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The firm

Since 1996 Brödermann Jahn has been strengthening its reputation as an international business law boutique in Hamburg, Germany. Focusing on their clients’ needs, the team offers a full range of legal services and expertise combining the skills of experience with innovation.

Approximately 70% of the firm’s business is international and truly global. Brödermann Jahn’s own English, French and Spanish/Latin American desks enable clients to draw upon fully trained lawyers with language skills and multi-national legal qualifications to act on a global scale. Aside from building and maintaining relationships with other firms in the US, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Brödermann Jahn has also been at the forefront of developing close ties with China, including the co-initiation and promotion of the Chinese European Arbitration Centre “CEAC”. This internationality adds to the wide spectrum of Brödermann Jahn clients around the world.


Areas of practice

Drawing upon its extensive experience in international procedures, Brödermann Jahn focuses its energy in a global context as well as at a national level. In any average week, the firm handles cases involving 20-25 jurisdictions. The firm’s international desks offer legal services worldwide with a special focus on the respective countries’ jurisdictions and cultural needs. The firm’s broad experience in European and private international law makes it the right partner for any case involving foreign jurisdictions. The firm also relies on its strong international network, which it has built over the years through its numerous cross-border transactions.

On an international and national level, the firm advises clients on all aspects of corporate and commercial law. The firm’s clients in the energy, shipbuilding and real estate industries value its expertise in mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures and plant construction agreements. Commercial contracts and antitrust/competition law play a large role in the firm’s daily business advising the Automotive chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. For food, textile, retail or logistics issues, the firm’s knowledge in distribution law is essential while it also draws upon extensive know-how in e-business and IT law, fundamental to all industries. The firm also offers legal services in international estate law.

The broad variety of industries in which the firm’s clients are active, including sectors such as sports, satellites and space, affords the firm the flexibility and creativity to find just the right solution for the individual needs of each client.

Through its daily practice in the corporate law field, Brödermann Jahn is in an excellent position to support and advise clients in their international business decisions regarding corporate audits and restructuring, establishing branch offices, and setting up German or foreign companies and subsidiaries. The techniques and strategies used in mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance are constantly modified to the changing economic and legal realities brought on by ever-increasing globalization.

The same applies to commercial law, where the lawyers at Brödermann Jahn have cultivated their expertise in distribution, trade, sales, licensing, antitrust, competition, and customs and export control issues. This guarantees the firm’s high level of competence and sophistication when advising clients on commercial matters.

When it comes to dispute resolution, the firm is highly regarded and a sound partner – whether in mediation, arbitration or straightforward litigation, encompassing also the management of multi-jurisdictional disputes.


Department Name Email Telephone
National and International Litigation and Arbitration, Conflict of Laws, European Law, International Commercial, Plant and Ship Construction Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann
Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate, Plant and Ship Construction, Commercial, Distribution, Franchise, Antitrust and Merger Control Dr. Philipp von Dietze
Estate and Succession Dr. Andrea Tiedemann
IT, Data Protection and Compliance, Corporate, Contract Dr. Eckard von Bodenhausen
Commercial, Distribution, Franchise, Contract, Real Estate Tina Denso
National and International Litigation and Arbitration, Insolvency Dr. York Zieren
Mergers and Acquisitions, Antitrust and Merger Control Dr. Antje Mattfeld
International Commercial, Trade Marks Dr. Christoph Oertel
European Law, Conflict of Laws, National and International Litigation and Arbitration Dr. Katharina Klingel
IT, Data Protection and Compliance Dr. Johannes Struck
Labour Dr. Sibylle Weuster
Intellectual Property Gerrit Dahle
Photo Name Position Profile
 Florian Bauer  photo Florian Bauer Senior Associate
 Eckart Brödermann, LL.M.  photo Eckart Brödermann, LL.M. Partner
 Gerrit Dahle  photo Gerrit Dahle Senior Associate
 Christine Dempe, LL.M. (Norwich)  photo Christine Dempe, LL.M. (Norwich) Counsel, Certified Specialist for International Business Law
 Tina Denso, LL.M. (London)  photo Tina Denso, LL.M. (London) Partner
 Francisco Fernández Sánchez, LL.M.  photo Francisco Fernández Sánchez, LL.M. Associate
Dr York Freiherr von Bodenhausen, LL.M. (Cape Town) photo Dr York Freiherr von Bodenhausen, LL.M. (Cape Town) Partner
Dr Eckard Freiherr von Bodenhausen, LL.M. (Cape Town)  photo Dr Eckard Freiherr von Bodenhausen, LL.M. (Cape Town) Partner
 Christina Gatz photo Christina Gatz Associate
Dr Katharina Helmdach  photo Dr Katharina Helmdach Senior Associate
 Sebastian Kühn  photo Sebastian Kühn Counsel, Certified lawyer for banking and capital market law, mediator
 Manuel Kayser  photo Manuel Kayser Associate
 Katharina Klingel, Maîtrise en droit (Paris)  photo Katharina Klingel, Maîtrise en droit (Paris) Partner
 David Mallmann  photo David Mallmann Senior Associate
Dr Antje Mattfeld, LL.M. (Berkeley)  photo Dr Antje Mattfeld, LL.M. (Berkeley) Partner
 Christoph Oertel, Maître en droit (Paris I), LL.M.  photo Christoph Oertel, Maître en droit (Paris I), LL.M. President of Contract Law Commission – Union Internationale des Avocats
Dr Johannes Struck  photo Dr Johannes Struck Partner
Dr Andrea Tiedemann  photo Dr Andrea Tiedemann Partner
Dr Philipp Von Dietze photo Dr Philipp Von Dietze Partner
Dr Sibylle Weuster  photo Dr Sibylle Weuster Counsel
 Theresa von Urff  photo Theresa von Urff Associate
Number of lawyers : 21
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Contacts : Dr. Philipp von Dietze
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