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London Bar > Employment Tier 1

A strong set for employment work‘, Littleton Chambers has a solid track record in representing respondent clients in a wide range of challenging cases. In the Court of Appeal, David Reade KC and Grahame Anderson acted for the respondents in a test case on the rights of agency workers to access permanent employment opportunities (Kocur v Angard Staffing Limited and Royal Mail Group). Also in the Court of Appeal, Anderson and Nicholas Siddall KC acted in Kong v Gulf International Bank Ltd, a landmark case involving the scope of the distinction between a whistleblowing disclosure and the conduct related to its manner, known as the separability principle. Over in the Supreme Court, Mohinderpal Sethi KC and Sophia Berry appeared in Basfar v Wong, the first case to be granted permission to leapfrog appeal directly to the Supreme Court from the EAT. The case involved a claim brought against a serving diplomat by a domestic worker, who alleged that she had been trafficked to the UK and her employment conditions constituted modern slavery; the Supreme Court ruled that diplomatic immunity could not defeat such a claim as it fell under the commercial activity exception.

Rising stars

Kieran WilsonLittleton Chambers 'A supremely sharp advocate who is very impressive in front of a judge.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Georgina ChurchhouseLittleton Chambers 'A steadfast and focused junior.'
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Gavin Mansfield KCLittleton Chambers 'Gavin is a leader in every sense of the word. He is a phenomenal advocate and has a robust but engaging court room style.'
Ranked: Tier 1
David Reade KCLittleton Chambers 'A fabulous orator, and an iron fist in a velvet glove.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Selwyn Bloch KCLittleton Chambers 'A walking encyclopedia on restrictive covenants.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Mohinderpal Sethi KCLittleton Chambers 'A very practical silk, who demonstrates a good hold on the details from the early stages of a case.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Adam Solomon KCLittleton Chambers 'Adam has great tactical awareness. His advocacy is of the highest quality - succinct and good on his feet.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Dale Martin KCLittleton Chambers 'As an advocate Dale has the ability to both read the room and command it. His emotional intelligence makes him constantly adaptable and thus able to achieve outstanding results apparently out of nowhere.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Nicholas Siddall KCLittleton Chambers 'A silk who oozes confidence and intelligence, which is reassuring for both clients and instructing solicitors.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Daniel Tatton-Brown KCLittleton Chambers 'An assured silk who retains a laser focus on the key issues and is robust in cross-examination.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Paul Gilroy KC – Littleton Chambers 'Paul is exceptionally efficient, extremely responsive and has a relentless energy to ensure the absolute best outcome for those he represents. He inspires the utmost confidence in clients.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Jonathan Cohen KCLittleton Chambers 'He is super bright, responsive, supportive and extremely good with clients.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Carol Davis KC - Littleton Chambers 'She advises with confidence and authority and explains complex legal issues in a client-friendly way.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Niran de Silva KCLittleton Chambers 'Niran is a suave and sophisticated genius. A skillful operator who leaves no stone unturned once in the zone.'
Ranked: Tier 4

2022 Silks

Jeremy Lewis KCLittleton Chambers 'Jeremy leaves no stone unturned and is willing to go the extra mile.'

Leading Juniors

Sam NeamanLittleton Chambers 'He works tirelessly to ensure that he understands a case inside out and explores every legal avenue. He inspires confidence through his intelligence and hard work.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Matthew SheridanLittleton Chambers 'He is naturally talented and hard working, which makes him the complete package. He is highly persuasive as an advocate and is a worthy opponent of any experienced silk at the employment law Bar. A complete joy to work with.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Lucy BoneLittleton Chambers 'Lucy is extremely user-friendly. She is pragmatic in her advice but also highly technical and thinks quickly on her feet.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Charlotte DaviesLittleton Chambers 'A very safe pair of hands.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Lydia BanerjeeLittleton Chambers 'Lydia is a joy to work with. Her advocacy is clear and persuasive; her cross-examination hits all the right notes. She has very good judgement: she knows when and how to drop weaker points yet is tenacious in pursuing points which are arguable.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Antony SendallLittleton Chambers 'A very sharp junior.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Joseph BryanLittleton Chambers 'He has a brilliant knowledge of employment law; nothing seems to faze him. He is always helpful and responsive, and is well liked and trusted by clients. He is a fantastic advocate.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Tim Goodwin  - Littleton Chambers  ‘Tim’s knowledge of employment law and procedure is first-rate. His advocacy is measured and receptive. He is articulate and quick on his feet, has an engaging manner when before a tribunal, and inspires confidence in clients.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Ming-Yee ShiuLittleton ChambersA composed barrister, who demonstrates razor-sharp clarity of thought.’
Ranked: Tier 3
James GreenLittleton Chambers 'Commercially excellent and incredibly knowledgeable. He is always calm and sensible.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
Nicholas GoodfellowLittleton Chambers 'An analytical junior with a detailed understanding of the law relating to employee competition.'
Ranked: Tier 4
James Bickford SmithLittleton Chambers 'James has an encyclopedic knowledge of post-termination restriction issues and, equally impressively, knows how to utilise that knowledge to provide practical advice. Clients appreciate his calm and detailed approach.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Alexander RobsonLittleton Chambers 'Alex’s advocacy is superb - calm and persuasive without melodrama.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Grahame AndersonLittleton Chambers 'Grahame is technically strong on the law, all over the details, and is also commercial. He's client friendly and a pleasure to work with.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Georgina LeadbetterLittleton Chambers 'She is thoroughly dependable and an excellent communicator. A very responsive junior.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Joel Wallace – Littleton Chambers 'He has great client care skills and an analytical eye.'
Ranked: Tier 5


‘Jason Drakeford and his team of clerks are fantastic – helpful, proactive and knowledgeable about the needs of clients.’

‘Jason Drakeford is very user-friendly and helpful.’

‘Scott Hersey is always very helpful and attentive.’

‘Ian Smethurst is always friendly and helpful.’

Littleton is a deeply impressive set with a wealth of exceptional talent.’

An outstanding set. Extremely high quality across the board.’

Huge strength in depth for employment work.’

Quality set.’

London Bar > Partnership Tier 2

Littleton Chambers‘ partnership group receives a regular flow of instructions involving professional services firms for sensitive disputes carrying reputational and business risk. Members of chambers, including head of chambers Gavin Mansfield KC, handle a number of matters at the intersection of partnership and employment law, with clients including patent agents, surveyors and hedge funds. Mansfield KC was recently involved in Armstrong and others v Taylor and others, a High Court claim between members of an investment management business, including an allegation that one group of partners conspired to remove the claimant’s group's influence.  Jonathan Cohen KC is another notable name in this space, while Mohinderpal Sethi KC handles disputes arising in the professional and financial services sector; James Bickford Smith is noted for his expertise in partnership arbitrations.

Leading Silks

Jonathan Cohen KCLittleton Chambers ‘Jonathan is fearless, robust and street-smart. He is the person to have at your side in a dispute with partnership, employment and cross-border issues. Jonathan is a very deep thinker and extremely forensic in his approach, both to the law and the evidence.’
Ranked: Tier 2
David Reade KCLittleton Chambers ‘David is very accessible and a great lateral thinker; he is always interested to explore the underdeveloped boundaries of employment law with courage, intelligence and to great effect.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Mohinderpal Sethi KCLittleton Chambers ‘Very sharp, great with clients, excellent analytical skills.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Gavin Mansfield KCLittleton ChambersGavin has genuine expertise in the area of partnership and LLP law, is an excellent strategist, fabulous with lay clients, user-friendly, responsive and fantastic to work with. He is also a calm, measured and persuasive advocate who can read the mood of the court and be flexible in his submissions. There are few silks who are as hardworking, easy to work with and exceptionally bright.’
Ranked: Tier 2

Work highlights

London Bar > Sport Tier 2

Littleton Chambers demonstrates an ‘excellent range of work‘ in the sports field, which includes contractual, employment and FA Rule K disputes in football, while standing out for its work in the scope of discrimination and safeguarding investigations. For example, Mohinderpal Sethi KC is chair of the independent investigation, and Ashley Cukier a member of the investigation team, looking into allegations of unlawful discrimination at Yorkshire CCC. Paul Gilroy KC was instructed as an expert witness on English law in an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in the dispute between the club and Nantes FC over the transfer of Emiliano Sala. David Reade KC is noted for his working relating to agency contracts disputes in football, and Lydia Banerjee is noted for her work in investigations by governing bodies regarding, among others, safeguarding and abuse.

Leading Silks

David Reade KCLittleton Chambers ‘He is simply a superb all-rounder with all the legal skills necessary for a top barrister including unmatched knowledge in his field, great presence in court and excellent judgement.
Ranked: Tier 2
Paul Gilroy KCLittleton Chambers ‘Paul is a skilled and powerful advocate, who can tailor his style to the occasion.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Mohinderpal Sethi KCLittleton Chambers 'Very robust and reliable. An excellent manner, so very suitable for difficult situations concerning troubling abuse or discrimination allegations.'
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Lydia BanerjeeLittleton Chambers ‘Lydia is unflappable, without weakness; if you want a brilliant outcome without paying for a Silk, instruct her.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Sam NeamanLittleton Chambers ‘A brain as sharp as a surgical needle, an ability to see the wood for the trees, a very practical approach and comfortable speaking to clients at any level.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Ashley CukierLittleton Chambers ‘Personable, smart, responsive, very thorough in his approach, and he’s good at coming up with creative solutions to unusual problems.‘
Ranked: Tier 3
Grahame AndersonLittleton Chambers ‘An absolute star. Hard working, intelligent with powerful and focused advocacy skills.’
Ranked: Tier 4


‘Excellent clerks service – special mention for Ian Smethurst’

‘The clerks are first class: The Head Clerk Jason Drakeford is down to earth, practical and very commercial. George Shah is up and coming.’

‘Jason Drakeford is very helpful and responsive.’

‘The clerking is top notch and has made working on a large project with a number of barristers from Chambers very slick.’

‘Absolutely first class clerks who are always on top of their roles and carry out their services perfectly and efficiently. Always can be trusted to provide good recommendations and easy to communicate with.’

‘Very responsive, commercial and great client care skills.’

‘In my view, Littleton Chambers is the best sports Chambers around. It sports team can deal with all aspects of sports law in all sports fields’

‘Littleton is one of the premier sets for sports and employment work and offers outstanding value for money.’

Work highlights

London Bar > Crypto and blockchain assets Tier 2

Littleton Chambers handle a wide variety of work, from contractual and regulatory aspects of blockchain including cryptocurrency trading disputes and smart contract matters. Andrew Maguire was involved in Jones v Persons Unknown v Huobi Globaly Ltd, where he obtained the first summary judgement against a crypto exchange, citing a constructive trust between the exchange and an investor.

Leading Juniors

Andrew MaguireLittleton ChambersAndrew is a great barrister. Very user-friendly, and accessible. He is a team player, and clients really like him.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 1


‘Littleton are excellent.’

‘Scott Hersey and Dan Woodbridge are brilliant, very attentive and responsive and always look after me and the clients.’


London Bar > Commercial litigation Tier 4

Consistently instructed in high-profile cases at the commercial Bar, Littleton Chambers‘ commercial group is particularly focused on complex, multi-party international claims involving contract, civil fraud, banking, and shareholder disputes. In Athena Capital Fund v Secretariat of the Holy See, reportedly dubbed the "Vatican’s Trial of the Century", Charles Samek KC represented a Swiss businessman in a case that concerning its  financial investments in London’s property market; the Vatican alleges that the seller of the properties fraudulently inflated the price of a former Harrods warehouse. Jonathan Cohen KC, leading Ashley Cukier, acted for Sportfive, an operator of digital advertising boards, in its claim for an injunction against Nottingham Forest to prevent it from operating the advertising boards itself and terminating its contract with the company.

Leading Silks

Ranked: Tier 3
Jonathan Cohen KCLittleton Chambers 'A fantastic advocate - quick on his feet, with a terrific ability to take the judge with him.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 5
Ranked: Tier 6

Work highlights

Northern Circuit > Employment

London Bar > Fraud: civil

Leading Silks

Charles Samek KCLittleton Chambers ‘Charles is an experienced fraud practitioner, who is fearless in his representation of clients. He will push the boundaries and he is a strong advocate.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Jonathan Cohen KCLittleton ChambersA brilliant advocate, as well as being strong on the law and a good tactical lawyer.’
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Marc DelehantyLittleton Chambers ‘Marc is extremely thorough and his attention to detail is invaluable. Moreover, he has a good depth of knowledge of the law in this practice area, and he is strong on his legal analysis.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Alexander HalbanLittleton Chambers ‘Alexander is a stellar junior. He works equally well on cases on his own right, and also when being led. His quality of work, both written and oral, is first-rate.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Nicholas GoodfellowLittleton Chambers ‘Provides clear, concise advice, and is a tenacious advocate who judges listen to.’
Ranked: Tier 3

London Bar > Banking and finance (including consumer credit)

Leading Silks

Charles Samek KCLittleton Chambers ‘Charles is a colossus in legal practice. Profoundly intelligent strategist and very persuasive to the judiciary.'
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Andrew MaguireLittleton Chambers 'Andrew is a great barrister.  Very user friendly, and accessible.  He is a team player, and clients really like him.'
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > International arbitration: counsel

Leading Silks

Rupert D’Cruz KCLittleton Chambers ‘Rupert is an absolutely top notch silk – very intelligent, personable and great judgement. His language skills and market understanding are also invaluable. An excellent oral and written advocate who has the respect of the tribunal.’
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Professional disciplinary and regulatory law

Leading Silks

Adam Solomon KCLittleton ChambersA forceful advocate who can stand up to robust challenges.
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Company

Leading Juniors

David LascellesLittleton Chambers ‘Exceptionally bright, even amongst very sharp peers, he has a unique blend of street smarts and book smarts, which makes him a formidable barrister and a delight to work with.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Alexander HalbanLittleton Chambers ‘Alexander is extremely bright and analyses even the most complex of problems quickly and incisively, and his advocacy is well thought out and persuasive.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 5

London Bar > Financial services regulation

Middle East: The English Bar > Commercial Tier 3

Littleton Chambers offers considerable experience handling complex commercial and employment disputes before the DIFC, ADGM and other Middle Eastern offshore courts. Mohinderpal Sethi KC represented the defendants in Kahlon v Liberty Steel Group Ltd, a significant case before the DIFC Court of Appeal in which a damages claim in excess of $32 million was brought by the company’s former CEO; the judgement will be a leading case on the jurisdiction of the DIFC Courts under the Judicial Authority Law. James Bickford Smith remains highly sought after for complex employee disputes which span multiple jurisdictions, including the DIFC, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

Leading juniors

James Bickford SmithLittleton Chambers ‘James is an outstanding advocate, using a combination of charm and forensic technical ability to achieve strategic and commercial goals.’
Ranked: Tier 1


‘Great clerking team.’

Work highlights

The English Bar Offshore > The English Bar Offshore

Leading Silks

Ranked: Tier 2
Adam Solomon KCLittleton Chambers ‘Very strong mind. A brilliant strategist who comes up with incredible solutions and has a very strong work ethic.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Charles Samek KCLittleton Chambers 'Charles is a fearsome and unyielding advocate, and fights tooth and nail for his clients. He has a real talent for seeing through the smoke of battle and remaining focused on the key points which really make a difference.'
Ranked: Tier 4

The set: Littleton is a leading employment and commercial chambers. The set’s highly regarded team of 50 barristers includes 15 silks, all of whom provide exceptional advice and advocacy to its clients.

Work undertaken:  Littleton members’ practices cover a wide spectrum of work in a number of jurisdictions, including: employment law; business protection (both statutory and High Court); commercial law, incorporating fraud, insolvency, financial services, banking, commercial contracts, share and business sale agreements, shareholder disputes, company and partnership law, disciplinary and regulatory; sports law; injunctions; and mediation and arbitration, civil investigations, international and offshore disputes.

Recruitment: Members of Chambers fund two pupils per year. Chambers are members of the Pupillage Gateway. Placing value not only on the skills of its tenants as advocates and lawyers, but also on their practical and friendly approach, Littleton aims to take on pupils who, in addition to an excellent academic record, show a flair for advocacy and have the strong interpersonal skills necessary to succeed at the modern day Bar. We are proud to support underrepresented groups in their applications to the Bar through our collaborations with Rare, the Bar Council e-mentoring scheme, the Bar Placement Scheme, 10,000 Black Interns, Bridging the Bar and our own Inspire Sports Law Initiative.

For more detailed CVs and information about members, news, comments, case reports, webinars, podcasts and contributions to publications, please visit

Department Name Email Telephone
Chambers Director Liz Dux 0207 797 8600
Senior Clerk Jason Drakeford +44 (0) 20 7797 8623
Head of Chambers MANSFIELD KC, Gavin (2013) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BOWERS KC, John (1998) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BLOCH KC, Selwyn (2000) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers READE KC, David (2006) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers GILROY KC, Paul (2006) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SAMEK KC, Charles (2009) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers TATTON-BROWN KC, Daniel (2016) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers COHEN KC, Jonathan (2016) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SOLOMON KC, Adam (2018) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SETHI KC, Mohinderpal (2019) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers MARTIN KC, Dale (2019) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SIDDALL KC, Nicholas (2019) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers MEHRZAD KC, John (2020) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers D'CRUZ KC, Rupert (2021) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers DAVIS KC, Carol (2021) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers de SILVA KC, Niran (2021) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers FODDER, Martin +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SENDALL, Antony (1984) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers NEAMAN, Sam (1988) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers MAGUIRE, Andrew +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers LEWIS, Jeremy (1992) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers QUINN, Chris (1992) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BONE, Lucy (1999) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SHERIDAN, Matthew (2000) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SHIU, Ming-Yee (2000) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers WYNNE, James (2002) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers LASCELLES, David (2003) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers PALMER, Martin (2003) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers NORTHALL, Daniel (2004) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers KEMP, Edward (2005) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers ROBSON, Alexander (2006) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers DAVIES, Charlotte (2006) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BANERJEE, Lydia (2007) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BICKFORD SMITH, James (2008) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers ASHIRU, Charlene (2008) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers HALBAN, Alexander (2009) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers GOODFELLOW, Nicholas (2009) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers GRAY, Benjamin (2011) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers DELEHANTY, Marc (2011) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers HUMPHREYS, Mark (2012) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BERRY, Sophia (2012) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers ANDERSON, Grahame (2013) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers CUKIER, Ashley (2013) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers LEADBETTER, Georgina (2013) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BRYAN, Joseph (2015) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers GREEN, James (2015) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers WILSON, Kieran (2016) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers SANDERS, Stuart (2017) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers MATHUR, Anirudh (2017) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Members of Chambers BRESLIN, Blathnaid (2019) +44 (0) 20 7797 8600
Photo Name Position Profile
Grahame Anderson photo Grahame Anderson Grahame is an expert trial and appellate advocate in employment and equalities…
Charlene Ashiru (nee Hawkins) photo Charlene Ashiru (nee Hawkins) Charlene has extensive experience of all aspects of statutory and contractual employment…
Bianca Balmelli photo Bianca Balmelli Bianca joined Littleton in October 2019 on completion of her pupillage. She…
Lydia Banerjee photo Lydia Banerjee Lydia practises in commercial law, sports law and employment law. In the…
Sophia Berry photo Sophia Berry Sophia has also been instructed on injunction applications in the High Court…
James Bickford Smith photo Dr James Bickford Smith Commercial, Commercial Chancery, Partnership & Employment law. In particular: 1) international commercial…
Selwyn Bloch photo Selwyn Bloch Selwyn Bloch QC is a leading Silk, specialising in business protection (in…
Lucy Bone photo Lucy Bone Employment and commercial law specialist with substantial experience in complex and high…
John Bowers photo John Bowers Barrister specialising in employment law (individual and collective); discrimination law; pensions law…
Joseph Bryan photo Joseph Bryan Ranked as a leading junior (tier 3) in employment law, Joseph practises…
Georgina  Churchhouse  photo Georgina Churchhouse Georgina practises in all areas of employment, discrimination, commercial employment law and…
Jonathan Cohen photo Jonathan Cohen A QC at just 38 years old, Jonathan Cohen has built his…
Ashley Cukier photo Ashley Cukier Barrister specialising in commercial work, particularly general commercial litigation, arbitration, insolvency, company,…
Charlotte Davies photo Charlotte Davies Charlotte specialises in employment law and commercial litigation. Her employment practice includes…
Carol Davis photo Carol Davis With a strong practice covering every area of employment law, Carol has…
Matthieu De Boisséson photo Matthieu De Boisséson Door tenant at Littleton Chambers and partner at Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier;…
Niran De Silva photo Niran De Silva Employment law: all contentious and non-contentious employment matters, in particular in the…
Marc Delehanty photo Marc Delehanty Marc represents corporate entities and individuals in civil fraud and asset recovery…
Rupert  D’Cruz photo Mr Rupert D’Cruz Barrister specialising in corporate and shareholder disputes; banking and finance; fraud and…
Martin Fodder photo Martin Fodder Principal area of practice is employment, all areas including wrongful dismissal/unfair dismissal,…
Alex Francis photo Alex Francis
Paul Gilroy photo Paul Gilroy Paul Gilroy QC has acted for a stellar list of clients, including…
Nicholas Goodfellow photo Nicholas Goodfellow Nick specialises in commercial litigation, and is regularly instructed in high-value, complex…
Benjamin Gray photo Benjamin Gray Benjamin is an employment, public and commercial law practitioner. He acts for…
Benjamin Gray photo Benjamin Gray Benjamin is an employment, public and commercial law practitioner. He acts for…
James Green photo James Green Barrister
Douglas David Hacking photo Lord Douglas David Hacking Commercial arbitration; extensive experience in litigation and arbitration for 40 years, latterly…
Alexander Halban photo Alexander Halban Alexander practises in a broad range of commercial and civil fraud disputes – including commercial…
Mark Humphreys photo Mark Humphreys Barrister specialising in employment and discrimination matters.
David Lascelles photo David Lascelles David specialises in litigation arising from high-value commercial contracts, the sale of…
Georgina Leadbetter photo Georgina Leadbetter Georgina specialises in tribunal and High Court litigation arising out of the…
Jeremy Lewis KC photo Jeremy Lewis KC
Andrew Maguire photo Andrew Maguire Barrister
Gavin Mansfield photo Gavin Mansfield Head of Littleton Chambers. Practice covers employment and discrimination law, partnership disputes…
Dale Martin photo Dale Martin Dale Martin QC is one of the UK’s leading specialists in employment…
Anirudh Mathur photo Anirudh Mathur Anirudh has a broad practice across commercial, employment and discrimination, sports, international…
Sam Neaman photo Sam Neaman Employment lawyer ‘with a strong commercial leaning’. ‘A real fighter’, best known…
Daniel Northall KC photo Daniel Northall KC Daniel is an advocate and adviser in his core practice areas of…
Martin Palmer photo Martin Palmer Transferred to the Bar after nine years practising as a solicitor, latterly…
Richard M Perkoff photo Richard M Perkoff Barrister specialising in general commercial and company law, arbitration and conflict of…
David Reade photo David Reade Employment: all areas of both contentious and non-contentious employment law (including EU…
Alexander Robson photo Alexander Robson Employment and commercial. Employment: High Court claims relating to contractual duties, employee…
Mauro Rubino-Sammartano photo Avv Dr Mauro Rubino-Sammartano Associate member.
Charles Samek photo Charles Samek Charles Samek is a renowned QC specializing in the fields of general…
Stuart Sanders photo Stuart Sanders Commercial and employment law barrister 
Antony Sendall photo Antony Sendall Employment law: all aspects including TUPE, discrimination, whistleblowing, equal pay, working time,…
Mohinderpal Sethi photo Mohinderpal Sethi Barrister specialising in domestic and cross-border company/commercial, employment, partnership and arbitration. Substantial…
Matthew Sheridan photo Matthew Sheridan Matthew’s practice is heavily focused on business competition disputes in the High…
Ming-Yee Shiu photo Ming-Yee Shiu Ming-Yee Shiu specialises in commercial litigation, civil fraud, company and employment law,…
Nicholas Siddall photo Nicholas Siddall Specialises in employment and industrial relations law. His practice includes significant employment…
Adam Solomon photo Adam Solomon Barrister. Practice covers employment law, discrimination, commercial law, public law and human…
Daniel Tatton-Brown photo Daniel Tatton-Brown Barrister specialising in employment, commercial contract law and professional negligence. Notable cases…
Peter Trepte photo Peter Trepte Barrister dealing with national and international public procurement, including development work for…
Joel  Wallace  photo Joel Wallace Joel is experienced in multi-day trial advocacy and representing clients before an…
Kieran Wilson photo Kieran Wilson Kieran is an employment and equality law specialist. His practice covers the…
James Wynne photo James Wynne James’ practice covers employment law in both Employment Tribunals and High Court,…

Littleton Chambers is committed to principles of equality, diversity and social mobility in our provision of legal services, recruitment and internal management of staff and members. Our barristers carry out pro bono work and undertake fundraising initiatives for organisations such as Advocate and the London Legal Support Trust. From an internal perspective, we have introduced revised systems to help monitor fair allocation of work and led work. We introduced a mentoring system to train members to mentor one another at key stages during their career development such as in the first few years of tenancy, returning from maternity leave etc and into Silk.

We are a proud founding partner of Bridging the Bar and are participating their mini-pupillage scheme, through which candidates can apply for a dedicated mini-pupillage experience. We have formed a steering group with 4 other Chambers and have been instrumental in organising other Chambers to sign up to 10,000 Black Interns project, which aims to help transform the horizons and prospects of young Black people in the United Kingdom by offering six weeks of paid work experience across a range of sectors, providing training and development opportunities and creating a sustainable cycle of mentorship and sponsorship for the Black community. As a result of this steering group, 10,000 Black Interns has selected 24 candidates for the Bar scheme this summer. We have also recently formed a partnership with the Ark Elvin Academy, through which students have the opportunity to witness mock trials and learn about career opportunities directly from Littleton members.

For the past 5 years, the Littleton Sports Law Group has pioneered in championing diversity and inclusion with its Inspire Sports Law Initiative, using sports law as a bridge for those from under-represented backgrounds, and for athletes transitioning away from careers in sport. Led by John Mehrzad QC, thus far we have mentored two individuals into pupillage, one into a training contract and two more who now intend to join the Bar after having competed at the Tokyo Olympics.

CLIENT: Jonathan Goldsworthy

COMPANY/FIRM: Bird & Bird, Partner

TESTIMONIAL: Littleton is my go-to Chambers for employment litigation, having instructed counsel almost exclusively at the set for over 10 years. All of the barristers are extremely knowledgeable; however, more importantly, they are approachable and user-friendly and always willing to take a call on a matter or give a sanity check on a particular issue. The Clerking team is extremely responsive and adept at finding the right counsel for the right matter.

CLIENT: Clive Howard

COMPANY/FIRM: Keystone Law, Partner

TESTIMONIAL: Littleton are truly my preferred chambers. They have strength from the most senior QCs to the most junior-all the barristers I have instructed have been very helpful, very responsive and crucially always very well prepared.It helps that the clerking team are extremely efficient in dealing with queries and also reasonable when negotiating fees and dates. In terms of barristers I would single out Gavin Mansfield who is a delight to work with, very creative as well as having a superb attention to detail. For the juniors, Edward Kemp is very clear in his advice, again very good to work with. Also Lydia Banerjee-considered, calm and always helpful.

CLIENT: Hamish Cameron Blackie


TESTIMONIAL: Littleton Chambers is clearly in the top echelon of employment and commercial law sets. Its strength and depth are possibly equaled, but not bettered. Its members are all, without exception, clear and concise in advice, at the cutting edge on the law and add value on every occasion, but, best of all, everyone is a pleasure to deal with, no exceptions.

The next generation of juniors looks set to enhance chambers formidable reputation.

Clerking sets Littleton apart from other chambers. They are fast, and flexible and provide solutions to a busy solicitors office – not problems.

CLIENT: Katie Mahoney

COMPANY/FIRM: Doyle Clayton, Legal Director

TESTIMONIAL: Littleton is my go-to set. The reason why they’re the pre-eminent employment law set is that the depth and strength of counsel, whether at junior, senior or silk level, is the best that there is. They are also user-friendly. The clerks are exceptionally hard working and go out of their way to help.

CLIENT: Beth Clayton


TESTIMONIAL: Littleton have excellent barristers at all levels – from Junior to Silk – and their administrative team is second to none. Helpful, proactive clerks and super-efficient marketing and admin staff, all led by the incredible Liz Dux.

CLIENT: Caroline Field

COMPANY/FIRM: Fox Lawyers, Partner

TESTIMONIAL: Littleton has some of the brightest minds in partnership and employment law. We have worked closely with a number of the team on high value and complex senior level investigations and exits, often involving discrimination, whistleblowing and business protection issues. They are uniquely placed to handle the cross over between employment and partnership law, with unrivalled strength and expertise at all levels. They offer top notch advice and service, with a focus on client objectives. We and the client regularly see them as an extension of our own team. You can expect a solution-focused approach at all points of contact. The clerks and support team are also a delight to deal with, offering a highly responsive and friendly service.