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Acclaimed IP boutique Olivares, fields a team of first-class experts that covers all aspects of the IP spectrum and is especially strong when it comes to advising on trade mark, patent prosecution and enforcement, and litigation.  The solid practice includes key practitioners like market leader and patent expert, Sergio L Olivares, Jr.; trade mark specialist Antonio Belaunzarán; Luis Schmidt, who specializes in copyright; Gustavo Alcocer, who focuses licensing and contracts, and the reputed Alejandro Luna, who stands out as a top-notch litigator in the IP arena.

OLIVARES is a world-class IP law firm who represents some of the world’s biggest brands. We receive numerous awards and accolades every year from industry magazines and peer reviews due to a combination of long established trust, the highly personalized service we provide for our clients and a history of precedent setting success in patents, trademarks, copyrights, regulatory, administrative and constitutional law. We leverage our nearly 50 years of experience to offer a full range of IP, regulatory, administrative and some corporate law services, across all industries.

Much of OLIVARES’ strength and uniqueness comes from our sustained efforts to change and improve IP regulation in Mexico. The IP system is not always predictable and so we constantly challenge the system to improve it, and thus create IP protection that is less open to question in litigation.

In patent work our firm has the most diverse range of engineers in the Latin American market, allowing us to better navigate extremely technical issues with a more strategic approach than a traditional general practice firm. We have filed over 14,000 patents in the last ten years and the high level of education of our attorneys permits us to file both high quantities and qualities of patents.

In trademarks we have more recommendations from industry publications than any other firm and a fierce record of enforcement and litigation success.

In regulatory and administrative law we are breaking new ground and helping companies enforce rights granted by international treaties that are currently not being adjudicated adequately in Mexico. Further, the regulatory system in Mexico is complex to navigate and we have become experts in ensuring our clients fulfill all their regulatory obligations.

Our repeated success in litigation leads clients to us when other firms have failed. Companies and outside counsel often come to us when they have failed in the first round of patent, trademark, and copyright related litigation. The size and depth of our expertise is unparalleled in the Mexican market.

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Department Name Email Telephone
Patents Sergio L. Olivares, Jr. +52 55 5322 3000
Trademarks Antonio Belaunzarán +52 55 5322 3000
Copyright Luis C. Schmidt +52 55 5322 3000
Corporate Gustavo Alcocer +52 55 5322 3000
Life Sciences, IP Litigation, Anti-counterfeiting, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Administrative Litigation Alejandro Luna F. +52 55 5322 3000
Trademarks Alonso Camargo +52 55 5322 3000
Patents Daniel Sánchez +52 55 5322 3000
IP Litigation, Anti-counterfeiting, Civil and Commencial Litigation, Administrative Litigation Abraham Díaz +52 55 5322 3000
Life Sciences, IP Litigation, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Administrative Litigation Armando Arenas +52 55 5322 3000
Photo Name Position Profile
 Victor Ramírez  photo Victor Ramírez Attorney
 Daniel Sánchez  photo Daniel Sánchez Partner
Partners : 9
Attorneys : 46
Engineers : 7