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Leading Silks

Lord Anderson KCBrick Court ChambersA silk possessing incredible gravitas in court and conference, David is both very user-friendly and authoritative.
Kieron Beal KCBlackstone ChambersA silk who always delivers a first class service; Kieron is a brilliant advocate and produces quality written work. ’
Marie Demetriou KCBrick Court ChambersMarie is a brilliant courtroom advocate, particularly strong in appellate court. ’
James Flynn KCBrick Court ChambersExquisite analytical skills, James is a precise drafter and a persuasive advocate.
Brian Kennelly KCBlackstone ChambersBrian consistently provides well-considered and pragmatic advice in relation to highly complex and novel issues. He is always mindful of the environment in which his client is operating and the competing challenges they confront. His advice is always clear, concise and practical.
Philip Moser KCMonckton ChambersPhilip is extremely strong when it comes to analysing unique legal problems, particularly in the arena of subsidy control and procurement and in relation to the interpretation of retained EU law post-Brexit. He provides soundly-reasoned, precise and robust.
Gerry Facenna KCMonckton ChambersGerry is an exquisite advocate; great at focusing on the points that really matter.
Maya Lester KCBrick Court ChambersMaya is a phenomenal drafter, amazingly responsive and is top of the tree for sanctions.
Aidan O’Neill KCMatrix Chambers ‘As well as an extraordinary work ethic, Aidan has an utterly phenomenal knowledge of European law and history which links into the creation of not only European law but constitutional law.
George Peretz KCMonckton ChambersGeorge is a leading light in European law issues.
Charles Banner KCKeating ChambersSuperb in relation to complex planning law matters, particularly where they overlap with other areas of legal control such as EU environmental law.
Daniel Beard KCMonckton Chambers ‘An exceptionally good silk, Daniel is insightful and has tremendous experience and judgement.
David Blundell KCLandmark ChambersDavid is a very reasonable and sensible advocate, always winning the confidence of the Court.
Tim Buley KCLandmark Chambers ‘When it comes to the complex area of EU law, Tim is able to quickly digest and understand novel legal points and formulate cogent arguments. An incredibly approachable silk, he is both engaged and responsive with any matter he deals with.
Monica Carss-Frisk KC – Blackstone Chambers ‘Monica is one of the very best, combining a superb approach to advocacy with a brilliant eye for strategy.
Josh Holmes KCMonckton ChambersClarity, brevity; Josh has the ability to understand the specific constraints associated with representing a public institution.
Daniel Jowell KCBrick Court ChambersDaniel is up there with the best in terms of strategy, legal reasoning and client service.
Timothy Lyons KC39 Essex ChambersTimothy wrote the book on EU customs law and is the go-to silk on complex matters, owing to his unrivalled experience in this area.
Robert Palmer KCMonckton Chambers ‘A clear structured and persuasive advocacy style, Robert’s technical knowledge is exceptional and judges listen carefully to what he has to say.
Fergus Randolph KC – Brick Court Chambers ‘Fergus is extremely knowledgeable and addresses novel legal issues in a pragmatic manner. An incredibly versatile and accessible silk, his client is always highly satisfied with the depth and clarity of his legal opinions.
Aidan Robertson KCBrick Court ChambersWhen it comes to EU law, Aidan has immense knowledge of formalities, judges and court procedure.
David Scannell KCBrick Court ChambersDavid has an excellent strategic mind, navigating the legal issues and client’s objectives with seeming ease. 
James Segan KCBlackstone ChambersJames is a truly outstanding silk. He is always well-prepared and totally on top of his brief while giving sound commercial advice. His advocacy is second to none, dealing with questions from the bench seamlessly and producing submissions which are always well-structured and persuasive.
Jessica Simor KCMatrix ChambersJessica has the ability to explain a complex situation in the most straightforward way.
Rhodri Thompson KCMatrix ChambersA thorough and polite advocacy style, Rhodri picks up on the key issues very quickly and provides succinct advice on complex issues.
Jon Turner KCMonckton ChambersJon has a great court presence, in complete command of the facts and law and able to field all questions confidently and sets out his case lucidly.
Victoria Wakefield KC – Brick Court Chambers ‘Calmness personified, Victoria has complete mastery of the changes in this fast moving area at a particularly turbulent time.

Leading Juniors

Christopher Knight11KBWChristopher has a deep knowledge of EU law, especially in the elections field and writes with great clarity and persuasion.
Ben LaskMonckton Chambers ‘Ben is a fantastic junior who is intelligent, thorough and persuasive. He is a genuine expert on EU law and it is only a matter of time before he is in silk.
Brendan McGurkMonckton ChambersA smooth and articulate advocate, Brendan is highly technical and produced great written work. He has stood up to tough questions from judges on EU law authorities in the highest courts, such as the CJEU.
Emily NeillBlackstone ChambersAn exceptional barrister possessing a first class legal mind. Emily provides clear and insightful written advice and is a powerful advocate.
Takis TridimasMatrix ChambersTakis has an encyclopaedic knowledge of EU law and is very thorough in everything he drafts and advises on, overall delivering an exceptional service.’
Richard BlakeleyBrick Court ChambersRichard has an incisive mind and is excellent at breaking down complex problems. He is always happy to talk through an issue and consider creative solutions.
Tim JohnstonBrick Court ChambersTim is an excellent senior junior with very good written skills and a very accomplished advocacy style; he is a silk in waiting.
Ravi MehtaBlackstone ChambersSuccinct and to the point; Ravi grasps issues easily and provides extremely clear advice, which tends to bring him out on the winning side in cases.
Jason PobjoyBlackstone ChambersA superb legal brain and a commercially sharp approach to matters, Jason is an extraordinarily talented barrister. One of the best juniors at the bar for disputes concerning EU law, he is a real team player and simply wonderful to work with.
Alan BatesMonckton ChambersAlan has a first class knowledge of case law and impeccable judgement, borne of years being involved in cutting edge cases.
Hugo LeithBrick Court ChambersA very talented junior, Hugo is particularly clever and his versatility make him easy to work with.
Gerard RothschildBrick Court ChambersTechnically, Gerard is one of the best intellects at the Bar.
Charlotte ThomasBrick Court ChambersA very bright and knowledgeable junior, Charlotte is highly approachable and her clear and to the point drafting make her great to work with.
Jonathan Worboys4 New SquareJonathan’s advice is always accurate and takes into account the bigger picture of an issue.

Rising Stars

Emma MockfordBrick Court ChambersEmma is the complete package and a fantastic barrister. She has a good grasp of the bigger picture, is a real team player and regularly punches above her weight, gaining the full confidence of her client in the process.

European Union law in London Bar

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers is a leading set for EU law and unique in the breadth and depth of expertise it offers; including areas such as broadcasting and media, jurisdiction disputes, competition, constitutional matters, financial services, the free movements of goods, services and people and many more. Lord Pannick KC has spent years building a substantial EU practice, appearing before the Court of Appeal for the Danish tax authorities in SKAT v Solo Capital Partners LLP, considering the scope and effect of the Brussels Regulation EU No.1215/2012 in relation to the jurisdiction of UK courts against a backdrop of what is alleged to be a “cum-ex” tax fraud. Kieron Beal KC acted for the appellant in UK and ITV plc v European Commission, a case concerning over £1 billion in alleged state aid concerning British tax law’s “controlled foreign companies” exemption.



‘One of the best sets.’

‘For EU matters, Blackstone Chambers is one of the strongest sets offering enormously talented advocates at every level.’

‘Blackstone Chambers is an excellent set with very good bench-strength.’

‘Blackstone is one of our go-to sets; the calibre of barristers is outstanding as is their specialist knowledge and expertise.’


‘Lewis Hall is always helpful and responsive.’

‘The clerks are great and very personable, which makes instructing them much easier.’

Work highlights

    Brick Court Chambers

    A preeminent set for EU law‘, Brick Court Chambers boasts extensive expertise in both the silk and junior ranks, covering the spectrum of EU related matters and acting in the most high-profile cases before senior UK and European Courts. David Scannell KC possesses particular expertise in pharmaceutical and chemical related matters, which he utilised when acting for animal rights campaign group PETA in Symrise AG v European Chemicals Agency; an appeal against the European Chemicals Agency directing Symrise to conduct animal tests on their chemical substances under the REACH regulation. James Flynn KC represented the environmental NGO in ClientEarth v European Investment Bank, the case is of critical significance to the functioning of, and EU’s compliance with, international environmental conventions and is now pending appeal before the European Court of Justice.



    ‘Preeminent Chambers for EU law.’

    ‘Brick Court Chambers are the go-to set for EU law matters.’

    ‘Brick Court is well-known for its top quality barristers practicing in the field of sanctions law, Especially the European sanctions regime.’

    ‘One of the best sets for EU matters; their practitioners in the field are usually available, even on short notice.’

    ‘Widely regarded as the best in this field.’


    ‘Luke Carvalho is easy to deal with and flexible.’

    ‘The clerks are very efficient and responsive.’

    ‘The best clerks in town.’

    ‘The clerks room is very helpful and provides an excellent client service.’

    Work highlights

      Monckton Chambers

      Monckton Chambers is widely recognised and respected for its vast expertise in all areas of EU law, regularly instructed to advise and litigate on behalf of UK government departments, private sector clients, NGOs and EU institutions, acting in the leading cases in the field. Josh Holmes KC is representing the plastic manufacturer against various EU institutions in Symphony Environmental v the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the European Commission, the case concerns a damages claim for losses caused by a ban introduced on the sale of oxo-degradable plastic products, raising important legal issues on the EU’s regulatory framework applicable to chemicals and the proportionality of product bans under EU law. Concerning the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit transition period, Tim Ward KC acted successfully for the appellant in R (Fratila) v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions; the first case to reach the Supreme Court on Brexit arrangements regarding the application of EU non-discrimination law to EU citizens with rights of residence. Philip Moser KC and Brendan McGurk are representing the government in Good Law Project v the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care & Abingdon, a case regarding the procurement of Covid-19 antigen testing which raises questions regarding procurement, EU and state aid law.



      ‘Monckton has an outstanding range of barristers in EU law. I have encountered many of them in cases in the European Courts.’

      ‘Excellent on EU law.’


      ‘The clerks are always very helpful and responsive.’

      39 Essex Chambers

      39 Essex Chambers has a number of highly experienced members, offering expertise in a broad range of EU law areas spanning from Brexit and the new Free Trade Agreement, competition and state aid, data and information law, to financial services, tax and customs. Deok Joo Rhee KC advised the Labour Party on its pre-election manifesto and how it related to EU law including issues of state aid, rail nationalisation and proposed windfall taxes. Katherine Apps represented the European Trade Unions in a judicial review case against the EU Commission concerning a decision to not propose the social partners agreement made under Article 154 TFEU be turned in to a directive, with issues concerning the 'social chapter' of that treaty.



      ‘Alastair Davidson is fantastic.’

      Work highlights

        Matrix Chambers

        Matrix Chambers continues to act across the spectrum of EU law matters, from the broader competition and state aid, to the more specialised and contemporary advice in regards to the Brexit withdrawal agreement. Jessica Simor KC appeared before the Court of Appeal in Jersey Choice v Her Majesty’s Treasury and HMRC, a Francovich damages action brought against the UK Government for the removal of a VAT relief on the basis it constituted a discriminatory customs charge under EU law. Takis Tridimas is bringing an appeal on behalf of UK citizens in Joshua David Silver and Others v the Council of the European Union, the case challenges the Brexit withdrawal agreement as it pertains to the deprivation of Union citizenship; raising critical questions regarding the fundamental right to citizenship and novel constitutional issues.



        ‘Matrix Chambers offers a very good and responsive service. ’

        ‘Their members are first rate.’


        ‘Elizabeth Bousher is an outstanding clerk, highly efficient and helpful.’

        ‘The clerks room are always extraordinarily helpful.’

        ‘Matrix’s clerks are the best I have ever come across; always proactive and unfailingly polite.’

        Work highlights