Leading Silks

Ravindra Chetty SC5 St James Court ‘Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to express arguments and ideas clearly with an analytical mind and logical approach.’
Anwar Moollan SC – Chambers of Sir Hamid Moollan KC
Urmila Boolell SCTemple Law ‘Has vast experience and is at ease in any situation. She is humble and makes the client feel comfortable.’

Leading Juniors

Mushtaq NamdarkhanBLC Robert & Associates ‘Very conscientious and motivated by his files, knowledgeable about the law and the judicial system in Mauritius.’
Yahia NazrooAppleby Very collaborative and very passionate about what he does such that he will not only advise you on a subject that you need his service for but will look into the big picture and examine all the expected impacts.’
Avinash Sunassee5 St James Court ‘A particularly smooth advocate. He knows Mauritian law inside out, and really has the ear of the courts. He is also extremely practical and brings an international perspective to his work.’
Anne-Sophie JullienneAfralaw Chambers  ‘Delivers without glitches and saves instructing attorneys from many pre-litigation headaches. She has flair, works efficiently and has an understanding of her clients’ expectations.’
Imtihaz MamoojeeImtihaz Mamoojee Chambers ‘Very attentive and works hard to analyse the facts of the case and give effective advice to his clients.’

Rising Stars

Bilshan NursimuluOrison Legal ‘A very knowledgeable, very user friendly junior, who works to the highest international standards and timelines.’

Barristers: Commercial disputes in Mauritius

5 St James Court

The members of 5 St James Court are renowned for their work in heavyweight commercial litigation, international arbitration, and specialised expertise in insolvency, banking and finance matters. Ravindra Chetty SC has distinguished himself in appearing for the Indian government in an injunctive action to permanently restrain an investment company from pursuing with arbitration proceedings in CC/Devas (Mauritius) Ltd v The Republic of India, as well as successfully defending before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council election petitions entered against several Members of Parliament in Surendra Dayal v Pravind Kumar Jugnauth. Avinash Sunassee has also notably appeared before the Privy Council in a case concerning Norwich Pharmacal relief against a local bank in Stanford Asset Holdings Ltd v AfrAsia Bank Ltd.


‘The firm has a strong reputation for legal excellence, integrity and professionalism on disputes cases in Mauritius, with experienced barristers in this field.’

‘The barristers are very good at the services they offer.’

Work highlights

BLC Robert & Associates

Demonstrable experience in sectors including banking and finance bolsters the reputation of BLC Robert & Associates, whose team is frequently retained in complex, high-value commercial disputes before all levels of the Mauritian court system. Evidence of a stellar track record at the appellate level includes the successful defence before both the Supreme Court and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council of a challenge to an arbitral award arising out of a failure to pay tranches due under a shareholders agreement in VSoft Holdings LLC v Peepul Capital Fund II LLC. Iqbal Rajahbalee SC is engaged in resisting an injunction obtained by the Republic of India against Mauritian companies pursuing investment treaty arbitration in CC/Devas (Mauritius) Ltd v The Republic of India, and has defended a commercial bank in a high-profile wrongful termination claim in Beeharry v Maubank Ltd. Mushtaq Namdarkhan represented an investment fund in an application seeking to compel disclosures relating to an alleged fraud in Stanford Asset Holdings Limited and The Greenway PCC v AfrAsia Bank, and Ravi Bhookhun continues to build his portfolio, having previously appeared as junior counsel in an employment dispute before the Privy Council in Grewals (Mauritius) Ltd v Koo See Lin.


‘The team is easy to access and has the relevant skill set and expertise.’

‘Knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with.’

‘Top notch team who are always available to assist.’

‘BLC has supported us in award enforcement and other contract-related matters in Mauritius. Very savvy, professional and smart lawyers. Responsive team.’

Chambers of A.R.M.A. Peeroo SC GOSK

At Chambers of A.R.M.A. Peeroo SC GOSK, which specialises in corporate and commercial disputes related to banking and finance, contract, and IP law, Jamsheed Peeroo is frequently retained on novel issues of international arbitration law and conflicts of jurisdiction and public policy. Balancing a seat in London as part of The 36 Group, Peeroo’s work in Mauritius includes resisting an application to set aside a MARC arbitral award made on the basis of alleged bias and alleged fraud in M. A. R. Laporte v E. Laporte, and acting for a security company operating in international airports before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and successfully resisting setting aside proceedings brought against an ICC award in Flashbird Ltd v CSPI.

Chambers of Sir Hamid Moollan KC

Enjoying a strong reputation in litigation and arbitration services particularly in the fields of commercial, banking and trust law, the members of Chambers of Sir Hamid Moollan KC regularly appear before all levels of the Mauritian court system. Hamid Moollan, who avails himself of a practice at Brick Court Chambers in London, is often relied upon by clients to represent them in matters of international arbitration, tax, and judicial review, including most recently his work for a group of Mauritian companies seeking investment arbitration against the Indian government in CC/Devas (Mauritius) Ltd v The Republic of India, and his role as lead counsel before the Privy Council in Betamax v State Trading Corporation, successfully appealing the annulment of an arbitral award. Anwar Moollan SC also offers a highly-specialised portfolio of work in construction-related litigation and arbitration.

Afralaw Chambers

Anne-Sophie Jullienne is the key advocacy contact at Afralaw Chambers, with a reputation in international arbitration, as well as contract, construction, company, property, environment law and foreign investment disputes. Jullienne successfully appeared before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in a challenge to an arbitral award in Alphamix Ltd v District Council of Riviere du Rempart, and has also obtained a significant judgment in favour of an environmental NGO in Eco-Sud v Ministry of Environment & Ors, whereby the Supreme Court quashed long-standing case law on standing in environmental cases.

Work highlights


Appleby leverages the resources of its broad network in assisting major corporate service providers, financial institutions, funds, professional directors, investors and corporations with a broad range of high-value commercial and trust disputes, insolvency proceedings and judicial review. Yahia Nazroo represented a global management consulting firm in a breach of contract claim in relation to mining operations in PIP Global solutions v Endeavour Mining Corporation, and in the finance space secured application for the erasure of a privilege inscribed by the Mauritius Revenue Authority upon a property in Sooknah & Nive Co Ltd v Mauritius Revenue Authority IPO & The Conservator of Mortgages.


‘Above average availability and responsiveness within the given timeline.’

‘The approach at Appleby is very welcoming whether it be by telephone or in person visits. From the reception to the professionals you need to be in contact with, they are always ready to help and assist.’

‘Solution oriented approach and legal advice. High availability and fast reaction times.’

Work highlights

Imtihaz Mamoojee Chambers

The litigation and arbitration offering from Imtihaz Mamoojee Chambers spans the breadth of civil and commercial matters, with members instructed before all levels of the Mauritian courts and tribunals. Imtihaz Mamoojee has appeared before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in Alphamix Ltd v The District Council of Riviere du Rempart, which challenged whether the Supreme Court was wrong to annul an arbitral award on the ground that it was delivered after the arbitrator’s mandate had expired, and is equally at home navigating contractual dispute appeals, as in the case of Dulmar Furniture Ltd v Le Domaine Des Alizées Ltée, relating to a luxury property development.


‘Very professional. I firmly recommend.’

Work highlights

Juristconsult Chambers

Juristconsult Chambers is well-positioned to offer advice on complex and high-value litigation, arbitration, investigations and alternative dispute resolution. Marc Hein SC has assisted with the setting up of a limitation fund in the aftermath of the MV Wakashio oil spill in Mauritian waters. Burty Francois has a demonstrable track record in several prominent claims before the Supreme Court, including the first major case of an alleged fraud through cryptocurrencies, and a challenge against the enforcement of and the seeking of a precedent-setting suspension of a letter of credit issued by a local bank. Khemila Narraidoo is seasoned in the processes of the Commercial and Bankruptcy Division and the Supreme Court, particularly in commercial disputes, debt recovery and insolvency proceedings.


‘The different specializations in the law firm and range of services. The team is highly collaborative and dedicated. ’

‘They are one of the very few law firms which can deal with the shipping law practice. They are well established chambers but also they are prepared to challenge new matters. ’

Temple Law

Temple Law is known for its expertise in a diverse range of commercial disputes spanning real estate, banking and finance, tourism, tech, and energy. Urmila Boolell SC has been involved in advising a group of 69 international investors seeking recourse for losses suffered on investments made in DIF III Mauritius Fund in Jayantilal Patel v DIF III Mauritius Fund and ICICI Bank, and has also assisted a domestic tech company with the IP rights of a high-value import consignment in Apple Inc v SwapTraders Ltd. The addition of former Director of Public Prosecutions Satyajit Boolell SC to the set in January 2023 expands its financial crime capabilities, including the representation of high-profile clients in applications for compensation made against the Financial Intelligence Unit.


‘The in-depth analysis and solutions proposed reflect the quality and performance of the lead senior counsel and the other legal professionals. They also are knowledgeable and provide highly-rated training programs.’

‘The practice is unique in its ability to understand the overall issue and propose relevant actions to be taken. Their strengths are their expertise, their professionalism, their well-seasoned team, their approach to each case, which is fought with determination.’

‘They are very humane and place a lot of emphasis on client experience. They are very well-versed in dealing with complex issues and they do so without any fear or doubt.’

Work highlights