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Poland > Banking and finance Tier 1

Dentons' banking and finance team is noted for handling financing transactions in Poland and across the CEE region. It has notable expertise in real estate finance, acquisition finance, project finance and corporate finance, as well as bond issuances and regulatory compliance. The group distinguishes itself in CEE cross-border portfolio financings originated in Warsaw, Munich and Vienna. The co-heads of the team in Warsaw are Mateusz Toczyski and Marcin Bartczak; the latter is a co-chair of the firm's European financial institutions regulatory team. Agnieszka Lipska, who made partner in April 2020, is a seasoned financial transactional lawyer focusing on the energy, heavy industry and manufacturing sectors. Corporate finance expert Bartosz Nojek also made partner. Counsel Tomasz Zwoliński has developed a niche in export finance, as well as the financing aspects of PPP deals. In March 2021, Mark Segall joined the group, having previously served as the head of the CEE banking practice at CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang Pośniak i Bejm sp.k..

Practice head(s):

Mateusz Toczyski; Marcin Bartczak

Other key lawyers:

Agnieszka Lipska; Bartosz Nojek; Inga Dulska; Piotr Nerwiński; Tomasz Zwoliński; Krzysztof Kaźmierczyk


‘Bartosz Nojek and Agnieszka Lipska – client-oriented and active approach to transactions and cooperation.’

‘Very good team. One of the best practices in the market.’

‘Mateusz Toczyski is the partner who is doing an excellent job. ’

‘Banking and finance team at Dentons provide well-balanced and trustworthy and do-able solutions for complex matters unlike sometimes you may come across theoretical solutions provided by other law firms.’

‘Inga Dulska is a very thoughtful lawyer with a great mindset, devoted to the tasks assigned. She is highly commercial, is fully transparent and operates with a long-term client viewpoint. She anticipates the potential outcomes of the discussions/negotiations and properly mitigates them. Inga is a true exceptional expert ’

‘Dentons banking and finance team consists of highly skilled professionals who are experts in their respective fields ’

‘The whole team deserves to be praised’ 

‘Highly skilled but humble, Piotr Nerwinski and Jakub Walawski are outstanding lawyers.’

Key clients


Enlight Renewable Energy


Akuo Energy

Erste Bank Group


Santander Bank Polska

ING Bank

BNP Paribas

HB Reavis

Poland > Competition/antitrust Tier 1

The department at Dentons takes a sectoral focus to the spectrum of competition and antitrust matters. 'Practical and professional' counsel Anna Gulińska takes the lead on TMT and real estate; senior associate Maciej Marek is noted for chemicals and heavy industry, also handling big data issues; power, utilities, banking and insurance are the responsibility of senior associate Tomasz Kordala; while food, retail and life sciences are handled by senior associate Adrian Bielecki. The overall group is co-ordinated by Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Barańska, who also leads the CEE practice group, and has extensive experience representing clients before EU and Polish competition authorities and the Polish courts.

Practice head(s):

Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Barańska

Other key lawyers:

Anna Gulińska; Maciej Marek; Tomasz Kordala


‘High-level lawyers with a very wide knowledge of every new case/law/judgment’

‘Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Barańska always has a broad look over the topic, calm and always proposing solutions tailored for the client’

Anna Gulińska works very closely with the client, always up-to-date with the authorities’ approach, practical and professional at the same time. ’

‘Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Baranska is a great lawyer who provides excellent advice. Maciej Marek is a highly skilled associate who can be fully trusted with managing a matter.’

Key clients





CPI Property Group



Epsilon Bidco Pte. Ltd.


Erste Group

Europa Capital





HB Reavis


Marie Brizard





POC Partners







Swiss RE

Volkswagen AG

White Star

Poland > Construction Tier 1

Dentons' construction team is led by the 'very competent' Piotr Staniszewski and dispute avoidance expert Agnieszka Wojciechowska. Drawing on cross-practice expertise from its real estate and dispute resolution practices, it handles pre-arbitration negotiations, proceedings before dispute adjudication boards and matters before international tribunals. The client portfolio includes private investors and public employers, with clients active in areas including commercial real estate, oil and gas, energy, infrastructure and environment. A notable highlight concerns its work for Saipem Techint in a high-profile ICC arbitration against Polskie LNG. This case pertains to the construction of Poland’s first LNG regasification terminal.

Practice head(s):

Agnieszka Wojciechowska; Piotr Staniszewski


‘I worked with the team for several years. They continue delivering great support and there is no other team that I trust more in the matters relating to my business. I do value their cross-border contacts and the possibility to address various issues with one team that can then address them internally, ie. tax matters, copyrights, potential litigations, etc. all under one roof and coordinated by a trusted partner.’

‘I had the pleasure working recently with Piotr Staniszewski. He is a very competent person and was always handling the issues professionally and without any delay. Also, when the work required he was there at night to morning hours and even at 1am was checking tax issues with other teammates. All the team and Piotr himself are highly dedicated to the company they cooperate with and the project they are involved in. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Piotr to any real estate developer in the future.’

‘I find the team to be very thorough in their approach. The responses to legal questions are always well articulated, very precise, well explained and well supported. The different issues are treated from various perspectives, and the experienced I have working with the team for several years is that the answers are always correct, and my team considers them to be an absolute truth.’

‘They have the ability to work on “unusual” and non-standard procedures. I particularly found cooperation with Mr Piotr Staniszewski to be at the highest level possible. We have worked together for years and have not been disappointed a single time. ’

‘Mr Piotr Staniszewski: extremely open to the search for unconventional solutions, – very quick and satisfied response, – very good negotiation skills.’

‘Piotr Staniszewski is the person I communicate most often with and I find that above all else what characterises a good lawyer is the ability to see the most important issue and quite simply customer service. He not only sees the issue immediately, he knows how to tackle and also provide great customer service throughout the process.’

Key clients



Inopa S.A.

Rubau Polska

Construcciones Rubau

Rover Infraestructuras



POC Partners

Benson Elliott

Cromwell Property Group

PRÔM Peakside ROS Outlet Management

Poland > Dispute resolution Tier 1

Dentons splits its team into distinct practice groups, with lawyers specialising in construction, infrastructure and real estate litigation; white-collar criminal defence; regulatory disputes; corporate disputes and; administrative disputes. The Warsaw office is also able to work closely with the firm's offices across the CEE region, and often coordinates cross-border litigation and arbitration matters. The practice group is led by Anna Maria Pukszto, who focuses on banking disputes and contentious insolvencies. Katarzyna Bilewska leads on corporate disputes, while Michał Jochemczak is in charge of the arbitration practice.

Practice head(s):

Anna Maria Pukszto

Other key lawyers:

Katarzyna Bilewska; Michał Jochemczak; Wojciech Kozłowski; Patrick Radzimierski; Agnieszka Wojciechowska


‘The most important thing is the business sense and the flexibility in cooperation with the client’

‘Good manners, competence, experience, expertise’

‘The key feature that makes Dentons team unique is an extremely pro client approach. Communication between a client and the team is a number 1 priority for Dentons.’

‘I have known the team since 2015. Their people combine legal expertise with exceptional understanding of business. I admire their strong expertise, quality of work and focus on finding unconventional, but efficient solutions. They are very responsive, which makes them stand out from the other law firms I know. I also appreciate their positive communication process, clear advice and ability to explain complex issues in a comprehensible manner. ’

‘Prof. Katarzyna Bilewska, the head of Corporate Disputes and the leader of the team, is a top expert in the disputes relating to shareholding. I also appreciate her responsiveness and proactive, client-centric approach.’

‘The Dentons team, which deals with our court case, does it very efficiently, using a great deal of legal knowledge and experience. The team is also very committed and the contact with them is at the highest ethical level. The team is headed by Katarzyna Bilewska, who, among others, due to her knowledge and professional experience, provides legal services at the highest level. All of the above circumstances make Dentons stand out from other law firms.’

‘The entire Dentons team with whom we work is distinguished from other lawyers by their professionalism, knowledge and professional experience. I especially distinguish Ms Katarzyna Bilewska, who is a partner at Dentons, is a very outstanding attorney, both in terms of content and form. Not only is she very involved in conducting the case, but also has extensive knowledge of substantive and procedural law and significant analytical skills. She is a person with a very high personal culture and interpersonal skills, which also makes her a great leader. Also, Mr. Wojciech Lysek, an attorney in the team dedicated to us, is a person with great interpersonal skills and extensive legal knowledge.’

Key clients

Alior Bank


Bank of America

Bank of China

Boehringer Ingelheim


DZ Bank


Echo Investments



Europol Meble Polska



Griffin Real Estate



Jiangsu Lantian Aerospace (Aero AT)

Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits Polska


Morgan Stanley


Philips Medical Systems Nederland

Polpharma Group

Prins Autogassystemen

Raiffeisen Bank International




Saur International

Sensor Cliniq


Tarantoga Capital / Creative Development



White Star Real Estate

WPD Europe

Poland > Employment Tier 1

The employment and labour team at Dentons has a strong reputation for restructuring services (collective dismissals and team transfers), designing tax-efficient structures, managing crisis situations (mobbing, harassment and white-collar crime, for example) and overseeing regional projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Led by the 'exceptionally efficient' Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek, the team counts Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola Services among its clients.

Practice head(s):

Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek


‘The firm has provided meaningful and very efficient legal support demonstrating a true insight knowledge and negotiation strengths in the area of local employment law. The availability of associates and completeness of the legal advice given in Poland and Czech Republic was exceptional. ’

‘Mrs. Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek provided exceptionally efficient, personal and hands-on legal assistance in a labour matter in Poland. She and her team impressed with their commitment and negotiation skills to resolve the matter at hand. Highly recommended.’

‘Aleksandra Minkowicz-lanek who leads the local employment practice makes it unique, as Aleksandra is an exceptional lawyer. She is not only a bright person and very experienced employment lawyer but also has an exceptional understanding of business needs. She definitely can think out of the box. Aleksandra has very good interpersonal skills which helps her to settle the matters which seem impossible to settle due to the high level of negative emotions between the parties. ’

‘Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek is a highlight of the employment team and a star among labour lawyers. There is no employment matter that I can imagine which I would hesitate a minute to entrust her.’

‘The team has the very broad approach to the client’s needs. They don’t only focus on the legal aspects but also are able to discuss business perspectives for the decisions made. This makes this team unique.’

‘Strong and efficient team.’

Key clients

Stadler Polska Sp. z o.o.

Stadler Środa Sp. z o.o.

Johnson&Johnson Poland Sp. z o.o.

Keyence International (Belgium) Branch in Poland

Coca-Cola Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

Enea S.A

EPAM Systems

ITI Neovision

Poland > Energy and natural resources Tier 1

At DentonsArkadiusz Krasnodębski leads the energy and natural resources team. The team assists power generating firms, transmission system operators and key traders operating within the sector. In particular, it has substantive experience of renewables (with an emphasis on wind power and solar projects) and handles both development and financing matters. Oil and gas is another area of expertise and the group assists with legal aspects related to exploration, production, refinement and distribution. Environmental protection expert Ewa Rutkowska-Subocz is another key contact.

Practice head(s):

Arkadiusz Krasnodębski

Other key lawyers:

Ewa Rutkowska Subocz


‘They have extensive legal knowledge and broad experience in environmental, energy and natural resources. They have an extensive team of lawyers specializing in these issues which allows them to carry out projects that require a large amount of work. They have unique experience in various projects and areas and sectors, which makes them able to advise effectively on very difficult and non-standard projects and issues. At the same time, they have a pro-business approach and a very good knowledge of business aspects in relation to various environmentally sensitive sectors. ’

‘I work mainly with Ewa Rutkowska Subocz and her team. I have been working with Ewa for over a dozen years, our cooperation concerned projects from the energy industry, WtE and the waste industry. I greatly appreciate her knowledge and experience, as well as a very broad and comprehensive view of environmental issues and her business oriented approach. She can advise on very complex and non-standard issues and does not avoid difficult and unusual matters. She is a very committed and proactive person. You can always count on her help in difficult issues.’

‘We worked with Dentons on a wind power financing project and we found the cooperation very successful. Their team is knowledgeable, versatile and professional. What we liked in particular was their seamless collaboration and coordination of advice encompassing numerous financing, energy and environmental aspects. They understand all legal, but also financial and business related issues connected with the energy sector.’

‘In addition, they work well under very tight deadlines and soundly navigate through changing situations and difficult circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic regime during which we had to bring the transaction to closing.’

‘The team members are flexible, cooperative, understand the business and open to client’s needs. They answer on time and to the point. They always reply immediately – even if only to confirm receipt of the request for assistance and understand what and when is needed.’

‘ They work as a team. If someone is absent, another person is ready and capable to smoothly replace and assist.’

Key clients


Mitsui Renewable Energy Europe Limited


Enlight Renewable Energy

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna

Fortum Power and Heat Poland




CEE Equity Partners


Green Investment Group


Poland > Investment funds Tier 1

The investment funds practice at Dentons handles the spectrum of issues, including the implementation of structures for closed-end funds, renegotiation of contracts with fund managers, regulatory advice and restructuring. Funds work is handled by Marcin Bartczak, who is an expert in capital markets and financial instruments, and Inga Dulska, a lawyer focusing on structuring and regulatory advice in relation to tax-efficient structures.

Practice head(s):

Marcin Bartczak; Inga Dulska

Key clients

mBank S.A.

BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

Millennium Bank S.A.

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Santander Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A.

Ipopema TFI S.A.

Getin Bank Polska S.A.

Poland > Public procurement Tier 1

Dentons' public procurement team is led by the 'extremely experienced and skilled' Aldona Kowalczyk. Based in Warsaw, it is especially strong in sectors including energy, transport road construction and defence. Notably, the firm has recently expanded its work into areas such as gas pipeline projects and tenders for the service and delivery of electric buses, trams, and trains. The practice attracts a significant number of foreign clients and is adept at representing clients at the NAC and in court proceedings where necessary. Anna Szymańska is another key name to note.

Practice head(s):

Aldona Kowalczyk

Other key lawyers:

Anna Szymańska


‘Perfect in details, listening to our (clients) opinions, acting in line with our expectations, perfectly addressing key issues, getting to the point without creating incomprehensible legal stories’

Aldona and Anna together are the strongest legal duo I have ever seen in action in the court room. They both have very deep knowledge of energy sector‘.

Aldona as well as Anna are active in various sector organisations in the Public Procurement world and they are always up-to-date’.

‘Very high work attitude and understanding priority. Always easy on coordination and willing to help.’

‘Dentons Public Procurement Team is unique in many ways. First, they consist of at least two most respected legal experts in the field of the Public Procurement Law in Poland, namely Aldona Kowalczyk being a Partner and Anna Szymanska being a Managing Counsel. They both are very involved in the Public Procurement national organisation so you may be sure that if there is something going on in the market, they will be the first to know. Second, long standing record of won cases where they demonstrated practical and pro-business approach. They are smart, creative and always there to fight for their clients. Third, they are highly regarded and respected by the authorities and opposing counsels. Last, you can count on them to figure out the most complex solution for the new projects schemes or legal solutions that have never been done before and they are successful in finding the way for them to work.’

‘Aldona Kowalczyk (Partner) is an extremely experienced and skilled lawyer understanding the business and trying to comprehend even the technical side of the problem. She has this unique ability to explain even the most complicated legal or technical matters in most understandable manner and make people listen to her. Most of the court rulings where she represented the clients quote her in their legal ruling and justifications thereto.

Anna Szymanska (Managing Counsel) advises using the language of legal and where needed the language of the business. She is ready to implement the change or recommendations in the work flow. She always advises not only focusing on legal question given but she has this unique holistic legal approach as she is a great lawyer having a wide expert knowledge exceeding the Public Procurement Law‘.

Key clients





TMNG (subsidiary of TAHAL Group)

Solar Turbines



Warsaw Bus Company (Miejskie Zakłady Autobuse w Warszawie – MZA)


Poland > Real estate Tier 1

Dentons' real estate team primarily works with institutional investors, private equity funds, developers and asset managers. Led by Europe real estate co-chairman Paweł Dębowski and acquisitions specialist Piotr Szafarz, the 'well balanced and diversified' team counts Skanska and Podium Investment Polska among its clients. With a particular focus on office, retail, logistics, hotels and student housing projects, it advises on due diligence exercises, reviews of  existing leases, drafting and negotiating transactional documents and obtaining requisite finance. The firm stands out for its ability to draw on a sizeable in-house construction team to complement the offering. Bartłomiej Kordeczka is a key member of the practice

Practice head(s):

Paweł Dębowski; Piotr Szafarz

Other key lawyers:

Bartłomiej Kordeczka


‘Dentons in Poland has one of the biggest real estate teams on the market. The team is well balanced and diversified and includes top names in the sector (like Pawel Debowski or Piotr Szafarz) and ambitious young partners (like Bartlomiej Kordeczka) supported with well-trained associates.’

‘They are not only skilful lawyers, but they also understand the broader business perspective’.

‘ They have the greatest expertise on the market in real estate transactions. There is no problem that they cannot solve and they are basically setting transactional standards for commercial real estate market.

‘ Pawel Debowski is one of the most reliable lawyers on the market and a great support for complex real estate matters. He is a true personality with a fantastic commercial understanding’.

Bartłomiej Kordeczka is a very competent and skilful lawyer, extremely hardworking. With his transactional experience, there is no problem that he cannot solve.

‘Dentons provides amazing support by being always available and by providing exquisite legal advisory. Dentons has great practical knowledge of the real estate market and huge experience. Dentons has a very creative approach towards solving problems. Dentons’ approach in transactions is balanced, commercial and to the point.’

‘Bartłomiej Kordeczka- one of the best professionals in the real estate market in Poland. Mature with great attitude towards clients and focused on solving problems rather than creating them. Great expertise and broad knowledge not only in real estate but also commercial aspects of transactions. Bartek is dynamic, responsive and customer- focused.’

Key clients


Atrium European Real Estate

CPI Property Group


GLL Real Estate Partners

Podium Investment Polska

Globalworth Poland Real Estate

Kulczyk Silverstein Properties


Marr Holdings Group

Poland > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 1

At Dentons, there is a core group focusing entirely on restructuring and bankruptcy issues. The team is most known for acting for creditors, including a number of large financial institutions in their disputes with debtors, with added expertise in insolvency proofing and out-of-court debt restructurings. The group also utilises the firm's wider capabilities in tax, real estate, corporate transactions and capital markets. Anna Pukszto was appointed head of litigation and arbitration in February 2020, a move that combined the bankruptcy and dispute resolution practices under a point of contact. The arrival of Tomasz Trocki from Allen & Overy, A. Pedzich sp. k. in August 2020 was a major boost to the firm, adding another experienced financial restructuring expert. Counsel Stanisław Sołtysik is noted for insolvency proceedings.

Practice head(s):

Anna Pukszto

Other key lawyers:

Tomasz Trocki; Stanisław Sołtysik

Key clients

Santander Bank Polska S.A.

Bank Millennium S.A.

GSS III Wolverine (Morgan Stanley group)

FMC Corporation

Nifco Korea Poland

Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Inwestycyjnych S.A.

ING Bank Śląski

DZ Bank


Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Europa S.A.

Lindt & Sprüngli (Poland) sp. z o.o.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)


BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA

Alior Bank S.A.

Poland > Tax Tier 1

The tax department at Dentons is composed of both tax advisers and tax-focused lawyers, many of whom are experienced advocates in tax-related administrative cases. The group is sought after to provide tax support to the firm's transactional departments, but it is also regularly called on to advise on standalone tax issues, including reviews, transfer pricing and tax structuring; with a niche in issues arising from cash grants and incentives available to investors in Poland. In 2020, former practice co-head Karina Furga-Dabrowska stepped down, to become the Europe Chief Mindfulness Officer at the firm, and the department is now led entirely by international tax planning and M&A structuring expert Cezary Przygodzki. On the contentious side, the main contact is counsel Aleksandra Rutkowska, who leads on tax litigation and investigations. As part of an international office network, the team is frequently involved in cross-border work.

Practice head(s):

Cezary Przygodzki

Other key lawyers:

Aleksandra Rutkowska; Dariusz Stolarek; Dagmara Cisowska


Ability to provide tax advice on M&A transactions involving multiple jurisdictions.

Devotion and reliability are the best values describing the firm.’

The persons I have worked with are high professionals , excellent legal knowledge, proactive.’

Very innovative approaches to the topics they are dealing with which I don’t believe “run of the mill” practices will be capable of doing.’

Key clients



Toshiba Carrier Corporation


BNP Paribas Bank Polska


Cavatina Holding

Brand New Galaxy

CBRE Global Investors

Grupa Pracuj

ERG Power Generation

Golub GetHouse

Poland > TMT Tier 1

Directed by 'standout partner and excellent attorney' Karol Laskowski, Dentons' TMT offering is said to handle 'complex telecom regulatory matters across multiple jurisdictions'. Specialising in media, technology and data privacy, it is particularly known for handling cases on behalf of fintech interests and digital banks. Litigation forms a significant portion of the firm's work alongside its recurrent advice on regulatory and IP concerns. Notable clients include BBC Studios, Huawei and Facebook, key players in a portfolio that recently added Bookbit and SITA to its roster. Senior associate Małgorzata Domalewska is recommended for issues that include aspects of intellectual property and media law.

Practice head(s):

Karol Laskowski

Other key lawyers:

Małgorzata Domalewska


‘The team’s strength lies in exceptional professionalism and staying closely in touch with the client, paving his way to expected result. Key capabilities include engaging with authorities and supporting in all necessary scope of challenges.’

‘Karol Laskowski deserves highest notes for his excellent cooperation and professionalism, at the same time always on time and there to support us in several issues.’

‘Being locally present, but capable of international outreach, makes Dentons – TMT – Poland a preferred partner for entities operating on a cross-border basis. Material knowledge is relevant. Ability to provide advice and to solve local matters is highly appreciated. ’

‘In general, individuals tend to be very responsive – both quick and knowledgeable in their feedback. Mr. Karol Laskowski showed great material knowledge and excellent readiness to provide quality assistance. Being able to provide advice on both material and strategic questions is a key advantage. ’

‘Dentons is able to handle complex telecom regulatory matters across multiple jurisdictions globally. ’

‘Karol Laskowski is a standout partner and excellent attorney who knows telecom regulatory matters well. He has also served in a coordinating counsel capacity for more than 30 other countries. ’

‘We highly appreciate that Dentons is a comprehensive advisor that offers us various services, which makes it easy to meet our exceptions. In addition to understanding our needs, they can also provide a team of specialized advisors. Since they support us in intellectual property areas, we believe that Dentons is capable of taking care of our needs in the industry in which we operate.’

‘Karol Laskowski and Aleksandra Zebrowska are versatile lawyers who provide us with support in every scope we need. Karol is a great leader with a range of ideas to support us in projects as well as in finding modern solutions. Aleksandra is a professional with a fresh look at our industry, responsive and brave enough to face any challenges on our way.’

Key clients

ITI Neovision

BBC Studios

SPI International / Kino Polska


Tata Communications

Viacom International Media Networks


Commerz Bank




HERE Technologies


Poland > Capital markets Tier 2

Dentons has a broad practice that stands out for equity capital markets, although it is also active on the debt and derivatives side. The group is also able to handle regulatory work; one notable example involved assisting GPW Benchmark with obtaining authorisation from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to administer all indices of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Elsewhere, a large part of the work relates to public M&A. Jakub Celiński leads the equity capital markets group for the Europe region, and also leads the wider capital markets department in Warsaw. Marcin Bartczak is recommended for his regulatory expertise, as is thought-leader Aleksander Chłopecki.

Practice head(s):

Jakub Celiński

Other key lawyers:

Marcin Bartczak; Aleksander Chłopecki; Inga Dulska; Tomasz Orczykowski

Key clients

Optima Investment

Orbis S.A.

COMSA, Trakcja PRKiI S.A.

Indykpol S.A.

GPW Benchmark


Avia Solution Group

BNP Paribas Bank Polska

CitiBank Handlowy

Getin Noble Bank

Poland > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 2

At Dentons, lawyers are known for their transactional expertise in highly regulated sectors, such as energy, life sciences and healthcare, financial institutions, media and telecoms. Utilising the firm's global presence, and particularly across the CEE region, the group often acts as coordinating counsel for cross-border deals. Piotr Dulewicz, who heads up the department, also co-chairs the firm's European private equity group. Paweł Grabowski is also experienced in private equity transactions, as well as asset acquisitions, mergers, and leveraged and management buyouts. Managing counsel Arkadiusz Wierzbicki has experience of advising on a variety of transactions, including cross-border joint ventures.

Practice head(s):

Piotr Dulewicz

Other key lawyers:

Paweł Grabowski; Arkadiusz Wierzbicki; Marceli Kasperkiewicz; Marcin Paliwoda; Arkadiusz Wierzbicki

Key clients




Blackstone Group

Cavatina Holding


PGE Group

Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Marie Brizard

Poland > Data privacy and data protection Tier 2

Lawyers at Dentons handle the data protection needs of multinationals including Facebook, advising on data protection and privacy issues, including representing them before the Polish authorities. The group has substantial experience advising on the data protection aspects of new services. The group sits within the firm's intellectual property and technology department, which is led by Karol Laskowski. Counsel Dariusz Czuchaj is instructed on GDPR, e-privacy and cybersecurity issues, while associate Izabela Tarłowska's practice involves data issues as they apply to new technologies.

Practice head(s):

Karol Laskowski

Other key lawyers:

Dariusz Czuchaj; Izabela Tarłowska


‘Because data privacy and data protection team is combined with the IP team, it can provide a comprehensive legal service.’

‘ Izabela Tarłowska is a person who listens and takes into account all the client’s needs.’

Key clients

BBC Studios




CPI Property Group




Poland > Intellectual property Tier 2

Dentons' IP team is highly regarded for its trade mark prosecution practice. In addition, the firm is currently developing a PropTech sub-practice designed to protect the interests of software companies operating in the Polish real estate market. The group also handles patent disputes, licensing, and transactions. The portfolio cuts across a broad spectrum of industries and includes The Coca-Cola Company and BBC Worldwide. Media and telecoms expert Karol Laskowski leads the team, which includes associate Aleksandra Żebrowska.

Practice head(s):

Karol Laskowski

Other key lawyers:

Aleksandra Żebrowska


‘Karol Laskowski – always available for advice, clearly communicated and explained quite complex processes, friendly approach and positive attitude. ’

‘They are always readily available to provide guidance and expertise.’

‘Karol Laskowski has been fantastic to work with. He is an expert in Poland law and has been invaluable to help us navigate the landscape. He is always available, promptly responds, and provides expert advice that can be relied on.’

‘The Dentons team that supported us stands out for creativity and innovative solutions. During our cooperation, it was clear that they are not only professionals providing legal advice, but also enthusiasts engaging in their client’s industry. Their support in the field of intellectual property, vigilance and high-quality work are highly appreciated’.

‘Karol Laskowski and Aleksandra Żebrowska are the key lawyers who provide us with legal and advisory support. Karol is a professional who can definitely approach the client with new solutions and manage the cooperation in an efficient and pleasant way for both parties. Aleksandra is a young talent with extensive knowledge as well as a passion for the industry in which we operate. They are both decisive and confident professionals.’

Key clients

The Coca-Cola Company

Zott Group

ITI Neovision

Delta Air Lines


Fibo AS, Industriveien

BBC Worldwide



A&E Networks

Viacom International Media Networks


Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu

Media IP Rights

Milly LLC

MarketAxess Holdings

Roger Publishing


Poland > Private equity Tier 2

At Dentons, the team advises foreign private equity funds on deals in Poland and across CEE; integrated into the firm's regional office network, it is able to handle the local and English law aspects of a transaction. Areas of sectoral expertise include energy, healthcare and life sciences, financial institutions, media and telecoms. The department is headed by Piotr Dulewicz, who also jointly leads the firm's Europe private equity group and has significant transactional experience. Dulewicz is ably supported by Paweł Grabowski who combines knowledge in private equity and real estate to advise on share and asset acquisitions, as well as management buyouts and corporate restructurings. Managing counsel Michał Wasiak is developing a strong client base of private equity funds and strategic investors involved in Polish deals.

Practice head(s):

Piotr Dulewicz

Other key lawyers:

Paweł Grabowski; Michał Wasiak

Key clients

Syntaxis Capital

Blackstone Group

White Star Capital

Optima Investment


Poland > White-collar crime Tier 2

The criminal litigation and internal investigations team at Dentons handles the spectrum of business-related criminal proceedings, including in relation to cybercrime, fraud and corruption The group also has extensive knowledge in anti-money laundering issues. As well as its contentious practice, the team is strong for compliance issues, where counsel Marcin Świderski takes the lead. Senior associate Joanna Kornaszewska is noted for her criminal defence work, as well as her pro bono practice focusing on freedom of expression and anti-hate speech issues. The group sits within the litigation department and is coordinated by Anna Maria Pukszto.

Practice head(s):

Anna Maria Pukszto

Other key lawyers:

Marcin Świderski; Joanna Kornaszewska


‘I would say that they are professionals in their field. ’

‘Marcin Świderski has a willingness to go an extra step or think ahead for his clients’

‘The team includes professionals that take care of their client’s business. The team is engaged, available and spells out legal risks clearly.’

‘Realistic approach with vast experience ’

‘Marcin Świderski has exceptional knowledge of his area of expertise and is able to explain it in a business-friendly manner.’

‘They have invaluable experience.’

‘I have worked with Marcin Świderski who has a great skill to explain difficult things in a very understandable way. He has a lot of experience of handling different cases and makes everything run smoothly.’

‘In-depth analysis of each case and ability to keep very high level of professionalism while being able to build personal relations.’

‘Professionalism on an exceptional level, detailed preparation for each case, pro-customer approach.’

‘Business-driven approach, finding solutions, spotting the risks on time, responsive and prompt’

Key clients

Echo Investment


Philips Medical Systems Nederland

Prins Autogassystemen

GreenWood Resources

MAN SE, Man Truck & Bus Polska

Polpharma Group

White Star Real Estate



Poland > Healthcare and life sciences Tier 3

The life sciences group at Dentons provides regulatory, corporate and commercial advice to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, drug retailers and healthcare providers; also representing them in litigation. The Warsaw office works closely with teams across the firm's international network, enabling it to provide cross-border transactional and regulatory advice. Wojciech Kozłowski is the practice head, focusing on regulatory compliance and litigation. The team benefits from the expertise of consultant Maria Samolińska-Hojda, whose experience from her former role at the Polish Pharmaceutical Inspectorate is invaluable for regulatory issues.

Practice head(s):

Wojciech Kozłowski

Other key lawyers:

Maria Samolińska-Hojda; Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Barańska; Adam Odojewski


The life sciences team has a good diversification of knowledge and practical experience.’

I believe that Dentons has a unique ability to tailor their offer to the specific requirement of the customer. They have the ability to think outside the box and seek non-intuitive solutions that provide the customer the ability to effectively develop new projects while managing legal risks.’

Hands on and on the spot support.’

Wojciech Kozłowski offers great strategic oversight.

Working with Wojciech Kozlowski has been a pleasure – he is able to quickly understand new, innovative business areas and the legal implications around them.

Good manners, competence, experience, expertise.’

Key clients

Clinico Medical


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)






Polpharma Biologics

Fresenius Kabi




Laboratorium Galenowe Olsztyn



The firm: With a legacy in Poland going back 30 years, Dentons was one of the first multinational law firms to set up in Warsaw. Deeply rooted in the community, the firm has been involved in many of the largest, most innovative transactions and cases in Poland.

Dentons is the world’s largest law firm, connecting talent to the world’s challenges and opportunities in more than 75 countries. Dentons’ legal and business solutions benefit from deep roots in our communities and award-winning advancements in client service, including Nextlaw, Dentons’ innovation and strategic advisory services. Dentons’ polycentric and purpose-driven approach, commitment to inclusion and diversity, and world-class talent challenge the status quo to advance client and community interests in the New Dynamic.

Dentons’ global team builds agile, tailored solutions to meet the local, national and global needs of private and public clients of any size.

Areas of practice: Dentons’ lawyers and professionals provide services in the following practice disciplines and industry sectors:

Banking and finance: the largest banking and finance team in Poland with sub-teams specialised in real estate finance, acquisition finance, project finance, energy finance, corporate, bonds, regulatory and compliance.

Capital markets: the team advises on IPOs/SPOs, bonds issuance and restructuring, EMTN programmes, derivatives and structured products, compliance and post listing obligations, capital markets regulatory and litigation matters.

Competition and antitrust: the practice specialises in antitrust, merger control, consumer protection and state aid matters in such sectors as energy, TMT, real estate, retail and consumer products, banking, pharmaceutical and chemicals.

Corporate and M&A: one of the largest and most experienced teams in Poland playing a key role in big ticket transactions and mid-size deals, representing multinationals, regional corporations, large local firms, financial institutions, private equity funds.

Intellectual property, technology and communications: the team delivers comprehensive advice on complex regulatory, IP, corporate and litigation matters to FMCG producers, luxury brands, TV and radio broadcasters, media, telecoms, IT companies, and regulatory bodies.

Dispute resolution and arbitration: the largest dispute resolution team in Poland with high profile sub-practices focused on corporate, construction, infrastructure, white-collar crime, healthcare, bankruptcy and international arbitration cases.

Employment: the team has been successfully representing employers’ interests for many years. We effectively combine our knowledge and experience with a pragmatic approach. Being part of a global team we are fully able to implement and coordinate international projects.

Energy: the group advises the key energy companies in the Polish market, including transmission and distribution system operators, energy producers and energy traders on the full spectrum of legal matters, transactional, project development and finance, regulatory and environmental law and dispute resolution. Dentons’ lawyers are leading the field in terms of legal advice on renewable energy projects in Poland.

Public procurement and PPP: the group provides quality advice on: public procurement, license-related issues, new regulations on public-private partnership and concessions for construction works or services in the power, rail, road, defense and utilities sectors.

Real estate: the largest and leading practice in Poland. The team of more than 50 lawyers provides a full-service advisory to all major real estate players, with a particular focus on office, residential, retail, logistics and hotel projects. They are best known for their involvement in complex acquisitions, sales and joint ventures in the real estate sector.

Restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy: the team deals with all kinds of out-of-court restructuring and in-court insolvency proceedings representing parties on all sides of the table. They have significant experience in working with banks and financial institutions on restructuring projects.

Tax: the group comprises tax advisors, advocates and legal advisors, offering a full range of services, including tax planning and transaction advisory, PIT and indirect taxation related issues, tax and court proceedings, tax risks management, transfer pricing, and comprehensive handling of taxation of foreign investment projects in Poland.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Mateusz Toczyski
Capital markets Jakub Celinski
Competition and antitrust Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Baranska
Employment Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek
Energy Arkadiusz Krasnodebski
Environment Ewa Rutkowska-Subocz
IP, technology and communications Karol Laskowski
Life sciences Wojciech Kozlowski
Dispute resolution and arbitration Anna Maria Pukszto
Development and innovation grants & incentives Michał Turczyk
Corporate and M&A Piotr Dulewicz
PPP Aldona Kowalczyk
PPP Tomasz Korczynski
Public procurement Aldona Kowalczyk
Real estate Piotr Szafarz
Restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy Anna Maria Pukszto
Tax Cezary Przygodzki
Tax Dariusz Stolarek
Japan Desk Takura Kawai
Photo Name Position Profile
 Marcin Świderski  photo Marcin Świderski Marcin Świderski is a counsel in Dentons’ Warsaw office where he heads…
Mr Marcin Bartczak  photo Mr Marcin Bartczak Marcin Bartczak’s expertise is demonstrated by his deep knowledge of issues regarding…
 Jarosław Bełdowski  photo Jarosław Bełdowski He is a lawyer with extensive background in financial sector who specializes…
Mrs Katarzyna Bilewska  photo Mrs Katarzyna Bilewska Prof. Katarzyna Bilewska is a partner in the Litigation and Arbitration practice…
 Jakub Celiński  photo Jakub Celiński Jakub Celinski, PhD, heads Dentons’ Europe Equity Capital Markets Practice. He focuses…
Mr Dariusz Czuchaj  photo Mr Dariusz Czuchaj Dariusz Czuchaj, attorney at law, is counsel in Dentons’ Warsaw office and…
 Tomasz Dąbrowski  photo Tomasz Dąbrowski Tomasz Dąbrowski is the CEO of Dentons Europe. In addition to his…
Mr Pawel Debowski  photo Mr Pawel Debowski Paweł is one of the most widely recognized and respected real estate…
Mr David Dixon  photo Mr David Dixon David has a unique blend of real estate, corporate, M&A and financing…
 Małgorzata Domalewska  photo Małgorzata Domalewska Małgorzata Domalewska, attorney-at-law, senior associate in Dentons’ Warsaw office, is a member…
Mr Piotr Dulewicz  photo Mr Piotr Dulewicz Piotr Dulewicz is a head of the Warsaw M&A and Private Equity…
Mrs Inga Dulska  photo Mrs Inga Dulska Inga Dulska focuses on legal regulations pertaining to investment funds, financial instruments…
Mrs Karina Furga-Dabrowska  photo Mrs Karina Furga-Dabrowska Karina is Co-Head of Tax Advisory Group, Co-Head of Life Sciences Group…
 Paweł Grabowski  photo Paweł Grabowski Paweł has close to 20 years of transactional experience covering strict M&A,…
 Anna Gulińska  photo Anna Gulińska Anna Gulińska is a counsel in Dentons’ Warsaw office and a member…
Mr Jacek Jezierski  photo Mr Jacek Jezierski Jacek focuses on real estate, corporate, commercial and civil law. Jacek is…
 Michał Jochemczak  photo Michał Jochemczak Michał Jochemczak is a partner in Dentons’ Warsaw office, head of the…
Mr Maciej Jodkowski  photo Mr Maciej Jodkowski Maciej is a transactional lawyer responsible for running and supervising various types…
 Krzysztof Kaźmierczyk  photo Krzysztof Kaźmierczyk Krzysztof specialises in banking, finance and international commercial transactions. He has experience…
 Tomasz Korczyński  photo Tomasz Korczyński Tomasz Korczyński is a managing counsel in Dentons’ Warsaw office, head of…
 Bartłomiej Kordeczka  photo Bartłomiej Kordeczka Bartłomiej is a transactional lawyer with nearly 15 years of experience in…
 Joanna Kornaszewska photo Joanna Kornaszewska Joanna Kornaszewska is a senior associate in Dentons’ Warsaw office and a…
Mrs Aldona Kowalczyk  photo Mrs Aldona Kowalczyk Aldona Kowalczyk is an attorney-at-law, partner, heading Dentons’ Public Procurement and Government…
 Wojciech Kozłowski  photo Wojciech Kozłowski Wojciech Kozłowski is a partner in Dentons’ Warsaw office, member of the…
 Arkadiusz Krasnodębski  photo Arkadiusz Krasnodębski Energy: regulatory, M&A, corporate and contractual matters (power generation and trading, distribution…
 Agnieszka Kulińska  photo Agnieszka Kulińska Expert in complex domestic and foreign RES projects. Advises leading Polish and…
Mr Karol Laskowski  photo Mr Karol Laskowski Karol Laskowski is a partner in Dentons’ Warsaw office and the Head…
Ms Agnieszka Lipska  photo Ms Agnieszka Lipska Agnieszka has many years of experience in providing comprehensive advice on all…
 Elżbieta Lis  photo Elżbieta Lis Elżbieta specializes in major cross border deals, including finance work, acquisitions, and…
Mr Piotr Machnikowski  photo Mr Piotr Machnikowski Prof. Piotr Machnikowski, of counsel, is a member of the Litigation and…
Mrs Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek  photo Mrs Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek Aleksandra specializes in labor and employment law and also focuses on corporate…
 Michał Motylewski  photo Michał Motylewski Energy: EU energy policy and regulation, regulatory, corporate and contractual matters (power…
 Piotr Nerwiński  photo Piotr Nerwiński Piotr has broad experience in acting as both lender’s counsel and borrower’s…
Mr Bartosz Nojek  photo Mr Bartosz Nojek Bartosz’s main areas of interest focus on real estate finance transactions and…
 Łucja Nowak  photo Łucja Nowak Łucja Nowak, PhD, is a senior associate in Dentons’ Warsaw office and…
Mr Igor Ostrowski  photo Mr Igor Ostrowski Provides legal services to leading European and US radio and TV broadcasters.…
 Aleksandra Politańska-Kunicka  photo Aleksandra Politańska-Kunicka Aleksandra Politańska-Kunicka, advocate, patent attorney trainee , counsel in Dentons’ Warsaw office.…
Mr Cezary Przygodzki  photo Mr Cezary Przygodzki Cezary Przygodzki is head of Dentons Tax Advisory Group in Poland. He…
Mrs Anna Maria Pukszto  photo Mrs Anna Maria Pukszto Anna Maria Pukszto, partner in Dentons’ Warsaw office, heads both the Litigation…
Mr Patrick Radzimierski  photo Mr Patrick Radzimierski Patrick Radzimierski is a partner in the Litigation and Arbitration practice group…
Mrs Ewa Rutkowska-Subocz  photo Mrs Ewa Rutkowska-Subocz With more than 23 years of professional experience, Ewa covers all aspects…
Mr Maciej Ryniewicz  photo Mr Maciej Ryniewicz Maciej has specialized in real estate since the early 1990s. During this…
Mr Mark Segall photo Mr Mark Segall Mark Segall is a recognized lawyer with over 20 years of experience…
Mrs Monika Sitowicz  photo Mrs Monika Sitowicz Monika is a transactional lawyer with 18 years of experience in advising…
 Stanisław Sołtysik  photo Stanisław Sołtysik Stanisław Sołtysik, PhD, counsel in Dentons’ Warsaw office, is a member of…
Mr Jakub Sobotkowski  photo Mr Jakub Sobotkowski Jakub has over 15 years’ experience in advising domestic and international investors…
Mr Piotr Staniszewski  photo Mr Piotr Staniszewski Piotr is a partner in Dentons’ Warsaw office and a member of…
 Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Barańska  photo Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Barańska Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Barańska heads Dentons’ Competition Practice in Poland. Since 1998, she has…
 Dariusz Stolarek  photo Dariusz Stolarek Dariusz Stolarek is a partner in Dentons’ Warsaw office and a member…
Mr Piotr Szafarz  photo Mr Piotr Szafarz Piotr has specialized in real estate since 1995, his main focus being…
Mrs Magdalena Szwarc-Brożyna  photo Mrs Magdalena Szwarc-Brożyna Magdalena advises on the development, sale, purchase and lease of commercial, office,…
 Anna Szymańska  photo Anna Szymańska
Mr Mateusz Toczyski  photo Mr Mateusz Toczyski Mateusz heads Dentons’ Europe Banking and Finance practice and co-heads Global Banking…
Dr Tomasz Trocki photo Dr Tomasz Trocki Tomasz Trocki, PhD, is a partner in Dentons’ Warsaw office. He is…
Mr Marek Trojnarski  photo Mr Marek Trojnarski Marek Trojnarski is a counsel in the Dentons’ Warsaw office and a…
 Michał Turczyk  photo Michał Turczyk Michał has more than twelve years of consulting experience in advising on…
Mr Michał Wasiak  photo Mr Michał Wasiak Managing Counsel
Ms Agnieszka Wojciechowska  photo Ms Agnieszka Wojciechowska Agnieszka Wojciechowska, counsel and a member of the Litigation and Arbitration practice…
Mr Piotr Zabost  photo Mr Piotr Zabost Piotr Zabost, advocate, senior associate at Dentons’ Warsaw Office, is a member…
 Tomasz Zwoliński  photo Tomasz Zwoliński Tomasz specialises in banking and finance transactions with particular focus on project…
Number of lawyers : 12,000+
at this office : 220+
70+ languages including:
Other offices : Dentons now has 200+ offices in more than 75 countries

At Dentons, we believe that inclusion and diversity are essential to the success and strength of our Firm and the quality of our advice to, and representation of, our clients. We are committed to providing a flexible environment where everyone respects, supports and learns from our collective skills, talents and differences. Click here for our global statement on inclusion and diversity.

Over the last 12 months only, we have advanced numerous inclusion and diversity initiatives for both our people and our clients:

  • Women’s Professional Advancement Strategy – Europe: Our policy sets out a comprehensive strategy to reach a target of 30% women in partnership and key leadership roles by 2025. This includes an agile working policy, mentoring and sponsorship for up and coming female talent, business development support, anti-bias training for partners and HR managers, participation of women in leadership development programs, involvement of a member of the women’s advancement committee in partner admission interviews, and various other steps.
  • 2020 the Year of the Ally: A year-long campaign to use allyship to produce positive, sustained change, including International Women’s Day, Global Pride Day, Global Virtual Town Halls and Global Allyship Trainings. Our Global CEO led a series of global listening sessions to share experiences and co-create responsive actions. The result was five enhanced Global Commitments to Inclusion and Diversity along with clear actions to support change. We also held town hall webinars around themes such as discrimination, racism, allyship, multiculturalism, LGBT+ inclusion in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Warsaw.
  • External collaboration: We have strengthened our collaboration with key organizations promoting inclusion, such as Stonewall, Catalyst, Global Women Connect, International Women’s Forum. Dentons was named a Stonewall Top Global Employer 2020.
  • Pro bono: As part of our Positive Impact strategy, key focus of our pro bono work has been supporting human rights of diverse groups such as women/girls, LGBT+ and migrants and promoting access to justice. We work closely with organizations such as UN Women and Led by Her to promote equality, support reproductive rights and combat violence against women. Dentons lawyers have worked alongside civil society organizations and taken on important strategic litigation cases to promote LGBT+ rights and promote marriage equality. As part of the Greece Pro Bono Collaborative Project, we have provided direct legal support to asylum seekers on Lesbos.
  • Big Inclusion Project: The Big Inclusion Project was designed to accelerate the inclusion agenda at Dentons and leverage the power of our people to build solutions aligned with our business objectives. Over 225 people across 68 offices at all levels within the Firm, including 12 of our Global Board members, participated on 22 teams to come up with inclusion and diversity solutions at Dentons. The Big Inclusion Project continues as we work to put into action the solutions developed by our Big Inclusion Project teams.

Dentons secures final victory for ICT on European patent infringement case against ESSITY

Global law firm Dentons is pleased to announce that the Paris Court of Appeal, the Higher Regional Court of Karlsruhe and the Barcelona Provincial Court have all issued final decisions dismissing Essity’s claims of patent infringement in regards to Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti’s (ICT) three ply toilet paper. With Dentons’ counsel, ICT successfully demonstrated beyond a doubt that its branded and private label products are produced based on its own proprietary process, and patented under European patent 2 353 859. 

Dentons has been advising Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti S.p.A since 2016. Based in Lucca, ICT is a leader in the category of high quality tissue paper products for domestic use, and has subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Poland.

The Paris decision, which is the most recent, ends a long-running patent infringement litigation with Essity and affirms ICT can continue to produce and distribute absorbent paper based on its own proprietary technology. The three courts in France, Germany, and Spain have confirmed ICT’s argument that it is using its own novel technology, also patented. Essity’s claims of infringement were based on a patent originally filed by Georgia Pacific, and subsequently becoming Essity’s.

Dentons partner David Masson served as lead partner and represented ICT in France. Dentons partner Dr. Constantin Rehaag represented ICT in Germany, and PwC partner Alejandra Matas Brancós represented the client in Spain, with the support of Dentons partner Juan Ignacio Alonso.

David Masson, lead lawyer on the case, commented: “It has been very interesting to understand ICT’s own technology and work closely with different teams, including ICT’s R&D department, which has been part of all strategic and technical decisions throughout the case”.

Constantin Rehaag, who represented the client in the German court hearings and coordinated the work with the client’s patent attorneys, said: “This is an outstanding success of a great team formed by the client, who provided us with invaluable technological insight, the team of patent attorneys and, finally, by the Dentons teams in France, Spain and Germany.”

The patent litigation began in 2016 when Essity sued ICT in France, Germany and Spain for the alleged infringement of its patent related to the technical solution for the bonding of three layers of tissue for paper products such as high quality, soft and bulky, toilet paper.

In France, Essity claimed that ICT had breached the French part of its European patent 1 081 284 and that the toilet paper marketed as Foxy Soie Plus, and also certain other private labels produced by ICT France, had infringed on their patent. Essity demanded that all production operations be halted. The rolls of toilet paper were carefully analyzed and there were no findings of infringement. The two French courts - in first instance and appeal - rejected the claims and ordered Essity to pay compensation for the legal fees to ICT Italy and ICT France.

In Germany, the case was first taken to the Mannheim District Court, which is well reputed in patent matters. The lawsuit mainly focused on the complex questions regarding the construing of the claims of Essity’s patent. The court ruled in favour of ICT, and Essity filed an appeal. In August 2019, the Higher Regional Court of Karlsruhe also ruled that the German subsidiary of ICT did not infringe the German part of the patent 1 081 284.

In Spain, after a first decision in favor of Essity in the lower court, the Barcelona Provincial Court clearly stated in a written appeal that ICT’s products - and in particular, Foxy Seda, Foxy Bouquet, certain three-ply private label products - did not infringe the Spanish part of the patent 1 081 284.

About ICT

Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti (ICT) was founded in 1976 in Italy, in the Lucca province, to operate in the tissue sector, producing high quality paper exclusively from virgin fibre. The first production facility was opened in 1978 in Piano della Rocca, Lucca, and over the years new plants and facilities have been set up in Piano della Rocca, Diecimo and Piano di Coreglia. The Foxy brand, one of the leading brands in the European market, was launched in 1982. ICT is an example of excellence in the paper industry, in full harmony with the tradition of the Lucca region, where the most important Italian papermaking hub is located, on a par with those of Green Bay (USA) and Fuji (Japan). In Lucca in particular, great expertise has been nurtured in the field of paper for household use, and the city is in fact known as the world tissue capital. Today, ICT SpA boasts an annual production capacity of about 160,000 tonnes.

About Dentons

Dentons is the world's largest law firm, connecting talent to the world's challenges and opportunities in more than 75 countries. Dentons' legal and business solutions benefit from deep roots in our communities and award-winning advancements in client service, including Nextlaw, Dentons’ innovation and strategic advisory services. Dentons' polycentric and purpose-driven approach, commitment to inclusion and diversity, and world-class talent challenge the status quo to advance client and community interests in the New Dynamic.

Dentons advises Snam on US$10.1 billion consortium investment in ADNOC Gas Pipelines

Global law firm Dentons advised Italian-based multinational energy infrastructure operator Snam in relation to its agreement, in consortium with several international investment funds, to purchase a 49 percent share of ADNOC Gas Pipelines from The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). ADNOC Gas Pipelines is valued at approximately US$20.7 billion (US$10.1 billion for 49%).

The transaction is one of the most important in the global energy infrastructure sector, as well as Snam’s first acquisition outside Europe.  ADNOC Gas Pipelines holds the tariff-based rights for the 38 pipelines that connect ADNOC’s upstream activities to Abu Dhabi’s consumption points and the export and interconnection terminals to neighboring Emirates.

The transaction was financed by a pool of international banks for approximately $8 billion, plus an equity contribution from each of the consortium members.  In addition to Snam, the other consortium members included Global Infrastructure Partners, Brookfield Asset Management, GIC, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, and NH Investment & Securities.

Dentons acted with a cross-border team from Italy and UAE, coordinated by partner Sara Biglieri in Milan.  Partners Luca Pocobelli (Rome) and Mhairi Main Garcia (Dubai), counsel Claudio Segna (Milan), senior associate Craig Hughson (Abu Dhabi) and associate Stephanie Hawes (Dubai) advised on corporate and M&A aspects. Partners Alessandro Fosco Fagotto (Milan) and Stephen Knight (Abu Dhabi), counsel Franco Gialloreti, senior associate Tommaso Zanirato and junior associate Giulia Caselli Maldonado (all Milan) advised on financing aspects. Partner Michele Carpagnano (Rome) and associate Giulia Giordano (Rome) advised on the competition and antitrust aspects.

Snam’s internal legal team was led by General Counsel, Marco Reggiani - assisted by Michela Schizzi, Senior Vice President Regulated Assets Legal Affairs - and included senior legal counsels Rosanna Pallotta and Claudia Jolanda Fanelli.  The legal aspects related to the financing were handled, together with Marco Reggiani, by Gloria Bertini, Head of Finance and Capital Market Legal Affairs and Roberta Di Mauro, legal counsel.

Dentons advises Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) on the establishment of the EU Malaria Fund

The EU Malaria Fund was initiated by the kENUP Foundation, a not-for-profit organization promoting research-based innovation with public and societal benefit. The fund is managed by the IBB Group. The target volume of the fund amounts to €280 million, with a first closing of €70 million on June 3, 2020. A Dentons team from Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Munich provided comprehensive advice to IBB Group on the establishment of the EU Malaria Fund. This included the development of the legal and tax conception of the fund, regulatory advice, corporate law support on the setup of the fund, and the negotiation of the financing agreements with the EIB, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other investors. Berlin-based partner Dirk-Reiner Voss and Frankfurt-based partner Arne Klüwer jointly led the Dentons team, with support from partners Stephan Busch, Matthias Santelmann and senior associates Holger Hölkemeier and Bernd Düsterbeck in Berlin; counsel Verena Etzel and Oda Elmoutaouakil in Frankfurt; partner Axel Schlieter in Dusseldorf, and partner Richard Fagerer in Munich. About Dentons Dentons is the world's largest law firm, connecting talent to the world's challenges and opportunities in more than 75 countries. Dentons' legal and business solutions benefit from deep roots in our communities and award-winning advancements in client service, including Nextlaw, Dentons’ innovation and strategic advisory services. Dentons' polycentric and purpose-driven approach, commitment to inclusion and diversity, and world-class talent challenge the status quo to advance client and community interests in the New Dynamic.

Dentons advises on ACS Group’s €500 million NEU-CP Program

Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, has advised Spanish-based multinational construction group, Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, S.A. (ACS), on the renewal of its €500 million Negotiable European Commercial Paper (NEU-CP) Program. The NEU-CP program is registered with the Central Bank of France, with the involvement of BNP Paribas, BRED Banque Populaire, Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, ING Bank N.V. and Natixis, as dealers for the Notes. Headquartered in Madrid, the ACS Group is a worldwide leader in construction and services. It is currently the only non-financial issuer with a NEU-CP Program registered with the Central Bank of France. Dentons’ Capital Markets group in Madrid advised ACS on all aspects of the transaction. Partner Ignacio Corujo led and coordinated the transaction with the support of junior associate Ana Artola. Ignacio Corujo joined Dentons in January this year to establish and lead the Capital Markets group in Spain. In addition to this most recent deal for ACS, he has closed several high-value debt capital markets deals since his move, including most notably, Grupo Cajamar’s €1 billion issuance of mortgage bonds, as well as Sacyr’s renewal of its €500 million EMTN Program. About Dentons Dentons is the world's largest law firm, connecting talent to the world's challenges and opportunities in more than 75 countries. Dentons' legal and business solutions benefit from deep roots in our communities and award-winning advancements in client service, including Nextlaw, Dentons’ innovation and strategic advisory services. Dentons' polycentric and purpose-driven approach, commitment to inclusion and diversity, and world-class talent challenge the status quo to advance client and community interests in the New Dynamic.  

Dentons advises UniCredit on a €450 million secured sustainability-linked financing for Gunvor Gro

Global law firm Dentons has advised UniCredit Bank AG as Mandated Lead Arranger, (Sustainability) Coordinator, Bookrunner, Facility Agent and Security Agent as well as the lenders on a €450 million secured sustainability-linked borrowing base facility agreement with Gunvor Group. Gunvor Group will use the funds to cover the working capital requirements of its Ingolstadt refinery. The innovative financing model is tied to the borrower's achievement of predetermined ESG key performance indicators (Sustainability KPIs) and provides for a sustainability discount or premium in case the company overachieves or underperforms the predefined targets. An independent sustainability auditor will report on the performance of the Sustainability KPIs on an annual basis. The ESG-based scoring of certain key performance indicators provides a unique way for borrowers and lenders to communicate their commitment to sustainability and incentivizes sustainable corporate measures. Participating banks included DZ Bank, KfW IPEX-Bank, Raiffeisen Bank International, Erste Group Bank, Commerzbank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, CA Indosuez (Switzerland), Bank of China and First Abu Dhabi Bank. Gunvor Group is one of the world’s largest independent commodities trading houses by turnover, creating logistics solutions that safely and efficiently move physical energy from where it is sourced and stored to where it is demanded. With strategic investments in industrial infrastructure – refineries, pipelines, storage and terminals – Gunvor Group further generates sustainable value across the global supply chain for its customers. UniCredit is one of the pioneers in sustainable loans in the German market. Düsseldorf finance partner Dr. Axel Schlieter fully advised the bank on the drafting and negotiation of the loan agreement. The Dentons team further comprised Julia Heitmann (senior associate, Banking and Finance, Düsseldorf) and Eike Hinrich Pradt (associate, Banking and Finance, Frankfurt). Axel Schlieter is a core member of Dentons’ Sustainable Finance group in Europe and is regularly involved around the topics of issuance of green bonds and on sustainable financing. Advisors to UniCredit: Dentons (Düsseldorf): Dr. Axel Schlieter, (lead partner), Julia Heitmann (senior associate, both banking and finance, Düsseldorf), Eike Hinrich Pradt (associate, banking and finance, Frankfurt am Main) UniCredit inhouse lawyers: Carina Engelhardt, Alexander Strigin, Christian Hentrich About Dentons Dentons is the world's largest law firm, connecting talent to the world's challenges and opportunities in more than 75 countries. Dentons' legal and business solutions benefit from deep roots in our communities and award-winning advancements in client service, including Nextlaw, Dentons’ innovation and strategic advisory services. Dentons' polycentric and purpose-driven approach, commitment to inclusion and diversity, and world-class talent challenge the status quo to advance client and community interests in the New Dynamic.

Dentons advises Qair on refinancing of the acquisition of Rzepin and Linowo wind farms in Poland

Dentons’ Banking and Finance practice team advised Qair SAS, Qair International and Qair Polska Sp.z o.o. in connection with the refinancing of two wind farms under operation, Rzepin (58 MW) and Linowo (48 MW). The financing institutions are BNP Paribas and EBRD. The two wind farms are part of Qair’s larger portfolio of almost 200 MW of renewable energy sources, which also includes 93 MW of new capacity from three wind farms – Udanin (50 MW), Parzeczew (9 MW) and Września (9 MW) – and 25 MW of solar photovoltaic. The project was supervised by Mateusz Toczyski, Head of the Europe and Co-Head of the Global Banking and Finance practice, and led by Tomasz Zwoliński, counsel, with assistance from lawyers Klaudia Szymańska-Rutkowska, Katarzyna Mazur, Katarzyna Kaptur and Jakub Walawski. Supporting the Warsaw team were counsel Surbhi Malhotra-Trenkel in Munich and partners Jean-Marc Allix and Olivier Genevois, and associates Djésia Meziani, Philippine de Fouchier and Hugo Casasnovas in Paris. Dentons’ London team consisting of partner Matthew Sapte and associate Annreika Ray advised on the hedging documentation. “We are very pleased and honored to have had this opportunity to assist Qair in yet another wind power project the company has undertaken in Poland,” said Mateusz Toczyski. “We would like to congratulate Qair on this financing and to wish every success with further developments and investments in Poland and elsewhere in the world,” added Tomasz Zwoliński. About Dentons Dentons is the world's largest law firm, connecting talent to the world's challenges and opportunities in more than 75 countries. Dentons' legal and business solutions benefit from deep roots in our communities and award-winning advancements in client service, including Nextlaw, Dentons’ innovation and strategic advisory services. Dentons' polycentric and purpose-driven approach, commitment to inclusion and diversity, and world-class talent challenge the status quo to advance client and community interests in the New Dynamic.

Dentons advises Sev.en Energy on aacquisition of US-based Blackhawk Mining

Dentons has advised international energy group Sev.en Energy on its strategic acquisition of US-based metallurgical coal producer Blackhawk Mining, LLC. C. The transaction comes on the heels of Sev.en Energy’s acquisition of a 17% ownership interest in Corsa Coal in May 2020, further reinforcing its access to the metallurgical coal mining industry in the US market. Blackhawk Mining is one of the largest metallurgical coal producers in the US. With annual production capacity of seven to eight million tonnes of metallurgical coal among its five underground and open pit mining complexes in West Virginia and Kentucky, Blackhawk Mining is an important supplier of metallurgical coal both locally and internationally. It also owns three thermal coal mine complexes producing three to four million tonnes per annum. In 2019, Blackhawk Mining had $1bn revenues and $120m EBITDA.   Commenting on the acquisition, Dentons partner Petr Zákoucký, said: “Having worked for Sev.en Energy for many years, I am inspired by their sustained dynamism, and by this bold strategic move, even during these difficult market conditions. We were delighted to have opportunity to play our role in this success.”   Alan Svoboda, Executive Director of Sev.en Energy who leads the Group’s international expansion added: “Once again, the Dentons team exceeded our expectations and delivered the transaction within a tight time frame of less than a month, nailing both the complexity of the deal and challenges created by the current worldwide pandemic. What was really outstanding was the dedication and flexibility that the entire team showed.”   Dentons’ cross-border team was composed of partners Petr Zákoucký (Prague, Energy/M&A), Ilan Katz (New York, M&A), Lee Smith (New York, Finance), Christopher Van Bever (Lexington, Mining) and John Rhine (Evansville, Mining) Robert E. Richards (Chicago, Insolvency), Managing Associate Gregory DiBella (New York, M&A) and Associate Barbora Obračajová (Prague, Energy). Alvarez & Marsal advised Sev.en Energy on financial due diligence and Weir on technical due diligence.   About Sev.en Energy Sev.en Energy owns significant coal and energy production assets in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Australia and the USA. It is the largest private operator of coalmines and conventional power plants in the Czech Republic, and employs more than 3,500 people. In 2019, Sev.en Energy acquired additional power generation assets from Swiss energy group Alpiq and a 50% stake in the multinational energy company – InterGen N.V., which is one of the leading independent power generators with gas-fired power plants in the UK and coal-fired power plants and coal mines in Australia. When pro-forma aggregated with the financial results of InterGen and Alpiq CZ, Sev.en Energy group combined revenues in 2019 were EUR 1,4 billion and EBITDA of EUR 319 million.   About Dentons Dentons is the world's largest law firm, connecting talent to the world's challenges and opportunities in more than 75 countries. Dentons' legal and business solutions benefit from deep roots in our communities and award-winning advancements in client service, including Nextlaw, Dentons’ innovation and strategic advisory services. Dentons' polycentric and purpose-driven approach, commitment to inclusion and diversity, and world-class talent challenge the status quo to advance client and community interests in the New Dynamic.

Dentons supports German subsidiaries of the Recylex Group in restructuring

Global law firm Dentons is assisting Weser-Metall GmbH and Harz-Metall GmbH, both subsidiaries of the French-German Recylex Group, with their restructuring through ‘self-administration’ proceedings. In addition, Dentons restructuring lawyers Andreas Ziegenhagen and Dirk Schoene and their team are advising the German management of the Recylex Group within the scope of its self-administration. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the dramatic decline in metal prices, the German subsidiaries of Recylex have each applied for protective shield proceedings under German insolvency law. The aim of the protective shield is to allow the companies to continue their individual restructuring measures and to return to economic stability after the pandemic - if necessary, in a new shareholder structure. Weser-Metall produces about 100,000 tons of lead per year at its headquarters in Nordenham (Lower Saxony), making it the third largest lead smelter and the second largest lead recycler in Europe. Harz-Metall has its headquarters in Oker in the Harz Mountains and is one of the leading European recycling companies for lead and zinc contaminated waste. The Recylex group has a total of eleven operating units and two administrative sites in France and Germany. In addition to the companies supported by Dentons, two other companies in the group, Norzinco GmbH and PPM Pure Metals GmbH, have also submitted applications for protective shield, whilethree other German subsidiaries requested self-administration under creditor protection. The Group's French companies are not affected. Andreas Ziegenhagen, Head of the Europe and German Restructuring practice, said: "With the filing for protective shield proceedings, we are making use of the most restructuring-friendly court proceedings in the interest of all stakeholders of the companies”. Advisor to Harz Metall / Weser Metall / German management of Recylex: Dentons (Berlin): Andreas Ziegenhagen (Partner, Restructuring, Berlin/Frankfurt), Dirk Schoene (Partner), Dr. Jan Seelinger (Counsel), Dr. Benjamin Kurzberg (Counsel), Judith Schmid (Senior Associate), Dr. Jakob Pickartz (Senior Associate), all Restructuring and Insolvency About Dentons Dentons is the world's largest law firm, connecting talent to the world's challenges and opportunities in more than 75 countries. Dentons' legal and business solutions benefit from deep roots in our communities and award-winning advancements in client service, including Nextlaw, Dentons’ innovation and strategic advisory services. Dentons' polycentric and purpose-driven approach, commitment to inclusion and diversity, and world-class talent challenge the status quo to advance client and community interests in the New Dynamic.