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Skilled at handling cases involving mediation and collective labour disputes, TNDA Avocats handles litigation and advisory matters. Véronique Tuffal-Nerson and Nicolas Durand-Gasselin are key names for executive transfers and health and safety in the workplace, respectively. Guillaume Verdier and Martine Riverau-Trzmiel are other key figures.


‘Extremely responsive team.’

‘Guillaume Verdier has been able to build, beyond his recognized and extremely appreciated technical expertise in our files, a real climate of trust and conviviality in discussions.’

‘Very satisfactory availability and responsiveness Professionalism (regardless of the legal issue in question) and seriousness. Mutual trust ’

‘Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel and Nicolas Durand Gasselin: recognized expertise in terms of negotiation, advice and litigation in social law.’

Work highlights

TNDA is an experienced firm in the areas of labor, criminal and business law.

TNDA’s trusted legal advice is often sought in complex and sensitive files, as well as in litigation entailing serious risks such as financial and reputational  risks which require reactivity, technical knowledge and creativity.

Our team develops legal solutions and strategies which provide a competitive edge for clients.

TNDA guarantees clients a strict confidentiality in the treatment of their files.

TNDA adds complementary expertise with a team of business and criminal  lawyers to implement an essential synergy for the files processing.

Véronique Tuffal-Nerson and Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel are both qualified mediators.

The firm is managed by a team of five lawyers (Véronique Tuffal-Nerson, Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel, Guillaume Verdier, Nicolas Durand-Gasselin and Karine Pérotin). If necessary Rémy Douarre, honorary lawyer can assist.

TNDA’s primary concern is to create lasting value  for its clients .

Department Name Email Telephone
Employment law, mediation Véronique Tuffal-Nerson +33158365656
Employment law Nicolas Durand-Gasselin +33158365656
Employment law, mediation Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel +33158365656
Employment law, Health and safety at work at work Guillaume Verdier +33158365656
Criminal law Karine Pérotin +33158365656
Photo Name Position Profile
Rémy Douarre photo Maitre Rémy Douarre Rémy Douarre is a retired partner in the criminal law department of…
Nicolas Durand-Gasselin photo Maitre Nicolas Durand-Gasselin Nicolas Durand-Gasselin is the managing partner in the firm TNDA which is…
Karine Pérotin photo Maitre Karine Pérotin Karine is a partner in the criminal law department; she advises managers,…
Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel photo Maitre Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel is Of Counsel in the firm TNDA which is structured…
Véronique Tuffal-Nerson photo Véronique Tuffal-Nerson Véronique Tuffal-Nerson is the founder of TNDA’s law office and a partner…
Guillaume Verdier photo Maitre Guillaume Verdier Guillaume Verdier is a partner at TNDA law office, a firm structured…