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Croatia > Intellectual property Tier 1

Although Vukmir & Associates has successfully broadened the scope of its legal services, IP-related advice still underpins a sizeable amount of work handled by the firm. The scope of this work runs the gamut from brand strategy advice for large Croatian companies, through to complex IP litigation. Founding partner Mladen Vukmir has a peerless reputation in the market and as a qualified patent attorney also has the ability to write patent drafts. He co-heads the seven-strong team alongside Carla Biancotti, who is in charge of the IP filing department and also heads up the firm's Italian desk. Other recommended practitioners include senior attorney Mirjana Jurišić, who regularly acts for pharmaceutical companies in patent litigation, and of counsel Aleksandar Bijelic, who excels at trade mark and advertising law work.

Practice head(s):

Mladen Vukmir; Carla Biancotti

Other key lawyers:

Mirjana Jurišić; Ivan Ćuk; Aleksandar Bijelić

Key clients

Podravka d.d.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

Pliva Hrvatska d.o.o.

Mars Incorporated

Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Burberry Limited

HUZIP – Croatian Performers’ Rights Collecting Society

Janssen Biotech

Jamnica plus d.o.o


Adidas International

Renault S.A.S.

The North Face Apparel Corp.

McDonald’s Corporation

Johnson & Johnson

Nike Innovate C.V.

Visa Europe

Reebok International ltd

Klimaoprema d.d.


INETEC – Institute for Nuclear Technology

MicroBlink / Photomath

PAO Gazprom neft.

Croatia > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Vukmir & Associates provides 'high-quality and responsive' advice across the spectrum of corporate and commercial matters facing TMT clients, as well as those in other highly regulated industries, including the pharmaceuticals and financial services sectors. Part of the group's value-add to clients in these sectors derives from its ability to leverage the firm's broader overarching IP expertise, enabling it to provide 'solutions-oriented' advice on licensing agreements and other commercial contract issues. The team is 'also knowledgeable about data privacy', an area that Tomislav Pedišić is particularly accomplished. The 'exceptionally knowledgeable and professional' Sanja Tkalec Kovac leads the practice.

Practice head(s):

Sanja Tkalec Kovač

Other key lawyers:

Ivan Ćuk; Tomislav Pedišić


‘The firm provides high-quality and responsive advice. It is also knowledgeable about data privacy issues.’

‘Vukmir & Associates is internationally very well-connected and in cases where their office does not cover certain areas of expertise, they are willing to recommend law offices and/or lawyers who can provide required legal support.’

‘During our collaboration, it was proved numerous times that attorneys at Vukmir & Associates possess immaculate legal knowledge and skills, that help them find the best solutions that benefit the needs of their clients and business partners.’

‘Sanja Tkalec Kovač  is exceptionally knowledgeable and professional, and most importantly of all is fully dedicated to us as a client.’

Key clients


Hewlett-Packard / Selectium

Procter & Gamble


Trelleborg AB / Trelleborg Croatia

Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.



Zagrebačka banka d.d.

Payback (part of American Express Group)

Royal Canin


Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG


Amazon / Styria




Sanofi Aventis




Beiersdorf AG

Max Mara

Croatia > Dispute resolution Tier 3

Benefiting from 'immaculate legal knowledge and skills', Vukmir & Associates has a strong reputation for litigation, both in the context of IP-related matters, as well as complex business and commercial disputes - where the firm is noted for its eagerness to deploy ADR methods 'and committing to mutually advantageous solutions'. Ivan Ćuk is a key member of the team and is currently representing the Croatian government as an intervening party in a case brought by the Republic of Slovenia against the European Commission relating to the designation of origin of the wine variety “teran”.

Practice head(s):

Mladen Vukmir; Sanja Tkalec Kovač; Mirjana Jurišić; Aleksandar Bijelić

Other key lawyers:

Ivan Ćuk


‘They know about IP law in Croatia.’

The team displays immaculate legal knowledge and skills.’

Key clients

Procter & Gamble

Trelleborg Slovenia

Trelelborg Croatia


HUZIP (Croatian Performers’ Rights Collecting Society)

OTP Osiguranje

GE Power (Switzerland)

The Republic of Croatia

Doosan Skoda Power

CLB Holding ltd

The firm: Vukmir & Associates believes that lawyers need to be innovative and creative to serve clients who operate in an increasingly complex market.

For over 20 years it has staked its claim to cutting-edge services by remaining flexible and responsive. Yet it cleaves to high ethical standards and credibility as its ground. Clients finds the firm easy to speak with, alert to changing needs, and happy about what it does.

Located in residential Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, it is an independent full-service business law firm advising clients such as corporations, financial institutions and law firms worldwide and regionally. In response to demand for creative and beneficial alternatives to litigation, it has championed advanced dispute resolution. Continuously exploring the frontier of IP and IA concerns and their relation to business strategy, it has formed strategic IP consultancy modules for growth-oriented firms.

Areas of practice: For over 20 years, Vukmir & Associates has been perceived as the country’s leading IP & IT law firm, offering the deepest and broadest coverage across transactional, advisory and litigation-related matters.

Concurrently, the firm has developed a strong practice in other areas as well, including banking, finance and capital markets; corporate and M&A; energy and construction; commercial law; employment and immigration; as well as real estate. In all these areas, the firm practice groups have been and continues to be the choice for leading multinational corporations, financial institutions and law firms.

The firm is particularly devoted to providing of excellent services, irrespective of the complexity of its tasks. The professional team of 15 lawyers seeking to deliver comprehensive, timely and structured legal assistance. The firm’s administrative team, which includes professional and reliable patent engineers, trademark agents and IP paralegals, totals 11 individuals, supporting the legal team in order to ensure that the firm’s services are rendered in the most efficient manner.

The firm’s attorneys are affiliated with several international associations and developed a valuable professional network globally.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking, finance and capital markets Sanja Tkalec Kovac
Banking, finance and capital markets Ivan Cuk
Banking, finance and capital markets Tomislav Pedišic
Banking, finance and capital markets Marko Knežević
Commercial, corporate and M&A Sanja Tkalec Kovac
Commercial, corporate and M&A Tomislav Pedišic
Commercial, corporate and M&A Ivan Cuk
Commercial, corporate and M&A Karlo Brekalo
Commercial, corporate and M&A Tea Cerinski
Privatisation, projects and energy Sanja Tkalec Kovac
Privatisation, projects and energy Ivan Cuk
Real estate and construction Sanja Tkalec Kovac
Real estate and construction Ivan Cuk
Real estate and construction Lidija Gepert
Intellectual property Mladen Vukmir
Intellectual property Aleksandar Bijelic
Intellectual property Carla Biancotti
Intellectual property Mirjana Jurišic
Intellectual property Andrea Kožul Pedišic
Dispute resolution Mladen Vukmir
Dispute resolution Ivan Cuk
Dispute resolution Sanja Tkalec Kovac
Dispute resolution Tomislav Pedišic
Dispute resolution Mirjana Jurišic
Dispute resolution Hrvoje Klišanić
EU and competition Sanja Tkalec Kovac
TMT (technology, media and telecoms) Tomislav Pedišic
TMT (technology, media and telecoms) Andrea Kožul Pedišic
TMT (technology, media and telecoms) Tea Cerinski
Insolvency and corporate recovery Sanja Tkalec Kovac
TMT (technology, media and telecoms) Mirjana Jurišic
Insolvency and corporate recovery Karlo Brekalo
Employment Sanja Tkalec Kovac
Employment Lidija Gepert
Employment Tea Cerinski
Risk advisory Tomislav Pedišić
Risk advisory Andrea Kožul Pedišić
Risk advisory Tea Cerinski
Risk advisory Marko Knežević
Number of lawyers : 15
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