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Working out of both São Paulo and Brasília, 'the robust team' at Dal Pozzo Advogados offers a specialised service in administrative, civil procedural and infrastructure law. The practitioners play to their strengths in administrative and judicial litigation involving public bodies and concessionaires. Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo is highly recognised for his work involving infrastructure projects and public contracts. He leads the team alongside Antonio Araldo Ferraz Dal Pozzo, who focuses on administrative improbity proceedings and public civil lawsuits. Litigation is a core area of activity for João Negrini Neto, who is skilled in judicial and administrative cases involving public law issues. Other noteworthy practitioners include Percival José Bariani Junior and Evane Beiguelman Kramer.

Practice head(s):

Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo; Antonio Araldo Ferraz Dal Pozzo


‘Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo and the other partners are always innovating, with a robust team divided by specialities, which allows the provision of services with lawyers who have a deep knowledge of the subjects.’

‘Modern firm, with vast investment in technology and resources to provide the best services to its clients.’

‘Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo has a deep knowledge of the law, in addition to promptness and extreme attention to all requests from clients.’

‘The ability to dialogue with the federal and state Public Prosecutor’s offices, the regional judiciary and the superior courts sets the team apart.’

Key clients

Companhia Espírito Santense de Saneamento – CESAN

Congresso Nacional

Instituto para o Desenvolvimento dos Sistemas de Transporte – IDESTRA

Instituto Cultural Newton Paiva

Facebook Serviços Online do Brasil

Engeform Construções e Comércio

Águas de Mineiros – Latam Water Participações

Viarondon Concessionária de Rodovia

Concessionária Auto Raposo Tavares – Cart (Fundo Pátria)

Concessionária Rota das Bandeiras

Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV

Rumo Malha Norte


Grupo Comporte

Trail Infraestrutura

Work highlights

  • Assisted CESAN, the Espirito Santo state sanitation company, with the structuring and drafting of a PPP contract for the treatment of waste water.
  • Assisted Concessionária Rota Das Bandeiras and the state government of São Paulo with the establishment of a mediation process for economic and financial rebalancing issues relating to a highway concession contract.
  • Advised Facebook on the execution of its social responsibility projects.

In the last 20 years, we have devoted our best efforts and the talent of our team of lawyers to serve our clients effectively, honor our commitments promptly and keep respectful relationships with our stakeholders.

The broad experience and multiple skills of our staff guarantee our office a unique market positioning, with a vocation to solve complex legal adversities, helping our clients to achieve the desired results in a complex and dynamic business environment.

We are specialists in public law in the areas of administrative law, civil procedural law and infrastructure law. Tenders or requests for bids, administrative contracts, concessions, PPP’s, compliance and integrity programs, proceedings before Courts of Audits, administrative improbity lawsuits, public civil lawsuits, lawsuits against the public administration, tutelage, infrastructure of logistics (roads, public transportation, urban mobility, railroads, ports, airports and waterways) and social infrastructure (basic sanitation, education, health care, housing, urban mobility and water resources) are part of the body of practices of the office.

The office offers personalized services. In this sense, the management of all cases is conducted with extreme technical rigor and professionalism, to offer our clients maximum legal efficiency with the lowest incident cost possible, while keeping a corporate view and an effective understanding of the market in which our clients are inserted.

The expertise gained through many years of legal practice, aligned with deep theoretical and academic studies about the legal issues surrounding that very practice, has allowed us to develop a true community platform of knowledge, offering insights to our clients that help them make better strategic decisions within the scope of their operations. We submit ourselves to the most modern and effective compliance parameters, in strict and sound ethical conduct.

It is paramount to guarantee that our clients place unequivocal trust in the office and in the fact that we will work tirelessly to reach the expected results, making the best efforts to combine our valuable staff, our technical expertise, our dedication and our complete availability to the benefit of our clients.

Department Name Email Telephone
Administrative Improbity Antonio Araldo Ferraz Dal Pozzo - araldo@dalpozzo.com.br
Arbitration Evane Beiguelman Kramer - evane@dalpozzo.com.br
Civil Proceedings Conducted by the General Attorney's Office Antonio Araldo Ferraz Dal Pozzo - araldo@dalpozzo.com.br
Concession Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo - augusto@dalpozzo.com.br
Contentious Administrative Proceedings Percival José Bariani Junior - percival@dalpozzo.com.br
Corporate João Negrini Neto - joao@dalpozzo.com.br
Courts of Audits Ana Cristina Fecuri - afecuri@dalpozzo.com.br
Expropriation Raphael Leandro Silva - rsilva@dalpozzo.com.br
Mediation Evane Beiguelman Kramer - evane@dalpozzo.com.br
Procedure for Expression of Interest (PMI) and Unsolicited Proposals (PNS) Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo - augusto@dalpozzo.com.br
Project Finance Renan Marcondes Facchinatto - renan@dalpozzo.com.br
Public Contracts Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo - augusto@dalpozzo.com.br
Public Financial Law and Public Budgeting Ana Cristina Fecuri - afecuri@dalpozzo.com.br
Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) André Paulani Paschoa - andre@dalpozzo.com.br
Public Procurement Ana Cristina Fecuri - afecuri@dalpozzo.com.br
Regulatory Law Augusto Neves Dal Pozzo - augusto@dalpozzo.com.br
Sustainability and Environment João Negrini Neto - joao@dalpozzo.com.br
Tax Raphael Leandro Silva - rsilva@dalpozzo.com.br
Procedural Law Raphael Leandro Silva - rsilva@dalpozzo.com.br
Competition and Antirust João Negrini Neto - joao@dalpozzo.com.br
Compliance and Integrity Programs Renan Marcondes Facchinatto - renan@dalpozzo.com.br