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Alper Law Office is an independent full service boutique law firm based in Istanbul primarily focuses on business law and corporate legal practice. Alper Law Office also assists local and multinational companies in different kinds of dispute resolution matters. The firm is providing innovative and service-oriented legal solutions for various legal matters in different areas of corporate activity, business transactions and public policy.

Alper is a law firm with multilingual, motivated and highly qualified attorneys and legal advisers who work together to provide comprehensive, highly reliable and cost-effective legal services, resources, specialists and expertise to help protect and further business interests of the companies operating or aiming to invest in Turkey.

With extensive industry experience, data protection and privacy specialists, transactional experts, leading litigators and considerable experience in drafting company policies, the legal support team at Alper Law Office can provide clients with a full range of in-house legal support, quickly and efficiently.

Alper Law Office advises local and overseas clients, mainly focusing on (i) media and entertainment, (ii) corporate and M&A, (iii) information technologies, (iv) fintech and blockchain, (v) energy and construction, (vi) compliance and data protection, (vii) employment, and (viii) dispute resolution & mediation.


** Media and Entertainment: Alper Law Office specializes in high-end legal advice on complex matters in the areas of media and entertainment and represents clients operating in entertainment, media and advertising industries and other content providers who produce, license, acquire, use and invest in film, television, music and digital content sectors for worldwide distribution. Clients are leading “media companies such as television stations, digital media publishers including VOD platforms, film producers, rights traders, book and magazine publishers, advertising agencies, publishers of computer games, internet companies and lifestyle companies”.

Alper Law Office advised “Exxen TV” which is a new digital platform (over-the-top content platform) began to broadcast on January 1st, 2021 in Turkey. Within the scope of this project, Alper Law Office has drafted the internal and external production contracts and managed the negotiation processes with production companies, directors, screenwriters, actors and line producers.

Alper Law Office advised “Acunmedya” on Broadcasting and Production Agreements of TV formats produced and broadcasted for leading TV channels in United States, Mexico, Colombia, Greece, Hungary and Romania.

Alper Law Office advised “TV8” and “TV8.5” on various broadcasting and contractual matters.

Onur Alper has also acted as “Production Legal Counsel” for EXATLON TV Show produced by “Acunmedya” in the Dominican Republic.

** Corporate and M&A: Alper Law Office provides day-to-day counseling and advises companies in all industry sectors on corporate and commercial law matters. In addition, Alper Law Office advises foreign clients in the establishment of their direct investment vehicles including selection of the entity and the establishment of their businesses.

Alper Law Office acts on the full spectrum of M&A transactions, both on the buyer and seller side, and have extensive experience in corporate restructuring, private equity and investment fund transactions, demergers and liquidations. Alper Law Office provides legal assistance for addressing the potential investment roots and structures, perform legal due diligences for the potential investments and draw up, review and negotiate any type of acquisition or investment contracts and legal documents at the investment phase.

** Information Technologies: Alper Law Office provides legal consultancy services for e-commerce companies, social media companies, mobile game companies, mobile and web application developers, technology start-ups, content providers, hosting providers, internet service providers, digital service companies and payment institutions.

Alper Law Office provides legal services in relation to acts of unfair competition concerning domain names, e-commerce and disputes on intellectual property rights infringements and violations of personal rights on the web and also represents celebrities and companies in protecting their privacy and publicity rights in libel and slander cases, as well as artists, including authors, actors, directors, photographers, designers, game developers, etc, in protecting their creative works.

** Fintech and Blockchain: Alper Law Office provides support to its clients on financial regulatory matters, digital and mobile payment systems, anti-money laundering, cryptocurrency, and blockchain issues and smart contract technology implementations.

Alper Law Office advises clients on the laws, regulations, and industry standards that impact the delivery, presentation, management, and execution of electronic signatures and records.

Alper Law Office provides effective, competent, and creative legal solutions to meet the distinctive needs of the clients aiming to launch successful crypto, De-Fi, NFT, blockchain, and financial technology projects.

** Compliance and Data Protection: Since its establishment, Alper Law Office has been carrying out compliance processes of companies with both GDPR and KVKK within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law, preparing data processing policies and carrying out registration processes of clients with legal registration obligations within the scope of Personal Data Protection law.

Alper Law Office advises clients, ranging from giants of the e-commerce sector through to start-ups, on a wide range of e-commerce issues such as membership, user and subscriber agreements, privacy and data protection policies and other respected policies for their websites, internet and content regulations.

** Energy and Construction: Alper Law Office provides legal advice on all aspects of natural gas market, electricity market, coal and other mineral extractions and licenses, all renewable and clean energy technologies including: wind, solar energy and geothermal energy.

Alper Law Office represents energy companies in their power plant investments in structuring their joint ventures, consortiums and special purpose vehicles for energy projects or partnerships with international/local companies (renewable power projects, thermal power projects, geothermal power projects etc).

Alper Law Office assists clients with matters of project development and financing and also our legal consultancy with respect to energy law covers the processes of expropriation and privatization processes.

Alper Law Office provides support to clients on all legal aspects of a construction project, from drafting initial contracts to post-construction deals. Alper Law Office assists with drafting contracts for planning, design, engineering, program, project and construction management and provides services for preparation of bidding documents, sales and leasing procedures and any and all related subjects in relation with constructions including zoning, financing and securitization details.

** Employment: Alper Law Office has significant experience in labor and employment law matters and frequently represents clients in the labor court of Turkey. Alper Law Office advises on the labor structure for a multinational company and represented major companies as lead counsel in labor disputes.

Alper Law Office ensures the compliance of recruitment and subsequent processes with the law by providing consulting services to companies in the field of labor law, protects the interests of its clients with its activities to prevent disputes and lawsuits that may arise. The firm also provides support to both companies and individuals in mediation and litigation processes and protects their legal interests.

Alper Law Office advises both employee and employer clients regarding all aspects of labour law including negotiation and drafting of employment contracts, advising on loyalty, confidentiality and non-compete obligations, liability for workplace accidents. Apart from labor disputes, Alper Law Office also specializes in immigration and work permit issues.

** Dispute Resolution & Mediation: Alper Law Office represents clients effectively in various cases and advises them on choosing the most adequate method in order to find the best business solutions, such as arbitration or litigation as well as other possible methods such as mediation.

The litigation team’s services include arbitration, mediation, representing clients in court proceedings in a wide range of jurisdictions, regulatory and criminal investigations.

Media and Entertainment; Corporate - Mergers and Acquisitions; Information Technologies; Energy and Construction Onur
Compliance and Data Protection, Fintech and Blockchain; Employment; Dispute Resolution Başak Balcı
Number of Lawyers : 6
İstanbul Bar Association
Media Law International
Turkish Law Blog

We believe that diversity is the basis for a healthy workplace and an essential factor for the prosperity in the global economy. Employees with different backgrounds and experiences offer new perspectives and original approaches.

The main reason why we care much about diversity is that it strengthens the team and creates a synergy among them by the means of increase in communication and interaction between each other. As another outcome of this, we achieve to establish inspiring and supportive workplaces which also encourages personal and professional development of our people.

We believe in ourselves especially about gender diversity; More than 80% of our professionals and the administrative/partnership team are women, which proves our commitment.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and to implementing environmentally friendly practices among our employees and suppliers. We have introduced the use of electronic billing and have digitized all our clients’ archives in order to accomplish our goal of becoming a paper free company.

In addition to practicing law domestically, Alper Law Office works intensively on cross-border mandates and cooperates extensively with foreign clients from all over the globe.  Alper Law Office has been involved in numerous mid-size outbound transactions involving the US and Europe using its network of law firms around the world.

Across all major jurisdictions, Alper Law Office has a close network of other leading boutique firms with whom it is able to team up in cross-border matters.  This enables Alper Law Office to offer clients a single point of contact for each matter.

Alper Law Office helps it’s clients gain access to new markets and advising them on many legal issues.

Alper Law Office’s attorneys are fluent and render services in Turkish, English and French languages.

CLIENT: Director of Global Business Development and General Counsel
TESTIMONIAL: Alper Law Office has recently advised Acun Medya Global on Broadcasting and Production Agreements of TV formats produced and broadcasted for leading TV channels in United States, Mexico, Colombia, Greece, Hungary and Romania. Alper Law Office has established connections with local law firms, who are experts in media & entertainment sector, and at this point, Alper Law Office has also acted as the connection point between Acun Medya Global and the broadcaster TV channel in relevant country where the production will be made.

CLIENT: Drama Manager
TESTIMONIAL: Alper Law Office acted as the consultancy firm of Exxen digital platform before and after the platform is started its broadcasting and managed various types of production agreements with the production companies, directors, screenwriters, actors, line producers, dubbing and subtitle adapters. In addition Alper advised Exxen for the execution of digital media and content agreements subjected to digital platform and media management, visual design, sponsorship, global growth and payment systems.

CLIENT: Legal Affairs Manager
TESTIMONIAL: Expertise, flexibility, results and care for the client are the firm’s strengths.

CLIENT: News Anchor
COMPANY/FIRM: Al Jazeera Media Network
TESTIMONIAL: A particularly dynamic and flexible firm that is very focused on clients’ needs.

TESTIMONIAL: We have entrusted Alper Law Office for almost six years. M&A team of Alper Law Office has deep understanding to M&A deals, wide connection with related academies and think tanks, as well as abundant experience in practice and legislations. They are good at solving complicate problems by sophisticated skills and smart ways.

COMPANY/FIRM: Investrade Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş.
TESTIMONIAL: Alper Law Office handles matter in an orderly manner and appropriate advices. We are very pleased with their services.