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Construction Tier 2

Meridian is entrusted with public and private sector projects by leading engineering companies and contractors. The six-lawyer team can provide a range of both advisory and litigation expertise. It is handling strategic work on several landmark projects, notably in relation to LNG plants, nuclear facilities and offshore wind farm projects. Co-heads of the practice Olivier Delsupexhe and Xavier Desnos are highly recommended.


‘The team can find simple solutions which make a real difference even when dealing with  the most complex issues’.

‘They do not promise unrealistic goals or deadlines and they always deliver extremely valuable advice’.   

‘Olivier Delsupexhe is the key partner for international projects. He has a very technical and practical mind and can solve complex problems using simple words, even when confronted with unexpected complications’.

‘Xavier Desnos knows everything about construction litigation in France’.

Intellectual property: Copyright Tier 3

Meridian is noted for its strength in the contentious area where the firm handles copyright disputes for architects, authors, journalists and artists. On the advisory front, it is active in the negotiation of co-publishing contracts. Vincent Vilchien has specific expertise acting for luxury fashion houses and Julien Canlorbe focuses on fashion and luxury.


The team is united, with one goal: to meet the needs of the client.

Small scale practice with attentive and personal relationship with the client. Always attentive and reactive to the client demands.

Intellectual property: Trade marks and designs Tier 3

The team at Meridian deals 'fairly, appropriately and quickly' with intellectual property matters. The firm focuses particularly on litigation for clients from the fashion and cosmetics sectors and has 'very good understanding of practical issues alongside legal or judicial issues'. Vincent Vilchien provides 'effective and specific legal security, delivered in a professional context'. Julien Canlorbe provides 'excellent case strategy' and takes the lead on a variety of matters including trade mark infringement litigation, and trade mark coexistence agreement negotiation.


Responsiveness is one of the keys to success and Meridian demonstrates this ability on all the subjects on which we have been asking them. They are above all concerned by my needs and are able to anticipate them. Their curiosity has made them understand the main aspects of our operations and they are therefore able to respond fairly, appropriately and quickly to the problems we can pose to them.

I have been working with Xavier Desnos and Vincent Vilchien for more than ten years and their empathy combined with their professionalism makes me totally confident in their advice and in the actions they may have to implement on behalf of our law firm. We need effective and specific legal security, delivered in a professional context where the quality/price ratio is obviously important but where the quality of human relationship is essential. It is this chemistry that we found with Meridian’s lawyers.

Very good understanding of practical issues alongside legal or judicial issues. The strategy developed anticipates legal and regulatory developments.

Julien Canlorbe shows great listening skills and an excellent case strategy, he is very pedagogic in the explanations given on procedural matters, and makes the presentation of legal issues accessible.

Employment Tier 4


Practice head(s):


‘The firm provides a tailor-made approach and great negotiating tactics’.

‘Marie-Christine Le is incredibly dedicated and reviews files in detail. She also demonstrates sound business judgment in assessing potential negotiation scenarios’.

Meridian is a French independent law firm focusing on business law and providing litigation assistance and legal advice to French and international clients.

A flexible and responsive Partner: Meridian gathers a team of lawyers who have previously worked at first-tier French and international firms and who are leaders in their respective practices.

They combine their expertise in complementary practices, and favor a Business Partner approach allowing a better flexibility and reactivity at the service of French and international major groups, SMEs, startups and investment funds.

This engagement is extending to the international field, based on a well-known practice and on a network of Best Friends law firms.

Anticipation and innovation:Today’s economic environment grants a key role to legal services. Meridian’s lawyers always go after innovative solutions that are specific to each matter and tailor-made to the strategic needs of their clients.

Department Name Email Telephone
Intellectual Property / Trade Secrets / IT and e-commerce / Press and Media JULIEN CANLORBE +33 (0)1 85 08 01 64
Dispute resolution / Construction / Banking and Finance / Insolvency XAVIER DESNOS +33 (0)1 85 08 01 67
Dispute resolution / Banking and Finance / Fraud and white collar crime VINCENT VILCHIEN +33 (0)1 85 08 01 68
Employment and Social security MARIE-CHRISTINE LE +33 (0)1 84 25 04 92
Dispute resolution / Arbitration / Construction / Insurance and reinsurance / Maritime and Transport OLIVIER DELSUPEXHE +33 (0)1 85 08 01 66
Corporate / M&A / Project finance / Energy PAUL-HENRI DUBOIS +33 (0)1 84 25 04 91
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 Julien Canlorbe  photo Julien Canlorbe Julien works on intellectual property matters (copyright, patents, design and trademarks) and…
Mr Olivier Delsupexhe photo Mr Olivier Delsupexhe Olivier Delsupexhe is a founding partner of Meridian.  He provides a specific…
 Xavier Desnos  photo Xavier Desnos Xavier is a founding partner of Meridian.  With more than 15 years’…
 Paul-Henri Dubois  photo Paul-Henri Dubois Paul-Henri, 38-year-old, is a Partner at Meridian. Paul-Henri started his career in…
 Marie-Christine Le  photo Marie-Christine Le With more than 10 years’ experience in French and International business law…
 Vincent Vilchien  photo Vincent Vilchien Vincent is a founding partner of Meridian.  He provides a specific expertise…