



CI Banco


Clifton Larson Allen




Kokún DayCare

NTT Commerce Centre



Solidarity Center

Grupo Educativo Cudec

Reinserta un Mexicano

Proyecto de Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales (PRODESC)


Pepperl & Fuchs

Bic No sabe fallar

Busch Dienste

Work highlights

  • Advised Nestlé on the regulatory legal framework regarding employment legislation, its modifications, additions, and new reforms, including other regulatory provisions applicable to the matter; the analysis of trends in labour relationships: negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement, labour law with a gender perspective and everything related to the changes that the USMCA brings with it.
  • Successfully advised Bic on three high-risk terminations of top executives at the company, that proceeded without litigation and with very significant savings; in addition, the team was in charge of putting in place a global policy regarding data protection in connection with employment issues.
  • Advised NTT Commerce Centre on the execution of all employment modifications regarding the outsourcing structures of the company, including Union participation; as well as handling all providers with specific needs of registering towards the National Registry for Service Providers (REPSE).

Littler Mexico

The Mexican outpost of the US labour powerhouse, Littler Mexico is very well versed in the full range of labour and employment matters, both in terms of collective labour law and individual matters. Now operating from Saltillo (Coahuila) -as well as its offices in Mexico City and Monterrey- after opening there in December 2021, the firm advises clients on union negotiations, employee transfers, corporate restructurings and litigation. The practice is led by León Rodriguez, who focuses on labour-related litigation and has extensive experience drafting individual labour contracts, policies and internal regulations. He is flanked by fellow shareholders Mónica Schiaffino, a deeply experienced practitioner who handles the implementation of pension plans, coordination and implementation of labour structures dealing with expatriates, employee and business transfers, and preparation of internal labour regulations; and Tania Terrazas, who was raised to the partnership in early 2021, and advises national and international companies on compensation and benefits, termination processes, employer substitutions, international assignments and immigration matters.

Practice head(s):

León Rodríguez

Mowat - Deloitte

With significant bench strength in labour and employment matters, Mowat-Deloitte‘s 50-strong team advices a stellar roster of clients on matters such as the recent reform of the country’s outsourcing law, collective labour and union negotiations, collective bargaining agreements, corporate restructuring, and contentious labour proceedings. Considered a ‘comprehensive team that solves all labour problems in the shortest possible time and with extremely reasonable fees’, the practice is led by German De La Garza De Vecchi who has impressive expertise in designing, preparing and negotiating collective bargaining agreements and high-level collective negotiations for the automotive, rubber, food and service industries, among others. Claudio Marroquin Mowat undertakes individual and collective labour conflicts; Octavio Novaro Holguin and Victor Manuel Avila Estudillo both focus on individual labour matters as well as in individual and collective labour consulting; and -completing the senior team- Bernardo Martínez Rivas is a labour and social security specialist with whose practice demonstrates an emphasis on consulting, litigation and labour relations’ work.

Practice head(s):

Germán De La Garza De Vecchi; Claudio Marroquin Mowat; Octavio Novaro Holguin; Victor Manuel Avila Estudillo; Bernardo Martinez Rivas


‘This is the best labour law firm in Mexico! They are a comprehensive team that solves all labour problems in the shortest possible time and with extremely reasonable fees. They are not compared with any other office for this matter in the country.

‘German de la Garza, Ilyana Barrera and Juan Carlos Granados are the three people who have provided us with great service in this legal area. Above all, Germán de la Garza is a great partner who is always available and offers great ideas to solve problems with contacts throughout the world in which he moves making things flow faster and resolved positively.

Key clients


Siemmens Gamesa









Work highlights

  • Advised HSBC on implementation of all the outsourcing law reform.
  • Advised Siemens Gamesa on implementation of the outsourcing law reform.
  • Advised VW Financial on implementation of the outsourcing law reform.

Cuesta Campos y Asociados S.C.

Cuesta Campos y Asociados S.C. has a broad labour and employment offering that reflects the firm’s broad service offering, and is regarded by clients as ‘an outstanding firm, with a team that is in constant communication to answer questions, review vulnerabilities or areas of opportunity, and suggest improvements in our daily operations’. The practice has considerable expertise, particularly regarding collective bargaining agreements and union negotiations, but also on employment agreements, outsourcing reform, corporate restructuring, social security and high-level terminations, as well as the arrival of businesses in Mexico and general day-to-day advice. The team is led by newly appointed partner Gerardo Valencia, who is an expert on the design and implementation of strategies that avoid employment-related liabilities, the negotiation of union contracts (and regarding ‘call-to-strike’ scenarios), and advisory on the transfer of employees, among other matters.

Practice head(s):

Gerardo Valencia


‘Cuesta Campos is an outstanding firm, with a team that is in constant communication to answer questions, review vulnerabilities or areas of opportunity, and suggest improvements in our daily operations.

‘The communication and attention they have with us. Our problem with other firms is that they start acting on their own and refuse to provide information or justify their actions when questioned. Throughout just over three years of business relationship, this has been a very positive change. Lic. Sandra Chavez and Lic. Gerardo Valencia understand that not everyone is an attorney  and terms can be challenging; but they have enough patience to explain in simple words the possible solutions to the problems that arise.

Key clients

Hitachi Astemo

Hoy Health





Súper Kiosko




Huntsman International


Work highlights

  • Advised Yara on the design and implementation of processes, protocols, employment agreements and amendments to comply with it’s obligations, managed Social Security and risk management to prevent premium increases.
  • Advised Rappi on the design of the division of the business with specialisation on each entity that will offer services to the market in compliance with the regulation on Outsourcing, modifying the corporate structure and employee transfer on a substitution-of-employer process authorised by the Ministry of Labour.
  • Advised Compas on the verification of compliance with Mexico’s Labour Reform regarding outsourcing, including the validation of all vendors to determine the fulfillment of their employer obligations, as well as the analysis and amendment of the company’s Services Agreement entered into to include new vendor’s obligations and responsibilities.

Greenberg Traurig, S.C.

Greenberg Traurig, S.C. significantly bolstered its labour and employment offering in December 2021, with the incorporation of Leslie Palma and her team of six associates from Holland & Knight, the hires following on from that of Marité Villanueva, who joined as Of Counsel the previous October. The team has experience across a broad front of employment issues, including individual and collective bargaining matters, executive compensation, labour relations management, workforce reductions and other employee changes. The practice is co-led by Palma, who focuses her practice on labour and benefits matters, advising clients on employment matters throughout the corporate sector; and experienced labour lawyer Villanueva, who assists employers with the management of employees, including massive and strategic layoffs, lawsuits, contingency plans to prevent labour liabilities, and union negotiations.

Practice head(s):

Leslie Palma; Marité Villanueva


‘Prepared and with extensive knowledge in the field.

‘They are always willing to give you quick and punctual solutions.

‘The strength of the firm’s work team, which is headed by Lic. Leslie Palma, is the professional and friendly treatment that the entire team has without exception.

‘They are always on the lookout for any questions that arise day to day. What distinguishes them is that they are lawyers who understand the operation and their advice is always business-oriented.

‘Leslie Palma (Partner), Jorge Andazola (Associate), Karla Copka (Associate) and Adrián Reyes (Associate), are the lawyers with whom he interacted the most and all of them are always professional when it comes to consulting them and, above all, their treatment towards the client regardless of the position or rank in the company, is what makes them stand out from other lawyers who we have worked with.

Key clients

Comercializadora Sodimac

Fibra Uno

Pepsico Internacional Mexico

Tiendas Soriana

Stericycle Mexico

Novonordisk Mexico

Work highlights

  • Acted as lead counsel to PepsiCo in labour litigation matters across the 32 states of the Mexican Republic, having handled over 1,200 cases; advised on labour and administrative matters, including executive benefits, severance payments, employee benefits and compensation, labour relations, non-competition agreements, dismissals, and changes of control; and assisted with implementation regarding the requirements of the T-MEC agreement, as well as with inspections.
  • Advised Comercializador Sodico on personnel recruiting processes to support the company’s expansion plans in Mexico.
  • Advised Tiendas Soriana on litigation and consulting matters.

Maillard Abogados Laborales

Maillard Abogados Laborales has notable strength in labour and social security matters, benefits and compensations, and union negotiation, and is highly specialised in labour and employment litigation. The team is jointly led by labour experts César Maillard Cárdenas, who has a solid track record in litigation and union negotiations (and who frequently represents leading multinational clients such as Procter & Gamble, AXA Seguros and TV Azteca, among others); and founding partner César Maillard Canudas, who has deep experience in labour and employee benefits, and social security matters, as well as in complex union negotiations. The specialist firm also houses a number of other, additional key figures, notably Ary Argumedo who leads the litigation practice and is particularly skilled in amparo proceedings; and  Evelin Palma García, who heads up the consulting, inspection and auditing practice.


‘They have extraordinary technical and analytical skills.

‘The Maillard Law Firm is distinguished by always being at the forefront both theoretically and technologically, providing in addition to excellent service, security and certainty to us as clients.

‘A solid firm that has undoubtedly forged new lawyers with the character and knowledge necessary to deal with litigation.

‘Great firm made  with magnificent professionals.

Key clients

Best Buy

TV Azteca

J Ray McDermott

Procter & Gamble



Tip de México

Administradora de Gasolineras San Agustín

JFC de México

Grupo R Perforación Marina

Industrial Perforadora de Campeche

Comercializadora de Bebidas

Desarrollo y Servicio Petrolero

Almacenes y Frigoríficos Amariben

SchatzTransint Servicios Especializados

Comercial IAC

Pepper Snapple Group

Work highlights

  • Advised Best Buy Stores and Best Buy Enterprises on the closing of its operations in Mexico, implicating the termination of the collective bargaining agreements entered into in its different stores, through complex negotiations with the Unions, due to the fact that any possible friction that could arise from this process implied the possibility of a strike.        
  • Successfully advised Procter & Gamble in a lawsuit where the plaintiff claimed severance pay, seniority premium, vacations, vacation premium, holiday bonus, overtime, back wages, as well as various other benefits.
  • Advised Diltex on the implementation and overview of new union obligations that Mexico acquired as a result of the TMEC, where Mexico has had international observers to see if union democracy processes were being carried out correctly, following the implementation of the labour reforms.

Sainz Abogados

Sainz Abogados has long-standing experience in labour and employment, handling a wide range of litigious and regulatory compliance issues, along with strategic planning concerning Mexican labour and social security laws, trade unions negotiations, collective bargaining, and labour relations management, among other matters. The team – which is lauded for its ‘excellent handling of complex labour issues, and great preparation’-  is led by Alejandro Nila Rosales who specialises in labour and employment litigation, social security and employment terminations before the federal and local authorities; he also has vast experience in collective bargaining agreements and union affairs. Also, key to the practice, Omar Zayas litigates both  individual and collective labour conflicts. The pair garner praise as  ‘two highly trained lawyers with whom we have handled very complex litigation with excellent results. I highlight their commitment to the client and the way they analyse a dispute from different angles’.

Practice head(s):

Alejandro Nila


‘Deep knowledge and availability of  partner Alejandro Nila.

‘Knowledge and good  judgment. Alejandro Nila is without a doubt the labor attorney with the most accurate vision that we have consulted for the company.

‘Excellent handling of complex labour issues, great preparation.

‘Alejandro Nila and Omar Zayas are two highly trained lawyers with whom we have handled very complex litigation with excellent results. I highlight their commitment to the client and the way they analyze a dispute from different angles.

Key clients

Carval Investors



Huf Mexico

Meadwestvaco Servicios


Desarrolladora Homex (Homex)


Delta Airlines

Larsen & Toubro Infotech

Work highlights

  • Advised Puratos on a complex resolution issued by the Mexican Social Security Service resolving to increase the hazard premium, therefore, increasing the contributions to the Mexican Social Security Institute.
  • Advised MeadWestvaco on day-to-day labour matters, and some specific situations regarding employee’s terminations and new hiring schemes under Mexican law.
  • Advised Veritiv on all labour and employment affairs in Mexico, as well as representing the company in a labour litigation brought by the former General Director, the Finance Director and the Operation Manager.

Von Wobeser y Sierra, SC

Von Wobeser y Sierra, SC  is an established presence in the labour and employment sector, its practice group advising clients on the full spectrum of associated services, from labour due diligence in relation to M&As, joint ventures and spinoffs, or collective bargaining agreements and union negotiations, to anti-corruption and compliance advice, outsourcing reform, social security matters and litigation; reflecting the firm’s broader clientele, it also has a strong specialisation in the automotive and consumer goods industries. The team is  co-led by Rodolfo Trampe, who is experienced in labour law, executive compensation and benefits, and social security matters; and Javier Lizardi who principally advises on labour matters that have a strong corporate or transactional component. Since research concluded the practice has been significantly strengthened with the hire of Rafael Vallejo, formerly practice head at Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa, and much of his team – effective as of Setpember 2022.

Practice head(s):

Rodolfo Trampe; Rafael Vallejo

Key clients

Turner & Townsend

Trico Componentes

Freudenberg Group


BMW Group (BMW de México, BMW SLP)

Perforaciones Estratégicas Integrales Mexicana – Borr Drilling

Anheuser Busch InBev / Grupo Modelo

Busch Dienste

Subensambles Internacionales

BPI Brake Manufacturing Juárez

Work highlights

  • Advised BMW on a comprehensive annual updated process according to new regulations, as well with the legitimation process of the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Advised Grupo Modelo on its corporate restructuring in order to comply with Mexico’s labour outsourcing reform.
  • Advised Krispy Kreme México and Krispy Kreme Group on a complex corporate restructuring in order to comply with Mexico’s labour outsourcing reform.

Cannizzo, Ortiz y Asociados SC

Cannizzo, Ortiz y Asociados SC‘s labour and employment practice is co-led by Mauricio Moreno-Rey, who is praised for ‘technical and practical knowledge that is second to none’, and has extensive experience in various areas of law, advising clients in the full spectrum of labour law, along with corporate M&A and foreign investment matters; and Stefano Amato, who focuses his practice on labour and employment, and corporate and finance practices. The team’s expertise includes both individual and collective labour matters, the representation of clients in the negotiation and execution of collective bargaining agreements; executive and foreign personnel hiring and dismissal; the design and implementation of personnel policies, labour due diligence audits; and outsourcing structures, among other matters.

Practice head(s):

Mauricio Moreno-Rey; Stefano Amato


‘It is difficult to find a serious law firm that deals with different branches of law and that has such a solid labour law practice. The firm has a lot of experience and attends to very important clients.

‘Mauricio Moreno Rey is one of the best lawyers I have ever met. His technical and practical knowledge is second to none.

Bufete Díaz Mirón y Asociados SC

Boutique firm Bufete Díaz Mirón y Asociados SC is known for its capabilities in collective bargaining agreements, social security, anti-corruption measures and litigation. The team is jointly led by partners Luis Díaz Mirón, along with Luis Enrique Díaz Mirón and Juan Jose Díaz Mirón.

Practice head(s):

Luis Díaz Mirón

Ibarra, del Paso y Gallego

Despite having a relatively young labour and employment practice, Ibarra, del Paso y Gallego's team offers broad coverage and is able to undertake day-to-day matters, as well as employee terminations and transfers, collective bargaining agreements, outsourcing reform-related matters, corporate restructuring, and compliance. The team is led by Jaime Rodríguez Eguiarte, who works hand-in-hand with the transactional areas of the firm regarding the assessment of labour contingencies and mitigation of related risks in M&A and asset-acquisition contexts.

Practice head(s):

Jaime Rodriguez Eguiarte


‘A very professional and responsible firm. With a lot of attention to detail and keeping us informed at all times.

Key clients

Universal Pictures Mexico Entretainment

Estudios Mexicanos Telemundo

Mizuho Bank Mexico

Lottus Capital Fund

Agua de México

Samurai Motors

Trax Retail Sistemas Interactivos de Consultoría

Rackspace Mexico

Universidad Latinoamericana

Universidad de las 3 Culturas

Carrier Enterprise Mexico

Alcon Laboratorios

Beckers Industrial Coatings

Callison RTKL

The Chemours Company

Work highlights

  • Advised Universal Pictures Mexico on employment termination matters, concluding the processes successfully and avoiding the risk of litigation.
  • Provided Mizuho Bank Mexico with day-to-day advice on labour and employment matters, including labour compliance.
  • Advised Lottus Capital Fund on the due diligence process and employer substitution of personnel related to the acquisition of Universidad Autónoma del Noreste in 2021.

Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes S.C.

Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes S.C.  has a broad labour and employment offering that reflects the firm’s full-service capabilities, primarily advising clients in M&A transactions, joint ventures and spin-offs regarding labour and employment matters, as well as bringing its experience to bear in day-to-day advice, employment agreements, and negotiations with labour unions. The team is led by Claudio Jiménez De León, whose experience ranges from individual and collective litigation and appeal proceedings, to labour consultancy services - particularly in relation to oil and gas companies with investments and operations in Mexico.

Practice head(s):

Claudio Jiménez

Key clients



Medline Industries

Acon Investments

BNP Paribas

Hokchi Energy

Monterra Energy

Becle (Grupo Cuervo)

Club Atlético de Madrid

Grupo ICA (Ingenieros Civiles Asociados)

Ica Fluor Daniel



Fieldwood Energy

Work highlights

  • Advised SoftBank fund on the applicable part of the transaction related to the execution of an exclusive agreement with US flexible working group WeWork to operate the brand’s assets in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.
  • Advised SoftBank Latin America Fund on the negotiation and execution of the agreements and documentation necessary for its investment of $74m in exchange for an indirect interest of 7.5% of the capital stock of certain subsidiaries of Corporativo GBM, a 35-year-old investment platform in the Mexican stock market.
  • Advised Medline Industries on the acquisition of a significant portion of listed company Teleflex Incorporated’s respiratory business.