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5 St James Court

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5 St James Court handled several high-profile litigation engagements over the past year. Most notably, it successfully defended the Prime Minister of Mauritius in a conflict of interest case — Ravindra Chetty, head of chambers, led that matter. Avinash Sunassee has a strong reputation for transactional work.


Unlike most chamber sets, 5 St James Court has barristers advising on both disputes and non-contentious matters.’

Ability to clearly interpret the law and willingness to assist with the most complicated parts of legislation, and advise accordingly.’

The team provides a good blend of expertise that cuts across various legal frameworks to bring the most appropriate course of action to the client.’

Professional and proactive, with a positive attitude.’

Ravindra Chetty is a respected member of the Bar who is as responsive as he is knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the legal system.

Ravindra Chetty properly masters applicable legislation, gives accurate advice and offers reliable guidance on practical aspects.’

I have worked with Avinash Sunassee, for whom I have a lot of respect. I appreciate his sharpness and his capacity to come up with alternative approaches to a particular issue/problem.’

Avinash Sunassee has proved himself a very able and reliable adviser and advocate. Avinash is our “go-to” for advice and representation in Mauritius.’

Key clients

Air Mauritius Limited

Bank of Mauritius

Financial Services Commission

British High Commission

Essar Global Fund Limited

Australian High Commission

British Council

Habib Bank

HSBC (Mauritius)

State Trading Corporation

Economic Development Board

Grant Thornton (Mauritius)

BCP Bank (Mauritius)

BanyanTree Bank Ltd


The set: 5 St James Court was set up in 2011, with Ravindra Chetty SC as head of chambers. It comprises rising and senior self-employed barristers, who can either be instructed individually or as part of a team. It has constantly been growing in size since its creation. Chambers is a predominantly civil and commercial set, with a strong banking and financial services practice. Members of chambers also advise on complex criminal litigation.

Areas of practice: Members of chambers undertake both transactional and litigation work. They regularly advise and act for a significant number of international banks, financial institutions and businesses. They also undertake international consultancy work. Members of chambers are involved in heavyweight litigation and sizable international arbitration claims. They act before all jurisdictions of the courts in Mauritius, including the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Over the past year, examples of some of the matters in which they have been involved include: international arbitration under the SIAC rules; the insolvency of a group of companies with assets estimated at over US$1bn in issue; litigation involving an investment fund with a claim of more than US$100m; a competition law claim of over US$30m; capital raise of US$500m for a telecommunications company operating in Africa; enquiry in relation to infrastructure projects in Mauritius worth more than US$150m; the restructuring of a local bank; and advising a foreign state in Africa on the restructuring of its financial services sector.

Department Name Email Telephone
Arbitration Ravindra Chetty SC
Arbitration Avinash Sunassee
Banking and finance Ravindra Chetty SC
Banking and finance Avinash Sunassee
Civil litigation Ravindra Chetty SC
Civil litigation Vimalen Reddi
Commercial Ravindra Chetty SC
Commercial Avinash Sunassee
Company and partnerships Ravindra Chetty SC
Company and partnerships Avinash Sunassee
Construction and real estate Ravindra Chetty SC
Construction and real estate Avinash Sunassee
Education Vimalen Reddi
Employment Vimalen Reddi
Employment Yashley Reesaul
Energy Ravindra Chetty SC
Energy Neeven Parsooramen
Environment Vimalen Reddi
Environment Neeven Parsooramen
Government and public Ravindra Chetty SC
Government and public Vimalen Reddi
Insolvency and restructuring Ravindra Chetty SC
Insolvency and restructuring Avinash Sunassee
Insurance and reinsurance Ravindra Chetty SC
Insurance and reinsurance Avinash Sunassee
Intellectual property, media and IT Yashley Reesaul
Intellectual property, media and IT Vimalen Reddi
Public procurement Ravindra Chetty SC
Public procurement Avinash Sunassee
Shipping Vimalen Reddi
Shipping Ravindra Chetty SC
Tax Ravindra Chetty SC
Tax Neeven Parsooramen
Trusts Ravindra Chetty SC
Trusts Avinash Sunassee
Number of lawyers : 12