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Work Department

Corporate and Commercial Transactions; Litigation and Dispute Resolution; Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Liquidation.




Adv. Ephrati specializes in civil and commercial law, including corporate and bankruptcy law. He has been involved in a broad range of the firm’s practices and areas of litigation, including in hi-tech licensing, telecommunications, real estate, bankruptcy, commercial litigation and labor law.

Adv. Ephrati has considerable experience in handling important cases involving a vast amount of information and documentation, among them a complex biotechnology case adjudicated by the Tel Aviv District Court, in which the firm represented a large group of American investors.

Adv. Ephrati is currently on the team for large insolvency cases being handled by the firm, first and foremost the Heftsiba matter.

Adv. Ephrati joined the firm in 1994 as a student, thereafter as a law clerk, and subsequently as an associate.

Recent Significant Activities: 

  • Adv. Gil Ephrati represents homeowners in TAMA 38 projects for reinforcement of homes against earthquakes, expansion and demolition and rebuilding.
  • Working on significant and wide-ranging insolvency issues related to the Heftsiba group, including claims worth tens of millions of Shekels filed by a public company and a reporting company that were part of the group (see above).
  • Representation of the United States of America (together with other attorneys in the firm) in labor law claims, which resulted in a ground-breaking judgment by the National Labor Court regarding the immunity of a foreign state in specific circumstances against claims and appeals by employees (see 1127-10-14 United States of America vs. Andreh Bahbah (8.1.2016, published in Nevo).
  • Handling of creditors’ arrangements in a complex bankruptcy matter in which some 120 creditors are involved, worth tens of millions of shekels.


Hebrew, English.


Israel Bar Association (admitted 1998).


Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LLB (1997).