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Industry focus > Healthcare and life sciences

Möhrle Happ Luther fields Henning Anders, who is one of the most renowned AMNOG experts in Germany. Other key areas are pharmaceutical advertising law, here Julia Luther and Joachim Jung are particularly active, as well as compliance and contract law advice. The latter includes, among others, research and development as well as distribution contracts. In addition to its legal team, the Hamburg firm also offers its own auditing and tax services.


‘A well-established team around Henning Anders.’

‘Henning Anders has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. This makes him an excellent partner for legal advice, even on complicated, unusual issues. His commitment and understanding of the problem are above average. In addition, he has developed into THE EXPERT for reimbursement issues, GBA and in the early benefit assessment.’

‘Very professional law firm in the field of life sciences, in particular extensive experience in the areas of market access and competition law/medicine advertising law.’

‘Julia Luther: Competent lawyer in the field of pharmaceutical law including market access, also in strategic issues. She also has particular expertise in intellectual property law and procedural law.

‘High professional competence. High industry knowledge. Very good accessibility. Low fluctuation among the lawyers, so that many years of experience and company knowledge can be built up.’

‘Julia Luther is a very dedicated lawyer who always acts in a friendly and practical manner. She has very well-founded industry-specific knowledge and brings with her a great medical understanding, which is essential for the successful handling of competition law procedures in the field of medicinal product advertising. She is also very focused, works very quickly and is solution-oriented. Briefs are concise and crisp, of reasonable length.’

Key clients

Almirall Hermal GmbH

Amgen GmbH

AstraZeneca GmbH

Pfizer Pharma GmbH/ Pfizer Deutschland GmbH

Work highlights

  • Advising Astra Zeneca on classic pharmaceutical law (regulatory and civil law) as well as on corporate and labor law issues.
  • Advising Amgen on drug advertising issues, comprehensively out of court and in contentious disputes.
  • Advising various pharmaceutical companies on the development of compliance concepts and processes.  

Real estate and construction > Real estate Tier 4

Möhrle Happ Luther advises institutional investors, the public sector and project developers on real estate transactions, project developments and real estate management, pursuing a multidisciplinary approach based on the cooperation between auditors, tax consultants and lawyers. Oliver Reimann, who, thanks to his administrative expertise covers all public law intersections with real estate law, heads the practice together with financing expert Anne Schöning. The interface competence tax law was strengthened with the arrival of Uwe Eppler, previously at Norton Rose Fulbright, in February 2021.

Other key lawyers:


‘What is unique for me / for our company is the trust in the law firm MHL, which is based on the many years of cooperation. We can be sure that we will receive excellent advice on our real estate and construction law issues at any time and at short notice.’

‘Miss Dr. Schöning and Mr. Reimann are unique partners for us in the contractual coordination and also in negotiations with our customers and authorities. Because of the many years of cooperation, both know how we want our projects to be implemented and here they support us as partners.’

‘Anne Schöning: Very high professional qualifications, outstanding ability to structure and organize, very prudent client management, very efficient and successful negotiations, great willingness for interdisciplinary analysis.’

‘Oliver Reimann: Very high professional qualifications, very skilful conduct of negotiations, great recognition of the conduct of negotiations, including by the opposing party.

‘Top advice.’

‘Professionalism, constructiveness, consistent.’

‘Excellent expert knowledge paired with a very pragmatic, solution-oriented approach. A great team that doesn’t just focus on a single head, but works brilliantly on all levels. Very transparent in communication and billing, trustworthy and discreet in dealing. Simply highly professional!’

‘Excellent expert knowledge from Mr. Reimann and Ms. Schöning paired with a very pragmatic, solution-oriented approach. Always approachable, stress-resistant and armed with good arguments and negotiation strategies.’

Key clients

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH

Union Investment Institutional

McGarrell Reilly Group

Newport Holding GmbH (Hamburg)

medac Gesellschaft für klinische Spezialpräparate mbH

Habacker Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Logicor Deutschland GmbH

LUTTER Immobilienunternehmensgesellschaft mbH

L’Etoile Properties

Sylter Immobilien Center GmbH

BEOS Logistics GmbH

Work highlights

  • Comprehensive advice to the urban development company HafenCity Hamburg GmbH on the development of HafenCity and the Billebogen district.
  • Comprehensive support for LOGICOR companies in the development of various logistics centers in Germany.
  • Advising Union Investment on the purchase of a retail park with around 25,000m² of space in Berlin.

Restructuring and insolvency > Restructuring Tier 5

Möhrle Happ Luther applies a multidisciplinary approach in its reorganisation and restructuring practice by involving in-house auditors and tax consultants, which enables the team to also cover special tax issues relating to reorganisation profits among other matters. Key areas include advice on the enforcement of and defence against liability claims on the part of insolvency administrators and companies, while the Hamburg-based team led by Helge Hirschberger and Sebastian Siepmann demonstrates particular experience in the tourism, renewable energy, retail and shipping sectors. The client base also includes various shipping companies and shipyards.

Key clients

LPP Deutschland GmbH

China Tours Hamburg GmbH


The firm: Within the MÖHRLE HAPP LUTHER Group, more than 50 attorneys-at-law work together with tax advisors and auditors under one roof to satisfy its clients and help them succeed. Its interdisciplinary and balanced approach is its hallmark. On this basis, it pools its services for its clients and combines extensive know-how with the vision gained from many years of experience.

Areas of practice: MÖHRLE HAPP LUTHER advises SMEs and their shareholders, groups and capital market-oriented companies, national and international investors, banks, foundations, insurance companies, public sector entities, hospitals, artists and other service providers in the wholesale/retail, construction, pharmaceutical, chemical, real estate and software development sectors in all aspects of business law.

The firm offers a personal and tailored service to every single client based on mutual trust – many of its client relationships last for decades. It addresses client challenges and problems with enthusiasm and develops customised solutions. In doing so, the firm takes a commercial approach and works efficiently with a view to finding the right solutions.

Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Sebastian Bednarz
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Lars Bohlken
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Morten Dibbert
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Uwe Eppler
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Rüdiger Ludwig
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Frauke Möhrle
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Tobias Möhrle
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Sven Oswald
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Thomas Rieck
Commercial and corporate/ M&A Dr. Frauke Schmidt
Tax law Dr. Tobias Möhrle
Tax law Dr. Uwe Eppler
Tax law Dr. Morten Dibbert
Capital markets law Dr Sebastian Bednarz
Capital markets law Dr. Lars Bohlken
Capital markets law Dr. Frauke Möhrle
Capital markets law Rüdiger Ludwig
Capital markets law Dr. Sven Oswald
Employment law Dr. Patrick Zeising
Employment law Roman Eschke
Employment law Dr Andrea Kröpelin
Employment law Gerrit Wiedow
Intellectual property/ Life Science Henning Anders
Intellectual property/ Life Science Julia Luther
Intellectual property/ Life Science Dr. Joachim Jung
Real estate law/ Financing Guido Gemoll
Real estate law/ Financing Oliver Reimann
Real estate law/ Financing Dr Anne Schöning
Inheritance and foundation Dr. Ulrich Möhrle
Recapitalisation and insolvency advice Dr Helge Hirschberger
Recapitalisation and insolvency advice Sebastian Siepmann
Recapitalisation and insolvency advice Dr. Thorsten Herms
IT law Julia Luther
IT Law Dr. Joachim Jung
Data protection law Dr. Joachim Jung
Henning Anders photo Henning AndersPartner, attorney-at-law / Area of practice: Social law, Pharmaceutical law, Competition law
Sebastian Bednarz photoDr Sebastian BednarzPartner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in Commercial and Corporate law / Areas of…
Lars Bohlken photoDr Lars BohlkenAttorney, Diplom-Kaufmann, Partner / Areas of Practice: Closed-end funds/investment funds, Corporate law…
Morten Dibbert photoDr Morten DibbertPartner, attorney-at-law, tax advisor / Area of practice: Tax law, M&A, corporate…
Uwe Eppler photoDr Uwe EpplerPartner, attorney-at-law, tax advisor / area of practice: Transaction tax law, International tax…
Roman Eschke photo Roman EschkePartner, attorney-at-law / Area of practice: Individual and collective employment law, Service relationships…
Guido Gemoll photo Guido GemollPartner, attorney-at-law / Areas of Practice: Real Estate law (Sequestrations, Compulsory Auctions,…
Thorsten Herms photoDr Thorsten HermsPartner, attorney-at-law / area of practice: Insolvency consulting, reorganization and restructuring, commercial and…
Helge Hirschberger photoDr Helge HirschbergerPartner, attorney-at-law / Areas of work: Insolvency law, Recapitalization and restructering of…
Joachim Jung photoDr Joachim JungPartner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in intellectual property law, certified data protection officer (TÜV®)…
Andrea Kröpelin photoDr Andrea KröpelinPartner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in employment law / Areas of Practice: Individual…
Rüdiger Ludwig photo Rüdiger LudwigPartner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in commercial and corporate law / Areas of…
Julia Luther LL.M. (Edinburgh) photo Julia Luther LL.M. (Edinburgh)Partner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in intellectual property law / Areas of pratice:…
Frauke Möhrle photoDr Frauke MöhrlePartner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in commercial and corporate law / Areas of…
Tobias Möhrle photoDr Tobias MöhrlePartner, attorney-at-law, tax advisor, certified tax lawyer / Areas of practice: Tax…
Ulrich Möhrle photoDr Ulrich MöhrlePartner, attorney-at-law, tax advisor, certified tax lawyer, Dipl.-Kaufmann / Areas of practice:…
Sven Oswald photoDr Sven OswaldPartner, attorney-at-law, sdvokat (Sverige) / Areas of practice: Corporate law, M&A, Closed-end…
Oliver Reimann photo Oliver ReimannPartner, attorney-at-law / Areas of practice: Real estate law, Real estate transactions, Construction…
Thomas Rieck photo Thomas RieckPartner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in commercial and corporate law / area of practice: Corporate…
Frauke Schmidt photoDr Frauke SchmidtPartner, attorney-at-law / area of practice: Corporate law
Anne Schöning photoDr Anne SchöningPartner, attorney-at-law / Areas of pratice: Finance, Real estate law, Real estate…
Sebastian Siepmann photo Sebastian SiepmannPartner, attorney-at-law / Areas of work: Restructuring and insolvency, esp. – Advising…
Gerrit Wiedow photo Gerrit WiedowPartner, attorney-at-law, specialist in employment law / area of practice: Individual and collective…
Patrick Zeising photoDr Patrick ZeisingPartner, attorney-at-law, certified specialist in employment law / Areas of Practice: Employment…
Number of lawyers : more than 50
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