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Japan > Antitrust and competition: Independent local firms Tier 2

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners‘ antitrust group has particular strength in the area of government investigations, with experience negotiating with the JFTC, Public Prosecutors Office, and Consumer Affairs Agency, in addition to overseas competition authorities. The department also covers compeition and consumer litigation, as well as merger control. Co-leading the department are Tetsuya NagasawaKagenori Sako, and Takashi Ishii, who previously worked as an official within the JFTC. Yuichi Oda is another key name within the department, and provides counsel on government investigations, follow-on litigations, and M&A.

Practice head(s):

Takashi Ishii; Kagenori Sako; Tetsuya Nagasawa

Other key lawyers:

Japan > Corporate and M&A: Independent local firms Tier 2

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners is highly active in the domestic market, acting in diverse industries including electronics, private equity, real estate and pharmaceuticals. Norihiro Sekiguchi and Seigo Takehira jointly lead the team. Sekiguchi has particular expertise in the TMT and private equity sectors, while Takehira, who is based in Osaka, has a practice which includes corporate governance and cross-border M&A. Hajime Taniuchi, who has worked overseas in both the US and India, is a key name on the team.

Practice head(s):

Norihiro Sekiguchi; Seigo Takehira

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Co Ltd

Sawai Group Holdings Co Ltd

Rengo Co., Ltd.

Narumiya International Co., Ltd.

Kaneka Corporation

Japan Growth Investments Alliance, Inc.

Shin-Etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.

J-STAR Co., Ltd

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited

Nishio Rent All Co., Ltd

Mitsui Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd.

Anabuki Kosan, Inc.

Work highlights

  • Advised Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Co Ltd, the local railroad company, on acquisition by Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.,the Japan based general transportation business by railroad and car.
  • Advised Sawai Group Holdings Co., Ltd. on acquisition through its newly formed subsidiary, Kobayashi Kako’s assets pertaining to production activities and personnel of related divisions.
  • Advised Rengo Co., Ltd. the Japan based manufacturer of corrugated board, jute liners and paperboard, on acquisition of the entire shareholding of Takigawa Corporation Japan and its affiliated companies.

Japan > Restructuring and insolvency: Independent local firms Tier 2

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners is active on civil rehabilitation cases and corporte reorganisation proceedings across a range of sectors, with additional strengths in alternative dispute resolution and out-of-court turnaround procedures. The department is co-led by Takayuki Maruyama, Tomohiro Kitano, and Naoki Kondo. Also key are So Miyamoto, who has experience in both domestic and global insolvencies and reorganisations, and Takashi Matsunaga, who handles insolvencies and rehabilitations.

Practice head(s):

Takayuki Maruyama; Naoki Kondo; Tomohiro Kitano

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Japan Drilling Co., Ltd. and Japan Drilling (Netherlands) B.V.

WBF Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. , WBF Holdings Co., Ltd. and White Bear Family Co., Ltd.

Watabe Wedding Corporation

EuroTec Japan Co., Ltd.

Kyokuto Electric Co., Ltd

Cosmetic AIDA Co., Ltd

Mitake Country Club Co., Ltd.

Tsuchiyama Printing co., Ltd. and Okamura co., Ltd.

Meijo Gakuin Educational Corporation

AIproject Company Limited

Onkyo Marketing Corporation and Onkyo Sound Corporation

T&P Co., Ltd.

Kanagawa Management Welfare Foundation

MIC Corporation


Work highlights

  • Appointed as deputy trustees of Japan Drilling Co., Ltd. (JDC) and Japan Drilling (Netherlands) B.V. (JDN) in their corporate reorganisation proceedings.
  • Represented Elpida in its filing for the reorganisation petition, and appointed as deputy trustees by the Tokyo District Court when the commencement order was issued.

Japan > Risk management and investigations: Independent local firms Tier 2

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners specialises in investigations on large scale accounting scandals and data falsifications. The department is co-led by Ko Matsui, who handles foreign direct investments and cross-border disputes, Norihiro Sekiguchi, whose focus is corporate governance and disputes, and Shingo Yamada, who has experience in a range of relevant matters, including product liability and corporate investigation.

Practice head(s):

Ko Matsui; Norihiro Sekiguchi; Shingo Yamada

Work highlights

  • Assisted in the outside investigation of Outsourcing Inc.

Japan > Banking and finance: Independent local firms Tier 3

Japan > Intellectual property: Independent local firms Tier 3

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners‘ IP department operates as part of the firm’s full service offering, with expertise in transactions and licensing agreements, in addition to a significant IP dispute resolution practice. Takamitsu Shigetomi leads the team, and is active on both licensing and litigation in a broad range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, mechanical engineering and computer software. Also key are Toshiya Furusho, who covers patent, trademark, design, copyright and unfair competition, and Takashi Hirose, who handles international IP transactions and litigations.

Practice head(s):

Takamitsu Shigetomi

Other key lawyers:

Japan > Investment funds: Independent local firms Tier 3

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners advises both domestic and international clients on the full range of investment management services, including documentation, contractual negotiations, registrations with authorities and regulatory advice. Takuyuki Sakurai is key to the team, and has experience across fund management, venture capital, and structured finance.

Other key lawyers:

Japan > Projects and energy: Independent local firms Tier 3

Japan > Dispute resolution: Independent local firms Tier 4

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners act for clients facing litigation both domestically and overseas, with expertise in areas including commercial disputes, product liability actions, and tort claims. Pharmaceuticals is a key area for the department, with numerous high profile clients from this area. Teppei Mogi leads the team, and has experience in international arbitration matters.

Practice head(s):

Teppei Mogi

Other key lawyers:

Takamitsu Shigetomi

Japan > Labour and employment: Independent local firms Tier 4

Japan > Capital markets: Independent local firms

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners advise listed companies and institutional investors about capital market matters, and have experience supporting IPOs by Japanese and foreign companies domestically and overseas. Seigo Takehira leads the team.

Managing Partner: Mr. Shiro Kuniya

Firm overview: Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners (“Oh-Ebashi”) is a full service law firm with over 160 attorneys, and with its main offices in Tokyo and Osaka. It was originally established in Osaka in 1981, and now has an equivalently- sized operation in Tokyo. Oh-Ebashi was the first Japanese law firm to open an office in China. Together with its Nagoya Office, Oh-Ebashi currently has offices in four locations. Oh-Ebashi has been providing its clients with the best legal advice and solutions for decades, and is committed to consistently exceed the clients’ expectations and be their ideal legal partner.

Main areas of practice
Corporate/M&A: Oh-Ebashi is capable of handling M&As, joint ventures, corporate reorganisations and business alliances under any transaction structure, and is also capable of handling intra-group reorganisations, capital and business alliances, management buy- outs, acquisitions of publicly-traded companies through tender offers and going-private transactions. Oh-Ebashi has extensive experience in cross-border M&A projects including outbound investments conducted by Japanese companies and inbound deals brought by foreign entities. It offers comprehensive legal support, including advising on emergency strategies with respect to corporate control battles and defensive measures against hostile takeovers and counteroffers thereto, as well as handling M&A related lawsuits and other disputes.

Restructuring/insolvency: Oh-Ebashi’s team, consisting of lawyers with expertise in M&A and finance practice, as well as business restructuring, provides professional support to clients in various capacities, including debtors, sponsor candidates, lenders and business partners.

Finance/insurance: Oh-Ebashi offers general consultation and advice concerning banking, securities, insurance and other financial businesses, including new financial products. With its extensive experience in project finance, securitisation and derivatives, Oh-Ebashi is able to assist in financial planning and schemes.

Intellectual property: Oh-Ebashi strategically supports its clients from planning/executing contracts to filing or defending against lawsuits. It also assists in drafting and negotiating contracts relating to licensing of copyrights, trademarks, patents, know-how and other intellectual property rights. Oh-Ebashi has extensive experience in handling many types of transactions, both internationally and domestically, in various fields of business. It has extensive experience not only in handling large-scale disputes, but small to medium-scale disputes as well.

Life sciences: Oh-Ebashi has been providing legal services to Japanese and foreign pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, bio ventures, research institutions such as universities, hospitals and various other clients for many years. It has handled a number of domestic and cross-border transactions involving leading-edge technology such as iPS cells and antibody drugs. Oh-Ebashi also has attorneys who were members of research ethics review committees. It can therefore adequately address not only intellectual property issues but also the latest issues facing this industry, including issues concerning statutory regulations and ethical requirements of regenerative medicine, genetic medicine and bio technology, as well as the handling of data and personal information.

Dispute resolution: Oh-Ebashi is experienced in litigation and arbitration cases in both Japan and abroad, ranging from anti-trust, corporate, product liability, intellectual property, administrative and tax cases, to general civil, labour and commercial cases. It handles cross-border arbitration cases before various local and international organisations for alternative dispute resolution, such as the AAA, ICC, JCAA, CIETAC, HKIAC, SIAC and LCIA.

Competition and antitrust/consumer protection: To meet the increasingly active enforcement of antitrust law both in Japan and overseas, companies must be well prepared and equipped to comply with antitrust laws. Oh-Ebashi’s antitrust law practice group consists of members with experience working at the Japan Fair Trade Commission as well as studying law overseas, including the US and Europe, enabling it to provide highly-specialised and premium advice to its clients concerning a wide range of areas of antitrust law.

Tax: Oh-Ebashi provides highly specialized legal services on complex tax disputes, making use of its abundant expertise and experience in handling cases involving a broad range of areas under tax law for clients in various business fields in Japan and abroad.

China/Asian desk: Oh-Ebashi has always been very active in China-related transactions and dispute resolutions. Oh- Ebashi handles all types of matters such as trade, alliances/business ventures, disputes with Chinese companies, inbound/outbound investments, intellectual property protection, management or litigation, assessment/establishment of internal control systems and business restructuring or liquidation. In addition to China-related matters, Oh-Ebashi also has lawyers who are qualified to practice in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand, and has several lawyers with substantial legal experience of practicing in various jurisdictions in Southeast Asia.

CORPORATE AND M&A Seigo Takehira
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Number of lawyers : over 160

Legal Protection of Big Data in Japan

A. Introduction

Today, the importance of information as an asset is increasing due to the evolution of digital network technology and its widespread use in business. The increase in the number of work-from-home situations triggered by the pandemic has also made the value of information for individuals even greater. In particular, among the different types of information, the group of data known as “big data” is becoming a source of value for companies given the remarkable development of IoT, the means of collecting data, and AI, which analyzes and utilizes such data.

Merger Control Regulations in Japan

A. Introduction

Over 130 countries across the world have merger control regulations. A majority of them have introduced the European Union’s model system where a filing is required if a change in the “control” of a target company will occur. However, the Japanese merger control regulations do not use the concept of “control” as the threshold for the filing requirement. Filing is mandatory in certain types of transactions if they meet certain thresholds. This article will provide an overview of the merger control regulations in Japan.