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Dispute resolution: White-collar crime Tier 3

BG2V is recommended for its ‘high-quality work’. The firm is ‘trustworthy and professional’ and the lawyers are ‘responsive, practical, creative and determined’. The seven-lawyer team represents companies, international high-net-worth individuals, high-ranking executives, managers and entrepreneurs, and sportsmen. It is involved in several high-profile corruption and money-laundering cases in France and other parts of the world, particularly Africa. The practice also handles several cases in the public sector, and is retained by leading new technology companies to advise on media law and other sensitive matters. The practice is co-headed by Julien Vernet and the ‘brilliant and very efficientKarim Beylouni, whose clients value his ‘ability to work as an in-house counsel and find practical solutions’, and his particular skills in dealing with freedom of speech and internet liability issues.

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The firm: BG2V (Beylouni Carbasse Guény Valot Vernet) is an independent French law firm founded in 2010.

With nearly 35 lawyers, including 11 partners, BG2V is a first-choice alternative to major business law firms which all the partners come from. They share common values based on professionalism, trust, commitment and flexibility.

BG2V offers its clients – SMEs, ETI, French and international groups – a global offer in business law (advice and litigation), with high-quality, tailored and cost-effective services in all the main business law areas: corporate/mergers and acquisitions, private equity, litigation, real estate, criminal law, tax law, employment law, intellectual property/new technologies, restructuring, insolvency and press law.

BG2V’s lawyers work both in French and English, and are admitted to practice in France and, for some of them, can also practise in the US (New York Bar). For its cross-border issues (particularly in continental Europe, Anglo-Saxon countries and the Middle East), the firm has also established privileged relationships with foreign firms which share the same standard of technical skills.

The firm’s lawyers are members of international lawyers’ networks such as the American Bar Association (ABA) or the AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers).

Areas of practice: Combining an advisory and litigation practice gives BG2V’s lawyers a multi-disciplinary perspective and allows them to offer a full-service offering in the following areas:

Corporate/M&A: BG2V advises clients on corporate financial transactions: M&A, private equity, venture capital, capital investment, governance and funding. The firm has developed an expertise in the agribusiness and in advising medium-size companies and investment funds for mid-cap operations.

Litigation: BG2V assists French and international companies and their top executives in all fields of business litigation. Camille de Verdelhan’s former professional experience provides her with very good knowledge of financial and corporate governance issues in public and private companies.

Real estate: BG2V assists clients in carrying out complex real estate deals: purchases and disposals of assets, project development, property management, commercial leases, real estate financings/refinancings and real estate taxation. Quentin Leroux, Jean-Marc Valot, Jean-Sebastien Dumont and Stanislas Richoillez deliver a full-service offer in real estate investment and taxation.

Criminal law: BG2V assists and represents clients in the fields of criminal liability of companies and their managers, internet actors (unlawful content, law enforcement, privacy, data protection), financial and stock market ligation, and press law issues.

Tax law: BG2V assists clients with their corporate tax issues: acquisition audit, tax structuring, M&A, corporate group restructuring, real estate and managers’ taxation and provides solutions related to national and international tax issues and assistance in the relationships with tax authorities.

Labour law: BG2V provides advisory and dispute resolution litigation on employment and social security law issues. It assists clients regarding both their individual and collective work relationships.

IP/IT: BG2V assists its clients in protecting and defending their copyrights and industrial property rights and represents them in infringement and unfair competition claims. It also provides advisory services in the IT and e-commerce fields. BG2V is the French local adviser of main internet key players of the Silicon Valley.

Restructuring and insolvency: BG2V assists its clients in acquiring companies facing financial difficulties either preventively or before the court.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate/mergers and acquisitions Roland Gueny
Corporate/mergers and acquisitions Stanislas Richoillez
Corporate/mergers and acquisitions Hervé de Kervasdoué
Litigation Julien Vernet
Litigation Camille de Verdelhan
Real estate Quentin Leroux
Criminal Karim Beylouni
Tax Jean-Marc Valot
Tax Jean-Sébastien Dumont
Employment Guillaume de Saint Sernin
Intellectual property/new technologies Xavier Carbasse
Intellectual property/new technologies Karim Beylouni
Restructuring and insolvency Roland Gueny
Press Karim Beylouni
Number of lawyers : 35
American Bar Association
AIJA (Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats)
APRAM (Association des Praticiens des Marques et Modèles)
IACF (Institut des Avocats Conseils Fiscaux)
European Employment Lawyers Association