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Hungary > Tax Tier 1

Jalsovszky’s tax team focuses on two main branches of work, advisory and contentious. The group fields a dedicated team which handles tax disputes in court and has further expanded its tax litigation practice, which handles an increasing number of lawsuits against the tax authority. The team’s advisory focus centres on corporate and private clients, and practitioners advise on asset protection, succession planning and tax optimisation schemes. Tamás Fehér is head of the tax and commercial litigation practice and brings extensive experience in dispute resolution, along with Péter Barta. Pál Jalsovszky oversees the advisory side, and regularly assists clients with the tax aspects of M&A transactions. Ákos Baráti brings additional expertise in VAT and corporate tax matters to the group.

Practice head(s):

Pál Jalsovszky; Tamás Fehér

Other key lawyers:


‘Simply a great team.’

‘Quality of their work was excellent.’

Key clients

Slovenské Energetické Strojárne a.s.

Euler Hermes (acting as subcontractor of Leitner and Leitner)

WIZZ Air Hungary Légiközlekedési Zrt.

BioTech USA Kft.

Vodafone Magyarország Zrt.


Vascular Venture Kft.

Axiál Kft.

Crassula Investments (SEON group)

Motor-Classic Zrt.

Work highlights

  • Advised GLS on an interdisciplinary basis, reviewing the tax, regulatory and corporate aspects of the cross-border cash-pooling system it intends to introduce.
  • Successfully represented Wizz Air in a tax dispute concerning a new local tax imposed by the 18th District Municipality on passengers travelling through Liszt Ferenc Budapest International Airport.
  • Advised Bolt regarding Hungarian VAT matters.

Hungary > Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 3

Jalsovszky’s ‘exceptionally dedicated and highly skilled‘ banking, finance and capital markets team has been expanding its PPA-based green energy financing capabilities and now regularly advises on solar energy projects. The team assists lenders and borrowers with both domestic and cross-border finance transactions. Pál Jalsovszky leads the team alongside Ádám Boross, who has experience advising clients active in capital markets on regulatory issues. Zsibrita Boglárka’s areas of expertise include green energy and sustainable projects, as well as advice on acquisition finance and syndicated transactions.

Practice head(s):

Pál Jalsovszky; Ádám Boross

Other key lawyers:


‘The team is exceptionally dedicated and highly skilled.’

‘Each lawyer possesses unique talents and expertise.’

‘We regularly work with Jalsovszky on cross-border transactions with Hungarian law aspects, usually around 2-3 transactions a year. The banking and finance team is great in navigating the complexities and challenges that arise in such deals. They possess extensive knowledge of the Hungarian market enabling us to provide comprehensive combined legal advice to clients.’

‘The banking and finance team has exceptional skills with a diverse range of legal and business backgrounds, which allows them to approach each transaction from various perspectives. This multidisciplinary approach ensures comprehensive and sound advice, considering both legal and commercial aspects. It also enhances their ability to adapt to different industries and tailor their approach to clients’ specific needs.’

Key clients

Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.

ERSTE BANK Hungary Zrt.

K&H Bank Zrt.

Ceska sporitelna


KDB Bank


Work highlights

  • Advising K&H Bank, as lender, on the amendment to the finance documentation of an international solar energy holding, necessitated by the merging of the 13 borrowers into one borrower.
  • Advising Raiffeisen Bank, as lender, on the financing of a solar power plant development operating with a fixed term power purchase agreement.
  • Advising Raiffeisen Bank, as lender, on financing the acquisition of a printing plate production company, including the restructuring of the financing.

Hungary > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Advising investment service providers and private equity funds, the corporate and M&A team at Jalsovszky focuses on transactions related to the IT, manufacturing and healthcare sectors. Practice head Ágnes Bejó, who was promoted to partner in January 2023, advises on a range of M&A, private equity and joint venture transactions, as well as assisting venture capital funds with investments. Levente Bihari is noted for particular expertise in the energy sector. Gábor Kerekes offers clients further support, advising on day-to-day corporate and commercial matters. Dóra Ágnes Nagy is another active member of the team.

Practice head(s):

Ágnes Bejó


‘Responsive, knowledgeable, reliable.’

Key clients

Luma Automation

Doktor24 Medicina Zrt.

Széchenyi Capital Funds







Körös Capital

Work highlights

  • Advising Doktor24 Medicina on equity and loan financing by Finext.
  • Advising Szallas.hu on a whole merger with special focus on the ESOP program implemented by the client.
  • Advising Kárpát-medencei Vállalkozásfejlesztési Venture Capital Fund on its investment into a special purpose vehicle holding the filming rights to a movie.

Hungary > Real estate and construction Tier 3

Solar power plant development projects are a particular area of expertise for Jalsovszky’s real estate and construction team. The practice also covers residential development projects, property acquisitions and broader construction mandates. Pál Jalsovszky leads the team alongside Levente Bihari, with both advising on a full range of matters, from financing to development.

Practice head(s):

Pál Jalsovszky; Levente Bihari


‘Levente Bihari – professional, well-mannered, always available for advice. Understood the position of the client well.’

‘The company reacts quickly to the needs of the client. Things are not overcomplicated but done in a diligent way. Communication is effective (quick and not lengthy).’

‘Understand the legal case in no time. Tasks are done swiftly.’

‘The team is able to respond to a wide variety of legal issues.’

‘Levente Bihari in particular provides us continuously with an exceptional, high-quality service.’

‘The Jalsovszky team is very well suited for regular day-to-day real estate and corporate matters. They handle these efficiently and are very friendly to work with.’

‘Levente Bihari is our main contact. He commands good general knowledge of a wide area of legal issues and is usually responsive and to the point.’

Key clients






Fodor Residence





Rolling Wireless S.á.r.l.

Ascension Group

Work highlights

  • Assisting Infogroup with the acquisition of a large development area.
  • Advising Callis Group on the elaboration of a contractual structure concluded with the owners of land serving as the venue of solar plant developments.

Hungary > Dispute resolution Tier 4

Tax and commercial litigation are the main strengths of the dispute resolution team at Jalsovszky. Péter Szilas has almost 20 years’ experience in civil and commercial litigation, while Péter Barta focuses on fiscal and tax matters. Practice head Tamás Fehér is an active arbitrator, supported by Zoltán Dobos. Levente Bihari is active in real estate, construction and commercial disputes.

Practice head(s):

Tamás Fehér


‘We engaged Jalsovszky as independent experts on Hungarian law matters. The team provided us with a very well-written and professional expert report. They were able to do a significant amount of work within a short time.’

‘Our main contact was Péter Szilas – he was very detail-oriented, always available to answer the questions of the client. The answers were clear, and the level of argumentation was high.’

‘The firm are sure in their professional knowledge, and they are able to transmit it, which causes calmness in the client. They are confident in using the most up-to-date technical solutions as well, using both professional and legal knowledge. It is clear for us as a client that there is a good atmosphere among the members which is necessary to effectively discuss complex cases.’

‘Zoltán Dobos is a friendly lawyer who can react to the issues realised in a flexible way. His professional knowledge is highly appreciated.’

‘Jalsovszky law firm grants excellent legal support to their clients, they always find the smartest solution and they are cutting edge in recognising and satisfying business needs.’

‘Tamás Fehér has a deep knowledge of tax law, and he is able to understand and solve the most complex legal issues. His personality and knowledge make him a unique lawyer.’

‘The law firm has strong focus and expertise in litigations, mainly in the field of VAT. However, other litigation cases were also handled with success by their team.’

‘Tamás Fehér has excellent professional knowledge and background. All Jalsovszky law firm members handle the cases professionally in all phases of the assignments. We were satisfied to work with them.’

Key clients

Slovenské Energetické Strojárne a.s.,

Euler Hermes

K&H Bank Zrt.

Borsodchem Zrt.

WIZZ Air Hungary Légiközlekedési Zrt.

Vodafone Magyarország Zrt.

Smartkas B.V.

BioTech USA Kft.

Work highlights

  • Successfully represented Wizz Air in a procedure to challenge a local tax introduced by the 18th District Municipality on passengers travelling through the Liszt Ferenc Budapest International Airport.
  • Providing a legal opinion on Hungarian law in relation to a setting aside procedure in the US of an arbitral award concerning Bitcenter.
  • Successfully represented Hold Alapkezelő in a dispute against the Hungarian National Bank before the ECJ and the Hungarian courts, concerning the applicability of the remuneration policies of UCITS on dividend distributions.

About the firm: Jalsovszky is a business-oriented law firm with a logical mindset. We are not experts in all areas of law, but when it comes to what we specialise in, we are among the best.

We are known for our human oriented approach. We believe that building a good personal relationship with our clients is no barrier to maintaining high professional standards. We aim furthermore, that our colleagues should be able to work in a friendly and liveable environment, and find enjoyment and fulfilment in their work.

Since 2005, we have grown from a sole practice firm into one of Hungary’s leading legal consultants. There may be a reason for this.

Practice areas
Tax: Giving advice on tax matters is always an intellectual challenge. Perhaps this is why we like this field so much. We also enjoy that, amidst the dynamically changing tax rules we, too, need to continuously adapt and evolve. And few achievements can be as satisfying as successfully challenging a decision of the tax authority.

Mergers and acquisitions: M&A transactions have everything that makes legal work so fulfilling: creativity, precision, problem-solving, and – if and when the deal is closed – the thrill of success. We know that a ‘front page’ deal is usually the culmination of months of less publicised, but thorough and intensive work on our part.

Commercial law: It is a major source of pride for us that a growing number of clients are using us to take care of their everyday corporate law, labour law and intellectual property-related affairs. In these mandates we perform the routine legal works: preparing contracts, drafting opinions, conducting negotiations –the challenge lies rather in the diversity of the assignments.

Banking and finance: A finance transaction, in our view, should not be a tussle between two opposing parties. After all, the bank and the borrower share a common aim: to establish a financing structure that helps to ensure the successful operation of the financed project, which in turn generates the funds to repay the loan. We keep this concept in our mind when upon drafting the documentation.

Real estate: This is a practice that is easy to like, as the results are physically present, visible and tangible. We tend not to over complicate the matters with a rigid legalistic approach: if we raise a problem, it is certain that we are about to suggest a solution as well. Most real estate transactions also have tax implications: this is the area where we are most in our element.

Litigation: There’s one thing all lawyers agree on: litigation is the top of legal work. While we relish and enjoy the challenge of litigation, as a matter of principle we only take on cases that we also believe in personally. In this way, whenever we win a lawsuit – beside the sense of success – we feel that we have also done something to make the world a better place.

Department Name Email Telephone
Mergers & Acquisitions Pál Jalsovszky pjalsovszky@jalsovszky.com
Tax, Litigation Tamás Fehér tfeher@jalsovszky.com
Mergers & Acquisitions Ágnes Bejó abejo@jalsovszky.com
Real Estate Levente Bihari lbihari@jalsovszky.com
Tax, Regulatory Ákos Baráti abarati@jalsovszky.com
Tax Péter Barta pbarta@jalsovszky.com
Dispute Resolution Zoltán Dobos zdobos@jalsovszky.com
Litigation, Dispute resolution Péter Szilas pszilas@jalsovszky.com
Photo Name Position Profile
Ákos Baráti photo Ákos Baráti Senior Attorney, International Tax Expert
Péter Barta photo Péter Barta Senior Attorney, Tax advisor
Ágnes Bejó photo Ágnes Bejó Partner, Attorney
Levente Bihari photo Levente Bihari Senior Attorney
Zoltán Dobos photo Zoltán Dobos Attorney
Tamás Fehér photo Tamás Fehér Partner, Attorney, Tax Advisor
Pál Jalsovszky photo Pál Jalsovszky Managing Partner, Attorney
Péter Szilas photo Péter Szilas Senior Attorney
Number of lawyers: : 24
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