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Public procurement Tier 1

Schramm Öhler Rechtsanwälte is a popular choice for contracting authorities, including federal provinces, municipalities, public corporations, the European Commission and the federal government. The department, which operates out of St. Pölten in addition to the firm's headquarters in Vienna, has notable expertise representing clients in challenges brought by auditors and before the courts. Johannes Schramm is an expert in contract law as well as PPP; Matthias Öhler is a business law expert and also acts as a civil law mediator; Georg Zellhofer is a key name for IT procurement; and Gregor Stickler shines in matters with a construction or facility management aspect.


‘Schramm Öhler impress with an excellent combination of legal expertise and market knowledge. Their expertise is distinctive within their field.’

‘They live up to their high quality standards every day, therefore they can guarantee a highly profound and very extensive counsel.’

‘The entire team is extremely competent and has in-depth knowledge of the legal area.’

‘Schramm Öhler provide unique knowledge in Austrian and European public tendering law.’

‘Schramm Öhler Rechtsanwälte went above and beyond to provide us with the support and documents we needed to facilitate our procurement in an effective manner.’

‘Gregor Stickler and his colleagues, especially Leo Haslhofer, form a great and reliable team. Not only are they aware of every procurement strategy and every detail of procurement law, but also their experience in general and in particular in the construction and in the facility management sector is outstanding.’

‘Gregor Stickler is a brilliant lawyer, extremely smart and quick-witted.’

‘Christian Gruber is a masterful procurement lawyer who shows precision and provides us with tailor-made solutions within tight deadlines.’

‘Andreas Gföhler is deeply knowledgeable about public procurement law. We value his availability, immediacy and accuracy.’ 

‘In IT-related procurements we mainly work with Georg Zellhofer who knows the industry and is absolutely top in responsiveness and quality.’

Key clients

ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG

ÖBB-Postbus GmbH

Via donau

Climate and Energy Fund

Pension Insurance Institution

Vienna Chamber of Labour

University of Vienna

Vienna Social Fund

Vienna Hospital Association

WT Wien Ticket GmbH

Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG

Museum of the city of Vienna

Wiener Stadthalle Betriebs- und Veranstaltungs-gesellschaft m.b.H.

Medical University of Graz

Austrian Academy of Sciences

Burgenland Hospital Association

CTR – Carinthian Tech Research AG

Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection

Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs

Provincial Government of Burgenland

University of Applied Sciences of Vienna

University of Applied Sciences of Wiener Neustadt

University of Applied Sciences of Wieselburg

Hospital Authority of Lower Austria

Niederösterreichische Verkehrsorganisations ges.m.b.H. (NÖVOG)

Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse

Ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria

Gesundheit Österreich GmbH

ADA – Austrian Development Agency

Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board for insurance against occupational accidents


Federal province of Lower Austria

Since 1996, our law firm has been active in the field of public procurement law. With our eight partners Johannes Schramm, Matthias Öhler, Georg Zellhofer, Gregor Stickler, Andreas Gföhler, Hannes Pesendorfer, Christian Gruber, Michael Weiner and about 40 employees, we are one of the largest specialist teams in the market and actively shape our field of expertise through numerous publications and participation in many fundamental decisions.

In practice, we implement procurement projects, represent our clients in review procedures and assist them in making important decisions and in sensitive situations. In doing so, we advise the federal government, states and municipalities, the European Commission, as well as numerous public corporations and companies, from medium-sized companies to international corporations in all questions of public procurement law and related areas of law.

Twenty years at the top confirm each day that we went the right way in 1996. At that time we entered a nearly unknown terrain. The field was new, and its complex interrelations with civil law were just beginning to develop. As a “procurement lawyer of the first hour”, we gave our law firm a knowledge advantage that still sets us apart from the competition.

Today we continue this pioneering work day by day. The knowledge advantage of hundreds of procurement projects, review procedures and expert opinions allows us to handle many tasks very efficiently. Together with our clients and experts from other disciplines, we develop new and innovative models, whether in the field of public-private partnerships, life-cycle models, framework agreements or spin-offs. In doing so, we bridge the gap between science and practical solutions.

Department Name Email Telephone
Public procurement Dr Johannes Schramm
Public procurement Dr Matthias Öhler
Public procurement Dr Georg Zellhofer
Public procurement Mag Gregor Stickler
Privatisation Dr Johannes Schramm
Privatisation Dr Georg Zellhofer
Subsidies Dr Georg Zellhofer
EC law and competition Dr Georg Zellhofer
EC law and competition Dr Johannes Schramm
Administrative law Dr Johannes Schramm
Administrative law Dr Matthias Öhler
Contracts and commercial Dr Matthias Öhler
Contracts and commercial Mag Gregor Stickler
Corporate Dr Johannes Schramm
Corporate Mag Gregor Stickler
Real estate and construction Dr Johannes Schramm
Real estate and construction Mag Gregor Stickler
IT, IP and media Dr Matthias Öhler
IT, IP and media Dr Georg Zellhofer
Photo Name Position Profile
 Christian Eder photo Christian Eder Attorney at law
Dr Andreas Gföhler  photo Dr Andreas Gföhler Partner, attorney at law
Mag Christian Gruber  photo Mag Christian Gruber Partner, attorney at law
Mag Leo Haslhofer  photo Mag Leo Haslhofer Attorney at law
Dr Dagmar Malin  photo Dr Dagmar Malin Attorney at law
Mag Riccarda Peck  photo Mag Riccarda Peck Attorney at law
Mag Hannes Pesendorfer  photo Mag Hannes Pesendorfer Partner, attorney at law
Mag Dr Johannes Schramm  photo Mag Dr Johannes Schramm Partner, attorney at law
Mag Gregor Stickler  photo Mag Gregor Stickler Partner, attorney at law
Mag Christian Unger  photo Mag Christian Unger Attorney at law
Mag Michael Weiner  photo Mag Michael Weiner Partner, attorney at law
Dr Georg Zellhofer  photo Dr Georg Zellhofer Partner, attorney at law
 Matthias Öhler photo Matthias Öhler Partner, attorney at law
Number of lawyers : 16
Number of legal staff : 30