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Leading Silks

Charles Dougherty KC2 Temple GardensCharles has an engaging and charming style in his advocacy. He is also well-versed as an insurance barrister.’
David Edwards KC7 King’s Bench WalkHas all the qualities of a KC you would ever want – always prepared, good on paper, good on his feet, and a good judge of the mood of the court.’
Siobán Healy KC7 King’s Bench WalkSiobán is very bright, hard working and meticulous in her preparation. She is always on top of the details of the case. Her style of delivery at a hearing is measured and effective.'
Gavin Kealey – 7 King’s Bench WalkThe clear superstar and leader of his field and generation in insurance and reinsurance. The go-to for any massive dispute. His reputation speaks for itself and is deserved. There is barely an important case in any field of insurance that does not have his name attached to it.’
Dominic Kendrick KC7 King’s Bench WalkThe doyen of reinsurance aggregation.'
Andrew Neish KC4 Pump Court 'Andrew is very knowledgeable in this field - he is highly intelligent and very experienced. He gets right to the point and identifies what matters early on. He is very good on his feet and is a very strong cross examiner. He is also very good with clients.'
Ben Quiney KCCrown Office ChambersBen’s written advice is fantastic and his understanding of warranties and indemnities policies is second-to-none.’
David Railton KCFountain Court ChambersDavid is a phenomenon. Without doubt among the best at the Bar. He has a sparkling intellect and provides unrivalled advocacy and judgement. The most highly respected and feared opponent.’
Andrew Rigney KCCrown Office ChambersVery hard working and not afraid to roll up his sleeves. He is excellent with clients and provides practical and commercial advice, always having the client's objectives in mind.  Really at the top of his game.’
David Turner KC4 New SquareDavid remains an impressive and quick-thinking KC. He is very client friendly, and provides incisive advice and has an impressive and diverse church of knowledge and experience to call upon in diverse situations.'
Andrew Wales KC7 King’s Bench WalkAndrew is absolutely fabulous on detail and is then able to use that to produce extremely rounded advice, addressing all the various angles.'
Richard Waller KC7 King’s Bench WalkRichard is a go-to KC. His advice is always extremely clear and of a high standard.’
Tom Weitzman KC3 Verulam BuildingsTom is supremely bright and yet manages to put the clients and people he works with at ease. He has an excellent calm manner and is a great advocate.'
Guy Blackwood KCQuadrant Chambers ‘Guy is one of the leading silks in the market on the subject of marine insurance and, when KC level advice is needed, he is a first choice. He is very user-friendly, and turns around prompt and commercial advice.’
Bob Moxon Browne KC2 Temple GardensAn excellent advocate with real gravitas.’
Aidan Christie KC4 Pump CourtHe is one of a handful of KCs with a well-deserved, stellar reputation for providing insurance coverage advice. His work is detailed and meticulous, and he is very user-friendly.’
Anneliese Day KCFountain Court ChambersAnneliese is an effective and efficient leader, great communicator and lawyer with excellent commercial instincts.  She is a steady, self-assured advocate  and a stellar team player with a very engaging style.’
Ben Elkington KC4 New SquareHe is exceptionally bright and very friendly to work with. He sees what points will have traction with judges and reads the mood of the court very well, and also explains issues very well to clients.’
Jonathan Hough KC4 New SquareJonathan is an exceptional barrister, fantastically intelligent and producing opinions of the very highest quality. He is great with clients and gracious with it. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Jonathan.’
Ben Hubble KC4 New SquareBen is a hugely experienced barrister at the top of his game.  He offers considered advice in a calm manner, and is always meticulously prepared.'
Nigel Jones KCGatehouse Chambers 'His advocacy is very strong and he has the ear of the court.'
Neil Moody KC2 Temple GardensHugely experienced, excellent cross-examiner and a very tough opponent, but charming with it.’
Leigh-Ann Mulcahy KCFountain Court ChambersLeigh-Ann is careful, as is vital in complex insurance, but keeps her eye on the main game.  She is hard-working and also has flair.’
Paul Reed KCGatehouse Chambers 'He is massively experienced and knows the issues through and through.'
Simon Salzedo KCBrick Court Chambers 'Simon has a fierce intellect and a fluent and captivating advocacy style.'
Bankim Thanki KCFountain Court ChambersOne of the big names at the Bar. Amazing courtroom presence. Judges love him and he is brilliant with clients.’
Nigel Tozzi KC4 Pump Court 'Bright and commercially minded - very articulate.'
David Bailey KC7 King’s Bench WalkDavid is a genius both with the law and with clients. He is a particularly effective advocate who always has the ear of the court or tribunal.’
James Brocklebank KC7 King’s Bench Walk 'James is incredibly intelligent and all over the detail on complex insurance disputes. His work ethic is first class. He is also very approachable and a pleasure to work with.'
Nicholas Craig KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Nick is a go-to barrister for complex insurance disputes, subject to Middle Eastern law, and has been a number of years. He always makes the right strategic decisions and is well-prepared. He handles pressure well and is an excellent advocate and can be fierce if the circumstances require.’
Philip Edey KCTwenty Essex ‘Philip is a top-notch silk, one of the best in his field. He has gravitas and charm as well as deep legal knowledge that is second-to-none. He exercises great judgement and has consummate client skills. He has a magic touch in court and is very strong on paper as well as orally, where the court listens to what he says. Superb.’
Adam Fenton KC7 King’s Bench WalkVery detailed and incredibly intelligent and careful analysis on complex coverage issues.'
Justin Fenwick KC4 New Square ‘Astonishing grasp of figures and facts , very sound judgment, very clear advice.’
Andrew Green KCBlackstone ChambersA very fine and assertive advocate. Very clear submissions and excellent at cross-examination.'
Isabel Hitching KCCrown Office ChambersIsabel is extremely astute, very careful and conscientious and always has a clear plan of action in terms of approach to the issues and getting the best out of the case for the client.  She manages expectations in relation to delivering work and solicitors know exactly where they stand.’
Jawdat Khurshid KC7 King’s Bench Walk 'A very commercial and user-friendly silk, clients really like him. Exceptionally clever - clear, concise and persuasive both in written submissions and on his feet. All round impressive.'
Charles Kimmins KCTwenty EssexCharles has a really great way of distilling complex matters so that they are readily understandable. He is also very good with numbers so where one has technical matters that require, for instance, significant input from accounting experts, he is very capable in this regard and able to probe matters effectively.’
Adam Kramer KC3 Verulam BuildingsBrilliant advocate. Extremely bright. Leading light of junior silks.’
Stephen Midwinter KCBrick Court Chambers 'A succinct and confident advocate.'
Stephen Moriarty KCFountain Court ChambersOne of the biggest names at the Bar. Genuinely time to worry if he is your opponent. Outstandingly intelligent even by the standards of the commercial Bar, with superb oral and written advocacy skills. Everything a client could want in a senior leader.’
Alison Padfield KC4 New SquareAlison is an absolute pleasure to work with.  With Alison there is never anything less than 100% effort.   She is always prepared, calm and unflappable and has a very easy manner that puts clients from all walks of life entirely at their ease.'
Howard Palmer KC2 Temple GardensHoward is part of the bedrock of the insurance Bar. He is a wonderful team leader, and puts everyone at ease in breaking down even the most complicated insurance issues. In court, he’s a smooth operator and holds the ear of any judge all the way up to the Supreme Court.’
Daniel Shapiro KCCrown Office Chambers  ‘Danny is a rising star in this area - he is bright, exercises good judgement, is approachable, pragmatic and practical where necessary, knows his law and is very easy to deal with. He is liked by clients and his solicitors team and is a fearsome opponent.'
Richard Southern KC7 King’s Bench WalkExtremely bright - able to master the most complicated cases.  Always very well prepared.  Highly persuasive advocate.  Also very pleasant to work with.'
Roger Stewart KC4 New Square 'Roger's strength is he sees the big picture very well and is highly respected. He is a strong advocate and a good team player.'
Mark Templeman KCEssex Court ChambersImmensely knowledgeable and very responsive.'
Colin Wynter KC  – Maryon Wynter ChambersColin has a wealth of experience and gives advice in a straight-forward manner.  He is collegiate in his approach which makes him very easy to work with.  He is also extremely personable and warm.’
Michael Ashcroft KCTwenty EssexVery competent insurance lawyer who is hugely in demand.'
Andrew Burns KCDevereuxExcellent attention to detail. Ability to assimilate vast amounts of technical documentation and provide clear, practical advice with the commercial interests of the client at its core.'
Timothy Dutton CBE KC – Fountain Court ChambersAn excellent advocate who provides clear advice.’
Michael Curtis KCCrown Office ChambersHe has a tenacious work ethic and provides clear advice. He is very personable and has an ability to tailor his advice to his audience, whether they be lawyers or laypeople. He has a forensic eye for detail.'
James Cutress KCFountain Court ChambersJames’s advices and pleadings are particularly strong; it is well considered, meets the lay client's needs, and engages with the necessary points clearly, effectively, and with a forensic eye for detail.’  
Derrick Dale KCFountain Court ChambersDerrick is one of those barristers who thinks out of the box.  He is technically sound, but the main reason clients keep going back is that he has a habit of winning.’
Michael Davey KCQuadrant ChambersTop tier for maritime insurance.’
Jeffrey Gruder KCEssex Court ChambersExtremely user-friendly. Top of his field with unparalleled knowledge, Jeffrey is a pleasure to work with and a true team player.’
Saima Hanif KC3 Verulam BuildingsShe provides clarity of advice and straight talking.’
Neil Hext KC4 New SquareNeil is super smart, pragmatic, commercial and calm. As well as being very technically able, Neil also has superb client-facing skills and delivers clear and well-analysed advice in complex cases. He is a measured and effective advocate who can draw on a wealth of knowledge and expertise in insurance disputes.'
Michael Holmes KC  - 7 King's Bench Walk 'An outstanding technical knowledge of insurance and reinsurance disputes, with an answer for everything. A delight to have on your team, appreciated by solicitors and clients alike.'
Timothy Howe KCFountain Court ChambersTim is an excellent trial advocate and cross-examiner. He is thorough and relentless.'
Michael Kent KCCrown Office ChambersHe is one of the best appellate advocates solicitors have seen. He has a profound grasp of the law and combines that with diffident but highly effective advocacy. He is a real pleasure to work with, both one to one and as part of a wider team.’
Rory Phillips KC3 Verulam BuildingsRory is great with clients and instructing solicitors alike. He is extremely knowledgeable and able to recall the minutiae of specific concerns and arguments raised. He is able to take a step back and provide pragmatic commercial advice not only legal advice. Rory is one in a million and a joy to work with.'
Thomas Plewman KCBrick Court Chambers 'Thomas is a very sharp silk, flexible and good on his feet.'
Akhil Shah KCFountain Court Chambers 'Akhil is hugely user-friendly and responsive.  Technically and analytically, he is outstanding.  On his feet, he speaks with authority and is calm and methodical.'
Jamie Smith KC4 New Square 'Jamie is great to work with, smart, personable, forceful where needed, client focused and friendly and very good on paper and in court. He is a real expert in this area of law.'
Nigel Cooper KCQuadrant Chambers ‘Nigel is a very good advocate. He is also very good on the papers and gets on very well with clients.'
Michael Davie KC – 4 Pump Court 'Very detailed focused - you know that Michael won't leave things to the last minute.  Great for written opinions.'
Clare Dixon KC – 4 New Square Chambers ‘Clare is calm and unflappable.  She is incredibly helpful and rolls up her sleeves to become part of the team.  She is great to work with and is always well prepared.  On her feet she is methodical and persuasive.’
Patrick Goodall KC  – Fountain Court Chambers ‘A reassuring presence who brings a calm and clear approach to complex issues, particularly in financial services matters. Always on hand to get stuck in with clear and commercial advice. Advocacy is outstanding and consistently listened to by judges.'
Marie Louise Kinsler KC2 Temple GardensBarrister of choice for conflict of laws issues in insurance cases.'
Richard Lord KCBrick Court ChambersHe is very responsive and produces well-thought-out and expressed advice. He is first-class.
Roger Masefield KCBrick Court Chambers 'Roger combines technical expertise with sound pragmatic advice.'
Amanda Savage KC4 New Square 'Super intelligent and extremely user friendly. Amanda is a superb advocate.'
George Spalton KC – 4 New Square Chambers ‘George is fabulous to work alongside. His written opinions are unerringly correct and an examplar of clarity.’

2022 Silks

Jeremy Brier KCEssex Court Chambers 'Jeremy's written submissions are always well argued and make complex material easy to follow. A pleasure to work with and a real team player.'
Josephine Higgs KC7 King’s Bench WalkA true insurance expert, with enormous depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise. Brilliant on the law, fantastically responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. An incisive, clear and very persuasive advocate, who will be an extremely successful silk.

2023 Silks

Richard Eschwege KCBrick Court ChambersRichard has a prodigious intellect, but also an unbelievable capacity for sheer hard work.  He has a complete mastery of the technical aspects of the insurance and reinsurance industry, and is a pleasure to work with.
Sonia Nolten KC2 Temple GardensFerociously bright, and has a pre-eminent position in the insurance market. She is particularly experienced in dealing with large claims involving fire, which require careful and forensic handling of expert evidence.
David Pliener KCGatehouse ChambersSolicitors are running out of superlatives to describe David. The interpretation of insurance policies, in particular, can be a challenge for even the most analytical of minds, but his thorough and methodological approach to problem-solving makes light work of the task.

2024 Silks

Shail Patel KC4 New SquareShail continues to provide very solid advice and has a wide range of expertise.'
Michael Wheater KCGatehouse Chambers 'Michael is particularly good at document-heavy and complex disputes, and at ensuring tactical considerations are at the forefront of his advice.'

Leading Juniors

Sandra Healy7 King’s Bench WalkSandra is reliable and responsive.  She has a great client-facing manner and she always comes up with the goods when needed.’
Keir Howie7 King’s Bench WalkKeir has outstanding ability to analyse complex issues and provide clear legal and, just as importantly, strategic advice. He is very responsive and a pleasure to work with.' 
Alexander MacDonald7 King’s Bench WalkAlex is a real expert on insurance and reinsurance work, and can trusted to advise on matters which might otherwise be sent to a silk.'
Sushma Ananda7 King’s Bench WalkVery clever but also approachable and patient. Understands the questions clients will ask and present complicated concepts in a way that clients can understand. First-class attention to detail but also understands the bigger picture. Very responsive but manages expectation well when she is in trial.’
Timothy Kenefick7 King’s Bench Walk 'Tim is an excellent, hands on senior junior who is a delight to work with.  A team player who will roll up his sleeves and get stuck in.  Calm and persuasive in manner and with a firm grasp of the commercial reality of a situation, he is excellent with clients.'
Simon Kerr7 King’s Bench Walk 'Simon's strengths include knowledge and experience of insurance matters.'
Marcus Mander7 King’s Bench WalkMarcus is an excellent senior junior. His responsiveness, attention to detail, clear legal and strategic advice are all of the highest quality.’  
Caroline McColganCrown Office ChambersEasy to deal with and responsive.'  
James Purchas4 Pump CourtJames is very good to work with. His analysis is first class, he is a great team player and whose advice and support reflects a deep understanding of clients' commercial drivers.'
James SharpeCrown Office ChambersEasy to deal with both for solicitors and for clients. User-friendly and good legal analysis.’
Jessica Sutherland7 King’s Bench WalkVery accomplished in insurance law having a practical approach.'
Clara Benn7 King’s Bench WalkExcellent on the law, and on the facts, with solicitors and with the clients.  Just excellent all-round.’  
Alexandra BodnarKeating Chambers ‘Alexandra is all-round an excellent barrister. She is very approachable and always makes herself available. She is extremely astute and able to identify pertinent issues quickly, which allows solicitors to get to the heart of any issues without delay.’
Nicholas Broomfield4 New SquareVery bright and incisive, good at getting out of a hole and cutting through to the heart of the matter.  Excellent analysis and comes up with novel points.'
Suzanne ChalmersCrown Office ChambersSuzanne is a very capable insurance coverage counsel, and pleasant to deal with.’
Benjamin CofferQuadrant ChambersBen is a first-class communicator. His written and oral advice is clear, straightforward, and easy to digest. Ben has a great ability to understand and get to grips with complex matters and issues quickly, and he always delivers considered and commercial advice. He is the go-to junior for marine insurance coverage work.’
Daniel Crowley – 2 Temple GardensExcellent subject specific knowledge, well organised and good to deal with.'
William Day3 Verulam BuildingsWilliam is simply brilliant. He is fantastically bright, amazingly hard working and great to work with.’
Celso De Azevedo –Enterprise Chambers 'Celso is very experienced in the insurance market and knows very well the usual policies and coverages. He is undisputedly specialised in complex insurance cases and intricate contracts.'
Max EvansFountain Court ChambersMax is very personable and engaging, and give succinct and digestible advice to clients on tricky issues.’
Lucas Fear-Segal2 Temple GardensImpressive. Very good on paper and analysis. Strong advocacy. Very easy to work with.'
Julian FieldCrown Office ChambersCommitment, an ability to analyze a case thoroughly and to express his views clearly and logically on paper. Supportive and an all round good barrister. Terrific on paper.'  
Anna Gotts7 King’s Bench WalkAnna has a strong eye for detail and provides clear, practical advice. She is contactable and easy to deal with. She is able to think quickly and deal with changing circumstances both on paper and at court.’
Doré Green2 Temple GardensVery calm, clear and easy to work with.’
Michele De GregorioCrown Office ChambersVery pragmatic and very good with clients – approachable and excellent at explaining difficult concepts and issues to lay clients in a way that they understand without feeling patronised.’
Miles Harris4 New SquareMiles is simply superb. His mastery of the developing law in this area is nothing short of astonishing.’
Kate Holderness3 Verulam BuildingsHer great strengths are her focus, her ability to get the work done and her judgement.  She is always on top of the issues, always pulls out all the stops and is an invaluable sounding board, never afraid to express her own opinions but always a team player.’
Tim Jenns7 King’s Bench WalkHe is extremely hard-working and able to produce first class written material in short order. His work ethic and quality is unrivaled. He is also a good cross-examiner and has a bright future ahead.’
Susannah Jones – Twenty Essex 'A great brain, incredibly organised and efficient. A calming influence and a real team player.'
Timothy Killen2 Temple GardensVery bright and great with his case law.  Thinks about things carefully and is very responsive. Clients like him.'
Christopher KnowlesFountain Court ChambersOutstanding analytical mind, which is able to identify, assess and provide solutions to difficult legal problems. Christopher is able to assimilate and deploy quickly highly complex material.'
Elizabeth Lindesay7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Liz has a very sharp intellect and her attention to detail is outstanding. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.'
Athena MarkidesCrown Office ChambersAthena is incredibly detailed and thorough and always manages to identify the key issues be they commercial or technical at a very early stage.  Her advocacy and in particular communication is excellent.  Athena is a go-to barrister.’
Sarah Martin7 King’s Bench WalkClever, responsive, loyal, reliable, enormously diligent and a tremendously safe pair of hands.’
Martyn Naylor4 Pump CourtMartyn is an incredibly capable junior and gets up to speed very quickly with the issues at hand. His analytical and drafting skills are very impressive.’  
Simon Paul – Fountain Court ChambersSimon is a brilliant junior. His written work is superb. Clients completely trust him and rely on him heavily - his advocacy is clear and convincing. He is highly intelligent and a good pick for anyone with a high value and difficult case.’
Theodor van Sante3 Verulam BuildingsTheo is both hard working and thorough. He always provides a fresh and analytically sophisticated view of difficult problems. In court he is a forceful and effective advocate.’
Ben Smiley4 New SquareBen is commercial, pragmatic and efficient. He is incredibly responsive and produces written work of a very high standard. He’s very user-friendly and accessible and provides succinct advice on complex issues.’
Carlo TaczalskiCrown Office Chambers 'Excellent intellectual ability.'
David Thomas2 Temple GardensReliable and helpful.  Good drafting skills and effective in Court, on what are often sensitive cases where the claimant has very strong views.'  
Carl Troman4 New SquareCarl is extremely user-friendly. He is accessible and provides speedy, well considered and straightforward advice.’
Harry Wright7 King’s Bench WalkVery user-friendly and responsive and a pleasure to deal with, Harry is so very bright and produces reliable work product.’
Tom Asquith  – 4 New Square ChambersTom has an impressive knowledge of insurance law and expertise in policy coverage analysis.  He provides advice on complex policy coverage points in a manner that is clear, succinct and easily digestible, yet is very clearly on top of the detail.’
Tom Bell  – Gatehouse Chambers 'He excels at presenting legal solutions diplomatically, succinctly and efficiently.'
Alice Carse4 Pump Court ‘Alice is a star for insurance related work. She has a clear grasp of the area, in terms of knowledge, tactical awareness, commercial realities and client priorities. In addition, she is a strong advocate. She is a delight to work with.’
William Clerk2 Temple GardensStrong legal mind and knowledge tempered by commercial acumen, attention to detail and thoroughness, clear and concise written advice, tenacious but fair and respectful in their approach to advocacy.'
Daniel Corteville - 7 King's Bench Walk  'Danny is exceptionally smart and a real problem solver. He is good at seeing things from different angles.'
Stephen Du7 King’s Bench WalkExceptionally good. Very responsive throughout. Very careful and diligent and very good detail.'
Joseph England – Quadrant ChambersJoseph is a first-class barrister. His dedication and unwavering work ethic makes him an invaluable asset. His expertise in both civil fraud and contempt complement each other and often overlap, enabling him to provide sound advice from both a practical and holistic perspective. He is passionate, hardworking and quickly able to understand the key issues whilst constantly identifying weaknesses in his opponent’s case. Furthermore, he is a pleasure to work with and has a very bright future ahead of him.’
Joshua FolkardTwenty EssexJoshua is very responsive and thorough and is a pleasure to deal with. He adds commercial and practical input to his technical knowledge.'
John GreenbourneCrown Office Chambers 'A very user-friendly and approachable junior.'
George Hilton – 2 Temple GardensGeorge is extremely user friendly.  He is a real team player.  He is excellent at understanding the technical detail and testing the expert evidence.  His advice is always clear cogent and concise.  He is willing to take on cases at short notice and provides an excellent service.'
Anthony Jones – 4 New Square 'Anthony provides clear and well-reasoned advice and is a pleasure to work with.'
Diarmuid Laffan4 New SquareDiarmuid provides clear and strategic advice. His legwork while preparing for arguments in outstanding. Given the time restrictions in arbitrations, he ensures time is utilised wisely, focusing on the primary points.  He is effective in his verbal presentations and gauges what the arbitrator sees as concerning issues, and deals with them in an entirely simple and cogent manner.’
Henry Moore7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Henry is both analytical and tactical. His drafting is clear, persuasive and direct. Henry also gives practical advice. He has a good sense of humour and always goes the extra mile.'  
Rani Noakes  – 4 Pump CourtRani is truly outstanding.  She is highly intelligent and able to analyse complicated claims in a forensic and clear way, and is also great to work with. Rani is very responsive and provides clear and well thought through, practical advice.’ 
Peter Oliver  – 4 Pump CourtPeter is easily the most personable barrister I have ever worked with. He is responsive, user-friendly and is adept at getting to the nub of tricky issues.’
Jason Robinson  – 7 King's Bench WalkOutstandingly capable and grasps the issues extremely quickly. Jason produces excellent work product with exceptional turnaround time.’
Richard SageCrown Office Chambers 'An extremely intelligent junior who distils complex information quickly, and is very calm and collected at all times.'
Richard Sarll7 King’s Bench WalkRichard is a go-to barrister for advice on discrete legal points.’  
Helena White – Gatehouse Chambers 'A junior with a meticulous eye.'
Louis Zvesper – Gatehouse Chambers 'A clever junior with great judgement.'

Rising Stars

Sophia Dzwig3 Verulam BuildingsExtremely hard working, thorough and intelligent.’
Douglas Grant7 King's Bench WalkDoug is clearly extremely intelligent with an eye for detail.'
Frederick Simpson  – Crown Office ChambersFreddy is very hard-working and has a great demeanour. Freddy’s drafting is exceptionally clear and easy to follow.’

Insurance and reinsurance in London Bar

4 New Square Chambers

One of the ‘leading sets in the fields of insurance coverage,’ 4 New Square Chambers continue to receive instructions across many classes of insurance and reinsurance, including employers’ liability, public liability and business interruption. Members of the chambers, such as David Turner KC, Clare Dixon KC, Shail Patel KC and Anthony Jones  have been involved in numerous cases including those involving business interruption test cases, alongside cases of contingency over-redemption policies. One such example is Opia Limited v CFC Underwriting Limited & Others, in which Turner KC acted for the insured in related to circumstances in which insurers might be liable for late payment of indemnity under s.13 of the Insurance Act 2015. Jonathan Hough KC has been involved in major litigation and arbitration over insurance coverage issues and in commercial disputes between insurers, while Justin Fenwick KC has a strong cross-border practice in this space including the Caribbean and the Far East.


‘Prompt and professional service from the clerks’ room. Alex Dolby and Chris Ebdon are a pleasure to deal with.’

‘4 New Square have for many years and continue to be the go to set for professional indemnity advice and advocacy.’

‘4 New Square are great to work with and deservedly the pre-eminent set of Chambers for professional and insurance disputes.’

‘An excellent set with a real depth of experience, our “go to” set for insurance litigation and professional negligence claims.’

‘Excellent strength in depth, good range of senior juniors as well as silks.’

‘A very strong set.  A go to set for insurance matters.’


Work highlights

7 King's Bench Walk

The ‘go to set on insurance and reinsurance matters‘, 7 King’s Bench Walk is a premier set both in litigation and arbitration, with members having experience in disputes concerning areas including avoidance of cover, points of instruction and a range of coverage issues. Members, including Peter MacDonald Eggers KC were instructed on Axis Capital v ABSA, in which he acted for insurers in relation to a claim for indemnity in connection with claims relating to improper investments in South Africa, which raised issues relating to policy exclusions and the policy attachment provisions. David Edwards KC handles a range of insurance disputes, with a focus on international arbitration, having been involved in arbitrations in London, Bermuda and the United States. Crossing over with the set’s notable expertise in shipping, Julia Gibbon is noted for her work in insurance matters related to marine cargo, innocent owners and business interruption insurance.


‘The clerking team is really responsive.  I have been particularly impressed by Gary Rose and Eddie Johns.’

‘Greg Leyden, Eddie Johns and Gary Rose ensure the clerks’ room works exceptionally well.  They are honest, reasonable and efficient.’

‘Declan Gray is great.  Very personable and helpful.  He comes back super quick.  Gary Rose (his senior) is also helpful.’

‘7KBW is the go to set on insurance and reinsurance matters.  They have great strength in depth.’

‘Indisputably the leader in the field of insurance and reinsurance.’

‘7KBW are a premier set in the insurance/reinsurance field and this is evident by the fact that the set is the go-to set in all big insurance/reinsurance matters. The aviation insurance losses arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine are the biggest losses the aviation insurance industry has faced (circa $US 10bn) and it is not surprising that the majority of 7KBW are somehow involved in this matter.’

‘7KBW is the stand out leader in high-end commercial insurance work.  The sheer number of barristers from 7KBW instructed in the covid test case and in Russian aircraft claims is testimony to 7KBW’s pre-eminence in the area.’

‘The stand-out set when it comes to high-end commercial insurance work of all types.’

Work highlights

2 Temple Gardens

The insurance team at 2 Temple Gardens handle all aspects of non-marine insurance and reinsurance disputes, including jurisdiction and choice of law issues, policy construction, scope of indemnity and effectiveness and scope of notifications and claims. Charles Dougherty KC, who one client noted as ‘engaging and charming,‘ is sought after for his wide experience in insurance and reinsurance claims alongside being involved in business interruption insurance litigation – he represented Allianz in Various Eateries v Allianz where he led Timothy Killen  and acted for insurers in a test case brought by the owner of Coppa Club and Nocci in relation to issues of aggregation and policy periods in respect of Covid-19 business interruption loss and what business interruption losses are covered as a result of business closures during the Covid-19 pandemic. Marie Louise Kinsler KC handles cross-border insurance matters, having acted for insurers in a wide variety of claims and has expertise in contribution and recovery claims with an international element, while Neil Moody KC handles a full range of coverage disputes and is retained to advise on business interruption policy coverage issues arising out of Covid-19 lockdowns. Niazi Fetto KC and Sonia Nolten KC are 2023 silk appointments.


‘Billy Hammond and Lee Tyler are friendly, efficient and accommodating.’

‘Lee Tyler in particular is very good.

‘Leanne Taylor in particular is an excellent clerk, reliable, friendly and always goes the extra mile.’

‘2 Temple Gardens are our ‘go to’ chambers for insurance and reinsurance disputes. They have particular depth of experience dealing with disputes in the UAE, with a number of barristers regularly appearing in the DIFC and ADGM Courts.’

‘2 Temple Gardens is one of my main go-to sets for insurance related defence work. Their counsel pull out all the stops and are accommodating.  A commercially minded set.’

‘I always find the clerks to be helpful and professional.’

‘They do have strength in depth in these areas around insurance litigation and have a wide range of seminars that take place frequently.’

‘One of the top sets serving the insurance industry – quality advice and advocacy from top KC to junior counsel level.’

Work highlights

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers continue to be instructed on significant insurance and reinsurance cases, including Aercap v AIG (& Others), in which Mark Howard KC was involved and raised significant legal issues both about the US, UK and EU Sanctions law, and English insurance law alongside raising factual issues, concerning the effective seizure of aircraft leased to Russian airlines after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Tony Singla KC acted for Zurich Insurance in a $1bn claim arising out of the abandonment of a mobile offshore production unit in the Norwegian North Sea subject to a construction all risks policy, whereas Simon Salzedo KC is noted for his involvement in business interruption insurance cases concerning Covid-19 lockdowns.


Paul Dennison leads a strong clerking team.’

The clerks provide a first rate service, Tony Burgess in particular.’

Efficient and responsive.’

An excellent set with many first rate practitioners.’

Excellent strength-in-depth.’

Talented individuals.’

Work highlights

Crown Office Chambers

Crown Office Chambers handles most aspects of contentious claims and coverage issues in the London Market and its members are well-known for insurance work in areas including construction, property damage and professional liability. Members of the set have varied strengths and handle a broad practice with silks including Isabel Hitching KC, which one client describes as ‘extremely astute, very careful and conscientious,‘ was involved in University of Exeter v Allianz Insurance Plc, representing the insurer which was seeking a declaration that it was right to reject a claim arising out of the controlled detonation of a World War 2-era bomb discovered on land adjacent to student residencies. Andrew Rigney KC has a well established practice in insurance which encompasses domestic and international work, and has been involved in a wide range of important insurance cases including those arising out of Grenfell and Covid-19 lockdowns. Ben Quiney KC advises and litigates on all insurance related disputes, including policy disputes and recovery claims, while Frederick Simpson  and Andrew Brown are notable juniors in the set.


‘Steve Purse and his team are great to work with and always try their best to help whenever possible.’

‘Steve Purse is the best clerk in the business.  Very responsive and anticipates my needs without my having to ask.’

‘Greg Frewin has always been one of the most helpful I have found in any Chambers and my interactions now with Steve Purse to be extremely quick at coming back to me and to provide great service and to offer helpful suggestions wherever he can.’

‘Go to Chambers for insurance and construction matters.’

‘Crown Office are my go to the simpler case where I need a costs effective solution for the client.’

‘There is a growing strength in depth in this area at more junior levels.  The more senior end of the set has always been strong.  Daniel Shapiro KC is first class.’

‘Crown Office is generally good at gauging counsel availability and the clerks are quick to suggest alternatives if a particular barrister is unavailable. The clerks are generally very quick to respond and helpful.’

‘Crown Office Chambers is a very strong set in this area. It has good strength in depth and has very strong clerking.’

Work highlights

Fountain Court Chambers

Insurance remains a core part of Fountain Court Chambers’s practice, with members representing both insurers and policyholders in cases including high-profile and precedent-setting disputes, including involvement in disputes arising out of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. David Railton KC has been active acting for aviation war risks insurers in litigation arising out of the Ukraine crisis, in the case of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) Ltd v Various Insurers. Anneliese Day KC is routinely instructed in substantial and complex insurance matters, whereas Leigh-Ann Mulcahy KC has continued to engage in claims for business interruption losses suffered as a result of lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic. Bankim Thanki KC has strong insurance experience linked to his aviation, commercial and banking practices, and Max Evans is a notable junior in the set.


‘Sian Huckett is very informed and responsive.’

‘Excellent clerks room. Alex Taylor and Sian Huckett are brilliant.’

‘Strength and depth across all complex insurance and reinsurance issues. Incredibly valuable to be able to use Senior and Junior Counsel in the same set, with this specialist knowledge.’

‘Good, efficient and pragmatic.’

‘Fountain Court is an outstanding insurance set.’

‘The set has an increasing number of insurance practitioners, at all levels of seniority, and is involved in all the major insurance cases.’


Work highlights

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings is noted as being ‘a good solid set for commercial matters,‘ with members such as Adam Kramer KC and William Day having been involved in Covid-19 lockdown-related cases such as Stonegate Pub Company v MS AmlinTom Weitzman KC and Peter Ratcliffe acted for the restaurant chain in PizzaExpress v Liberty Mutual Insurance, another case concerning if the policy (which used the "Aon Trio" wording) applied to central government action and if the limits in that case were national or per restaurant. Kate Holderness has acted and advised in related to a wide range of insurance disputes, including between brokers and insurers, while Sophia Dzwig is another key junior on the set.


‘Richard Ansell is knowledgeable and helpful.’

‘Stephen Penson is a fantastic senior clerk. He knows how to balance conflicting demands on time and keeps instructing solicitors aware of availability and matters as they arise. There are never any surprises with Stephen.’

‘All the clerks are pleasant to deal with, commercial and efficient. Stuart Pullum has been particularly helpful in the past few months.’

‘Fantastic set – commercial, competitive, pleasant.’

‘3VB is our go-to set for policyholder-side insurance coverage counsel.”

‘3VB is a good solid set for commercial matters.  It is stocked with people who are all very easy to deal with.’

‘3VB is a first choice set for insurance work at the moment. They have some exceptional people there and are great to deal with across the board.’

‘The go to set for complex insurance coverage work, with leading silks and juniors.’

Work highlights

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court includes members involved in cases which reflect critical issues affecting the insurance market, including members such as Martyn Naylor  and Rani Noakes  involved in matters arising out of the Covid-19 lockdowns, and professional liability insurance, D&O cover, insurance of financial institutions and cyber risks. Beyond the pandemic, barristers such as Mek Mesfin  have been involved in cases revolving around the construction field, with claims arising across the world including major construction projects in the Middle East and Africa. Andrew Neish KC has a strong cross-border practice, having been involved in disputes acting for major UK, US and Bermudian insurers, while Aidan Christie KC has had a busy year in insurance, with cases involving Covid-related claims, both direct and reinsurance, and heavyweight arbitrations in the industry.


‘The clerks always provide a first class service, particularly Carl Wall.’

‘The clerks are flexible and keen to assist; Richard Sumarno is a great new addition.’

‘The clerks are excellent, ever reliant, client friendly, keen to help and commercial.  Carl Wall and Stewart Gibbs are outstanding.’

‘4 Pump Court offers solid bench strength for insurance work, with plenty of options for high-performing senior and junior counsel.’

‘4 Pump Court are a long established leading set for insurance, professional negligence, construction and international arbitration work. They are led by some excellent silks.’

‘4 Pump Court offers strength in depth in insurance and reinsurance.’

Work highlights

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers have acted in a number of well-known market disputes both in the domestic and international market involving international insurers, policyholders and brokers. David Scorey KC has acted in excess liability insurance cases, alongside domestic and international arbitrations, including the case of Pizza Express Group Limited & Subsidiary companies v Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE and XL Insurance Company SE which involved a non-damage business interruption claim arising out of Covid-19 lockdowns. Mark Templeman KC  has been involved in a number of major market disputes, including international claims for constructive total loss. Angeline Welsh KC, Siddharth Dhar KC and Ruth Den Besten KC were all appointed silk in 2023.


‘A pleasure to work with. Efficient and friendly.’

‘An excellent set, especially for coverage.’


Work highlights

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambersoffers a wealth of marine insurance specialists across all levels of the set‘ alongside non-marine insurance cases. Members of the set has been involved in insurance cases across a broad spectrum of issues affecting the globe, such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Covid-19 and trade insurance, with members such as Simon Rainey KC representing the IT company in Soteria Insurance Limited v IBM, appealing to the Supreme Court the Court of Appeal’s decision that an exclusion clause limited liability for loss of profit, revenue and savings did not exclude claims for wasted expenditure. Guy Blackwood KC has been active in insurance and reinsurance disputes, both in the English courts and in arbitration, while Benjamin Coffer  is noted for his specialism in reinsurance, having acted on a full range of marine and non-marine coverage disputes.


‘Daniel Westerman is knowledgeable, efficient and a good communicator.’

‘Daniel Westerman always goes above and beyond to assist with any queries or concerns.’

‘Chambers offers a wealth of marine insurance specialists across all levels of the set, and decent opportunities to attend training sessions on topics of interest.’

‘Quadrant Chambers provide a wide array of barristers on all areas of shipping (marine insurance, wet and dry shipping).’

‘Good strength in depth across all lines of marine and reinsurance business.’

Work highlights


Members of Devereux have been instructed on a number of complex and high value domestic and international cases surrounding the insurance and reinsurance market in the past year. Richard Harrison was involved in Geo-Minerals GT Ltd v Rouse & Co International Limited & Others which involved a claim against insurers of an alleged negligent patent attorney for failures which assisted the success of a fraud conspiracy, where the alleged conspirators registered the trademarks, IP and contracts of the claimant in the name of their company called a similar name.


‘Top class set. Good strength in depth.’

‘Very attentive and responsive clerking.’

Work highlights

Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers‘ insurance practice links with its other practice areas in construction, property damage and professional liability, where barristers have had significant experience in policy coverage work on behalf of insures, insurers and reinsurers. Nigel Jones KC is an expert in insurance litigation, having been involved in large insurance disputes in the market, including Enterprise Insurance Co, a cross-border case in Gibraltar where Jones, alongside Sarah McCann were instructed to advise on the conduct of Enterprise’s UK motor claims book requiring detailed advice on insurance law, alongside being instructed by the Gibraltar liquidator both directly and through a Gibraltarian firm to advise on multiple company matters concerning the insolvency and ongoing litigation in multiple international jurisdictions. Paul Reed KC regularly advises on coverage and avoidance issues for insurance companies, whereas George Eyre  is a name to watch for his practice, combining his expertise in construction and energy into his insurance practice. David Pliener KC was appointed silk in 2023.

Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex covers a full spectrum of commercial insurance and reinsurance disputes, both in arbitration and in court. Members, including Charles Kimmins KC, have acted in large market disputes and have been instructed for policyholders, insurers and reinsurers, both domestically and internationally. Philip Edey KC acted for a major Middle Eastern retailer seeking to recover under its business interruption insurance policies for lockdown-related losses to its operations in the Middle East in Al Mana v Fidelity and Libano, whereas Susannah Jones has developed an impressive practice, with significant work in high-value reinsurance arbitrations. Luke Pearce KC was appointed silk in 2023.