Leading Silks

Allan Myers AC QC - List A BarristersOutstanding senior statesman of the Victorian Bar.
David Jackson AM QC - New ChambersOutstanding – the top High Court advocate in Australia. An unsurpassed expert on constitutional law.
James Peters AM QC - Dever's List BarristersA leading Melbourne silk and is the immediate past president of the Victorian Bar.
Hamish Austin QC - List G BarristersA recognised and highly regarded senior counsel.
Catherine Button QC - List A BarristersRecognised and highly regarded senior counsel briefed in various commercial and insolvency matters by us.
Christopher Caleo QC - Dever's List BarristersA brilliant lawyer, highly persuasive advocate, and superb cross-examiner.
Damian Clothier QC - Level Twenty Seven ChambersHe is particularly skilled at articulating complex issues where the content and style that gives the client the best chance of success.
Shane Doyle QC - Level Twenty Seven ChambersA super star and completely pleasant to work with.
Greg Harris QC - Dever's List BarristersA razor-sharp legal mind, gets to the core of the issues immediately and identifies important legal points that can sometimes sit in the background. Committed to the client.
Wendy Harris QC - List A BarristersSuperb advocate, best in Melbourne for commercial matters.
Declan Kelly QC - Gerard Brennan ChambersRecognised and highly regarded senior counsel briefed in various commercial and insolvency matters.
Liam Kelly QC - Gerard Brennan ChambersA top commercial/corporate litigation senior counsel.
Rowena Orr QC - List G BarristersAn experience senior counsel with expertise in competition and consumer law.
Elizabeth Cheeseman SC i - New ChambersAn expert in investigations and freezing order matters. We would not hesitate to instruct her again.
Brahma Dharmananda SC - Quayside ChambersA pre-eminent SC in Perth. Well regarded appellate advocate.
Bret Walker SC - Fifth Floor St James’ Hall BarristersA formidable intellect and a superb advocate. One of the few leading commercial silks who also has substantial experience in corporate criminal work (both trials and appeals). Excellent (All disputes). Go to for high profile reputational risk matters. Brilliant strategist.
Dominique Hogan-Doran SC - 5 Wentworth ChambersWell regarded for her incisive and practical understanding of the financial sector regimes. A preeminent silk in relation to inquiries, investigations and Royal Commissions.
Elizabeth Collins SC - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersShe is excellent (all disputes). D&O, regulatory and representation. She is hands on, hardworking, will appreciate the big picture but also get across the detail of the case, providing clear and constructive advice, and direction on matters of preparation, evidence and strategy.
Garry Rich SC - Fifth Floor St James’ Hall BarristersA silk who is in the process of moving from the middle layer to the top echelon. Extremely capable, hard-working and an unflappable advocate.
Ian Pike SC - Eleven Wentworth BarristersA hands-on silk which is rare to find these days. Understands the minutiae and details of the dispute while not losing sight of the overall strategy. Great bedside manners with client and judiciary alike.
Ian Jackman SC - Eighth Floor Selborne ChambersOutstanding – a leader at the Sydney bar in financial litigation. The acknowledged primus inter pares of the Sydney bar in complex corporate, financial services and trusts practice, and a fearsome cross-examiner to boot.
Jeremy Stoljar SC - Eighth Floor Selborne ChambersA brilliant mix of clear, sharp and insightful while being user-friendly and client-focused. Mr Stoljar is a highly respected commercial law counsel with specialties in commercial disputes, corporations law, equity and trust law and real property matters.
Jeremy Kirk SC - Eleven Wentworth BarristersOur silk of choice in Sydney.
John Gilmour SC - Quayside ChambersHe is a highly regarded counsel in the arbitration field – a very calm and reasoned advocate.
Justin Gleeson SC - Banco ChambersHis reputation as one of Australia’s best advocates is well deserved. He is fearless in Court and ruthlessly efficient outside of it.
Kanaga Dharmananda SC - Quayside ChambersA first rate commercial Senior Counsel with commercial crime experience.
Kristina Stern SC - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersStrategic and well prepared. Works quickly and thoroughly.
Matthew Darke SC - Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne ChambersOutstanding senior counsel with strong class actions and financial services expertise.
Nicholas Owens SC - Fifth Floor St James’ Hall BarristersHe also has an uncanny ability to win over the bench, his instructors and his clients with his precise delivery and unfailingly courteous manner.
Noel Hutley SC - Fifth Floor St James’ Hall BarristersMr Hutley is a leading practitioner, unsurpassed advocate and former president of the NSW Bar Association. He provides quality strategic and commercial advice.
Patricia Cahill SC - Francis Burt ChambersAn extremely proficient counsel, and excellent advocate. Pre-eminent SC in WA.  An excellent trial advocate.
Peter Brereton SC - Banco ChambersA smart, experienced and well-regarded senior counsel. We brief him regularly across a range of commercial and regulatory disputes and would consider him to be a ‘go to’ silk where a thorough consideration of complex legal issues is required. Intelligent, considered and thorough. Has the added advantage of being very client-friendly.
Richard Lancaster SC-Fifth Floor St James’ Hall BarristersA highly respected advocate who has an exceptional in Court manner. He is widely respected by the Bar and Bench alike.'
Steven Finch SC - Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne ChambersOutstanding – a leader in complex commercial, insolvency and regulatory litigation.
Tony Bannon SC - Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne ChambersSenior leading commercial and competition counsel. Trusted Senior Counsel, used for business critical matters. Extremely safe pair of hands, and his reputation is wholly deserved.
John Sheahan QC - Banco ChambersWe consider John to be one of the most experienced and respected QCs in the country and he is one of our top choices when asked to recommend a silk for high stakes or reputationally significant litigation. He is involved in a range of commercial and regulatory disputes. John is also a member of the Takeovers Panel.
Philip Solomon QC - Dever's List BarristersExcellent written and oral advocate; crisp, clear and concise. A pleasure to deal with in running cases and works well behind the scenes with junior Counsel.
Michael Wyles QC - Foley's List BarristersA leading Melbourne commercial silk.
Neil Young QC - List A BarristersComplex litigation expert and pre-eminent Australian barrister.
Neil Young QC - New ChambersComplex litigation expert and pre-eminent Australian barrister.
Chris Zelestis QC - Francis Burt ChambersPre-eminent WA commercial silk.
Jeremy Giles SC - 7 Wentworth Selborne 'is intelligent, commercial and a great lateral thinker'. 'An excellent commercial silk, super friendly, and very good with clients.' 
Anthony McGrath SC-Alinea Chambers'Hands on, hardworking, provides thoughtful, practical and clear advice, works well with instructing solicitors, and respected by the bench.
David Thomas SC - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersMr Thomas is one of the leading junior silks in NSW with a broad commercial practice. He has a formidable intellect, is an excellent and determined advocate, and is highly regarded by his colleagues at the bar. He is also a pleasure to work with.
James Lockhart SC - Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne ChambersHe has been briefed on a number of matters by our Sydney team. He is an excellent commercial barrister who is very calm under pressure.
Jeremy Slattery SC - List G BarristersAn Excellent advocate and a go-to barrister for breach of confidence matters.
Michael Henry SC - Alinea ChambersHighly competent and respected advocate. A stand out.
Michael Hodge SC - New ChambersA high profile senior counsel briefed as counsel assisting on the Financial Services Royal Commission.
Nicholas De Young SC - List G BarristersHe is one of the firm’s preferred barristers for relevant complex corporate disputes.
Peter Braham SC - Eleven Wentworth BarristersA highly regarded commercial lawyer with a considerable appellate practice.
Richard McHugh SC - Banco ChambersHe has an outstanding ability to analyse complex issues and advocate outcomes.
Scott Nixon SC - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersOutstanding – the rising star among the junior silk ranks in complex claims litigation.

Leading Juniors

James Arnott - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersA highly regarded commercial senior junior, who we have worked with on various matters. A very experienced junior, with very solid financial services expertise.
Mark Costello-List A BarristersVery clever junior Counsel. Easy to work with, an accessible style and thorough knowledge of many areas of the law.'
Catherine Dermody - Foley's List BarristersOur first choice on complex regulatory matters. She provides commercially astute advice and understands the detail.
Dr Charles Parkinson - List A BarristersA practical and common sense litigator, with a leading corporate and commercial practice. He is also an excellent advocate and a pleasure to work with.
Fiona Roughly - Banco ChambersHighly regarded across the broad area in which she practices. Known for her ease of working with, she brings a strong track record of working with the big end of town, on complex regulatory disputes.
Alan Shearer - Eleven Wentworth BarristersOne of the most highly regarded junior barristers in NSW.
Imtiaz Ahmed - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersExcellent junior, works well with senior counsel and clients, good financial services experience. A rising star of the bar. He is in demand and rightfully so.
Katherine Brazenor - List A BarristersHighly recommended Junior Counsel.
Melanie Cairns - Alinea ChambersShe is a great communicator, a team player and very sharp. Melanie is hard-working, a critical thinker and great to work with. She is also a great supporter of more junior counsel.
Elisa Holmes - Eleven Wentworth BarristersShe is a formidable intellect, a  determined  advocate and has an enthusiasm for the law that is unmatched (by most).
James Hutton - Eleven Wentworth BarristersAffable, technically excellent, reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Rising Stars

Emma Beechey - New ChambersShe works hard to keep a matter on track, provides great support to her leaders, calm under pressure, clear drafting style, always well prepared.
Jane Buncle - Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne ChambersAn outstanding advocate with a superior ability to grasp complex issues, and her forensic and legal analysis is invaluable.
Dominic Delaney - Alinea ChambersI would place Dominic in the company of other exceptional junior barristers at the commercial bar. He is smart, sensible, responsive and commercial.
Zoe Hillman-Alinea Chambers'Highly recommended and strong in financial services.'
Adam Hochroth - Banco ChambersMr Hochroth is a rising star of the Bar, especially in the field of class actions. He is capable of synthesising highly complex ideas and producing work in a timely and efficient manner.
Michael May - Level Twenty Seven ChambersAn exceptional junior counsel.
Julia Roy - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersA stellar junior counsel, with unparalleled experience in matters involving the intersection of commercial, competition and criminal law.
Sonia Tame - New ChambersHer years in private practice as a partner at an international commercial law firm are apparent in the commerciality of the advice that she provides.
Stewart Webster - Level Twenty Seven ChambersMr Webster is a very intelligent, practical and common sense litigator, with a leading commercial practice – particularly in the areas of insolvency and construction. He is also an excellent advocate and a pleasure to work with.

Commercial disputes in Australia Bar

5 Wentworth Chambers

5 Wentworth Chambers' history dates back to 1932 when the Wentworth and Selborne Chambers were founded - a number of its silks have since become Federal and High Court judges. It is known for its banking and finance, employment, and securities law expertise, in addition to extensive corporate litigation. Its reputation in intellectual property is second to none. Dominique Hogan-Doran SC is lauded as 'pre-eminent' in relation to inquiries, investigations, and Royal Commissions, this, in addition to being a stand-out for her 'incisive' handling of financial services cases. Sarah Tiffin is the senior clerk.

Banco Chambers

Banco Chambers is one of the premier sets in Sydney that has the capacity to handle the full range of commercial disputes in addition to specialists in most discrete practice areas. Justin Gleeson SC (formerly the Commonwealth Solicitor-General) is known as the  ‘go-to’ silk on difficult cases, especially at the appellate level and equally, John Sheahan QC is a 'renowned trial and appellate advocate'. His practice includes international arbitration and he is an associate member of South Square Chambers in London. Peter Brereton SC is a ‘go-to silk where a thorough consideration of complex legal issues is required'; he is briefed on a range of commercial, competition, and IP cases. 'Intelligent, quick and determined to win' Richard McHugh SC, who is in demand for his 'outstanding ability to analyse complex issues' has an unusually broad practice. His clients range from banks and other commercial entities to well-known figures in the arts, the latter in relation to his defamation practice. 'Always polished and well prepared' Fiona Roughly has built a reputation for handling a wide range of commercial litigation including financial services; class actions; public and competition law. Adam Hochroth is rated for his recent work in administrative and equity matters, class actions, and employment where he has 'a good balance of technical and commercial expertise'. Jeh Coutinho is the senior clerk of chambers.

Eleven Wentworth Barristers

Eleven Wentworth Barristers has well-established roots in Sydney and is comprehensively recommended for its breadth of specialisms and high-performing silks and juniors. The 'pragmatic and commercial' Ian Pike SC is cited for his  'growing practice in white-collar work' in addition to wider commercial cases. Peter Braham SC is also recognised for his broad expertise 'in the commercial space, including arbitration, employment, and public law'. His recent work includes the successful defense of a substantial insolvent trading claim against a director brought by the liquidator. An 'excellent, high-profile silkJeremy Kirk SC is briefed on cases involving major corporates. Alan Shearer is identified as a top junior; his work includes class actions and he is involved in cases in State Supreme Courts, the Federal and High Courts. The 'astute' James Hutton is highlighted as an 'excellent senior junior' entrusted with high-value litigation and new silk Justin Williams is also highly rated for his 'broad commercial litigation experience, including in relation to directors' duties'. Elisa Holmes is well-rated for her extensive experience which includes a number of years' practice at the London bar. Her work includes class actions and she also has a sports law background. Zach Rymer is the clerk of the set.

Fifth Floor St James’ Hall Barristers

Fifth Floor St James’ Hall Barristers is home to a number of the pre-eminent Senior Counsel in Australia. Noel Hutley SC is sought out for 'strategic and sensitive' cases in myriad practice areas including environment and competition and in white-collar crime where he is considered 'a commercially astute and a formidable advocate'. Bret Walker SC is lauded for his appellant work; 'his skill in that area is second to none'. He is also briefed on a range of areas, most recently competition, media, and white-collar crime cases. The 'pre-eminent' Richard Lancaster SC undertakes matters including class actions and of late, is especially in demand for major environmental cases. Nicholas Owens SC 'regularly provides top-notch advice in very tight timeframes' and is also noted for his winning style with clients and the bench alike. Garry Rich SC 'is a specialist at high stakes and complex disputes - he is especially effective in cross-examination'. His recent work included acting in relation to a financial services franchise dispute. Caroline Davoren is the senior clerk.

Level Twenty Seven Chambers

'The pre-eminent chambers in Queensland' Level Twenty Seven Chambers is considered 'strong across the board' and 'is always involved in the most significant cases in Queensland'. In addition to its national reach, a number of members frequently act on large, cross-border cases, including international arbitrations in Asia-Pacific and beyond. 'Superstar' Shane Doyle QC is one such renowned international counsel who is entrusted with the most complex cases including the Supreme Court of Queensland case of the winding-up of Clive Palmer’s business, Queensland Nickel. Damian Clothier QC is instructed on 'difficult and hard-fought' cases and is recognised as an 'exceptional advocate who is detailed in his preparation, authoritative and highly effective'. His practice ranges from construction and insolvency to professional negligence matters. Clothier QC is acting for Gladstone Ports Corporation in a class action brought by commercial fishermen for losses they say resulted from large-scale contamination from toxic dredge spill. Michael May is involved in an impressive array of litigation (unled on some of his cases). His work includes insolvency cases and substantial class actions, including acting for the plaintiffs in a class action with significant implications for the enforceability of litigation funding agreements for commercial class actions in Australia. Stewart Webster is considered 'a rising star of the Queensland bar and, as such, is in high demand'. His restructuring and insolvency, and construction practices are especially highlighted in addition to other 'complex and high-profile commercial disputes'. The set is highlighted for its 'modern, market-leading' management; the 'brilliant' Dan Perry and Tamara McCombe 'proactively engage with and assist solicitors'. The set is also praised for the way it has adapted its services in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

List A Barristers

List A Barristers is an acclaimed set of Melbourne-based barristers and is home to top-flight, well-know silks and juniors, (a number of the silks have been appointed to judicial positions). Renowned silks include Allan Myers AC QC who is also an international member of Keating Chambers. He is known for his arbitration work in both Australia and internationally and also acts as an arbitrator. He is also hailed as 'one of Australia’s leading appellate advocates'. His recent work includes acting in a NSW Court of Appeal matter to quash findings made by ICAC. With a 'fabulous' reputation, Neil Young QC and in Sydney New Chambers, is recognised as 'one of Australia's pre-eminent counsel'; he is in demand for his expertise in areas ranging from native title to competition and tax cases. Catherine Button QC receives widespread recognition for her commercial, insolvency, and tax expertise. Wendy Harris QC is considered a standout for class actions, particularly in the realm of finance. 'Rising star of the barDr Charles Parkinson undertakes a varied mix of commercial work including in the banking and finance sectors. Other talented counsel in the junior ranks includes 'highly recommended' Katherine Brazenor and 'up and coming counsel' Mark Costello, both of whom are briefed on a variety of practice areas. David Andrews is the hugely experienced senior clerk and executive director.

List G Barristers

List G Barristers is a go-to set for complex litigation ranging across media, telecoms, construction, and the environment in addition to wide-ranging public and commercial matters. It has an exceptional offering in IP. Hamish Austin QC is in high demand for his breadth of expertise. Of late he has been briefed on a range of commercial and regulatory proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria and the Federal Court, and on a number of insolvency matters. 'An excellent senior counsel', Rowena Orr QC is a high-profile lawyer whose practice encompasses cases of proceeds of crime, competition, and consumer law in addition to commercial litigation. She was also commended for her work during the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking (etc) Industry. Jeremy Slattery SC, who was appointed Senior Counsel in 2019 is highlighted for his excellent advocacy in the Australia Competition Tribunal in addition to various state courts. Nicholas De Young SC also took silk in 2019. He is well-rated for 'specialising in competition regulatory and damages proceedings' in addition to complex litigation. Jane King is the CEO and senior clerk for the List.

New Chambers

New Chambers is one of the outstanding sets in Australia. It combines premier advocacy with commercial advice in a raft of practice areas. Its court expertise includes appellate matters and extends to investigative tribunals including ASIC and the ACCC and independent commissions of inquiry. David Jackson AM QC is noted as 'the country’s most experienced appeal counsel' - in addition to High Court cases, he has conducted a number of inquiries for national and state governments. Neil Young QC (who is also a member of List A) is 'recognised as one of Australia's pre-eminent counsel' offering 'extensive experience in all commercial matters, including corporations law, trade practices, and taxation'. Clients are unstinting in their praise for Elizabeth Cheeseman SC; 'she provides clear, direct, well-reasoned and constructive advice, is held in high regard by the bench, and is always in high demand'. She is also highly rated for her skill set in the areas of financial services regulatory and corporate crime. Michael Hodge SC (who took silk in 2017) is highlighted as an 'up and coming' senior counsel and is noted as a 'go-to' for ACCC cases. His work includes acting for Securities and Exchange Board of India in a case involving one of the world’s largest ponzi scheme that operated in India and where monies had been funneled to Australia. 'Exceptional junior' Sonia Tame is considered to be 'a step above many of her contemporaries. Without a doubt one of the top lawyers at the Sydney bar'. Recent work includes acting for David Coulter, then CFO of IOOF in an action brought by APRA. Emma Beechey who is 'a fantastic junior to have on the team', has considerable experience of trial and appellate cases and is noted for her restructuring and insolvency expertise. Michael Wilcox is the senior clerk of chambers.

Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne Chambers

Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne Chambers has long-established roots in Sydney and is home to many distinguished silks, combined with a strong cohort of juniors. The well-known senior silks include Tony Bannon SC, 'a brilliant and strategic advocate' whose practice encompasses IP and technology cases in addition to broader commercial work. Steven Finch SC 'argues with authority and creativity' in cases ranging from class actions and inquiries to insolvency. Equally in demand, Matthew Darke SC, who is 'highly regarded by his peers and the bench' represented Westpac before the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry and James Lockhart SC  counts the likes of Qantas, KPMG, and Ramsay Health Care as clients. 'Future starKate Morgan SC, is highly recommended as a 'next generation silk' and is notable for her mix of commercial and criminal expertise; she is instructed on class action work in addition to regulatory and competition cases. Of the junior members, Jane Buncle stands out as 'one of the best go-to juniors'; she was part of the team acting for Bupa ANZ Health Care Holdings Pty in relation to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and has also acted for a number of clients in relation to ASIC investigations. Emma Hoolahan is the 'efficient, friendly, and helpful' senior clerk.

Dever's List Barristers

Dever's List Barristers has a history in Melbourne dating back to 1860 and has built excellence across commercial, public, criminal, and family law. It is highlighted for specific areas such as employment and labour, arbitration, class actions, and restructuring and insolvency. A 'recognised and highly rated' silk, James Peters AM QC attracts wide-ranging work most recently includes high-profile, multi-million dollar litigation and insolvency matters. Philip Solomon QC 'is a recognised and highly regarded senior counsel' and Greg Harris QC is considered an 'excellent black-letter lawyer with top-notch forensic skills'. The 'brilliant' Christopher Caleo QC is briefed on areas including insurance disputes, professional negligence, and administrative law. John Dever acts as the head of the team of clerks.

Foley's List Barristers

Foley's List Barristers is home to some 300 barristers who have the capabilities to handle all practice areas and stand out specifically for tax, employment, energy, and regulatory regimes. Michael Wyles QC has many years of experience appearing in Supreme and Federal Courts across Australia, the High Court, and has run arbitrations. Catherine Dermody is rated for her 'astute' skills, especially in the competition realm, and for her expertise in regulatory matters in the energy sectors. John Kelly is the CEO and heads a team of highly organised clerks.

Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers

Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers is a substantial set in which silks and a strong cohort of juniors provide a comprehensive range of specialisms. Kristina Stern SC (who also spent some ten years at the London Bar) is cited for her 'strategic' guidance during litigation and recommended for a number of practice areas including tax; 'she is a strong contentious senior counsel, respected by the ATO'. The 'outstanding' Scott Nixon SC is highly recommended for being able to handle large-scale litigation including class actions and financial services cases. Elizabeth Collins SC's background is steeped in Federal and New South Wales Court appearances. She is appreciated for her 'hands-on' approach and 'appreciation of the big picture' in addition to the breadth of her expertise across all manner of disputes. David Thomas SC is highly recommended by a number of firms and is considered by one as 'a clear leader in commercial litigation'. He is also highly rated for regulatory matters. Imtiaz Ahmed is viewed as 'a rising star of the bar' and is of late, identified for his work in financial services disputes. Considered 'an excellent senior junior' by instructing firms, James Arnott is commended for his abilities in respect of financial services litigation among other practice areas. Julia Roy is considered a 'stellar junior counsel' who is building on considerable experience across the court system. A number of overseas QCs of the stature of Robert Griffiths QC are associate members (door tenants). Lisa Stewart is the long-standing senior clerk.

Alinea Chambers

Alinea Chambers is highlighted as a progressive new set 'with an excellent group of barristers'. Formed in January 2019, it is small but notable for having gender parity among its members. There are two silks at the set; Michael Henry SC, whose work includes acting for Olive Financial Markets Pty in obtaining a stay on a decision by a delegate of ASIC to cancel its Australian Financial Services Licence - considered in light of the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. The 'clear thinking' Anthony McGrath SC 'cuts through the issues, provides strategic direction, and is articulate and unflustered'. Senior junior Melanie Cairns is notable for the breadth of her commercial and equity expertise. She appears in the NSW Supreme Court and the Federal Court, and in a number of cases unled. The pool of junior talent is highly rated; Leanne Rich 'has superb judgement for a barrister of her experience' and Dominic Delany 'displays a level of ability well in excess of his seniority - and indeed uncommon at any level of the junior bar'. Other 'stand out' juniors include Zoë  Hillman. She has been involved in cases such as acting for the lead plaintiffs in the 'pelvic mesh' class actions and for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in the Royal Commission inquiry into Australia’s financial services sector. The set is managed by the highly experienced, senior clerk, Kristine Massih.

Francis Burt Chambers

Francis Burt Chambers (established in 1962) is widely acknowledged as the outstanding set in Western Australia with many top-notch members who stand out in the areas of construction, energy, employment, tax, and native title. The 'pre-eminent' Patricia Cahill SC is esteemed for her excellence in commercial disputes, she is widely cited for her construction and tax expertise. Christopher Zelestis QC has a long-established reputation for excellence in arbitration and mediation cases, but is now stepping back from advocacy work. There is a substantial cohort of junior counsel who provide wide-ranging expertise.

Gerard Brennan Chambers

Gerard Brennan Chambers is a small but leading Queensland set offering a full range of expertise including arbitration - both national and international. Liam Kelly QC is well known and is recognised as 'one of the best Brisbane-based Queen's Counsel' - he is also notable for his international arbitration practice. Equally well-rated is Declan Kelly QC for his 'commercial practice and appearances in state and federal superior courts'. He acts for corporate, government, and private clients and has a leading construction and infrastructure practice.

Quayside Chambers

Quayside Chambers is a sizeable Perth set that offers expertise in construction, arbitration, and energy matters in addition to diverse commercial litigation in areas such as banking and finance. It is home to a number of silks who are skilled in arbitration matters, one of whom is the Honourable John Gilmour SC. He undertakes domestic and international arbitrations and mediations in addition to litigation (and has served as a Justice of the Federal Court of Australia). 'First-rate' Kanaga Dharmananda SC is recommended for a number of practice areas including white-collar crime. Additionally, he has a well-established international arbitration practice - he is also a member of Fountain Court Chambers, London. Equally highly rated, the 'brilliant and methodical' Brahma Dharmananda SC  is cited as a 'master strategist – always thinking several steps ahead'. He has 30 years of experience in commercial litigation and arbitration cases.