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Acting for a number of public authorities, Schramm Öhler Rechtsanwälte expanded its network in Austria with the opening of an office in Linz in June 2023, and has continued to provide advice on tendering processes for PPPs and outsourcing projects and subsequent representation in challenges brought by unsuccessful bidders. Key partners in the practice include founding partners Johannes Schramm and Matthias Öhler, in addition to Georg Zellhofer, Gregor Stickler, Andreas Gföhler, Hannes Pesendorfer, Christian Gruber and Michael Weiner, who between them handle procurement proceedings for transport and healthcare projects.

Practice head(s):

Johannes Schramm; Matthias Öhler; Georg Zellhofer; Gregor Stickler; Andreas Gföhler; Hannes Pesendorfer; Christian Gruber; Michael Weiner


‘Schramm Öhler gives us the feeling of being a partner, not just a client. The size of the firm and its network, as well as its experience allows Schramm Öhler to support its clients with advice that is not always readily accessible.’

‘I think the most valuable aspects of the cooperation with SÖR is the combination of their great expertise, extremely good availability and the use of their expertise to find the most appropriate and suitable solution based on their expertise and knowledge.’

‘The cooperation with Michael Weiner and his team is always friendly and respectful. Combined with rapid communication channels, they provide an excellent service. It would be hard to find others providers offering the same constantly high level of service on a long-term basis.’

‘All team members have a profound knowledge of legal matters, the partners are absolute top public procurement specialists.’

‘As well as being an absolute expert in public procurement, Christian Gruber supplies us with helpful information on important developments. We can rely on him to process our requests thoroughly and on time. He understands our needs and we feel safe following his advice.’

‘Mr. Pesendorfer has outstanding expertise and a remarkable set of negotiation skills. One of his standout qualities is finding effective solutions.’

‘Johannes Schramm and Matthias Öhler are amongst the leading experts in public procurement law. Having worked with Hannes Pesendorfer a lot, I really appreciate his responsiveness and ability to evaluate issues fast and give precise advice. No matter the situation, Hannes finds a solution.’

‘The team is characterised by a number of specialists who are able to provide clients first class public procurement advice. The firm is able to provide their clients with continuity, stability and security. The diversity of projects handled underscores Schramm Öhler’s expertise.’

Key clients

Nationalparks Austria

Lower Austrian Economic Chamber

Raumposition OG

Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhäuser

Austrian General Pension Insurance Authority

art + event | Theaterservice Graz GmbH

Österreichische Gesundheitskasse

Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection

City of Vienna – Municipal Department 56 – Schools

City of Vienna – Municipal Department 25 – Technical Urban Renewal

University of Vienna

City of Sankt Pölten and City of Wiener Neustadt

The Austrian National Public Health Institute

Since 1996 our law firm has been active in the field of public procurement law. Our eight partners Johannes Schramm, Matthias Öhler, Georg Zellhofer, Gregor Stickler, Andreas Gföhler, Hannes Pesendorfer, Christian Gruber and Michael Weiner as well as more than 45 further colleagues (Attorneys, Associates, paralegal, legal interns) constitute the largest procurement law practice in the Austrian market. We influence the development of our specialist area through numerous publications and by being involved in much of the important litigation in our field.

In our day-to-day business we implement procurement projects, represent our clients when their decisions in procurement projects are challenged in the courts or by auditors and support them in making important decisions and delicate situations. We advise the federal government, the federal provinces, the municipalities, the European Commission and numerous public corporations as well as middle-sized and big international companies on public procurement issues and related legal areas.

Since our firm was founded in 1996, we conducted hundreds of procurement projects, litigated challenges to procurement decisions in the courts and provided expert opinions on matters of procurement law, all of which allows us to master our tasks in a very efficient way. In close cooperation with our clients, as well as experts from other specialist areas, we develop new and innovative models in the fields of public private partnerships, life-cycle models, framework agreements or outsourcing. In effect, we bridge the gap between legal doctrine and practical solutions. And this is what we are proud of – not our own success, but the success of our clients.

In order to be even more strongly positioned in the market, we expanded our firm by four partners in January 2020.

We have offices in Vienna, Eisenstadt – Burgenland, Feldkirch – Vorarlberg, Linz – Upper Austria and St. Pölten – Lower Austria.

Department Name Email Telephone
Public procurement Dr Johannes Schramm
Public procurement Dr Matthias Öhler
Public procurement Dr Georg Zellhofer
Public procurement Mag Gregor Stickler
Public procurement Dr Andreas Gföhler
Public procurement Mag Hannes Pesendorfer
Public procurement Mag Christian Gruber
Public procurement Mag Michael Weiner
Privatisation Dr Johannes Schramm
Privatisation Dr Georg Zellhofer
Privatisation Mag Gregor Stickler
Subsidies Dr Georg Zellhofer
Subsidies Mag Christian Gruber
EC law and competition Dr Georg Zellhofer
EC law and competition Mag Michael Weiner
Administrative law Dr Johannes Schramm
Administrative law Dr Matthias Öhler
Administrative law Mag Christian Gruber
Contracts and commercial Dr Matthias Öhler
Contracts and commercial Mag Gregor Stickler
Contracts and commercial Mag Christian Gruber
Corporate Dr Johannes Schramm
Corporate Mag Gregor Stickler
Corporate Mag Hannes Pesendorfer
Corporate Dr Andreas Gföhler
Real estate and construction Dr Johannes Schramm
Real estate and construction Mag Gregor Stickler
Real estate and construction Mag Hannes Pesendorfer
IT, IP and media Mag Hannes Pesendorfer
IT, IP and media Dr Georg Zellhofer
IT, IP and media Mag Christian Gruber
IT, IP and media Mag Michael Weiner
Photo Name Position Profile
Felix Breitwieser, LL.M. (UvA) photo Mag Felix Breitwieser, LL.M. (UvA) Attorney at law, Branch manager Linz
Johannes Dietz, LL.M. (WU) photo Johannes Dietz, LL.M. (WU) Attorney at law
Christian Eder photo Dr Christian Eder Attorney at law
Andreas Gföhler photo Dr Andreas Gföhler Partner, Attorney at law, Branch manager St. Pölten
Sabrina Glechner photo Mag Sabrina Glechner Attorney at law
Christian Gruber photo Mag Christian Gruber Partner, Attorney at law
Jacqueline Guger photo Mag Jacqueline Guger Attorney at law
Leo Haslhofer photo Mag Leo Haslhofer Attorney at law
Christopher Huber, LL.M. (SCU) photo Mag Christopher Huber, LL.M. (SCU) Attorney at law
Dagmar Malin photo Dr Dagmar Malin Attorney at law
David Melingo photo Mag David Melingo Attorney at law
Matthias Öhler photo Dr Matthias Öhler Partner, Attorney at law
Riccarda Peck photo Mag Riccarda Peck Attorney at law
Hannes Pesendorfer photo Mag Hannes Pesendorfer Partner, Attorney at law
Peter Ruckensteiner photo Mag Peter Ruckensteiner Attorney at law
Johannes Schramm, M.B.L. (HSG) photo Mag Dr Johannes Schramm, M.B.L. (HSG) Partner, Attorney at law
Gregor Stickler photo Mag Gregor Stickler Partner, Attorney at law
Christian Unger photo Mag Christian Unger Attorney at law, Branch manager Eisenstadt
Angela Vogl, LL.M. (WU) photo Angela Vogl, LL.M. (WU) Attorney at law
Anna Wanitschek photo Dr Anna Wanitschek Attorney at law
Michael Weiner photo Mag Michael Weiner Partner, Attorney at law
Dominik Widl, LL.M. (WU) photo Ing Dominik Widl, LL.M. (WU) Attorney at law
Georg Zellhofer photo Dr Georg Zellhofer Partner, Attorney at law
Number of lawyers : 23
Number of legal staff : 46