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G. Lehnert S.R.O.
ORBIS Building
Rajská 7
811 08 Bratislava

G. Lehnert law office provides legal services for more than 30 years in Slovakia for domestic as well as international clientele mainly with respect to their business issues in general. The firm has the client and its goal as a priority and they live this value day by day. This is also the reason why their clients stay long term, they have almost zero outbound of clients since the establishment back in 90’s. 

The firm currently has more than 20 lawyers (big size law firm in the Slovak market) internally divided into sector specific teams and specializations. Sector-wise they focus on agriculture, chemical industry, food & beverage, services (in general including digital), logistics, transportation and manufacturing. Legal industry specializations of the team are aligned with the client’s needs: arbitration & litigation, transaction and M&A, corporate law and corporate governance, real estate and construction, compliance, labor law, IT&IP, energy, unfair competition, contracts, transport law, tax litigation and international cooperation.

Managing partner Igor SchweizerIgor.schweizer@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
Head of Real Estate & Constructions, Contracts and Labor law, partner Tomáš Luščoňtomas.luscon@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
Head of Corporate & Corporate Governance and M&A, partner Norbert Smahonorbert.smaho@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
Head of Energy and Transactions, partner Jana Tögelovájana.togelova@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
Head of Arbitration and Litigation, IT&IP, partner Vladimír Jakubičkavladimir.jakubicka@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
Head of Compliance, Regulatory and International Cooperation, partner Lucie Schweizerlucie.schweizer@lehnert.sk+421 2 5980 0411
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