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Leading Silks

Zia Bhaloo KCLandmark ChambersZia is the pre-eminent property litigation silk, head and shoulders above her competition. Her written advocacy is so exceptional that the opposing side will often do everything to avoid going to trial. 
Guy Fetherstonhaugh KC  –Falcon Chambers  ‘There is no one better than Guy. A superb advocate, completely unflappable and an immense level of knowledge. His dedication to the cause and willingness to go the extra mile make him such a joy to work with.
David Holland KCLandmark ChambersA fantastic silk to work with, David’s energy level and work ethic is incredible.
Stephen Jourdan KCFalcon ChambersAn exceptional silk with unmatched analytical abilities, Stephen is exceptional. He brings a unique clarity to matters which would otherwise be complex. He is one of the most committed barristers around and exceeds expectations on every case he works on.
John McGhee KCWilberforce Chambers  ‘Perhaps the top property silk out there, John’s analysis is without doubt unparalleled. He combines effortless advocacy with superb client handling skills, providing concise and easily accessible written advice.
Philip Rainey KCTanfield Chambers 'Philip has very thorough knowledge and understanding of enfranchisement legislation. He is an excellent advocate - with a calm confidence and with an ability to be very creative in his arguments. '
Jonathan Seitler KCWilberforce ChambersA legend in the area of property disputes, the way Jonathan’s mind works in order to find angles supporting a legal argument is truly fantastic. His advocacy skills and powers of persuasion are second to none, controlling the courtroom with his smart wit and at times humour. He is fantastic with clients and great fun to work with on a case.
Brie Stevens-Hoare KCGatehouse ChambersBrie is an awesome advocate and someone you definitely want on your side. She grasps issues with lightning speed and not only can she advise on the law, but also on the commercial risks and alternative ways for her clients to proceed. She has a commanding presence yet remains respectful to the views of everyone.
Joanne Wicks KCWilberforce ChambersJoanne is extremely client friendly, exceptionally bright and fantastic on strategy. Always measured and calm, her advocacy style is a real differentiator.
Ranjit Bhose KCCornerstone BarristersRanjit is a superb advocate, his case preparation is second to none and he has an uncanny ability to immediately recall page numbers for specific documents in massive trial bundles.
Janet Bignell KCFalcon ChambersAn exceptionally talented barrister, Janet is incredibly bright and extremely user friendly. She gets to the heart of a matter quickly and provides thorough, commercially minded advice.
Kerry Bretherton KCTanfield ChambersSomeone who knows the Pub Code inside out. Kerry is fantastic to work with, nothing is too much trouble and her response times are amazing.
Martin Hutchings KCWilberforce ChambersMartin is user friendly and gives clear and strategic guidance, his clients always know the direction of travel after his advice.
George Laurence KCNew Square ChambersA silk possessing unrivalled knowledge in this field, George has appeared in an astonishing number of leading cases in this area. He is capable of unpicking the various layers of an argument with outstanding clarity, with his ability to identify the winning arguments and present them with cogency making him an exquisite advocate.
Caroline Shea KCFalcon ChambersCaroline is a technically brilliant property silk. She is quick to turn work around and when you work with her it feels like an extremely collaborative team effort.
John de Waal KCGatehouse ChambersA silk who is great to have on your team; John is personable, commercial and insightful. At trial-time, he is completely focused on how he can win the case. His advocacy style is tailored to appeal to whichever judge is in front of him, adopting a psychological approach which gives him an edge.
Tom Weekes KCLandmark Chambers ‘A silk possessing forensic knowledge of the law of restrictive covenants and a real ability to apply the law to the particular case. Tom gives clear, insightful and detailed advice and is undoubtedly one of the leading property barristers in the country.
Christopher Heather KCTanfield Chambers 'A superb advocate - calm, measured but robust when required.'
Katharine Holland KCLandmark ChambersAn incredibly intelligent silk, Katharine is committed to providing a first-class service to her clients. Her advocacy skills have undoubtedly been the deciding factor in winning some particularly difficult cases.’
Dan Kolinsky KCLandmark ChambersDan is a distinguished advocate. In consultation with clients, he provides sound advice in an engaging manner.
Timothy Polli KCTanfield ChambersAn intelligent and knowledgeable silk, Tim relishes unravelling difficult and complex issues. He is a very calm and persistent advocate, who uses tenacity and carefully crafted reasoning to convince a judge of his arguments. Combining charm and intelligence in a very understated manner, he is a particular pleasure to work with.
Rupert Reed KCSerle Court ‘A measured, fiercely intelligent and thorough silk; Rupert is commercially astute and analyses the details to leave no angle unexplored. He has a very user-friendly manner and builds a great rapport with solicitors and clients alike.
Mark Sefton KCFalcon ChambersMark is able to get to the crux of an issue quickly, condensing complex legal arguments down to the key points and ignoring the extraneous points. His written analysis, including his skeleton arguments, are focused and persuasive and ultimately well received by judges.
Malcolm Sheehan KC - Henderson ChambersMalcolm is a meticulous lawyer with very sound legal and commercial judgement. He is also a very able advocate who really makes a difference in court.
Andrew Walker KCMaitland ChambersA prepared and thorough advocate, rather than a table thumper, Andrew wins his cases through incisive argument laced with charm.
Mark Warwick KCSelborne ChambersA superb legal knowledge and vast experience enable Mark to navigate the most tricky of problems involving the most tricky of people. He is a calm and wise presence to have in your corner.
Gary Blaker KCSelborne ChambersA silk with an outstanding legal mind, what really makes Gary stand out is the excellent support he provides to instructing solicitors and his very reassuring style with clients.
Clifford Darton KCSelborne ChambersClifford’s initial analysis of a case’s merits and willingness to provide tactical guidance from the outset is unparalleled. His advocacy is a joy to behold, he has honed his skills in the cut and thrust of the County Court which frequently gives him a decisive advantage over his opponents.
Jonathan Davey KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Jonathan’s written work is second to none and he is very well respected by judges. He has won cases which solicitors would have thought impossible to win. ’
Nicholas Isaac KCTanfield Chambers 'Nick is very good at controlling clients and is unfazed He presents very confidently to clients and is very accessible, and on top of that is a calm advocate.'
Tiffany Scott KCWilberforce ChambersTiffany is brilliant at taking a complicated background, looking past all the noise and identifying the real key issue. Her attention to detail and both written work and oral advocacy are second to none.
Christopher Stoner KCSerle Court ‘One of the best property litigation silks in the business, Chris is a truly outstanding technical lawyer and a brilliant advocate.
Stephanie Tozer KCFalcon Chambers 'Flawless preparation for trial. Willing to give very clear view on merits with clear, focused advice.'
Zoë Barton KCWilberforce ChambersFormidable, unflappable and great fun to work with, Zoe is as tough as nails. She is a fearsomely bright junior silk, whose continued upward trajectory is a dead certainty.
Ian Clarke KCSelborne ChambersIan is a great strategist and a robust advisor. His ability to react to surprises in court is unmatched, digesting and processing vast amounts of detail very quickly.
Gary Cowen KCFalcon ChambersGary is an incredibly approachable, pragmatic and commercially minded silk. His ability to make killer points seem a matter of fact never fails to impress.
Thomas Grant KCMaitland ChambersAn outstanding advocate who judges really listen to, Thomas possesses a laser-like focus on the issues that really matter in a case. 
Julian Greenhill KCWilberforce ChambersJulian is persuasive and very user friendly. He is all over the details and does not let his opponent get away with anything. He provides clear advice and his clients appreciate his style.
Kate Selway KCRadcliffe ChambersKate has a high level of in-depth knowledge, which she presents in a straightforward and comprehensible manner. An approachable and empathetic silk, her hands-on approach is a pleasure to work with.

2022 Silks

Galina Ward KCLandmark ChambersGalina is approachable, easy to communicate with, very articulate and extremely thorough whilst looking at the end objective and for practical solutions.
Toby Watkin KCLandmark ChambersToby is reassuring in conference with lay clients, trustworthy, dependable and an extremely safe pair of hands.

2023 Silks

Edward Peters KC –Falcon ChambersEd’s attention to detail and thorough preparation for conferences and hearings are unparalleled. He possesses exemplary advocacy skills, with a particular gift with regard to cross-examination.

Leading Juniors

Justin BatesLandmark ChambersThe leading junior in leaseholder matters, Justin’s knowledge of housing and landlord and tenant law is encyclopaedic. His advice is both practical and where required, he takes a creative approach to resolving the particular issues of a case. Clients place their trust in his confident and attractive advocacy style. ’
Wayne ClarkFalcon Chambers 'Wayne is a formidable advocate who brings KC level advice to everything he does.'
Jamal DemachkieGatehouse ChambersHis knowledge of the law is second to none, along with his advocacy skills. Jamal is a master at adapting his style depending on the client, inspiring confidence by maintaining a down to earth and professional manner.
Martin DrayFalcon Chambers 'Martin is very thorough and sensible - firm in his advice but also sympathetic to the lay client's commercial goals. His advocacy is tenacious and incisive.'
Nathaniel DuckworthFalcon ChambersNat has a fantastic mix of technical excellence, commercial acumen and communication skills. He finds the perfect balance in hearings, striking the right tone with judges while simultaneously forwarding his argument in a compelling way.
Justin KitsonSelborne ChambersJustin is able to assimilate a significant volume of information and identify what is important. He spends significant time examining the details and produces impressive written work as a result.
Samuel LaughtonTen Old Square ‘Sam knows the answers to almost all the problems you throw at him. He is ferociously bright and adopts an extremely efficient working methodology.
Michael PryorMaitland Chambers ‘Michael has such clarity of thought, insight and a wealth of experience; ultimately making him a superb strategist. He has an innate ability to explain extremely complex matters to clients with confidence and objectivity.
Nicholas TaggartLandmark ChambersNic writes the best opinions in the real estate legal business. His grasp of all areas of property law is immense and none come close in this area. He possesses the advantage of a professional mindset mixed with strong commercial acumen.
Emily WindsorFalcon ChambersExtremely good with her clients, Emily instantly instils confidence and trust in her advice. She is nimble in thought and able to deal with anything that is thrown at her. Her advocacy is particularly impressive; calm and controlled in her submissions and decisive in cross-examination. 
Simon AllisonLandmark ChambersSimon is an oracle when it comes to residential property. He is incredibly competent and never shies away from giving bold advice without sitting on the fence.
Tom BraithwaiteSerle Court ‘He remains one of the fastest at getting to grips with a large bundle of papers. Tom does not sit on the fence but rather provides clear opinions and has the conviction to see them through.
Andrew BruceSerle Court ‘Andrew is a first-class barrister and a stand out choice for complex property matters. His advice, both written and in conference, is not only clear but decisive, not sitting on the fence but giving practical and commercial options to resolving disputes in addition to the law.
Michael BuckpittTanfield ChambersMichael is exceptionally bright and a delight to work with. He is always looking for an angle and never leaves a stone unturned. He will always deliver for you and for that reason he is the go-to barrister.
Tim CallandMaitland ChambersTim is very trustworthy and his clients respond well to his easy approach. A brilliant professional, his advocacy is calm and measured and the advice he gives is always well considered.
Tamsin CoxFalcon ChambersNo one prepares for court like Tamsin, she knows her cases inside and out. She is very approachable and provides advice to clients in a digestible and understandable manner.
Andy CreerLandmark Chambers ‘Andy is very thorough in her work, responsive and committed to her clients. She is particularly skilled when it comes to knotty issues, particularly in the area of nuisance. ’
Edward Denehan9 Stone BuildingsWhat makes Edward stand out is not just his skills as an advocate but his willingness to work as part of a team and assist in preparing the case throughout and the value that his advice in that regard brings. 
Daniel DovarTanfield ChambersDaniel has a timely and client friendly manner, using his strategic thinking to produce great advocacy at court and in tribunals.
Carl FainTanfield Chambers 'Carl is an excellent all round barrister. He is highly knowledgeable, very articulate, commercial and able to provide clients with clear advice in conference. He is also an excellent advocate.'
Elizabeth FitzgeraldFalcon ChambersElizabeth is fantastic at grasping the details of a case and providing sound advice. She is responsive to her clients needs and a real team player.
Andrew FrancisSerle CourtAndrew’s knowledge of property law generally, and the field of restrictive covenants specifically, is immense and benefits significantly from his ability to explain these areas clearly and concisely.
Daniel GattyGatehouse ChambersA ferocious intellect and command of the law, Daniel inspires confidence in his clients. He is very strong on detail and provides silk level advice. His style at trial is excellent, remaining calm and focused to eloquently put forward his case.
Marc GloverTanfield Chambers 'A brilliant advocate.'
Kavan GunaratnaEnterprise Chambers ‘Kavan remains calm under pressure, particularly in the courtroom. He has an excellent manner with clients and is able to convey often complex legal jargon in a manner which is tangible to the client.
James HanhamLandmark Chambers  ‘James is a superb advocate with real gravitas and an innate ability to be persuasive before a tribunal.
Greville HealeyFalcon Chambers 'A very passionate advocate. He fights hard to get the best results and has a strong technical knowledge.'
Camilla LamontLandmark ChambersQuietly skilled in her approach, Camilla is technically and academically brilliant. She is dependable and sees the big picture from a commercial perspective, must be heading towards silk and rightly so. 
Paul LetmanFalcon Chambers ‘Paul is unflappable and remains completely calm under pressure. He makes a conscious effort to ensure the clients views are heard, and where appropriate, those instructions implemented. However, as an extremely confident advocate, he will calmly yet firmly deliver the correct advice if he feels an ill-advised approach is being considered.
Mark LovedayTanfield ChambersThe go-to barrister for service charge disputes, Mark’s knowledge of this area is second to none. As well as being exceptionally bright, he is commercial and practical. Extremely thorough in both his advice and preparation for trial, his advocacy is tenacious and whilst steely in cross-examination, he always remains courteous.
William MoffettRadcliffe ChambersWilliam is personable and unstuffy, yet has the air of authority and gravitas, inspiring confidence in his clients. He is clever and always in command of his brief down to the fine detail, regardless of how late the papers are delivered to him.
Emer MurphyWilberforce ChambersThe crème de la crème of the junior property Bar; Emer is decisive, with a superb grasp of the detail and her client’s wider strategic objectives. She has a straightforward and no-nonsense manner which gets to the heart of the issue in the blink of an eye.
Jonathan UptonTanfield Chambers ‘The perfect package for complex and hard-fought property litigation, Jonathan is both technically brilliant and a creative advocate.
Katrina YatesLandmark ChambersKatrina is a forensic counsel who very quickly analyses the strengths and weaknesses of another party’s case and gets straight to the nub of the matter. She has a particular flair for dealing with Land Registry claims and is a very robust advocate, performing superbly against other barristers often more senior than herself.
Emily BettsGatehouse ChambersEmily offers assistance on a different level to other barristers and shows forensic attention to detail. She has a great manner in court and can hold her own against the most aggressive of opponents.
Rebecca CattermoleTanfield Chambers ‘Rebecca has an excellent rapport with clients and as well as being a good advocate, her paperwork is first-class.
Richard CleggSelborne ChambersRichard’s ability to join the dots in complex disputes between the merits of the case and the commercial outcome desired by the client is astounding. Clever and calm in his advocacy, he is particularly persuasive and a match for any silk before even the most reluctant of judges.
Cecily CrampinFalcon ChambersCecily combines her strong drafting skills with strategic thinking, focusing on the end game from the start and charting a course to get there.
Shomik DattaCornerstone BarristersShomik’s ability to grasp the difficult issue in long running cases is fantastic. He is very adept at putting the client at ease and inspiring confidence in them.
Richard FowlerMaitland ChambersA superb legal brain with a seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge of the law, Richard is a compelling advocate who always gives silk-quality advice.
Jonathan FowlesSerle Court ‘Particularly knowledgeable and responsive, Jonathan’s advocacy is conducted skilfully and professionally.
Edward FrancisEnterprise ChambersThe go-to barrister for legally and factually complex property cases, Edward’s grasp is so extensive he makes opposing counsel look unprepared. He is hugely intelligent and commits to an answer rather than sitting on the fence.
Ellodie GibbonsTanfield ChambersEllodie is very user friendly and an exceptionally hard working barrister.
Jeff HardmanNew Square ChambersJeff is gifted at getting to grips with an issue quickly and finding appropriate, pragmatic and, where relevant, commercial solutions. He is a relentless litigator and generally unflappable in the courtroom, assertive in his submissions and a skilled cross-examiner.
Piers HarrisonTanfield ChambersPiers has a good rapport with clients, explaining matters in easily understood language.
Stuart HornettSelborne ChambersStuart remains by go-to barrister for property related matters, especially those concerning difficult issues of contractual interpretation. His intelligence is off the scale, being able to pick up the details of convoluted matters in record time. He provides an incredible level of clarity, ultimately formulating well thought out strategies.
Thomas JefferiesLandmark ChambersA highly skilled advocate, Tom is able to distil and communicate complex legal arguments to his clients. His clear and concise approach to advocacy means he is always well received by the judiciary. 
Sebastian KokelaarThree StoneA brilliantly technical lawyer and skilled drafter, Sebastian is an outstanding junior.
Kester LeesFalcon Chambers 'Kester Lees is a very talented junior with impressive technical skills. He is a superb advocate and his ability to see a solution to the most difficult issues is unrivalled. A silk in the making.'
James McCreathWilberforce ChambersJames is a superb barrister. He is highly intelligent, pragmatic and possesses impressive intuition.
Jonathan McNaeSelborne ChambersHe has an astonishing knowledge of property law, including its more arcane aspects. Jonathan is a fine advocate and particularly skilled when it comes to dealing with situations involving litigants in person.
Nicola MuirTanfield ChambersA very good advocate. Nicola is calm, measured and persuasive.
Joseph OllechFalcon ChambersJoe is a diligent and responsive barrister, well prepared in his advocacy and presenting structured and persuasive arguments.
Michael Walsh - Serle Court  ‘Tenacious advocate, user-friendly and a real asset to any team.
Nathan WellsRadcliffe Chambers ‘Nathan is a sublime barrister. He undertakes work meticulously and considers all angles to provide practical and tactical advice. Rather than theatrical, his measured advocacy style and impressive ability to recall key facts is particularly effective.
Marie-Claire BleasdaleRadcliffe ChambersMarie-Claire is simply a phenomenal barrister. This is a combination of a personable approach with her clients and admirable advocacy skills, always putting up a tenacious fight in court.
Philip Brown9 Stone Buildings 'Philip provides sound advice on legal position without becoming diluted or confused by the emotional aspects.'
Robert BrownSelborne ChambersIt is Robert’s immense knowledge of residential landlord and tenant law that make him a go-to junior for complex matters. He has the ability to drill down to the key points of an issue rapidly. His advocacy is focused and well considered, nothing seems to faze him.
Maxim CardewMaitland Chambers ‘Maxim is extremely considered when giving his views and provides detailed and thorough analysis.
Jonathan ChewWilberforce ChambersJonathan has developed into one of the top senior juniors at the property bar. His advocacy is in a league of its own, being able to deal with difficult legal problems with seeming ease.
Camilla ChorfiFalcon ChambersAn able advocate and personable with her clients, Camilla is a joy to work with.
John ClargoGatehouse ChambersVery well prepared and compelling in court, John is an exceptionally good advocate. He is candid in his advice while still remaining very approachable for clients.
Ross CrailNew Square ChambersRoss has an impressive knowledge and understanding of public rights of way issues and is able to get straight to the heart of an issue. She provides clear and concise arguments as to the merits of a particular approach, advancing key points to improve the case in question.
Benjamin FaulknerWilberforce ChambersBen shows complete passion for the law and it is infectious. He covers all avenues and explains his advice in a clear and structured way, creating a feeling of calm among his clients.
Jonathan GavaghanTen Old SquareJonathan’s obvious strength is his mind. He thinks outside the box and relishes a challenge, making him great fun to work with.
Philomena HarrisonMaitland ChambersTechnically astute, Philomena is able to identify the key areas of a dispute from the outset and rapidly judge the direction in which it is heading. 
Edward HicksRadcliffe Chambers ‘Ed has a sharp mind and fantastic analytical skills. He is able to de-construct complex issues and give detailed advice on tricky matters in a language his clients understand. His ability to think on his feet in court and respond to any issues as they arise is a great strength.
Harriet HolmesWilberforce ChambersOne of the best junior barristers at the property Bar and a silk in the making. Harriet is extremely bright and a tenacious advocate.
Lina MattssonGatehouse ChambersShe is extremely commercially aware and looks laterally at not just the legal issues but the practical and commercial ones as well. Lina provides detailed and focused advice and will really delve into the heart of the case. Highly approachable, she is excellent with her clients.
Stephen Schaw MillerNew Square Chambers ‘Stephen is the barrister to go to when you have a particularly difficult legal problem as he thrives on these cases. He is an utterly thorough and prepared advocate who focuses on the content rather than a showy performance, consequently being well received by judges.
Niraj Modha39 Essex ChambersAs far as barristers go, Niraj is one of the most approachable. He is measured, technically astute and very highly respected and regarded by his peers.
Paul de la PiquerieSelborne Chambers ‘Paul is extremely practical, friendly and approachable. He provides concise and targeted advice within quick turnarounds, taking into account the priorities and unique needs of his clients. He is willing to set out the pros and cons of particular actions decisively, assisting his clients enormously.
Gary PryceNew Square ChambersHis tenacity and ability to tackle the details can often mean the difference between winning and losing. Gary’s thoroughness is not only commendable but results in an advocate who can effortlessly glide around the papers and deliver strong and confident submissions in court, making him a force to be reckoned with.
Patrick Rolfe5 Stone Buildings ‘Patrick has a keen analytical mind and is good at communicating with clients about complex matters in a straightforward, commercial way.
Faisel SadiqGatehouse ChambersFaisel’s recall of the law and practice is remarkable. He is a formidable advocate who exudes confidence without displaying a hint of arrogance. Solicitors have the utmost faith that he will do everything within his power to achieve the client’s desired result.
Adam Smith - Maitland ChambersVery thoughtful, thorough and commercial and strategic in his advice.
Howard SmithRadcliffe ChambersHoward has a gift for identifying the key points in complex situations and explaining matters with clarity and economy. In court, he emits an air of quiet authority which is very effective in capturing and keeping the judge’s attention, ensuring they are receptive to his submissions. His capacity to retain and retrieve large amounts of detail on the spot is thoroughly impressive.
Laura TweedyGatehouse ChambersLaura is totally committed to her clients and fights her cases robustly. She is particularly thorough in her work and considers matters from every angle. 
Aaron WalderLandmark ChambersAaron is able to get to the crux of an issue swiftly. He has an unflappable manner, whilst being knowledgeable and approachable.
Henry WebbSelborne Chambers ‘Henry has a calm, measured but highly effective advocacy style. He has a comprehensive grasp on the factual detail and relevant law, consistently demonstrating excellent judgement on which points to press and in what way. He is very responsive throughout a case and quickly gains his client’s trust.
Simon WilliamsRadcliffe ChambersBoth practically and commercially minded, Simon understands the procedure and what is best for his clients. He is a calm, considered and well prepared advocate.
George WoodheadSelborne Chambers  ‘George is a thoroughly charming and articulate advocate, extremely well respected by his peers. His preparation and attention to detail is admirable, communicating incredibly well with clients and setting realistic expectations. ’
Simon AdamykNew Square ChambersSimon is a particularly well regarded property barrister, with particular expertise in rights of way, commons and village greens. His clear and focused style wins him the confidence and attention of the court.
Clare AnslowGatehouse ChambersClare is wonderful to work with. She has a fantastic ability to grasp complex matters very quickly, providing sound and honest commercial advice in a pragmatic manner.
Stuart David Armstrong – New Square Chambers ‘Stuart is a fantastic advocate; precise, persuasive and totally measured in his submissions.
Evie BardenLandmark ChambersWith a tremendous ability to simplify and streamline the most complicated and unwieldy of issues, Evie’s specialism in property-related insolvency work separates her from her peers. With her easy and collaborative approach with solicitors, she shows great potential and is undoubtedly a go-to junior for property litigation work.
John Beresford – Gatehouse Chambers ‘John has a calm authority and a wealth of knowledge, making him a very effective advocate.
Edward Blakeney – Falcon ChambersEdward is calm, responsive and thoughtful in his advice. He is an excellent advocate with good attention to detail.
Toby BonceyFalcon ChambersNot only does he possess an extensive and detailed knowledge of the law, but Toby’s defining skill is to then step back and consider matters commercially.
Zachary Bredemear –Enterprise Chambers ‘Zachary has a proactive yet easy approach, capable of providing commercial and tactical advice when required. He is well prepared in his advocacy.
Carl BrewinGatehouse ChambersCarl is a calm and collected individual who does not seem to be phased by anything. He is a particularly articulate and persuasive advocate, being able to pursue his arguments in a well presented and logical manner.
Richard Cherry –Enterprise Chambers ‘Through thorough preparation and clear and concise advice, Richard inspires confidence in his clients.
Paul ClarkeMaitland Chambers ‘Paul is a great tactician who time and time again outsmarts his opposition. His advocacy skills are fantastic, clear and concise in his submissions and brilliant in cross-examination.
Rupert CohenLandmark ChambersRupert has intelligence, charm and strategic nous in equal measure. He inspires supreme confidence in his clients, especially when it comes to real property disputes.
Timothy Cowen9 Stone BuildingsTim is extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field, his opinions and strategies are always spot on.
Noel DilworthHenderson Chambers ‘Noel is very diligent and thorough in his written opinions. He often raises complicated and technical issues which some counsel may miss, always thinking outside the box. Calm and collected with clients, considered in his preparation; he always goes the extra mile. ’
Morayo Fagborun BennettGatehouse ChambersMorayo is very accessible and her clients appreciate her down to earth approach. She is technically strong and well organised.
Helen GalleyXXIV Old Buildings ‘Helen adopts a very pragmatic and commercial approach, cutting through the issues to recommend a way forward.
Katie Gray   – Tanfield Chambers 'Katie sees the big picture and has good commercial awareness. She is also very good at crystallizing down large complicated law into bite-size chunks to then create a clear path forward. '
Alice HawkerWilberforce Chambers  ‘Alice is incredibly thorough and great with clients. She is a fantastic advocate who as well as making clear and weighty submissions, is excellent in cross-examination and when handling witnesses.
Tricia HemansFalcon ChambersTricia formulates detailed and thorough opinions and conveys them in a concise and succinct manner.
Lara Kuehl – Selborne Chambers ‘Lara covers every angle and has brilliant drafting abilities.
Mathew McDermott42 Bedford Row ‘Mathew is extremely thorough in his approach and tends to provide comprehensive advice, covering both the legal position and the practical steps necessary to achieve the desired result.
Simon McLoughlinSelborne ChambersSimon has the ability to process large quantities of complex information with seeming ease. An old head on young shoulders, he is a barrister of choice by a long way.
David NichollsLandmark Chambers ‘David has an impressive ability to grasp the legal issues. He is decisive and adapts his approach to meet the circumstances and needs of his clients.
Monty PalfreyGatehouse ChambersMonty is incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of property litigation and excellent technically. The thoroughness he applies to his advocacy is a great strength, putting his points across in a clear and balanced manner, gaining the respect of the tribunal in the process.
David PeacheyGatehouse Chambers ‘Meticulous in his advice and preparation for trial, David’s advocacy is fantastic.
Daniel Petrides – Wilberforce Chambers ‘Not only is he able to pick up esoteric areas of law very quickly but Daniel is also happy to get stuck in and assist wherever a job needs to be done.
Isabel PetrieSelborne ChambersIsabel is a very tenacious advocate, adopting a sensible and thorough approach to tactics.
Tom RoscoeWilberforce ChambersTom has a very user friendly and commercial approach. He is able to cut straight through to the key issues and is a reliable advocate.
David Sawtell39 Essex Chambers ‘A go-to barrister for property litigation, David’s knowledge in his field is bar to none. He can quickly grasp a legal case with ease and he is an extremely persuasive advocate.
Joseph SteadmanWilberforce ChambersJoseph has always dealt with matters thoroughly with great attention to detail. Joseph is very easy to work with and is friendly, approachable and realistic with advice.
Yaaser VandermanLandmark Chambers ‘Yaaser is a splendid junior. He is extremely bright, has an exemplary comprehension of the law and remains calm under pressure.
Rahul VarmaSelborne ChambersA clever, calm and articulate advocate, Rahul’s written work and knowledge of procedure is impressively reliable.
Sarah WalkerSelborne ChambersSarah is a junior with star quality. She is unfailingly reliable, a wonderful advocate and her ability to turn written work around quickly makes her a pleasure to work with.
Paul WilmshurstNew Square ChambersPaul is extremely knowledgeable and adept at considering how different rights intersect on a given case.

Rising Stars

Bryoni KleopaGatehouse Chambers ‘Byroni is commercial, practical and provides advice to suit a particular clients needs, it is what sets her apart from other counsel.
Brooke Lyne – Landmark Chambers ‘Razor sharp in her legal analysis and advice, Brooke’s advocacy style is pragamatic, attentive and highly effective. ’
Sam Madge-WyldTanfield Chambers ‘Sam is not only a brilliantly technical lawyer but he is very confident under pressure and has excellent judgement.
Katrina MatherGatehouse ChambersKatrina has a calm and persuasive advocacy style, possessing a brilliant ability to grasp complex matters.
James PooleTen Old SquareA compelling advocate and good with technical arguments, James produces written work to an excellent standard.
Cameron Stocks – Gatehouse Chambers ‘Cameron is very accessible, well considered and speaks in a manner which is completely accessible to his clients.
Kimberley Ziya  – Landmark Chambers ‘Kim has a real eye for detail and leaves no stone unturned, which clearly shows when observing her written work and advocacy. She has worked on matters well beyond her year of call and is a junior in high demand.

Property litigation in London Bar

Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers is a progressive and growing set, offering a broad range of property expertise including commercial and residential landlord-tenant disputes, real property, lease renewals, dilapidation claims and cladding related work. John de Waal KC acted in Prime London Holdings 11 Ltd v Thurloe Lodge Ltd, the first application for an access order under the Neighbouring Land Act to be tried before the High Court. Brie Stevens-Hoare KC successfully represented the respondents in White v Amirtharaja before the Court of Appeal, a significant case regarding issues of adverse posession and the evidence required to prove various contentions. Junior Lina Mattsson was successful in West India Quay Ltd v East Tower Apartments, with the Court of Appeal handing down a landmark judgment for the interpretation of the Landlord and Tenant Act as it relates to utilities charges; with the landlord subsequently seeking permission to appeal from the Supreme Court. Steven Woolf has been at the forefront of the development of the law around preventative “persons unknown” injunctions, acting in LB Richmond-upon-Thames & Others v Persons Unknown & Others; a follow-on from LJ Nicklin pooling around 38 unlawful occupancy cases concerning traveller encampments.



‘I work a lot with Gatehouse Chambers and I find their service to be exceptional. ’

‘Gatehouse have very good strength in depth in property litigation and a range of options. They are the most user friendly set I work with and counsel are happy to work flexibly and in a more modern fashion.

‘Gatehouse offers a service which is second to none at the property bar.

‘They are a set which is ever growing and changing. They adapted quickly to the changing landscape over the last few years, with their move to new offices and change of name brining upon a new ethos and showing their willingness to evolve.

‘Gatehouse is very good in terms of availability of counsel and being able to offer a wide array of experiences. They offer a junior webinar programme as well as regular “Brews”, which have been very well received during the pandemic. ’


‘The clerks are responsive and knowledgable. James Duncan-Hartill and Claire Gallacher are particularly strong. ’

‘The reason Gatehouse Chambers succeed in my opinion is testament to James Duncan-Hartill and Patrick Sarson who, no matter how many firms or direct access individuals they are dealing with, always make you feel that you are their number one priority.

‘Patrick Sarson of Gatehouse Chambers is outstanding – always available, highly organised, personable and extremely professional.

‘The clerk’s room is the best in the business. James Duncan-Hartill leads a strong team and he is ably supported by Patrick Sarson amongst many others. They are all responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. ’

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers had another outstanding year and solidified themselves as a leading set for property litigation; boasting a wealth of experience from the more general landlord-tenant and real property issues, to the more specialist insolvency-related litigation, right to mange cases and Covid-19 rent arrears matters. The senior ranks were strengthened by Toby Watkin KC and Galina Ward KC taking silk, the only new property litigation silks in 2022. Tom Weekes KC acted for the appellants before the  Supreme Court in the high-profile Fearn v Trustees of the Tate Gallery case concerning the Tate Modern’s viewing gallery. Toby Watkin KC has acted for the real estate company in Annington Property Ltd v Ministry of Defence, one of the largest and most complex series of rent review arbitrations ever conducted. The sets strength in depth was illustrated in Firstport Property Services v Settlers Court RTM; where juniors Simon Allison, Kimberley Ziya and Rupert Cohen successfully represented the appellant in a landmark Supreme Court decision, shifting the law surrounding the right to manage with significant consequences for the government’s legislative proposals to the existing scheme. Justin Bates has developed an impressive specialism in leasehold disputes and the addition of Andy Creer from Gatehouse Chambers adds further telecoms expertise.



‘A wide range of members available to assist in property disputes, from exceptional juniors to extraordinary silks. The service levels are second to none, overall a great set.

‘Landmark are my preferred chambers for all property, real estate and commercial property matters. They have great strength in depth.

‘A top drawer set with an excellent reputation, Landmark are the go-to set, particularly involving issues which combine both property and planning issues.

‘Their combination of expertise, approachability, practicality and collaboration cannot be beaten. ’

‘Landmark Chambers is one of the leading property sets in the city. First rate in every aspect from juniors to silks, my experience of every barrister I have instructed has been universally positive. ’


‘Mark Ball is outstanding and sets the bar for senior clerks.

‘Best clerking room in the property litigation arena, Mark Ball is a cut above.

‘All the clerks we have dealt with have been most helpful, responding quickly and dealing with enquiries with skill and professionalism.

‘The absolute best in terms of response and support, nothing is ever too much hassle or tight a deadline.

Tanfield Chambers

Tanfield Chambers has a long-standing reputation in the specialist fields of landlord and tenant, commercial real estate and real property, including more specialist sub-areas such as enfranchisement, party walls and service charge work. Head of chambers Philip Rainey KC and Nicola Muir acted successfully for the respondent before the Court of Appeal in Eastern Pyramid Group Corp SA v Spire House RTM Co, an important decision relating to the service of a notice for a right to manage claim under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act. Mark Loveday appeared in FirstPort Property Services v Settlers Court RTM Co, the first right to manage case to reach the Supreme Court; and Dell v 89 Holland Park Management Ltd, believed to be the largest ever individual residential service charge dispute before the property tribunals. Kerry Bretherton KC appeared in Star Pubs and Bars Ltd & Punch Partnership v McGrath, one of the few reported cases on the Pubs Code, successfully convincing the High Court to uphold an arbitrator’s award regarding a lease dispute between a tenant and landlord. The decision of the Court of Appeal in Chaun-Hiu & Ors v Alford House (Park Lane) Maintenance Trusteed Limited has become the leading decision on Part II of the Landlord and Tenant Act, with  Jonathan Upton acting for the tenants throughout the proceedings.



I am a big fan of Tanfield and consider them to be a set consisting of impressive barristersI instruct a number of their advocates spanning across qualification experience, all of whom are professional and provide quality practical and commercial advice. In over 18 years of instructing them, I have never had cause for complaint. ’

‘Outstanding strength in depth and their clerks are highly efficient. ’

‘Tanfield Chambers are one of the preeminent sets for property disputes in London. They are amongst the best and second to none for enfranchisement and indeed any residential dispute.

‘Fantastic set with very good juniors emerging.


‘I find all the clerks I have dealt with to be approachable, responsive and helpful; generally doing everything possible to ensure counsel are available.

‘Amendable, easy to contact and responsive clerks.

‘I am happy with the service provided by the clerks room and by Billy Forecast in particular.

‘They are very responsive and helpful, even if your chosen barrister is not available, they will always come up with alternatives.

Work highlights

    Wilberforce Chambers

    Wilberforce Chambers has a wealth of experience in its senior ranks, which, complimented by a crop of talented juniors, provides a comprehensive covering of the gamut of property litigation areas; the core of which include commercial and residential landlord-tenant work, mortgages, title and development disputes and the rural economy. The addition of John McGhee KC from Maitland Chambers and Alice Hawker from Selborne Chambers demonstrates the efforts made to expand the sets property practice, with the former adding considerable experience regarding niche areas such as minerals, rights of light and telecoms. Three combined appeals of Cornerstone v Compton Beauchamp/Ashloch and On Tower v AP Wireless feature McGhee KC, Jonathan Seitler KC and Emer Murphy ; they are the first Supreme Court cases to consider the Electronic Communications Code, with the ruling finally clarifying who is an occupier for the purposes of that code. Martin Hutchings KC led Harriet Holmes in Bath Rugby and BRT v Greenwood and others, a Court of Appeal case concerning restrictive covenants and Bath Rugby’s use of The Recreation Ground. Joanne Wicks KC represented the claimant in the protracted and previously before the Supreme Court S Frances Ltd v The Cavendish Hotel (London) Ltd, the result of which sparked significant interest in the property sphere as it confronted how retail rents in London had been reduced by the pandemic. Charlotte Black is now at the Law Commission.



    ‘Wilberforce is my go-to set. They provide an exceptional service and the quality of their counsel is some of the best in the market. ’

    ‘Their property litigation offering continues to go from strength to strength, Wilberforce are a thoroughly modern chambers property-wise and have stolen a march on a number of its competitors in recent years.

    ‘Wilberforce is one of the leading sets for property disputes and telecoms issues; particularly with the recent acquisition of John McGhee KC, adding to what was already an excellent range of barristers.

    ‘An outstanding set for property and real estate litigation. It is not just that the silks are outstanding, but you also get first-class juniors at all levels.

    ‘Wilberforce have really upped their game over the past few years and now on any analysis must be seen as the set to have in your corner for any property dispute. ’


    ‘The service is speedy and efficient; Conor Michaels is particularly fantastic.

    ‘The clerks room is superb. They are extremely responsive, approachable and work well under pressure, often having to find available counsel at short notice.

    ‘Fraser Geddes understands the brief and delivers for instructing solicitors time and time again.

    ‘A great clerking team, with Fraser Geddes standing out as particularly proactive and supportive.

    Maitland Chambers

    Maitland Chambers encompasses prominent experts, both silks and juniors, in a wide range of property litigation areas; from residential enfranchisement to property development, acting for private individuals up to large multinational companies. Christopher Pymont KC represented AP Wireless II in the combined Supreme Court appeal of Cornerstone v Compton Beauchamp/Ashloch and On Tower v AP Wireless; the first case to clarify certain aspects of the Electronics Communications Code governing the siting of telecoms infrastructure on private land. In one of the most anticipated cases of 2022, Philomena Harrison is acting for the appellants in BNY Mellon v Cine-UK Ltd, tackling the legally and factually complex issue of rent arrears caused by Covid-19. Michael Pryor continues to represent the global energy company in Pearson Plc & Strandbrook Ltd v Shell International, defending his challenge to a high value liability claim to commercial service charges before the High Court.



    ‘Maitland are a particularly user friendly set. They are swift to respond and the barristers are unstuffy, happy to be instructed directly and without unnecessary formality .

    ‘Maitland Chambers continue to be a powerhouse in property litigation. All the barristers I have dealt with have been skilled and I have never not been able to find what I need when enquiring.

    ‘Maitland is a leading commercial set at the top of their game. They possess a wealth of experience and strength in numbers. ’

    ‘A top set, having many recognised leaders and junior barristers in their field of expertise.


    ‘Maitland clerks are very professional and provide a rapid service. I have found James Rose particularly efficient and helpful.

    ‘Their clerks are exceptional and always want to help. The response times are brilliant and consistently better than any other set that I work regularly with. Rob Penson is someone I will always reach out to as I know I will be in safe hands. ’

    ‘Rob Penson is a proper clerk – responsive, helpful and always aiming to deliver top service.

    ‘The Clerks are great. They are very responsible, know clients and barristers well and manage diaries seamlessly. ’

    Selborne Chambers

    Selborne Chambers is an ‘outstanding‘ set with a healthy mixture of prominent property silks and juniors, offering expertise from the broader real property and landlord-tenant disputes, to the more specialist breach of covenant, rights to light and adverse possession matters. Mark Warwick KC appeared before the Court of Appeal to address three separate points of principle regarding service charges in Kensquare v Boakye; specifically whether time is “of the essence” when the machinery for the recovery of a final service charge is concerned and whether a landlord could recover the legal costs from tenants after initiating proceedings. Nicholas Trompeter KC acted on behalf of a landlord attempting to recover almost £3 million of rent in London Trocadero LLP v Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd, one of the most high-profile property disputes of 2021 and another significant case in the development of the law around Covid-19 rent arrears, with the matter now heading to the Court of Appeal. Justin Kitson has built up impressive expertise in telecoms work, appearing before the Supreme Court in On Tower v AP Wireless, a case concerning the Telecoms Code joined with two other appeals.



    ‘Selborne Chambers is an outstanding set. My firm regularly instructs their junior barristers and the level of service is consistently good, often requiring action on matters at short notice, usually interlocutory hearings, and they always deliver. ’

    ‘Selborne are definitely our go-to set; commercially minded, responsive and very user friendly. They regularly provide training in significant areas of property litigation law, including most recently on cladding and service charge issues. They certainly have great strength in depth. ’

    ‘They are generally very strong, particularly on residential property matters.

    ‘There are several members of Selborne who are very capable property litigation experts. Any instruction to every member of this set is always dealt with thoroughly and efficiently. ’


    ‘I have a good working relationship with the clerks at Selborne, in particular Oliver Ventura, who is very professional, fair and always on hand to help.

    ‘Darren Madle and Paul Bunting are incredible, they feel like an extension of our own practice.

    ‘I have dealt exclusively with Richard Sheehan for many years and he is the most proficient and approachable clerk I have worked with in my whole career .

    ‘Very good overall service. A particular mention to Paul Bunting, who is excellent at keeping on contact with instructing solicitors. ’

    New Square Chambers

    New Square Chambers enjoys a strong reputation for expertise in both commercial and residential property litigation; with areas of focus spanning from the core real property and landlord-tenant disputes, to the more specialist leasehold enfranchisement and disputes concerning public access to land. The set’s members have a particularly diverse client base, ranging from London landowning estates and local authorities to private individuals and developers. George Laurence KC led Simon Adamyk in the significant Court of Appeal decision Blackbushe Airport Ltd v Hampshire County Council, successfully representing the respondent in a case which clarified over a century of jurisprudential development surrounding the meaning in law of the term “curtilage”. Paul Wilmshurst utilised his expertise in boundary disputes in a complex case before the High Court, with Gibson & Anor v New & Anor calling into question a long standing principle that boundary agreements are binding on successors-in-title. Jeff Hardman acted for the landlord in Dhadwal v Heathrow Inn Hotel Ltd, a novel case as the High Court decision concerning the distinction between a restaurant and a shisha lounge as regards to the interpretation of a common user clause found in a commercial lease.



    ‘A well regarded traditional chancery and property law set, with a depth of expertise in those fields.

    ‘New Square are a first-class set. I use many of their juniors, all of which are extremely experienced and knowledgable. ’

    ‘I find the set particularly accessible and have been using them for many years. I am always able to access counsel and their clerks, both being extremely responsive and helpful. ’

    ‘We have always found dealing with New Square Chambers easy and hassle-free. The clerks are engaging and helpful and the set has a particular strength in property litigation. Our perception is that their set is dynamic and forward thinking in their approach to client care and PR. ’


    ‘Clerks at New Square are very helpful, taking the time to understand what clients and their solicitors need. Michelle Green especially is quick, efficient and effective. ’

    ‘The clerks are a pleasure to deal with and Nathan Hitchman is effective and pragmatic. ’

    ‘Michelle Green and Cameron Grant are receptive and very user-friendly.

    Radcliffe Chambers

    Radcliffe Chambers is a multidisciplinary set, combining core practice areas such as real estate litigation, with more specialised expertise in matters concerning property tax disputes, planning permissions and enfranchisement issues. They have secured a steady stream of property work from a wide range of sources, nurturing close working relationships with national and local public authorities. Kate Selway KC continues to utilise her vast experience of tax issues arising from property matters, representing the claimant in Hall v HMRC; a case before the High Court confronting the issue of when an interest in possession is mistakenly assumed and its impact on inheritance tax liability. Nathan Wells successfully represented the appellant before the Court of Appeal in Borwick Development Solutions Ltd v Clear Water Fisheries Ltd, raising legally esoteric questions regarding what property rights existed in live fish and whether they were passed upon the transfer of the containing fishery, an ultimately novel issue not directly approached in English law prior. Howard Smith  is regularly instructed on the most complex cases arising from the Party Wall Act.



    ‘Radcliffe are a very strong set, with great depth across both the junior and senior range. We have always been able to match counsel to claims as they arise, at the right level and with the right skills. ’

    ‘Radcliffe Chambers has a wealth of experience across all levels of property litigation. They are really starting to challenge some of the more established sets in this area. ’

    ‘I have instructed many barristers from this chambers and have been impressed by the expertise of all. Generally, they always make themselves available ever at short notice. ’

    ‘They have unquestionable client service, Radcliffe are always at the top of their game. Their barristers are all extremely capable, friendly and available. Nothing is too much.

    ‘Excellent set to work with and we value our relationship with them, particularly commercially minded.


    ‘Brilliant clerking – very responsive and understanding. Justin Allen and John Clark are calm and reliable presences, always responsive and helpful. ’

    ‘The clerks are always very polite, eager to assist and have good turnaround times.

    ‘Fantastic, going out of their way to find me a barrister on a Friday afternoon for an injunction hearing early Monday morning.

    Serle Court

    Serle Court offers a number of approachable specialists, providing detailed expertise to the often convoluted issues centering around covenants, land registration, trusts and easements. Rupert Reed KC is representing a offshore property developer in Aurium Estate London Ultra Prime Ltd v Mishcon de Reya LLP; with the developer bringing the negligence claim against the real property team of the legal firm for its failure to advise on the litigation risk inherent in a plan to demolish a building and build around a hold-out tenant, the case is worth close to £50 million and one of the most anticipated of 2022. Christopher Stoner KC  epresented the defendant in Horsford v Horsford, a High Court case involving a complex proprietary estoppel counterclaim relating to a family dispute over shares in a farm; Christopher also has niche expertise in water related property matters and the law of canals. Andrew Francis , along with party walls and restrictive covenants, has particular experience in right to light matters, advising on issues which affect sites both domestically and abroad.



    ‘Serle Court is a strong chambers with an increasing range of high quality property litigators, who have expanded over the last few years. ’

    ‘I am a big fan of Serle Court as a whole. On the property litigation side they have a good range of counsel, including for specialist areas such as rights to light. The silks are, as you would expect, wonderful, but they have a good range of senior and junior juniors as well. ’

    ‘Serle Court has a number of amazing juniors who are experienced in property litigation matters and able to pick up a case and run with it whenever required. They are always able to accommodate instructions across the team and fantastic in-house training is offered on a regular basis.


    ‘The clerks, in particular Charlie Payne, are extremely helpful and communicative and always try to help if there is an urgent matter.

    ‘The clerks room is brilliant – nothing is too much trouble and they always go the extra mile. Dan Wheeler is a breath of fresh air; easy to deal with, straight forward manner and good fun to work with.

    ‘Very responsive and have a knack for finding the right person for the job.

    Enterprise Chambers

    Enterprise Chambers considers property litigation one of its most important practice areas, with landlord and tenant work at its core and complemented by specialist expertise in the subsidiary areas of insolvency and property-related professional negligence. The set primarily caters to the mid-tier City and regional firms, but has seen their share in the upper echelons property litigation market growing in recent years. Kavan Gunaratna has been representing the claimant in Chis 3 Ltd v Virgin Active Ltd, a case following the heavily publicised restructuring Virgin Active entered into to write off substantial rent arrears owed to its landlords; this decision will be the first to consider landlords’ rights under standard forfeiture clauses where a tenant enters into a restructuring plan, with the site in question being worth around £300 million. In Various Lessees of Duchess of Bedford House v Campden Hill Gate Ltd, Edward Francis successfully represented the claimants in an issue relating to parking rights over an adjoining private road; as well as factually complicated, this case raised complex questions regarding the operation of section 62 of the Law of Property Act.



    ‘A very user friendly set, all the barristers I have used have been approachable and excellent at what they do.

    ‘The particular advantage of instructing Enterprise Chambers is the range – and therefore availability – of counsel that it can offer.

    ‘Enterprise has a core of absolutely superb counsel.


    ‘Their clerks are competent in the extreme and move mountains to make things work. ’

    ‘First rate, they can not do enough for you.

    Falcon Chambers

    Falcon Chambers continues to lead across the spectrum of property litigation areas, with silks and juniors playing influential roles in many of the most significant and precedent shaping cases of the last year, including those affecting rights to light, telecoms, enfranchisement and the valuation hypothesis. As of publication, it is the only set approved as an arbitration body under the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act. The high-profile Fearn v Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery case, concerning the Tate Modern’s viewing gallery which overlooks luxury flats, has been seen through to the zenith of the UK courts as Guy Fetherstonhaugh KC and Elizabeth Fitzgerald  acted on behalf of the respondent; with the awaited Supreme Court judgment having considerable ramifications for the law of nuisance and its complicated interface with human rights. Stephen Jourdan KC and Mark Sefton KC appeared before the Court of Appeal during Alberti v Cadogan Holdings Ltd, the former being successful for the respondent in a leading enfranchisement decision, specifically regarding the interpretation of the no-improvements assumption in determining the price payable for the freehold of a house. Junior Nathaniel Duckworth is acting for a defendant landlord in Valley View Health Centre v NHS Property Services Limited, one of the top property litigation cases of 2022, the outcome of the ‘five test cases’ having significant financial and legal implications for the GP’s service charge spectacle. Tricia Hemans appeared before the Supreme Court in Cornerstone Telecommunications v Ashloch Ltd and another, utilising her expertise to deal with complex issues arising under the Electronic Communications Code.



    ‘Fantastic and high quality property specialists. You can not get a stronger set overall in this area.

    ‘Falcon are a real estate brand, this is their core business and they have excellent people at all levels.

    ‘Falcon are simply fabulous. The breadth and depth they cover in the property space can not be matched. ’

    ‘Falcon offers a great series of training sessions, and there were particularly invaluable during Covid-19, when the law was constantly evolving and keeping in touch was more difficult.

    ‘Falcon are a knowledgeable property set with leading leasehold barristers offering a wealth of knowledge. Their webinars are frequent and well thought out, offering CPD and guidance. ’


    ‘Their clerks are helpful and efficient, going out of their way to suggest alternatives if a particular barrister is not available.

    ‘The clerks are particularly helpful – going above and beyond to accommodate cases at short notice.

    ‘James Clarke is very efficient, friendly and easy to work with.

    ‘Senior clerk John Stannard is always the first to respond when I am approaching a number of sets for availability and always suggests suitable alternatives. He is a great character and an absolute asset for Falcon.

    Henderson Chambers

    Henderson Chambers has a strong property team covering a broad array of real estate litigation matters, with a diverse client base including national and local government, developers, commercial and social landlords and private individuals; all seeking specialist knowledge of areas including real and commercial property, residential landlord-tenant and co-ownership and trusts of land. Jonathan Steinert has spent over two decades specialising in contentious and non-contentious property disputes, his vast experience being sought for complex litigations involving covenant and dilapidation disputes. Malcolm Sheehan KC is highly regarded for his expertise in property development issues and infrastructure disputes, acting for both private and public sector developers. George Mallet acted for a tenant in Elu v Floorweald Ltd, successfully convincing the High Court to strike out an appeal seeking to relitigate fraud allegations.



    When it comes to real estate matters, Henderson Chambers is always high quality, commercial and reliable. ’


    ‘The clerks are engaging and quick to respond and timescales for the provision of advices always met. ’