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Leading Silks

Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC - Falcon Chambers Guy is a superb advocate and a great speaker. I thought his submissions at trial were outstanding and he kept the judge in the palm of his hand.
David Holland QC - Landmark ChambersClients particularly enjoy the clarity with which he advises in conference; he is tenacious when on his feet.
Stephen Jourdan QC - Falcon ChambersA walking brain. Always full of novel and clever ideas and arguments to improve the client's position.
Philip Rainey QC - Tanfield ChambersHe is incredibly bright and able to address problems from a broad context.
Jonathan Seitler QC - Wilberforce ChambersOne of the leading barristers of his generation; he thinks outside the box and is highly creative and commercial.
Joanne Wicks QC - Wilberforce ChambersVery impressive and has been lead counsel in several recent leading cases.
Zia Bhaloo QC - Landmark ChambersShe is a confident, excellent advocate and runs a team of juniors very well.
Janet Bignell QC - Falcon ChambersJanet gives robust advice and is able to get to grips with the detail of a complex matter very quickly. She handles clients with ease.
Jonathan Karas QC - Falcon ChambersHe has an ability to slice through volumes of paper to identify the real issues in a case; he is authoritative and commanding in court.
George Laurence QC - New Square ChambersHe is of the highest calibre. An inspiring leader and a person of great personal integrity and kindness.
John McGhee QC - Maitland ChambersExcels in respect of major development disputes.
Timothy Morshead QC - Landmark ChambersTop of the tree for complex legal issues and interlocking arguments.
Brie Stevens-Hoare QC - HardwickeNo one can beat her for a commercial hands-on approach which loses nothing in terms of intellectual rigour and crystal-clear advocacy. She controls the courtroom and her language, tone and powers of persuasion are second to none.
Mark Wonnacott QC - Wilberforce ChambersHe is truly excellent, one of the star names in the market.
Katharine Holland QC - Landmark ChambersA pre-eminent expert in her field; she is an excellent litigation team leader and a forceful advocate.
Martin Hutchings QC - Wilberforce ChambersHe is excellent with clients, always clearly relaying the risks and options.
Edwin Johnson QC - Maitland ChambersVastly experienced in development disputes, easements and restrictive covenants.
Dan Kolinsky QC - Landmark ChambersHe has a first-class brain and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law in the area.
Christopher Pymont QC - Maitland ChambersWell-versed in proprietary estoppel, restrictive covenants and break clauses.
Rupert Reed QC - Serle CourtSuper-bright and always able to focus in on the key points of the case in question.
Caroline Shea QC - Falcon ChambersDefinitely one of the brightest barristers out there.
Malcolm Sheehan QC - Henderson ChambersHe is very bright, very thorough, and excellent both on paper and on his feet.
Christopher Stoner QC - Serle CourtHe has developed unparalleled specialism in inland waterway issues, great ability to think laterally.
John de Waal QC - HardwickeHe is a very good team player with the solicitors and enjoys a very good rapport with clients. John is able to convey complex argument simply and eloquently, both in writing and in advocacy.
Mark Warwick QC - Selborne ChambersA brilliant barrister; hardworking, responsive and always clear in his advice.
Ranjit Bhose QC - Cornerstone BarristersHis ability to articulate arguments in a persuasive and coherent manner is second to none.
Gary Blaker QC - Selborne ChambersA go-to QC; he is great to work with good as a team player. Clients have confidence in him.
Kerry Bretherton QC - Tanfield ChambersShe is very thorough and looks at many different angles, handling difficult clients well.
Andrew Butler QC - Tanfield ChambersHe is quickly developing his silk practice.
John Furber QC - Wilberforce ChambersHe never sits on the fence always giving his view on an issue; his written advice is exceptionally clear.
David Halpern QC - 4 New SquareA charming man with an agile and creative mind, a great person to have on your team. There is nothing which fazes him.
Christopher Heather QC - Tanfield ChambersA fine academic mind yet also pragmatic and commercial in his approach.
John Male QC - Landmark ChambersAn excellent barrister in this field
Robert Pearce QC - Radcliffe ChambersHe is analytical, logical and measured.
Timothy Polli QC - Tanfield ChambersVery intelligent, thrives on complex cases and issues, thinking of every possible angle.
Tiffany Scott QC - Wilberforce ChambersCalm under pressure and able to explain matters in a clear and concise way. Tiffany is very much a team player. She is very happy to pick up the phone and roll up her sleeves!
Mark Sefton QC - Falcon ChambersHe is a very helpful; a notable QC.
Romie Tager QC - Selborne ChambersAn excellent barrister in the property field.
Andrew Walker QC - Maitland ChambersBrings company, commercial and professional negligence expertise to property disputes.
Tom Weekes QC - Landmark ChambersHis pleadings are always incredibly well structured and forceful.
James Ayliffe QC - Wilberforce ChambersHe has a lovely way with clients, coming across as very calm, unflappable and extremely intelligent.
Michael Barnes QC - Wilberforce ChambersExperienced when it comes to landlord and tenant, estoppel and compulsory purchase disputes.
Ian Clarke QC - Selborne ChambersHe is a leading QC in the field of Land Registry tribunal claims.
Jonathan Davey QC - Wilberforce ChambersVery user-friendly, willing to get stuck in and is able to explain complex matters to clients in a clear and accessible way.
Julian Greenhill QC - Wilberforce ChambersReally outstanding, he is incredibly bright but also extremely user-friendly.
Nicholas Grundy QC - Five PaperHe is a fierce and highly skilled advocate and a reassuring team player, hugely popular with clients.

2019 Silks

Clifford Darton QC - Selborne ChambersHe is good with clients and solicitors alike, providing assistance on some issues that other counsel may leave to the solicitors to deal with unaided.
Nicholas Isaac QC - Tanfield ChambersHe is a formidable advocate and is fantastic with clients from all backgrounds - managing HNW clients particularly effectively.
Stephanie Tozer QC - Falcon ChambersProvides good commercial advice at short notice and good with clients.

2020 Silks

Zoë Barton - Wilberforce ChambersHer experience in complex fraud and trusts matters provides her with a unique take on property matters that adds great value. And her client-craft in conference is second to none. An impressive and formidable new silk.
Gary Cowen QC - Falcon ChambersGary is technically excellent and his advice is clear. He is commercially aware, friendly and extremely helpful when it comes to explaining strategies to clients. He is happy to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure the clients fully understand and agree with the course of action, always promoting a calm, structured and methodical approach.
Adam Rosenthal QC - Falcon Chambers ‘Impressive, a standout counsel. He has worked tenaciously on very high profile cases with us and has always exceeded expectations so we value his ability to create persuasive arguments, deal with advice with great commerciality and be sensitive to client objectives.
Kate Selway QC - Radcliffe ChambersShe is extremely good at explaining issues to clients and takes them through the key elements step by step. Kate also considers the wider picture for the client and will look for a practical solution.

2021 Silks

Alexander Learmonth QC - New Square ChambersAn excellent property barrister. Comfortable arguing in writing or on his feet. A team player and especially good at property disputes in the context of trusts.
Oliver Radley-Gardner QC - Falcon ChambersHe really is brilliant, resourceful and grounded; is a real whizz at telecoms.
Myriam Stacey QC - Landmark ChambersExcellent on technical claims affecting development contracts.
Catherine Taskis QC - Falcon ChambersShe is extremely impressive, both in writing and on her feet.
Nicholas Trompeter QC - Selborne ChambersExtremely sharp and intelligent with an excellent manner with clients.

Leading Juniors

Wayne Clark - Falcon ChambersExcellent on Landlord and Tenant matters, particularly the Telecoms Code.
Martin Dray - Falcon ChambersAn effective advocate for commercial tenant cases.
Andrew Francis - Serle CourtAndrew is absolutely authoritative in his expertise and experience in the law and practice of land covenants and real property generally.
Samuel Laughton - Ten Old SquareHe provides a real thoroughness and is able to stand back and provide a calm assessment of the situations and options.
Anthony Radevsky - Falcon ChambersHe has a strong track record and is highly rated in this area.
Nicholas Taggart - Landmark ChambersHe has a wealth of experience and an encyclopaedic knowledge of property law that makes him a leading practitioner.
Emily Windsor - Falcon ChambersShe is a real go-to senior junior, especially for landlord and tenant matters.
Justin Bates - Landmark ChambersHe a walking encyclopedia on residential landlord and tenant law.
Thomas Braithwaite - Serle CourtVery easy to work with, he is part of the team and is very good with clients. He is robust and you would want him on your side when the arguments are well balanced.
Andrew Bruce - Serle CourtHis advice is clear, accurate and authoritative. He has a knack of making complex legal matters easily understandable to clients.
Michael Buckpitt - Tanfield ChambersAn exceptional advocate who is very clear thinking, analytical and knowledgeable.
Jamal Demachkie - HardwickeHe has an in depth legal knowledge and his expertise ensures the client’s objectives are achieved.
Edward Denehan - 9 Stone BuildingsA charming and very likeable barrister who clients instantly warm to and subsequently ask for.
Nathaniel Duckworth - Falcon ChambersA true expert when it comes to landlord and tenant disputes.
Carl Fain - Tanfield Chambers ‘He combines first-rate technical know-how with sound commercial judgement and superb client management skills.
James Fieldsend - Tanfield ChambersHe plays the long game in complex litigation and ensures the case is set up to be water-tight from the outset.
Marc Glover-Tanfield ChambersHe will fight tooth and nail when others would run a mile.
Kavan Gunaratna - Enterprise ChambersHe is very user friendly, excellent on the law, making it sound easy.
Greville Healey - Falcon Chambers Very bright indeed. Excellent with the clients - they feel very confident with him. Able to give clear and commercial advice in lay terms, while also being technically very strong. Very user friendly.
Justin Kitson - Selborne ChambersHe is an excellent barrister with his written work serving as a particular strength.
Camilla Lamont - Landmark ChambersShe is robust, clever and sees all the angles.
Paul Letman - Falcon ChambersA go-to name for enfranchisement, contested service charge and major disrepair claims.
Edward Peters - Falcon ChambersHe has a very good manner with clients and can deal with difficult conversations with diplomacy and tact.
Michael Pryor - Maitland ChambersSignificant, appropriate expertise and exceptional client skills.
Jonathan Steinert - Henderson ChambersHe is very commercial and looks at the bigger picture.
Simon Allison - Landmark Chambers 'One of the best barristers in the property field with unparalleled expertise on cladding and fire safety at both residential and commercial premises. He has a superb ability to understand the clients' business so that he is able to sensibly get a feel for both the issues and the commercial objectives.'
Christopher Baker - 4-5 Gray's Inn SquareChris has an excellent eye for detail and strong grasp of the key issues.
Tim Calland - Maitland ChambersExceptional client skills and relevant expertise in the field of property litigation.
Rebecca Cattermole - Tanfield ChambersShe is bright, efficient, and more confident on her feet than many of the incumbents, a serious challenger for property work.
Richard Clegg - Selborne ChambersHe is always willing to go the extra mile and fights tenaciously for his clients.
Tamsin Cox - Falcon ChambersShe has a textbook knowledge on rent reviews. She is responsive, technically excellent and has a real "can do" and team-orientated approach.
Shomik Datta - Cornerstone BarristersHis best value is making clients feel at ease and to prepare and present cases in a way in which courts find it easy to understand and to adjudicate upon.
Daniel Dovar - Tanfield ChambersHe has a good reputation.
Elizabeth Fitzgerald - Falcon ChambersElizabeth is an outstanding technical lawyer.
Jonathan Fowles - Serle CourtHe is technically fantastic, very responsive and provides robust advice.
Edward Francis - Enterprise ChambersThe barrister of choice to bottom out a tricky property problem.
Daniel Gatty - HardwickeExcellent to work with, prompt and concise paperwork and good advocacy. Experienced and cool under pressure. Knowledgeable regarding judicial attitudes and outcomes – inspires confidence and gains trust of tribunal/judge. He instils confidence in clients.
Amanda Gourlay - Tanfield ChambersTechnically very capable and has a very detailed knowledge of this area of law.
James Hanham - Maitland ChambersRecommended for development, sale of land, mortgage and rent review disputes.
Stuart Hornett - Selborne ChambersHe gets stuck in and is not afraid to confront difficult issues; his client management skills are very good.
Thomas Jefferies - Landmark ChambersHe is very approachable and responsive with a particular strength in development value for leasehold enfranchisement.
Philip Kremen - Selborne ChambersHe gives good practical and commercial advice which he backs up with sound opinions and well-formed arguments.
Mark Loveday - Tanfield ChambersHe is technically very strong and experienced, enhanced by his role as a Tribunal Judge on the Southern Panel.
Jonathan McNae - Selborne ChambersHe is extremely approachable and easy to work with, even when dealing with complex disputes and difficult clients.
Neil Mendoza - Selborne ChambersOne of the rare breed of advocates who performs very strongly on cross-examination and is really good at thinking on his feet.
William Moffett - Radcliffe ChambersHe is personable, very bright, responsive, commercially minded.
Nicola Muir - Tanfield ChambersShe is adept at thinking on her feet and has become a renowned barrister in the field of leasehold enfranchisement.
Emer Murphy - Wilberforce ChambersEmer is extremely robust and analytical in providing advice and it is clear that she has strong attention to detail. She is also a very good client-facing barrister.
Joseph Ollech - Falcon ChambersHis written work is excellent, and he has much better forensic aptitude than many others at the property bar.
Phil Sissons - Falcon ChambersAn expert in both commercial and residential landlord and tenant disputes.
Jonathan Upton - Tanfield ChambersVery knowledgeable and experienced in service charges and enfranchisement.
Michael Walsh - Tanfield ChambersResponsive, bright, user-friendly and a tenacious advocate.
Galina Ward - Landmark ChambersVery approachable, knowledgeable, and taking a pragmatic approach
Toby Watkin - Landmark ChambersHighly forensic and commercial in his approach with tenacious cross examination of difficult witnesses.
Katrina Yates - Landmark ChambersShe is a superbrain, really fights clients corners and is great fun to work with.
Emily Betts - HardwickeA go-to junior, there is no client or issue that she cannot deal with.
Charlotte Black - Wilberforce ChambersShe is clearly incredibly intelligent but at the same time is able to explain complicated legal points to clients so that they understand them.
Marie-Claire Bleasdale - Radcliffe ChambersNot only is she good on paper but she is also excellent with her court presentation.
Robert Brown - Selborne ChambersA first-class advocate who is quick on his feet and never thrown off by judges' questions during hearings.
Jonathan Chew - Wilberforce ChambersJonathan is a QC of the future. He is technically excellent but more importantly he is an integral part of the client team. His advice is always commercially focused on the client's strategic objectives.
Camilla Chorfi - Falcon ChambersMs Chorfi is a reliable, tenacious and extremely bright advocate. She is able to get to grips with complex issues quickly and is very user-friendly.
John Clargo - HardwickeHis depth of experience and expertise mean he is extremely useful to have as part of a legal team.
Ross Crail - New Square ChambersShe is extremely thorough with intellectual rigour.
Cecily Crampin - Falcon Chambers Cecily is very clever, well organised and always well prepared. She is approachable, a team player and easy to work with. We have had a number of notable successes for one particular client who is very impressed with her.
Andy Creer - HardwickeHer advice is always laced with a clear understanding of the lay client's commercial drives and objectives.
Richard Fowler - Maitland ChambersHe has the ability to pull the strands of a case together.
Jonathan Gavaghan - Ten Old SquareHe is charming and has the ability to put clients at ease.
Ellodie Gibbons - Tanfield ChambersStrong legal knowledge in subject areas, very good on feet as an advocate, blended with commercial common sense and good client relations.
Piers Harrison - Tanfield ChambersA master of the subject and one of the top barristers practicing in this field, both a thinker and a doer.
Edward Hicks - Radcliffe ChambersEd has a forensic eye for detail and is excellent in getting into a judges mind, assessing a claim dispassionately with unerring accuracy. He has an excellent manner with both clients and his instructing solicitors.
Shaiba Ilyas - Enterprise ChambersApproachable, accessible and easy to work with.
Sebastian Kokelaar - Three StoneShines both on paper and on his feet. Knowledgeable, very thorough and careful, a good advocate.
Kester Lees - Falcon ChambersHis advice is clear and concise; translating complex concepts into simple, easy to understand advice. He is very responsive and strategic in his approach. He gained the trust and confidence of our lay client extremely quickly.
Gary Lidington - Radcliffe ChambersAble to quickly assimilate facts and give spot on legal and commercial advice.
James McCreath - Wilberforce ChambersVery highly rated indeed for his legal abilities and thoroughness.
Stephen Schaw Miller - New Square ChambersHe has a mind the size of a planet, his knowledge of the law is excellent.
Paul de la Piquerie - Selborne ChambersAn excellent all-rounder who always provides an absolutely first-class service.
Gary Pryce - New Square ChambersGary is robust and extremely confident. He does not shy away from the trickier cases and quite often can identify discrete and/or novel issues. He is tactically astute and always keen to get the best possible outcome for the client. His drafting is first rate and his advocacy is clear and concise.
Patrick Rolfe - 5 Stone BuildingsExcellent with clients, sharply analytical, eloquent and hard-working.
Laurie Scher - Maitland ChambersWith a quick intelligent mind, the market has only good things to say about and this fearsome advocate.
Adam Smith - Maitland ChambersHighly recommended, a fierce opponent.
Howard Smith - Radcliffe ChambersHe is extremely approachable to clients and very believable at court due to his humble manner.
Laura Tweedy - HardwickePersuasive and excellent at pulling the tribunal and opposition to her views.
Dean Underwood - Cornerstone BarristersHis drafting skills are second to none and the same can be said for his ability to clearly express oral arguments.
Aaron Walder - Landmark ChambersHe is a fantastic advocate, forensic in cross examination, clear and reassuring in submissions.
David Warner - Selborne ChambersA formidable advocate in the courtroom who never wastes words or takes bad points.
Henry Webb - Selborne ChambersHe has very strong analytical skills, a comprehensive knowledge of property law and is equally strong with both written and oral advocacy.
Nathan Wells - Radcliffe ChambersHe is highly intelligent, has a profound knowledge of the law, and possesses strong analytical skills which enable him to understand the fundamentals of a case swiftly and accurately.
Simon Williams - Radcliffe ChambersA good, hardworking advocate, he is very approachable, delightful to work with and very responsive.
Geoffrey Zelin - Enterprise ChambersHighly responsive, works very hard and is always available.
Simon Atkinson - Wilberforce ChambersA star property junior, he is very bright and his knowledge of the law is second to none. His written work is also excellent - it is very clear and he has an ability to draft very complicated issues in a concise manner.
James Barker - Enterprise ChambersA recommended name at the property Bar.
Zachary Bredemear - 1 Chancery LaneVery experienced in all aspects of property litigation with an expansive knowledge of case law in this area.
Carl Brewin - HardwickeHe is an excellent, knowledgeable, and, importantly, pleasant to work with.
Philip Brown - 9 Stone Buildings Tremendous knowledge, superb attention to detail, amazing ability to see through opponents' stories. He delivers a summing up without waffle but concise and to the point.
Timothy Cowen - 9 Stone BuildingsParticularly well-regarded for land registration matters.
Amanda Eilledge - HardwickeShe has a sharp intellect and is able to grapple with complex issues in a swift and efficient manner.
Ciara Fairley - Falcon Chambers ‘A highly analytical mind. Exceptional at cutting through enormous amounts of factual evidence. Great with clients. Very approachable and easy to work with.
Benjamin Faulkner - Wilberforce ChambersA fantastic junior with gravitas and a positive and engaging manner. Definitely a junior to watch over the next few years and a real superstar in the making.
Helen Galley - XXIV Old BuildingsShe has an abundance of common sense, gets on well with her clients, is forthright and is speedy with her written work.
Antonia Halker - 5 Pump CourtProactive providing excellent pleadings along with robust advocacy. Her great advocacy skills mean she is always a match to anyone. She possesses a great deal of practical ability.
Jeff Hardman - New Square ChambersIntelligent and persuasive, he knows how to win a case and goes the extra mile.
Alice Hawker - Selborne ChambersAlways has an impressive grasp of the finer details of any brief, excellent in cross-examination.
Harriet Holmes - Wilberforce ChambersHer written advocacy is excellent and she is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom.
George Mallet - Henderson ChambersVery approachable and reliable offering sound advice expeditiously.
Ben Maltz - Five PaperHe has a thorough understanding of the social housing sector and is well-regarded for the manner in which he handles clients and witnesses at court.
Lina Mattsson - HardwickeLina is an excellent litigator, calm under pressure and quick on her feet. She always puts the client first and the clients recognise this. Lina is always open to input which not only creates cohesive team approach to cases but makes working with her a pleasure.
Lucy McCormick - Henderson ChambersHer most exceptional skill lies in her ability to translate complex legal and sensitive factual problems for lay clients.
Simon McLoughlin - Selborne ChambersUser friendly, taking an intellectual and thorough approach.
Niraj Modha - 39 Essex ChambersHis attention to detail is superb and he has an ability to grasp difficult and detailed facts quickly. Ability to remain calm under pressure.
David Nicholls - Landmark ChambersHe couples a commercial pragmatism with forensic levels of preparation.
Monty Palfrey - HardwickeHis knowledge about property law and landlord and tenant law is second to none. He is clearly a leader in his field. He has an eye for detail that is phenomenal and reassuring to have on your team. He will quickly see the point that everyone else missed and use it to his advantage.
Isabel Petrie - Selborne ChambersShe is very approachable, effective and understands very well the commercial nature of these types of cases.
Peter Petts - HardwickeHe is excellent; his involvement is instrumental.
Tom Roscoe - Wilberforce ChambersCombative when required, good on paper and great with clients.
Faisel Sadiq - HardwickeHe can be relied upon for commercial landlord and tenant disputes.
James Sandham - Selborne ChambersHe asks pertinent questions, is creative and provides a very good strategic perspective on difficult cases.
Andrew Skelly - HardwickeHe uses his expertise as part as the judiciary to tell the client whether their arguments will find favour with the court.
Yaaser Vanderman - Landmark ChambersParticularly recommended for trespass matters.
Jonathan Wills - Landmark ChambersHe is prepared to highlight strengths and weaknesses in any given case, and to provide a realistic view on prospects
George Woodhead - Selborne Chambers 'He puts a forensic level of research into his written work and finds solutions that have not been considered.'

Rising Stars

Toby Boncey - Falcon ChambersToby is very focussed on detail. He really knows the law inside out and you have complete confidence in his advice. He is a gentle and steady advocate, not brash or loud, comes across confidently in the court room. He is very good with clients.
Tricia Hemans - Falcon ChambersAn up-and coming-name for mortgage, enfranchisement and property-related family disputes.
Katrina Mather - HardwickeShe is bright and diligent, her charm inspires confidence in clients and courts alike.
Joseph Steadman - Wilberforce ChambersA 2015 call who is already well-versed in High Court and Court of Appeal matters.
Sarah Walker - Selborne ChambersA very good technical barrister who picks up on issues that others would not.
Luke Wilcox - Landmark ChambersA fantastic junior. Definitely one to watch. A pleasure to work with.

Property litigation in London Bar

Falcon Chambers

Hailed as ‘the strongest set for property litigation’, Falcon Chambers is home to ‘unparalleled strength and depth’. Its members are active on all property litigation fronts with distinguished expertise in compulsory purchases, easements, restrictive covenants, mines and minerals, enfranchisement, Land Registry issues and telecoms matters. Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC recently appeared in the high-profile case of Fearn v Trustees of the Tate Gallery, a Court of Appeal matter where neighbouring flat owners sought an injunction on the grounds that a viewing platform at the Tate Modern overlooked their property. Elsewhere, Emily Windsor and Stephen Jourdan QC acted on Trustees of the Alexander Devine Children’s Cancer Trust v Millgate; the matter is currently on appeal to the Supreme Court and is being closely monitored due to its consideration of whether a restrictive covenant can be retrospectively modified on the grounds of public interest. Further strengthening the set at the top end, both Gary Cowen and Adam Rosenthal took silk in 2020.

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers is ‘definitely a leader in the property litigation field’, providing ‘strength in depth at all levels from leading silks down to up-and-coming juniors’. Able to ‘handle all forms of disputes’, the set’s core expertise encompasses traditional land law matters, commercial landlord and tenant disputes, property-related contractual disputes and professional negligence claims pertaining to real estate. Individual members have also carved out market-leading reputations in more specialised areas of property law including party walls, rights of light and the Telecommunications Code. In a recent highlight, Katharine Holland QC was instructed alongside Yaaser Vanderman and Galina Ward in the matter of Vauxhall Motors v Manchester Ship Canal Company Limited, an appeal to the Supreme Court which considers whether forfeiture relief can be granted in respect of a contractual license. Also significant was the precedent-setting case of Brar v Thirunavukkrasu in which Aaron Walder successfully argued to the Court of Appeal that the exercise of CRAR amounts to a waiver of the right to forfeit for non-payment of rent.

Tanfield Chambers

‘By far one of the best property sets’, Tanfield Chambers is ‘consistently recognised as a leader for leasehold enfranchisement’ matters in addition to service charge matters and landlord and tenant disputes. In recent years, the set has also significantly enhanced its reputation for real property, party wall, professional negligence, sale of land, commercial property and mortgage-related disputes. Philip Rainey QC serves as head of chambers; he made yet another appearance in the Supreme Court this year, leading Ellodie Gibbons in the case of Sequent Nominees Ltd v Hautford Ltd. The pair successfully convinced the Supreme Court to overturn the Court of Appeal’s decision that their client, the landlord, has unreasonably withheld consent for a tenant’s planning application. In a further piece of flagship litigation, Andrew Butler QC appeared in the case of Jones v Owen, successfully convincing the Supreme Court to refuse an appeal for a Chancery Division and later Court of Appeal ruling that land transferred to the defendants would be governed by restrictive covenants affecting the remainder of the claimants’ land.

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers is considered a ‘pre-eminent set for property litigation with huge strength in depth at both silk and junior level’. Active on a broad array of property-related litigation, its key strengths lie in commercial and residential landlord and tenant, title and development disputes, in addition to disputes pertaining to mortgages, charges, and security. Tiffany Scott QC and Charlotte Black recently appeared in the Supreme Court in the case of Sequent Nominees Ltd v Hautford Ltd; they successfully represented the tenant in overturning a previous decision that the landlord has reasonably withheld permission to use the upper floors of the leased property as flats. In a further highlight, Jonathan Seitler QC was engaged in the case of University of London v Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited, a highly significant mandate as it was the first case held before the Court of Appeal to relate to interim and temporary rights under the new Telecommunications Code.

Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers is a ‘strong property set’ with ‘fantastic client service’ and a ‘wide range of excellent counsel’. Clients note its ‘good range of specialisms’ encompass property-related insolvency and professional negligence, cladding and nuisance, trespass injunctions, land registration and ground rent disputes. In addition, individual members demonstrate experience in respect of pub and Airbnb-related litigation, Japanese knotweed disputes, and Schedule 3A of the Communications Act 2003. A notable example of the set’s recent work was Triplark v Reiner & Wismayer, a matter relating to alienation provisions in which Brie Stevens-Hoare QC successfully convinced the Supreme Court to refuse permission to appeal following on from two previous rulings in the Court of Appeal and Upper Tribunal of the FFT. Further strengthening the set, Faisel Sadiq, a barrister primarily focused on commercial landlord and tenant disputes, recently joined from Ely Place Chambers.

Maitland Chambers

Clients of Maitland Chambers note its ‘very good reputation’ and praise it as ‘among the stronger property sets’. The set excels on a number of fronts including commercial property, development of land and insolvency-related disputes, possession hearings, as well as landlord and tenant litigation. A standout instruction from the recent workload saw John McGhee QC appear in Generator Development v Lidl, a Court of Appeal matter in which it was argued that, owing to a joint venture, a property company should own an equitable interest in land acquired for development by the well-known supermarket. In another highlight, Richard Fowler was engaged for Holyoake v Candy and others, a high-value Chancery Division claim in which the claimants sought damages for fraud and intimidation as a result of a failed luxury property development in London.

Selborne Chambers

Selborne Chambers is home to ‘numerous excellent juniors and QCs who cover the full spectrum of property litigation’ including property fraud, business rates, adverse possession, land registration, real property and commercial landlord and tenant disputes. In a recent Court of Appeal matter, Gibbs v Lakeside Developments Ltd, Gary Blaker QC successfully acted for the respondent in a novel dispute where a lease was forfeited owing to unpaid ground rent and service charges following the long-term disappearance and emergence of the lessor. Nicholas Trompeter also has a high-profile case of his own in Rossendale BC v Hurstwood Properties; the matter relates to the recovery of business rates for unoccupied properties with permission to appeal to the Supreme Court recently granted. In recent news, Clifford Darton QC and David Warner respectively joined from Ely Place Chambers and New Square Chambers, strengthening the practice group.

Enterprise Chambers

At Enterprise Chambers, ‘the clerking is good and the barristers are approachable, accessible and available’. Members demonstrate a ‘strong range of expertise and seniority, primarily specialising in landlord and tenant, development, leasing, mortgage and insolvency disputes in addition to property-related professional negligence. Kavan Gunaratna was recently instructed by the defendants in the case of Davis v Mothersdale, a property fraud trial which alleged the dishonest concealment of substantial flooding at a high-value property.

New Square Chambers

New Square Chambers is a set with ‘renowned expertise in public rights of way, village greens, administrative and public law’ and is equally well-regarded for its handling of real property and landlord and tenant disputes. George Laurence QC is 'a leading authority on the law relating to public rights of way and open spaces'. In a recent highlight, Alexander Learmonth was instructed for Price v Saundry, a Court of Appeal case in which he represented the beneficiary of a dozen rental properties in forcing the trustee to account for and sell the portfolio; the matter was gained further significance via the discovery of various irregularities and illegal payments.

Radcliffe Chambers

Radcliffe Chambersenjoys a high reputation’ owing to its ‘excellent clerks’ and ‘great strength in depth at senior-junior level’. Found among the respective workload of its members are landlord and tenant, property tax, planning permission, auction sale, misrepresentation and enfranchisement litigation along with commercial investment and development-related disputes. Kate Selway QC recently took silk; a particular standout case from her workload was LCP Management v HMRC, a case which pertained to the application of tax and the VAT regime to development property and leases of airspace.

Serle Court

A ‘very strong set with excellent knowledge and many good advocates’, members of Serle Court specialise in easement, option, land registration and trust disputes in addition to litigation arising from restrictive covenants and rights of lights. Andrew Francis is 'one of the leading experts on restrictive covenants; serving as the author of the leading text on the subject'. Distinguished expertise is also held in relation to the laws relating to waterways with Christopher Stoner QC recently acting on the Court of Appeal case of Jones v Canal & River Trust; the matter related to the application of s.8 of the British Waterways Act 1983 in an instance where a residential vessel was removed from an inland waterway.

Henderson Chambers

Members of Henderson Chambers are ‘a pleasure to deal with, processing work quickly and within agreed timescales’. The set’s core strengths lie in real property, co-ownership, trusts of land and commercial property disputes in addition to residential landlord and tenant matters. George Mallet recently appeared in the Supreme Court in the case of Dr Duval v 11-13 Randolph Crescent Limited where he represented the respondent in a matter relating to the management of a multi-million-pound block of residential flats.