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A market-leading boutique law firm with several overseas offices, CHASSANY WATRELOT & ASSOCIES deals with complex collective restructurings and employment issues arising from major M&A and also has considerable expertise in the areas of collective relations, transformations and international mobility. Philippe Chassany is a specialist in collective employment relations, restructurings, social plans; Jérôme Watrelot's portfolio includes employment aspects of M&A and corporate restructurings, and Elisabeth Graujeman, who focuses on HR matters, plant closures and other transformation plans.

Practice head(s):

Philippe Chassany; Jérôme Watrelot; Elisabeth Graujeman


‘Jérôme Watrelot and Elisabeth Graujeman have very good technical expertise and experience which allows them to approach subjects as a whole.’

‘Professional, responsive team who provide pragmatic advice. I work with CWA on social law files and their interventions have always allowed me to successfully complete my files (labor inspection control, implementation of day packages, etc.) and to come out on top from delicate situations with certain employees.’

‘What I have appreciated most are the competence in the argument treated, the speed in doing the task we asked and details in giving us the answers to our questions.’

‘CWA has developed very powerful expertise in labor law and also in social security law. The team is united, homogeneous and complementary. Its availability is total and its responsiveness instantaneous, whatever the subject or expertise requested. Everything is transparent and fluid for the customer that we are.’

‘Jérôme Watrelot stands out for his experience and his great intelligence of situations. Elisabeth Graujeman stands out for her expertise, her intelligence and her work power. Both know how to adapt to situations and people. Their ability to listen allows them to understand the customer’s needs very well, to put themselves in their place and to help them find solutions.’

‘The entire team I met shows a solid and united collective. We feel an alignment in the processing of files and an always caring approach. Unlike other firms which remain anchored on the articles of law, the members of this team are distinguished by the ability to apply legal rules by finding the best compromise, and solutions to operational hazards. ’

‘Several members of the team stand out: Jérôme Watrelot, Elisabeth Graujemann. All of them, in addition to their reliable and reassuring technical skills, are particularly attentive and available. They also have this strong ability to instill trust in relationships and to always meet our expectations effectively.’

‘The team deals with very good market files, particularly in terms of restructuring, and is known and recognized for its undeniable technical expertise. In my opinion, it is today one of the finest firms on the market in social law.’

Key clients

PAI partners

Groupe Carrefour




CEVA Logistics



Shiseido Group EMEA

Worlwide Flight Services

YUM (KFC, Pizza Hut)






G.A.C group

Groupe Labeyrie


Kaufman & Broad

La Croix Rouge Française


Transdev Group



Imperial Brands

Leroy Merlin


ATOL Les Opticiens




La Fondation Œuvre de la Croix Saint-Simon

ENGIE Global Business Support

ICT France

Caprari France

PwC France


Tratel (Ciments Calcia Heildelberg group)

New England Biolabs


Groupe Innothera

Work highlights

  • Advised Carrefour on the labour law aspects of the acquisition of Cora and Match in France.
  • Assisted CMA-CGM on the labour law aspects of the acquisition of Bolloré Logistics.
  • Provided legal assistance to Carrefour in managing its transformation plan and the resulting voluntary redundancy plan for 1,000 people in its headquarters.

Employment > Social security: compensation and benefits


The firm: Chassany Watrelot & Associés (CWA) is a law firm exclusively dedicated to employment law and other areas impacting human resources management. Over the past 30 years, the firm has experienced a strong growth and is now located in Lyon, in Paris, in Nice-Sophia Antipolis as well as in Casablanca and Tangiers, Algiers and Tunis. CWA brings together over 60 lawyers providing legal advice, accompanying and representing companies during litigations, and developing and conducting professional training.

CWA provides companies with strong support at all stages of the employment relation, be it individual or collective employment relations, either in the daily management of human resources and in the framework of large scale operations (restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, sales, outsourcing).

CWA defends its clients throughout all aspects of litigation, whether individual or collective. Given the increasing criminalization of business law in general and labour law in particular, CWA has developed an expertise in employment criminal law to handle this type of litigation.

Because all human resources professionals need to constantly update their knowledge of employment law, CWA deploys all its knowledge and experience to provide tailor-made training sessions, bringing functional and innovative solutions.

Areas of practice: Thanks to its wide experience and multilingual skills, CWA provides legal advice to major international groups or SMEs, which benefit both from the very personalized follow-up of a specifically dedicated lawyer and from the expertise of the entire firm through its highly technical expertise hubs.

Restructuring/M&A: the firm is involved in restructuring operations, such as business transfers, mergers and acquisitions or outsourcing operations. It addresses all matters: works council consultation, legal due diligence reports, impact of business transfers on employees, or elaboration and implementation of redundancy plans, negotiation of management packages.

Employment collective relations: a partner of companies and/or employer organizations, CWA brings its knowledge of legislation and case law, its responsiveness, and its analysis to help master the management of working relations, including the implementation of staff representative institutions.

Compensation and profit sharing: CWA assists its clients in remuneration strategies, including incentive plans (bonus, stock-option plans, profit-sharing, savings plans), taking into account the legal environment for social and tax optimization, and the specific clients’ constraints and needs. (notably in cases of mergers or any other restructuring operations.)

Pensions and welfare protection: CWA also assists companies during the implementation or modification of retirement plans, supplementary healthcare schemes or death-incapacity-disability schemes. It has also developed a wide expertise in end-of-career plans (pre-retirement, proactive planning on employment and careers, etc).

Social security: CWA offers its expertise and understanding of the impact of social security regulations on the application of social security rules and the inspections of companies. It supports companies in the implementation of these rules and in the decision-making process.

Health and safety at work: the firm adapts to legal developments during the development and follow-up of the occupational hazards prevention policy and in the conduct of relations with the health and safety committee. Its experience allows CWA to accompany its clients at the pre-litigation and litigation stages.

International mobility: CWA has developed expertise and assists clients in their international development with constant focus on the safety of the solutions advocated. CWA’s transversal team, dedicated to international mobility, works in connection with a network of foreign lawyers able to assist clients in managing their employee mobility.

Department Name Email Telephone
Individual and collective employment relationships Bruno Briatta +33 (0)4 37 51 16 16
Employment collective relations, Social security law Sébastien Cellier +33 (0)1 44 34 84 84
Restructuring, employment collective relations, Litigation Philippe Chassany +33 (0)4 37 51 16 16
Restructuring, Health and safety at work (working conditions/accidents at work and occupational diseases) Laurence Cohen +33 (0)4 37 51 16 16
Labour and employment litigation Benoît Dubessay +33 (0)1 44 34 84 84
Head of the Pensions and welfare protection hub | Restructurings, Compensation and profit sharing, Pensions and welfare protection Elisabeth Graujeman +33 (0)1 44 34 84 84
Restructuring, Health and safety at work (working conditions/accidents at work and occupational diseases) Hélène Guillot +33 (0)1 44 34 84 84
Employment collective and individual relations, Restructurings Abdelkader Hamida +33 (0)1 44 34 84 84
Employment collective relations, Health and safety at work (working conditions/accidents at work and occupational diseases) Franck Janin +33 (0)4 37 51 16 16
Employment collective relations, Vocational training, Relations with staff representatives Xavier de Jerphanion +33 (0)1 44 34 84 84
Employment collective relations, Litigation Yves Merle +33 (0)4 37 51 16 16
Head of CWA in Maghreb | International mobility, Corporate law and finance, Business law / Contract law, Public law, Tax law Mohamed Oulkhouir +33 (0)1 44 34 84 84
Restructuring, Mergers and acquisitions, Employment collective relations Sébastien Poncet +33 (0)4 37 51 16 16
Restructurings, Mergers and acquisitions, Employment collective relations Jérôme Watrelot +33 (0)1 44 34 84 84
Restructurings, Mergers and Acquisitions Virgile Zeimet +33 (0)1 44 34 84 84
Photo Name Position Profile
Benoît Dubessay photo Benoît Dubessay Partner | Attorney registered with the Paris Bar Association
Elisabeth Graujeman photo Elisabeth Graujeman Managing partner | Attorney registered with the Paris Bar Association
Hélène Guillot photo Hélène Guillot Partner | Attorney registered with the Paris Bar Association
Abdelkader Hamida photo Abdelkader Hamida Partner | Attorney registered with the Paris Bar Association
Mohamed Oulkhouir photo Mohamed Oulkhouir Managing Partner | Attorney registered with the Paris Bar Association | Managing…
Jérôme Watrelot photo Jérôme Watrelot Managing partner | Attorney registered with the Paris Bar Association
Virgile Zeimet photo Virgile Zeimet Partner | Attorney registered with the Paris Bar Association
Xavier de Jerphanion photo Xavier de Jerphanion Partner | Attorney registered with the Paris Bar Association
Number of partners (France) : 16
Number of lawyers (France) : 54
Other offices (Algeria) : Algiers
Other offices (Morocco) : Casablanca
Other offices (France) : Lyon
Other offices (France) : Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Other offices (Morocco) : Tangier
Other offices (Tunisia) : Tunis

Chassany Watrelot & Associes



Founded in 1987, Chassany Watrelot & Associés (CWA) is one of the main French law firms whose activity is exclusively dedicated to employment law and all other legal areas related to human resources management (insurance law, tax law…).

Located in France (Paris, Lyon, and Sophia Antipolis), Morocco (Casablanca, Tangier), Algeria (Algiers) and Tunisia (Tunis), Chassany Watrelot & Associés brings together over 60 specialized lawyers providing legal advice and representation during litigation before all courts of justice.  Chassany Watrelot & Associés also develops and conducts professional training tailored to its clients’ needs.

Whether major national and international groups or SMEs, Chassany Watrelot & Associés’ clients benefit both from the very personalized follow-up of a lawyer specifically dedicated to them, and from the expertise of the entire law firm through its highly technical hubs.

Within the framework of large-scale operations (restructurings, mergers & acquisitions, sales, outsourcing…) as well as in the daily management of human resources, Chassany Watrelot & Associés mobilizes all its expertise and resources, to provide customized, secure and operational solutions, taking into account all the requirements and time constraints of its clients and their business environment.