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Leading Silks

Peter MacDonald Eggers KC7 King’s Bench WalkPeter is responsive, intellectually strong, and has great judgement. He knows his stuff on reinsurance.
Jonathan Gaisman KC7 King’s Bench WalkJonathan is one of the top names in insurance. He has a towering intellect and great intellectual honesty, so although it takes some courage to test his thinking, he is willing to debate issues and adjust his views. In a team, he runs a tight ship and makes sure things happen on time and to the highest standard.  He absolutely has the clients' complete trust.
Siobán Healy KC7 King’s Bench WalkA very thorough and responsive barrister, who gives very clear and practical advice; and is also an excellent advocate, calm under pressure and engaging.
Gavin Kealey KC – 7 King’s Bench WalkGavin is the best Silk currently practising in the insurance field.  An acute legal and tactical brain, and always a pleasure to deal with.
Dominic Kendrick KC7 King’s Bench WalkA brilliant, creative mind. Dominic has one of the deepest understandings of insurance and reinsurance of anyone. His written style is concise and engaging, and his legal advocacy is calm, authoritative and assured. He is also a devastating cross-examiner without being over-bearing or intimidating.
David Railton KCFountain Court Chambers 'Very knowledgeable, practical and presents with gravitas.'
Andrew Rigney KCCrown Office ChambersHis work is meticulous, considered and precise, and solicitors and lay clients really value what he has to say.  He avoids the stuffiness of the Old School Bar and is wiling to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in.
Rebecca Sabben-Clare KC7 King’s Bench WalkClear, concise advice.  Rebecca always provides a view and doesn't sit on the fence, which clients really appreciate. It helps that she's invariably absolutely spot on.
Alistair Schaff KC7 King’s Bench WalkThe best insurance/reinsurance silk around.
David Turner KC - 4 New SquareKnowledgeable in insurance law and hardworking.
Tom Weitzman KC3 Verulam Buildings 'Tom has a winning combination of very precise legal analysis, balanced judgement and user-friendliness.'
Guy Blackwood KCQuadrant ChambersVery good on the law, commercial and excellent with clients.
Bob Moxon Browne KC2 Temple GardensA doyen of the insurance Bar – what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. He combines an authoritative and captivating advocacy style with a truly ferocious work ethic.
Aidan Christie KC4 Pump CourtUser friendly, sound judgement, and unlike many others he will give a clear view on difficult issues.
Charles Dougherty KC2 Temple GardensCharles is an extremely bright and engaging silk who is always very thorough and reliable in his analysis of complex legal issues. He is also an engaging advocate. Solicitors use Charles regularly in complex coverage matters for both insurance and reinsurance disputes.
Ben Elkington KC - 4 New SquareBen is very knowledgeable, especially in the areas of reinstatement for property insurance; he combines his knowledge with real commercial savvy and an understanding of what clients are looking for.
Nigel Jones KCGatehouse ChambersNigel is highly unusual in being as pragmatic a lawyer as he is a fabulous intellect. Nigel answers the questions we have not even thought of and is incredibly reassuring to work with. His accessibility and willingness to help is fantastic – he really is one of the best silks around.
Neil Moody KC - 2 Temple GardensA fantastic leader who combines immense technical knowledge with a calm and effective courtroom manner. A very firm favourite of the insurance market and solicitors alike.
Stephen Moriarty KCFountain Court ChambersOne of the biggest names at the Bar. Genuinely time to worry if he is your opponent. Outstandingly intelligent even by the standards of the commercial bar, with superb oral and written advocacy skills. Everything a client could want in a senior leader.’
Leigh-Ann Mulcahy KCFountain Court ChambersLeigh-Ann encapsulates everything you want in a barrister – and others would do well to take a leaf from her book. She provides clear, pragmatic advice that guides the reader through the legal principles and strategic considerations, and which offers a practical way forward.  Importantly, she is also responsive and quick to address points arising.  Reassuringly unflappable, Leigh-Ann impresses with her ability to handle challenging clients, field difficult questions, and absorb new information, taking it all in her stride without missing a beat. Highly recommended.
Ben Quiney KCCrown Office Chambers 'Truly excellent advocate. Technically excellent, superb attention to detail, and Ben is able to cut through irrelevance and get to the heart of the issue. A go-to KC.'
Paul Reed KCGatehouse ChambersPaul continues to stand out as the leading expert in construction all risks insurance policies. He is an effective and impressive oral advocate, and can be quite formidable when conducting cross-examinations.  He is also sensitive to the various commercial and cultural considerations of international clients.
Simon Salzedo KCBrick Court ChambersAn outstanding advocate with an outstanding brain: when he speaks the Supreme Court listens carefully.
Andrew Wales KC7 King’s Bench WalkAndrew has a phenomenal ability to analyse complex coverage issues and provide a detailed, yet simply explained, opinion and risk assessment for lay clients. Andrew’s views on insurance/reinsurance coverage hold a significant weight. If Andrew advises solicitors have a good case, this holds a serious amount of sway with them and lay clients. Andrew is also a brilliant, methodical advocate on his feet.
Richard Waller KC7 King’s Bench WalkRichard is able to assimilate documents and get to the heart of a case with amazing speed. Richard instantly gains a client's confidence with his easy  manner, and is able to give incisive and no-nonsense advice, which is commercial, practical and legally unassailable. He understands the insurance market and how it works at a practical level which is so important, and he is formidable in court.
Robert Bright KC7 King’s Bench Walk 'A brilliant strategist who carefully selects arguments likely to have the most impact. A lead counsel in the truest sense, capable of marshalling together a large and experienced team in an authoritative but inclusive manner; and a measured advocate who does not feel the need to over-exaggerate well-considered points that speak for themselves.'
Anneliese Day KC - Fountain Court ChambersHer ability to formulate compelling written arguments is outstanding, and clients love her down-to- earth and common-sense approach.
Adam Fenton KC7 King’s Bench WalkAdam is extremely methodical and forensically very thorough. He is excellent on very large and complex COVID business interruption claims.
Justin Fenwick KC4 New SquareJustin is the go-to for complex law firm coverage issues. Equally good on his feet as he is in conference.
Andrew Green KCBlackstone ChambersAndrew is an incredibly engaging advocate- he listens and reacts to the judge in a way that few of his peers do, and as a result has a devastatingly effective style in terms of getting the results. He also has a real client focus, which is rare among barristers of his level- he is always available to discuss difficult points and provide reassurance to clients.’
Ben Hubble KC4 New SquareBen has a number of strengths. He always prepares thoroughly, he deals with insureds facing potentially ruinous claims with tact and consideration, and he is an excellent team player.
Charles Kimmins KCTwenty EssexClear thinking and careful examination of the issues in dispute and the merits of arguments and counter-arguments. A pleasure to work with.
Hodge Malek KC3 Verulam BuildingsHodge has vast experience in dealing with insurance cases. He is highly knowledgeable in the area, has been involved in some of the leading cases, and is a deeply impressive advocate who always has the ear of the court. One of the brightest at the bar, a master tactician, and you will always have a fighting chance when he is leading your team.
Stephen Midwinter KCBrick Court ChambersStephen is incredibly quick to assimilate material and form a clear view.  He is pragmatic and gets to the heart of the issues. Tremendous insurance knowledge and the first barrister we seek out for difficult claims.
Alison Padfield KC4 New SquareWith Alison there is never anything less than 100% effort. She is always prepared, calm and unflappable, and has a very easy manner that puts clients from all walks of life entirely at their ease.  Not only is she intellectually outstanding and great on tactics, but you can always rely on the fact that she will work with you seamlessly as part of the team. Her text book on Insurance Claims is a go-to text book – the only text solicitors consider worth having two copies of.
Howard Palmer KC2 Temple GardensA barrister whose technical mastery of insurance law is virtually unparalleled. A real outside-the-box thinker and incredibly hardworking.  Knows how to lead a team and get the best out of everyone involved.
Luke Parsons KCQuadrant ChambersLuke is a top go-to barrister, particularly for knotty, complex claims. He is excellent not only in written work, but also in his advocacy, and solicitors value and trust his judgement. Although Luke is a brilliant barrister, he is approachable and respectful – even when solicitors are young and starting out, he treats them like their input is valuable, and that stays with them.
Rory Phillips KC3 Verulam BuildingsRory considered all of the evidence available at short notice, provided sensible, pragmatic advice, and the client was able to incorporate changes to its systems to avoid significant cost to its business. Rory’s ability to identify the issue and flag in a sensible way to the client was extremely impressive.
Daniel Shapiro KCCrown Office Chambers  ‘A seasoned and tenacious advocate, Danny is eloquent, persuasive and resilient. He makes his points in a straight forward and compelling manner, thinks well on his feet and is able to read the room and change tack appropriately.  His strategic guidance is always thoughtful and considered, while his written advice manages to be not only both succinct and thorough, but also, commendably accessible to the reader; and clients appreciate his clear and confident advice.
Richard Southern KC7 King’s Bench WalkVery responsive, good judgment, and excellent advocacy skills. His advice is always sensible.
Bankim Thanki KC - Fountain Court ChambersA genuine heavyweight in the market, with significant professional liability insurance experience. Brilliant in court and with clients. Calm and unflappable.
Andrew Burns KCDevereuxVery approachable and user friendly, with a methodical approach and straightforward advice provided. Excellent ability to assimilate large quantities of complex documentation and information, cut through this and identify the core issues, and then provide solutions.
Stuart Catchpole KC  - Atkin Chambers  ‘Stuart is tremendously intelligent. He is always able to see the wider picture, and his work ethic is ferocious.’ ‘A spectacular advocate. Stuart always gets to grips with the detail of the case, while retaining a strategic overview and giving clear commercial advice. He has it all.’
Michael Curtis KCCrown Office ChambersMichael is very calm, organised, and with great attention to detail and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law.’
Neil Hext KC4 New SquareNeil is an excellent communicator and has the ability to convey complex issues with simplicity. He can see the wood for the trees and identifies key issues with speed; and he is an eloquent and calmly effective advocate.
Isabel Hitching KCCrown Office ChambersIsabel is extremely professional, thorough and respected by all in the legal fraternity. She achieves excellent outcomes.
Jonathan Hough KC4 New SquareHe is just outstanding.  His written work is consistently faultless, combining rigour with practicality.  Without ever getting lost in the detail, he provides advice that is always based on deep analysis.
Timothy Howe KCFountain Court ChambersConcise and clear, both in written and oral opinions and in argument before courts and tribunals, commanding the respect of judges and arbitrators. Effective in cross-examination without browbeating witnesses.
Andrew Hunter KCBlackstone ChambersBrilliant advocate and inventive in his analysis.
Michael Kent KCCrown Office ChambersMichael is exceptionally bright and he works extremely well as part of a team. His advocacy is low key and diffident, but he can be surprisingly forceful when necessary. He’s the best appellate Counsel solicitors have ever seen.
Richard Lord KCBrick Court ChambersHe is very responsive and produces well thought-out and expressed advice. He is first class.
Ben Lynch KC - Fountain Court ChambersEstablished himself as a leading silk in Covid-19 BI disputes very quickly. His calm and respectful advocacy can disguise a forceful and unassailable line of argumentation that catches opponents unawares, and makes him popular with judges.
Harry Matovu KCBrick Court ChambersCalm, measured and great with clients. His advocacy is firm, polite, accurate and meticulous; and he knows when to move on (either because the point is won or it is not being well received). An absolute pleasure to deal with and engages fully with those instructing him and their clients. Tells it how it is.
Graeme McPherson KC4 New SquareGreat attention to detail, great forward planning, very good with clients, and brilliant on his feet.
Mark Templeman KC - Essex Court Chambers 'Mark is one of the few out and out specialists in the field of insurance and reinsurance. His oral and written advocacy is marked by huge knowledge and experience of the subject and a measured style of delivery.'
Michael Ashcroft KCTwenty EssexIncredibly bright and hardworking silk with excellent judgement. A very effective advocate who has the confidence of judges.
Neil Block KC39 Essex ChambersSuper-bright, excellent judgement, authoritative, and compelling advocacy skills.
Timothy Dutton CBE KC – Fountain Court ChambersAcademically very gifted, a peerless advocate, and provides very wise counsel in terms of analysis and strategy.
Nigel Cooper KCQuadrant ChambersNigel is a very good advocate, and provides well-written detailed advice that is easy to understand and read.
Nicholas Craig KC3 Verulam BuildingsNick is very quick at mastering the facts in what are often complex disputes dealing with novel insurance issues. Despite his experience and expertise, he is easy to work with and values the input of the entire team, however junior.
James Cutress KCFountain Court ChambersJames has a first-rate grasp of all the relevant material. He deploys it with precision and determination, and is a skilful advocate.
Derrick Dale KCFountain Court ChambersGood on his feet, very clever and clients like him.
Patrick Goodall KC  – Fountain Court ChambersPatrick is a formidable opponent, who uses his calm and assured forensic intellect to maximum effect.  He is at home in all aspects of insurance and reinsurance work.
Philippa Hopkins KCEssex Court ChambersExcellent at marine insurance coverage work.  A real specialist who knows the law inside out and applies it in a practical way.
Marie Louise Kinsler KC2 Temple GardensYou would be hard pushed to find a sharper mind at the Bar - she is able to see through the knottiest of problems and explain things simply.
Sean O'Sullivan KC4 Pump CourtCalm and assured.
Fionn Pilbrow KCBrick Court ChambersAn excellent all-round barrister and advocate; very able and extremely user friendly.
Geraint Webb KCHenderson ChambersExtremely bright and committed, tough when needed, and fabulous client care.
Colin Wynter KC  - Maryon Wynter Chambers 'Hugely experienced, able to dissect difficult coverage issues with ease and comfort, and always available.'

2022 Silks

Josephine Higgs KC7 King’s Bench WalkA true insurance expert, with enormous depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise. Brilliant on the law, fantastically responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. An incisive, clear and very persuasive advocate, who will be an extremely successful silk.

2023 Silks

Richard Eschwege KCBrick Court ChambersRichard has a prodigious intellect, but also an unbelievable capacity for sheer hard work.  He has a complete mastery of the technical aspects of the insurance and reinsurance industry, and is a pleasure to work with.
Sonia Nolten KC2 Temple GardensFerociously bright, and has a pre-eminent position in the insurance market. She is often instructed against silks and is a delight to be led by. She is particularly experienced in dealing with large claims involving fire, which require careful and forensic handling of expert evidence.
David Pliener KCGatehouse ChambersSolicitors are running out of superlatives to describe David. One of the most talented barristers of his generation and a breath of fresh air for the profession. Perhaps his key skill is turning the complex and convoluted into something that is clear, accessible and practical.  A golden thread runs through his advice, guiding the reader through the maze, step by step. The interpretation of insurance policies, in particular, can be a challenge for even the most analytical of minds, but his thorough and methodological approach to problem solving makes light work of the task.

Leading Juniors

Keir Howie7 King’s Bench WalkKeir has an exceptional ability to analyse complex issues, and to do so in a prompt and user-friendly fashion. He may well be the best junior currently working in this area, and solicitors would rate him above others more senior than he is.’
Alexander MacDonald7 King’s Bench WalkAstute, commercial, understated and thorough.
Peter Ratcliffe3 Verulam BuildingsExtremely thorough, clever, balanced and well prepared.
Sandra Healy7 King’s Bench WalkSandra is user friendly, personable and very much on top of the detail.  She is someone we are delighted to put in front of clients, which is still a remarkably unusual quality.
Caroline McColganCrown Office ChambersExtremely bright, immensely hardworking, a terrific lawyer, and great with clients.
Shail Patel - 4 New SquareShail is a very intelligent and thorough counsel with a real ability to give clients clear commercial advice. A pleasure to work with, responsive and creative in his approach.
James Purchas4 Pump CourtApproachable and provides clear advice.
James SharpeCrown Office ChambersJames is a good lawyer and very approachable, particularly with clients, and very good at marshalling the litigation.
Jessica Sutherland7 King’s Bench WalkThorough and focused on the detail, and able to process complex information quickly to get to the nub of the issue. However, she does so with a real focus on the clients' objectives - she will always look beyond the immediate question to work out how best to achieve their aims. She has excellent client-handling skills, and is a very impressive barrister.
Sushma Ananda7 King’s Bench WalkSushma is a preferred junior counsel for all insurance and reinsurance disputes. She is formidably intelligent and hardworking, and is a marvellous team member. Solicitors would highly recommend Sushma for any insurance or reinsurance dispute, particularly with an international aspect – excellent in all respects.
Steven ColesCrown Office ChambersA go-to senior junior for policy indemnity work – can be relied upon to cut through complexity to the heart of a matter and has excellent tactical nous.
Julian FieldCrown Office ChambersMassively experienced, really great on his feet, and a great team player.
Jocelin Gale7 King’s Bench WalkJocelin is a real reinsurance specialised. His advocacy is calm and assured; and of particular assistance in complex reinsurance disputes is his excellent mathematical ability. Jocelin is 100% dependable.
Doré Green2 Temple GardensDoré has an encyclopaedic knowledge of insurance law and an amazing ability to explain complex issues with great clarity.
Michele De GregorioCrown Office ChambersVery methodical, calm and intelligent. He is very commercial minded, which is a trait not common in most barristers.
Miles Harris - 4 New SquareThere is nothing but praise for Miles. He has been heavily involved in some landmark business interruption test case litigation. He has an extremely impressive and deep grasp of all the issues, and a real ability to convey his thoughts succinctly and clearly. He works tirelessly and efficiently. It will not be long before he will be in Silk.
Tim Jenns7 King’s Bench WalkTim is very able and good on technical insurance matters. He is personable, good with clients, and has strong drafting skills.
Timothy Killen - 2 Temple GardensTim is an outstanding insurance junior with a practice well beyond his seniority. He is frequently against silks and has an outstanding knowledge of the law in this field, but he wears his razor-sharp intellect lightly and is much admired by clients and opponents alike. He has a calm and reassuring manner in court and is a penetrating cross-examiner.
Elizabeth Lindesay7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Rigorous in her thought, and indefatigable and thorough in her work. She is an invaluable member of any counsel team.’
Athena MarkidesCrown Office ChambersAthena is exceptional in respect of both legal knowledge and strategy. Athena's written advocacy is always clear, concise and highly persuasive.
Martyn Naylor - 4 Pump CourtThe classic up-and-coming junior - not only good on his feet and on paper, but tremendously helpful and hardworking and a really great team player.
Michael Ryan7 King’s Bench WalkMichael has excellent analytical skills and is great on paper.
David Thomas - 2 Temple GardensDavid has a calm manner, is very thoughtful and offers considered advice in conference. His written work is also of high quality.
Carl Troman - 4 New SquareCarl is a delight to work with because, apart from his excellent legal knowledge, he is very responsive and provides the best commercial and tactical advice that a solicitor could hope for. Carl has excellent advocacy skills and prepares meticulously.
Michael WheaterGatehouse ChambersMichael is extremely approachable and user friendly, while also technically excellent. He more than holds his own against opposing silks and is a very persuasive and capable advocate.’
Tom Bell  - Gatehouse Chambers 'Very accessible, user friendly and bright. Tom is good at being commercial, is responsive, and provides clear, well-written advice - follow-up queries are always addressed promptly.'
Clara Benn - 7 King's Bench Walk 'Clara provides very clear, accurate, precise, and commercial advice that allows us to advance our cases to a reasonable solution practically and pragmatically.'
Nicholas Broomfield4 New SquareNicholas' written work is excellent - he often finds an unthought-of angle. In court, he is good at getting judges onside!
Geoffrey Brown – 39 Essex ChambersA go-to barrister for insurance coverage work in relation to employer’s liability cases – Geoffrey’s coverage knowledge is legendary, and he is not afraid to run novel points, usually to good effect.
Oliver Caplin – Twenty EssexOliver has an incredibly sharp legal mind. He has the ability to cut through the noise and identify the key issues in the case, and he is very responsive, dedicated and thorough.
Alice Carse4 Pump Court ‘Alice is an excellent insurance lawyer.  She is very tenacious and her written advocacy is of the highest quality.
William Clerk2 Temple GardensAn outstanding junior with expertise across all classes of non-marine insurance. He has a meticulous eye for detail and a relaxed advocacy style, which goes down very well with judges and clients.’
Benjamin Coffer - Quadrant ChambersBen is a very thorough and strategic thinking barrister. His drafting skills and attention to detail are excellent, and he can hold his own against a KC.
Daniel Crowley – 2 Temple GardensA go-to senior junior for all insurance matters. An effective and efficient advocate, who is quick on his feet, and a tenacious and devastating cross-examiner. This is all underpinned by a genuine expertise in insurance law which commands the respect of the bench.
Celso De Azevedo –Enterprise Chambers ‘Being a published author on business interruption insurance, Celso is extremely knowledgeable in this area – combine that with his commerciality (derived from many years in a client-facing role as a solicitor) and Celso is a force to be reckoned with in this area. He also understands the pressures solicitors face from their clients and turns advice around quickly.
Stephen Du7 King’s Bench WalkStephen is an excellent barrister, he is thorough and pragmatic and very hardworking. He is a key part of the team from the beginning, is really on top of the detail, and also steers solicitors through challenging periods. He is also personable and a delight to work with. Solicitors would definitely look to instruct Stephen again on any future insurance arbitrations.
Joseph England – Quadrant ChambersJoseph is fantastic. Barristers at the commercial Bar have a high work ethic, but Joseph takes this to a different level. He turns work around fast and, unfailingly, to a very high standard. He has a wide range of insurance experience and previously worked in house at a leading insurer, which brings an excellent inside knowledge to bear for clients. His advocacy is beyond his call, and he regularly takes on and beats senior silks.
Lucas Fear-Segal2 Temple GardensOne of the best junior advocates at the insurance Bar. Clients love him.
Joshua FolkardTwenty EssexJoshua is outstandingly bright, with impressive intellectual rigour which really shows in his pleadings, advice and submissions. He is particularly recommended for cases with an international dimension, especially those involving complex jurisdictional and conflict of law points. However, he also has broad experience of insurance and reinsurance disputes, and a deep knowledge of the law in this field.’
John GreenbourneCrown Office ChambersVery through, approachable, knowledgeable and reassuring.
George Hilton - 2 Temple Gardens 'A future star of the Bar. He is developing a fine commercial practice with a specialism in insurance, and has great attention to detail. He is also a persuasive advocate.'
Kate Holderness - 3 Verulam BuildingsKate is an experienced and thoughtful insurance practitioner, with clear judgement and a full grasp of the commercial needs of the client.
Deborah Horowitz – Fountain Court ChambersA brilliant and highly intelligent junior. Great team player and hugely popular with clients.
Christopher KnowlesFountain Court ChambersA brilliant junior. Highly intelligent, incredibly hardworking, and superb drafting and advice. Wise beyond his years.
Diarmuid Laffan4 New SquareDiarmuid is a hands-on operator who is not afraid to seize the narrative and craft effective strategy into which the client buys in from Day One. Specifically, the diligence with which he pursues that strategy while at the same time keeping the client’s expectations (whether on time and cost or otherwise) is endearing.
Anna LaneyCrown Office ChambersAbility to get to the nub of the issue and devise a strategy to put the client in the best position possible. Without doubt, her ability to engage with the clients and give them clear advice that they understand is a real strength.
Marcus Mander7 King’s Bench WalkExcellent to work with. He is incredibly responsive, analytical yet strategic. He has made a significant contribution to our case (which has been subject to challenging time pressures and other difficult considerations); and is an incredibly strong insurance senior junior – solicitors would not hesitate to instruct him again and recommend him to my colleagues.
Sarah Martin7 King’s Bench WalkHugely talented, responsive and commercial. A pleasure to work with.
Jessica van der Meer - 2 Temple GardensJessica combines an outstanding knowledge of the law with strong client skills and commercial judgement. She is much in demand and developing a strong insurance/reinsurance practice with international and cross-border elements.
Simon Paul – Fountain Court ChambersAbsolutely first-rate junior – partners completely trust his work and judgement. Wise beyond his years and serious minded, yet with an excellent bedside manner – a superb barrister .
Theodor van Sante3 Verulam BuildingsTheo is prompt and very sharp, and has a tremendous ability to get on top of the detail quickly.
Richard Sarll7 King’s Bench WalkNot only understands the ins and outs of General Average Law (which for a lawyer is already an achievement), he goes further, anticipating what will likely happen once a General Average Adjustment is issued.
Ben Smiley4 New SquareVery good on the law, and quick to turn work around.
Harry Wright7 King’s Bench WalkHe has a good analytical brain and is calm under pressure. He is also a skilled advocate on his feet, and adept at working both as sole counsel and in a team.

Rising Stars

Daniel Corteville7 King’s Bench WalkVery clever, hardworking and great to work with. Very on top of the detail and dogged in making sure that the end product is top quality.
Max EvansFountain Court ChambersMax is an outstanding insurance junior. Very strong on the law, writes well, and very nice to work with.
William Mitchell - Quadrant Chambers 'A hardworking and bright junior, who has a mature approach to litigation.'
Henry Moore - 7 King's Bench Walk 'Henry is one of the cleverest juniors at the Bar.  His intellect stands out - even against 7KBW's very high standards. In addition to his deep knowledge of the law and agile brain, he has an astonishing recall and is able to memorise vast quantities of factual information. A poised and effective advocate, who is very smooth, both in writing and on his feet.  He is well liked by everybody in the trial room,  has a low-key manner - no theatrics - which senior colleagues respect.'
Tom WoodBrick Court ChambersTom is a superb junior.  He provides clear and commercially valuable advice, and he is someone who quickly cuts to the heart of a matter. He is one for the difficult cases.
Louis Zvesper – Gatehouse ChambersDespite being one of the more junior members of the team, senior solicitors are impressed impressed by his ability to hold his own – phased neither by his illustrious colleagues nor daunted by the workload. He has, instead, thrived on the challenge and been an integral and well-respected team member, always ready to offer a view and lend a hand. His sound judgement and reasoned analysis make him a valuable asset to the team; and he shows an enviable ability to think creatively and come up with alternative solutions and workarounds. One to watch.

Insurance and reinsurance in London Bar

7 King's Bench Walk

7 King’s Bench Walkcontains the finest insurance barristers at the English Bar‘, with the set’s expertise including disputes over avoidance of cover, points of construction, and a wide range of coverage issues. The set recently maintained its track record in appearing in Supreme Court cases, including The FCA Business Interruption Test Case litigation (of considerable importance to insureds and insurers impacted by COVID-19 lockdown business interruption losses), in which the Supreme Court dismissed the insurers’ appeals and allowed the FCA’s appeals (albeit on qualified terms); and made significant new law on concurrent causation. Recently appointed silk Josephine Higgs KC represented the second interveners, the Hospitality Insurance Group Action; Gavin Kealey KC, and Andrew Wales KC and senior junior Sushma Ananda and rising star Henry Moore acted for Amlin; and Jonathan Gaisman KC and Adam Fenton KC represented Hiscox.



An excellent set, where the barristers have incisive intelligence, skill and extensive experience in exclusively commercial practice areas.

We treat 7KBW as our go-to set for coverage matters. It is unrivalled.

Contains the finest insurance barristers at the English bar. The strength, depth and experience of 7KBW is second to none.

7KBW is one of the pre-eminent chambers (if not the pre-eminent chambers) for insurance law, with considerable strength in depth in terms of leading and junior counsel.

7KBW has a barrister for almost every requirement. A very talented group of practitioners.


The clerks are second to none and really understand the insurance sector that we operate in.

Brick Court Chambers

A leading set for insurance and reinsurance‘, Brick Court Chambers‘ members are consistently instructed in major cases, their recent experience greatly involving COVID-19-related matters. Significant examples include Simon Salzedo KC‘s representation of an insurer that joined in the late 2020 FCA Test Case, which concerned business interruption (BI) insurance in context of lockdowns. In other areas, Mark Howard KC advised insurance group QBE on potential litigation regarding coverage of Canary Islands’ businesses concerning a 2020 sandstorm. Within the senior junior pool, Richard Eschwege KC‘s recent caseload includes acting in COVID-19-related coverage disputes under catastrophe reinsurance policies, as well as reinsurance matters under the Bermuda Form policy; and at rising star level, junior Tom Wood acted, along with 2021-appointed silk Tony Singla KC, for several art galleries and museums, which are claiming for pandemic-related business interruptions.



Good strength in depth.

Brick Court has always been (and remains) a leading set for insurance and reinsurance.

Brick Court has an A-list of intellects who are good to work with.

Brick Court remains the best commercial set in my view, and attracts (academically) the best pupils.

Brick Court has a blue-chip reputation.


The clerks are always available and easy to deal with.

Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers is ‘a very strong set, particularly at the junior end‘, with insurance work a major area of practice for the chambers, and being in alignment with its expertise in construction, property damage, commercial dispute resolution and professional liability, along with personal injury and clinical negligence. Paul Reed KC is a renowned expert in construction insurance matters; and with pub-related work a longstanding specialism of the set, senior junior David Pliener KC is acting for pub company Stonegate in the largest case to consider further lockdown business interruption insurance issues, following the recent FCA Test Case in the Supreme Court.



Gatehouse has a market-leading team for construction-related insurance disputes.

Very good set – always someone available to assist and they run very useful training sessions.

A very strong set, particularly at the junior end – and it has some excellent senior juniors.‘

Strength in depth in the construction insurance field.

Gatehouse is a good set and has a strong insurance practice. I’ve never had an issue with availability of barristers and find that their training programmes have been consistently good over the Covid period.


Always friendly, professional, and responsive.‘

2 Temple Gardens

With ‘a real history of serving the insurance and reinsurance market‘, 2 Temple Gardens‘ recent track record includes a significant volume of COVID-19-related work, including business interruption event cancellation insurance, travel, life insurance, private health, and supply chain interruption matters. Members of the insurance group leading such advice include Charles Dougherty KC and Neil Moody KC, along with senior juniors Daniel Crowley and Timothy Killen, who have been instructed by major insurers to advise on key points of principle following the 2021 Supreme Court FCA Business Interruption Test Case decision. The set has also experienced an increase in insurance-related international arbitration work, as well as instructions for complex cross-border disputes.



2 Temple Gardens has a real history of serving the insurance and reinsurance market, and as a result has a level of industry knowledge that stands it apart from many others.

Great strength and depth across all insurance work.

I have always liked 2 Temple Gardens because of the depth of its experience in this specialist and niche area.

2TG is a first-class set with excellent practitioners at all levels of seniority.

2TG is a strong and impressive set, offering broad coverage across insurance law.


Very smooth service.

4 New Square

A a leading player in insurance and reinsurance work 4 New Square is a ‘go-to chambers for its excellence of barristers and depth of skilled counsel‘. In a case brought under the Financial Markets Test Case Scheme by the FCA to establish the response of non-damage business interruption insurance extensions to the COVID-19 pandemic, David Turner KC led 2021-appointed silk Clare Dixon KC, and senior juniors Shail Patel and Anthony Jones, in the set’s representation of Royal & Sun Alliance. Elsewhere in chambers, Alison Padfield KC‘s advice is sought in relation to the insurance or reinsurance aspects of high-profile incidents, recent examples including the Grenfell Tower disaster, as well as the insurance issues surrounding COVID-19. Additional growth at the top end saw Helen Evans KC take silk in the 2022 round.



Good strength in depth, particularly for insurance disputes.

4 New Square is our go-to chambers for its excellence of barristers and depth of skilled counsel in many of the fields we work in.

Leaders in reinsurance disputes, and they are particularly in demand when the issues involves multi-jurisdictional disputes.

As a set, 4 New Square focuses primarily on serving insurers, which can provide policyholders with a helpful perspective when we instruct them to act against insurers.

Great set with some wonderful silks and juniors.


Very helpful clerks.

Crown Office Chambers

Crown Office Chambers is ‘a go-to set for insurance coverage issues‘. Its workload covers a vast range of contentious claims and coverage issues in the London market; and the set is particularly well known for its expertise in construction and energy, property damage, professional liability, product and employers/public liability insurance. Members are additionally instructed in diverse matters such as kidnap and ransom and force majeure issues, while being increasingly active in D&O, warranties, indemnities and cyber disputes. Andrew Rigney KC has particular expertise in coverage and Design Exclusion and London Engineering Group market clauses; and his recent experience includes leading senior junior Caroline McColgan in the representation of Zurich in the FCA’s Supreme Court test case, which was brought on behalf of small businesses seeking cover for COVID-19 lockdown-related business interruption losses, and is widely perceived to be the most significant insurance case of recent times.



Crown Office Chambers is always my first choice. Very accomplished barristers who are a pleasure to deal with.

One of our go-to sets for insurance. Offers a high calibre of silks with some good juniors coming through too.

A go-to set for insurance coverage issues.

Excellent strength and depth.

My go-to set. Many members are great and I work with them regularly.’


Very efficient, polite and pleasant.

Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers is ‘a fantastic set for insurance coverage disputes at all levels‘. The set acts in relation to various classes of insurance, including property and business interruption, directors’ and officers’ liability, and product and employer’s liability. Other key areas include political risk, trade credit, professional indemnity, contractors all risk, and warranty and indemnity insurance. David Railton KC routinely acts in some of the market’s largest incidents and losses; and further to her involvement in the COVID-19 lockdown business interruption-related FCA Test Case, Leigh-Ann Mulcahy KC is currently acting in Various Eateries Trading v Allianz, a pandemic-related claim for indemnity under a business interruption policy for losses resulting from the hospitality industry’s closure.



Chambers is very strong and with real depth and quality.

Fountain Court stands heads and shoulders above its competitors in terms of the quality of its barristers.

Fantastic set for insurance coverage disputes at all levels, and works well as a team.  Very collaborative on business development and training opportunities, including internationally via its Singapore outpost.

Outstanding set for insurance work.

A very good set, with good silks and good juniors.


The clerks are efficient and effective.

3 Verulam Buildings

With longstanding credentials in insurance and reinsurance disputes, 3 Verulam Buildings‘ is ‘a strong set of Chambers with lots of high-quality barristers‘. Recent work includes major COVID 19-related business interruption claims, including Tom Weitzman KC‘s representation of  insured restauranteurs in arbitration proceedings, in which they sought to recover from their property insurer, ChinaTaiping, business losses resulting from the restrictions imposed on them in response to COVID-19; and Adam Kramer KC is a go-to policyholder silk for business interruption claims against insurers, reinsurers and brokers, since his representation (while still a senior junior) of the FCA in the high-profile test case it brought on behalf of business interruption insurance policyholders. The set is additionally highly regarded for its expertise in insurance regulation, with members frequently acting for policyholders, firms and the regulators.



Very good insurance practitioners at this set.

A strong insurance set, with a growing insurance practice and an increasing number of members with insurance expertise. Particular areas of strength include (but are not limited to) most categories of non-marine insurance, broker’s negligence and the financial regulation of insurance.

We thoroughly enjoy working with 3VB and have found it to be a great set to work with – responsive and helpful.

3VB has impressive expertise, and I have never had a problem with access to Counsel on short notice.‘

3VB is a strong set of Chambers with lots of high-quality barristers.


Clerks that are very user-friendly and willing to go the extra mile to ensure clients get a good service.‘

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court has ‘good depth and strength in a wide range of insurance areas‘. The set routinely acts for insured parties, insurers, reinsurers and insurance brokers in disputes in London’s Commercial Court, as well as international arbitrations (including Bermuda Form arbitrations) across the world. Following Rachel Ansell KC‘s appearance in the FCA business interruption test case, she continues to act in matters involving COVID-19 cover, including defending a Lloyd’s Syndicate Managing Agency against a high-profile £60m claim in the Commercial Court, which was brought by Parkdean Resorts for cover allegedly provided by a business interruption policy. At the senior-junior end, Simon Goldstone is noted for his specialism in high-value construction all risks insurance disputes; and Alice Carse is a May 2022 arrival from Devereux.



Chambers has a good, strong team for insurance work.

A real leading Chambers, especially in insurance and reinsurance.

4PC has good depth and strength in a wide range of insurance areas.


Excellent – helpful, accommodating and good communicators.

The clerks are generally very helpful, particularly Stewart Gibbs.  Stewart is very personable, and reaches out to understand us as the instructing solicitors and how best they can help us, both on a particular matter and more generally in the future.

Always a pleasure.

Essex Court Chambers

Fielding an ‘impressive range of individuals‘, Essex Court Chambers has a significant market presence in insurance and reinsurance disputes, with members regularly acting in claims before courts and arbitration panels in London, Paris, Vienna, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US and Canada among others. John Lockey KC routinely acts for insurers, reinsurers, policyholders and brokers in a broad range of insurance and reinsurance disputes and related litigation; and his recent experience includes representing Arch Insurance in the FCA’s lockdown-related business interruption test case alongside Jeremy Brier KC (prior to his appointment in the 2022 Silk round).



Impressive range of individuals.

Excellent set.


Very good.

The clerks are excellent.

All the clerks do a good job.

Excellent indeed.

Work highlights

    Quadrant Chambers

    With an insurance and reinsurance practice that covers both marine insurance and non-marine insurance cases, Quadrant Chambers‘ ‘strength in depth of experience is formidable‘. In recent highlights, Guy Blackwood KC and senior junior Benjamin Coffer successfully acted for the underwriters in Piraeus Bank v. Antares Underwriting (The Zouzou), a high-value claim which required a genuine stress-test by the court of the market’s standard mortgagee interest insurance policy clauses. Elsewhere in chambers, Luke Parsons KC is representing the reinsurers in The Prestige, arising out of a 2022 oil spill off the coast of Spain, the issue being whether the Spanish Government can reclaim the oil spill clean-up costs where there is an English arbitration clause and a decision in Spain. In November 2021 the set appointed its first female head of chambers, Poonam Melwani KC.



    Excellent set of chambers with some very strong barristers.

    Quadrant Chambers is the go-to set for marine insurance matters.

    Chambers’ strength in depth of experience is formidable. It has Counsel available to attend to every type of issue or instruction, and is always accessible.

    Very user friendly, cost effective and always provide suitable Counsel for the job at hand.

    Our go-to set for high-value or complex insurance disputes work. The strength in depth is fantastic. The silks are all highly competent; and, additionally, most of the members of chambers have first-class market knowledge across the sectors that our firm works in. What sets Quadrant apart is its practical and commercial focus. Clients really warm to this.


    Daniel Westerman always goes the extra mile to maintain and ensure a high level of client service, offering practical and commercial solutions to any issues.


    Devereux‘s members are consistently instructed on complex and high-value instructions involving all aspects of domestic and international insurance and reinsurance. Colin Edelman KC‘s cases are routinely at the forefront of insurance law, his recent track record including acting as lead counsel for the FCA at the Supreme Court, which clarified whether a variety of insurance policy wordings covered COVID-19 lockdown-related business interruption losses; and Andrew Burns KC is well-known for asbestos insurance cases, and assisting with direct claims against insurers under the Third Party Rights Act 2010. At the senior-junior end of chambers, Richard Harrison‘s recent highlights include acting for construction insurers in a claim involving one of the world’s tallest buildings.



    Specialist insurance/reinsurance set with a strong market reputation.

    Very impressed in all my dealings with them.


    Knowledgeable clerks who are always able to provide assistance and guidance.

    Cyrus Biggs in particular is hugely helpful and approachable. Always keeps you apprised of time frames and fee estimates, which is incredibly helpful in terms of client management.

    Cyrus Biggs and Zoe Hamilton are both excellent clerks, who are very responsive and helpful.

    Twenty Essex

    Up there as a go-to set for insurance litigation‘, Twenty Essex acts across the whole spectrum of commercial insurance and reinsurance disputes, both in arbitration (seated in England and elsewhere, including Bermuda), as well as in court. Further to the recent high-profile pandemic-related FCA test case concerning business interruption, Philip Edey KC‘s recent activity includes a number of other lockdown-related business interruption insurance disputes; and Charles Kimmins KC‘s longstanding track record includes leading insurance matters that come before the Commercial Court and Court of Appeal. At senior-junior level, insurance and reinsurance work features prominently within Susannah Jones ‘ practice; and in a boost to Chambers, Joshua Folkard, who has a significant insurance practice, joined from 4 New Square in September 2021.



    Twenty Essex is up there as a go-to set for insurance litigation.

    We use Twenty Essex heavily in our practice and it is a superb set; all of the barristers are reliably excellent.


    The clerks’ team is incredibly responsive and user friendly.

    Arron Zitver really knows his market and is a pleasure to deal with.

    The members of the team with whom I have interacted (Anthony Carroll and Arron Zitver) are extremely responsive and thorough in following up on the management of ongoing briefs.