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10 - 20122

Italy > EU and competition law Tier 5

WLex is a boutique law firm of passionate lawyers with two partners and nine other professionals. The firm focuses on a limited number of sectors within a limited number of areas.

Our senior professionals have more than 25 years of experience gained on the ground.

They are prone to seeing themselves as true business partners who can see issues and opportunities and find creative and proactive ways to enact them within a solid legal framework. They work to bring a knowledgeable and reasonable perspective which helps their client to assess situations from different sides.

A commitment to offer quality service requires professional training and passion for the subjects dealt with, managing each mandate with an individualised approach. For this reason, the firm’s professionals seek as their primary goal to fully understand the needs of their clients, while also taking into account the specificities of the sector in which the client operates. This can be accomplished only by creating synergy between professionals and clients, working as far as possible in a single team.

WLex’s strength lies in its qualified professionals who, above all, share the same values. Working in a healthy and cohesive environment is crucial to providing customers with the qualified, proactive and tailor-made services they require to solve the most complex issues.


  • Banking and insurance law
  • E-commerce
  • TLC
  • Life science
  • Luxury and consumer goods
  • Postal, transport and logistics


  • EU and competition law
  • Consumer protection
  • Insolvency law
  • Litigation
  • Data protection
EU & Competition Francesca Sutti, Partnerfrancesca.sutti@wlex.it+39 02877820
Litigation Margherita Grassi Catapano, Partnermargherita.grassicatapano@wlex.it+39 02877820
Partner : 2
Of Counsel : 3
Associates : 1
Junior Associates : 5
Assistant : 2
Italian Bar Association

CLIENT: Chief Operating Officer
COMPANY/FIRM: Online platform for the sale of travel tickets.
TESTIMONIAL: Wlex has done a great job with the investigation and we have been pleased with the proactive approach.

CLIENT: General Counsel
COMPANY/FIRM: Phone company
TESTIMONIAL: Very knowledgeable lawyers, ensuring full availability to support in differentiated areas of laws – always offering solid business-oriented advice and proactive approach, to help in-house counsel to take well informed decisions.

CLIENT: Head of Legal Affairs
COMPANY/FIRM: Phone company
TESTIMONIAL: WLex is characterised by efficiency, expertise, timeliness and a 360° vision on the issues at hand.

COMPANY/FIRM: Swiss-based pharmaceutical company
TESTIMONIAL: I feel the experience with WLex is highly positive. We are lucky to have someone of their competence and assertiveness on our side.

CLIENT: Real Estate Investment Manager
COMPANY/FIRM: Fund management company
TESTIMONIAL: Expertise, flexibility, results and care for the client are the firm’s strengths.

WLex’s working environment values both diversity and inclusivity. We want our professionals and staff to be themselves and not to suffer discrimination neither at work nor in their career. We value people and indeed we offer soft skill workshops on mindfulness and personal development.

Born as an all-female law firm, WLex is now more and more inherently orientated towards diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, nationality, health, sexual orientation, religion or political orientation (please read our Code of Ethics here). Just to make an example we worked jointly with a group of young designers from the Philippines to participate to a context held by the Privacy Authority.

We are also sensitive to the communication with clients, colleagues, counterparts and any other third party: indeed we support the culture of the Legal design method, a new way of thinking aimed at delivering services which are usable, useful, and engaging.

We are active in a number of initiatives related to charity projects: for us team building means volunteering for non-profit organizations. Our attention to the social environment is also implemented through the podcast Women in Lex (please click here) through which we give voice to many members of the legal sector on non-legal subjects, such as how they work and operate in their field, what values they promote and what suggestions they would give to young people.

WLex is also environmentally friendly: the firm is quite strict in implementing small conducts aimed at making its contribution in favour of the environment and at limiting environmental impact of its business activities,  and working with suppliers  chosen, among other, on the basis of environmental criteria.

Last but not least, we offer our team a pleasant working environment conducive to effective collaboration,  by taking into account alternative methods of working, such as agile and remote working, that reconcile the professional life with the personal one. Indeed we encourage a healthy work-life balance.

WLex is a law firm with both national and international clients, mostly from Europe or the United States of America. It deals both with subsidiaries of international groups and headquarters located abroad.

WLex relies on  a well-established network of located abroad law firms.