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London Bar > Personal injury, industrial disease and insurance fraud Tier 1

12 King’s Bench Walk has ‘a strong depth of knowledge and a variety of counsel to suit individual client needs‘ – representing both claimants and defendants across personal injury, industrial disease, insurance fraud and travel claims. Insurance-related personal injury work for defendants is the specialist area of Stephen Worthington KC; William Audland KC continues to be instructed for the RFL in the concussion claims brought by former rugby league professionals in Dyson & Others v Rugby Football League. Andrew Roy KC was made silk in the 2023 round, and was led by Marcus Dignum KC in Mathieu v Hinds and Aviva plc, a brain injury claim which led to the first judicial decision on provisional damages for dementia and featured issues of foreign tax. Navjot Atwal joined the set in January 2023 from 3 Hare Court.

Personal injury - Rising Stars

Cressida Mawdesley-Thomas12 King’s Bench WalkCressida is a very bright, committed junior with huge potential.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Spencer Turner 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Absolutely superb. Thorough, professional and well-liked by clients.'
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Michael Rawlinson KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Michael is a phenomenal advocate. Nothing phases him - his advice is concise and to the point, and he is not afraid of trial.'  
Ranked: Tier 1
Steven Snowden KC12 King’s Bench Walk  ‘Steven is a leading light in the area; always on top of his game and a compelling advocate.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Stephen Worthington KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘An absolute star in this field. His advice is always commercial and pragmatic as well as legally sound.'
Ranked: Tier 1
William Audland KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘William is a heavyweight litigator in every sense. Equally at home on his feet in court, at a JSM or on paper.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Paul Russell KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Paul is meticulous in his preparation for conferences and hearings. He is supremely confident and has a grasp of all the key issues.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Patrick Vincent KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Patrick is highly intelligent, but very pragmatic in his approach. Great on policy issues.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Marcus Dignum KC12 King’s Bench WalkMarcus is an excellent silk. Straight to the point, always gets to the heart of issues very swiftly.’
Ranked: Tier 4

2023 Silks

Andrew Roy KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘First-rate and amongst those waiting to take silk. Total mastery of the detail is the mark of his preparation'

Personal injury - Leading Juniors

Patrick Kerr  – 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Patrick is extremely impressive. He is approachable and has great tactical awareness.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 1
David Sanderson12 King’s Bench Walk ‘David is an exceptional barrister, he has an eye for detail and is rigorous in his approach.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Henry Charles12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Henry is meticulous with detail whilst having a firm grasp on the big picture of a case. He has a great breadth of knowledge and can often offer solutions which are out of the box.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Nigel Lewers12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Articulate, always calm especially under fire, with an excellent eye for detail and outstanding technical knowledge.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Gemma Scott12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Gemma has huge experience in the field of asbestos-related illness claims and her technical knowledge in this field is superb.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Niall Maclean12 King’s Bench Walk ‘A fantastic all-rounder. Niall has an amazing eye for detail, and is superb at assessing complex expert evidence on high-value cases.'
Ranked: Tier 1
John-Paul Swoboda12 King’s Bench Walk ‘John-Paul is not afraid of difficult cases. He is extremely good with clients, has great tactical acumen and is an excellent speaker.' 
Ranked: Tier 2
Michael Brace 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Michael is simply outstanding. He has huge technical knowledge of this field and great attention to detail.'  
Ranked: Tier 2
Hugh Hamill12 King’s Bench WalkHugh is a great advocate; shows great attention to detail and is robust in negotiations. He is also extremely personable and approachable.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Daniel Tobin12 King’s Bench WalkDaniel is a force to be reckoned with on his feet, rapier-sharp and cuts to the main issues.’
Ranked: Tier 2
David White12 King’s Bench Walk ‘David is a superb advocate. He approaches every problem comprehensively and gives considered advice.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Aliyah Akram12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Aliyah is cerebral and approachable’
Ranked: Tier 2
Ivan Bowley 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘One of the most astute and knowledgeable barristers in this field with impeccable judgement.'
Ranked: Tier 3
James Sullivan12 King’s Bench Walk ‘James is very well-prepared and has an excellent knowledge of the law.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Isaac Hogarth12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Isaac's attention to detail and quick understanding of the issues are outstanding.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Charlotte Reynolds 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Charlotte’s attention to detail is excellent. She is always thoroughly prepared, well-liked by clients and colleagues, and treats complex issues with care.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Catherine Peck12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Catherine is always on top of the detail, but retains an ability to step back from that and see the bigger picture so as to mould a claim in the strongest possible way.'   
Ranked: Tier 4
Angela Frost 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘A well-rounded leader in the market with good commercial and practical instincts - a market-leading technical lawyer.' 
Ranked: Tier 4
James Candlin 12 King’s Bench WalkJames is a careful and conscientious barrister with great judgement whose meticulous case preparation makes him an excellent choice for fraud work in particular.’      
Ranked: Tier 4
Oliver Rudd 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Oliver's collaborative style is incredibly effective, and his equally refined advocacy is well-received by Judges.' 
Ranked: Tier 4
Nina Ross 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Nina is a fantastic advocate, who particularly excels in complex and sensitive cases.'
Ranked: Tier 4
James Pickering12 King’s Bench Walk ‘James is razor-sharp and super responsive. He has a very calm and measured demeanour.’ 
Ranked: Tier 5
Arun Katyar12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Arun has an excellent manner with clients and is an expert tactician. He is brilliant on his feet.'
Ranked: Tier 5
Max Archer12 King’s Bench Walk ‘An up and coming junior. Max has confidence and technical ability far beyond the number of years call.'
Ranked: Tier 5
Anna Symington12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Tenacious and good with detail, an excellent strategic thinker.'
Ranked: Tier 5
Thomas Banks12 King’s Bench Walk ‘A bright barrister who is going places in the future and is one to watch - Thomas is a big asset to have in a case.' 
Ranked: Tier 5
David Green 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘The quality of David's advice and his legal knowledge has always been excellent.'
Ranked: Tier 5


‘The clerks are fantastic. In particular, Daniella Evans, Ella Banfill and Lily Baker are all supremely talented and professional.’

‘Clerking team is excellent, in particular Tristan Whigham.’

‘The Clerks are always happy to help and adept at locating expertise within the set for any issue.’

’12 KBW need no introduction – they are in the top tier of personal injury work.’

’12 KBW have a strong depth of knowledge and a variety of counsel to suit individual client needs. They are all extremely approachable and offer a good range of training programmes through the year.’

‘The best set for asbestos work and has great strength and depth with a large team specialising in this type of work’

’12 KBW is well-known for the extensive experience of its counsel in personal injury and related litigation.’

’12KBW is an incredibly strong set’

Work highlights

London Bar > Clinical negligence Tier 3

12 King’s Bench Walk has a ‘huge breadth of talent at all levels of experience’, with ‘very capable barristers’ including William Audland KC, who has notable expertise regarding spinal injury – including leading junior Isaac Hogarth in the case of  Ellis v Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, concluded late 2022, a case involving negligent diagnosis and treatment of a spinal epidural abscess leading to incomplete paraplegia, in which £3m was secured for a claimant after extensive collaborative efforts due to questions around how appropriate an award for provisional damages would be in the event that the claimant’s neurological condition deteriorated as a result of adjacent segment disease.

Rising stars

Spencer Turner – 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Spencer is very able all round barrister, and has developed particular expertise in high-value clinical negligence claims arising out of sporting injuries.’
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

William Audland KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘William is a first-class silk. His knowledge and communication are excellent ensuring the key issues are identified and the client understands their case, the issues and the options.’
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Henry Charles12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Henry is outstanding, especially when he combines his remarkable knowledge with his attention to detail. Henry is a compelling advocate with a calm convincing style.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Vanessa Cashman12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Vanessa combines keen analytical skills with genuine empathy. She has proven herself capable of dealing with some extremely complicated clinical negligence cases.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
John-Paul Swoboda12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Experienced advocate who is highly diligent, quick to respond and very personable with clients.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
Charlotte Reynolds12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Great attention to detail. Really good attitude and ability to manage insurer clients and clinicians in tricky and emotional situations'
Ranked: Tier 4
Isaac Hogarth 12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Sharp minded and an unbeatable attention to detail. He never leaves a stone unturned. A very safe pair of hands.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
Edward Ramsay12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Huge attention to detail with a razor-sharp intellect and fantastic on his feet.’ 
Ranked: Tier 4
Thea Wilson - 12 King's Bench Walk 'Thea is a very diligent and organised barrister with an excellent eye for detail. She is friendly and is brilliant with clients and in conference with medical experts.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Daniel Sokol12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Daniel is extraordinarily bright and a highly effective litigator. He has sound judgement and good commercial awareness. He is an singularly impressive lawyer who punches well above his level of call.’  
Ranked: Tier 4


’12KBW have a very good clerking team led by Oliver Parkhouse. George Boggis is an excellent clerk and is always very responsive and helpful.’

‘George Boggis is stand-out. He is always incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate in recommending 12KBW.’

‘A strong set all round with very capable barristers.’

‘Huge breadth of talent at all levels of experience.’

’12KBW are an excellent set. The standard of knowledge, work done and advocacy is very high. You know you are in safe hands with them.’

‘The clerks are exceptionally strong, quick and helpful and know which barrister to recommend for which case.’

Work highlights

London Bar > Sport

Rising stars

Spencer Turner12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Spencer is very thorough and precise in his advice, and careful in analysis. His advocacy is impressive, particularly in interlocutory hearings.’
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

William Audland KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Impeccable preparation and very quick to understand and get to the heart of the issues. A top star team leader and player. His advocacy skills are tremendous.’
Ranked: Tier 3

London Bar > Aviation

Leading Silks

Michael Rawlinson KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Michael is an intellectual heavyweight with an encyclopedic legal mind. He is an adept advocate, able to adapt his style dependent upon the client he is advising. Despite his years of experience, he has also retained his love of the law, which means that he is continually looking to create new law and test present legal thinking.’
Ranked: Tier 2

Leading Juniors

Max Archer12 King’s Bench Walk 'Great confidence.'
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Inquests and inquiries

Leading Silks

Michael Rawlinson KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘A superb advocate. Everyone looks up to him and he instills courage and confidence in the most challenging of circumstances.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Steven Snowden KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Steven is a very calm and polished advocate.’
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Edward Ramsay  – 12 King’s Bench WalkEdward’s knowledge of coronial law is unrivalled and he can handle the most difficult of coroners or witnesses with ease. His advocacy is clear and concise.’
Ranked: Tier 3

London Bar > Costs

2023 Silks

Andrew Roy KC12 King’s Bench Walk ‘Encyclopaedic knowledge of costs principles and case law; Andrew is highly persuasive and a formidable advocate.’

Leading Juniors

Ranked: Tier 4

Midland Circuit > Costs

North Eastern Circuit > Personal injury

Leading Juniors

Tom Vonberg  - 12 King's Bench Walk ‘Tom is liked by the clients and highly regarded for his technical skill and reliable advice. His eye for detail really stands out, and he is very robust in court.’
Ranked: Tier 2

London Bar > Employment

Leading Juniors

Laura Robinson12 King’s Bench WalkLaura has excellent technical skills, and understands and considers detailed and complicated legal points with serenity. She is extremely clear in her advice and her advocacy is very persuasive.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Ghazaleh Rezaie – 12 King’s Bench WalkGhazaleh’s advocacy is systematic, persuasive, informed and relentless, and a joy to watch. She is particularly skilled in building her case through cross-examination, with a carefully thought out pace and structure that chips away at her opponent’s arguments. Her ability to absorb the finest details of the case is second-to-none.’
Ranked: Tier 5

London Bar > Administrative law and human rights

12 King’s Bench Walk continues to be at the forefront of many of the most significant cases in its practice areas, offering a wealth of expertise through its 91 members, including 11 silks.

The chambers: 12 King’s Bench Walk is a leading civil set, with 91 members, 11 of which are King’s Counsel. 12KBW is at the forefront of developments in the law, having been instructed in many of the leading tort cases of recent times and is best known for bringing and defending personal injury, industrial disease, and clinical negligence claims as well as employment law.

Work undertaken
Personal injury: The past year was one of considerable success for 12KBW, continuing its pre-eminent position in personal injury work; members specialise in the full range of personal injury claims. 12KBW appeared in RoadPeace v (1) Secretary of State for Transport (2) MIB, Lewington v MIB, Cameron v Hussain & LV Insurance, McBride v UKI and Bellman v Northampton Recruitment Limited.

Industrial disease: 12KBW continues to be at the forefront of industrial disease litigation, with leading specialists at the bar appearing in prominent cases. Expertise in asbestos litigation is unrivalled, with members instructed in some of the most significant cases, such as Dryden v Johnson Matthey and Bussey v Anglia Heating Ltd.

Clinical negligence: 12KBW has a large and well-regarded clinical negligence team, acting on behalf of both claimants and defendants, including NHS Trusts, medical defence organisations, privately insured practitioners and private hospitals.

Employment and discrimination: 12KBW’s employment and discrimination team handles the full spectrum of employment, discrimination and commercial employment cases. It has strength in the cross-over between employment and personal injury law, such as workplace stress claims, disability discrimination following an industrial accident, and discrimination in the education and services sectors.

International and travel: 12KBW has been instructed in many of the key travel and aviation cases, including Hoteles Pinero Canarias v Keefe, Noble Caledonia v Air Niugini, X v Kuoni, Clay v TUI and Xstrata. 12KBW offers leading expertise on jurisdiction, applicable law, package travel, aviation and multi-party litigation. 12KBW is often instructed by motor insurers in cross-border road traffic accidents, including domestic proceedings brought against foreign insurers, and proceedings brought directly against English insurers or the Motor Insurers’ Bureau in respect of accidents abroad.

Insurance: Barristers are regularly instructed across policy coverage areas, including employer’s and public liability, professional indemnity, and motor and property damage policies.

Product liability: 12KBW has acted in some of the most exciting and novel product liability cases of the past few decades. Undertaking industrial disease claims, and claims involving pharmaceuticals, breast implants, consumer goods, mobility equipment and food and drink.

ADR: 12KBW provides a professional and effective ADR service, particularly in personal injury and related areas. 12KBW ADR also deals with all areas of law and legal disputes, including those with an international dimension.

Department Name Email Telephone
Director of Clerking PARKHOUSE, Oliver parkhouse@12kbw.co.uk 020 7415 8342
Head of Chambers AUDLAND KC, William (1992, 2015)
Deputy Head of Chambers REYNOLDS, Charlotte (2001)
Deputy Head of Chambers SYMINGTON, Anna (2002)
Members of Chambers METHUEN KC, Richard (1972, 1997)
Members of Chambers HOGARTH KC, Andrew (1974, 2003)
Members of Chambers MARTIN KC, Gerard (1978, 2000)
Members of Chambers WORTHINGTON KC, Stephen (1976, 2006)
Members of Chambers FEATHERBY KC, William (1978, 2008)
Members of Chambers RAWLINSON KC, Michael (1991, 2009)
Members of Chambers RUSSELL KC, Paul (1984, 2011)
Members of Chambers SNOWDEN KC, Steven (1989, 2017)
Members of Chambers DIGNUM KC, Marcus (1994, 2020)
Members of Chambers SHARPE KC, David (1999, 2020)
Members of Chambers VINCENT KC, Patrick (1992, 2021)
Members of Chambers ROY KC, Andrew (2002, 2023)
Members of Chambers SANDERSON, David (1985)
Members of Chambers LEWERS, Nigel (1986)
Members of Chambers CHARLES, Henry (1987)
Members of Chambers PICKERING, Andrew (1987)
Members of Chambers HAMILL, Hugh (1988)
Members of Chambers MEAD, Philip (1989)
Members of Chambers CHAMBERS, Adam (1989)
Members of Chambers CHANDLER, Kate (1990)
Members of Chambers BOWLEY, Ivan (1990)
Members of Chambers CANDLIN, James (1991)
Members of Chambers BRACE, Michael (1991)
Members of Chambers JACKSON, Stephanie (1992)
Members of Chambers KATYAR, Arun (1993)
Members of Chambers KENDALL, Joel (1993)
Members of Chambers MCLAUGHLIN, Andrew (1993)
Members of Chambers TOBIN, Daniel (1994)
Members of Chambers PECK, Catherine (1995)
Members of Chambers MCCLUGGAGE, Brian (1995)
Members of Chambers THOMSON, Louise (1996)
Members of Chambers JOHN, Simon (1996)
Members of Chambers LEECH, Benedict (1997)
Members of Chambers MADAN, Pankaj (1997)
Members of Chambers CALLOW, David (1998)
Members of Chambers AGGREY-ORLEANS, Kweku (1998)
Members of Chambers WHITE, David (1999)
Members of Chambers WARD, Andrew (2000)
Members of Chambers FROST, Angela (2001)
Members of Chambers ROBINSON, Laura (2001)
Members of Chambers ATWAL, Navjot (2002)
Members of Chambers LYONS, Andrew (2002)
Members of Chambers NEWNHAM, Mary (2003)
Members of Chambers VONBERG, Tom (2004)
Members of Chambers SCOTT, Gemma (2005)
Members of Chambers SULLIVAN, James (2005)
Members of Chambers KERR, Patrick (2006)
Members of Chambers BESLEE, Sarah (2006)
Members of Chambers CARINGTON, Alex (2006)
Members of Chambers KENNEDY, Roisin (2006)
Members of Chambers SWOBODA, John-Paul (2006)
Members of Chambers ROBERTSHAW, Charles (2007)
Members of Chambers READ, Emily (2007)
Members of Chambers PATTERSON, Hollie (2008)
Members of Chambers MACLEAN, Niall (2008)
Members of Chambers PACEY, Thomas (2008)
Members of Chambers ALDRED, Lois (2008)
Members of Chambers WILSON, Thea (2008)
Members of Chambers RUDD, Oliver (2009)
Members of Chambers CASHMAN, Vanessa (2009)
Members of Chambers REZAIE, Ghazaleh (2009)
Members of Chambers BANKS, Thomas (2010)
Members of Chambers BUCH, Rachit (2010)
Members of Chambers ROSS, Nina (2010)
Members of Chambers SOKOL, Daniel (2011)
Members of Chambers HOGARTH, Isaac (2011)
Members of Chambers RAMSAY, Edward (2012)
Members of Chambers BURIN, Achas (2012)
Members of Chambers MUKITH, Farhana (2013)
Members of Chambers PICKERING, James (2013)
Members of Chambers MCKEOWN, Jeremy (2013)
Members of Chambers ARCHER, Max (2014)
Members of Chambers GREEN, David (2015)
Members of Chambers CUNNINGHAM, Ted (2015)
Members of Chambers BOULDEN, Elizabeth (2016)
Members of Chambers MORADI, Annahita (2016)
Members of Chambers TURNER, Spencer (2016)
Members of Chambers TURTON, Charley (2017)
Members of Chambers WALLER, Helen (2017)
Members of Chambers MURRAY, Craig (2017)
Members of Chambers FLEMING, Christopher (2017)
Members of Chambers HALE, Peter (2017)
Members of Chambers KING, Henry (2018)
Members of Chambers GRIFFITHS, Megan (2018)
Members of Chambers MAWDESLEY-THOMAS, Cressida (2019)
Members of Chambers DUCKENFIELD, Eleanor (2021)
Members of Chambers FRANKLIN, Jessica (2021)
Members of Chambers LOOMES, Jake (2021)
Members of Chambers HENSHAW-KEENE, Rebecca (2021)
Members of Chambers NOVELL, Corinne (2022)
Photo Name Position Profile
Kweku Aggrey-Orleans photo Kweku Aggrey-Orleans Kweku prides himself on maintaining a successful practice across all the main…
Lois Aldred photo Lois Aldred Lois acts for both claimants and defendants and has experience of all…
Max Archer photo Max Archer Max is recognised as a leading practitioner in aviation, international and travel,…
William Audland photo William Audland William is ranked as a leading silk in all the major directories…
William Audland photo William Audland William is ranked as a leading silk in all the major directories…
Thomas Banks photo Thomas Banks Tom is ranked as a Personal Injury Leading Junior in Legal 500.…
Sarah Beslee photo Sarah Beslee Sarah is highly experienced in all aspects of personal injury law, from…
Elizabeth Boulden photo Elizabeth Boulden Elizabeth’s personal injury practice has particular specialisms in clinical negligence, inquests, employers’…
Ivan Bowley photo Ivan Bowley Ivan Bowley specialises in industrial disease and serious personal injury, acting on…
Michael Brace photo Michael Brace Michael specialises in personal injury and clinical negligence with a  particular emphasis…
Rachit Buch photo Rachit Buch Rachit specialises in personal injury, industrial disease, clinical negligence and international and…
Achas Burin photo Dr Achas Burin Achas enjoys a varied practice in 12KBW’s core areas. She is keen…
David Callow photo David Callow David has a wide-ranging practice with substantial experience of claims of the…
James Candlin photo James Candlin Specialist personal injury practitioner. Recognised as a leading junior in Chambers &…
Alex Carington photo Alex Carington Alex’s practice encompasses 12KBW’s core areas with particular focus on travel, serious…
Vanessa Cashman photo Vanessa Cashman Vanessa specialises in clinical negligence. She acts predominantly for claimants and her…
Adam Chambers photo Adam Chambers Whilst familiar with the high value personal injury cases arising  out of…
Kate Chandler photo Kate Chandler Kate is a specialist personal injury barrister. She joined Chambers in 1991,…
Henry Charles photo Henry Charles Henry is recognised as a leading personal injury and clinical negligence practitioner. …
Ted Cunningham photo Ted Cunningham Ted accepts instructions across all of 12KBW’s core areas. He has particular…
Samuel Cuthbert photo Samuel Cuthbert Samuel has significant experience in industrial disease, catastrophic injury, and negligence claims.…
Marcus Dignum photo Marcus Dignum Marcus is a specialist Defendant Catastrophic Personal Injury Silk, who acts for…
William Featherby photo William Featherby The bulk of William’s work is heavy personal injuries and clinical negligence…
William Featherby photo William Featherby The bulk of William’s work is heavy personal injuries and clinical negligence…
Angela Frost photo Angela Frost Angela specialises in high value complex, and catastrophic personal injury claims. She…
Tim Goodwin photo Tim Goodwin Tim’s practice is focused on all types and elements of employment disputes,…
David Green photo David Green David is a specialist employment and personal injury barrister. He represents Claimants…
Megan Griffiths photo Megan Griffiths Megan practices in a number of chambers’ specialisms including general personal injury,…
Hugh Hamill photo Hugh Hamill Hugh specialises in high value complex personal injury, professional negligence, clinical negligence…
Isaac Hogarth photo Isaac Hogarth Isaac has a specialist clinical negligence and personal injury practice. A large…
Andrew Hogarth photo Andrew Hogarth Andrew Hogarth KC has a strong reputation both in the field of…
Andrew Hogarth photo Andrew Hogarth Andrew Hogarth KC has a strong reputation both in the field of…
Stephanie Jackson photo Stephanie Jackson Stephanie has a well established civil practice specializing in personal injury, credit…
Simon John photo Simon John Personal injury: Simon undertakes work for claimant and defendant in a wide…
Arun Katyar photo Arun Katyar Arun is an experienced advocate specialising in personal injury. He is recommended…
Joel Kendall photo Joel Kendall Joel specialises in personal injury, employment law and clinical negligence. He has…
Roisin Kennedy photo Roisin Kennedy Roisin has significant experience in all aspects of personal injury law.  She…
Patrick Kerr photo Patrick Kerr Patrick is consistently ranked as a Leading Junior, Tier 1 in the…
Henry  King photo Henry King Henry regularly appears in trials, interim applications and preliminary hearings in the…
Ben Leech photo Ben Leech Ben acts for both Claimants and Defendants in the full range of…
Nigel Lewers photo Nigel Lewers Nigel is widely recognised as a Leading Junior, recently rated as a…
Niall Maclean photo Niall Maclean Niall is recognised as a leading junior in the current edition of…
Pankaj Madan photo Pankaj Madan Pankaj specialises in Catastrophic and Life-Changing Injury with specialist expertise in traumatic…
Gerard Martin photo Gerard Martin Specialist in catastrophic injury work for Claimants. Other specialties include claims for…
Gerard Martin photo Gerard Martin Specialist in catastrophic injury work for Claimants. Other specialties include claims for…
Cressida Mawdesley-Thomas photo Cressida Mawdesley-Thomas Cressida’s practice encompasses the full range of Chambers’ key specialisms, acting for…
Brian McCluggage photo Brian McCluggage Brian McCluggage conducts catastrophic personal injury work, predominantly in the interest of…
Jeremy McKeown photo Jeremy McKeown Jeremy accepts instructions across all of 12KBW’s core areas. He has particular…
Andrew McLaughlin photo Andrew McLaughlin Andrew is a leading senior junior in the fields of personal injury…
Philip Mead photo Philip Mead Philip is a member of the International and Travel Group of 12KBW…
Richard Methuen photo Richard Methuen Richard is one of the most well-known and well-respected silks at the…
Richard Methuen photo Richard Methuen Richard is one of the most well-known and well-respected silks at the…
Farhana Mukith photo Farhana Mukith Farhana accepts instructions in most areas of Chambers’ work, with a particular…
Craig Murrary photo Craig Murrary Craig joined 12 King’s Bench Walk as a tenant in December 2018,…
Mary Newnham photo Mary Newnham Mary practises predominantly in personal injury and clinical negligence. She acts for…
Tom Pacey photo Tom Pacey Thomas appears regularly in fast and multi-track matters, has experience of acting…
Hollie Patterson photo Hollie Patterson Hollie’s principal areas of practice are employment and discrimination. She has been…
Catherine Peck photo Catherine Peck Catherine specialises in catastrophic and complex personal injury claims.  She has over…
Andrew Pickering photo Andrew Pickering Andrew specialises in serious personal injury and professional negligence litigation and has…
James Pickering photo James Pickering James is recognised by the Legal 500 2022 as a “rising star”…
James Pickering photo James Pickering James is recognised by the Legal 500 2022 as a “rising star”…
Edward Ramsay photo Edward Ramsay Edward is ranked as a Leading Junior for Inquests and Inquiries in the Legal…
Michael Rawlinson photo Michael Rawlinson Michael’s principal areas of practice are claims in which exposure to noxious…
Emily Read photo Emily Read Emily practices in all areas of personal injury law. Her main interests…
Charlotte Reynolds photo Charlotte Reynolds Charlotte represents both claimants and defendants in a broad range of catastrophic…
Ghazaleh Rezaie photo Ghazaleh Rezaie Ghazaleh is known to her solicitors for her attention to detail and…
Charles Robertshaw photo Charles Robertshaw Charles specialises in complex personal injury claims. He is regularly instructed for…
Laura Robinson photo Laura Robinson Laura is an employment specialist who represents large corporations, SME’s, public and…
Nina Ross photo Nina Ross Nina is ranked as a leading junior in personal injury in the…
Andrew Roy KC photo Andrew Roy KC Andrew specializes in complex and high value cases involving personal injury, costs,…
Oliver Rudd photo Oliver Rudd Oliver has a wide-ranging practice with extensive experience in dealing with a…
Paul Russell photo Paul Russell Paul has a strong reputation in the specialist fields of personal injury,…
Paul Russell photo Paul Russell Paul has a strong reputation in the specialist fields of personal injury,…
David Sanderson photo David Sanderson David is a highly experienced senior junior who has specialised for over…
Gemma Scott photo Gemma Scott Gemma specialises in personal injury work. She is particularly experienced in catastrophic…
David Sharpe photo Dr David Sharpe Dr David Sharpe KC specialises in clinical negligence, professional negligence, serious personal…
Steven Snowden photo Steven Snowden Steven has an outstanding KC practice.  He is an experienced trial advocate…
Steven Snowden photo Steven Snowden Steven has an outstanding KC practice.  He is an experienced trial advocate…
Daniel Sokol photo Daniel Sokol Daniel is ranked as a “Leading Junior” in the Legal 500 (2022),…
James Sullivan photo James Sullivan James has a High Court and multi-track practice specialising in all aspects…
John-Paul Swoboda photo John-Paul Swoboda John-Paul specialises in all aspects of Personal Injury law. He is known…
Anna Symington photo Anna Symington Anna specialises in high value personal injury claims.  Chambers & Partners 2022…
Louise Thomson photo Louise Thomson Louise is an experienced practitioner in personal injury and related areas including…
Daniel Tobin photo Daniel Tobin Daniel has a well-established personal injuries practice. He has particular expertise in…
Spencer Turner photo Spencer Turner Spencer’s practice encompasses the full range of Chambers’ key specialisms, with a…
Charley Turton photo Charley Turton Charley specialises in clinical negligence, abuse, and injury claims with an international…
Patrick Vincent photo Patrick Vincent Patrick is a specialist in Insurance, Personal Injury and International/Travel law. He…
Patrick Vincent photo Patrick Vincent Patrick is a specialist in Insurance, Personal Injury and International/Travel law. He…
Tom Vonberg photo Tom Vonberg Tom has significant advocacy experience. He is comfortable advising in and presenting…
Helen Waller photo Helen Waller Helen has developed extensive experience in both oral and written advocacy, accepting…
Andrew Ward photo Andrew Ward Andrew is recommended in the Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 directories…
David White photo David White David’s principal areas of practice are personal injury, clinical negligence, insurance/indemnity disputes…
Thea Wilson photo Thea Wilson Thea specialises in Clinical Negligence, complex Personal Injury claims, and Inquests. Thea…
Stephen Worthington photo Stephen Worthington Stephen’s main areas of expertise: personal injury, in which he is predominantly…
Stephen Worthington photo Stephen Worthington Stephen’s main areas of expertise: personal injury, in which he is predominantly…

12KBW is committed to promoting equality and diversity and creating and sustaining a positive and supportive environment for our staff, barristers, clients and suppliers.

We promote a culture where the individual is fairly treated, respected and diversity is appreciated. Equality of opportunity is based on merit, irrespective of background, beliefs and socio-economic context.

It is our policy to ensure, both individually and collectively, that we do not practice or permit any form of discrimination; whether direct, indirect, or by way of victimisation, against any person, or any harassment of any person.

12KBW is a proud supporter of, and participant in, the Bar Council’s Bar Placement Scheme in conjunction with the Social Mobility Foundation and also the Inner Temple’s Pegasus Access Scheme, providing work experience for university and sixth form students with the aim of encouraging diversity and social mobility at the Bar.

Members of Chambers regularly undertake pro bono work, including via the Free Representation Unit (FRU) and Employment Lawyers Appeals Advice Scheme (ELAAS).