Leading Silks

Elizabeth Raper SC  -5 Wentworth Chambers  ‘ Strong employment barrister with solid experience in discrimination law. ’
Ian Neil SC - 6 St James Hall Chambers ‘ Ian is in the very top bracket of Employment and Labour Law silks in Australia. ’
Brendan Sullivan SC – Tenth Floor Wentworth ‘Robust, good and clear thinker and a team player.’
Yaseen Shariff SC  – 12 Wentworth Selborne Chambers ‘An extremely well regarded junior barrister with a large following and services the breadth of employment industrial matters'.
Allan Myers AC QC - List A BarristersOutstanding senior statesman of the Victorian Bar.
Frank Parry QC - Aickin Chambers ‘ Frank is in our view the most recognised expert industrial relations silk in Victoria and travels nationally to work with clients. ’
Stuart Wood AM QC - Aickin Chambers  'The leading QC in the area for challenging matters especially where ‘left field’ thinking is required, together with a team-based approach built around the needs of the client.
David Jackson AM QC - New ChambersOutstanding – the top High Court advocate in Australia. An unsurpassed expert on constitutional law.
James Peters AM QC - Dever's List BarristersA leading Melbourne silk and is the immediate past president of the Victorian Bar.
Hamish Austin QC - List G BarristersA recognised and highly regarded senior counsel.
Catherine Button QC - List A BarristersRecognised and highly regarded senior counsel briefed in various commercial and insolvency matters by us.
Christopher Caleo QC - Dever's List BarristersA brilliant lawyer, highly persuasive advocate, and superb cross-examiner.
Damian Clothier QC - Level Twenty Seven ChambersHe is particularly skilled at articulating complex issues where the content and style that gives the client the best chance of success.
Kylie Nomchong SC - Denman Chambers ‘ Kylie is a leading counsel in all areas of WH&S. ’
Bruce Hodgkinson AM SC - Denman Chambers ‘ Bruce provides authoritative and practical advice in high stakes matters. Highly recommended. Excellent skills in health and safety, employment and industrial relations law. ’
Shane Doyle QC - Level Twenty Seven ChambersA super star and completely pleasant to work with.
Mark Richmond - Eleven Wentworth Barristers ‘ Recognised leader in indirect taxes and land-rich issues. Considered and respected Senior Counsel particularly in State taxes. ’
Greg Davies - Green's List Barristers ‘ Strong reputation in interpretation of anti-avoidance rules. Easy to work with. ’
Tony Slater SC - Ground Floor Wentworth Chambers  'Elder statesman of Australian tax law with a great reputation with the ATO'.
Greg Harris QC - Dever's List BarristersA razor-sharp legal mind, gets to the core of the issues immediately and identifies important legal points that can sometimes sit in the background. Committed to the client.
Wendy Harris QC - List A BarristersSuperb advocate, best in Melbourne for commercial matters.
Chris O’Grady QC - Holmes List ‘ Chris has been involved in a number of the leading employment/industrial cases over the last 15 years. ’
Liam Kelly QC - Gerard Brennan ChambersA top commercial/corporate litigation senior counsel.
Justin Bourke QCList G Barristers ‘ Justin brings immense experience to the conduct of trials and appeals, having done numerous trials, including trials of substantial length, and complex appeals, in the areas of industrial, employment and discrimination law. ’
Chris Murdoch QC - Level 8 Inns of Court Chambers ‘ One of, if not the most, respected ER/IR and WHS QCs in Queensland. Detailed, technical lawyer. Sharp legal mind with a good understanding of the commercial realities relevant on a matter. ’
John De Wijn Am - List A Barristers ‘ Eminent Senior Counsel briefed in many leading cases we have conducted on behalf of ATO, and or in audits or cases on behalf of our private clients. ’
Allan Myers AC QC   - List A Barristers  ‘ Preeminent senior counsel briefed in high value disputes. ’
Rachel Doyle SC - List G Barristers ‘ She appears regularly in the Supreme Court, the Federal Court and the High Court. She is one of the best employee plaintiff barristers in Australia, but also acts for respondents on occasions and is highly valued. ’
Paul O’Grady QC - List G Barristers ‘ A leading QC in the areas of employment, industrial relations and occupational health and safety, among others. ’
David Bloom - New Chambers ‘ Outstanding counsel. Top of the tree in Australia for Taxation matters. ’
Kate Eastman SC - New Chambers ‘ Highest profile EEO/human rights silk in NSW but also great at general employment work. ’
Arthur Moses SC - New Chambers ‘ One of Australia’s leading senior workplace relations and safety barristers. ’
Rowena Orr QC - List G BarristersAn experience senior counsel with expertise in competition and consumer law.
John Fernon SC  - PG Hely Chambers 'John is an experienced counsel who is a leading expert in Employment and Industrial law.' 'One of Australia’s leading senior workplace relations barristers who is predominantly Sydney-based.'
Elizabeth Cheeseman SC i - New ChambersAn expert in investigations and freezing order matters. We would not hesitate to instruct her again.
Brahma Dharmananda SC - Quayside ChambersA pre-eminent SC in Perth. Well regarded appellate advocate.
Bret Walker SC - Fifth Floor St James’ Hall BarristersA formidable intellect and a superb advocate. One of the few leading commercial silks who also has substantial experience in corporate criminal work (both trials and appeals). Excellent (All disputes). Go to for high profile reputational risk matters. Brilliant strategist.
Dominique Hogan-Doran SC - 5 Wentworth ChambersWell regarded for her incisive and practical understanding of the financial sector regimes. A preeminent silk in relation to inquiries, investigations and Royal Commissions.
Elizabeth Collins SCSixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersShe is excellent: hands-on, hardworking, will appreciate the big picture but also get across the detail of the case, providing clear and constructive advice, and direction on matters of preparation, evidence and strategy.
Garry Rich SC - Fifth Floor St James’ Hall BarristersA silk who is in the process of moving from the middle layer to the top echelon. Extremely capable, hard-working and an unflappable advocate.
Ian Pike SC - Eleven Wentworth BarristersA hands-on silk which is rare to find these days. Understands the minutiae and details of the dispute while not losing sight of the overall strategy. Great bedside manners with client and judiciary alike.
Ian Jackman SCEighth Floor Selborne ChambersOutstanding – a leader at the Sydney Bar in financial litigation. The acknowledged primus inter pares of the Sydney bar in complex corporate, financial services and trusts practice, and a fearsome cross-examiner to boot.
Jeremy Stoljar SCEighth Floor Selborne ChambersA brilliant mix of clear, sharp and insightful while being user-friendly and client-focused. Jeremy is a highly respected commercial law counsel with specialties in commercial disputes, corporations law, equity and trust law and real property matters.
Jeremy Kirk SCEleven Wentworth BarristersA silk of choice in Sydney.
John Gilmour SC - Quayside ChambersHe is a highly regarded counsel in the arbitration field – a very calm and reasoned advocate.
Justin Gleeson SC - Banco ChambersHis reputation as one of Australia’s best advocates is well deserved. He is fearless in Court and ruthlessly efficient outside of it.
Kanaga Dharmananda SC - Quayside ChambersA first rate commercial Senior Counsel with commercial crime experience.
Kristina Stern SC - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersStrategic and well prepared. Works quickly and thoroughly.
Matthew Darke SC - Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne ChambersOutstanding senior counsel with strong class actions and financial services expertise.
Nicholas Owens SC - Fifth Floor St James’ Hall BarristersHe also has an uncanny ability to win over the bench, his instructors and his clients with his precise delivery and unfailingly courteous manner.
Noel Hutley SCFifth Floor St James’ Hall BarristersNoel is a leading practitioner, unsurpassed advocate and former president of the NSW Bar Association. He provides quality strategic and commercial advice.
Patricia Cahill SC - Francis Burt ChambersAn extremely proficient counsel, and excellent advocate. Pre-eminent SC in WA.  An excellent trial advocate.
Peter Brereton SC - Banco ChambersA smart, experienced and well-regarded senior counsel. We brief him regularly across a range of commercial and regulatory disputes and would consider him to be a ‘go to’ silk where a thorough consideration of complex legal issues is required. Intelligent, considered and thorough. Has the added advantage of being very client-friendly.
Richard Lancaster SC-Fifth Floor St James’ Hall BarristersA highly respected advocate who has an exceptional in Court manner. He is widely respected by the Bar and Bench alike.'
Steven Finch SC - Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne ChambersOutstanding – a leader in complex commercial, insolvency and regulatory litigation.
Tony Bannon SC - Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne ChambersSenior leading commercial and competition counsel. Trusted Senior Counsel, used for business critical matters. Extremely safe pair of hands, and his reputation is wholly deserved.
John Sheahan QCBanco ChambersJohn is one of the most experienced and respected QCs in the country and he is one of the top choices when asked to recommend a silk for high stakes or reputationally significant litigation. He is involved in a range of commercial and regulatory disputes. John is also a member of the Takeovers Panel.
James Hmelnitsky - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers ‘ Senior Counsel of choice briefed in many cases on behalf of the ATO. Also senior counsel of choice in many transfer pricing cases and on behalf of large corporates. An up and coming senior counsel. ’
Philip Solomon QC - Dever's List BarristersExcellent written and oral advocate; crisp, clear and concise. A pleasure to deal with in running cases and works well behind the scenes with junior Counsel.
Michael Wyles QC - Foley's List BarristersA leading Melbourne commercial silk.
Neil Young QCList A BarristersComplex litigation expert and pre-eminent Australian barrister.
Neil Young QCNew ChambersA complex litigation expert and pre-eminent Australian barrister.
Chris Zelestis QC - Francis Burt ChambersPre-eminent WA commercial silk.
Eugene Wheelahan QC – Dever’s List Barristers ‘ A senior counsel briefed in many tax cases.
Frank O’Loughlin SC - Foley’s List Barristers ‘Excellent black-letter law counsel and a very effective advocate. Particularly strong on tax administration issues.
Kristen Deards-Banco ChambersA good senior tax barrister, developing a formidable reputation and will be one of the leading tax advocates.  Very good to work with.
Jeremy Giles SC – 7 Wentworth SelborneIntelligent, commercial and a great lateral thinker - an excellent commercial silk, super friendly, and very good with clients.’ 
David Batt - List A Barristers ‘ Very good on complex income tax and trust law matters. ’
Tomo Boston QC-List G Barristers'Outstanding commercial nous and insight. '
Anthony McGrath SC-Alinea Chambers'Hands on, hardworking, provides thoughtful, practical and clear advice, works well with instructing solicitors, and respected by the bench.
David Thomas SCSixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersDavid is one of the leading junior silks in NSW with a broad commercial practice. He has a formidable intellect, is an excellent and determined advocate, and is highly regarded by his colleagues at the Bar. He is also a pleasure to work with.
James Lockhart SCTenth Floor Wentworth Selborne ChambersAn excellent commercial barrister who is very calm under pressure.
Jeremy Slattery SCList G BarristersAn excellent advocate and a go-to barrister for breach of confidence matters.
Michael Henry SC - Alinea ChambersHighly competent and respected advocate. A stand out.
Michael Hodge SC - New ChambersA high profile senior counsel briefed as counsel assisting on the Financial Services Royal Commission.
Nicholas De Young SCList G BarristersA preferred barrister for relevant complex corporate disputes.
Peter Braham SC - Eleven Wentworth BarristersA highly regarded commercial lawyer with a considerable appellate practice.
Richard McHugh SC - Banco ChambersHe has an outstanding ability to analyse complex issues and advocate outcomes.
Scott Nixon SC - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersOutstanding – the rising star among the junior silk ranks in complex claims litigation.

2020 Silks

Ben Katekar SC-New Chambers'Clarity of thought, easy to work with, leads a team well and great legal knowledge - presents well to court and clients.'

Leading Juniors

Michael Seck - 6 St James Hall Chambers ‘ He is responsive, makes himself available where required and a very safe pair of hands, so accordingly is the primary barrister we use as part of our practice. ’
James Arnott - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersA highly regarded commercial senior junior, who we have worked with on various matters. A very experienced junior, with very solid financial services expertise.
Mark Costello-List A BarristersVery clever junior Counsel. Easy to work with, an accessible style and thorough knowledge of many areas of the law.'
Martin Shume - Denman Chambers ‘ A seasoned and strategic barrister who is one of the leading barristers in the area of work health and safety law. ’
Catherine Dermody - Foley's List BarristersOur first choice on complex regulatory matters. She provides commercially astute advice and understands the detail.
Patrick Wheelahan - Dever's List Barristers ‘ He is briefed by our firm across a range of sectors – in construction, vehicle industry and regulatory matters. He is an employment generalist, so can comfortably advise clients on matters ranging from industrial disputes, post-employment restraints and termination/discrimination matters. ’
Matthew Follett - Dever's List Barristers 'Recognised as one of the leaders in industrial relations litigation. Very sharp on his feet and a quick thinker in advocacy.
Jonathan Forbes - Foley's List Barristers ‘ Excellent strategist and very attuned to client needs on the provision of workplace relations and employment law advice. ’
Brendan Avallone  – Foley's List BarristersTransitioned brilliantly from the solicitor ranks to the Bar. Excellent for Fair Work Commission work. ’
Melanie Baker-Green's List BarristersA barrister who specialises in tax law. She has extensive experience in dealing with all stages of taxation audits and disputes across a wide range of different tax issues. Very thorough, clear and a pleasure to work with.
Robert Taylor - Holmes List ‘ The best safety barrister in Australia. Ex copper. Street-wise. ’
Marc Felman (Aickin Chambers) - List A Barristers ‘ He acts for both individuals and corporates and is a very astute barrister who can be trusted on significant cases. He gets the bit between his teeth and does not let go. ’
David Morgan-List G BarristersOne of the best senior-juniors in the tax space at the Melbourne bar.
Andrew Pollock - List G Barristers  ‘ A leading counsel in employment and industrial matters before Australian courts and tribunal. ’
Jennifer Collins  - List G Barristers'Jennifer is an extremely thorough and clear thinking barrister who adds real value to the team. She is hard working, intelligent and clearly on her way to the top of the senior junior ranks.'
Chris Peadon – New ChambersOne of the best senior-juniors in the tax space at the Sydney Bar. Good tax barrister, approachable and does mixed work for taxpayers and the Commissioner.
Luke Livingston-New Chambers'Luke offers excellent knowledge of the law, the ability to analyse problems and distill issues effectively, clear and concise written submissions, and most importantly excellent advocacy skills in both cross-examination and oral submissions (he commands the respect of the Court at both trials and in the Court of Appeal).'
Dr Charles Parkinson - List A BarristersA practical and common sense litigator, with a leading corporate and commercial practice. He is also an excellent advocate and a pleasure to work with.
Nick Furlan - PG Hely Chambers 'An experienced junior barrister whom we primarily use in Federal Court and Supreme Court proceedings requiring commercial and employment experience.'
Fiona Roughly - Banco ChambersHighly regarded across the broad area in which she practices. Known for her ease of working with, she brings a strong track record of working with the big end of town, on complex regulatory disputes.
Alan Shearer - Eleven Wentworth BarristersOne of the most highly regarded junior barristers in NSW.
Bilal Rauf - State Chambers ‘ A highly skilled advocate who is exceptionally hardworking and always exploring strategic options in an effort to obtain the most beneficial outcome for his client. ’
Simon Meehan - State Chambers ‘ An all-around thinker that cuts to the chase. Has a very good understanding of necessary evidence to win the case. Very practical and excellent to put in front of clients. ’
Michael Easton - State Chambers ‘ Provides clear and quick analysis of complex legal issues translated into succinct and effective pleadings. ’
Imtiaz Ahmed - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersExcellent junior, works well with senior counsel and clients, good financial services experience. A rising star of the bar. He is in demand and rightfully so.
Katherine Brazenor - List A BarristersHighly recommended Junior Counsel.
Melanie Cairns - Alinea ChambersShe is a great communicator, a team player and very sharp. Melanie is hard-working, a critical thinker and great to work with. She is also a great supporter of more junior counsel.
Ben Fogarty - Denman Chambers ‘ Ben is a skilled advocate in matters before the Fair Work Commission. He also conducts complex workplace investigations. ’
Dilan Mahendra - Greenway Chambers ‘ Since coming to the Bar in 2010, Dilan has developed a reputation as a “go to” junior counsel for restraint of trade matters. We highly recommend Dilan in respect of his employment experience, particularly with respect to interlocutory restraint matters. ’
Jamie Darams - Greenway Chambers ‘ An outstanding junior workplace relations barrister who has a tenacious and practical approach to managing large scale litigation. ’
Elisa Holmes - Eleven Wentworth BarristersShe is a formidable intellect, a  determined  advocate and has an enthusiasm for the law that is unmatched (by most).
James Hutton - Eleven Wentworth BarristersAffable, technically excellent, reliable and a pleasure to work with.
Rebecca Davern – List G Barristers ‘ A go-to senior junior for claims before the Fair Work Commission or Federal Court. ’
Adam Segal List G BarristersAdam provides excellent and practical advice on legal issues, options and solutions. He has the ability to see the big picture and map a roadway through which works. He is fun and easy to work with and I trust his advice and opinions. He turns around work quickly and has excellent attention to detail. He also gives honest feedback where others have dropped the ball.
Thomas Warner  – List G BarristersTom’s written work in particular is second to none. He is technically brilliant, personable and puts clients at ease. He is one of the hardest working barristers with whom I have had the pleasure of working. 
Leigh Howard-List G Barristers'Leigh is very organised and astute. To practice in employment law and industrial relations effectively, you need EQ and sound instincts - Leigh has this in spades. He is easy to work with and puts clients at ease. '
Catherine Gleeson-New Chambers'Intelligent, knowledgeable, experienced, fights her client's corner without ever arguing the unarguable or ridiculous.'
Greg O’Mahoney-New Chambers'Calm under pressure, focuses on real issues that will matter and good advocate and client liaison skills.'  
Caspar Conde-New Chambers'Caspar is extremely easy to work with, hard-working and judicious. His drafting is excellent and his decision-making is first-rate - particularly as to tactical matters. His advocacy is economical and effective and he reads judges very well - knowing exactly what they want to hear from him.'
Courtney Ensor-New Chambers'Her strengths are: intelligence, hard-working, eye for detail, initiative where she sees things needed to be done. Advocacy skills are strong - I've seen her do cross-examinations involving complex financial arrangements with clarity and confidence. '
Chloe Burnett-Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersA great all round tax lawyer who is very easy to work with.
Nico BurmeisterList G Barristers  ‘Leading counsel in employment and industrial matters before Australian courts and tribunals. ’

Rising Stars

Vanja Bulut -12 Wentworth Selborne Chambers 'Promising junior with strong technical and advocacy skills and good commercial acumen.'
Catherine Hamilton-Jewell–Alinea ChambersGreat technical knowledge, but comes up with practical solutions. Hard worker. 
Tamasin Jonker-Alinea Chambers'Tamasin is very hard working, diligent and thorough. She is articulate and able to quickly summarise arguments. She has a strong commercial focus in her approach and ensures that her clients strongest arguments are always to the fore. Tamasin works very well and harmoniously with her instructing solicitors. Tamasin is a very effective advocate and always has the respect of the Bench. '
Leanne RichAlinea Chambers'Careful, thorough and intelligent. Extremely responsive and dedicated. A measured advocate and a battle hardened litigator.' '
Emma Beechey - New ChambersShe works hard to keep a matter on track, provides great support to her leaders, calm under pressure, clear drafting style, always well prepared.
Jane Buncle - Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne ChambersAn outstanding advocate with a superior ability to grasp complex issues, and her forensic and legal analysis is invaluable.
Dominic DelanyAlinea ChambersI would place Dominic in the company of other exceptional junior barristers at the commercial bar. He is smart, sensible, responsive and commercial.
Heather Millar - Francis Burt Chambers ‘ A leading counsel in employment and industrial matters before Australian courts and tribunals. ’
Zoe Hillman-Alinea Chambers'Highly recommended and strong in financial services.'
Adam Hochroth - Banco ChambersMr Hochroth is a rising star of the Bar, especially in the field of class actions. He is capable of synthesising highly complex ideas and producing work in a timely and efficient manner.
Nasos Kaskani-List A BarristersA rising star at the tax bar.
Franceska Leoncio - List A Barristers 'A promising junior for contested employment and industrial relations work.
Leigh Howard - List G Barristers ‘ A very good junior barrister who understands the brief and works in a cost effective manner. ’
Laura Hilly-List G Barristers'Laura is in high demand for good reason. She is extremely cleverly but also pragmatic - a rare combination. Laura has specialist expertise in discrimination and sexual harassment law, and recently appeared as junior counsel in the first disability discrimination case to reach the High Court in many years. '
Michael May - Level Twenty Seven ChambersAn exceptional junior counsel.
Michael Cosgrove-New ChambersSolid Junior, very thorough and technical.
Keni Josifoski-New Chambers'Competent, hard working and knowledgeable. A confident and well-prepared advocate.'
Julia Roy - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersA stellar junior counsel, with unparalleled experience in matters involving the intersection of commercial, competition and criminal law.
Jaye Alderson - State Chambers ‘ An excellent barrister who has a great grasp of the technical and factual issues in a trial. ’
Sonia Tame - New ChambersHer years in private practice as a partner at an international commercial law firm are apparent in the commerciality of the advice that she provides.
Stewart WebsterLevel Twenty Seven ChambersStewart is a very intelligent, practical and common sense litigator, with a leading commercial practice – particularly in the areas of insolvency and construction. He is also an excellent advocate and a pleasure to work with.

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Commercial disputes in Australia Bar

Wentworth Chambers

Wentworth Chambers has a strong reputation within the Sydney market, combining junior and senior expertise in banking and finance, commercial, corporations law, defamation, employment, intellectual property, media, public and securities law. The chambers has a storied list of alumni across Federal courts and the High Court of Australia, and currently offers leading practitioners such as Dominique Hogan-Doran SC, who maintains a broad national practice across commercial disputes, regulatory investigations, and enforcement matters, and is regularly briefed by the government in significant matters, including the 2020 Royal Commission Into National Natural Disaster Arrangements, as well as handling high-level litigation, such as representing NAB Group in NULIS Australia (Nominees) Limited  before the NSW Supreme Court, an application for judicial advice relating to superannuation.

Banco Chambers

Banco Chambers offers wide expertise in commercial disputes, including litigation, mediation, and arbitration support in areas including contractual and post-M&A disputes, restructuring and insolvency cases, construction disputes, and energy sector cases. The Sydney-based set has a number of senior members with strong experience arguing cases at state and federal level, including several before the High Court. Justin Gleeson SC combines broad disputes work with a particular specialism in takeover disputes, sitting on the Australalian Takeovers Panel, while Peter Brereton SC has seen success at trial and appellate level, acting for major clients in the telecoms, technology, and financial services sectors, as well as for public sector bodies.

Eleven Wentworth Barristers

Eleven Wentworth Barristers in Sydney has a strong team of diverse practitioners operating across Australia, handling high-level corporate litigation and government work. Ian Pike SC combines a leading practice in administrative and public law with heavy involvement in commercial, insurance, and professional liability work, while Jeremy Kirk SC has a national practice encompassing both trial and appellate work across a wide range of areas, representing major Australian businesses and government bodies. James Hutton is a well-regarded junior with a successful record in corporate and securities law, commercial work, and equity disputes.

Fifth Floor St James’ Hall Barristers

Fifth Floor St James’ Hall Barristers is a Sydney-based set with a strong record in high-level representations before Federal Courts and the High Court, Commissions of Enquiry, and international arbitration panels. Areas of expertise include high-level commercial disputes, bankruptcy and insolvency issues, and administrative law cases. The set offers six senior SCs, including the ‘sharp and concise’ Noel Hutley SC, ‘highly respected advocate‘ Richard Lancaster SC and Garry Rich SC, praised as ‘the best of the next generation of silks, with real gravitas.

Level Twenty Seven Chambers

Level Twenty Seven Chambers is a leading Brisbane-based set with a strong record across commercial disputes, including major cases within Queensland and nationally, particularly in the energy and minerals sectors. The set is praised for its UK-style setup, with practice manager Daniel Perry having previously clerked for leading London sets. Shane Doyle QC is representing Trans-Alta in the Western Australia Supreme Court in TEC Hedland Pty Ltd v The Pilbara Infrastructure Pty Ltd, an ongoing matter concerning an engineering, procurement, construction and power purchase agreement at a major power station in the Pilbara. Damian Clothier QC is representing New Acland before the High Court in Oakey Coal Action Alliance Inc v New Acland Coal Pty Ltd, challenging objections to new mining leases and the company’s environmental authority.

List A Barristers

List A Barristers is a premier list of barristers in the Australian market, led by leading figures in the Victorian Bar. The list has broad expertise across an array of commercial law issues, and members enjoy productive relationships with corporate counsel and international law firms, as well as maintaining a notable direct access capability. Alan Archibald QC  is considered an ‘outstanding elder statesman’ of the Bar, while Peter Collinson QC has a strong record in class actions brought against leading Australian businesses. Neil Young QC is highly praised by clients, and Katherine Brazenor is in-demand as a ‘highly regarded junior counsel‘.

List G Barristers

List G Barristers has a strong profile in commercial and public law, with a number of senior practitioners within the Victorian Bar and a history of involvement in high-profile cases, including tort actions and large-scale commercial litigation. Jeremy Slattery QC was the court-appointed contradictor for Webster (Trustee) v Murray Goulburn Co-Operative Co. Limited, a AU$42m class action suit, while Hamish Austin QC has specialist expertise in corporations, insolvency, insurance and transport law. As well as its strong profile in Victoria, the list’s members are regularly briefed on cases across Australia, alongside involvement in international arbitrations- a particular focus for Tom Clarke.

New Chambers

New Chambers has a strong offering across all areas of commercial, insurance and public law, appearing before courts of all levels, tribunals, and arbitration panels across Australia and internationally. The Sydney-based set offers a London-style practice management model, led by senior clerk Michael Wilcox, and includes a number of senior practitioners with strong reputations in the Australian market. David Jackson AM QC is a leading appellate silk with a successful record before the High Court, and is regularly instructed by government agencies. Neil Young QC is highly regarded for his commercial and corporate work in areas such as trade practices and taxation. Michael Hodge QC is heavily involved in high-profile disputes before Federal courts, representing Grocon in Grocon Group Holdings Pty Ltd v Infrastructure NSW before the NSW Supreme Court, a bet-the-company dispute relating to the company’s right to develop Central Barangaroo. Catherine Gleeson appeared before the Federal Court for Royal Carribean Cruises in Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd v Reed; Royal Caribbean Cruises v Browitt, an application for anti-suit injunction seeking to restrain passengers injured in the Whakaari/White Island eruption from proceedings with claims in the Florida Courts.

Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne Chambers

Tenth Floor Wentworth Selborne Chambers has a strong concentration of leading senior counsel in the Sydney market, alongside a solid team of juniors. Members act as sole practitioners and represent major businesses and state bodies in high-profile commercial and administrative litigation, class action suits, regulatory disputes, and civil penalty proceedings. Notable silks include Matthew Darke SC, who acts for clients including Westpac, the University of Sydney, and the ACCC in nationally-significant cases, and, James Lockhart SC who handles general commercial law, corporations disputes, class actions, and private arbitrations, with a productive record in the insolvency practitioner space.

Dever's List Barristers

Dever’s List Barristers  is the oldest list of barristers at the Victorian Bar, having started operation in 1860. The list includes a large number of leading practitioners across commercial law, planning, taxation, and public law, combining strong litigation expertise with leading work on arbitration and other forms of ADR. The ‘highly persuasive’ Christopher Caleo QC is a key figure, handling contracts and corporations law disputes, administrative and public law work, and trusts litigation. James Peters AM QC is a ‘highly regarded senior counsel‘, handling banking and insolvency, consumer law, and joint ventures disputes before the Federal and Supreme Courts at both trial and appellate level.

Foley's List Barristers

Foley’s List Barristers includes a large group of leading commercial practitioners, heavily involved in major commercial disputes across Victoria and nationally. Of particular note are the list’s CPD services, with members offering expert advice to clients and to the public on their areas of practice, and regularly contributing to thought leadership. Justin Mereine is noted for his key role representing iSignthis in the public and high stakes dispute between ISX and ASX Limited (ASX) in relation to the protracted suspension of ISX’s shares from quotation on the Australian Securities Exchange. Michael Wyles QC has extensive trial experience in the Federal Court and various State Supreme Courts, while the ‘thoughtful and hard workingCatherine Dermody specialises in complex regulatory and infrastructure matters.

Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers

Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers offers a wide range of expertise in commercial law, with members handling banking, contracts, corporations law, administrative disputes, and native title issues, among others. The chambers has a history of regularly providing judicial appointments, with many members becoming judges at the High Court. The ‘hands-onElizabeth Collins SC has a strong record in regulatory and D&O disputes, while Kristina Stern SC has ‘a strong practice in public/administrative law and resources disputes’, both at trial and appellate level. Scott Nixon SC is active in complex claims litigation, alongside class actions involving trade practices, tort, directors’ duties and corporations law. James Arnott is praised as a ‘highly regarded senior junior.

Alinea Chambers

Alinea Chambers has continued to grow its profile since its formation in 2019, and is known for its commitment to technology, innovation, and progressive working practices, as well as its prioritisation of gender balance. Members regularly appear in high profile commercial disputes involving equity, property law, financial services, and large-scale class actions, as well as Royal Commissions of Inquiry and regulatory investigations. Michael Henry SC‘s extensive experience covers areas ranging from  companies and contract law to insurance, construction and insolvency law. Anthony McGrath SC appeared in the high-profile Kraft Foods vs Bega Cheese case before the High Court, defending Bega in an appeal by Kraft against the Federal Court’s ruling that Bega held the rights to its unique yellow packaging. Melanie Cairns represented Woolworths in Gazcorp Pty Ltd v Woolworths Group Limited, appearing unled in a dispute with a developer on whether an agreement for a lease (AFL) provides an equitable interest in property, allegations of frustration, abandonment and conventional estoppel.

Francis Burt Chambers

Francis Burt Chambers is a leading set in Western Australia, with strong expertise across civil, commercial, public, and family law. The set is also known for its strong team of female barristers, and prioritises gender diversity within the space. Patricia Cahill SC is an experienced trial advocate, with a strong record in complex commercial, corporate and construction disputes. Chris Zelestis QC now focuses on arbitration and mediation. Julie Taylor is ‘highly recommended’ and ‘a leader at the Perth Bar‘. The chambers also has a strong set of juniors who are active in cases across Western Australia and nationally.

Gerard Brennan Chambers

Brisbane-based Gerard Brennan Chambers has a focus on commercial disputes.  Members regularly appear before Queensland, Federal and interstate courts and tribunals, as well as acting as, and appearing before, arbitrators and mediators. Liam Kelly QC is a key senior name within the set, handling complex commercial litigation matters. Declan Kelly QC has been appointed to the Queensland Supreme Court. 

Quayside Chambers

Based in Perth, Quayside Chambers offers expertise in a diverse range of practice areas in commercial and corporate law, such as banking and financial services, construction and projects, corporate law, energy and natural resources. John Gilmour QC is noted for his experience as a Federal Court judge and his strong reputation as an international arbitrator. Kanaga Dharmamada SC is also known for his international arbitration work as a member of Fountain Court Chambers, alongside broad expertise in a range of commercial matters and white-collar crime. Brahma Dharmananda SC is another experienced figure, handling commercial litigation and arbitration.

Young's List Barristers

Young’s List Barristers offers a wide range of experienced commercial practitioners, with members of the Melbourne-based list representing in labour and employment, tax, and broad commercial disputes. Members also display a strong record in state, federal, and cross-border matters, and have seen cases argued before state Supreme Courts and the High Court. Tammy Young is the key contact for those wishing to instruct the set. Helen Symon QC is a key name for tax work, while Robert Heath QC is noted for his work on complex cross-border disputes, including international arbitrations.