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Dispute resolution > Product liability, mass tort and class action - defense: automotive/transport Tier 1

Often working with relevant local counsel andbenefitting from practitioners spread across the length and breadth of the country, litigation-focused firm Bowman and Brooke LLP is well-positioned to defend clients in complex and high-profile product liability actions, irrespective of geographical location. A significant proportion of this work relates to litigation brought against automotive manufacturers, including household names such as Toyota, Ford Motor and BMW, where the firm is appreciated for its ‘extensive subject matter knowledge’, as well as its ability to simplify complex scientific issues for juries. The automotive practice group, which is co-headed from Minneapolis and Detroit by Bard Borkon and Tom Branigan, respectively, is conversant not only with conventional product liability-related disputes but has also been at the vanguard of issues arising from the increased automation of technology in the space, including in the defense of “computer decision making” in vehicles, such as auto emergency braking and airbag control technology. In this context, Branigan is recognized as ‘a top choice nationally… due to his technical mastery of emerging technology and approachability with both juries and corporate executives’. The firm’s proactive approach to trying cases is also a strong selling point for clients, ensuring that it is in a position of strength to potentially gain favorable settlement terms, as well as, should the case go to trial, the ability to make persuasive arguments in both bench and jury trials. Phoenix-based Paul Cereghini and San Jose-based Vincent Galvin have regularly handled bellwether trials in the automotive space, with Galvin recently securing a favorable verdict for Tesla in its first automotive jury trial in the country, following a fatal accident case involving issues relating to the deactivation of a speed limiter device.

Practice head(s):

Bard Borkon; Tom Branigan

Other key lawyers:

Paul Cereghini; Vincent Galvin; Joel Smith; Jordan Tabak; Whitney Cruz; Matthew Berard


They display extensive subject matter knowledge in the space.’

Retaining Bowman & Brooke communicates to plaintiffs that we want to and will be ready to go to trial on our cases where we believe in the quality and performance of our vehicles.’

‘Tom Branigan has been working our cases for the past four years and is a top choice nationally for our cases due to his technical mastery of emerging technology and approachability with both juries and corporate executives.’

Tom Branigan has tirelessly worked to not just understand the technology but also represent car companies to defend against these claims and present the extraordinary benefits of ADAS to juries.’

Key clients

Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

Ford Motor Company

Honda North America, Inc.

Stellantis/FCA US LLC

Nissan North America, Inc.

Hyundai Motor America

Kia America, Inc.


Tesla, Inc.

Jaguar Land Rover North America

Yamaha Motor USA Corp

Work highlights

  • Acting as national automotive product liability counsel to Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. on their highest exposure claims and mass torts involving a wide range of high exposure issues routinely faced by the automotive industry including rollover, crashworthiness, airbags, restraint systems, seat backs, advanced driver assistance systems, and more.
  • Lead trial counsel to Tesla in the company’s first product liability trial.
  • Lead counsel in multiple mass actions for Ford Motor Company, including their DPS6 transmission, 10R80 transmission class action, 6F35 transmission and Diesel litigation.

Dispute resolution > Product liability, mass tort and class action - defense: pharmaceuticals and medical devices Tier 2

Appreciated for its ‘problem solving approach’, the result of many years’ experience handling work in the field, product liability-focused litigation firm Bowman and Brooke LLP is well-versed in developing ‘innovative and effective strategies’ for an impressive roster of pharmaceutical and medical devices clients. With litigators spread across many key nationwide offices, the firm is very effective at managing mass tort disputes, displaying a trial-ready approach resulting in some notable victories, including in key bellwether cases. Texas-based partner Randall Christian  has earned a strong reputation defending pharmaceutical manufacturers in cases heard before multiple federal and state courts; he continues to act as national co-ordinating counsel to Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo in its Injectafer litigation. Minneapolis-based trial lawyer Kim Schmid co-heads the team along with Christian and excels in handling medical device-related product liability cases.    

Practice head(s):

Kim Schmid; Randall Christian

Other key lawyers:

Chris Carton; John Garrett; Erica Mekles; Katherine Handy


‘The national footprint for the product liability team, and the problem solving approach makes them my go to firm.’

They help me to develop innovative and effective strategies to manage litigation and mass torts.’

Key clients

Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.

Patheon Manufacturing Services LLC

Chubb: Mass tort, Trial Counsel for Medical Device and Drug litigation

TM Claims Service, Inc. (Tokio Marine): Life Sciences Panel

Work highlights

  • Representing Patheon Manufacturing Services LLC in litigation involving Zantac.
  • Representing Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. in its Injectafer litigation.

Dispute resolution > Product liability, mass tort and class action - defense: consumer products (including tobacco) Tier 3

National product liability specialist Bowman and Brooke LLP has deep and longstanding experience defending manufacturers across a myriad consumer products, from food and tobacco, sports equipment and bicycles through to  power tools and child products, in courts across the length and breadth of the country. Co-headed by Jeffrey Warren and Tori Levine from Phoenix and Dallas, respectively, the team is well-versed in managing complex aggregated litigation, including MDLs and class actions, and is able to call upon the expertise of a raft of experienced first-chair trial lawyers in jury and bench trials. One of these, Phoenix-based firm chair Paul Cereghini continues to act as lead counsel for Riddell in the high-profile NFL player concussion litigation. Phoenix-based partner Amanda Heitz  is adept at handling trials, as well as preparing essential motions and briefings for consumer product manufacturers in claims involving catastrophic personal injuries, wrongful death, property damage, consumer fraud and breach of contract. The firm is also playing a key role in defending 3M in its sprawling MDL regarding hearing loss brought about by alleged defective earplugs.

Practice head(s):

Jeffrey Warren; Tori Levine

Other key lawyers:

Paul Cereghini; David Campbell; Amanda Heitz

Key clients

Riddell, Inc./BRG Sports, Inc.

3M Company

Glock, Inc.

The Husqvarna Group

BrassCraft Manufacturing Company (Masco Corporation)

Lloyds of London Insureds (multiple companies)

Work highlights

  • Represented Riddell, Inc. in its highly publicized concussion litigation.
  • Representing 3M in the MDL earplugs litigation.
  • Representing Glock and its US subsidiary in putative product liability class actions in California and a product liability case in Arizona.|

Dispute resolution > Product liability, mass tort and class action - defense: toxic tort Tier 3

Mid-sized national product liability focused litigation firm Bowman and Brooke LLP regularly secures lead and national counsel roles involving a wide range of toxic torts, including chemical exposure, soil and water contamination, mold, benzene and others that involve allegations of cancer, birth defects, and major organ diseases. The firm has, however, gained most recognition for its asbestos-related work, handling matters for clients from a range of industries, including in the automotive space – one of the firm’s core industry areas of expertise – in courts throughout the country. Minneapolis-based Roshan Rajkumar regularly secures national coordinating or lead trial counsel roles for manufacturers and chemical companies in the defense of toxic tort claims, including as it relates to allegations of asbestos contamination. Los Angeles-based partner Larry Ramsey has developed a strong reputation in California for his trial work in the toxic tort arena, including handling cases relating to alleged exposures to asbestos, benzene and chlorinated solvents. Ramsey co-heads the team alongside Phoenix-based partner William Auther, who is noted for his asbestos-related work.

Practice head(s):

Larry Ramsey; William Auther

Other key lawyers:

Roshan Rajkumar; William Purnell; Lauren Miller; Carmen Bickerdt; Vanessa Merassaint

Key clients

Ford Motor Company

Daikin Applied Americas Inc.

W.M. Barr & Company, Inc.

Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing Ltd. Euclid Hitachi)

Mack Trucks, Inc.

Resolute Management, Inc.

Allianz Insurance Company

Paramount Global (formerly ViacomCBS)

Navistar International Corporation

Wayne Combustion Systems, a Scott-Fetzer Company

Work highlights

  • Representing Ford Motor Company in personal injury or wrongful death matters where plaintiffs allege injuries due to exposure to asbestos at a Ford facility.
  • Representing Daikin Applied Americas Inc in toxic tort cases.
  • Representing W.M. Barr & Company in defending product liability and toxic tort litigation nationwide.

A powerful presence in the courtroom, Bowman and Brooke is one of the largest product liability firms in the United States. Its trial lawyers are courtroom tested and verdict vetted™. The firm serves as both lead trial counsel and national coordinating counsel, defending corporate clients in widely publicized, complex and high-exposure lawsuits. In 37 years, the firm’s lawyers have tried more than 800 cases in more than 350 state and federal courthouses throughout 48 states, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and several Canadian provinces.

It is a firm of nearly 200 attorneys, with more than 25 first-chair trial lawyers and a depth of bench that enables it to concurrently try major cases in multiple jurisdictions. The firm regularly tries precedent-setting bellwether cases where a trial victory resolves major pattern litigation, deters new claims and mitigates future exposure. The firm is made up of real trial lawyers, who solve product-related litigation problems no matter the size or complexity.

Main areas of practice: With the highest concentration of product defense lawyers in the country, Bowman and Brooke represents a wide range of manufacturers in diverse industries including motor vehicles, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, recreational products, aviation, biologics, chemicals, food products, healthcare, heavy machinery, household appliances, tobacco, power equipment, sporting goods, watercraft and more. The firm defends product liability claims, protects product-related intellectual property rights and represents the interests of its clients in diverse product-related litigation, including disputed warranty, dealer relations, indemnity, commercial and regulatory matters.

Turning the complex into the comprehensible, the firm’s cases routinely involve highly technical data, scientific testimony, physics, human physiology, medical evidence and other complex subjects. Bowman and Brooke’s attorneys’ experience extends beyond the legal world to include biomechanics, epidemiology, government regulation, human factors, industry standards, manufacturing processes, mechanical engineering, medical technology, metallurgy, pharmacology, product design, reconstruction and more.

In addition to its core group of nationally recognized first-chair trial lawyers, the firm has the legal analysis and briefing brainpower to resolve cases not worthy of trial. It has the deep experience in strategy development, litigation coordination and discovery management necessary to cost-effectively defend mass tort litigation, multi-plaintiff matters and class actions. The firm matches its resources to the challenges facing the clients, from individual single-plaintiff claims to national multi-venue litigation.

The firm does not compromise when it comes to clients’ interests. It will uncover and advance all appropriate defenses and aggressively and tirelessly pursue the results that clients demand, both in the boardroom and in the courtroom.

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