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CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 2

CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates is noted for capital markets and finance transactions. It is especially active in renewable energy sector financings. Julius Wako is the key partner.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 2

CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates is notably active in Kenya's headline and big-ticket transactions, particularly for financial services M&A. Key practitioners include Hamish KeithAshwini Bhandari and Shitul Shah. Its alliance with CMS provides additional international credibility.

Employment Tier 2

CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates is best known for employee stock ownership plans and transaction-related employment matters. With its connection to CMS, it now has greater cross-border capabilities. Shitul Shah is the key partner.

Real estate and construction Tier 2

CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates has an established presence in the real estate space, with its team operating from the firm's Nairobi and Mombasa offices. The group handles large-scale real estate developments and is experienced in shopping mall lease work. Nigel Jeremy and Harpreet Ubhi are the key partners.

Dispute resolution Tier 3

CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates has a sizeable dispute resolution team across its Nairobi and Mombasa offices. It covers a broad range of cases, including litigation and arbitration in the commercial, employment, procurement and insolvency spaces. Samir InamdarGeorge Muchiri and Kananu Mutea are the key practitioners.

Privatisation and projects Tier 3

CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates handles renewable energy and transport infrastructure projects for private sector sponsors, government entities and lenders. Julius Wako is the lead partner.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate and commercial K Hamish W Keith
Corporate and commercial Ashwini Bhandari
Corporate and commercial Abdulhafeez Noorani
Corporate and commercial Shitul Shah
Corporate and commercial Julius Wako
Corporate and commercial Nishit Maru
Foreign direct investment K Hamish W Keith
Foreign direct investment Ashwini Bhandari
Foreign direct investment Shitul Shah
Foreign direct investment Samir Inamdar
Capital markets K Hamish W Keith
Capital markets Ashwini Bhandari
Capital markets Abdulhafeez Noorani
Banking and finance Julius Wako
Banking and finance Abdulhafeez Noorani
Construction Samir Inamdar
Private client and foundations Nigel Jeremy
Litigation and dispute resolution Samir Inamdar
Litigation and dispute resolution Kananu Mutea
Litigation and dispute resolution George Muchiri
Intellectual property Shitul Shah
Company secretarial division Ashwini Bhandari
Property and real estate Nigel Jeremy
Property and real estate Harpreet Ubhi
Property and real estate Lillian Lofty
Property and real estate Nishit Maru
Maritime and admiralty Samir Inamdar
Maritime and admiralty Nishit Maru
Insurance K Hamish W Keith
Insurance Samir Inamdar
Regulatory compliance Abdulhafeez Noorani
Regulatory compliance Ashwini Bhandari
Mining and energy K Hamish W Keith
Mining and energy Julius Wako
Employment Shitul Shah
Employment Abdulhafeez Noorani
Employment George Muchiri
Immigration Shitul Shah
Photo Name Position Profile
 Lizzy Achieng  photo Lizzy Achieng
 Job Achoki  photo Job Achoki
 Noel Adagi  photo Noel Adagi
 Ashwini Bhandari  photo Ashwini Bhandari
 Roy Gathecha  photo Roy Gathecha
 Titus Guandaru  photo Titus Guandaru
 Nigel Jeremy  photo Nigel Jeremy
 K. Hamish W Keith  photo K. Hamish W Keith
 Anthony Leshan  photo Anthony Leshan
 Lillian Lofty  photo Lillian Lofty
 Samson Mac’Oduol  photo Samson Mac’Oduol
 Cheryl Mageto  photo Cheryl Mageto
 Nishit Maru  photo Nishit Maru
 Alex Muchira  photo Alex Muchira
 George Muchiri  photo George Muchiri
 Julie Mulindi  photo Julie Mulindi
 Kananu Mutea  photo Kananu Mutea
 Nancy Ndegwa  photo Nancy Ndegwa
 Abdulhafeez Noorani  photo Abdulhafeez Noorani
 Mark Odaga  photo Mark Odaga
 Gordon Ogado  photo Gordon Ogado
 Grace Omwenga  photo Grace Omwenga
 Elizabeth Onyango  photo Elizabeth Onyango
 Michael Orata  photo Michael Orata
Mr Shitul Shah photo Mr Shitul Shah Partner
 Stella Situma  photo Stella Situma
 Harpreet Ubhi  photo Harpreet Ubhi
 Julius Wako  photo Julius Wako
Number of lawyers : 30
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Other office : Mombasa
Dual qualified : 6