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Cohausz & Florack handles the development and management of large patent portfolios from a wide range of technology sectors and has extensive experience in contentious proceedings, most notably opposition and appeal procedures. Much of its non-contentious work pertains to the mechanical and electrical engineering sectors alongside the chemical, life sciences, IT and telecommunications industries. With offices in Munich and Düsseldorf, the team has a strong presence in Germany but also handles international work, particularly in the EU, and, in cooperation with partner firms, in the US, China and Korea. Key individuals include Hendrik Bücker (communications and medical technology, energy technology and software), Arwed Burrichter (chemistry), Jochen Kapfenberger (process and mechanical engineering), Mathias Karlhuber (data security technology, mechanical engineering, micromechanics and medical technology, among others), Henning Sternemann (physics) as well as Christoph Walke (communications technology, data processing and medical technology) and Philipe Walter (electrical engineering, information technology and mechatronics).


‘Good and cooperative collaboration, solution-orientated working method.’

‘Excellent client orientation and excellent business-understanding, as well as very good technical understanding.’

‘Christoph Walke: Outstanding expertise on technical matters,  fast response time, always has the ability to understand the client’s needs, talks the language of inventors, understands management-requirements.’

‘I appreciate Hendrik Bücker’s professionalism and know-how, his  preparation of patent descriptions,  reachability and consulting service, as well as his professional and personally pleasant communication.’

Key clients

Beijing BOE

bio-tec Biologische Naturverpackungen GmbH & Co. KG

Carl Zeiss SMT AG

Deutsche Post AG

Exelixis / Genentech / Roche



SIG Technology AG


Vorwerk &Co. Interholding GmbH

CCOHAUSZ & FLORACK is a law firm founded in 1954 comprising 28 patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law as well as about 110 employees. The multidisciplinary law firm has offices in Duesseldorf and Muenich. The firm supports its clients – international companies as well as medium-sized companies in Germany – in all matters relating to intellectual property rights and unfair competition, in many cases having done so for decades. This includes, among other services, the drafting and filing, administration and licensing of extensive property rights portfolios, searches for third-party intellectual property rights and the associated Freedom-to-Operate expert opinions as well as cooperation agreements. C&F also represents its clients in proceedings concerning infringement and validity of intellectual property rights. The firm sees itself as a strong partner and advises its clients proactively, individually and holistically on all IP-relevant issues. To this end, the 24 patent attorneys and 4 attorneys-at-law possess particular expertise in their respective fields and work together in an interdisciplinary, efficient and trusting team.

C&F combines the know-how of all technical fields under one roof: from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and ICT to chemistry and life sciences. In addition, C&F has extensive experience with IP proceedings in other countries, including not only EU member states, but also the USA, China, and Korea, and is able to rely on its strong network of partner law firms across the world. Internally, C&F focuses on the long-term development and high-quality training and further education of its employees, all of whom approach the protection of innovations with unparalleled interest and openness. As a result, C&F is able to make a decisive contribution to ensuring that companies invest in developments and remain competitive while enriching society with their ideas.

Prosecution: We advise innovative companies comprehensively in the area of prosecution.  From the demanding initial registration of property rights up to their grant – we’ll accompany you along the way to reliably protect your ideas. Because we know how: In 2019 alone, we filed ca. 300 initial patent applications and registered ca. 400 trademarks. In total, we currently manage around 24,000 patents and 18,000 trademarks.

Litigation: Whether for the enforcement of intellectual property rights or the defense against unjustified claims by third parties, our expertise benefits you in infringement proceedings. We’ll enforce your intellectual property rights in court or defend against unjustified claims by third parties. In doing so, we are also active before the Federal Patent Court, the Federal Court of Justice, and the German Patent and Trade Mark office. Of course, we can also represent you before all other courts in Germany – whether in the case of infringements of patents and utility models, the infringement of trademarks or designs, in contractual matters, or when dealing with potential infringement under competition law. In 2019, we were involved in more than 260 patent infringement cases.

Validity proceedings: We stand up for you if your intellectual property rights are attacked. Regardless of whether your property right is being challenged or whether you want to challenge the validity of someone else‘s property right – we’ll support you all the way. We’ll represent you before the Federal Patent Court and the Federal Supreme Court. In 2019, we filed nearly 100 opposition proceedings and roughly 100 patent nullity proceedings as well as more than 100 trademark opposition proceedings.

Research: Research always trumps risk: With comprehensive know-how and a variety of tools, we support you in securing your intellectual property rights. In order to identify and minimize risks in conjunction with intellectual property rights for you in good time, we use modern tools and databases that go far beyond standard research. For this purpose, we have a full-time research department with three employees. Based on our research, we can provide you with specific recommendations that will help you to effectively expand your IP strategy.

Patent and trademark monitoring: Well informed and ideally prepared: We’ll keep an eye on the market and the intellectual property rights landscape for you. CFProfile is our personal database that we offer for targeted patent monitoring ( Information on newly published patent applications, patents, and utility models is compiled here and monitored on a regular basis. This allows us to quickly inform you if there are changes in the intellectual property landscape that might affect you. We also provide comprehensive support in trademark monitoring to detect conflicting trademarks and avoid confusion with existing brands. For this we rely on effective tools and search engines. If action is required, we quickly initiate the appropriate measures in close cooperation with you.

Employee inventions: Do you have innovative employees? We’ll show you how to make sensible use of their ideas. We’ll support you in developing a system for managing employee inventions. Together, we’ll develop processes with which you can use and secure the valuable ideas of your employees. We’ll also advise you on implementing potential strategies based on remuneration and other company incentives in order to motivate your employees and encourage them to continue being inventive.

Legal counselling: Whether competition, copyright or IT law, our counselling covers all areas of intellectual property rights protection that are relevant for your company.  We’ll advise and represent you in all aspects of competition law, for example, when it comes to asserting claims or assessing the legality of advertising measures. We also provide comprehensive counselling services on IT law matters and copyright issues. In addition, we’ll be happy to support you in the drafting, revision, and negotiation of contracts (especially cooperation and license agreements) and represent your interests in court. We are very familiar with arbitration and are able to act both as party representatives and as arbitrators before German and European institutions. We’ll explore the possibilities of alternative dispute resolution and accompany you through all negotiations, for example, through mediation, arbitration reports, or dispute review boards.

IP strategies: We always take a holistic approach and will support you in successfully positioning yourself and your intellectual property rights in the market as an innovative company. We’ll support you in developing an IP strategy: We’ll analytically derive the potential and possible scope of protection of your innovations already in the initial phases of development. We‘ll do this, for example, in the context of a status quo analysis and by asking the following questions: How is your company positioned? Who are your competitors? And which one of them might possibly hinder the protection of your own products? With the appropriate measures, we can ensure that your innovations remain protected and your market exclusivity secured.

Our technical expertise

Mechanical Engineering: We feel truly at home in mechanical engineering. We have been advising our clients in this area since the firm’s founding – combining a long tradition with deeply rooted expertise. Leading industrial companies have always played a large role in our diverse clientele. These include world market and industry leaders in, for example, process and manufacturing technology, materials processing, automotive engineering, plastics technology, construction, metallurgy, mechatronics, and medical technology. Having such long-standing clients with continuously growing know-how and product portfolios, allows us further strengthen our own expertise and thus our consulting services in the respective technological fields. This concerns, for example, our knowledge of the Internet of Things and other current topics in mechanical engineering. In recent years, we have additionally positioned ourselves even more strongly in processing industries, such as the automotive and automotive supplier industries, as well as in the area of foundry technology.

Electrical engineering: Whether classical electrical engineering or information and communication technology – we have the know-how to ensure that our clients‘ intellectual property is protected. Software is today an integral part of almost all areas of our everyday life – whether in smartphones or cars, at the doctor‘ s, or in the office. The good news for manufacturers in almost all industries is that many of these software-related inventions can be effectively protected by intellectual property rights. We support our clients in this – and in all other matters relating to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. But we also attend to technical and sometimes highly complex intellectual property rights in other fields of electrical engineering – for example in the fields of electrical energy technology and renewable energies, semiconductor technology and components, circuit technology, control and regulation technology, microsystems technology, and sensor technology.

Chemicals, pharmaceuticals & life sciences: We’ve got the right chemistry. Since the 1990s, we have been serving companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences sectors. When it comes to issues in the areas of pharmaceuticals, inorganic or organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry, and biotechnology, we really know what we‘re talking about. For the sometimes large and often transnational procedures in these areas, we put together competent patent attorney teams: all highly qualified experts in their respective fields, who also have a great deal of experience in litigation. With such concentrated competence, we are the right partner for our clients – for example in complex opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office as well as in nullity and infringement proceedings at a national and international level.

Department Name Email Telephone
COHAUSZ & FLORACK +49 (0)211-90490-0
Patent Attorney Andreas Thielmann
Patent Attorney Dr. Ralph Minderop
Patent Attorney Johannes Simons
Patent Attorney Gottfried Schüll
Patent Attorney Dr. Thomas Rox
Attorney-at-law Erik Schäfer
Attorney-at-law Ulrike Alice Ulrich
Patent Attorney Dr. (USA) Arwed Burrichter
Patent Attorney Hans-Joachim Meyer
Patent Attorney Mathias Karlhuber
Patent Attorney Philipe Walter
Patent Attorney Arnd Ziebell
Patent Attorney Dr. Christoph Walke
Attorney-at-law Rebekka Schiffer, LLM
Patent Attorney Dr. Jochen Kapfenberger
Patent Attorney Dr. Fabian Vogelbruch
Patent Attorney Dr. Henning Sternemann
Patent Attorney Hendrik Bücker
Patent Attorney Jan Ackermann
Patent Attorney Matthias Waters
Patent Attorney Dr. Natalie Kirchhofer
Patent Attorney Michel Kaminsky
Attorney-at-law Dr. Reinhard Fischer
Patent Attorney Björn Brouwers
Patent Attorney Dr. Romina Kühnle
Patent Attorney Dr. Tobias Hoheisel
Patent Attorney Dr. Peter Reckenthäler
Patent Attorney Dr. Melanie Lödige
Photo Name Position Profile
Herr Jan Ackermann  photo Herr Jan Ackermann
Herr Hendrik Bücker  photo Herr Hendrik Bücker
Herr Björn Brouwers  photo Herr Björn Brouwers
Dr Arwed Burrichter  photo Dr Arwed Burrichter
Dr Reinhard Fischer  photo Dr Reinhard Fischer
Dr Tobias Hoheisel  photo Dr Tobias Hoheisel
Dr Romina Kühnle  photo Dr Romina Kühnle
Herr Michel Kaminsky  photo Herr Michel Kaminsky
 Jochen Kapfenberger photo Jochen Kapfenberger
Herr Mathias Karlhuber  photo Herr Mathias Karlhuber
Frau Dr Natalie Kirchhofer  photo Frau Dr Natalie Kirchhofer
Dr Melanie Lödige  photo Dr Melanie Lödige
Herr Hans-Joachim Meyer  photo Herr Hans-Joachim Meyer
Dr Ralph Minderop  photo Dr Ralph Minderop
Dr Peter Reckenthäler  photo Dr Peter Reckenthäler
 Thomas Rox photo Thomas Rox
Herr Erik Schäfer  photo Herr Erik Schäfer
Herr Gottfried Schüll  photo Herr Gottfried Schüll
Frau Rebekka Schiffer  photo Frau Rebekka Schiffer
Herr Johannes Simons  photo Herr Johannes Simons
Dr Henning Sternemann  photo Dr Henning Sternemann
Herr Andreas Thielmann  photo Herr Andreas Thielmann
Frau Ulrike Alice Ulrich  photo Frau Ulrike Alice Ulrich
 Fabian Vogelbruch photo Fabian Vogelbruch
 Christoph Walke photo Christoph Walke
 Philipe Walter photo Philipe Walter
 Matthias Waters photo Matthias Waters
Herr Arnd Ziebell  photo Herr Arnd Ziebell
Patent Attorneys : 24
Attorney-at-law : 4
Additionsl staff : more than 110
AIPPI (Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (Cepani)
Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
ECTA (European Communities Trademark Association)
International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)
German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR)
German-American Lawyer's Association (DAJV)
INTA - International Trademark Association
LES (Licensing Executives Society)
The Association of European Trademark Owners (MARQUES)
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