European Union law in London Bar

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers is 'extremely strong in the area of European Union law', with members appearing for both business, non-profit bodies, and the UK government in a range of EU-infused cases in London. Members were instructed on both sides of R (Friends of Antique Cultural Treasures) v Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, a challenge based on EU free movement of goods law to a near-total ban on the sale of antiques containing elephant ivory; Thomas de la Mare QC acted for the claimant organisation, while Treasury Devil James Eadie QC and Hanif Mussa representing DEFRA. In Luxembourg, Kieron Beal QC and Paul Luckhurst continue to defend the UK government in a case brought by the European Commission concerning an alleged non-collection customs duties applied to transshipments of aluminium through the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla by its authorities. James Segan QC is a 2020 silk appointment.

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers is for many 'still the go-to set for EU law litigation, with a deep pool of talent'. In Luxembourg, Kelyn Bacon QC (elevated to the High Court as of 1 October 2020) represented bondholders of Banco Espirito Santo in a challenge to the European court's decision to approve the bank's bifurcation into a "good bank" and a "bad bank", while in the UK Supreme Court she was instructed for HMRC in Routier, a case concerning the status of Jersey as an EU "third country". Prior to his appointment in the 2020 silk round, and among other chemicals cases, David Scannell QC represented GE Healthcare before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in a challenge to a decision suspending the authorisation of a contrast agent used in MRI scans for over 25 years. Before the London courts, five members of chambers are involved in the Micula v Romania litigation caused by an instruction from the European Commission to the Romanian government to disregard an ICSID award it deemed to be state aid: Robert O'Donoghue QC, Gerard Rothschild and Emily MacKenzie for the Romanian government, and Marie Demetriou QC and Hugo Leith for one of the two claimants. Also of note, Charlotte Thomas is a rising star of EU law Bar.

Monckton Chambers

'Simply the best on EU law' with 'excellent strength across the board', members of Monckton Chambers are active in a range of EU law matters for both the UK government, businesses and individuals. Ian Rogers QC represents the UK in infraction proceedings brought by the European Commission, which seeks over €3bn for allegedly undervalued Chinese clothing imports. In the domestic courts, Tim Ward QC succeeded for the appellants in R (Chiltern Farm Chemicals) v HSE, a case concerning a ban on particular types of slug pellets. The set's juniors are busy in Luxembourg, where Anneli Howard represented the UK government in a number of cases concerning if unfair clauses in mortgage contracts should be excised or cause the loan to be voided; Ben Lask represents Catalan politician Carles Puigdemont in a dispute as to if he can take his seat as an MEP without taking his oath of office in Spain, where he is subject to an arrest warrant concerning the attempted independence referendum in 2017.

39 Essex Chambers

Members of 39 Essex Chambers are active in a number of matters with EU law elements at play. Deok Joo Rhee QC represented the trustee in McNamara v Wilson and Maloney, a High Court case concerning potential inclusion of an Irish citizen's Irish pension in his UK bankruptcy estate. In Luxembourg, Katherine Apps represented the European Public Services Union in a case concerning the position of consultation rights of public sector employees.

Matrix Chambers

Members of Matrix Chambers handle a range of work before the European Courts, with many matters involving questions of individual rights. Aidan O’Neill QC represented the AIRE Centre in Bajratari v Secretary of State for the Home Department, in which the European Court of Justice (ECJ) confirmed that an EU citizen child had sufficient resources not to be an unreasonable burden on Northern Ireland's benefits system if his non-EU father was working, albeit illegally. Among the set's juniors, Takis Tridimas (also a professor of law at King's College London) represented a number of investors and depositors in cases stemming from the "bail-ins" of Cypriot banks. David Wolfe QC is considered a go-to silk for EU matters with an environmental angle.