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Italy > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 2

Giovanardi Studio Legale is a highly appreciated independent firm with a successful track record in the restructuring and insolvency space, where it acts with ‘unique commitment’ and focusing on the preservation of business values for the benefit of all stakeholders. Carlo Alberto Giovanardi and Linda Morellini distinguish themselves for being ‘extremely knowledgeable’ and for their leading role in the department. Associate Andrea Chiloiro is highlighted.

Practice head(s):

Carlo Alberto Giovanardi; Linda Morellini

Other key lawyers:

Andrea Chiloiro; Federica Dipilato


‘Fantastic, capable and efficient team.’

‘Excellent and helpful professionals.’

‘The firm has a very direct approach that makes dialogue and confrontation immediately effective. Professionals are extremely knowledgeable. Each issue is addressed with the right skill and attention.’

‘Carlo Giovanardi is the reference partner: person and professional of great value, availability, flexibility, great balance and competence. Linda Morellini: always willingness to dialogue, with competence and ability to coordinate complex restructuring contexts.’

‘Linda Morellini: great preparation and ability to focus on problems. Andrea Chiloiro: excellent team building and preparation skills. Federica Dipilato: excellent preparation.’

‘Extremely competent and dedicated team, with strong relationships in the financial world useful for finding possible financial solutions in restructuring operations.’

‘Andrea Chiloiro and Federica Dipilato: unique commitment to the project and a strong determination in maintaining the position even in the face of different customer opinions.’

‘Giovanardi makes use of the longstanding professional experience of  Carlo Alberto Giovanardi and his undisputed qualities of organization, coordination and mediation necessary for the improvement and success of the corporate recovery plans. He is highly esteemed and represents a point of reference for many banking institutions.’

Key clients

Boccadarno Village S.p.A.

Italy > Dispute resolution Tier 4

Giovanardi Studio Legale houses highly esteemed Carlo Alberto Giovanardi, together with Cristiano Ruspi and Cecilia Lampertico. The partner trio constitutes the core of the litigation department, which primarily acts in banking and finance disputes. Furthermore, the group has notable experience and recognition for litigating insolvency and restructuring cases.

Practice head(s):

Carlo Alberto Giovanardi; Cecilia Lampertico; Cristiano Ruspi


‘Giovanardi Studio Legale perfectly embodies the concept of advisor. The real strength and added value is the way in which the firm usually provides assistance in support of choices and decisions: not only knowledge of the legal matter but depth of analysis of the strategic, economic-financial and risk mitigation considerations.’ 

‘360-degree advisor approach. Mastery of the strategic and economic-financial impacts of the legal strategy traced. Depth of analysis.’

‘The firm is a first choice, especially in particularly complex disputes. Very well prepared and competent, they are always available to find solutions, always taking into consideration the concrete needs of a company. Very inclined to the use of technology.’ 

‘Alberto Carlo Giovanardi, Cecilia Lampertico and Cristiano Ruspi stand out for their remarkable competence, professional reliability, and great dedication.’ 

Key clients

Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.

Unicredit S.p.A.

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro S.p.A.

BNP Paribas SA

Banco BPM S.p.A.

Monte dei Paschi di Siena S.p.A.

AMCO Asset Management Company S.p.A.

Banco di Sardegna S.p.A.

Generalfinance S.p.A.

Bramito SPV Srl

Ifitalia S.p.A.

Factorit S.p.A.

We are a law firm operating since the early 1900s. Over the years we consolidated in national and international jurisdictions providing in court and out of court assistance mainly in the business commercial law and financial intermediaries sectors.

The firm has always provided maximum independence, the highest confidentiality and outstanding availability towards clients by providing legal assistance in relation to corporate, banking and financial extraordinary transactions as well as civil and administrative litigation and domestic and international arbitrations.

The management and structure of our professional association has been reorganized in the last few years. We opened to new partners aiming at ensuring increasing experience and attention to clients consistent with the market new requirements.

Restructuring Carlo Alberto Giovanardi
Restructuring Linda Morellini
Insolvency Carlo Alberto Giovanardi
Insolvency Linda Morellini
Banking and finance (securitisations, special situations, asset finance, bank lending, leasing and equity capital markets) Carlo Alberto Giovanardi
Banking and finance (securitisations, special situations, asset finance, bank lending, leasing and equity capital markets) Filippo Cantalamessa
Banking and finance (securitisations, special situations, asset finance, bank lending, leasing and equity capital markets) Cristiano Ruspi
Litigation and dispute resolution (corporate and commercial litigation, banking litigation, securities and funds litigation Cecilia Lampertico
Arbitration – including international arbitration Carlo Alberto Giovanardi
Corporate and M&A: domestic deals Marco Marinoni
Corporate and M&A: domestic deals Cristiano Ruspi
Corporate and M&A: international deals Carlo Alberto Giovanardi
Corporate and M&A: international deals Filippo Cantalamessa
Corporate and M&A: international deals Marco Marinoni
Commercial contracts Cristiano Ruspi
Commercial contracts Cecilia Lampertico
Number of lawyers : 35
at this office : 32
Other offices : Genoa