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Möhrle Happ Luther

Healthcare and life sciences Tier 3

Möhrle Happ Luther specialises in advising on AMNOG, compliance and pharmaceutical advertising law. Its clients include national and international pharmaceutical companies and German medium-sized companies, who regularly receive assistance with distribution agreements alongside research and development contracts as well as increasingly with employment and corporate law. Start-ups also account for a significant portion of the team's client portfolio. Key individuals include practice head Henning Anders and IP expert Julia Luther. As well as the team's in-house experience, one of the firm's key features is its cooperation with its tax advisors and auditors.

Practice head(s):

Henning Anders

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Almirall Hermal GmbH

Amgen GmbH

AstraZeneca GmbH

Novartis Pharma GmbH

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare GmbH

Pfizer Deutschland GmbH

Pfizer Pharma GmbH

Real estate Tier 5

Möhrle Happ Luther is traditionally geared towards transactions in the commercial properties field. Furthermore, its day-to-day business is increasingly characterised by the assistance with project developments. The two longstanding partner Anne Schöning and Oliver Reimann  are sought-after for advice on acquisitions and realisations of logistics sites, particularly when the public authorities act on the buying side, while Simon Golshan has been instructed several times in relation to new car park developments. In addition to asset managers and project developers, the four-partner team also advises the urban development company HafenCity Hamburg GmbH on sales of numerous construction sites on an ongoing basis.

Practice head(s):

Anne Schöning, Oliver Reimann

Other key lawyers:


‘The team is outstandingly experienced in complex land sales (and therefore also in acquisitions), particularly of the public authorities, where it is not only or predominantly about legally secure land transfers and selling price protection, but about implementing urban development political concepts in contracts in such a way that goals are operational as well as controllable.

‘MHL combines legal and tax advice through close-knit cooperation and absolutely seamless collaboration of its specialists in both areas in a unique way. This facilitates the implementation of very complex and international transactions.

Excellent understanding and knowledge in the area of commercial tenancy law, particularly in relation to project developments und subsequent design of rental agreements with construction duties and relevant and essentially important relation to general contractor agreements, which is prepared simultaneously.

‘Dr Schöning and Mr Reimann mean highest reliability for all our needs, which encompasses availability, competence and advice.

‘Besides undoubted expertise in real estate law, Dr Schöning is able to manage even very complex international transactions confidently at any given time. She operates with a unique foresight and always stays on top of things. Her conciliatory manner makes her a very valued negotiation partner also for the opposite party.

Particularly notable is Oliver Reimann, with whom we have been working for 20 years. He is intelligent, quick, legally sound, has a precise grasp, is a strong negotiator, exceedingly solution-oriented and creative at the same time. Absolutely recommendable.

Key clients

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH

AXA Investment Managers Deutschland GmbH

Quantum Immobilien Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft

MAGNA Asset Management

The firm: Within the MÖHRLE HAPP LUTHER Group, more than 50 attorneys-at-law work together with tax advisors and auditors under one roof to satisfy its clients and help them succeed. Its interdisciplinary and balanced approach is its hallmark. On this basis, it pools its services for its clients and combines extensive know-how with the vision gained from many years of experience.

Areas of practice: MÖHRLE HAPP LUTHER advises SMEs and their shareholders, groups and capital market-oriented companies, national and international investors, banks, foundations, insurance companies, public sector entities, hospitals, artists and other service providers in the wholesale/retail, construction, pharmaceutical, chemical, real estate and software development sectors in all aspects of business law.

The firm offers a personal and tailored service to every single client based on mutual trust – many of its client relationships last for decades. It addresses client challenges and problems with enthusiasm and develops customised solutions. In doing so, the firm takes a commercial approach and works efficiently with a view to finding the right solutions.

Department Name Email Telephone
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Hubertus FrHr. von der Recke
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Rüdiger Ludwig
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Sven Oswald
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Lars Bohlken
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Frauke Möhrle
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Tobias Möhrle
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Sebastian Bednarz
Tax law Dr. Tobias Möhrle
Capital markets law Dr. Lars Bohlken
Capital markets law Dr. Frauke Möhrle
Capital markets law Rüdiger Ludwig
Capital markets law Dr. Sven Oswald
Capital markets law Dr Sebastian Bednarz
Employment law Dr. Patrick Zeising
Employment law Dr Andrea Kröpelin
Intellectual property/ Life Science Henning Anders
Intellectual property/ Life Science Julia Luther
Intellectual property/ Life Science Dr. Joachim Jung
Real estate law/ Financing Oliver Reimann
Real estate law/ Financing Dr Anne Schöning
Real estate law/ Financing Guido Gemoll
Inheritance and foundation Dr. Ulrich Möhrle
Inheritance and foundation Hubertus FrHr. von der Recke
Recapitalisation and insolvency advice Dr Helge Hirschberger
Recapitalisation and insolvency advice Sebastian Siepmann
IT law Julia Luther
IT law Nina Diercks
Data protection law Nina Diercks
Photo Name Position Profile
 Henning Anders  photo Henning Anders
Herr Dr Sebastian Bednarz  photo Herr Dr Sebastian Bednarz
Herr Dr Lars Bohlken  photo Herr Dr Lars Bohlken
 Nina Diercks  photo Nina Diercks
 Guido Gemoll  photo Guido Gemoll
Herr Dr Helge Hirschberger  photo Herr Dr Helge Hirschberger
Dr Joachim Jung  photo Dr Joachim Jung
Frau Dr Andrea Kröpelin  photo Frau Dr Andrea Kröpelin
 Rüdiger Ludwig  photo Rüdiger Ludwig
 Julia Luther LL.M. (Edinburgh)  photo Julia Luther LL.M. (Edinburgh)
Frau Dr Frauke Möhrle  photo Frau Dr Frauke Möhrle
Herr Dr Tobias Möhrle  photo Herr Dr Tobias Möhrle
Herr Dr Ulrich Möhrle  photo Herr Dr Ulrich Möhrle
Herr Dr Sven Oswald  photo Herr Dr Sven Oswald
 Oliver Reimann  photo Oliver Reimann
Frau Dr Anne Schöning  photo Frau Dr Anne Schöning
Herr Sebastian Siepmann  photo Herr Sebastian Siepmann
Herr Dr Patrick Zeising  photo Herr Dr Patrick Zeising
Number of lawyers : more than 50
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