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Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

GALST specialises in mid-market M&A transactions for both buy and sell side clients, and the practice is also experienced in handling the real estate, employment, contentious and leasehold aspects of M&A work. Christian Steen Laursen and name partner Hans Christian Galst jointly head up the practice and regularly handle due diligence work, structuring considerations and the drafting of transactional documents.

Practice head(s):

Hans Christian Galst; Christian Steen Laursen


The work is always done professionally and on time. We have our regular contacts at Galst. If they are unable to meet, there is always another person ready to help us

We have experienced exceptionally good treatment where our needs are met with prompt and qualified advice and service. Galst has become a natural part of our business in relation to legal advice. Being a financial company, we work under tight supervision and sometimes complex issues. Galst has managed to meet our needs, whether these are everyday challenges or major strategic tasks that need to be addressed

They are very professional, but at the same time there is a very friendly tone and I appreciate that

The Galst M&A Team can be highly recommended for their skills in the areas of classic M&A work as well as thinking out-of-the-box in regards to commercial risks in a transaction that might not be apparent to an untrained eye. Having conducted negotiations and successfully concluded transactions in several industries, the Galst team has served as a mentor, advisor and colleague untiringly throughout

The practice is comprised of a dedicated team of highly skilled and specialized people within their respective practice areas. They are able to quickly understand your situation and always respond at a professional level while keeping the personal touch

Hans Christian Galst and Christian Steen Laursen work professionally with our clients and it is never difficult to get in touch with them

Christian Steen Laursen is very good to point out different approaches to each problem so I can decide what is best for me and my company in the given situation. Christian has a very broad knowledge which I have greatly appreciated. My needs over time have been very wide-ranging and it is absolutely fantastic to have someone who knows my thoughts and attitudes – no matter what the case is about. It facilitates collaboration and makes the process much faster

Key clients

Høyer & Schmidt Finans ApS

PM2 Holding ApS

H-G-F Holding ApS

SkatePro ApS

Leman International System Transport A/S

FPE Group ApS


Dane Capital ApS

Mahalo Invest ApS

&Partners ApS

MJ Estate A/S

Tapet Café I/S

Port-Safety ApS

P. Strøm ApS / Lucky 13 Holding ApS

ABO Health Holding ApS

Gubi A/S

Grape A/S

Officeguru A/S

Investeringsselskabet af 19/12 2000 ApS

Grillen Group ApS

Junkbusters Group ApS A/S

GD1 Invest ApS

Omniveta Danmark ApS

Penta Shipping Group

European Lifecare Group A/S

Uniroc Holding ApS, Maximim Holding ApS, Nimbus Holding ApS

Allan Tange Holding ApS

JGO Holding ApS

A.L.E.X. 96 ApS

Lekia AB

Infotransactions A/S

Bilhuset Køge A/S

Dansk Lægers Vaccinationsservice ApS

Anders Bang Olsen Holding ApS

Dispute resolution Tier 4

GALST is a key name in the market for real estate and construction disputes involving lease agreements, property developments and business rents, and is also active in court proceedings relating to insolvency and debt collection matters and intellectual property claims. Group co-heads Kristian Dreyer, Christian Steen Laursen and name partner Hans Christian Galst act in cross-border software infringement proceedings and energy, electricity and gas supply disputes.

Practice head(s):

Kristian Dreyer; Christian Steen Laursen; Hans Christian Galst


‘In my experience the firm has an in depth knowledge of their various fields of expertise, which enables them to put up excellent work in Dispute Resolution, and when appearing in Court. Furthermore, they have a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach which makes them well-liked among peers and clients alike.’

‘GALST is an office specialised in lease law disputes with strong legal and commercial capabilities.’

‘The Legal Team is very business-oriented, swift to react, bold in finding and carrying through solutions and has a very high level of knowledge and skills in the relevant legal aspects, combined with a high level of experience appearing before all Danish Courts.’

‘Hans Christian Galst is very solution-oriented.’

‘Christian Steen Laursen has an extensive commercial understanding and a high level understanding of structuring complex cases.’

‘Hans Christian Galst is a brilliant legal aid, both inside and outside the courtroom. He always really wants to win your case, and has a strong ability to turn every stone there is to be sure to get the win. His track record is therefore stunning, especially in cases where he or his company led the way. On top of that he is a great company with strong social skills which is important to create a team spirit around a case.’

‘Kristian Dreyer has in-depth knowledge of the various fields of expertise.’

Key clients



HMN Naturgas I/S

Radius Elnet A/S

Ørsted Salg & Service A/S

Foreningen De Unges Almene Boligselskab


Jeudan A/S

Atradius Collections

Capital Investment

Sony Mobile


Euromaster Danmark A/S

Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents

Danish Property Federation

LM Ericsson AB

Living Homes A/S and Peter Norvig

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.

Azetz ATB

V. Meyer A/S

AFK Koncernen

Sjeldani Boligadministration A/S

Danish Association of private co-operative housing (ABF)

Real estate and construction Tier 4

GALST assists property owners, contractors, real estate organisations and investors with real estate transactions and has regulatory expertise in owners’ associations and housing cooperatives. The practice also advises on housing development projects and regularly assists with tenancy law and commercial lease agreements. Kristian Dreyer is the practice head and specialises in dispute resolution related to construction, real estate transactions and leasehold agreements, which includes both litigation and arbitration.     

Practice head(s):

Kristian Dreyer

Other key lawyers:

Christian Steen Laursen


‘Their focus is on real estate and their dedication is to serve the client the best they can.’

‘You get state of the art advice and quality of work in a timely fashion.’

‘They have a good reputation in the industry and – absolutely – they live up to their reputation.’

‘The GALST is really strong in communicating to the market and that the team is very proactice in providing information about new legislation and court decisions.’

‘The GALST real estate and construction team has proven to be best in class for advice and assistance. Whether it is a construction matter or a real estate transaction, the GALST team just shows a level of incisiveness and depth that is hard to find at other firms.’

‘Kristian Dreyer is a stand-out individual with a deep understanding of this practice area, which enables him to cut to the chase, thus serving the clients’ need in a timely fashion, and making him a trustworthy and pragmatic adviser.’

‘It is always a pleasure to work with the whole team. They are skilled and very proactive.’

Key clients



Sjeldani A/S

CEJ Ejendomsadministration A/S


Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents

Danish Property Federation

De Unges Almene Boligselskab

C.E. Jensens Fond

North Property Asset Management A/S

Azets ATB ApS

Capital Investment

V. Meyer A/S


Hørsholm Penthouse


The Danish Association of private co-operative housing (ABF)

Rema Etablering A/S


Intellectual property Tier 5

GALST regularly assists with the drafting and negotiation of IP contracts, which also includes assistance with the interpretation of clauses in IP contracts. The team also advises on international trademark and design registration procedures. The practice also represents in litigation regarding copyright infringement issues and anti-counterfeit cases. Hans Christian Galst leads the practice and has experience in providing media, entertainment and sports clients with regulatory advice on copyright protection.

Practice head(s):

Hans Christian Galst

Other key lawyers:

Anders Hebbelstrup


‘Due to the experience and skills from the GALST team, the return on investment has always been great and the advice we have got over the years has saved our organisation a lot of money and we have been able to navigate in the field of legal and IPR in a much more efficient way than we expected. The recommendations we have got especially in one case was in total contrast to what we felt should have been done, but luckily we followed the recommendation from GALST and ended up avoiding a number of serious mistakes and won the case after a long fire battle with the opponents.’

‘Great legal expertise, great insight, best communication – ever.’

‘Excellent legal skills, serious legal work, and always available.’

‘I always feel very relaxed when I am at their offices. There is a sense of family about the office, where others law firms sometimes can seem like an arena of competition.’

‘Hans Christian Galst is second-to-none when it comes to balancing the professional and business activities with the more personal and social activities. In other words, you know that you are working with a true professional doing an absolutely great work in the Legal and IPR field but at the same time you feel that he cares about how the client feels and wants to make you feel treated like a human being and always with a good healthy laugh and glimpse in the eye, no matter how serious the situation is. I have no choice but giving Hans Christian Galst and his team my best recommendations!’

‘Hans Christian Galst has the ability to prevent untangling any legal dispute before trial. Thanks!’

‘Outstanding legal performance.’

‘I have known Hans Christian Galst for many years and he has always been my personal and corporate adviser. I always refer to Galst and his associates as my friendly lawyers.’

Key clients


Sony Mobile Communications AB

Danmarks Radio


Rouse Legal

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.

Leman International System Transport A/S

Skyboard ApS

Den Kongelige Livgardes Musikkorps Fond


Rasol Agro A/S

European Lifecare Group A/S

RT Stainless A/S


Café Leon


Forlaget Delta ApS

Inter-Distrans ApS


Bygogbolig ApS

Keboni ApS

Department Name Email Telephone
Real estate and construction
Corporate and commercial
Intellectual property
Mergers and acquisitions
Dispute resolution
Media and entertainment
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Hans Christian Galst  photo Mr Hans Christian Galst
Mr Kristian Dreyer  photo Mr Kristian Dreyer
Mr Christian Steen Laursen  photo Mr Christian Steen Laursen
Number of lawyers : 10
Alliott Group

GALST is part of AdvokatKODEKS. AdvokatKODEKS is a voluntary scheme under the Association of Danish Law Firms. This scheme requires us to work loyally and proactively with the five values:

  • Openness and transparency
  • Visible social responsibility
  • Handling ethical dilemmas
  • Modern management focusing on clients and employees
  • Variety and diversity as a strength

We work with these values through pro bono work and by communicating openly about our values and ethics, management structure, services and the company’s pricing principles. We conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys and discuss the results of these with our employees in order to improve everyone’s daily lives

Attorney-at-law, partner Christian Steen Laursen has since 2009 made pro bono work as member of the board of directors for the non-profit charity DrugRebels. DrugRebels works preventing young people from drugs abuse.

Attorney-at-law, partner Kristian Dreyer has since 2009 made pro bono work as member of the board of directors for the non-profit charity Børn & Unge i Nød. Børn & Unge i Nød seeks to support children from destitute families.

GALST has financially supported the initiative Climb for Charity since 2015. Climb for Charity is fundraiser for Børneulykkesfonden (childrens accident foundation).