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Leading Silks

Zia Bhaloo KCLandmark Chambers ‘Always has the end game in mind and is the first to identify the correct strategy to get the client what it needs. Her advocacy is measured but forceful, and always focusses on the real issues.'
Guy Fetherstonhaugh KC  –Falcon Chambers  ‘Guy can turn his hand to anything; his command over English property law is astonishing. He cuts through the noise and gets straight to the heart of the issue.’
David Holland KCLandmark Chambers ‘David is a great team player: he rolls up his sleeves with the rest of the team and always performs.'
Stephen Jourdan KCFalcon Chambers ‘He has no weaknesses. He is universally respected and liked throughout the profession. You know with Stephen that you are always going to get the right answer.'
John McGhee KCWilberforce Chambers  ‘John is a pre-eminent property silk who stands head and shoulders above the rest. One of his key strengths is his experience in complicated property structuring and joint ventures.’
Philip Rainey KCTanfield Chambers ‘Philip has a very technical brain, and can digest information at lightning speed.'
Jonathan Seitler KC – Wilberforce Chambers ‘He has many strengths, but his ability to instantly develop rapport with clients and establish confidence and trust stands out.’
Brie Stevens-Hoare KCGatehouse Chambers ‘Brie is at the top of the property field - she understands the issues and is tactically aware. She is very client focused and easy to work with.'
Tom Weekes KCLandmark Chambers ‘A very strong and competent KC who is a pleasure to work with.’
Joanne Wicks KCWilberforce Chambers ‘The premier property silk, a real problem solver who can think outside the box and comes up with innovative solutions. She is calm, collected and great with clients. Her advocacy is excellent.'
Ranjit Bhose KCCornerstone Barristers ‘Ranjit is unsurpassed. His preparation, grasp of complex facts and presentation is in a league of its own and there is no better at the Bar today.’
Janet Bignell KCFalcon Chambers ‘Janet is incredibly thorough and detailed. She is able to communicate her views clearly to clients and demonstrates understanding of their commercial position as well as the legal one. Her level of service is also very good indeed.'
Martin Hutchings KCWilberforce Chambers ‘If you want calm and measured advice on a real estate litigation matter then Martin  is who you should instruct. He is technically brilliant but also so great at teasing out the arguments in court to bring the judge around to his way of thinking.’
Jonathan Karas KCFalcon Chambers ‘His expertise in this area is truly incredible. Jonathan’s advice is always highly considered, never off the cuff, but at the same time digestible and client-friendly.’
George Laurence KCNew Square Chambers ‘Working with George is always an invaluable learning experience. His attention to detail is second-to-none and his knowledge is excellent.’
Tim Morshead KC –Landmark Chambers 'Intellectually very able and quick; concise and to the point; a tenacious advocate who will roll up his sleeves for a fight; absolutely at the top of his game.'
Mark Sefton KCFalcon Chambers ‘Mark has excellent analytical skills and is able to assimilate and digest complex facts very quickly and then to apply the law to them. He is clear, concise and consistent in his advice.'
Caroline Shea KCFalcon Chambers ‘Particularly impressive in the courtroom – her cross-examination skills and courtcraft are second to none at the property Bar.’
John de Waal KCGatehouse Chambers ‘John is able to see through the confusion and noise created guiding you to a strong commercial resolution. He is knowledgeable, measured and good with clients.'
Andrew Butler KCTanfield Chambers ‘Andrew is excellent in all respects. His legal and tactical advice is confident and direct and he is not afraid of nailing his colours to the mast when it comes to making tough calls on strategy. His pleadings are excellent and his skills as a trial advocate go from strength to strength.’
Christopher Heather KCTanfield Chambers ‘His advocacy is first-rate, and his judgement first-class. A top notch silk held in the highest regard. A real team player – willing to make himself available when needed.’
Katharine Holland KCLandmark Chambers ‘Technically excellent and a clear communicator.  Approachable and willing to discuss and debate points with solicitors to evolve strategy.  She is a tenacious but measured advocate.’
Dan Kolinsky KCLandmark Chambers ‘Brilliant. Very approachable and proactive, Dan is very clever and knows his subject inside and out. A pleasure to work with and an excellent advocate - clear, measured and persuasive.’
Timothy Polli KCTanfield Chambers ‘Tim is amazing. His written submissions in particular are beguiling and are so persuasive. Reading his work is a joy. He is so easy to work with and quite obviously cares about all of the matters he takes on.'
Rupert Reed KCSerle Court ‘He is a strategic thinker, which clients value. His preparation and legal analysis is meticulous. In court, Rupert is authoritative and commands the confidence of the judge.’
Tiffany Scott KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Tiffany is an excellent advocate, her written advice is thorough and considered, she always looks at matters from every angle, ensuring that her clients are fully-prepared and there are no nasty surprises.  She is one of the best silks at the Bar.’
Malcolm Sheehan KCHenderson Chambers ‘Malcolm’s preparation is meticulous and his advocacy is very pursuasive. He also has takes commercial approach to his cases and has a very good manner with clients.’
Stephanie Tozer KCFalcon Chambers 'She quickly taps in to what is important to clients.'
Mark Warwick KCSelborne Chambers 'Mark remains one of the quickest and most knowledgeable barristers out there.'
Zoë Barton KCWilberforce Chambers ‘A first-rate silk who can off-balance the most established of opponents. A triple threat combining fine strategic thinking, no-nonsense effective advocacy and rolled-up sleeves collaboration with instructing solicitors.’
Gary Blaker KCSelborne Chambers 'Gary is excellent, and very user friendly and proactive.'
Clifford Darton KCSelborne Chambers 'Instructing solicitors haven't seen anyone better than Clifford in cross-examination. He has a very special set of skills: he thinks fast, sets traps and closes the escapes.'
Jonathan Davey KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Jonathan has an impressive knowledge of a large number of different areas of law which he seems to easily draw on when advising and drafting. He is incredibly thorough in all aspects of his work.'
Nicholas Isaac KCTanfield Chambers ‘Nick is very good at controlling the lay client and getting to the heart of the issues. He has an air of confidence which is important for clients.'
Alexander Learmonth KCNew Square Chambers ‘Very good analytical skills and excellent at managing very difficult emotional clients and a great asset at mediation.’
Myriam Stacey KCLandmark Chambers ‘She is a formidable advocate.  Her knowledge and technical expertise, particularly in the field of protest injunctions, is unrivalled.  Her easy way with clients makes her a sound choice for solicitors looking to bring a barrister onto their team.'
Ian Clarke KCSelborne Chambers 'Very quick to get to the detail of a case, he spots things that others might miss and provides comprehensive, yet easily digestible, advice which gets the lay client on side immediately.'
Gary Cowen KCFalcon Chambers ‘Gary is exceptionally calm and warm in manner, which masks a ferocious intellect and sharp advocacy skills. He is particularly good at making killer points gently and unobtrusively, but very effectively.'
Thomas Grant KC – Wilberforce Chambers  ‘Superb advocate. Lucid, persuasive and focused. Commands the court room and is not afraid to fight his corner against the judge and his opponents.’
Julian Greenhill KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Julian is an intelligent and very experienced and thorough KC who is easy to work with,  excellent with clients and able to grasp complex issues quickly and efficiently. His written work is always comprehensive and well thought through and his advocacy is excellent.'
Catherine Taskis KCFalcon Chambers ‘Excellent on the law, good personality and emotional intelligence as to what clients want, with a calm manner in court.’
Nicholas Trompeter KCSelborne Chambers 'I rate Nicholas extremely highly for property litigation disputes.'

2022 Silks

Galina Ward KCLandmark Chambers ‘Excellent client manner, very approachable, very intelligent, excellent advocate, and able to keep things simple when others seek to over-complicate.’
Toby Watkin KCLandmark Chambers ‘Toby is a robust and tenacious advocate. He is terrier-like in pursuing good points and is excellent at keeping judges on side whilst effectively advocating and cross-examining.’

2023 Silks

Edward Peters KC –Falcon Chambers 'A silk who instills great confidence.'

2024 Silks

Justin Bates KCLandmark Chambers ‘His knowledge and expertise in this field is remarkable and second to none.  He is like a walking encyclopaedia on all things relating to residential landlord and tenant.  He is able to explain what are often complex legal issues to lay clients and easily gains client confidence.’
Kester Lees KCFalcon Chambers ‘Kester is superb on his feet – a highly effective cross-examiner and all round advocate. He is equally as impressive on papers and always gives solid commercial advice.’

Leading Juniors

Simon AllisonLandmark Chambers ‘Simon is extremely knowledgeable but also pragmatic, applying good commercial sense and providing practical advice to clients and solicitors. His advocacy is controlled and he presents his arguments in logical and persuasive manner.'
Wayne ClarkFalcon Chambers 'A pragmatic, realistic and diligent junior.'
Jamal DemachkieGatehouse Chambers ‘Jamal is a superb advocate; thoughtful, persuasive and likeable. He is always supremely well-prepared with total mastery of the case. He is very popular with lay clients who appreciate his friendly style and how clearly he cuts through the issues. His written advice is a wonder to behold; straight to the point and always gets to the heart of the matter.’
Martin DrayFalcon Chambers 'Martin has the complete trust of the client. He is a calm and decisive litigator, getting straight to the point of knotty problems.'
Nathaniel DuckworthFalcon Chambers ‘Nat is very clever, with an encyclopedic knowledge of property law.  He thinks about matters from every angle, anticipating the other side’s arguments and preparing thoroughly.  He outclasses his opponent in court and explains complex legal points simply and compellingly.’
Justin KitsonSelborne Chambers 'Justin Kitson is very good.'
Samuel LaughtonTen Old Square ‘Sam is straight to the point and very knowledgeable. Clients can confidently rely on his advice and opinions and he is very approachable so easy to work with.'
Anthony RadevskyFalcon Chambers ‘Tony gives very clear and firm advice which is succinct and commercial.  He will never sit on the fence or reserve opinion on something.  His knowledge of the enfranchisement legislation is second to none and if he thinks that it is a bad point he will say so rather than running up unnecessary costs.’
Nicholas TaggartLandmark Chambers ‘Nic writes the best opinions of any barrister out there - he is unmatched in his intellectual capabilities, grasp of law and ability to apply it to complex facts.'
Emily WindsorFalcon Chambers ‘Emily brings a KC’s intellectual analysis to legal problems, but also has an excellent client handling manner that leaves the client and instructing solicitor in no doubt that she is absolutely on board and prepared to fight the client’s case.’
Tom BraithwaiteSerle Court ‘Tom is an excellent advocate and thinking on his feet. Very knowledgeable on all matters land law and always willing to offer practical solutions.'
Andrew BruceSerle Court ‘Andrew is extremely erudite, but able to convey complex legal principles in a way which clients can understand. He adopts highly pragmatic solutions to difficult problems.’
Michael BuckpittTanfield Chambers ‘Michael is phenomenal both as an advocate and in his written work. He is a tenacious advocate and whilst always courteous to his opponent, he leaves them with no place to go.'
Tim CallandMaitland Chambers ‘Tim is very calm and measured, and excellent with clients. He is thoughtful and easy to approach. His advocacy is smart and confident.'
Tamsin CoxFalcon Chambers ‘Bright, tough and a good advocate.’
Andy CreerLandmark Chambers ‘Andy is no-nonsense. She is bright and hard headed with her advice but is charming to work with and we really appreciate her candour.  A good advocate and always has the ear of the court.’
Edward Denehan9 Stone Buildings ‘Edward is a real expert but has a genuinely practical approach. His opinions are clear and unambiguous.'
Daniel DovarTanfield Chambers ‘Daniel gives quick, clear, accurate and decisive strategic advice. He has a wide breadth of experience in landlord and and tenant matters, particularly with tribunal work.’
Carl FainTanfield Chambers ‘Highly effective and very user-friendly.’
Daniel GattyGatehouse Chambers 'Daniel is a very careful and considered barrister. He is great at putting clients at ease and understanding the dynamics of the parties.'
Kavan GunaratnaEnterprise Chambers ‘There is no junior barrister who prepares a case better throughout and for trial. Meticulous and exacting, Kavan knows exactly the line to tread when presenting a case to the court and is absolutely uncompromising to devastating effect.'
James HanhamLandmark Chambers  ‘James is a class act when it comes to advocacy.'
Greville HealeyFalcon Chambers ‘Formidable knowledge of the law. Excellent with clients.'
Camilla LamontLandmark Chambers ‘Camilla is very clear thinking and an excellent communicator with lay clients and the legal team alike. Her drafting is highly effective. She understands and fights the client's corner, at all times with a firm grasp of how the judge is likely to receive and respond to the information. Always a pleasure to work with.'
Mark LovedayTanfield Chambers ‘What Mark doesn't know about service charges is not worth knowing; he is the oracle. He is incredibly hardworking, responsive and is considered and commercial in his approach. He is a tenacious advocate and a pleasure to work with.'
William MoffettRadcliffe Chambers ‘Written work is superb. Very calm on his feet and persuasive.'
Emer MurphyWilberforce Chambers ‘Emer is technical and sharp in her subject matter, very responsive and easy to work with. She is robust and solutions orientated and not fazed when faced with aggressive litigation tactics. When working with Emer you know you’re in safe hands.’
Jonathan SteinertHenderson Chambers ‘Jonathan is a commanding and insightful advocate, that judges listen carefully to. He prepares incredibly hard and is willing to go the extra mile to try and achieve the client’s objectives.’
Jonathan Upton - Serle Court  ‘Jonathan is first rate on all things residential. He offers senior experience and service.’
Emily BettsGatehouse Chambers ‘Emily is extremely articulate and knowledgeable with a commercial instinct that results in excellent all round advice for the client.'
Camilla ChorfiFalcon Chambers 'A dedicated junior.'
Richard CleggSelborne Chambers 'A team player - easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. Excellent advocacy skills on his feet as well as excellent on paper.'
Cecily CrampinFalcon Chambers ‘Cecily has an incredible grasp of the detail. She is very detail orientated and she knows the black letter law inside out. Cecily is great on her feet and you always feel you are in good hands.'
Shomik DattaCornerstone Barristers ‘He is exceptionally good at structuring and presenting complex arguments so that the court gets his key points first time and never loses sight of the bigger strategic picture.'
Benjamin FaulknerWilberforce Chambers ‘Ben is truly phenomenal. Technically brilliant and a superb advocate. Ben is very much part of the team, he consistently goes above and beyond and is always a total pleasure to deal with.'
Richard FowlerMaitland Chambers ‘Richard is highly approachable, very good at handling clients and clear in his advice. His advocacy is highly articulate and persuasive both on applications and trials. He avoids much of the pomposity which can come with some counsel without losing his authority.’
Edward FrancisEnterprise Chambers ‘Excellent attention to detail. Thorough written analysis and helpfully summarised advice. Pragmatic solutions offered.'
Ellodie GibbonsLandmark Chambers ‘As an advocate she is master of the papers. She’s extremely good on her feet, persuasive and good at taking the court along with her, and robust in defending her position when necessary.’
Jeff HardmanNew Square Chambers ‘Jeff is a creative advocate with excellent communication and client management skills. His delivery in court is clear and succinct and he exudes confidence in his delivery.'
Piers HarrisonTanfield Chambers ‘Knows his stuff. Gets to the issues very quickly. Clear commercial advice. Effective advocate. Straight forward and pleasant to deal with.'
Stuart HornettSelborne Chambers 'Stuart is an excellent advocate and is able to modify his style to the audience to best effect.'
Thomas JefferiesLandmark Chambers ‘Tom has a unique style; he is always user-friendly and has a great sense of humour, he is very approachable. He is a precise advocate and excellent in his handling of complex cases, witnesses and evidence.’
James McCreathWilberforce ChambersA barrister with an impressive intellect and excellent intuition, James is tactically astute and hard-working.’
Joseph OllechFalcon Chambers ‘He is clear and practical in his advice notwithstanding there being often very complex issues crossing both property and insolvency law. He ensures that he knows and understands the issues and wider context in depth.'
Phil SissonsFalcon Chambers ‘Philip is technically excellent with extensive experience and expertise in rights to light matters in particular.’
Michael Walsh – Serle Court 'Michael is a phenomenal property lawyer who understands not only the academic intricacy of property law, but how it works and can be made to work in practice for his clients.'
Nathan WellsRadcliffe Chambers ‘He has an excellent eye for detail, but combines that with a keen sense of commercial reality and a fundamental focus on the client's best interests.'
Marie-Claire BleasdaleRadcliffe Chambers ‘She is able to quickly understand the underlying facts of the dispute and deal with each point forensically in turn. Her legal understanding of this inherently complicated area of law is second-to-none.’
Philip Brown9 Stone Buildings ‘Philip is extremely methodical, offers depth in the advice provided and adopts an astute tactical approach.'
Jonathan ChewWilberforce Chambers ‘Jonathan is simply top-drawer. His highly analytical in approach and asks all the right questions. He is determined to solve even the most knotty of problems and clients value his robust but rounded commercial advice.'
John ClargoGatehouse Chambers ‘Very incisive, getting to the core of the issue and giving good clear, concise advice. Very quick turnaround. Excellent communications.'
Rupert CohenLandmark Chambers ‘Rupert is fantastic with clients and provides clear cut advice which the client understands and appreciates. His advocacy is well beyond his years.'
Ross CrailNew Square Chambers ‘Her written advice is well considered, clear and easily understood, despite the often complex subject matter.'
Philomena HarrisonMaitland Chambers ‘A considered and careful approach to matters, excellent at pulling all loose ends together and giving clear, thorough legal advice. Is very easy to work with and has authority with clients.'
Edward HicksRadcliffe Chambers ‘Ed has a stellar mind and intellectual ability. His detailed advice is always second to none and he can get to grips with complicated issues very well. He is logical and hardworking.'
Harriet HolmesWilberforce Chambers ‘Intellectually outstanding and very thorough on the papers. Always gives sound, commercial and helpful advice.'
Gary LidingtonRadcliffe Chambers 'Good at drafting and dealing with clients. Very practical too.'
Lina MattssonGatehouse Chambers ‘Lina is a fantastically confident advocate with ferocious tenacity and commitment to her clients.  Lina is always very well prepared and does her very best for her clients each and every time she is instructed.'
Gary PryceNew Square Chambers ‘Gary is very precise and knowledgeable. He makes himself available and is very supportive. He is always a big cog in the team.’
Patrick Rolfe5 Stone Buildings ‘Patrick is a class act. Amongst his strengths are his attention to detail and insightful advice on both legal and strategic matters coupled with a charming and user friendly manner that makes him a pleasure to work with.'
Faisel SadiqGatehouse Chambers ‘Faisel is hugely knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. He is always willing to pick up something no matter how urgent and grasp all of the issues and nuances quickly and with ease.'
Howard SmithRadcliffe Chambers ‘Howard is an excellent barrister in all respects. He is very approachable and good with clients and experts. His written work and pleadings are always well considered and to the point and his trial advocacy is very measured and effective.'
James TiplerFalcon Chambers ‘He is a very responsive barrister - James is a extremely competent, efficient and effective counsel.’
Laura TweedyGatehouse Chambers ‘Laura is a tenacious litigator who leaves no stone unturned. She fiercely fights matters for her clients to ensure that they get the best outcome possible. She is very personable and easy to work with.'
Aaron WalderLandmark Chambers ‘Aaron is very good on his feet and calm and clear. Aaron is particularly good with clients and cutting through tricky factual matrixes to give clear advice. Aaron is also very user-friendly to work with for solicitors.’
Henry WebbSelborne Chambers 'A very good all-round property law barrister, with a hands-on approach and patient with clients, taking the time to explain things clearly. Henry offers a high level of service and provides commercial and well-reasoned opinions.'
Simon WilliamsRadcliffe Chambers ‘Simon breaks down the complicated in to simple and clear ways for the lay client to understand the merits of its case and likely prospects.  As an advocate Simon does not get wound up but rather remains calm and concise.'
George WoodheadSelborne Chambers 'The most user-friendly of barristers, with the ability to really grasp the essence of a case. He is pragmatic and sensible in his advice, and willing to really press hard for his clients to win.'
Geoffrey ZelinEnterprise Chambers ‘Excellent on his feet. Geoffrey will stick to his convictions and is user-friendly.’
Simon AdamykNew Square Chambers ‘Simon’s real strength is his meticulous attention to detail. With that skill, he immediately puts judges and clients at ease and unnerves opponents. He is also a real delight to work with – always cheerful and understanding of the demands on the team.’
Clare AnslowGatehouse Chambers ‘Clare has excellent client-handling skills and she is very communicative. She is very personable and her ability to explain technical legal concepts to lay clients is commendable. Her advocacy is clear, structured and highly effective.'
Stuart David Armstrong – New Square Chambers ‘Stuart is a skillful and knowledgeable advocate with an incredibly deep knowledge of all aspects of property litigation.’
Evie BardenLandmark Chambers ‘Evie is clear, concise and commercial.  She cuts right to the crux of an issue and always provides strategic and pragmatic recommendations to complement her legal analysis.  She is a hit with clients in conference.'
John Beresford – Gatehouse Chambers ‘An extremely bright and persuasive advocate who is always immaculately prepared - whether for a client conference or for a complex multi-day trial. A real joy to work alongside and always efficient in returning advice and paperwork.'
Sally Ann Blackmore Enterprise Chambers ‘Sally is an excellent communicator and works closely with our instructing officers to provide clear and concise advice. She is always available to discuss matters and maintains excellent relationships.’
Edward Blakeney – Falcon Chambers ‘Edward is extremely good at breaking down complex legal points for clients to understand. He is at all times succinct and down-to-earth which is greatly appreciated by our clients.’
Toby BonceyFalcon Chambers ‘Toby clearly has a very sharp intellect. He researches thoroughly and comes across cogently and very well prepared.'
Zachary Bredemear –Enterprise Chambers ‘Zach has an eye for detail, and is an excellent advocate. He has the ability to focus in on the detail and focuses on those matters that will truly win a case.'
Carl BrewinGatehouse Chambers ‘Carl is knowledgeable and an effective advocate who quickly gets to the key points.'
David Brounger - Field Court Chambers  'Lay clients like David, the simplicity of his delivery of complex legal issues, the pragmatic legal advice and the fact that he gets it right when he advises the clients on the merits in conference. Judges like him, the way he puts across his points and his advocacy skills are great. He is unruffled and puts across his points, clearly and succinctly.'
Richard Cherry –Enterprise Chambers ‘Richard is an extremely able advocate who prepares his cases with great diligence and leave no issue unexplored or investigated. He is extremely thorough and provides the very best service to his client.'
Paul ClarkeMaitland Chambers ‘Paul is very bright, and has a great understanding of the law which he applies effectively and persuasively in writing and on his feet. He is also adept at handling complex factual and technical material.’
Timothy Cowen9 Stone Buildings ‘Tim is a delight to work with at all times. Professional and well organised. He is extremely knowledgeable on property law.'
Jack DillonGatehouse Chambers 'Jack is an extremely promising junior whose expertise in the twin disciplines of property litigation and professional negligence make him an ideal choice for property based negligence claims. He is highly proficient and has a persuasive and effective writing style. He is also very hands on and easy to work with.'
Amanda EilledgeGatehouse Chambers ‘Amanda has an excellent eye for detail. She is very skilled in getting to grips with complicated scenarios and identifying the issues and most importantly providing clients with practical and pragmatic advice.’
Ciara FairleyFalcon Chambers 'Ciara is very detailed and tenacious.'
Mark GaltreyFalcon Chambers 'Mark is an effective advocate who is always up for a challenge. He puts things in an easy to understand way, supported by solid written work. He is practical and academic in excellent combination.'
Katie Gray – Tanfield Chambers ‘She is always very responsive and reliable. The written advice she delivered to us is almost akin to a piece of fine art, always a joy to read through.’
Antonia Halker  – Lamb Chambers 'Antonia is a proficient and dedicated barrister. She is measured but robust when required and practiced at putting lay client landlords at ease.'
Alice HawkerWilberforce Chambers  ‘Alice is very good with clients. She has good attention to detail and is extremely knowledgeable, which gives clients confidence and peace of mind. She produces very good written advice and pleadings.’
Tricia HemansFalcon Chambers ‘Tricia’s advice is always very thorough, and she is very good with clients. Her advocacy is extremely effective. She leads even the most sceptical judges through the case in a practical way.’
Lara Kuehl – Selborne Chambers 'Lara is bright, thorough, responsive and very easy to work with. She adds value to all that she has been asked to assist with which is exactly what is required.'
Sam Madge-WyldTanfield Chambers ‘Sam is incredibly knowledgeable and has an encyclopedic knowledge of residential landlord and tenant law.'
Ben MaltzFive Paper ‘He provides sound advice, coupled with practical solutions, which support commercial aims. Ben inspires confidence in clients and is an impressive advocate.’
Katrina MatherGatehouse Chambers ‘Very good at understanding difficult cases and constructing arguments, as well as managing client expectations.'
Mathew McDermott42BR Barristers ‘Mathew is an excellent advocate. He is intelligent and knowledgeable in his area of expertise.'
Simon McLoughlinSelborne Chambers 'One of the best juniors for property related insolvency work. Simon has superb attention to detail and never loses sight of the client's business objectives.'
Jennifer Meech – Serle Court 'Jennifer is cool under pressure and has an incredible intellect.'
David NichollsLandmark Chambers ‘David's paperwork is clear, understandable and well constructed. He has a good turnaround time and is great with clients in conference.'
Monty PalfreyGatehouse Chambers 'A tenacious and persuasive advocate.'
David PeacheyGatehouse Chambers ‘David’s manner is wonderful. He is calm and collected and has a certain aura about him that means his cool demeanor is welcomed by judges.’
Julia Petrenko Falcon Chambers ‘Julia is an absolute tour-de-force. She has phenomenal attention to detail in trial preparation with other solicitors commenting what a strong advocate she is.’
Isabel PetrieSelborne Chambers 'A real star performer - a safe pair of hands who understands the wider commercial objectives.'
Peter PettsGatehouse Chambers 'An exceptional barrister.'
Tom RoscoeWilberforce Chambers ‘Tom is action-orientated and decisive. He gets stuff done. He likes the rough and tumble of court and is an effective and enthusiastic advocate. Tom is excellent on complex site-recovery issues.'
Laurie ScherMaitland Chambers 'Fantastically prepared and very diligent. A superb team player and very clever. A pleasure to work with.'
Andrew SkellyGatehouse Chambers 'Andrew is excellent at trial, particularly in cross-examination.  He is a reassuring presence in any case.'
Joseph SteadmanWilberforce Chambers ‘Joseph is very measured with a speedy grasp of issues and a practical approach, and is also a very approachable individual.’
Cameron Stocks – Gatehouse Chambers ‘Cameron has an ability to set out advice in often complex matters that is clear and concise, allowing lay clients to understand key aspects of their matter and the advice.'
Max Thorowgood - Field Court Chambers  'Max goes above and beyond in all cases and provides clear and strategic advice. He always has the client's best interests at the forefront. Max is eloquent but fierce in his advocacy and always strives for the best result.'
Yaaser VandermanLandmark Chambers ‘Very knowledgeable in this area, extremely well-prepared and with good judgement.’
Rahul VarmaSelborne Chambers 'Rahul's advocacy is powerful and measured and his written work is precise and incisive.'
Luke WilcoxLandmark Chambers 'Luke is extremely competent and knowledgeable on all matters relating to business rates.'

Rising Stars

Byroni KleopaGatehouse Chambers 'She is an exemplary advocate.'
Brooke Lyne – Landmark Chambers ‘Brooke is an excellent advocate - she is very clear and good on her feet.  She can hold her own against barristers with significantly more experience.  She is extremely good with clients, giving advice to them in plain English and ensuring that advice is understood.'
James PooleTen Old Square ‘Extremely personable and a very able advocate. James makes himself available and goes the extra mile to provide excellent client service, even on short notice. He has a very strategic approach and is a great asset to have in your corner.'

Property litigation in London Bar

Falcon Chambers

Specialist property set Falcon Chambers includes members who take a leading role across all aspects of commercial and residential property litigation. Silks and juniors from the set have been involved in some of the most high profile disputes in the market in regard to nuisance, rights of light, telecoms and enfranchisement. Guy Fetherstonhaugh KC and Elizabeth Fitzgerald  acted on behalf of the respondent in the Fearn v Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery dispute, handling the matter all the way up to the Supreme Court – in this case the court ruled that merely overlooking a property could constitute an actionable private nuisance. Leading Nathaniel Duckworth and Gavin Bennison , Jonathan Gaunt KC successfully acted for the defendant in Valley View Health Centre v NHS Property Services Limited in a test case to determine if GP tenants are liable to pay service charges to their NHS landlords. Stephen Jourdan KC acted in the enfranchisement case Cadogan Holdings v Alberti, a matter concerning statutory evaluations. Tricia Hemans appeared before the Supreme Court in Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd v Ashloch Ltd and another, the court’s first case concerning the Electronic Communications Code.


‘The clerks are very helpful. James Clarke and Frankie Penton deserve a special mention for delivering excellent service.’

‘The clerks at Falcon are excellent and very user-friendly across the board. Special mention to John Stannard and Jo Meah.’

‘The clerks are excellent. John Stannard is superbly helpful. Joanne Meah, John Davitt and Frankie Penton are also worth singling out for praise.’

‘Falcon Chambers is the leading set for property litigation. I regularly use them for all areas.’

‘The set as a whole is very impressive – and not so big that it has lost a personal touch.’

‘Falcon is undoubtedly a top set and has some of the best real estate litigation barristers in the UK.’

‘Falcon Chambers is an excellent set with great strength in depth across all levels. The best at property and related litigation.’

‘The clerks are responsive and approachable – keen to help and support, matching barristers to client budgets, timescale and the complexity of the problem at hand.’

Work highlights

Landmark Chambers

Crossing over with the set’s expertise in planning and public law, Landmark Chambers have established themselves as a leading set across all aspects of property litigation including landlord and tenant and real estate disputes, as well as more niche areas such as telecommunications, protestor injunctions and village greens. Tom Weekes KC led Richard Moules KC in Fearn v Tate Trustees, a Supreme Court case in which the residents of a development of luxury flats were found to have been subjected to a nuisance by the viewing gallery on top of the Tate Modern’s Blavatnik Building. Simon Allison and Kimberley Ziya represented the successful appellant in FirstPort Property Services Limited v Settlers Court RTM in a landmark decision concerning the statutory right to manage blocks of flats. Timothy Morshead KC represented the energy company in Breen v Esso Petroleum, securing an injunction, and then the committal to prison for contempt of court of an individual who breached it by digging a tunnel in an attempt to stop the construction of the London Pipeline Project, based on economic torts rather than the law of nuisance or trespass. Justin Bates KC is notable for his residential property expertise – he is instructed for the residents in Global 100 v Jimenez, a case due to be heard by the Court of Appeal, after a “property guardianship” company was found by the tribunal to have run an unlicensed house of multiple occupation, therefore subjected to local authority fines and rent repayment orders.


‘The clerks’ room is second to none. Mark Ball is impressive in his running of the team.’

‘Mark Ball is a great practice manager – commercial, proactive and responsive to client needs.’

‘The clerks are extremely responsive and helpful. Mark Ball and Harry Feldman, in particular, stand out as being very on the ball.’

‘Landmark Chambers haa excellent clerks. Mark Ball, Connor McGilly and Harry Feldman are highly recommended.’

‘Landmark’s property team has strength and depth, from a fantastically supportive group of juniors to silk level and expertise across the board.  Down to earth and collaborative, roll up sleeves attitude.’

‘Landmark have built a highly capable property set from the ground up over the last few years. They are my starting point for anything complex.’

‘Landmark are an excellent set – our go to for real estate litigation matters, particularly where there is a public law or planning angle.’

‘Landmark Chambers remain a well respected and impressive set of property barristers.’

Work highlights

Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers features a particularly strong capability in commercial landlord and tenant matters, as leasehold disputes and other areas of real property. Brie Stevens-Hoare KC represented the successful respondents of White v Amirtharaja before the Court of Appeal; the dispute concerned the degree of intention required for an adverse possession claim, in this case concerning a passageway leading to the claimant’s property. John de Waal KC acted in Prime London Holdings 11 Ltd v Thurloe Lodge Ltd in the first and only High Court case about an access order under the Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992. Lina Mattsson was sole counsel before the Court of Appeal, successfully representing the defendant in Mostyn House Estate Management Co Ltd v Youde, a dispute concerning proposed maintenance work to two former listed buildings, which a management company proposed to charge to both leasehold owners and the owners of freehold properties in the same development. Morayo Fagborun Bennett was appointed a District Judge in November 2023.


‘Clerking at Gatehouse is very good – courteous without being pushy. They tend to get lay-client pressures and are sensible at being commercial.’

‘Well organised, reliable clerking service. Realistic costs estimates that rarely need further negotiating downwards from the initial figure given.’

‘The clerks are extremely supportive and helpful.’

‘All their clerks are responsive and helpful, fees are reasonable and estimates accurate. They provide a very good service to chambers.’

‘Gatehouse is a good all round chambers with great clerking and a good range of juniors. It has managed its rebrand very well and its office move too.’

‘Great set with which we have worked for many years.  It has great strength in depth, it’s very rare that the set will not be able to assist and it offers a great training program.’

‘The property set at Gatehouse is exceptional.’

‘Very commercial, impeccable service, but crucially A1 barristers.’

Work highlights

Tanfield Chambers

Tanfield Chambers are well established as experts in a variety of specialist fields such as landlord and tenant, commercial real estate and real property. The last year has seen the set grow in key areas such as the Electronics Communications Code, building safety, fire safety and secured lending work. Philip Rainey KC is part of the counsel team for the Ministry of Defence in Annington Property Ltd v Secretary of State for Defence in a judicial review of test claims to enfranchise houses previously entered into a sale and leaseback with Annington. Mark Loveday acted for the defendant in FirstPort Property Services v Settlers Court, the first right to manage case to reach the Supreme Court. James Fieldsend was involved in Alberti v Cadogan Estates, a prominent leasehold enfranchisement matter concerning the extent to which a tenant improvement – which caused one flat to be turned into five flats by 1971 – should be considered for enfranchisement valuation purposes.


‘The clerks are always helpful and quick to respond. They are reasonable when discussing fees.’

‘Clerks are all excellent. In particular I would single out Alex Southern.’

‘The clerks at Tanfield are very quick to respond with details of availability and provide assured assistance when preparing for a hearing.’

‘The clerks are always courteous, helpful and of great assistance when dealing with emergency listings.’

‘Tanfield is renowned for its property offering and in particular we use them for their enfranchisement offering as well as substantial and complex property disputes.’

‘Tanfield are excellent and their conferences and training are market leading.’

‘Tanfield Chambers is easily one of the best sets for leasehold enfranchisement and property litigation. They have a depth and range of counsel available to suit any matter upon which we require assistance.’

‘Tanfield Chambers has always been approachable, reliable and able to deliver quality barristers for each of the matters we have sought to instruct them on and they have a full spectrum of experience for what we have needed.’

Work highlights

Wilberforce Chambers

With a wealth of experience at the senior level, Wilberforce Chambers acts on all forms of property litigation. Core areas of focus for the set include commercial landlord and tenant, development, mortgages and property rights concerning economy. Jonathan Seitler KC acted before the Supreme Court in On Tower v AP Wireless, a group appeal brought by numerous cell site operators involving numerous issues of the Telecommunications Code, including the interpretation of the transitional provisions between the new and old codes. Joanne Wicks KC is acting on R (Annington Property Ltd & Others) v The Secretary of State for Defence, a case concerning a proposal by the MoD to reacquire married quarters it disposed of via a sale and leaseback arrangement using conventional enfranchisement law. Tiffany Scott KC represented the claimant in Clifford v Grosvenor West End Properties, in which the inhabitant of a Mayfair mews home sought to require the Duke of Westminster to eject prostitutes and drug dealers from an adjacent block of flats.


‘The clerks are excellent – particularly Andrew Barnes. He is always available and comes back with a response quickly.’

‘The clerks set Wilberforce apart. They are so responsive and always try and accommodate the instruction.’

‘Clerks are responsive and always seek to assist and accommodate to ensure preferred counsel can be available or made available.’

‘Superb. They move mountains in the interests of their clients and the case. The clerks are responsive and proactive. It really is a first class service.’

‘Wilberforce is a great set. The quality of the barristers in the real estate sector is second to none.’

‘Wilberforce Chambers is at the top of the game, their barristers are competent in so many areas it is hard for them not to be the first port of call.’

‘A very strong set at all levels. Set apart by both the quality and breadth of expertise their barristers. A particular strength is their ability to handle cases that span more than one specialist area because of the wide expertise of their barristers (without compromising on quality).’

‘A set bursting with talent at every level, experts across a wide playing field, strategic and adept.’

Work highlights

New Square Chambers

New Square Chambers is experienced in the full range of core property disputes, with a particular focus on matters crossing over with the set’s broader Chancery expertise. The set has also been involved in major disputes concerning public access to land. Alexander Learmonth KC appeared in Hudson v Hathway, a case concerning if detriment was required in addition to common intention before one half of a separating unmarried couple could make a TOLATA claim.


‘Clerks are friendly, responsive and always proactive.’

‘Clerking is effective and friendly. Charlie Sherwood is very good.’

‘We always found the clerks to be helpful and responsive.’

‘Cameron Grant and Michelle Greene in the clerks’ team are great and always fill me with confidence.’

‘I find the chambers very efficient and responsive. They will usually offer a range of options, even at short notice. Cannot be faulted.’

‘New Square Chambers is a highly regarded and well-known set of chambers with considerable breadth and depth of skill in its chosen areas’

‘New Square go above and beyond at all levels. Personable, responsive and cost effective. Juniors are a cut above.’

‘A good depth of knowledge throughout chambers, whose members offer relevant training on current developments.’

Work highlights

Selborne Chambers

With a mixture of prominent property silks and juniors, Selborne Chambers features considerable experience in real property and landlord and tenant disputes, as well as more specialist areas such as breach of covenant, rights of light and adverse possession matters. Nicholas Trompeter KC represented the landlord in London Trocadero (2015) LLP v Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd, an ongoing matter which reached the Court of Appeal on one point, concerning if a cinema operator was liable for rent payments during periods when the premises were closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Turning to the set’s juniors, Henry Webb represented the claimant in Hotel Management International Ltd v Coldunnell Ltd, a dilapidations trial in which the claimant received over half a million pounds, beating a Part 36 offer.

Maitland Chambers

Maitland Chambers contains juniors and silks who are experts in all matters of property litigation, including residential enfranchisement and property development, and act on behalf of a range of clients from private individuals to major multinational corporates. Christopher Pymont KC appeared before the Supreme Court in On Tower v AP Wireless, a high profile matter concerning the interpretation of the new Electronic Communications Code. Philomena Harrison was involved in Bank of New York Mellon (International) Ltd v Cine UK Ltd, a case concerning if rent was due on various of the defendants’ cinemas, which were unable to operate due to COVID-19 policies.


‘Very professional and efficient. I would single out Rob Penson, who is great.’

‘All clerks are very helpful indeed.’

‘Rob Penson is brilliant – very helpful and always willing to go the extra mile.’

‘Superb – the clerks at Maitland have been the best I deal with for the past 20+ years.  Robert Penson is outstanding in his proactivity and ease of dealing.’

‘Maitland is a first rate, leading, commercial chancery set which I have used for many years. They have a large range of options for counsel across the piece. One can always rely on their quality.’

‘Maitland is brilliant with a good range of top quality barristers.’

‘The set has some of the best property litigation counsel in the country.’

‘Maitland offers a breadth and depth which means any of my property litigation work can be handled.’

Work highlights

Radcliffe Chambers

Radcliffe Chambers combines its knowledge of pure property litigation with more specialised and complex experience in issues involving property tax disputes and enfranchisement issues, with matters crossing over with the set’s expertise in Chancery work. William Moffett stood before the Supreme Court in Guest v Guest, a dispute which had serious ramifications regarding the appropriate remedy in cases of proprietary estoppel. Marie-Claire Bleasdale was involved in Barchester Healthcare Homes Limited & Barchester Nominee Limited v Roxbury Holding Limited, a case involving issues of boundary disputes, purported easements, and alleged trespass, against the backdrop of uncertainty caused by Land Registry delays.


‘The clerks are efficient, friendly, and approachable. They are always willing to discuss fees and be flexible to suit solicitors and lay clients. They work well under pressure and can always find a barrister on urgent instructions.’

‘The clerks at Radcliffe are always very helpful and responsive. Justin Allen in particular is a great asset.’

‘The clerks are very responsive and always on hand to help. They also understand the need to be competitive on fees and are all very friendly and easy to deal with.’

‘Radcliffe has an excellent choice of counsel to deal with most civil disputes and are able to offer counsel at a range of seniority.’

‘Radcliffe has enviable strength in depth on real property and chancery disputes. Their barristers are all highly capable, forensic in their detail, and approachable.’

‘Radcliffe are a fantastic set, offering a strong range of barristers across multiple disciplines.’

‘The set offers flexibility in terms of experience, cost and availability. They provide helpful webinars and seminars. They are our go-to set.’

Work highlights

Enterprise Chambers

Property litigation remains a primary focus area for Enterprise Chambers. The set specialises in landlord and tenant matters, with an offering supplemented by specialist expertise in the areas of insolvency and property-related professional negligence. Kavan Gunaratna acted for the claimant in Circus Apartments Ltd v Domus BWW Group, a High Court case in which the landlord was seeking unpaid rent and disrepair claims following the collapse of the tenant into insolvency administration. Edward Francis acted on behalf of various lessees in Camden Hill Gate Ltd v Duchess of Bedford House RTM Company Limited, which concerned the scope and application of the principle that parking enjoyed as of right by residents of a block can be converted into an easement of parking.


‘The clerks are approachable, reasonable and courteous. I often liaise with Mark Townsend and Ian Boardman who are both sensible and always wiling to assist.’

‘The clerks are very on the ball and efficient and Michael Ireland is really excellent.’

‘The clerks room are always quick to respond and to deal with any enquiries that we have.  They are knowledgeable of Counsels work load, and easy to deal with.’

‘The clerks are very on the ball and efficient and Michael Ireland is really excellent.’

‘Enterprise is an extremely friendly set with a real team spirit.  There are excellent barristers at all levels, but some of the senior juniors are hidden gems and exceptionally good.’

‘Chambers have a wide variety of counsel at hand to assist in a broad range of areas.’

‘A very strong set and varied set. Friendly and approachable.’

‘Extremely capable in property and insolvency work. They have good strength in depth.’

Work highlights

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers includes juniors and silks active across the complete spectrum of real estate litigation. In particular, the set has considerable experience in real property, commercial property, residential landlord and tenant matters and co-ownership and trusts of land. Malcolm Sheehan KC is particularly known for his expertise in acting on property development issues for private and public sector developers, as well his experience in infrastructure disputes. Jonathan Steinert has over two decades of experience in contentious and non-contentious property issues, with particular experience in complex litigation involving covenant and dilapidation disputes.

Serle Court

Serle Court includes property silks and juniors experienced in a broad range of property disputes, including complex issues relating to easements, covenants, options, land registrations and trusts, often crossing over with the set’s broader expertise in Chancery matters. Rupert Reed KC represented the widow of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in Asturion Foundation v HH Princess Al Jawharah bint Ibrahim al Ibrahim, a Court of Appeal case which raised complex issues of Liechtenstein, Saudi and Islamic law concerning the validity of a will which gifted the property to her. Turning to the set’s juniors, Andrew Bruce represented the successful seller defendants in a five-day case, after the buyers of a property alleged fraudulent misrepresentation after significant amounts of Japanese knotweed were found two years after the transaction.


‘Serle Court’s clerks are very accessible and responsive. They are quick to provide fee estimates and honour them. One of the best clerking services amongst the chambers I instruct.’

‘Best clerks in the business. The set is in very good hands with Nick Hockney and Dan Wheeler.’

‘Paul Ballard has been a clerk for many years and goes above and beyond to keep cases moving, and synchronised with counsel.’

‘Paul Ballard was prompt and easy to deal with, making the process quite smooth.’

‘Serle Court is a highly respected Chancery set with strength in depth.’

‘Real in-depth strength in other areas of litigation including commercial and trusts disputes, now growing their property disputes team.’

‘The breadth of talent at Serle Court is excellent. It has some of the leading silks and juniors at the commercial Chancery Bar, representing clients in multiple jurisdictions.’

‘Serle Court are the go-to chambers on matters of property litigation.’