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Law Firm Andrić & Partners
Štefanova ulica 13A
1000 Ljubljana

The firm was established in 2010 by managing partner Andrej Andrić LL.M. (Heidelberg) and  has grown considerably since its establishment. A professional team of ten legal experts specializes in the fields of commercial, real estate, construction and IT law; nonetheless, it remains the firm’s goal to provide  a wide range of attorney services, which commercial companies may need in order to ensure their unhindered performance of business.

The leading principles of Law Firm Andrić & Partners is quick responsiveness and the ability to adapt to the needs of their clients and the continuous improvement of the quality of their services, which is of decisive importance for the satisfaction of the clients. The premises of the Law Firm Andrić & Partners  are located in the heart of Ljubljana in direct proximity to all important judicial, administrative and other institutions that enable the lawyers to pursue the interests of their clients quickly and effectively. The firm’s key practice areas are retail networks, development financing, cross-border transactions, and expropriation procedures.

Law Firm Andrić & Partners aims at offering clients a broad range of legal services required both by commercial entities in order to facilitate unhindered business operations as well as by natural persons for their personal concerns.

Depending on the needs of the client, they work in cooperation with external advisors in certain fields of specialization (accounting, customs and tax issues, market research etc.). In order to effect cross-border mandates, they also work in cooperation with a broad network of affiliated law firms in neighboring countries in the region.

Expeditious action and adaptation and high-quality service are the driving principles of Law firm Andrić & Partners. They are absolutely decisive in achieving satisfaction for their clients. Most importantly, they are aware of the fact that in today’s business world, direct, practical advice for the client is becoming increasingly important.


Department Name Email Telephone
Real Estate Andrej Andrić andrej@andric.si +38614300310
Banking Andrej Andrić andrej@andric.si +38614300310
IT Law Andrej Andrić andrej@andric.si +38614300310
Construction Law Sašo Jovčić saso.jovcic@andric.si +38614300310
Litigation Sašo Jovčić saso.jovcic@andric.si +38614300310
Real Estate Sašo Jovčić saso.jovcic@andric.si +38614300310
Real Estate Matej Brajnik matej.brajnik@andric.si +38614300310
Corporate Law Urban Kropivšek urban.kropivsek@andric.si +38614300310
Sports Law Matej Brajnik matej.brajnik@andric.si +38614300310
Litigation Matej Brajnik matej.brajnik@andric.si +38614300310
Litigation Urban Kropivšek urban.kropivsek@andric.si +38614300310
Insolvency Law Urban Kropivšek urban.kropivsek@andric.si +38614300310
Employment law Aleša Mercina alesa.mercina@andric.si +38614300310
Partners : 5
Lawyers : 5
Bar Association of Slovenia
NDEEX Netzwerk Deutscher Erbrechtsexperten e.V.

In addition to practicing law domestically, the Law Firm Andrić works intensively on cross-border mandates and cooperates extensively with foreign clients from all over the globe. 

The Law Firm Andrić cooperates with various foreign clients who pursue or want to pursue their business interests in Slovenia. Most of our foreign clients are based in Europe, however, we have carried-out numerous mandates also for clients from elsewhere in the world, since our legal experts are proficient in several languages, including Slovene, English, German, Italian, Serbo-Croatian and Spanish. Many team-members have also gained practical legal experience abroad during their studies, internships or work, namely in Germany, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands. 

In order to carry-out cross-border mandates for both domestic and foreign clients, the Law Firm Andrić also liaises with a broad network of affiliated law firms and other consultants in neighbouring countries in the region.