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Bolivia > Banking and finance Tier 3

With its continued growth, having recently added to its client base, the ‘excellent‘ team at Becerra de la Roca Donoso & Asociados S.R.L. advises both national and international clients on a range of banking and finance matters. The team has particularly strong experience in obtaining and granting multi-million-dollar loans in the energy, natural resources and agribusiness sectors. The group is led by Mauricio Becerra de la Roca, who has extensive experience in the practice area and receives high praise from clients. Manfred Arauz Olavarria also participates in all relevant operations at the firm, specialising in the corporate, energy and litigation sectors.

Practice head(s):

Mauricio Becerra de la Roca


The Becerra team is excellent. Thanks to the incorporation of technology, they have managed to get closer to their clients, while organising themselves for a more efficient service.

I especially mention Mauricio Becerra de la Roca: he gives personalised attention and has achieved a special relationship built on trust with his clients and with lawyers from other international firms.

Key clients


Root Capital

Guabira Energia

Fortaleza Seguros

Seguros Provida

Industrial Hilandera

Work highlights

  • Advised Root Capital on debt collection, filing a lawsuit against a Bolivian debtor and reviewing all loan documents and promissory notes to comply with Bolivian law.
  • Assisted Guabira Energia with obtaining an extension of the credit term on the Guabira Energia Bagasse Cogeneration Project.
  • Acted for Coface on a study of the assets of its debtors and sending out collection letters.

Bolivia > Energy and natural resources Tier 3

The energy and natural resources team at Becerra de la Roca Donoso & Asociados S.R.L. has extensive experience in regulatory matters in the oil, gas and electricity sectors. The group handles a range of issues related to the generation and supply of electricity, and all aspects related to the operation of the electricity market, including transmission, distribution, and administrative and judicial disputes in the sector. The firm has experience in the oil and gas industry, including specific regulatory matters, disputes and all aspects of the hydrocarbons sector. The team has developed expertise in alternative energies, particularly in the generation of electricity from sugarcane. Mauricio Becerra de la Roca leads the team, with extensive experience in the energy sector. Further key contact Manfred Arauz Olavarria was promoted to partner in May 2022.

Practice head(s):

Mauricio Becerra de la Roca


They have a high degree of expertise in regulatory issues in the energy sector, which includes hydrocarbons and electric power.

The managing partner has extensive knowledge of regulatory aspects of electricity and hydrocarbon companies. His treatment is cordial and friendly and he offers fast, efficient and effective solutions.

It is an excellent team. Its strongest point is the experience in the sector and ability to adapt.

Customer service, experience and availability.

Key clients

PIL Andina


Guabirá Energía

Petrobras Bolivia

YPFB Andina

Encinas Auditores y Consultores

Ingenio Azucarero Guabira

Interconexión Eléctrica


Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Bolivian Section

Golden Kiwi

Work highlights

  • Assisted PIL Andina with a QHSE compliance audit and audit of operations in its production plants and administrative offices.
  • Advised Soboce on QHSE Compliance and an audit of operations in cements mills and sites.
  • Advised Petrobras on regulations issued by states in which it operates.

Bolivia > Corporate and M&A Tier 4

A 'pro-active group of lawyers' makes up Becerra de la Roca Donoso & Asociados S.R.L.‘s corporate and M&A team. The group has experience advising clients on their interactions with the Bolivian government, as well as providing day-to-day advice on corporate matters and regulatory issues. The firm advises both Bolivian and international clients on range of corporate matters, from due diligence to M&A transactions to corporate disputes. The team is led by Mauricio Becerra de la Roca, who specialises in corporate law. Manfred Arauz Olavarria was promoted to junior partner in May 2022, and is involved in the firm’s most relevant corporate transactions.

Practice head(s):

Mauricio Becerra de la Roca


This is a proactive group of lawyers who respond on time and seek to solve problems instead of amplifying them.

Mauricio is an extremely competent lawyer who meets the expectations of clients.

Up to date legal advice. The team maintains constant communication with the client and provides a timely resolution of queries and requested work.

Preparation and professionalism stand out in the knowledge demonstrated by Mauricio Becerra and Manfred Arauz.

As an American, it was helpful that this firm were bilingual. I felt that they had great knowledge of Bolivian law and seemed to have a lot of resources in different cities in Bolivia, which helped expedite the closure. Mauricio de la Roca was informative throughout the whole process and was quickly available for any questions I had.

Mauricio de la Roca was extremely competent and reliable, and seemed like an honorable person to conduct business with.

The firm is very collaborative and always ready to meet our needs. It is committed to providing an excellent service to clients.

Our main interaction is with Mauricio Becerra de la Roca; he is a person with a lot of experience and knowledge in the commercial area. His team is young, and very efficient in meeting our requirements.

Key clients

Ingenio Azucarero Guabirá

Bicker Bolivian Group

Sin Fronteras

Instituto Ecuatoriano De Enfermedades Digestivas Gastroclínica

Perfect Fit Bolivia

Industrias De Aceite

Inversiones Guabira

Laboratorios Hipra

Sandra Montalvo

Hector Pellegrini

Hermes Group

Opratel Bolivia

ISA Bolivia

Lincoln Electric



Slong Peru

Xynergia Contenidos Bolivia

Work highlights

  • Assisted Ingenio Azucarero Guabira with the amendment of bylaws.
  • Advising Bicker Bolivian Group on a transfer of a package of capital quotas in favour of a German company.
  • Advising Perfect Fit Industries on corporate legal advice on day-to-day matters, including the management of corporate meetings and the drafting of contracts and bylaws.

Bolivia > Dispute resolution Tier 4

The dispute resolution team at Becerra de la Roca Donoso & Asociados S.R.L. has experience in various aspects of litigation, including conciliation, mediation, arbitration and civil litigation. The firm covers anti-trust, and administrative cases, as well as procedures before government regulatory authorities. The team has a range of clients across the oil and gas, agribusiness, electricity and alternative energy sectors, and is led by Mauricio Becerra de la Roca, a registered arbitrator in Santa Cruz, La Paz, Cochabamba, and Tarija. Manfred Arauz Olavarria was promoted to junior partner in 2022, and is particularly strong in the energy sector.

Practice head(s):

Mauricio Becerra de la Roca


It is a solid team in the area of business dispute resolution: they see a lot of arbitration and litigation in general.

The knowledge and experience, as well as personalised customer service.

The team that assisted me was multidisciplinary and there was noticeable knowledge in the subject dealt with, transmitting confidence to the client. The inclusion of youth within the advisors is highlighted.

Mauricio Becerra has extensive knowledge in arbitration in relation to other firms that I consulted.

Manfred Arauz was my direct contact; his youth and handling of discussions in a calm and problem-focused manner stands out. Constant communication with the client and updating of the status of their process is highlighted.

Key clients


Petrobras Bolivia

Industrias De Aceite Feltros Portugueses (Fepsa)

Center Of Arbitration Of Santa Cruz (Cainco)

Center Of Arbitration Of Cochabamba Chamber Of Commerce (Icam)

Arbitration Center of the Chamber Of Commerce of La Paz

Industrias De Aceite

Work highlights

  • Acted for Banco Santander in an arbitration procedure in the ICC Court against a debtor Coinser.
  • Assisted Industrias de Aceite with a formal request and summons to debtors of grain futures contracts and following civil collection suits against debtors.
  • Advising TotalEnergies on all administrative proceedings initiated by the DGSC (administrative department that oversees controlled substances) in an investigation against it for producing too much gasoline, with a possible penalty of $17m.

Becerra de Ia Roca Donoso & Asociados S.R.L. (BDA Abogados) is committed to serve clients in an efficient and efficacious manner, providing a service of quality. It helps them to not only solve problems but also to anticipate them, so their businesses develop in an optimum way, covering their necessities, and protecting their projects and investments.
Many of the firm’s members have a technical degree, besides holding a law degree that allows the firm to render a full range of legal services in the principal areas of law in everyday operations, as well as complex transactions that require specialized and technical knowledge.

BDA Abogados possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to guarantee optimal decision-making, providing qualified legal counseling paired with high commitment and dedication, in order to handle complex legal issues with reliability, suitability, professionalism and responsibility.

The firm provides or has provided legal assistance to the following representative companies: Ingenio Azucarero Guabirá S.A.; Guabirá Energía S.A. Total E&P Bolivie; Petrobras Bolivia S.A.; Ypfb Refinación S.A.; Adm Sao S.A.; Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd.: Vallourec Soluções Tubulares Do Brasil S.A.; Lincoln Electric; Praxair Bolivia S.R.L.; Root Capital, Inc.; Caysi Ltda.; Inesco S.A.; Papa John’s International, Inc. among others.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate, M&A, Banking and Finance, Energy and Natural Resources, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration, Intellectual Property and IT Mauricio Becerra de la Roca Donoso +591 3 3334433
Corporate and Dispute resolution Manfred Arauz Olavarria +591 3 3334433
Banking and finance Alejandro Escalante +591 3 3334433
Banking and finance Marianela Rosas Fernandez +591 3 3334433
Dispute Resolution Darío Rodrigo Martínez Leyes +591 3 3334433
Energy and Natural Resources Susana Maida Lafuente +591 3 3334433
Association of International Energy Negotiators (AIEN)
ABA (American Bar Association)
ICC Commission on International Arbitration
Bolivian German Chamber of Commerce AHK