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The ‘very efficient’ and ‘high-quality’ practice at Blanco & Asociados Abogados specialises in insurance law. Dispute resolution expert and founding partner Fernando Blanco Giraldo, who heads the team, has ‘outstanding knowledge of the commercial risks segment and very good negotiation skills in difficult situations’. Santiago Martin is ‘one of the top casualty insurance lawyers in Spain’. Key clients include Zurich Insurance, HDI and ArcelorMittal.

Insurance law is a complex legal discipline, which reaches its maximum technical difficulty in insurance contracts on large risks and in which they cover the so-called small and medium enterprises.
This does not exclude in any way personal liability and life insurance, since these modalities also have many peculiarities that are not exempt from notable legal disputes.
B&A provides its services with full knowledge and expertise in the following areas: claim and judicial defence, mediation and arbitration, claims advice, financial lines, D&O, professional indemnity reinsurance, product liability & recall, property, construction, personal injury, energy, cyber, marine.

Nowadays the protection of goods and rights has led to a notable development of conflict of interests between individuals and assets or between different legal spheres, whose resolution is focused through the claim of contractual or extra-contractual civil liability.
Although civil liability is projected to all branches of law and the principles and requirements that inform it are common, which is the cause or basis of the liability that is claimed or defended needs expert lawyers specialized in its legal treatment, either because of the subject matter or the competent jurisdiction for its knowledge.
B&A has experienced professionals in the forensic practice of civil liability derived from the following acts or activities: administrations and public organisms, private activities, criminal law, professional bussines and breach of constitutional rights.


Department Name Email Telephone
Fernando Blanco Giraldo +34 915 638 407
Santiago Martin Gil +34 915 638 407
Insurance & Reinsurance : 5
Others : 4
English (fluent)
The Legal 500

In a global and interrelated business world, the activity of insurance companies, insurance brokers and large corporations requires continuous and qualified legal advice that crosses national borders.
The need for multinational clients to have professional services capable of meeting their needs in multiple jurisdictions is achieved through the Global Insurance Law Connect (GILC), a worldwide network of prestigious law firms specialized in insurance law and civil liability, whose expertise guarantees homogeneous quality of services within the highest professional standards.

Actual members cover the following jurisdictions: United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Italy, USA, India, China, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Mexico, Belgium, Taiwan, Brasil, Australia, Spain.

For additional information, visit the GILC website:


Department Name Email Telephone
Fernando Blanco Gamella +34 915 638 407
Castelia Núñez Gómez
English (fluent)
Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)