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Denmark > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

GALST has a ‘strong and well-reputed’ M&A practice that focuses on the mid-market. Led by experienced M&A lawyers Hans Christian Galst and Christian Steen Laursen, the group is particularly adept at handling cross-border transactions for a broad range of clients including private equity houses and medical companies.

Practice head(s):

Hans Christian Galst; Christian Steen Laursen


‘We had contact with Christian Steen Laursen and he did a fantastic job for our company. He helped us in many ways.’

‘GALST lawyers have a very professional approach to clients and tasks and are skilled at being at eye level with clients. They are up-to-date with the academic part and are very good at conveying their knowledge.’

‘Christian Laursen and Hans Christian Galst are both skilled professional lawyers who keep their appointments and always come well-prepared to meetings.’

‘GALST acts as a very professional legal adviser in the area of mergers and acquisitions, corporate legal etc. When working with GALST, I always get a high quality in legal work, combined with a high degree of accessibility and combined with unpretentious and pleasant form of cooperation.’

‘The team is fast at responding and reliable when delivering practical solutions!’

‘Head of the GALST M&A team, Hans Christian Galst, is a highly skilled M&A lawyer providing first-class legal advice. Hans Christian is good with people and very pleasant to work with.’

‘The Team at GALST is unique in their ability to deliver on a complex arrangement within a short period of time. Opportunities suddenly arise requiring essential knowledge and the ability to execute within a very limited time frame. All of this is delivered in a good timeline with a quality result as the outcome.’

‘The company has a strong and well-reputed M&A practice, especially in the small and midmarket segment.’

Key clients

PM2OL Holding ApS

FPE Group ApS


Dane Capital ApS

Mahalo Invest ApS

&Partners ApS

P. Strøm ApS / Lucky 13 Holding ApS

ABO Health Holding ApS

Gubi A/S

Officeguru A/S

Investeringsselskabet af 19/12 2000 ApS

Grillen Group ApS

Junkbusters Group ApS

GD1 Invest ApS

Omniveta Danmark ApS

Penta Shipping Group

European Lifecare Group A/S

Uniroc Holding ApS, Maximim Holding ApS, Nimbus Holding ApS

Allan Tange Holding ApS

JGO Holding ApS

A.L.E.X. 96 ApS

Infotransactions A/S

Bilhuset Køge A/S

Danske Lægers Vaccinationsservice ApS

Mudhoney Holdings ApS

Rekom Group A/S


Rind & Co ApS

Anders Bang Olsen Holding ApS

Glad Holding ApS

LifeCare Holding S.A

Forlaget Delta Holding ApS


Alimentas Øst ApS

Måske Byg ApS

Remmer A/S

Monstrum ApS

FPE Seks ApS

YK Invest Holding ApS


Carlsen Gram Holding ApS

Skøtt Holding ApS

Peter Hindkjær Holding ApS

Tanidan Holding ApS

Kraken Robotics Inc.

Ahlbergs Dollarstore AB

LetMeRepair ApS

Flex Application AS

Roland DG North Europe A/S

Kameo ApS


Dtails ApS

Work highlights

  • Advised PM2OL Holding Aps and others on the transfer of the group companies in Denmark, Sweden and Germany to US-based MGS (a Mason Wells company).
  • Assisted the owners of the consulting engineer company Bang & Beefeldt A/S with its €11.4m sale of 51% of the company to the private equity fund Blue Equity and the subsequent recapitalisation and restructuring of the group.
  • Advised FPE Seks ApS, a private equity company, on the acquisition of NEK ApS.

Denmark > Dispute resolution Tier 4

GALST handles a broad range of disputes, with a special focus on IP issues, real estate and construction claims, and litigatio in the electricity and gas supply industry. International arbitrator Kristian Dreyer specialises in real estate and construction disputes and has experience before the High Court against the National Land Registration Court. Christian Steen Laursen has particular expertise in business rent disputes and Hans Christian Galst focuses on IP enforcement issues. The trio jointly co-head the practice.

Practice head(s):

Kristian Dreyer; Christian Steen Laursen; Hans Christian Galst


‘The partners provide good service for our International clients. They have the necessary expertise. They always provide clear communication and recommendations, in a level fit for both SME and corporate clients.’

‘Excellent service level. Always fast to reply and provide service with a focus on the legal and financial situation in mind.’

‘GALST provides an in-depth knowledge of dispute resolution, especially within real estate and lease law.’

‘We are very grateful for having worked with Christian Steen Laursen. He masters in-depth real estate knowledge combined with an outstanding commercial understanding.’

‘The entire staff at GALST are extremely skilled in their separate fields, especially in IPR-law and with immense practical experience. Using these forces, they succeed in finding solutions, fast and cost-efficient. Sometimes it almost feels like they know our business better than we do ourselves. That makes the cooperation easy and productive.’

‘Kristian Dreyer is one of the most highly skilled lawyers within his field. He is very pleasant to work with, has a unique level of knowledge and as he is determined to succeed, he will fight for his client’s interest without rest.’

‘The firm has a hands-on approach and are easy to get in touch with.’

Key clients



Evida Nord A/S

Radius Elnet A/S

Ørsted Salg & Service A/S

Foreningen De Unges Almene Boligselskab


Jeudan A/S

Atradius Collections

Capital Investment

Sony Mobile


Euromaster Danmark A/S

Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents

Danish Property Federation

LM Ericsson AB

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.

Azetz A/S

AFK Koncernen

Sjeldani Boligadministration A/S

Danish Association of private co-operative housing (ABF)

Inova Energy ApS

Inova Nordic ApS

CNR Invest ApS

Work highlights

  • Assisting property administration company DEAS with repossession proceedings of leaseholds for the landlord as well as handling court and arbitration cases on behalf of its clients/property owners in regards to construction.
  • Assisting AB Hauchsborg in a €1.25m claim regarding the evaluation of an apartment in a cooperative housing building.
  • Representing AB Vigerslevgaard in a dispute against Københavns Kommune (Copenhagen municipality) concerning mold/fungus with health implications in a larger building used by a kindergarten comprising 225 kids.

Denmark > Real estate and construction Tier 4

GALST is ‘among the leading names for associations and resident-owned real estate in Denmark’. The team is regularly instructed on housing development projects and has particular expertise in tenancy law and commercial lease law. Practice head Kristian Dreyer is a well-regarded litigator, specialising in real estate disputes.

Practice head(s):

Kristian Dreyer

Other key lawyers:


‘The firm is a prominent firm, which stands out in cases involving Real Estate.’

‘The firm has a hands-on approach and are easy to get in touch with.’

‘GALST’s real estate team is among the leading names for associations and resident-owned real estate in Denmark. They have a significant brand with those specialities.’

‘Kristian Dreyer is our usual point of contact. We sent most of our disputes concerning associations and real estate to him. In addition we have had the pleasure of Kristian as an educator on several occasions. Kristian is one of the most knowledgeable on associations in Denmark.’

‘The Team at GALST is unique in their ability to deliver on a complex arrangement within a short period of time. Opportunities suddenly arise requiring essential knowledge and the ability to execute within a very limited timeframe. All of this is delivered in a timely fashion with a quality result as the outcome.’

‘Mr. Christian Steen Laursen is a firm source of knowledge, strategy and ability to act tactically when going through deals as well as in moments of entering into litigation. In the area of Construction and real estate, he is one of the leading sources with his fellow partner Kristian Dreyer on Real Estate in the Danish Market, precedence and how to potentially sway favour in the courts.’

‘Dedicated team with a strong focus and high client service.’

Key clients



Sjeldani A/S

CEJ Ejendomsadministration A/S


Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents

Danish Property Federation

De Unges Almene Boligselskab

C.E. Jensens Fond



Rema Etablering A/S



Work highlights

  • Assisting Måske Byg A/S with the sale of an industrial property to OSCAR Group A/S and the sale of its coffee production facilities.
  • Assisting Uniroc with its sale of 3 real estate companies holding 10000+m2 unbuilt land in Teglholmen (inner harbour of Copenhagen).
  • Assisted Rema Etablering A/S, a leading supermarket in Scandinavia, on a project concerning the sale of 21 newly built apartments, with a deal value of €18.9m.

Denmark > Intellectual property Tier 5

Hans Christian Galst leads GALST’s IP practice, which focuses on handling the enforcement and registration of intellectual property rights. The group advises a broad range of clients, from authors and publishers to musicians and major technology companies, including Sony. The team also works closely with the M&A department when performing IP due diligence in transactions.

Practice head(s):

Hans Christian Galst

Other key lawyers:

Anders Hebbelstrup Jensen

Key clients



Danmarks Radio


Mads Goth Hartmann Holding ApS

Den Kongelige Livgardes Musikkorps Fond


Nordic Copyright Bureau


Forlaget Delta ApS

Inter-Distrans ApS

Tipster SMBA

Netflix Studios LLC

Friese Fraase Art and Publishing ApS


Forlaget Zebra ApS

Roland DG North Europe A/S

Ahlberg Dollarstore AB

Mealo ApS

FTDK Holding ApS

YK Invest Holding Ap

Work highlights

  • Assisted Blu with the contract work in relation to the Danish X Factor show in 2021.
  • Advised YK Invest Holding ApS on its investment in fashion designer Yvonne Koné’s business. The work included IP due diligence, the transfer and the securing of the IP and licensing agreement.
  • Assisted Sony with multiple counterfeit cases.
Real estate and construction
Corporate and commercial
Intellectual property
Mergers and acquisitions
Dispute resolution
Media and entertainment
Hans Christian Galst photoMr Hans Christian GalstPartner, Attorney
Kristian Dreyer photoMr Kristian DreyerPartner, Attorney
Christian Steen Laursen photoMr Christian Steen LaursenPartner, Attorney
Number of lawyers : 10
Alliott Group

GALST is part of AdvokatKODEKS. AdvokatKODEKS is a voluntary scheme under the Association of Danish Law Firms. This scheme requires us to work loyally and proactively with the five values:

  • Openness and transparency
  • Visible social responsibility
  • Handling ethical dilemmas
  • Modern management focusing on clients and employees
  • Variety and diversity as a strength

We work with these values through pro bono work and by communicating openly about our values and ethics, management structure, services and the company’s pricing principles. We conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys and discuss the results of these with our employees in order to improve everyone’s daily lives

Attorney-at-law, partner Christian Steen Laursen has since 2009 made pro bono work as member of the board of directors for the non-profit charity DrugRebels. DrugRebels works preventing young people from drugs abuse.

Attorney-at-law, partner Kristian Dreyer has since 2009 made pro bono work as member of the board of directors for the non-profit charity Børn & Unge i Nød. Børn & Unge i Nød seeks to support children from destitute families.

GALST has financially supported the initiative Climb for Charity since 2015. Climb for Charity is fundraiser for Børneulykkesfonden (childrens accident foundation).