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Leading Silks

Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC - Falcon ChambersProbably the best property litigation silk in the business.
David Holland QC - Landmark ChambersDavid provides clear and concise advice and is very quick to reach the core of the argument. However, David's greatest ability is in court and particularly on cross-examination of witnesses and experts where he can be ferocious.
Stephen Jourdan QC - Falcon ChambersStephen has an incisive legal mind which can unpick a complex issue ridiculously quickly. He has both an eye for detail (and is willing to get into it) and a feel for how the court is likely to decide a technical legal point. He is ruthless in cross-examination, especially of expert witnesses.
Philip Rainey QC - Tanfield ChambersPhilip is an extremely good advocate. He has a very persuasive and effective style. He is very technical and breadth of his legal knowledge is extremely impressive. He finds solutions to very difficult issues particularly on complex enfranchisement matters.
Jonathan Seitler QCWilberforce ChambersJonathan’s ability to think outside of the box is remarkable. The way his mind works in order to find angles to really create a legal argument is fantastic and means that we always go to him to help us to fight our way out of a corner. His advocacy skills and powers of persuasion are second to none. He controls the court room with his smart wit and, at times, humour and is fantastically persuasive on his feet.
Brie Stevens-Hoare QC - Gatehouse ChambersBrie has a fantastically deep level of knowledge about property law and understands how this complex area pieces together. She is my go to expert on difficult matters. She works very efficiently - can give good, concise commercial and clear answers. She is not long winded (orally or in word) or equivocal. You are left with great confidence in her advice. She inspired confidence and has great gravitas.
Joanne Wicks QCWilberforce ChambersAbsolutely at the top of the game for property related disputes. A pleasure to work with and so clear and concise in her advice. Has to be in the very top echelon in this jurisdiction and always a first choice. Always willing to roll up the sleeves and gets stuck in. Every angle is always covered and one feels in extremely safe and capable hands. Technically very astute.
Zia Bhaloo QC - Landmark ChambersZia has an incredibly sharp legal brain with excellent team skills. Clients rave about Zia. She's an absolute pleasure to work with and provides concise, cleverly thought-through advice with a commercial approach. That's rare.
Ranjit Bhose QC - Cornerstone BarristersRanjit has an almost supernatural ability to absorb and retain information contained within massive trial bundles. Without doubt the most impressive and thorough trial preparation of any counsel I have worked with over the last 35 years.
Janet Bignell QCFalcon Chambers 'A highly authoritative and detail-orientated silk, who provides very thorough advice. She has an excellent manner with clients.'
Kerry Bretherton QC - Tanfield ChambersKerry is incredibly knowledgeable and can put complex law into lay terms for clients to understand. She is calm and confident when advocating. She is realistic in managing the client's expectations and instills confidence.
Martin Hutchings QCWilberforce ChambersMartin gets to the nub of the issues quickly and concisely. He does not sit on the fence and is prepared to give a clear view, something that is valued by clients.
Jonathan Karas QC - Falcon ChambersHe is a master of detail and is unafraid to challenge all of those involved in the case. He is able to get to the heart of the matter and is unswerving in his pursuit of the required outcomes.
George Laurence QC - New Square ChambersEnormously hard-working, excellent insight into difficult legal problems, a rare ability to elucidate and articulate the key points in issue in a case, an encyclopaedic knowledge of this area, and extremely personable too.
John McGhee QC - Maitland ChambersJohn is probably one of the best property litigators at the Bar at the moment. Really clear and commercial advice. Strong on his feet and very user and client friendly.
John de Waal QC - Gatehouse ChambersJohn is not afraid to get off the fence and will consider novel strategies to progress to resolution. He is a tenacious advocate.
Christopher Heather QC - Tanfield ChambersA very calm and highly effective advocate. Technically excellent but also commercial in his approach. A pleasure to work with and great to have on your team. An increasingly well known "go to" QC for high value and complex enfranchisement work - at the very top of the list.
Dan Kolinsky QC - Landmark ChambersHe has an excellent understanding of the law coupled with an engaging and approachable presence in consultation, and first class advocacy. A great all-round set of skills.
Timothy Polli QC - Tanfield ChambersHighly intelligent but understated, forensic and considered. Always looks at every angle which makes him one of my top counsel of choice - the client is exceedingly well informed and he does not fight battles for the sake of it but picks the one which will succeed. Very good on his feet and persistent in a calm way. Very accessible and gives clients a lot of confidence. A quality counsel.
Mark Sefton QC - Falcon ChambersMark has a depth of knowledge and a clarity of thought which is outstanding and makes him my first choice barrister for many of the knotty property issues that come across my path. He is especially good on issues of interpretation and his grasp of property valuations and their methodology is second to none.
Caroline Shea QC - Falcon ChambersExcellent commercial nous - Caroline gives decisive advice and does not sit on the fence. She is able to instill confidence in clients very quickly.
Malcolm Sheehan QC - Henderson ChambersMalcolm is a meticulous lawyer with very sound legal and commercial judgement. He is also a very able advocate who really makes a difference in court.
Andrew Walker QC - Maitland ChambersAndrew is bright and has a clear analytical approach - clients respond well - he sets out their options clearly with good commercial advice. He works well with the instructing team and is very responsive. Persuasive advocate, doesn't waste time on the bad points.
Mark Warwick QC - Selborne ChambersMark is simply tremendous and is absolutely someone who you would want to have on your team. He is unquestionably hard working, always makes himself available and is always one step ahead. A leader in his very own right.
Tom Weekes QC - Landmark ChambersGood on expert evidence and witness statement evidence and general preparation for trial. Tom is a team player who goes the extra mile for clients. Very good expertise on restrictive covenants.
Gary Blaker QC - Selborne ChambersGary is calmness incarnate. He has a wealth of knowledge and is able to put clients at their ease. In court he is tenacious but always with respect. With judges he is firm when he needs to be and always seems to have the ear of the court.
Andrew Butler QCTanfield Chambers 'Incredibly impressive on the detail - commercial in his approach, with superb drafting skills. He gets on very well with clients. Robust and calls it as he sees it - he doesn't sit on the fence but gives clear, definitive and reasoned advice.'
Nicholas Grundy QC - Five PaperNick is very hard working, extremely knowledgeable, has a very sharp mind, gets results, is approachable and responsive. Excellent advocate and gives clear advice. Lead counsel in many leading housing cases.
Tiffany Scott QCWilberforce ChambersTiffany’s attention to detail is second to none. She is incredibly thorough, always happy to pick up the phone to chat something through and excellent when cross-examining. Highly skilled in extracting information from elderly and infirm witnesses in a sensitive but determined manner. She is very client friendly and unlike many barristers, acknowledges that her involvement is part of a bigger picture.
Romie Tager QC - Selborne ChambersHe boldly goes where other barristers fear to tread, but always exercising good judgment; excellent tactician; utter command of the court room; able to store vast quantities of data in his head.
James Ayliffe QCWilberforce ChambersHardworking. An excellent team player. Cautious but proactive, with strategic ideas and suggestions. Paperwork is very clear and precise, and work is produced on time.
Ian Clarke QC - Selborne ChambersUser friendly, bright, pragmatic
Clifford Darton QC - Selborne ChambersAn excellent advocate who always appears unflustered in court. He has strong attention to detail and provide excellent client care.
Jonathan Davey QCWilberforce ChambersHe is a reassuring presence, calm, great personality, very charming and puts clients at ease quickly. He works well behind the scenes with the solicitor team and rolls his sleeves up and incredibly accessible and responsive. He understands the team approach and is very easy to work with, and a very nice person on top of it all, shows genuine interest in people.
Thomas Grant QC - Maitland ChambersSuperb advocate - eloquent, persuasive, razor-sharp and in complete control of the court room. Clearly liked by judges. Clients love him - exactly who they want on their side.
Julian Greenhill QCWilberforce ChambersAbsolutely brilliant. Really client-friendly. Excellent on his feet, both in making submissions and in cross-examination. Gives clear, focussed advice and works well as a team with his solicitors.
Stephanie Tozer QC - Falcon ChambersClear, focused advice and able to give a firm view on merits.

2020 Silks

Zoë Barton QCWilberforce ChambersSteely with a superior legal and commercial brain. One to have on your side in the toughest of fights. She will concentrate on the killer points! Her good written work and great advocacy will carry the tribunal. A go-to QC for the difficult cases and clients.
Kate Selway QC - Radcliffe ChambersKate gives a good solid opinion that you can rely on and she isn't shy about saying what she thinks. Some barristers are very equivocal which is unhelpful but not Kate. her opinions are clear and easy to follow. She has excellent technical expertise.

2021 Silks

Myriam Stacey QC - Landmark ChambersMyriam works on bet the ranch high-stakes property litigation. A formidable new silk who operates at the very top of the property litigation world and ticks every box an instructing solicitor could ask for. Lingo-free advice of the highest quality is delivered at break-neck speed. A absolute pleasure to work with and someone who adopts a sleeves-up collaborative approach from the off. Particularly sought out for complex rights to light.
Nicholas Trompeter QC - Selborne ChambersSoftly spoken, but packs a big punch. Good attention to detail.

2022 Silks

Galina Ward QC - Landmark ChambersGalina is very approachable, easy to communicate with, very articulate and extremely thorough whilst looking at the end objective and for practical solutions.
Toby Watkin QC - Landmark ChambersToby is an exceptionally strong senior junior. He is reassuring in conference with lay client, trustworthy and dependable and an extremely safe pair of hands.

Leading Juniors

Wayne Clark - Falcon ChambersWayne has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law and installs absolute confidence in the client. He is always three steps ahead of his opponent.
Jamal Demachkie - Gatehouse ChambersJamal is fantastically sharp and analytical. Hesees solutions to issues before anyone else sees the issue and is tactically nuanced in complex property disputes. Clients want to work with him.
Martin Dray - Falcon ChambersConcise language, speed of response, commitment to the job at hand.
James FieldsendTanfield ChambersVery knowledgeable and thorough whilst also being incredibly approachable. Working with him feels very much like a team effort and the attention to detail and precision they bring to each case is invaluable.
Andrew Francis - Serle CourtKnowledgeable and very friendly and approachable manner - always willing to give his time. He is at the top of his field when it comes to restrictive covenants.
Anthony Radevsky - Falcon ChambersAnthony is a leading expert in enfranchisement law and so would be my first option for any enfranchisement work. He is meticulous and thorough and is able to explain complicated concepts clearly so that they can be understood by clients.
Nicholas Taggart - Landmark ChambersNick has an encyclopedic knowledge of property law and rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck into the detail. Definitely my go to barrister if I want the right answer.
Emily Windsor - Falcon ChambersEmily's strengths are commitment to the client and holding that relationship, and working on the minutiae of a case: an encyclopedic knowledge of the underlying law and procedural information and quick to grasp the necessary details.
Justin Bates - Landmark ChambersKnowledge of the field and the law is second to none. Very quick to appraise a potential case, strengths and weaknesses. Not afraid to argue a novel point of law. Advice is eminently clear and considered. Gains the confidence of clients instantly.
Michael BuckpittTanfield Chambers 'Michael is a go-to barrister. He is extremely user friendly, nothing is too much trouble for him and he goes the extra mile. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and someone who you always want in your corner.'
Tim Calland - Maitland ChambersTim is good at thinking around a problem and discussing tactics and commercial realities to formulate a strategy. He has a calm and authoritative manner with clients and can handle very difficult personalities with ease. Tim's written work is well crafted and succinct. Tim is excellent in court - up there with the best.
Edward Denehan - 9 Stone BuildingsDetailed, thorough, and very good at explaining tough concepts - good with clients.
Daniel DovarTanfield ChambersVery able, knowledgeable, personable, commercial and reliable.
Nathaniel Duckworth - Falcon ChambersNat is an absolute leader in his field. He is exceptionally astute and his ability to collate facts and evidence is outstanding. He produces some of the best pleadings I have seen, and he is exceptionally user friendly with clients and is a natural leader. Diligent, reliable, incredibly intelligent, a superb advocate and extremely focused.
Carl Fain - Tanfield ChambersCarl is an exceptional barrister who is able to very quickly grasp the key elements of a dispute and provide clear and succinct advice. He is also very commercial and particularly persuasive on his feet.
Elizabeth Fitzgerald - Falcon ChambersIncredibly driven and determined; very clever; personable; great at assimilating evidence and very much a QC in the making.
Marc Glover - Tanfield ChambersMarc is extremely sharp and focused and brilliant with clients. I have no hesitation in instructing him on tricky matters. Marc cuts to the important issues quickly providing excellent strategic advice. On his feet he has a heavyweight presence. An all-round magnificent advocate.
James Hanham - Maitland ChambersJames is very thorough and technically astute. His advocacy is brilliant and the best I've seen. James is also very approachable - you know you can pick up the phone and ask a question - as well as being very good with clients.
Greville Healey - Falcon ChambersVery quick to pick up a point and to get to grips with the key issues in a case. He is an excellent advocate and very quick thinking on his feet. His written advice is well thought through and he provides sensible commercial advice.
Justin Kitson - Selborne ChambersA formidable advocate with an ability to assimilate a vast amount of information in a short space of time whilst applying the law swiftly and effectively, to provide detailed, practical and realistic advice. Always accommodating and goes more than the extra mile to make sure of a first rate service every time.
Camilla Lamont - Landmark ChambersVery responsive and accessible. Clearly mindful of the need to be commercial, rather than treating instructions purely as a legal puzzle. Very adaptable in terms of strategic approach.
Emer MurphyWilberforce ChambersShe provides commercial advice in a clear, readily understandable way which can be acted upon.
Katrina Yates - Landmark ChambersKatrina is a robust and tenacious advocate, well able to hold her own against opponents of far greater seniority. She is my go-to person for Land Registration matters and development disputes that straddle property and planning law. Responsive and collaborative, she is certainly one to watch.
Simon Allison - Landmark ChambersExcellent at getting to the core issues of a case and deals with all levels of clients exceptionally well. Superb in dealing with residential service charge disputes and his tactical advice is second to none.
Christopher Baker - 4-5 Gray's Inn SquareChris has a superb knowledge of the residential landlord and tenant law and unlike many barristers understands the broader social housing picture and the regulatory environment; he is approachable and his written work is first class. His measured approach to advocacy works well in the tribunals and higher courts that I use him for.
Richard Clegg - Selborne ChambersAbsolutely brilliant and tenacious with opponents. Very clear and precise advice, well explained for clients; an absolute pleasure to work with. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Tamsin Cox - Falcon ChambersExcellent legal analysis and advice. Notwithstanding the challenges of the remote hearings and the arcane subject matter of the case, Tamsin presents calmly and persuasively.
Andy Creer - Gatehouse ChambersClear in advice, hard working and committed. Popular with clients.
Edward FrancisEnterprise ChambersEd has a great intellect and technical ability. He knows his law when it comes to property/ insolvency.
Daniel Gatty - Gatehouse ChambersVery impressive. Excellent academically and my go to for particularly knotty problems, especially those concerning real property matters. Cuts through complicated issues in a way that clients understand and appreciate. Unflustered on his feet.
Ellodie Gibbons - Tanfield ChambersGreat technical ability but down to earth, and able to explain issues easily to lay clients. She also has great client inter-personal skills, is able to cut straight through to the issues and is commercial too.
Piers Harrison - Tanfield ChambersPiers is highly skilled, and intellectual but very personable. He comes over excellently with the client. He is never dry or boring, whatever the subject matter. Piers' other strength is his extremely sharp mind. He has a highly inquisitive and brilliant side to him born out of a natural academic sense of curiosity. That makes him ideal for creative, sound legal argument. He is excellent on his feet and on paper and his enthusiasm shines through. He is without doubt one of the leading minds in his area.
Stuart Hornett - Selborne ChambersStuart is extremely conscientious and has an a good approach with clients and a very good understanding of the more complex legal issues. He is also very tactically minded, giving good practical advice.
Thomas Jefferies - Landmark ChambersTom is a very bright and capable and also approachable with a good sense of humour, he comes over very well with the client and is also incisive and clear in his advice at all times. On his feet, he is a clear cogent and careful advocate. His naturally persuasive style wins through. He is great at taking hold of and running with complex legal and valuation argument and is not at all phased by technical subject matter. He is also a creative legal thinker and has delivered value over and above on many occasions to clients. He is a modern user friendly barrister and always a pleasure to work with.
Sebastian Kokelaar - Three StoneSebastian is fast, reliable, clever and an excellent advocate.
Kester Lees - Falcon ChambersAn exceptional advocate - first in class on paper, in court and conference. Meticulous eye to detail and encyclopaedic knowledge of property law. My go to Counsel for title rectification and complex property related rectification work.
Mark Loveday - Tanfield ChambersMark is an approachable, user friendly barrister who is able to work at a number of different levels. His range of knowledge and experience in relation to enfranchisement and also service charge matters is impressive. He comes over very well with clients and is also highly responsive and sharp. On his feet Mark is excellent. Mark is an exceptional character and a great wit, as well as an intellect. In court or tribunal he is a skilled advocate and handles witnesses with a disarming ease. His management of evidence is exemplary and his judicial experience shines through. Mark is an all round professional and at the top of his game. In short, everything and more you would want a barrister in this niche area to be.
James McCreathWilberforce ChambersHighly intelligent with great intuition. Easy to work with and hard working.
Jonathan McNae - Selborne ChambersJon is a genuine problem solver. He is extremely patient and clear thinking in high pressure situations. Tenacious, detailed but also pragmatic.
Neil Mendoza - Selborne ChambersNeil is an excellent trial advocate and particularly distinguished at cross-examination. He is very reliable, pragmatic and a safe pair of hands.
William Moffett - Radcliffe ChambersThe standard of his writing is superb; be it an opinion or court documents they are capable of clearly and elegantly setting out at a position. His representation in court is of a similar standard. He is excellent with clients, able to easily explain even arcane and complex legal concepts. All of the above is backed up by a forensic understanding of the law and attention to detail; his control of the case is second-to-none.
Nicola Muir - Tanfield ChambersNicola has an excellent grasp of technical enfranchisement matters and arguments (particularly in terms of valuation) and consistently obtains exceptional results which makes her the preferred counsel of several of our clients. Nicola provides straight-forward yet accomplished advice which is a hugely beneficial to both her instructing solicitors and their clients.
Joseph Ollech - Falcon ChambersJoseph is very good with clients. He manages to convince them to see the matter in purely legal terms and without all the emotional baggage that came with the case. He then negotiates terms that are acceptable to both parties.
Jonathan Upton - Tanfield ChambersJonathan is quietly confident and learned, a strong intellect and someone who has really established his own name as a leading practitioner in restrictive covenant and residential law.
Michael WalshTanfield Chambers 'Michael is operating well above his level. He provides brilliant advice that commits to what approach should be taken, which instructing solicitors and lawyers love. Michael is very professional, works brilliantly with all members of the team, and rigorous in his analysis of the law, but also very tactically astute as to how to take the advantage in cases.'
Emily Betts - Gatehouse ChambersPersonable, responsive and always well prepared. Skeleton arguments are incisive and also very good on her feet.
Marie-Claire Bleasdale - Radcliffe ChambersShe has an eye for detail, whilst retaining a view of the bigger picture and practical and commercial realities. Solid advice and not afraid to mince her words and advise on the legal position even where this may not be what clients were hoping for. Always ready for a fight and to give it her, considerable, all.
Philip Brown - 9 Stone BuildingsPhilip is an excellent communicator, whether in writing, conference or court. He does not pull any punches and his ability to glean information from a witness in cross-examination is admirable.
Robert Brown - Selborne ChambersIn-depth knowledge of the law. Excellent analytic approach to cases, with clear and considered advice. Keen eye to the practicalities of a matter and the client's best interests. Measured, effective advocacy.
Jonathan ChewWilberforce ChambersVery analytical, strong on practical and technical law. Good with the tribunal and opposition. Good paperwork and prompt turnaround.
Camilla Chorfi - Falcon ChambersCamilla is an extremely clever lawyer and has an excellent grasp of detail. She can be very probing and identifies the strengths and the weaknesses in a case.
John Clargo - Gatehouse ChambersCalm, unflappable, particularly good in dealing with difficult clients. A solid, dependable performer at trial.
Cecily Crampin - Falcon ChambersCecily is a go-to barrister. She is a very tenacious advocate with a firm and nuanced grasp of the detail and the technicalities of the law, but a very human touch in dealing with clients.
Benjamin FaulknerWilberforce ChambersVery good on landlord and tenant matters. User-friendly with clients, combined with excellent technical skills and attention to detail (which can be a rare combination!). Charms the judges. Very much a team-player.
Richard Fowler - Maitland ChambersRichard is thorough and displays an empathy with clients seldom seen.
Jonathan Gavaghan - Ten Old SquareJonathan has a good understanding of the relevant law and is quick to get to grips with the facts of complex cases. a very skillful advocate at both cross examination and submissions. Jonathan is very good at working as part of a team with the instructing solicitor and the lay client and experts.
Jeff Hardman - New Square ChambersApproachable and down to earth, responsive and accommodating, knowledgeable and analytical. no nonsense approach.
Philomena Harrison - Maitland ChambersPhilomena is a pleasure to work with. She is calm, reassuring and extremely thorough in her preparation. She has taken the initiative in terms of liaising with other counsel and inventive in her thinking. She is responsive and has been extremely helpful.
Niraj Modha - 39 Essex ChambersA highly intelligent and careful junior with strong specialist knowledge. Ultra-responsive even though very busy. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any property related disputes. User-friendly and a strong team player.
Gary Pryce - New Square ChambersGary accepted a trial brief at the 11th hour in relation to a complex and demanding commercial right of way dispute, due to unavoidable listing difficulties with earlier retained counsel. He familiarised himself with the technical and tactical aspects of the matter in a remarkably short time frame. He conducted the trial with a superb grasp of the situation, and handled the court and his opponent brilliantly. Technically excellent, with an open and approachable style valued by the clients. Tactically astute to a very high degree.
Laurie Scher - Maitland ChambersDetailed knowledge of property litigation and practice, very approachable and provides pragmatic solutions to client problems.
Adam Smith - Maitland ChambersVery thoughtful, thorough and commercial and strategic in his advice.
Howard Smith - Radcliffe ChambersHoward is highly engaged, and extremely knowledgeable in the subject area of party walls in particular. He is calm and his delivery Is cogent and always well researched. His reputation is high. He is highly respected among fellow professionals of varying disciplines.
Laura Tweedy - Gatehouse ChambersLaura is willing to go the extra mile without hesitation to get the most favourable result for our clients. She uses a common sense approach which is refreshing and is an expert in her field. Her advocacy is straight to the point.
Dean Underwood - Cornerstone BarristersGood quality advice and submissions in court.
Aaron Walder - Landmark ChambersAaron has been excellent in absorbing a substantial amount of detail from a significant quantity of documents and distilling the issues down to a thoroughly pleaded case.
David Warner - Selborne ChambersA first-class advocate who doesn't mess around in the courtroom. His written advice is clear and unequivocal no matter how complex the matter. Clients appreciate his approachable manner coupled with his clear advice when he advises in conference. He is my go to for all complex property and commercial matters.
Simon Williams - Radcliffe ChambersA good, hardworking advocate, he is very approachable, delightful to work with, responsive and great with clients.
Simon Adamyk - New Square ChambersA forensic yet charming opponent. Always across the detail in even the most complex of cases. Well respected by Judges for well founded submissions. A real asset to have on your side.
Clare Anslow - Gatehouse ChambersShe provides clear and practical advice and solutions. Confident and very detailed.
Simon AtkinsonWilberforce ChambersSimon has an incredible appetite for work, is able to process huge amounts of information in a short space of time. He has an absolute mastery of the law and is also very good on his feet – clients have real confidence in him.
Evie Barden - Landmark ChambersThorough with great attention to detail but also sets out advice in a clear and digestible way. Approachable and commercially minded.
Zachary Bredemear - 1 Chancery LaneDetailed and analytical; prompt and user friendly; calm and assured manner; good advocacy style.
Carl Brewin - Gatehouse ChambersCarl is very responsive and attentive with a keen eye for detail. When I instruct him I am always confident that he has the skillset and knowledge for the matter in hand and will give it the attention required.
Richard Cherry - 1 Chancery LaneA strong grasp of the rules of evidence and procedure, excellent case management skills more generally, and a good grasp of the underlying black-letter property law.
Rupert Cohen - Landmark ChambersRupert is a fantastic advocate, frighteningly clever and an absolute pleasure to work with. My go to junior for complex or tricky points of law.
Jack Dillon - Gatehouse ChambersJack's written work is excellent. He has a clear yet authoritative style of writing and I have utter confidence in him.
Amanda Eilledge - Gatehouse ChambersAmanda has excellent subject knowledge and is absolutely my go to for commercial property matters.
Morayo Fagborun-Bennett - Gatehouse ChambersGreat ability to deal with clients and provide the advice in terms they fully understand but without being patronising, and excellent at getting her point across to other professionals such as the tribunal panel and other party's solicitors and counsel.
Ciara Fairley - Falcon ChambersCiara is very clever. Her attention to detail is second to none. Her commitment to the cause of the client is outstanding. Highly recommended.
Alice Hawker - Selborne ChambersAlice is an exceptional junior barrister. She digests complex material with seeming ease and at pace, whilst completely grasping all elements and demonstrating an encyclopaedic knowledge of the materials. She is contactable, approachable and entirely dependable. She also works incredibly hard and manages to give the impression that she is always prioritising you and your instruction. Her advocacy comes across as beyond her years and she has an excellent feel for the court room and the direction of the judge.
Harriet HolmesWilberforce ChambersExceptional drafting skills. Very good with clients, friendly, approachable.
Lina Mattsson - Gatehouse ChambersExtremely clever and knowledgable; extremely detailed; friendly and helpful; confident but in a relaxed and friendly way which makes clients relaxed; always willing to help and is my go-to counsel.
Lucy McCormick - Henderson ChambersLucy is an extremely able barrister, impressive with the lay client and meticulous upon her paperwork. She has a way of exuding confidence and quickly grasps the key elements of the case. She is an incisive and determined advocate.
Simon McLoughlin - Selborne ChambersTalented, bright, technically adept and tactically astute. He has good calm measured client manner and strong communication and advocacy skills - a bright future beckons.
Jennifer MeechEnterprise ChambersShe is clear, precise and has an excellent bedside manner (so to speak). She has a self assured manner and gravitas. She was put under pressure with the matter I instructed her on given the late instruction and urgent court deadlines. She handled it extremely well and navigated the Court politics beautifully. A safe pair of hands.
Monty Palfrey - Gatehouse ChambersMonty far exeeds expectations, and that is down to his ability to grasp the most complex of cases very quickly, go straight to the heart of the issue and demonstrate to the court why he is right. He is consistently excellent and delivers time after time after time.
Julia Petrenko - Falcon ChambersJulia is remarkably thorough, quick thinking and very client friendly. It was very telling that the other side's solicitor commented after a hearing that our barrister was truly brilliant on her feet.
Isabel Petrie - Selborne ChambersIsabel is excellent. She is proactive and to the point. Nothing is too much trouble.
Tom RoscoeWilberforce ChambersTom continues to be my go-to in this area. As well as being a compelling and brilliant Chancery lawyer, he’s great on his feet, engaging, reactive, commercial and really knows his stuff. His practical application and commercial advice is always well-received. He continues to impress and turns around work within required timescales.
Faisel Sadiq - Gatehouse ChambersFaisel has a commercial and straightforward understanding of client needs and provides robust and readily accessible advice.
Andrew Skelly - Gatehouse ChambersAndrew has a remarkable capacity to want to help, which is no doubt driven by his desire to win. He is extremely results orientated, and so you always feel safe when you instruct Andrew. Andrew has an uncanny ability to charm the socks off of a judge, while aggressively dismantling an opponent's case. His ability to think on his feet is second to none.
Rahul VarmaSelborne Chambers 'Rahul is professional, practical and provides in-depth advice. He is supremely approachable and calm under pressure.'
Sarah Walker - Selborne ChambersA supremely bright, reliable and hard-working barrister. The quality of Sarah's written work is always of an extremely high standard and she has the persuasive and intelligent advocacy style to match.
Paul Wilmshurst - New Square ChambersAttention to detail, good knowledge of procedure and law, very pleasant to work with.
George Woodhead - Selborne Chambers  'George is a rare breed, a brave tenacious advocate, coupled with a exceptional client handling skills and impressive solicitor handling skills. Solicitors have no qualms in instructing him on a heavy hitting case against QC opponents given his sharp intellect and excellent tactical skills. '

Rising Stars

Edward Blakeney  - Tanfield ChambersEd is excellent; a star of the future. Unflappable, hard working, willing to get stuck in, clever and easy to work with.
Toby Boncey - Falcon ChambersAn excellent advocate who is calm when under pressure and when things do not go to plan. He shows a calm approach above his call which clients have greatly appreciated.
Mark GaltreyFalcon ChambersApproachable, client friendly, excellent value for money, underestimated in terms of quality – someone who is going places. A definite one to watch.
Katrina Mather - Gatehouse ChambersKatrina is technically excellent, far beyond her year of call. Her advocacy is confident and persuasive. She has a wonderful ability to grasp even the most complex matters and provide concise, pragmatic advice.
James PooleTen Old SquareJames is always happy to pick up the phone and goes above and beyond with both his instructing solicitors and clients. He is very down to earth with clients who, without exception, always love him and feel reassured by his presence. James is excellent on his feet and can always be relied on at a mediation to get the best possible result for the client. James is incredibly knowledgeable and his written work is always excellent.
Joseph SteadmanWilberforce ChambersJoseph has always dealt with matters thoroughly with great attention to detail. Joseph is very easy to work with and is friendly, approachable and realistic with advice.

Property litigation in London Bar

Falcon Chambers

Falcon Chambers offers broad expertise at junior and senior level across the full range of property litigation matters, with members involved in a number of top cases during 2020, including high-profile and legally significant proceedings relating to rights to light, nuisance, rent obligations during Covid-19, and and telecoms issues. Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC and Elizabeth Fitzgerald represented the management of the Tate Modern in the high-profile Fearn v Trustees of the Tate Gallery case, relating to the gallery’s viewing platform, with the case resulting in a ruling that nuisance did not extend to overlooking. Stephen Jourdan QC and Emily Windsor  were involved in Alexander Devine Children’s Cancer Trust v Housing Solutions, the first case concerning the public interest requirement on applications to discharge restrictive covenants to reach the Supreme Court. Gary Cowen QC, Fetherstonhaugh QC and Fitzgerald have also been involved in several precedent-setting cases relating to retail tenants and their obligations to pay rent during the Covid-19 pandemic. The set’s senior expertise was bolstered by Oliver Radley-Gardner QC and Catherine Taskis QC taking silk during 2021; Taskis has a notable specialism in agricultural property disputes, and Radley-Gardner has expertise in telecoms, mortgage, and adverse possession cases.



Outstanding chambers in this field. Strength in depth means they are our go to chambers.

Falcon is our go to set. They are unrivalled for breadth of expertise. We find counsel to be accessible and responsive – very user friendly. I have noted excellent output on social media (LinkedIn) and very good training programmes.

Enormous quality and strength in depth for real property disputes. Falcon Chambers has been the go to chambers for many years. My team and I have established a very close relationship with Falcon Chambers working with very many barristers. 

Falcon is our go to set. Members have a high level of expertise at all levels which which aid us in being able to recommend the set to clients.


John Stannard leads the team and is always our first contact point. He has a strong sense of what is required by our clients and our team.

The clerking service is excellent and the senior clerk, John Stannard, is effective and brilliant at organising the barristers, and the courts.

The clerks at Falcon have been very helpful , especially at assisting with juggling various dates of availability of counsel to ensure that my clients are able to instruct their preferred counsel.

Excellent, a joy to work with. John Stannard in particular is excellent – incredibly helpful and will find a barrister however urgently needed!

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers continues to expand its profile, praised as 'at the top of their game' as a property-focused set, with the profile of the practice  reflected by the appointment of David Holland QC as head of chambers. The set handles residential property, landlord-tenant, and real property work, and can also offer specialist expertise in property insolvency, telecoms, and Land Registration. Holland QC, leading highly-rated senior junior Toby Watkin QC appeared before the Supreme Court in TW Logistics v Essex CC, a case relating whether a section of a working port could be ruled part of a Town or Village Green. Justin Bates is noted for his combined public law and property practice, representing public and private sector clients in landlord-tenant proceedings. Tom Weekes QC is representing in the high-profile Fearn v Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery case concerning the art gallery's tenth floor viewing gallery, which is listed for the Supreme Court in December 2021. Myriam Stacey QC took silk in 2021, and covers aspects of real estate litigation, with a particular focus on commercial landlord and tenant and real estate disputes in connection with proposed and ongoing commercial developments. The set continues to expand, with Evie Barden arriving during 2020 and bolstering the chambers' property insolvency practice in particular.



I regard Landmark Chambers as my first port of call from property disputes due to the quality of the counsel available and their breadth of knowledge.

Landmark have really stepped up over the last few years and are at the top of their game.

Landmark is a heavyweight player in the property world. Their planning environment and property reach is wide and their expertise covers all areas.

Fantastic set with a real breadth and depth of expertise.


Mark Ball is fantastic and I can always rely on him to provide a prompt response whether it is by telephone or email.

Always responsive and accommodating. Mark Ball and Richard Bolton are the main contacts and both come highly recommended.

The clerks are always available to assist with urgent requests and have adapted well to receiving large bundles of documents electronically and ensuring papers are passed onto counsel efficiently.

Clerking service is excellent. Mark Ball leads the team from the from the front and is very easy to work with.

Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers has a strong and developing property offering, with a number of specialist practitioners offering expertise across commercial and residential landlord-tenant issues, nuisance claims, rates, lease renewals, and dilapidations claims. The addition of Faisel Sadiq in early 2021 from now-defunct Ely Place Chambers was a particular boost to the set's offering in rates disputes. The set receives instructions from leading property firms in the City and nationally.  John de Waal QC and Katrina Mather are involved in the landmark British Medical Association v NHS Property Services case concerning premises fees charged to GP practices. Brie Stevens-Hoare QC and Emily Betts are involved in Triplark v Reiner & Wismayer , a case relating to the ability of a lessee who has completed the sale of a lease to a third party and been paid in full to seek relief from forfeiture. Practice co-head Jamal Demachkie played a key role in Ei Group PLC v Clarke, one of the only reported decisions on the Pub Code, which governs relationships between operators of pubs and the freehold owners of them who also supply them. Co-head Andy Creer represented the landlord in Boots (UK) Ltd v Frenchgate, an unusual example of a lease renewal going to trial, one of several cases relating to retail leases during 2020.



Gatehouse has strength in depth at all levels of seniority. There is a consistent and high level of advice provided throughout the set.

Gatehouse have a huge strength in depth and a wonderfully led by a fantastic diverse and inclusive leadership team.

Fantastic – highly experienced counsel, lots of options at different levels, flexibility, modern approach etc.

Gatehouse offer a complete, highly efficient and friendly service all round in the field of property litigation. Also offer very good webinars.


James Duncan-Hartill is one of the best around, always on top of everything. Patrick Sarson also good.

Excellent. Patrick Sarson is brilliant and very helpful.

Very good service here. Claire Gallacher in particular is very efficient and friendly.

All clerks are very good. They are responsive. Listen carefully to your requirements. Work flexibly and in an modern way. James Duncan Hartill is particularly good. They are good on fees, work to budgets where sensible and stick to them.

Tanfield Chambers

Tanfield Chambers is a focused property set with strong expertise across residential landlord and tenant work, real property, and commercial real estate disputes, alongside specialist areas such as party walls. Head of chambers Philip Rainey QC and Ellodie Gibbons represented the landlord in Sequent Nominees Ltd (Formerly Rotrust Nominees Ltd) v Hautford Ltd before the Supreme Court, securing a ruling preventing a tenant from obtaining planning permission without the landlord's permission. Another major case for Rainey QC was the successful in the Court of Appeal in enfranchisement case LM Homes v Queen Court Freehold Company Ltd, which also featured Carl Fain on the counsel team for the tenants. Kerry Bretherton QC is representing the hotel in Poste Hotels v Cousins, a High Court case relating to rights of way, arguing that the hotel owner had acquired by prescription a right of way over the cul-de-sac giving access to the laundry, which had been repeatedly blocked by the opponent's car, which both parties have sought permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal. Christopher Heather QC continues to represent the restaurant chain in the Performance Retail (General Partner) Ltd v Wagamama Ltd case relating to interpretations of a lease agreement.



They have real strength in residential landlord and tenant including leaseholds. The volume and quality of their commercial property and real property work has improved.

This set is incredible and I only have good things to say about them, we always receive a very high level of service from both barristers and clerks. I would always come to Tanfield for residential matters and am keen to use them more on the commercial real estate disputes I am dealing with.

Tanfield Chambers are very easy to work with and our firm has an excellent working relationship with Counsel and clerks alike. The advice and advocacy from the chambers is exemplary and they are noted for making Counsel available to assist with matters at short notice when required.

Without exception every barrister i have instructed within Tanfield has been first class. They are all extremely easy to work with and nothing is ever too much of a problem.


‘I work mainly with Alex Southern who is brilliant and always finds the right counsel for the job – he knows his set and their skills very well – he also seems to know which counsel will work best for particular cases.’

‘Richard Powell is a star. Nothing is too much trouble.’

‘The clerks are incredibly helpful, know the barristers well and recommend the right person for the job at the right level and fee. Billy Forecast is always my first choice of clerk.’

Excellent. So helpful and accommodating.

Clerks are all good, I have never had cause to complain. What I like is that in any question of fees or availability they are very responsive and clearly have a modern relationship with their counsel. I have also found them accommodating where needs have been pressing or a client’s situation has meant that out of hours availability has been needed. Their speed of response is excellent.

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers combines notable senior expertise with a strong team of junior barristers, with a strong offering across the full range of property matters, most notably commercial landlord and tenant work, development disputes, mortgages, title disputes, and rural economy issues. Joanne Wicks QC and Emer Murphy appeared in the Duval v 11-13 Randolph Crescent Ltd case before the Supreme Court, a case relating to landlord-tenant permissions for covenant breaches. Martin Hutchings QC and James McCreath were involved in Devine v Housing Solutions Ltd, a legally significant restrictive covenants case concerning whether a developer who had knowingly constructed houses in breach of restrictive covenant could rely on the public interest in those houses being occupied to justify modifying the covenant. Jonathan Seitler QC is heavily involved in telecoms cases, particularly the burgeoning area of litigation relating to the new code, and appeared before the Court of Appeal in Cornerstone PLC v Ashloch, AP Wireless, which will determine what rights telecoms operators have under the new telecoms code during the term of a telecoms lease.  Mark Wonnacott QC and Harriet Holmes were involved in The trustees of the Williams-Wynn 1987 Settlement v Natural Resources Body for Wales, a landmark mines and minerals case.



Good at ensuring good relationships are maintained. Excellent, quick, responsive and personable. Very easy to work with.

Great set for property litigation and a number of excellent seniors and juniors – so real strength and depth. They have been very visible through the pandemic and great use of social media!

A very solid set with strength in depth and a good number of go to barristers. They will always provide a great service and a very supportive team.

Huge strength in depth throughout the field of property litigation. Its possible to find an expert in every aspect of contentious property work.


Mark Rushton is a great clerk, very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Very effective and efficient – fees are competitive. Helpful and responsive clerking team.

Really good, sensible, straight talking, don’t over promise and find a solution to most things.

The set is complemented by a knowledgeable, friendly and talented clerking team.

Maitland Chambers

Maitland Chambers has an 'outstanding' offering across commercial and residential property litigation, handling cases ranging from residential enfranchisement to property investment disputes on behalf of private individuals and multinational companies. The set is particularly known for its capabilities in high-value cases. John McGhee QC has been involved in two high-profile cases, leading Tim Calland in 89 Holland Park Management Ltd v Hicks, in which he represented the successful appellant in a significant restrictive covenants case, as well as successfully representing the defendant in EMI Group Ltd v Prudential Assurance Co Ltd alongside Maxim Cardew, which was a high-value commercial lease dispute. The set has also seen an increase in telecoms work, with Christopher Pymont QC representing AP Wireless in Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited v Ashloch Limited  and AP Wireless II, a case relating to land rights under Part 4 of the Electronic Communications Code and the 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act.



I have used a few barristers at Maitland over the 5 or so years I have worked with them and always been impressed. I think they have excellent strength in depth, counsel have always been available when needed (or shortly thereafter).

I really enjoy working with Maitland and have done throughout my career. All of the barristers are first rate and easy to deal with, as are the clerks.

Excellent set. My first choice. User friendly with a strong stable of counsel at all levels.

Maitland is quite simply outstanding. We work with all different levels of call and are never disappointed.


The clerks give us a first class service. They are responsive and very user friendly. Special mention for the wonderful Danny Wilkinson.

We get a good service from the clerks, quick to respond, straight forward. Recently dealt with Jason Windle who was easy to deal with.

Great clerks – quick and efficient.

Rob Penson is an outstanding clerk.

Selborne Chambers

Selborne Chambers combines broad real property expertise with a 'truly fantastic' landlord and tenant offering, with members handling complex cases in areas including rights to light, easements, adverse possession, and trespass, alongside estates and development disputes, lease renewals, and breach of covenant cases. Jonathan McNae acted for the successful manager in the  Canary Riverside Estate Management Limited & others v Coates & Circus Apartments Limited case, a long-running dispute between owner, landlord, and tenants including the creation of a confidentiality club. Mark Warwick QC maintains a leading practice across real property and landlord and tenant cases, and appeared for the appellant before the Court of Appeal in Dhillon v Barclays Bank plc & the Chief Land Registrar, a Land Registration Act case concerning whether, for the purposes of paragraph 3(3) of Schedule 4 to the Land Registration Act 2002, there were exceptional circumstances which justified the Court not making an order rectifying the land register in the wake of a mortgage fraud. Nicholas Trompeter QC took silk in 2021, and was involved in the Supreme Court test case Hurstwood Properties (A) Ltd v Rossendale Borough Council, concerning schemes designed to avoid the payment of national non-domestic rates on empty properties by leasing them to SPVs, acting for the respondents. Ian Clarke QC acted for the successful defendant in Richards v Harvey, a case concerning a high-value contractual claim relating to the sale of units at a development.

New Square Chambers

New Square Chambers has a strong focus on real property and landlord-tenant litigation, with members also regularly working on public law cases, professional negligence, and trusts claims in the proprety space. George Laurence QC is vastly experienced, having argued a number of precedent-setting cases before the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, with one standout involvement being his leading role in Hampshire County Council v Secretary of State for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs, in which he represented Hampshire County Council, and secured an order quashing a decision of the Secretary of State ordering deregistration of 0.5km² area of common land under to the Commons Act 2006. Paul Wilmshurst handles boundary and easements, landlord-tenant, and negligence proceedings, and has a strong niche in harassment-related property cases including the high-profile L&Q v Tate County Court case, in which a leading housing association failed to support a young female tenant forced to flee her home following nine months of racist abuse from neighbours. Alexander Learmonth QC took silk in 2021, and is involved in a number of estates disputes. Senior junior Gary Pryce focuses on real property disputes, alongside commercial and residential landlord and tenant work, representing the under lessor in a high-value residential landlord and tenant claim, counterclaim and additional claim concerning a Marble Arch maisonette overlooking Hyde Park. Simon Adamyk has great expertise in rural property cases, and has experience of cases both in England and the British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies.



The team work together smoothly and effectively, with great support available whenever needed from the clerking team. Strength in depth and availability are excellent. 

New Square Chambers is a well-rounded set with a lot of strength in depth. The junior barristers are extremely competent and hard-working.

The set has substantial in-depth expertise in a number of areas, including property litigation. New Square Chambers can field individuals with expertise in any aspect of those areas. Members of Chambers have appeared in this field at all levels of the hierarchy, from public inquiries to County Court to High Court to Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court and Privy Council. They offer a remarkable pool of knowledge and expertise.

Welcoming and helpful to our clients at conferences. They have a commercial sense when it comes to fees, always realistic and approachable keeping in mind client budget and expectations. When time was tight for an urgent injunction, the clerks New Square Chambers joined in the effort to get the case ready for court on time.


The clerks are a friendly bunch who do their best to accommodate. They will offer a range of counsel, usually tailored to meet the client’s wallet, and are generally quick to get back to you.’

Very friendly and super efficient clerks. A professional and well-run set.

The clerks have outstanding knowledge of practice and procedure and are always available.

The clerks’ room provided a first-class support service to George Laurence whilst he was working in Newcastle.

Radcliffe Chambers

Real estate litigation is a core focus for Radcliffe Chambers, with members appearing in significant disputes up to Court of Appeal and Supreme Court level, including landlord and tenant litigation, property tax disputes, planning permissions, and commercial property litigation. Instructions are sourced from solicitors alongside a growing number of direct industry instructions. Kate Selway QC regularly acts for government bodies, and offers particular expertise in tax relating to property transactions, representing HMRC in a number of SDLT cases. Edward Hicks represented Morshead Mansions, a tenant-owned landlord company, in a dispute with one of its shareholder-tenants. Howard Smith is a recognised expert on party wall cases, and is heavily involved in cases relating to the 1996 Party Wall Act, successfully representing defendants in an appeal relating to adjoining owner’s liability to contribute to repairs of a defective party wall. Nathan Wells appeared before the Court of Appeal in Borwick Development Solutions Ltd v Clear Water Fisheries Ltd, a case including the analysis of historic English and Roman law in exploring the issue of proprietary rights to live fish. .William Moffett's standout involvement is the Bath Rugby case, a dispute concerning the enforceability of a restrictive covenant of 1922 which would prevent the redevelopment of The Recreation Ground stadium.



A leading set- highly approachable.

Very happy with chambers who are client focused, there to help and are very approachable.


Always happy to help, makes solicitors job easier, I would highly recommend Justin Allen and John Clark.

The Clerks at Radcliffe are probably the best I’ve worked with. Extremely responsive and helpful.

John Clark is always very friendly and happy give guidance on availability of Counsel along with fees information and keeps in contact to ensure there are no problems throughout.

Serle Court

Members of Serle Court offer tailored expertise across key property litigation matters such as problems of easements, covenants, options, land registration and trusts. Rupert Reed QC has a diverse practice with particular emphasis on commercial, financial, and joint venture disputes, and led the representation of Al Jawhara bint Ibrahim Al Ibrahim , a widow of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, in resisting claims to her property, Kenstead Hall in Highgate, by Asturion, a Liechtenstein entity. Andrew Francis is known for his specialism in rights of light, party walls and restrictive covenants, and led on McKay v Sackville, an important case on rights of light and the effect of lease terms on the ability to claim rights of light on major development in Reading city centre. Andrew Bruce is a part-time judge of the First-Tier Tribunal, Property Chamber, and acted for the objector in an application to modify a restrictive covenant under s.84(1)(aa) of the Law of Property Act 1925.



Good set- worked with a number of barristers from there, reliable and some great technicians.

Serle Court is one of my go to sets. It has offered brilliant training over the years and the barristers are exceptionally good.

Excellent set of chambers, real strength in depth, a very broad range of skills and the best clerks in the business.

Excellent expertise in all types of property litigation.


Generally very friendly, professional and commercial to deal with. Steve Whittaker leads by example, always helpful.

The clerks are very helpful. On occasions where we have sought to instruct a barrister, who was not available, they have endeavoured to try and find a solution.

The clerks are second to none. If I need urgent assistance, they are my number ibe!

Enterprise Chambers

Enterprise Chambers is a focused real estate litigation set, primarily acting for mid-tier City and national law firms. Members are heavily involved in landlord and tenant litigation, as well as more recently representing clients in mortgage and lease disputes. Kavan Gunaratna represents major landowners, business tenants, and companies in in business tenancy litigation, property-insolvency cases, and service charge disputes, acting for the owner of the Tolworth Tower against Travelodge’s controversial CVA proposals. Geoffrey Zelin is representing Royal London in its well-publicised dispute with Boots over the liability for rent under a number of leases. Sally Ann Blackmore represents residential and commercial clients in a variety of proceedings, including representing defendants in respect of a claim for damages and an injunction for breach of an alleged easement and trespass involving parcels of registered and unregistered land.



The chambers are responsive and have a great strength in depth in particular on matters relating to property and insolvency.

Enterprise Chambers are a great set, particularly given their property and insolvency cross-over. They have offered phenomenal training during the pandemic which helped navigate some very difficult quick moving legislative changes.


The clerks are all responsive.

Michael Ireland and Luke Clark are excellent and responsive.

Good long-term relationship with all the clerks who are responsive and flexible on fees when the need arises.

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers has a diverse set of property-focused practitioners, with members appearing before major courts and tribunals in commercial property, landlord-tenant, real property, and co-ownership proceedings, acting for local and national governments, individuals, developers, estates, and landlords. Malcolm Sheehan QC is known for his expertise in property development issues for private and public sector developers, alongside infrastructure disputes, recognised for his work with his appointment as a part-time judge in the Property Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal. Jonathan Steinert specialises in contentious and non-contentious property law, including high-value property transactional and rent disputes. Noel Dilworth is heavily involved in boundary and ownership disputes, including precedent-setting Chancery proceedings, and represented the defendant (and counterclaimant) in a boundary dispute involving a Grade I listed property in West Sussex, which was settled at trial.



Fabulous service – fast efficient and sensible on price.’


Daniel Kemp remains one of the best Clerks out there. Really knows his onions. works fantastically well with his barristers and his clients. A driving force behind the success of Henderson Chambers.’