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Leading Silks

David Ewart QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersVery quick to get at the issue.
James Kessler QC - Old Square Tax ChambersTechnically superb.
William Massey QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersIs a superb UK inheritance tax silk.
Kevin Prosser QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersSolves problems extremely quickly.
Rupert Baldry QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersIs clear and understandable even on difficult and complex tax points and, although confident in terms of advice, he is not overly bullish.
Felicity Cullen QC - DevereuxFirst-class brain and technical knowledge but capable of delivering advice of great clarity to any audience. Always well prepared, practical and pragmatic and answers the questions you ought to have asked, but overlooked.
Jonathan Davey QC - Wilberforce ChambersIs a highly polished advocate. He has always thought about the various angles to any given issue and knows just how to pitch his points so they land with the bench.
Michael Furness QC - Wilberforce ChambersProvides very practical solutions to complicated issues.
Julian Ghosh QC - One Essex CourtFiercely intelligent.
David Goldberg QC - Gray's Inn Tax ChambersAn excellent tax silk.
Giles Goodfellow QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersThinks creatively to find solutions.
Brian Green QC - Wilberforce ChambersExtraordinary ability to keep in mind the big picture while drilling down into the detail during changing circumstances in what can be high-pressure situations.
Amanda Hardy QC - 5 Stone BuildingsGreat with clients. Breaks complex technical matters so that easy to understand.
John Tallon QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersIs excellent at solving problems.
Patrick Way QC - Field Court Tax ChambersOne of the marks of a knowledgeable and experienced QC is the ability to take a complex tax matter and to explain the law in ways that can readily be understood: certainly, Patrick has that ability.
Philip Baker QC - Field Court Tax ChambersAn excellent silk for tax work.
Jonathan Bremner QC - One Essex CourtHe has an enviable knowledge of the law but remains accessible and client friendly, which is not easy with tax law.
Hui Ling McCarthy QC - 11 New Square ‘In depth knowledge of personal tax law and procedure in the tribunals and courts; highly effective and persuasive courtroom manner; the ear of the court; very hardworking; excellent judgement; extremely good with clients and an integral part of any contentious team, but above all a delight to work with.
Akash Nawbatt QC - DevereuxHMRC's top choice for residence and domicile matters.
Richard Vallat QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersProvides very clear and practical guidance. He has a thorough knowledge of the law and its implications.
Robert Venables QC - Old Square Tax ChambersHe is in a class of his own. Essential for mission critical advice. Very intelligent, innovative, confident, knows his subject, commands respect from the opposition and the court.

2019 Silks

Aparna Nathan QC - DevereuxIs the go-to person for all contentious non-dom cases. She combines intellectual rigour with a superb knowledge of how HMRC think.
James Rivett QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersApproachable, engages really well with lay clients (makes the law interesting and relevant to them), engenders a great partnership with the solicitor as he is always happy for us to ring up with questions later.
David Yates QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersAbsolutely brilliant mind, incisive, decisive, superb recall of case law, and he really impresses in consultations.

2021 Silks

Elizabeth Wilson QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersProvides clear advice.

Leading Juniors

Emma Chamberlain - Pump Court Tax ChambersIs the barrister who actually knows what she is talking about and doesn't get lost down technical rabbit-holes. She will actually tell you the right answer.
Marika Lemos - DevereuxVery knowledgeable and very thorough - leaves no stone unturned. Also works well as part of a team (and in holding the team together).
Thomas Chacko - Pump Court Tax ChambersHas a good analytical mind, and is able to work on his own without a QC in the higher courts.
Rory Mullan - Old Square Tax ChambersVery good written work, presents well, good bedside manner and nice to work with.
Jonathan Schwarz - Temple Tax ChambersJonathan's advice is clear and practical. Jonathan is a client-friendly and reliable barrister.
Michael Sherry - Temple Tax ChambersResponsive, practical and a good communicator. Prepares thoroughly and has a good grasp of the issues addressed and brings a wealth of prior experience.
Patrick Soares - Field Court Tax ChambersA highly regarded junior.
Jeremy Woolf - Pump Court Tax ChambersVery easy to work with; available to respond quickly to queries.
Imran Afzal - Field Court Tax ChambersVery clever; can unravel the most complex of legal knots.
Barrie Akin - DevereuxHas a very succinct analytical style and is able to 'translate' the complexities of UK pensions tax so that it is intelligible to non-tax specialists.
Robert Arnfield - Ten Old SquareIs extremely clear in the advice he gives. He is super bright, thinks very carefully about the questions put to him and then presents his views in a clear, succinct fashion. He comes up with helpful ideas and plans.
Stephen Arthur - Temple Tax ChambersHas vast experience of various aspects of UK/offshore-related taxation. Has the ability to translate inaccessible taxation language into digestible language for the non-tax lawyer.
John Brinsmead-Stockham - 11 New SquareJohn is very approachable and collaborative in his approach. He has the ability to set out complex technical arguments in a relatively simple manner and takes a pragmatic, practical approach.
Harriet Brown - Old Square Tax Chambers ‘Is a first-rate tax adviser; intelligent, decisive and eloquent.
Emily Campbell - Wilberforce ChambersExcellent analytical skills and intellect. Able to grasp a lot of information and assimilate it quickly.
Oliver Conolly - Pump Court Tax ChambersIs incredibly knowledgeable. Mr Connolly's responses were confident and robust.
Oliver Marre - 5 Stone BuildingsIs incredibly bright and is extremely knowledgeable in relation to the complexities of personal tax law - he is particularly able to take highly complex taxation issues and translate these comfortably for the lay client to understand.
Jan Matthews - Pump Court Tax ChambersA very well-regarded junior.
Susannah Meadway - Ten Old SquareIs particularly outstanding and hugely practical.
Nikhil Mehta - Gray's Inn Tax ChambersIs a very strong technical tax lawyer and is also very commercially minded.
Rebecca Murray - DevereuxAn outstanding junior.
Laura Poots - Pump Court Tax ChambersQuickness of response and the ability to explain complex legislation in plain language are her main strengths.
Ian Richards - Pump Court Tax ChambersVastly experienced in offshore tax matters.
Michael Ripley - 11 New SquareMichael is accessible and is willing to take the time to talk through the detail of his suggested strategy to a case. On his feet he is calm and composed. He is good in written submissions and not afraid to take on the big points.
Christopher Stone - DevereuxHas unrivalled litigation and advisory experience in many areas of personal tax including employment tax (in particular IR35), residence and domicile.
Michael Thomas - Pump Court Tax ChambersWe really rate him. Explains things very clearly.

Rising Stars

Mary Ashley - Old Square Tax ChambersOne to watch at the junior tax Bar.
Ross Birkbeck - Old Square Tax ChambersAn up-and-coming junior undertaking good work.
Laura Inglis - Gray's Inn Tax ChambersInsightful. Practical. Outstanding knowledge of the law and its application.
Emma Pearce - Pump Court Tax ChambersIs very thorough and precise in her work and it is always of a very high quality. She will always think through every possible permutation of a tax issue and one is completely confident that she has considered all the angles when she presents her findings.

Private client: personal tax in London Bar

Pump Court Tax Chambers

Pump Court Tax Chambers is variously described as 'absolutely first-rate' and a 'very strong set with a significant spread of expertise with enviable strength in depth throughout.' The set is also lauded for its 'collegiate atmosphere and environment where members can discuss and check things with each other.' The 'strong juniors and seniors who are all top quality' handle a wide range of work from offshore and onshore trust reorganisations to IHT. Other strengths include advising on CGT, residency and domicile issues, as well as entrepreneur’s relief. In recent highlights, William Massey QC advised a family member in Somerset v Fitzgerald [2019] EWHC 726 (Ch) on a successful application under the Variation of Trusts Act 1958. Significantly the High Court approved various matters to extend the trust and perpetuity period and the variation of certain terms of the trust. With her 'impressive analytical abilities', Emma Pearce is noted as a rising star of the tax Bar.


Devereux has ‘numerous high-quality individuals.’ The chambers has ‘a huge depth of talent in this area and we can always get someone who has the appropriate experience.’ Members of this set's thriving tax practice include Aparna Nathan QC who is acting as sole counsel for the HMRC in David Beadle v HMRC. This case is looking at the issue of Partner Payment Notice penalties. In other highlights, Marika Lemos is advising the Revenue in Ardeshir Naghshineh v HMRC in an Upper Tribunal on the issue of sideways loss relief for farming losses. HMRC is seeking clarification in this case on the ‘reasonable expectation of profits’ test.

Old Square Tax Chambers

Most of the members at Old Square Tax Chambers have a heavy private client focus advising extensively on complex UK and offshore matters. James Kessler QC is advising a Greek shipowner whose domicile is being challenged by HMRC. In another highlight, Rory Mullan represented Tony Jimenez in the Court of Appeal in respect of a challenge to the HMRC’s decision to issue an information notice to him in Dubai. That decision has huge implications for the Revenue as regards the manner and means by which it carries out tax investigations. Permission to appeal has been granted by the Supreme Court. With rising stars Mary Ashley and Ross Birkbeck as juniors to watch, the future of chambers looks bright.

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers has a distinguished history of expertise in taxation especially in relation to the taxation of trusts and estates as well as other areas such as the taxation of pension schemes and capital gains tax. In Viscount Hood as Executor of Estate of Lady Hood v HM Revenue and Customs [2018] EWCA Civ 2405 Jonathan Davey QC successfully represented HM Revenue and Customs in the Court of Appeal. The case concerned whether various arrangements which had been entered into by the late Lady Hood with her son Viscount Hood in relation to their family home had attracted inheritance tax.

11 New Square

Barristers at 11 New Square continue to represent taxpayers and the Revenue in a wide range of important tax cases in the UK courts and tribunals as well as providing key advice on the tax aspects of some of the most significant transactions in the UK. Highlights include Hui Ling McCarthy QC  (a 'terrific and excellent advocate') continuing to represent and advise the BBC in a number of cases in relation to the employment tax treatment of its on-air talent (especially PAYE and NICs).

Field Court Tax Chambers

Field Court Tax Chambers is ‘very approachable, helpful and friendly’ and routinely advises governments, multinational enterprises, wealthy individuals, charities, celebrities, tax authorities and businesses globally on all areas of UK tax law. Recent highlights include Patrick Way QC acting in Ardmore Construction Ltd v HMRC, a major case in the Court of Appeal that was widely reported in the tax press and considered the meaning of the 'source of interest' for tax purposes.

Gray's Inn Tax Chambers

Gray's Inn Tax Chambers undertakes instructions in all areas of direct tax, indirect tax and private client work. Members of chambers have appeared in many of the leading tax cases over the last year, both for the Revenue and for the taxpayer, not only in relation to UK tax (all the way to the Supreme Court and to Europe) but also in Hong Kong. The future of the set looks bright, with rising star Laura Kathryn Inglis, who is described as being 'highly intelligent and a fine technical mind'.

Temple Tax Chambers

Temple Tax Chambers has members who specialise in international work such as offshore trusts, residence and other domicile matters as well as all aspects of estate planning. It has a stable of experienced practitioners including Stephen Arthur who is praised for his ‘deep understanding of how businesses work’; the ‘very user friendlyMichael Sherry  and Jonathan Schwarz who acted for Martin Fowler in the Court of Appeal in Martin Fowler v HMRC [2018] EWCA Civ 2544. The case is important as it is looking at what is meant by ‘business’ in tax treaties. The Revenue has appealed the decision.