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Slovakia > Projects and energy Tier 2

G. Lehnert s.r.o. offers advice on structuring and implementing technology and construction projects, as well as providing day-to-day support. The practice also assists with the negotiation of procurement and construction contracts, sales purchase agreements, and licensing matters. Contracts expert Tomáš Luščoň co-heads the team alongside corporate lawyer Norbert Smaho, transactional specialist Jana Tögelová, and projects expert Lucie Schweizer.

Practice head(s):

Tomáš Luščoň; Norbert Smaho; Jana Tögelová; Lucie Schweizer

Other key lawyers:

Jana Hamarová; Imrich Kropuch; Anna Cyprichová


‘All of the lawyers are supportive on a really high level, which means that they are also managed in a way so that the result is always excellent.’

‘Their flexibility and willingness to understand the technology background of the project is appreciated.’ 

‘Dedicated professionals with a high level of understanding for clients’ needs.’

‘They are able to understand technical parts of contracts, and they are very time flexible and effective.’

‘Very high levels of professionalism, flexibility, and legal experience. They have a focus on client protection but with open minds to find win-win solutions between contractual partners.’

‘You can always rely on them to do a perfect job. Besides the precise work and high-quality standards, the team also delivers proactive and flexible solutions, tailored to the client’s needs.’

‘Excellent team work, outstanding experts in various fields, and very vast experience. They put together a fantastic team of experts.’

‘The lawyers are skilled and efficient and one always gets the best legal advice.’

Key clients

ROSSI Biofuel Zrt.


MEROCO, a.s.

Slovenské liehovary a likérky, a.s.

Poľnoservis, a.s.

ENAGRO, a.s.

Biodizel Vukovar d.o.o.

ENVIEN Magyarország Kft.

Ethanol Energy a.s.

Envien Trading SA


Digitance s.r.o.

Work highlights

  • Advised ROSSI Biofuel on a project concerning the delivery and construction of plants for production of crude glycerine, FFA/FME, recycled methanol, glycerine, and biodiesel in Komárom, Hungary.
  • Advised ROSSI Biofuel on a project concerning the delivery and construction of a plant for the production of methanol using a unique technology for recovery and conversion of municipal waste.
  • Advised ENVIRAL on a project concerning the delivery and construction of a plant for the production of biogas from de-oiled thin stillage.

Slovakia > Employment Tier 3

The team at G. Lehnert s.r.o. supports clients on a range of employment law issues, including terminations, the transfer of employees, and deaths in the workplace. ‘Strong negotiator with outstanding leadership qualities’, Tomáš Luščoň, head up the team, supported by Jana Hamarová, who is praised as ‘an outstanding expert in the area of employment as well as commercial law’.

Practice head(s):

Tomáš Luščoň

Other key lawyers:

Jana Hamarová; Anna Cyprichová


‘The lawyers are skilled and efficient with legal expertise and comprehensive knowledge and experience across many different areas of law.’

‘G Lehnert has many dedicated legal professionals who are well-versed in many specialised areas. Their wide specialisation brings a diverse background to the table, allowing one to turn to them in many areas.’

‘The firm works quickly, flexibly, and is able to adapt to its clients’ business requirements.’

‘The individuals are truly experienced and communicate highly professional topics understandably to non-professionals.’

‘We appreciate the professionalism of the entire team of lawyers of the firm and also the pro-client approach. The solutions we need are offered clearly within the agreed deadlines. They have always been able to advise smart solutions.’

‘Tomáš Luščoň is very pragmatic and focused. He has proved to be a strong negotiator with outstanding leadership qualities. He is a great lawyer – a true legal expert with comprehensive knowledge and experience across many different areas of law.’

‘Jana Hamarová is an outstanding expert in the area of employment as well as commercial law. She is professional and detail-oriented and produces precise work with prompt response times.’

‘Anna Cyprichová is an expert in personal data protection with her deep legal analysis and clear recommendations for further steps.’

Key clients


Poľnohospodárske družstvo v Jurovej

Poľnohospodárska spoločnosť KOLTA, s.r.o.

MEROCO, a.s.

Yellow Express, s. r. o.


Railtrans International, a.s.

ST. NICOLAUS – trade, a.s.


Tatra Billing, a.s.

Formel D Slovakia, s. r. o.

Digitance, s. r. o.

AZC, a.s.


Work highlights

  • Representing Poľnohospodárske družstvo v Jurovej in administrative proceedings related to the death of one of its employees.
  • Assisted a major player in the automotive industry with a labour inspection carried out at the plant of the client’s contractual partner.

Slovakia > Commercial, corporate and M&A

G. Lehnert s.r.o. has undergone significant expansion in team numbers in recent years, and its corporate group is skilled in handling shareholder agreements and the acquisition of shares. Norbert Smaho, Jana Tögelová, and Lucie Schweizer jointly lead the group.

Slovakia > Dispute resolution

G. Lehnert s.r.o. has undergone significant team expansion over the past couple of years; the strengthened disputes resolution team now handles international VIAC and ICC arbitrations, as well as representing clients in trade mark protection proceedings and unfair competition cases. The practice is led by Vladimír Jakubička and Tomáš Luščoň.

Slovakia > Real estate and construction

Igor Schweizer has taken over the role of managing parter at G. Lehnert s.r.o. and now leads the real estate and construction team alongside Jana Tögelová and Tomáš Luščoň; the trio undertake projects, transactions, and regulatory matters.

G. Lehnert law office provides legal services for more than 30 years in Slovakia for domestic as well as international clientele mainly with respect to their business issues in general. The firm has the client and its goal as a priority and they live this value day by day. This is also the reason why their clients stay long term, they have almost zero outbound of clients since the establishment back in 90’s. 

The firm currently has more than 20 lawyers (big size law firm in the Slovak market) internally divided into sector specific teams and specializations. Sector-wise they focus on agriculture, chemical industry, food & beverage, services (in general including digital), logistics, transportation and manufacturing. Legal industry specializations of the team are aligned with the client’s needs: arbitration & litigation, transaction and M&A, corporate law and corporate governance, real estate and construction, compliance, labor law, IT&IP, energy, unfair competition, contracts, transport law, tax litigation and international cooperation.

Managing partner Igor SchweizerIgor.schweizer@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
Head of Real Estate & Constructions, Contracts and Labor law, partner Tomáš Luščoňtomas.luscon@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
Head of Corporate & Corporate Governance and M&A, partner Norbert Smahonorbert.smaho@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
Head of Energy and Transactions, partner Jana Tögelovájana.togelova@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
Head of Arbitration and Litigation, IT&IP, partner Vladimír Jakubičkavladimir.jakubicka@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
Head of Compliance, Regulatory and International Cooperation, partner Lucie Schweizerlucie.schweizer@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
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