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Leading Juniors

Mark Fraser – Rose Court ChambersA sharp, insightful, and very smooth advocate. He is brilliant with clients and makes them feel at ease.
Ranked: Tier 2
Matheos LefterisRose Court Chambers 'A superb jury advocate, and a first-rate tactician. He is unflappable in the most challenging of circumstances.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Andrew Frymann – Rose Court Chambers 'Andrew has a formidable intellect and an incisive approach to cross-examination. He has a real flair for cutting to the issues of a case.'
Ranked: Tier 4

Rose Court represents a bold new approach to Barristers’ Chambers.  By utilising a new and effective business model and by embracing advances in technology and video conferencing, we are able to offer the highest level of service to our professional and lay clients. Equality, diversity, integrity and transparency are paramount in everything we do and stand for.

About Us

Rose Court is a virtual Chambers founded in January 2021 by two highly – rated and very experienced Clerks and five senior Barristers. Formed amidst the tumult of a global pandemic, Chambers has as its core principles: excellence, diversity, equality and transparency. Chambers both defends and prosecutes and was created to herald the evolution of the modern Bar in the digital age.

We deliver a low-cost model of Chambers fit for the 21st Century, which strives both to reduce the cost of providing legal services to those most in need of them, as well as promoting accessibility to the profession of under-represented groups for whom cost continues to act as a barrier to entry and progression. We work to the highest ethical standards whilst offering both our lay and professional clients the best service possible.

Discrimination against traditionally under-represented groups is an historic and continuing injustice which has deprived the legal profession of many skilled practitioners. Rose Court Chambers are committed to promoting the prospects of individuals from traditionally under-represented groups in order to overcome discrimination and allow the most able practitioners to succeed, regardless of their background or identity, with structures and systems in place to support practitioners with families and other commitments outside of work.

Chambers will grow according to carefully developed policies and will focus on strategic recruitment in order to ensure that it provides services of the highest quality, whilst maintaining a diverse membership who actively represent Chambers’ core principles and values.

Areas of Expertise

  • Fraud, Money Laundering, Bribery & Corruption & White Collar Crime
  • Murder / Manslaughter
  • Serious Sexual Offences

Rose Court’s barristers provide professional legal knowledge and expertise, high quality advocacy and client-focused service across our diverse specialist practice areas.

Rose Court Chambers has a strong criminal team acting for both defence and prosecution from the Magistrates’ Courts to the Crown Courts and the Court of Appeal.

Why choose Rose Court?

At Rose Court Chambers, we pride ourselves on offering the highest standards of legal expertise, legal services and client care.

Solicitors choose Rose Court time and time again because of our professionalism and the efficiency with which we deliver legal services.

Our Clerks are very experienced, approachable and adept at identifying the particular needs of our professional clients and ensuring that they receive the best service possible. Our members are all pro-active in their case management, technologically adept and responsive.

Lay clients choose Rose Court due to the outstanding calibre of our Barristers and the high standards of advocacy, case preparation and written work that we consistently deliver, together with the care, attention and commitment given to each and every client and their specific needs. The achievements and track-record of our members speak for themselves.

We continue to strive to build a Chambers focussed on excellence, integrity and diversity. We are committed to bringing together top tier practitioners who are representative of the community we serve and who represent our core values.



Department Name Email Telephone
Senior Clerk Joel Mason 0203 988 7451
Deputy Senior Clerk Leon St. Muir 0203 988 7452
First Junior Clerk Callum Ratcliffe 0203 988 7453
Senior Fees Clerk Emily Winter 0203 988 7454
Member of Chambers Mark Fraser (2000)
Member of Chambers Susan Meek (1997)
Member of Chambers Charles Burton (1983)
Member of Chambers Graeme Wilson (1987)
Member of Chambers Andrew Frymann (1995)
Member of Chambers Kimberley Aiken (1995)
Member of Chambers Paul Douglass (1996)
Member of Chambers Matheos Lefteris (1997)
Member of Chambers Paul Spreadborough (2002)
Member of Chambers Ishan Dave (2006)
Member of Chambers June Warwick (2009)
Member of Chambers Janaka Siriwardena (2010)
Member of Chambers Graeme Molloy (2012)
Member of Chambers Nargees Choudhury (2013)
Member of Chambers Kate Riekstina (2016)
Member of Chambers John Briant (2017)
Member of Chambers Maeve Thornton (2021)
Door Tenant Peter Moulson QC (1991)
Door Tenant Balvinder Bhatti (2003)
Photo Name Position Profile
 Kimberley Aiken  photo Kimberley Aiken Kimberley is an independent criminal barrister who has over 24 years of…
 Balvinder Bhatti  photo Balvinder Bhatti Balvinder is a defence specialist. She has a reputation for working hard…
 John Briant  photo John Briant John qualified as a barrister after two and a half decades working…
 Charles Burton  photo Charles Burton Leading junior specialising in criminal defence across the full range of serious…
 Nargees Choudhury  photo Nargees Choudhury Junior Barrister at Rose Court Chambers, specialising in all areas of crime. Nargees…
 Ishan Dave  photo Ishan Dave Ishan is a determined and charismatic advocate with an exceptional presence in…
 Paul Douglass  photo Paul Douglass Paul Douglass specialises in serious and historic sexual offences, violence, drugs and fraud.…
 Mark Fraser  photo Mark Fraser Mark is a defence specialist.‍ He has a reputation for building a…
 Andrew Frymann  photo Andrew Frymann Andrew Frymann specialises in serious crime, serious and historic sexual offences and…
 Matheos Lefteris  photo Matheos Lefteris Matheos Lefteris was called to the Bar in 1997. He is a…
 Susan Meek  photo Susan Meek Barrister specialising in Criminal Law, she only defends. Susan is an experienced…
 Graeme Molloy  photo Graeme Molloy Graeme is a pragmatic and meticulous advocate who quickly grasps and identifies…
 Peter Moulson QC photo Peter Moulson QC During his career as Silk; Peter has been instructed in lengthy, complex,…
 Kate Riekstina  photo Kate Riekstina Kate is an empathic, persuasive and thorough advocate predominantly with a criminal…
 Paul Spreadborough  photo Paul Spreadborough Having been called to the Bar in 2002 Paul spent many years…
 Maeve Thornton  photo Maeve Thornton Maeve is a barrister specialising in both criminal defence and prosecution practice.
 June Warwick  photo June Warwick June gets matters dealt with quickly by using negotiation, tactical and forensic analysis…
 Graeme Wilson  photo Graeme Wilson Leading Junior Counsel. Criminal defence. Graeme Wilson is a highly experienced and…

Established in January 2021, we strive for excellence in everything we do and have at the forefront of our minds at all times integrity, fairness, equality of opportunity and equality in our treatment of others. This  approach is clearly enshrined in our constitution and Chambers’ policies. We are mutually supportive and inclusive at all times.

Discrimination against traditionally under-represented groups is a historic and continuing injustice in its own right. It has deprived the legal profession of many skilled practitioners. Individuals may suffer unjustified discrimination due to factors such as background and socio-economic status. We are committed to promoting the prospects of individuals from traditionally under-represented groups in order to overcome historic discrimination and allow the most able practitioners to succeed, regardless of their background or identity.

Under the Equality Act 2010, people are protected against unlawful discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, sex, race (including colour, ethnicity,  nationality and origin), sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity, pregnancy or maternity and religion or belief.

Chambers is bound by the Equality Act 2010, both as an employer and in all aspects of its work, as a barristers’ chambers. This includes; the recruitment of pupils and tenants, the arrangements made for the distribution of work and the provision of legal services to the public. Chambers is also bound by the Employment Rights Act 1996 regarding employees.

Our Equality and Diversity Officer will constantly review all equality and diversity policies and draft a comprehensive diversity strategy and action plan.

Upon launch, Chambers’ website will include; a statement of our commitment to equality and diversity, our willingness to consider reasonable adjustments for any disabled candidates and our desire to encourage applications from under-represented groups. Chambers’ advertising will also include these statements.

We will ensure as far as possible that no individual is discriminated against directly or indirectly, consciously or non-consciously for any such reason.

Chambers actively encourages individuals from groups traditionally under-represented in the legal profession to apply.

The selection criteria for employment, tenancies and pupillage are based on objectively justifiable criteria. Chambers has a recruitment policy and procedure for the selection and recruitment of employees, pupils and tenancies, which forms part of this Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

In addition to Chambers’ contractual obligation to employees, full support and assistance will be given to any tenant who wishes to take leave on the birth of a child, both whilst they are on leave and when they return to work in accordance with the Parental leave policy.

Chambers will take all reasonable steps to support and assist tenants and pupils with disabilities, in training and in practice, by ensuring, as far as is reasonable, that facilities are suitable and accessible, that work is appropriate and that reasonable adjustments are made as required. In addition, Chambers will make reasonable adjustments for applicants with disabilities in accordance with our reasonable adjustments policy.

All applicants will be required to demonstrate their understanding and acceptance of Chambers policy and practice on equal opportunities and dignity at work.

CLIENT: Mohammed Zeb
COMPANY/FIRM: Managing Director, Stuart Miller Solicitors
TESTIMONIAL: “We as a firm have worked for many years with Rose Court’s excellent clerks and a number of its talented barristers.

We admire the principles that led to the creation of Rose Court, especially during such troubling and uncertain times.

First and foremost, we expect a first-class service and are never disappointed. Professional and lay client care is first rate, as invariably are the results which flow.

Their commitment to an outreach programme to both increase access to the profession from disadvantaged groups and aid understanding of the profession, marks Rose Court out as a positive force for good.”

CLIENT: Daniel Martin
COMPANY/FIRM: Partner, JMW Solicitors LLP
TESTIMONIAL: “I hold chambers’ leading counsel Mark Fraser in the highest possible regard, both personally and professionally.

I’ve worked very closely Mark on many very challenging cases over the years. Mark’s dedication to his client is paramount and he goes further than could reasonably be asked of counsel in the defence of his client’s interests. In particular, Mark is always conscious of the vulnerabilities of some of those who we deal with and he never loses sight of that when fighting their case to the fullest.

It is typical of Mark and his chosen colleagues at the bar, supported by the excellent clerks Joel Mason and Leon St. Muir, to set up a new progressive chambers against the backdrop of lockdown and the many challenges that has brought. Rose Court’s laudable commitment to actively promoting access to the profession among the underrepresented in our society, sets them apart from most on the criminal circuit.

In addition, Rose Court have managed to pull together a pool of real talent at all levels of call, which guarantees a higher level of client-focused service.

CLIENT: Sasha Sidhu
COMPANY/FIRM: Managing Director, SVS Solicitors
TESTIMONIAL: “Our Practice has worked alongside Rose Court’s talented clerking team for several years and has benefited from instructing their extremely able Counsel. Since its inception Rose Court has progressed admirably as a chambers and established itself as a market leader within a short period of time.

The quality of Rose Court’s advocates is emulated by their highly proficient clerking team and they are market leaders in both disciplines. The quality of the service that they provide is unrivalled within their field and bodes well for the advancement of greater societal integration given that chambers is diversely constituted.”

CLIENT: Amar Aujla
COMPANY/FIRM: Partner, Stonewood Lawyers
TESTIMONIAL: “Their clerking team really are a cut above: extremely capable, well organised and well resourced.

The calibre of barristers at both the senior and junior level is exceptional.

Client service is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble, and you always receive a helpful response.

The ‘outstanding’ Rose Court Chambers is a stellar set and provides excellent representation to clients, as well as support to solicitors through excellent training.”

CLIENT: Mohsin Ariff
COMPANY/FIRM: Solicitor, Lloyds PR
TESTIMONIAL: “Rose Court marked its inception in the midst of uncertain times. In the recent past many challenges have been faced by the profession. Rose Court have already set out making mark for having a refreshing approach to providing first class service to their professional clients. The clerks are always hands on with an extremely committed and formidable team of barristers being the backbone of Rose Court. Mark Fraser, Andrew Frymann and Ishan Dave are a few to name who have a proven track record for undertaking high quality work and achieving the desired results.”

Mark Fraser, Barrister

Co-Founder and Chair of Directors, Mark Fraser explains how Rose Court is adapting to the current problems facing the Criminal Bar, as well how Chambers intends to better serve its professional and lay clients during and post the pandemic.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Rose Court from your competitors?

Rose Court was established at the beginning of 2021 amidst the tumult of a global pandemic. The Criminal Justice System buckled in part, as a result of Covid 19, but the seeds of failure had been sown as a result of decades of under-funding and neglect.

We are a virtual set and intend to remain so until the legal landscape is clearer, but we intend to acquire premises in the not-too-distant future. This is partly due to our desire to have and nurture our own pupils. The next generation of barristers and legal experts.

These premises will not be on the scale that many well-known chambers currently occupy. We feel that large and expensive premises are unwarranted, wasteful and unnecessary, especially following the advent of the CCDS and the increased the use of CVP and PVL. We use cutting edge technology to provide a 21st century service to our lay and professional clients.

First and foremost, principles of equality, diversity and transparency lie at the core of our constitution and are paramount in everything we do and stand for. The strides made in the previous decade to open up the Bar to those underrepresented groups and those who have historically suffered discrimination, are being rapidly eroded. We aim to do something to change that.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Rose Court is extremely strong in all areas of serious crime and we are also entering into strategic partnerships with well-known and highly respected solicitors in order to increase our presence in areas such as Private Prosecutions, Corporate Investigations and Anti Bribery and Corruption compliance.

Rose Court has a wealth of experience in all aspects of Financial Crime. We aim to further enhance this expertise by offering high-level advice and representation to corporate clients and individuals both in terms of initial advice regarding compliance structures and policies, but also regarding pre- litigation advice, disclosure and case strategy and representation in subsequent legal proceedings, whether they be Private Prosecutions or those initiated by the SFO, CPS and FCA.

Rose Court is also actively establishing  partnerships and working arrangements with sporting governing bodies with a view to participating in the fight against corruption and illegal gambling in all sporting arenas. Sporting Governing Bodies (e.g., The FA, ECB and the LTA to name but a few) require specialist criminal lawyers with an in-depth knowledge of financial crime and bribery/corruption legislation, to assist in their investigations into illegal betting and match fixing. We aim to provide them with exactly that. Our members’ expertise in asset tracing, forensic accounting and money laundering constructs, mean that we are well-placed to offer the services needed.

Watch this space.

How has direct public access changed the work of your chambers? Is this a growth area for your set?

This is a huge growth area, but one which is still relatively untapped by the Criminal Bar as a whole. Rose Court is developing a dedicated team to attract and undertake this work. Not every case is suited to Direct Access of course, but any organisation seeking to reach out to lay clients must make it easy for them to reach back. Policies, including fees, must be accessible and transparent, as must the contractual arrangement and rights of redress, should that client feel they have not received the service they expected and deserved.

What other issues are driving change at the modern Bar? How are you adapting to such change?

The advent of CCDS and the more widespread use of other technologies, including CVP and other forms of video linking and conferencing, have the capacity if properly used and embraced, to improve representation by ensuring greater ease and frequency of access to Counsel, continuity of representation and better communication between professional and lay clients.

I say, “capacity if used and embraced”, as some courts seem to be slipping back into the habit of listing cases for parties to attend ‘in person’ when it really is unnecessary.

The risks in transmission of Covid 19 aside, it risks jeopardising one of the few benefits to have accrued to participants within the Criminal Justice System during the pandemic.

It should also be said that as well as benefiting the wellbeing of participants within the Criminal Justice System and supporting the retention of those with childcare responsibilities, the use of technology also results in reduced expenses for all, including the state. This further results in an increased capacity for courts to undertake more work to reduce the backlog going forward.

Rose Court was formed within the period in which these changes have taken effect and we are mindful of using technology to maximise connectivity to ensure the best representation possible.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the chambers that will benefit clients?

Although our numbers have increased significantly since inception, we are still a relatively small set of chambers. Nonetheless, we appreciate the need for high quality management of our interaction with courts and clients alike and this is why we have invested so heavily in technology.

All Clerks and Members have embraced and are cognisant of the need to fully utilise the advances in video conferencing and secure document sharing in order to maximise and improve the service offered to both lay and professional clients.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

We have also invested significantly in recruiting a high-quality clerking team to compliment that technology. One might ask (and it has been) “why do you need so many clerks?” The answer is two-fold. Firstly, we intend to grow rapidly and are already identifying other individuals that could complement our excellent clerking team in the future. Secondly, the increased use of technology is not an excuse to remove the personal touch. We are in the business of people. Understanding their needs, be they a professional or a lay client and helping to satisfy those needs is our aim and purpose. Technology simply helps our people to do what we do, better and more efficiently.

What other chambers’ facilities are a benefit to clients?

Chambers uses state or the art technology to maximise its efficiency and productivity. Nonetheless, as explained above, we aim to acquire premises in the future through which we aim to extend our innovative use of technology which will serve as a conduit for both our professional lay clients to interact with courts and experts to create a much more user friendly and productive experience.

In the meantime, we acquire the use of state-of-the-art facilities when required to ensure that our clients do not in any way feel prejudiced by the fact that we are a currently a virtual chambers.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their Chambers – where do you see the chambers in three years’ time?

We have had a huge amount of support from loyal firms and many more who have come into the fold – inspired and encouraged by what we are doing. They want to work with and be associated with, a chambers that has a clear identity, ethos and direction. They have told us that whilst of course they want excellence and quality from chambers, they do not want a remote and/or unapproachable partner. Nor do they want a chambers that does not reflect the community it often serves.

Our Outreach Programme (although in its infancy) is one way in which we seek, through our partnerships with others including Middle Temple’s Access to the Bar Scheme, to put some of the principles Rose Court is founded upon into play.

In addition, our commitment to serving our community and “giving back” will (in the near future) be reflected by our interaction with local schools and charities, with a view to providing insight and guidance for the younger generation and those without recourse to traditional legal services, as well as raising awareness for issues which would otherwise go unnoticed.

In three years, I see chambers being a significantly larger and well-established new force in the legal market, bringing high-quality representation, through a new and effective model which utilises technology, and supports the local community, but not at the expense of a human approach.

United Kingdom

Rose Court represents a bold new approach to Barristers’ Chambers. By utilising a new and effective business model and by embracing advances in technology and video conferencing, we are able to offer the highest level of service to our professional and lay clients. Equality, diversity, integrity and transparency are paramount in everything we do and stand for.

Murder/Manslaughter Rose Court Chambers prosecutes and the defends across the full spectrum of the most serious cases, many of which are high profile and attract wide-spread media interest. These include; contract killings, domestic murder, murders involving youths and allegations relating to gang offending and terrorism.

Money Laundering,

Bribery and Corruption


We are routinely instructed in cases alleging financial crime, including; bribery, corruption and money laundering. These include cases prosecuted by the SFO and FCA. We are recognised as a leader in this field. We represent and advise individuals and companies from the pre-charge and investigation stages, through to any subsequent trial and appeal. Our specific expertise, includes; bribery and corruption, money laundering, Tax/VAT/MTIC fraud, mortgage fraud, boiler room fraud and insider trading.


Serious Sexual Offences


We recognise the distinct skill sets required to prosecute and defend in cases involving sexual offending (where complainants will often be vulnerable, very young and/or complain decades after the event), child cruelty, internet offending and allegations of rape. All Members of Chambers who practice in this area have been accredited through the Child and Vulnerable Adult Witness Programme and have considerable experience of s28 video recorded cross-examination.


Serious and Organised Crime


We frequently act in the most serious and often high-profile multi-defendant cases involving allegations of serious organised crime and gang related crime. Members of Chambers are recognised for the skill and experience they bring to bear in the scrutiny and analysis of the high volume and complex evidence adduced in such cases.


Cyber Crime


We are adept in this ever growing and evolving area of criminal law and are well-versed with the unique challenges that it presents, including; the presentation of highly technical expert evidence, the challenges that can be made to it, dealing with voluminous evidence requiring in depth analysis and synthesis, and the complexities which arise from multi-jurisdictional investigations.


Human Trafficking / Modern Slavery We have a wealth of experience in Human Trafficking cases and are experienced in navigating the intricacies of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the legal and factual issues pertaining to s45 defences and NRM Referrals. Members of Chambers have participated in long running, grave and high-profile cases in this area.


Road Traffic


We provide comprehensive and expert advice and representation in this often complex and technical area of law, particularly to Direct Access Clients.


General Crime


We are a specialist criminal set, providing representation of the highest calibre at all levels across the full spectrum of criminal offending including serious violence, kidnap, false imprisonment, blackmail and drug trafficking.




We are committed to the principle that justice dictates that no stone is left unturned where a conviction may be unsafe or a sentence manifestly excessive.  We are often instructed post-conviction to provide advice and representation, either privately funded or pro-bono, where clients are dissatisfied with the manner in which their cases have been handled by their previous lawyers.


POCA/Confiscation, Civil Recovery and Asset Forfeiture


We are experienced in navigating this highly technical and evolving area of law, where the consequences of often hugely inflated benefit figures and valuations of available assets can be as catastrophic for clients, as can a conviction for the index offence.